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□ Yes or No □: You’re young enough to remember your toy planes, balsa wood gliders and model kits. BACKGROUND

□ Yes or No □: Your pathway into aviation shaped your love for flying and compassion for humanity. CAPABILITY

□ Yes or No □: You took the leap skyward to enter the exclusive domain reserved for eagles through timeless millennia.


□ Yes or No □: You marvel at the majesty of creation from your flight deck as you pierce the clouds in the serenity of boundless space and find peace in the altar of the heavens.


□ Yes or No □: You’re privileged and humbled to be blessed with an aviator’s unique perspective on life. VALOR

□ Yes or No □: You’re driven to do your part in tackling hunger, disease, ignorance and injustice one mercy flight at a time.


□ Yes or No □: Your soul yearns for a higher purpose in doing what you love to do the most. COMMITTMENT

□ Yes or No □: You hear the bugle call to humanitarian action clearly as if coming through our headsets and delight double when flying to help.


□ Yes or No □: Flying can be more than merely elation, it’s a noble cause. VALUE

□ Yes or No □: You are a frugal administrator, possibly even a ‘tightwad’, carefully managing your resources despite escalating costs.


□ Yes or No □: Your airplane is your stewardship providing wings of hope. CAPABILITIES

□ Yes or No □: We are a task-driven, results-oriented airman or ground crew who finds meaning in helping the destitute beyond our shores.


□ Yes or No □: You find ways to make a difference, to cause things to happen, applying the discipline of aviation to give back.


□ Yes or No □: You take satisfaction in the achievement of well-accomplished missions, not notoriety. If you’ve answered

□ Yes to most of these questions, please receive this cordial invitation to join us. Even

if you’re not presently current in your flying there are plenty of opportunities to help. Give us a call and be welcomed aboard.

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Application Form