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Honoring the Innovative Spirit

“American Airmen characteristically view our nation’s security challenges differently—globally and without boundaries. Our successes are based on Airmen adapting, innovating, and pioneering new solutions to intractable problems. The Doolittle Raiders are the epitome of this innovative spirit of airmanship. We owe these 80 men, as well as their Army and Navy teammates, a debt of gratitude. Thank you for inspiring all of us, every day since then.” Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric Fanning, speaking at the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders’ Final Celebration and Toast at the National Museum of the United States Air Force®, November 9, 2013

We dedicate our 2013 Annual Report to the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders of 1942 and their innovative spirit.

Our Mission


he Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc was chartered in 1960 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the purpose of assisting the United States Air Force Museum (now the National Museum of the United States Air Force or NMUSAF) in its efforts to engage and educate the public on the important role of the USAF in our nation's defense. We serve as a philanthropic corporation that supports the development and expansion of the facilities of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. In addition, the Foundation provides limited funds each year to the Museum for special projects and underwrites several programs involving a wide range of activities geared toward education, volunteer support, special events, and promotional efforts. The National Museum of the United States Air Force is a USAF facility that is funded by the Air Force for normal operations and maintenance costs.


A Message from the Chairman Friends of the National Museum of the United States Air Dear Force, Once again I extend heartfelt thanks for your stalwart support over the past year. The many good things the Foundation achieved were motivated and sustained by that support, your high expectations, and your passion for the Museum’s ever-moreimportant mission. The year began with renovation of the Air Force Museum Theatre, which replaced our outdated IMAX® system with digital 3D projectors, and added 20-speaker Dolby® 7.1 sound, new seats, carpet, and a reconfigured stage. The $800,000 project enhances Theatre appeal and flexibility for a wider variety of movies and Theatre uses. A Museum Store reconfiguration and upgrade, as well as opening of a satellite “Refueling Café” have likewise improved the Museum visitor experience and boosted revenues for those businesses. In early spring, cuts in Museum operations funds driven by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (aka “Sequestration”) resulted in the Foundation gifting $42,000 to the Air Force to keep the Museum open seven days a week. This unprecedented action preserved over $300,000 in Foundation gross revenue which would have otherwise been lost due to closure of our businesses. The prospect of making a multi-million dollar gift to the Air Force for fourth building construction created the need to finance donor pledges already secured, but scheduled to be paid in future years. As a result, we undertook a major effort to secure two bank loans, totaling $8.8 million plus a $2 million line of credit, with First Financial Bank of Dayton, Ohio. In early August, the Army Corps of Engineers released a Request for Proposal for fourth building construction to five prequalified bidders, and by early October, evaluation on these proposals began. The questions surrounding this were: “What is the real cost, what size building, and which of the additional other proposal options (tow paths, gallery lighting, and additional Foundation revenue spaces) would our available funding buy?” When the Corps announced the winning bidder and price in early December, I cannot tell you how thrilled we were to learn that our available funds would cover construction of the full 224,000 square foot fourth building! Even though the Expanding the Legacy 3

Campaign continues in order to fund the additional options (priced at $4.8 million), funding the fullsize fourth building is truly a monumental achievement, particularly in these very tough financial times. Additional highlights of 2013 were a four-day Real Stuff Film Festival in April and a truly historic, 71-years-in-the-making, Doolittle Tokyo Raiders’ Final Celebration and Toast in early November, all funded by the Foundation. As you will read in the pages that follow, 2013 was a tough year in terms Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds of net revenue. A decrease Chairman, Board of Managers in Museum visitation, driven by sequestration and resultant temporary closure of the Presidential Aircraft and Research and Development galleries, impacted Foundation business revenue. However, the biggest impact on the bottom line resulted from un-budgeted-for expenses for legal and financial services driven by the bank loan negotiations. More changes are ahead in 2014, including a new Foundation Executive Director, and Board of Managers leadership. While it will be hard to top the improvements and monumental achievements of 2013, you can count on your Foundation staff and volunteers giving their very best in the name of building a better Foundation, and a bigger and better National Museum of the United States Air Force! With utmost respect and gratitude,

Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds, USAF Chairman, Board of Managers Air Force Museum Foundation, Inc.

Our Board of Managers

Board Members not pictured

Pictured Top to Bottom, Left to Right Col (Ret) Michael B. Goetz CMSgt (Ret) Eric R. Jaren Col (Ret) William S. Harrell Col (Ret) James B. Schepley Dr. Deborah E. Barnhart, CAPT (Ret), USN Mr. Harry W. (Wes) Stowers Jr. Col (Ret) Mark N. Brown

Mr. Philip L. Soucy Col (Ret) Susan E. Richardson Mr. Robert J. Suttman II CFA, Treasurer Mr. David C. Evans Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds, Chairman Ms. Frances A. Duntz, Secretary


Mr. Gregory G. Lockhart, President Mr. Gary G. Stephenson, Vice President Gen (Ret) William J. Begert The Honorable Claude M. Bolton Jr. Dr. Thomas J. Burns, PhD Lt Gen (Ret) Charles H. Coolidge Jr. Maj Gen (Ret) Charles S. Cooper III Lt Gen (Ret) Lawrence P. Farrell Jr. Mr. Charles J. Faruki

Maj Gen (Ret) E. Ann Harrell Mr. Jon G. Hazelton Mr. Charles F. Kettering III Col (Ret) Pamela A. Melroy Mr. Patrick L. McGohan Gen (Ret) T. Michael Moseley Gen (Ret) Charles T. Robertson Jr. Mr. Scott J. Seymour

Mission Successes $85,657,615

Total invested since 1960 to construct and upgrade NMUSAF buildings

94 Percent

Amount of NMUSAF buildings directly funded by Foundation business revenue, investments, and donations


2013 Gross Revenue

$1,646,855 2013 Net Income


Invested in Theatre renovation and conversion from IMAX® film format to a 400-seat, state-of-the-art digital 3D projection system and Dolby® 7.1 sound system


Given to NMUSAF in 2013 for educational and special events and Doolittle Tokyo Raiders’ Final Celebration and Toast


Attendees at NMUSAF Space Fest, May 4, 2013


Number of loved ones honored on Legacy Data Plate Wall of Honor


NMUSAF volunteers honored at annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet 5

Doolittle TokyoRaiders’ Final Celebration and Toast


n April 18, 1942, 80 men achieved the unimaginable when they took off from an aircraft carrier on a top secret mission to bomb Japan. These men, led by Lt Col James H. “Jimmy” Doolittle, came to be known as the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. Their surprising and daring raid on military targets at Tokyo, Yokohama, Yokosuka, Nagoya, and Kobe carried the Battle of the Pacific to the heart of the Japanese empire, providing a morale boost as well as a tactical victory less than six months after the Japanese attacked U.S. forces at Pearl Harbor. This heroic attack was as innovative as it was daring and was the result of coordination between the U.S. Army Air Forces and the U.S. Navy, which carried the sixteen North American B-25 medium bombers aboard the carrier USS Hornet to within takeoff distance of the Japanese Islands. Lt Col (Ret) Richard “Dick” E. Cole opens the 1896 bottle of cognac before sharing the final toast with his fellow Doolittle Tokyo Raiders. Cole was the copilot of Aircraft No. 1.

To commemorate this historic achievement, the Air Force hosted three of the four remaining Raiders on November 9, 2013 at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force, with events that included a wreath-laying ceremony, a B-25 flyover, and an invitation-only ceremony in which the three crewmembers made their final toast to their fallen comrades.

The Air Force Museum Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following sponsors who made this historic event at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force possible:

Acting Secretary of the Air Force Eric Fanning spoke at the day’s events, giving tribute to the “innovative spirit of Airmanship” exemplified by the Doolittle Tokyo Raid. Also attending was Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen Mark A. Welsh III, who observed that “Jimmy Doolittle and his Raiders...pioneered the concept of global strike...the idea that no target on earth is safe from American air power.”

Veterans Airlift Command Moët Hennessy USA EADS North America, Inc./Airbus Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp. Stowers Machinery Corporation Air Force Association Mr. Patrick L. McGohan Mr. Richard H. Robb & Ms. Rebecca E. Crown Thomas & Anne Burns Riverside Research Huntington Bank

Chief of Staff of the Air Force Gen Mark A. Welsh III


The Chuck Balaj Family Kathy & Scott Seymour Greene County Convention & Visitors Bureau Cox Media Group Ohio Mr. Charles J. Faruki Lt Gen (Ret) Dick & Joani Reynolds Robert & Erma Scott Gary & Debbie Stephenson Holiday Inn Dayton Fairborn


ighty silver goblets commemorate the 80 men who flew the Doolittle Raid against Japan in April 1942. Over the years, these goblets have taken a highly symbolic place in the history of military aviation. A gift to the Raiders from the city of Tucson, Arizona at a 1946 birthday celebration for Jimmy Doolittle, the goblets have been a cherished part of the annual Raider reunions. At every reunion, the surviving Raiders met privately to conduct their solemn “Goblet Ceremony.” After toasting the Raiders who died since their last meeting, they turned the deceased men’s goblets upside down. Each goblet has the Raider’s name engraved twice—so that it can be read if the goblet is right side up or upside down. It was decided that the last two Raiders left standing would make the final toast to their departed comrades, closing out their historic mission. On that occasion, they would break open a unique vintage 1896 bottle of Hennessy Cognac, believed to have been a birthday gift to Jimmy Doolittle from the Hennessy company, kept securely through the years for that purpose. At the October 2012 reunion, the four surviving Raiders decided that rather than gamble on waiting for the last two, they would set a date for the final toast. That date was set for November 9, 2013 and was held at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Although their mission is complete, the Raiders’ legacy lives on at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Museum Director Lt Gen (Ret) Jack Hudson said the institution will honor the Raiders by displaying their 80 goblets and carrying case in perpetuity. The goblets and case will join a B-25 and the USS Hornet carrier deck, already on display at the Museum. Those items will continue to “tell the story to future generations, to let the American public learn and know their story, and to inspire today’s youth as well as those of future generations,” Hudson said.


Lt Col (Ret) Cole sips from his goblet after giving the final toast at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force on November 9, 2013.

Air Force Museum Foundation Adapting and Innovating Museum Store


our Museum experience begins in our Museum Store. Remodeling in 2013 created the space and atmosphere for more than 800 exciting new aviation, military, and patrioticthemed products, such as bullet-shaped AmmoMugs, bullet necklaces, motorcycle helmets, vintage and modern aircraft t-shirts, and educational-but-fun toys. Also on display in the store is the F-22 Raptor-themed chopper, designed by Orange County Choppers, which has appeared on the reality TV show American Chopper and the Military Channel. After more than five years’ service as an Air Force mobile marketing asset, the chopper greets visitors to the Museum Store and is an innovative use of display space with cross-generational appeal.

Air Force Museum Theatre


complete renovation of the Air Force Museum Theatre, a three-day aviation film festival, and an exclusive premiere of the Air Aces series were the highlights of another exciting year on southwest Ohio’s largest digital screen. The Theatre overhaul early in the year required a spirit of innovation in order to install a 60 by 80 foot screen with no existing entrance large enough for it to fit through! Now complete, the refurbished Theatre offers 400 new seats, an expanded stage, state-of-theart digital 3D projection, and a Dolby® 7.1 sound system. To celebrate the Theatre’s re-opening, the first annual Reel Stuff Film Festival kicked off with a diverse and distinguished lineup of flight-related feature films, documentaries, and actors on hand to delight the audience. In partnership with the Military Channel, our Theatre exclusively premiered all six episodes of their new Air Aces series in 2013. Other revenue-generating efforts included personalized dog tags (more than 25,000 dog tags sold) and simulators “flown” by more than 62,700 adventurous visitors.




ur members have shown enduring support for the Foundation’s mission to support the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Membership dues generated more than $290,000 for Museum expansion and special programs in 2013. The cornerstone of the program, the Friends Journal quarterly magazine, made significant improvements to style and content for an appreciative audience. The summer 2013 issue was in such high demand, supplies were exhausted—a first in Foundation history! A new “Aircraft Locator Map” was created in 2013 to enhance visitors’ experience at the ever-expanding Museum. Donations for these maps contributed more than $23,000 to the fourth building campaign. Visitor and member feedback on the innovations from the Membership program has been quite positive, which contributed to an increase to 11,763 total members!



he Valkyrie Cafè, located on the Museum’s second floor, offers a tasty variety of fast and healthy food selections for visitors.

With the Museum set to expand beyond an amazing 17 acres of historic and iconic artifacts, the Foundation installed a satellite cafè for hungry visitors to refuel. The Refueling Cafè, located in an alcove above the Apollo 15 in the Missile Gallery, offers snacks and drinks—and one of the best views in the Museum!

Data Plates


ur Legacy Data Plate Wall of Honor expanded by 50 percent in 2013, with the addition of 190 new personal tributes to loved ones in a permanent place of honor at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force. Families from across the nation celebrated those honored on the wall during our annual Data Plate Wall of Honor Tribute Ceremony. Read their stories at 9

2013 Operating Revenues

2013 Operating Expenses 7.4% Other

14.1% Membership 19.7% General & Admin

3.7% Café

20.4% Theatre

$3.7 M

3.1% Advertising & Marketing

30.7% Cost of Goods Sold

$3.4 M

1.3% Café 4.6% Theatre Operations

61.8% Museum Store

33.2% Compensation & Benefits

The Foundation’s operational net income was lower than expected due to Sequestration’s negative effect on Museum visitorship, and for unplanned General and Administrative expenditures. Sequestration’s budget cuts shuttered the entire Museum for 16 days and closed the Presidential and Research and Development Galleries for almost six months, for an overall impact of fewer Museum visitors. Expenditures for legal and financial services associated with the fourth building gift were higher than budgeted. Combined, these factors had a negative impact on Foundation net income.


2013 Non-Operating Revenues 14.3% Investment Income

2013 Non-Operating Expenses 9.0% Special Events

1.8% Other

4% Other 2.2% Advertising & Marketing

22.0% Interest Expense

$0.8 M

$2.1 M 24.2% Museum Program Support

5.5% General & Admin

83.9% Development

33.1% Compensation & Benefits

On the positive side, the Foundation’s non-operating revenues far exceeded budget. Thanks to generous donors, Development surpassed its goal by more than $500,000. Our Legacy Society members (Estate Gifts) bequeathed $300,000 more than expected, and Building Fund donations were almost double what we had anticipated. Development expenses were far under budget, but the Foundation had significant interest expenses related to the fourth building gift. The gift to the USAF for the Museum’s fourth building is not included in operating or non-operating expenses; please see pages 12-13 for detailed information.


The Expanding the Legacy Campaign: Fourth Building Gift 1.3% Regular Donations

6.0% Net Investment Income

5.6% Estate Distributions

13.2% Reaching New Heights Campaign

24.3% Total Business Revenue

$39.2 M

.7% Wishing Well .4% Legacy Data Plate Donations .1% Memorials .1% Map Sales

48.3% Expanding the Legacy Campaign

Thanks to generous donors to the Expanding the Legacy Campaign, as well as business revenues and investments, the Air Force Museum Foundation was able to completely meet the full construction costs for a fourth building, with a committed gift of $39.2 million* to the United States Air Force. This gift required the Foundation to finance donor pledges already secured, but scheduled to be paid in future years. A total of $8.8 million over two bank loans from First Financial Bank of Dayton, Ohio ensured the construction of the Museum’s full 224,000 square foot fourth building. It will house four galleries: The Presidential Aircraft Gallery, The Research & Development Gallery, The Global Reach Gallery, and The Space Gallery. The Expanding the Legacy Campaign continues in order to fund $4.8 million in additional items proposed for the fourth building, such as tow paths and gallery lighting.


2013 Building Fund Donors Corporate Donors and Groups

Individual Donors (cont.)

Our “Allies”: $100,000 - $499,999

$2,499 and below

Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc. Speedway, LLC

Maj Ronald Adsitt Lt Col (Ret) Nick Apple Mr. Charles F. Bacon Mr. Larry Best & Family The Honorable Claude M. Bolton Mr. Anthony Braun in honor of volunteer Mr. William Braun Mr. William Braun Family CMSgt (Ret) Tom H. Brewer Mr. Kenneth B. Buell Mr. Neal Charske Mr. Don Cherrette Mr. Cliff Clements Mr. Kelcey V. Coffman Lt Gen (Ret) Charles H. Coolidge Jr Chaplain (Ret) David Cottrill Mr. Doyle C. Counts Mr. Daniel J. Crumlish Mr. Timothy J. Daugherty Mr. Frank D. Davis SMSgt (Ret) & Mrs. Carl D. Dawalt Mr. Paul Dierks Mr. & Mrs. Terry Dietsch Mr. & Mrs. Steve Dishion Mr. James W. Dove Lt Col (Ret) Thomas E. Dwyer Mr. Edward R. Easter Jr. Mr. James J. Forrest Mr. John Geier Mr. Jerome Golden Mr. Don Gongaware Mr. James C. Gorman Mr. Jack H. Graft Mr. David Gross Col (Ret) Norman H. Happel MSgt Henry Harlow Mr. Gerald B. Hawkins SMSgt (Ret) Richard A. Hazelwood Mr. Paul R. Heintz Mr. Everett J. Henderson Mr. Jack Henkle Mrs. Paulette H. Herman Mr. Ruey Hodapp Jr. Mr. Ed Hoelker Mr. Barton Holtz Mr. Frederick Hug Col (Ret) Fred E. Huntley Mr. Matthew A. Husson III Maj (Ret) Leo Jacobs

$25,000 - $99,999

DP&L Foundation Sierra Nevada Corporation Tawani Foundation

Our “Partners”: $10,000 -$24,999 Airplane Plastics Clopay Building Products Company First Financial Bank Modern Technology Solutions, Inc. Telephonics Corporation The Walsh Foundation

Our “Associates”: $2,500 - $9,999 Projects Unlimited and The Wyse Family

$2,499 and below

355th TFW Takhli Group American Assn of University Women’s Gourmet Group in memory of Lt Col (Ret) Bill Campbell Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Game Haven Fundraiser organized by SSgt Scott Ross

Individual Donors Our “Allies”: $25,000 - $99,999

Mr. & Mrs. John F. Mars Mrs. Elsa M. Heisel Sule in memory of Dr. Clifford N. Heisel and Mr. Aladar Sule Mr. Cy A. Pierquet in memory of Cy and Betty Pierquet Mr. William B. Snyder Mr. Ray Van De Riet

Our “Partners”: $10,000 - $24,999 Mr. & Mrs. Philip L. Soucy

Our “Associates”: $2,500 - $9,999 Ms. Frances A. Duntz Mr. & Mrs. William LeMay


Mr. John Kendall Mr. John Kleine Col (Ret) Richard C. Larson Mr. and Mrs. David Latham SMSgt (Ret) Robert Lindsey Ms. Judith A. Lukas CAPT Gary D. Mailander, USN (Ret) Mr. Thomas J. Malthaner SMSgt David & SMSgt Constance Master Mr. Todd W. Matthews Mr. & Mrs. Patrick L. McGohan MSgt (Ret) William E. McGrew Maj Gen & Mrs. Howard J. Mitchell Mr. Franklin D. Moore Col (Ret) & Mrs. Paul B. Moore Lt Col (Ret) William E. Neff III Lt Gen (Ret) Michael A. Nelson Gen (Ret) Lloyd W. “Fig” Newton Mr. Marvin Nyman Mr. Albert Opitz Mr. Robert D. Osborn Mr. Bob Peterman Mr. Dwight Peterson Lt Col E. J. Pounds Lt Gen (Ret) & Mrs. Harry Raduege Jr. Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds Col Susan Richardson Mr. Donald L. Rideout Mr. Kenneth A. Russell The Schrecengost Family in memory of Col Ray W. Schrecengost Jr., USAF Mr. Marshall M. Sluyter Mr. William A. Smith Mr. Vernon Spinks Mr. Daniel J. Sullivan Mr. Paul Trapp Maj Gen (Ret) John P. Van Blois Mr. Robert T. Vaughan Mr. William D. Wallace Mr. Stanley Ward Mr. Donald J. Weimer Mr. James T. Wilson Mr. Thomas R. Woodford Mr. Terry Yuhas Mr. Stephen Zimmer Mr. Walter H. Zimmer

For a complete listing of all 2013 donors, view the online annual report at

Our Staff

Our dedicated staff members contribute passion and purpose each day to help the Foundation accomplish its mission.

Pictured Left to Right Mr. Caleb Smay Ms. April Childers Mr. Paul Ciaravolo Mr. Lamar Warfield Ms. Jeanne Keffer Mr. Mike Maley Mr. Michael Van Ausdal Ms. Kim Pierre Mr. Dwayne Acklin

Col (Ret) Mona Vollmer Mr. Matt Lynch Ms. Pam Kluesner Mr. Lou Lindeman Ms. Mary Bruggeman Ms. Crystal Van Hoose Ms. Briana Gonzalez Ms. Melinda Lawrence Ms. Virginia Schommer

Not Pictured Ms. Kim Dapore Ms. Tracy Clifton Ms. Peggy Coale Ms. Emily Bowman Ms. Jayne Evans Ms. Cindy Staight Ms. Amy Callahan Mr. Mark Riley

Mr. Michael Andrews Mr. Terry Brown Lt Philip Coale Col (Ret) Larry Cooper Mr. Joseph Douthwaite Ms. Linda Erickson Mr. Mitchell Finley Ms. Betty Garber Ms. Michele Giefer


Ms. Charlotte Gray Mr. Collin Harris Mr. Eric Henry Mr. Luke Jespersen Ms. Heather Kennedy Mr. James Kuepper Mr. Zachary Maley Mr. Kyle Mathis Ms. Vilma Morales

Ms. Kelley Ross Mr. Anthony Russell Ms. Sarah Shatzkin Ms. Amanda Thomas Ms. Ann Uhlenhake Mr. Neal Van Ausdal Ms. Danielle Walker

Our Volunteers

The Foundation owes a debt of gratitude to our 49 faithful volunteers. Their dedicated service contributed 3,800 hours to the Air Force Museum Foundation’s mission. Thank you!

Not Pictured

Pictured Left to Right Mr. Al Mojo Mr. Don Prander Mr. Syd Gross Lt Col (Ret) Art Powell Mr. Lee Verbillion Lt Col (Ret) Nick Apple Maj (Ret) Joe King

Mr. Lee Nordloh Mr. Jim Drerup Mr. Charlie Castilano Mr. Steve Kelly Ms. Rose Tobin Mrs. Shirley Cecil Mrs. Tomi Suazo

Ms. Judie Block Lt Col (Ret) Dick Brice Mrs. Cynthia Brubaker Mr. Philip Caruana Mr. Charlie Dampman Mr. Ric DeWitt Ms. Mary Louise Eppers Ms. Bonnie Foster Mr. Harold Fulton Mrs. Valerie Fulton

Mrs. Ruth Kempton Mrs. Marti Ventolo Ms. Ruth Paterson Col (Ret) Bob Pinizzotto Mrs. Sandra Moore


Mrs. Dixie Gaffney Mr. Gene Gaffney Mr. Michael Giefer SMSgt (Ret) John Gover Mr. Don Gray Mr. Jack Hampshire Mr. John Hawkins Mr. Bill Hughes Mrs. Gerry Hunt Col (Ret) Ron Hunt

Mr. Lucius Jones Mrs. Connie Klarer Mrs. Sharon Lemanek Mrs. Ruth Meadows Mr. John Meekins Mr. Andy Perry Mr. Bill Schulke Mr. Glenn Thompson Mrs. Loretta Verbillion Mrs. Ila Ward

Air Force Museum Foundation : Connecting the Past to the Future Courage that Inspires...


“ like to be a part of the very large Air Force family, which is why the National Museum of the United States Air Force means so very much to me. On December 8, 1942, I enlisted in the United States Army enlisted reserve corps for the aviation cadet program and flew in World War II and later in Korea, when I was recalled to active duty. While flying the C-47 in the Pacific during World War II, I recall parking next to General MacArthur’s aircraft as the General was en route to Japan for the first time. Another indelible memory was flying over the two cities in Japan where the atomic bombs had been dropped. The destruction was totally unbelievable and is still in my memory. My entire 30-year career was devoted to military airlift, air-sea rescue, and aerospace rescue and recovery missions, and I accumulated 7,707 flying hours.

Col (Ret) Norman Happel in 1944.

To me the Museum is a memorial to the courageous men and women who helped build the world’s greatest Air Force. Its preservation of this precious history makes it a remarkable landmark and an unlimited educational opportunity for our citizens and those of the world—to anyone yearning to know aviation’s true story.”


...and Courage to Aspire


“ fell in love with space at the National Museum of the United States Air Force. In 1995 I was a college freshman studying engineering at Purdue University. I was home for winter break and got a job as an usher in the Museum’s IMAX® Theatre. During a screening of the movie Destiny in Space, I heard the words ‘The engineers at NASA… were able to fix the Hubble Space Telescope.’ Something clicked for me at that moment. I thought I’m studying to be an engineer, maybe someday I could work on something as cool as Hubble. Back at Purdue I immersed myself in space-related subjects, such as Aerospace Engineering and Russian. After school, I landed my dream job: flight controller at the United Space Alliance Mission Control Center. A highlight of that job was being on console when the first permanent crew came to live on board the International Space Station. The technical competence I developed in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) opened doors for me that led to several challenging and rewarding careers. And all because of an encounter with space at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force Theatre!”

Ms. Caroline Kostak, CEO, Green Building Products Former usher, Museum Theatre, National Museum of the U.S. Air Force.


“How About Today?” W

hen it comes to service, CMSgt (Ret) Earl Spohr has never hesitated, beginning on the first day of his enlistment at age 19. Joining a high school friend to visit a military recruiting center, he took the Air Force test on a whim. By 10:00 a.m. he’d aced the test—the only one to do so that day. The recruiter asked him “When do you want to join?” “How about today?” Spohr responded. With that he went home to pack his bags and say goodbye to his mom. By 6:00 p.m. that evening he was on a train for San Antonio. Thus began a lifetime of dedicated service. “The Air Force has given me a long career, a good life, adventure, and travel—everything you want, a good life! It continues to give to me, and now it’s time for me to give back.” Earl chose to make the Air Force Museum Foundation the sole beneficiary of his IRA. In this way Earl can be sure he leaves a legacy to the Air Force he loved so well...a legacy of service that began without a single hesitation.

Leave a Lasting Legacy

After providing for the needs of your loved ones, you may choose one of several ways to help the Air Force Museum Foundation. If you have questions about how to leave a legacy with the Air Force Museum Foundation, please contact: Mona Vollmer Air Force Museum Foundation P.O. Box 1903 Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-1903 937-656-9258

We gratefully acknowledge those who have named the Air Force Museum Foundation in their estate plan.

Legacy Society Members Mr. & Mrs. Robert Banks Mr. Alfred Barbano Mr. Thomas Blakey Ms. Evelyn Degutis Mr. Laurence Dorcy Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Fix Ms. Mabel Glaser Dr. Morris Goldberg Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Gottschalk Ms. Ruby Grill

Mr. James Guy Mr. Paul Hawk Lt Col (Ret) John Henry Lt Gen (Ret) Richard Henry Mr. Jack Hoffman Mr. Charles Hotaling Jr. Mr. Robert Jacoby Mr. & Mrs. Fred Koors Mr. James Liming Mr. Henry Ludwig

Mr. Donald Lynch Mr. J. Patrick McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Leon Mensing Mr. & Mrs. Allan Meredith Mr. Richard Miller Mr. Richard Noll Mr. Joseph O’Brien Mr. Larry Reser Mr. Ronald Resh Mr. Robert Sherman 18

Mr. Thomas Somermeier Mr. Robert Sparrow CMSgt (Ret) Earl Spohr Mr. C. Joseph Styles Mr. & Mrs. Merrill Thruston Mr. Charles Trent Mr. & Mrs. Robert Waldvogel

Our Sincere Thanks to the Following Companies Who Match Their Employees’ Charitable Gift Contributions to the Air Force Museum Foundation... AK Steel Apogee Enterprises, Inc. Apple AT&T BAE Systems Bank of America Bank of New York Mellon Boeing Discover Financial Services GE Global Impact

Goodrich Corporation IBM Corporation Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies Mead Johnson Nutrition Microsoft Pepsico PPG Reebok Therma-Tru Corp United Technologies Verizon Foundation

...and to the Sponsors of Our Inaugural Film Festival: Hilton Garden Inn Dayton/Beavercreek Hope Hotel & Conference Center Southwest Airlines The Boeing Company Cox Media Group Ohio

Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter Wright State University Foundation Commander Aero, Inc. Taft Stettinius & Hollister, LLP Primetime Party Rental

For more information on how your company can match employees’ charitable gift contributions, please contact Mona Vollmer at 937-656-9258 or 19

2013 Donors $5,000-$1,000 27th Fighter Wing 362nd Fighter Group Association Mr. Larry H. Cooper Mr. Paul T. Davis Mr. Harry T. Flasher Mr. Lawrence S. Foster Mr. Richard Habermann Maj Gen (Ret) E. Ann Harrell Lt Gen (Ret) John L. Hudson CMSgt & Mrs. Eric R. Jaren Mr. James Jenny Mr. & Mrs. William LeMay Mr. Richard E. Mastin Mr. James McAleese, Esq. Mr. Terence L. O’Day Mr. Robert J. Paulsen Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds Mr. Dan Sadlier Schwab Charitable Lt Col (Ret) Douglas D. Stewart Sr. Col (Ret) James B. Story Mr. Robert J. Suttman II, CFA Tawani Foundation Col Mona R.M. Vollmer, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Jacques E. Young

$999-$250 12th Tac Recon Squadron Air Force Association-General Bruce K. Holloway Chapter Col (Ret) Martin A. Alewine Jr. Mr. Gary L. Alwood Maj Gen (Ret) Mark W. Anderson Mr. Charles W. Arrington Mr. Robert A. Baker Mr. James E. Barfield Mr. Mike R. Barker Mr. John L. Barnhard Jr. Dr. Miles Beach Ms. Lisa Beauregard Mr. & Mrs. Chris Beckman Ms. Judith A. Belluomini Col (Ret) Larry L. Benson Mr. Tim Beyland Mr. Edward L. Birkemeier Mrs. Sharon Blattner Ms. Joanne Bradd Mr. Gerald L. Brown Mr. Andrew M. Busch Ms. M. R. Caldwell Mr. Samuel Carbaugh Mr. Dane A. Carney Mr. Grant Carter Mr. Tim Carter Jr. Mr. Charlie Castilano

Mr. John J. Caulfield Mr. Daniel Clayton Mrs. Angela Clemens & Family Mr. Ralph L. Cobb Ms. Joan O. Cole Mr. Robert Cole Ms. Alice M. Cole Mr. Raymond R. Colosimo Ms. Linda Conley Mr. Randy L. Cornelius Ms. Laura Cox Mrs. Natalie Crawford Ms. Rebecca Crowell Mr. Willis E. Current Mr. Ron Davidson Mr. William A. Davis Lt Col (Ret) & Mrs. Michael Devine Ms. Amy Dimond & Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Domsitz Maj Gen (Ret) George Eggert Ms. Anna Lea Faulk Ms. Elizabeth Featherston Mr. John Ferris Mr. Thomas C. Fey Lt Col (Ret) Lawrence E. Flinn Mr. Randall S. Foster Ms. Amy Frakes Mr. Robert Francis Mr. Kevin L. Franklin SGM Edward L. Gann, USA (Ret) Ms. Christine C. Garton Mr. Charles S. Gerrior Maj Gen (Ret) Francis C. Gideon Jr. Mr. Andrew Gilmore LT William F. Glase, USNR (Ret) Mr. Jerome Golden Ms. Laura J. Goodman Mr. Eugene A. Graber Mrs. Barbara Grayson Mr. Curtis A. Greca Mr. Malcolm E. Green Ms. Cassandra Greenwell Mr. Travis G. Greenwood Mr. Stewart A. Griest Jr. Col (Ret) Donald W. Hamilton Lt Col (Ret) Montgomery S. Hand Mr. Samuel Harris Col William Hartsell Col (Ret) Joseph Hauser Mr. Gregory Helton Mr. Mark P. Henderson Mr. Herbert A. Henry Mrs. Nancy Herzer Mr. Lee Hillard Ms. Tawnie J. Hoganson Mr. Clifford A. Jeffries Mr. Leon J. Jordan Mr. Bill Keeney Mr. Ronald O. Kelpin

Mrs. Constance Klarer Mr. James E. Knox Mr. Stephen J. Kockler Mr. Thomas E. Kupferer Mr. Eric Larson Mr. Paul Lewis SMSgt (Ret) Robert L. Lindsey Mr. Theodore R. Litak Mr. Charles A. Livingood Mr. James D. Lowery Col (Ret) James A. Lynch Mr. Gregory Lyons Ms. Mary Jo Mahle Mr. Anthony C. Malizia MSgt Raymond E. Malone Dr. Peter Mapes Mr. Robert Marino Mr. Paul McConnell Mrs. Jean McCroskey Mr. Tom McDermott Brig Gen (Ret) Willard L. Meader Ms. Celeste Meader Memphis Belle Memorial Association, Inc. Mr. Greg Meyer Mr. Kevin Meyers Lt Col (Ret) John E. Miller Mr. Jerome R. Millhouse Mr. Clark Mittan MOAA-Dayton Area Chapter MOAA-Ohio Council of Chapters MOAA-Ohio Western Reserve Chapter Mr. W. J. Morrow Mr. Wayne Morse Mr. Clay Morton Mr. Dwayne Moss Brig Gen Jim Mungenast Col (Ret) Eric C. Murdock Mr. Kenneth D. Myers Lt Gen (Ret) Michael A. Nelson Col (Ret) John C. Newsom Mr. Mike Nicol Mr. Michael W. O`Malley Ms. Laurie O`Shea Ohio Patriot Guard Mr William M. Oldfield Mr. Scott C. Overlook Ms. Rebecca Owens Mr. Woor Pardo Mr. Rhett Paulson Mr. Michael Peters Mr. John R. Philson Brig Gen (Ret) Thomas D. Pilsch Mr. Milton W. Powell Mr. Ryan C. Reeves Mr. Lloyd W. Rennix Mr. Mark Revers Mr. Ron L. Ringo Ms. Linda Roach

Mrs. Patricia Robinson Maj (Ret) Joseph J. Romanick Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William L. Ruhling Ms. Jennifer Ryan Mr. Thomas Sandel Mr. Gary E. Sanger Col (Ret) James B. Schepley Mrs. Donna Schiefer Ms. Vicki Schilling Mr. Eric Schmenk Mr. James A. Schrank Col (Ret) Billy R. Seals Mr. Robert J. Seifert Mr. Jerold T. Selle Mr. Tim Shermer Mrs. Margaret Small Mr. William A. Smith Dr. William H. Sneeder Jr. Mr. Tom N. Snow Mr. Darwin Spare Mr. Robert P. Stewart SMSgt (Ret) John A. Stuart Ms. Angie Suplisson & Family Mr. Gary C. Tapert Mrs. Helen Trapp Ms. Pamela Truman Ms. Gladys T. Turner Mr. Robert L. Tweedie Mr. Philip H. Van Deusen Ms. Maribeth Van Gorden Mr. Joseph A. Ventolo Jr. Mr. Donald A. Voigt Mr. Steven L. Waldusky Mr. Wayne G. Ward Mr. Douglas Wasem Dr. James Wasserman, M.D. Mr. Michael J. Webb Mr. Neil Webster Mr. Jeffrey Wedding Ms. Irene Wells Ms. Jessica Whitmire Mr. Bill Wickline Mr. Gene E. Wiggs Ms. Rose Marie Wilcox Mr. Russell Williams Mr. Al Withrich Ms. Donna Wolschlager Mr. Denver Wright Mr. David Wright Mr. Robert Wulf Mrs. Mary Alice Yerian Dr. Eleanor Young Mr. Bayard E. Young Mr. Edward M. Young Ms. Rebecca A. Young Mr. Clifford T. Younkins Mr. Clark Zeaman Mr. Darrel Zeck Mr. Andrew W. Zeek


Mr. John A. Ziegenhagen Mr. Stephen Zimmer

$249-$100 87th Aerial Port Squadron Association Mr. & Mrs. Sid Ackerman Mr. & Mrs. George Adamski Col (Ret) Frank Alfter Lt Col (Ret) Charles D. Allen Mr. Charles Amenta Dr. & Mrs. George P. Anderson Mr. William S. Anderson Mr. Vernon J. Andres Mr. Gary J. Andrews Mr. Dwayne Andries Lt Col Chuck Anspaugh Ms. Sandra K. Archer Mrs. Ruth E. Arneson Mr. James Arnold Mr. Glenn Ashley Ms. Sarah Ashton Mr. William H. Austin Jr. Mr. Peter G. Ayers Mr. William S. Bailey Ms. Margaret Baird Col Richard W. Balstad Lt Col (Ret) Ron Banks Mr. Roger W. Barbour Jr. Mr. Todd Barker Mr. Paul Barrett Mr. Stephen L. Bartram Mr. Arthur R. Bauer Mr. Richard C. Baumgartner Mr. Donald Beavers Mr. Thomas E. Bell Jr. Mr. Frank E. Bendrick Col Michael W. Bertz Mr. Richard Besley Mr. Michael Ian Bevan Bible Baptist Church of Wilmington Mr. Robert Billings Dr. H. Richard Black Mr. Charles R. Blackwell Mr. Walter J. Bohrn Mr. Frederick W. Bowers Mr. Bruce Braker Mr. E Fred Brecher Mr. Terry H. Breen Mr. Russell M. Brengelman Lt Col (Ret) Alex P. Brewer Mrs. Joyce A. Britt Mr. Greg Brokamp Mr. Stephen M. Brooks Mr. Tim Brown Mr. Earl Bullock Mr. Jon Burnett Mr. Walter E. Button

Mr. Robert Cahill Mr. H.W. Campbell Mr. William R. Carlile Jr. TSgt (Ret) William C. Carlson Gen (Ret) & Mrs. Bruce A. Carlson Mr. Leo R. Carrigan Ms. Doreen Carter Mr. John J. Casey Col Don Cassiday Mr. Joseph Castellano Mr. Brad Cavener Mr. Guy R. Caviness Jr. Mr. John E. Chambers Mr. Walter K. Champlin Mr. Neal Charske Col (Ret) William F. Cheney Mr. Curtis Christman Mr. Glenn D. Cicero Mr. Michael Clarke Mr. Kendall Clay Mr. Larry E. Clay Lt Gen (Ret) Charles G. Cleveland Mr. Gordon Comfort Lt Col (Ret) Roy L. Compton Mr. Joseph W. Connaughton Lt Col Peyton E. Cook Brig Gen (Ret) Paul Cooper Maj Gen Charles S. Cooper III, ANG (Ret) Mr. Dan Cornelius Mr. William B. Cornell Mr. Kenneth Cornett Mr. Donald E. Cort Chaplain David Cottrill, USAF (Ret) SMSgt (Ret) Dennis F. Courtney Mr. E. Clay Cox Mr. Richard H. Cromley Col (Ret) & Mrs. Paul S. Crosby Mr. Dennis N. Cross Mr. Daniel J. Crumlish Mr. James R. Cunningham Mr. Ron Currin Maj Gen Lewis G. Curtis Ms. Melanie E. Cutlip Mr. Alfred J. Dabrowski Mr. Henry Daghighian Mr. Richard S. Dahl Mr. Ray Daley Mr. Dwight D. Daniel Mr. James W. Darling Mr. John F. Darst Lt Col John C. D’Auria Mr. William Davenport Jr. Lt Col (Ret) Dean C. Davisson Mr. G. V. Dirvin Mr. Gregg Dodds Lt Col (Ret) Richard F. Dreher Mr. William E. Driver Mr. Don Dugan Maj (Ret) H. R. Dunlap

2013 Donors Mr Phillip R. Earle Mr. Charles Ebrom Mr. August Karl Eckert II Mr. Daryl A. Edwards Lt Col (Ret) Richard N. Engman Col (Ret) Richard J. Erickson Mr. Pierre R. Fath Mr. Thomas W. Faulkner Col Silas Felton Mr. A. Bruce Firlus Mr. Ben P. Fisher Jr. Lt Col (Ret) Carl Fleece Mr. Richard E. Ford Mr. Tim Frable Mr. David Fremgen Col (Ret) Donald B. French Col (Ret) Ivan R. Frey Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fulton Dr. Ronald S. Gable Lt Gen (Ret) Terry L. Gabreski Mr. Louis E. Gale Mr. Gene Gallagher Mr. Wayne W. Gamble Mr. Scott J. Garner Lt Col (Ret) John J. Garnish Mr. Frank J. Gasperich Jr. Mr. Daniel S. Gaston Mrs. Rose Marie Gearhart Mr. Larry L. Gehr Mr. Dale E. Gehring Mr. John Geier Col (Ret) Richard F. Geiger Mr. & Mrs. Jack Gelbaugh Lt Col Robert M. Gelpke Col James C. Gibler Mr. William G. Gibson Mr. Charles F. Gilbert Lt Col (Ret) Charles E. Gingrich Mr. Anthony J. Giovinazzo Mr. Eric Givens Mr. Robert Gleason Mr. Richard D. Goar Mr. Greg Goebel Col (Ret) Michael B. Goetz Mr. Ernest J. Goffena Mr. Denis Golemis Mr. Don Gongaware Mr. & Mrs. Tim Gould & Family Mr. Jack H. Graft Mr. Joseph Granda Mr. Allan H. Gray Mr. Alvin H. Griest Mr. Robert S. Griffin Mr. Paul Grimes Mr. Robert Haines Mr. Stephen L. Haley Ms. Denise Hall Mr. Richard Hallion Mr. Hugh H. Halm

Mr. Andrew D. Halverson Mr. Bob Hamilton Lt Col (Ret) John P. Hampshire Col (Ret) Joseph F. Hansard Mr. Robert Harcrow Mr. Donald E. Harrison Ms. Susan Hartman MSgt (Ret) Randall C. Hatem Mr. Robert L. Hausfeld Mr. Frank T. Hayes Col Norman L. Hayes Mr. William H. Haynes Mr. Gerry Heath Mr. John A. Heath Mr. James L. Heck Lt Col (Ret) Paul H. Hedges Mr. Lee A. Heikkinen Mr. George R. Henke Mr. Paul F. Herchenbach Mr. Ralph Herman Mr. Dean E. Hess LTC David Hiatt, USA (Ret) Mr. Lyle W. Hinkel Mr. James E. Hinkle Mr. Larry K. Hirstein Mr. Ruey Hodapp Mr. Samuel B. Hodges Jr. Mr. Fred Hoese Mr. Steve Hofer Mr. Paul Hoffman Col J. B. Hollingsworth Mr. Donald Hollingsworth MSgt (Ret) Robert W. Hootman Mr. Francis G. Hosimer Mr. Charles L. Houck Col Ron Hunt Mr. Edward Hurayt & Family Mr. Kevin D. Idarius Mr. David A. Ikerd Ms. Joan Ioas Mr. Michael H. Jacks Mr. Walter Jackson Mr. John A. Jacobsen Mr. Charles G. Jarrells Mr. T. J. Jay Mr. David J. Jean Col (Ret) Bob Jessup Col Tom H. Johnson Mr. Gilbert Johnston & Family Mr. Steve Johnston Mr. James G. Jolly Col (Ret) Robert W. Jones Mr. Pete Joyce & Family Mrs. Robert W. Jurgensen Mr. Robert E. Karas Lt Col (Ret) Paul Kari Col (Ret) Henry B. Keese Mr. John Keim CWO4 Larry Kelly, USN (Ret)

Mr. Richard Kenen Mr. Matt Kennedy Mr. Frank J. Kern Mr. Stephen M. Kianka Mr. Kenneth Kier Mr. Frank Kiernan Mr. Tom King Mr. Robert A. Kingsbury Mr. Kerry A. Klein Mr. David L. Klinzing SMSgt (Ret) Gerry Knapp Mr. Philip J. Koerner Mr. Eugene D. Koziara Mr. Lawrence Krupianik Mr. Paul E. Ladegard Col (Ret) Maximilian Lamont Mr. Barney M. Landry Mr. John G. Lantis Ms. Julie LaPorta Mr. Robert Lathrop Col (Ret) Robert P. Lavoie Mr. Dennis A. Lechman Ms. Mary E. Lehman Mr. Robert Lehmann Mr. Elmer L. Lentz Mr. James F. Leslie Dr. Robert I. Lewis Mrs. Theresa Liguzinski Ms. Marilyn R. Long Mr. Robert C. Lorenzetti Mr. Daniel L. Luciano Mr. Donald Ray Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Mike M. Maciejewski Mr. Ron Mack Mr. Ian MacLeod Mr. Richard H. Magee Ms. Marlene Malson Mr. George Man Lt Col (Ret) Donald W. Manor Mr. Edward J. Manuel Mr. Wm Markgraf Mr. Donald H. Marsden Mr. Douglas F. Marshall Maj (Ret) Richard H. Marshall Mr. & Mrs. Bill Marshall Mr. Robert E. Martin Mr. Dave Matthews Mr. Frank J. Mauro Mr. Michael Maxwell Mr. Richard N. Mayne Col Ellis B. McClintick Col Roger E. McClure Mr. John A. McCollum Mr. Bobby D. McConnell Mr. Edwin C. McDaniel Ms. Cathy Welsh McDowell Mr. John M. McGrath Mr. James McIlroy Mr. Duane McLaughlin

Lt Col (Ret) Charles D. McManus Mr. Peter T. McSwain Mr. James I. Meeker Mr. Noah W. Mensi & Family Col Edward L. Mentzer Mr. Ralph J. Mercier Mr. Anthony Michel Mr. Dave Mieskowski Mrs. Sheryol Miller Mr. Kenneth Miller Mr. J. C. Miller Mr. Robert C. Miller Mr. James L. Mitchell Mr. Alfred J. Mitchell Mr. Ismael Molina-Serrano Mr. John D. Moran Mr. Jack W. Morgan Mr. Larry Morrison SMSgt (Ret) Norman J. Moyer Mr. Scott Munger Mr. John C. Muschler Ms. Carol Newcomb Mr. Stuart Newman Mr. Robert C. Newton Mr. David C. Nichols Mr. Larry C. Nicholson Mr. Robert H. Niepert Mr. Robert H. Nishimura Mr. Michael Nishimuta Mr. Marvin Nyman Mr. David B. O`Maley Mr. Frank O’Brien Mr. Steve J. O’Connor Maj Gen Peter W. Odgers Mr. Simon E. O’Donnell Lt Gen Tad Oelstrom Mr. Mike Olivarez Mr. Bradford P. O’Neal MSgt Patrick O’Neal Mr. Dale Orred Mr. Joseph L. Paglia Lt Col Frank G. Paine Col (Ret) William S. Pantle Mr. Thomas Parmley Mr. Lynne M. Patten Mr. Garry Patterson Mr. Tom Paullin Mr. Kenneth Pearson Mr. William E. Peel Jr. Mr. Val R. Pemberton Mr. A. C. Pennington Mr. Michael S. Perlman Mr. Gibson Peters Susan & Dennis Phillips Ms. Arlene A. Phillips Mr. Robert E. Piriak Col (Ret) Wayne Pittman Mr. Bruno F. Pitts Mr. Lou Ponziani


Mr. Kevin L. Poormon Mr. Don M. Powers Mr. Jack C. Prendergast Mr. H.D. Pressel Jr. Mr. Gayle B. Price Jr. Mr. Chris Price Mr. Peter A. Price Mr. George R. Purifoy Jr. Dr. William C. Pursch Mr. Justin S. Rains Ms. Lisa Rawls Raytheon Company, Dayton Mr. Terry A. Redmon Mr. Daniel H. Reigle Mr. Mike Rettke Mr. (Ret) Earl M. Reynolds Mr. Robert G. Rice Mr. Stephen R. Richard Mr. Louis L. Ripley Mr. Timothy M. Rizer Mr. Bernard Robertson Mr. William A. Robinson Sr. Mr. Richard R. Robinson Mr. Kletus W. Rood Mr. R. L. Roscoe Col (Ret) Charles K. Rose III Mr. Wayne Rosholt Brig Gen (Ret) Donald C. Roth Mr. David Round Mr. John W. Rustenburg Mr. Paul Sappenfield Mr. Ken Sauer Ms. Sheila Sayah Mr. Schaefer and Ms. Cooke Col (Ret) Byron Lee Schatzley Mr. Robert Schildman Mr. Francis Schneider Mr. Michael R. Schock & Family Mr. Ron Schroer Mr. Kurt R. Schubring Mr. C. Ben Schuman Mr. Robert Schwartz Col William J. Schwehm Mr. Joe Sciabica MSgt (Ret) Lawrence D. Scotney Mr. Richard F. Scott Mr. William R. Seabrook Lt Col Richard H. Seebers Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Seely Mr. Bruce E. Seibert Mr. John A. Sentz Jr. Mr. Jerome C. Servaites Mr. Bill Shaver Maj (Ret) Donald E. Sheriff Mr. Don Shimskey Mr. Robert L. Shoemaker Mr. Steven Shook Mr. James W. Short IV Lt Col (Ret) William Simon III

Mr. Donald V. Sink Col (Ret) Larry Skapin Maj Gen (Ret) John Slinkard Mr. Edward W. Smerz Lt Col (Ret) Kenneth H. Smith Mr. Pete W. Smith Mr. Denny Smith Mr. Robert T. Smith Maj (Ret) Claude M. Smith Jr. CMS (Ret) Ron Smith Mr. Norbert Snyder Mr. Robert M. Sparks Mr. Robert L. Spaulding Mr. Robert D. Sponseller St. Paul Lutheran Day School MSgt (Ret) Ralph Stauffer Mr. David P. Steele Mr. Robert Steeneck Cecilia and Lynn Stiles Col (Ret) Joseph E. Stiles Mr. Hobart R. Stockdale Mr. Joseph A. Stolpa Mr. Larry Stoudt Mr. James L. Stukenborg Mr. Glenn W. Sturm Mr. C. Joseph Styles Mr. Richard J. Suetterlin Lt Col (Ret) David B. Sussman Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sutherland Mr. Gerald E. Sutton Mr. Joe Swartz Mr. James Sylvestri Mr. Harold J. Tague Mr. Paul Talbott Jr. Mr. Charles E. Taylor Mr. Edward O. Taylor Mr. Lewis L. Taylor Jr. Mr. Richard Tedesco Mr. Dan Thobe Col Raymond C. Thomas Jr. SMSgt (Ret) Kenneth L. Todd Dr. Frederick A. Tokarz Mr. Gregory Toussaint Mr. Robert E. Trakinat Col (Ret) Thomas J. Tredici Mr. Tryggvi Tryggvason Mr. Guy Tyler Mr. Richard C. Tyson Jr. University of Dayton Mr. George Updegrove Mr. William R. VanNostrand Mr. Richard B. Vaughan III Dona Vella Col (Ret) John E. Venis RADM Norman C. Venzke, USCG (Ret) Mr. Donald Vermeer Col (Ret) Jim Verstreate Col Donne Viau Brig Gen James L. Vick

2013 Donors $249-$100 (cont.) Mr. David Voglund Lt Col Donald Vogt Mr. Bill Wagner Mr. Richard J. Wagner Lt Col James E. Wakeley Mr. Barry Wardlaw Mr. Fredrick Warner Mr. Schuyler Wavrek SMSgt (Ret) Carl Weaver Mr. James G. Weber Mr. Jeffery R. Weber Mr. Don Weibel Mr. Jack Welty Mr. Tom Wesche Col Kenneth L. Weyler Mr. George R. Wheeler Jr. Mr. Wendell B. White Mr. David White Mr. George F. Wieland Mr. Donald E. Wiesner Mrs. Eleanor M. Wilder Mr. Donald Wilke Mr. W. J. Williams Mr. Thomas E. Williams Mr Howard M. Willis Mr. Charles A. Wilson Capt William B. Wilson The Robert Wilson Family Lt Col Robert C. Windoffer Mr. Stanton R. Wood Mr. & Mrs.Tom Wortley Mr. Ronald Wortman Mr. John Wright Mr. Gale A. Wuollet Mr. John Wurtzel Mr. Ray E. Wylam Mrs. Audrey A. Yakimowicz Mr. George Yefchak Mr. Robert B. Young Mr. Jon N. Zachem Mr. Bruce A. Ziegler Mr. Mark R. Zukowski

$99-Below Mr. Daniel T. Aaron Mr. John T. Adkins The Alexandria Buckeyes Mr. Stephen T. Alexieff Mr. John Alfini Col (Ret) Robert L. Allen Mr. Richard E. Anderson Mr. John W. Apgar Mr. Thomas J. Aquaviva Lt Col (Ret) Juan Arocho

Mr. S. E. Asquith Ms. Beth Atkins Mr. Randall Ault Mr. James Bachman Mr. David H. Bachman Mr. Richard P. Bagley MSgt James K. Baird Ms. Liz Ball Mr. Robert Bandach Mr. Edward J. Baraw Mr. Adam Barb James Bard Mr. Robert Barr Mr. Ralph Barrera Brig Gen (Ret) John C. Bartholf Mr. Dean E. Bartling Dr. Wendy Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Roger Bauser Mr. Arthur Beal Mr. Robert H. Beams Ms. Barbara Beard Mr. John C. Beard Col (Ret) Charles H. Bedell Mr. James H. Behrens Mr. Henry J. Behrens CMSgt Richard V. Beitler Ms. Carol Belhorn Mr. John F. Benjamin Jr. Mr. Don W. Berleth Mr. Ronald J. Berry Mr. Alfred F. Bertoncini Mr. Raymond C. Bevivino Mr. Andrew T. Bielecki Mr. Victor H. Bilek Mr. David Bilicki Lt Col Ronald Blanchard Ms. Charlene Bohn & Family Mr. Peter Bolton Mr. David C. Borland Mr. Rex A. Borton Mr. Glen Bower CMS (Ret) Bob D. Bowers PhD Mr. Eugene C. Box Jr. Mr. Donald R. Boyer Mr. Dave Boyes Mr. Lee Bradshaw Mr. Douglas Braeuer Mr. Harold E. Bragg Mr. L. C. Breckenridge Mr. John A. Breed Mr. Jim Briggs Mr. Dale Brock Capt Joseph Brogden, USAFR Mr. Stan Brooks Mr. Roger M. Brown Mr. Ted Browning

Mrs. Cynthia K. Brubaker Mr. Brad B. Bryan Jr. Mr. Billy W. Bryant Jr. Mr. Sheldon Bryner Maj Gen (Ret) J. T. Buck Lt Col (Ret) Robert C. Buckley Mrs. Donna Cain Col Nancy Caldwell Mr. William G. Carothers Mr. Joseph C. Carrara Mr. Paul Carrocce Mr. Patrick Carry Mr. Robert J. Caso Mr. John R. Casper Mr. William G. Casper Mr. Mark Cassen Century National Bank Mr. John A. Chabot Mr. Gilbert Chan Mr. Bob Childress Mr. James Chorn Mr. Edward A. Chuhna Mr. Bob J. Clark Mr. Robert M. Clark Clear Creek Applied Technologies Mr. Lewis S. Clement Mr. Mike Clifford Lt Col (Ret) Robert N. Coble Mr. Bart O. Coleman Jr. Mr. J. D. Collins Mr. Anthony A. Colussi & Family Mr. Donald Como Mr. Bruce E. Conway Mr. William J. Corbin Mr. John Corey Mr. Edwin P. Cornelius Mr. Robert Corwin MSgt (Ret) Jospeh F. Coughlin Col (Ret) Gary E. Cox Mr. Donel R. Croy Mr. Michael A. Cummings Mr. Daniel C. Daley Capt Dalton Danon, USAFR Mr. Wynne L. Daughters Mr. Robert A. Davies Mr. Robert B. Davis Mr. Rick E. Davis Mr. Glenn E. De Vries Mr. Peter Deduck Mr. Joseph A. DePaola Mr. Andrew DeRadder Mr. William H. Deuell Mr. Dale DeVene Mr. James E. Dickman Lt Col (Ret) Charles N. Dildine Lt Col David P. Dion

Mr. Andrew Dobo Ms. Shirley M. Docken Mr. Charles R. Dodrill CMSgt (Ret) Harry R. Dollarhide Mr. William E. Dorffi Mr. Frank P. Dowling Mr. Joe Drab Jr. Capt James L. Driver Mr. Douglas R. Dunfee Mr. Francis J. Duponte Mr. E. Edward Ebrite Mrs. Charlotte R. Eigel Mr. Robert Endsley SMSgt (Ret) Eugene C. Ensing Mr. James D. Evanoff Mr. Thomas D. Everman Mr. Edward Fabro Mr. Leroy P. Feather Mr. Marvin Feinburg Mr. James J. Forrest Brig Gen (Ret) Duane L. Foster Mr. Mark Fothergill Mr. Gary W. Fout Mr. Timothy J. Fowler Lt Col (Ret) Robert B. Fox Mr. William Freas Mr. William L. Freeman Mr. Richard W. French Mr. Albert Friend Mr. Daniel R. Fulton SSgt Kenneth Gastgeb Mr. Karl D. Gaus Col Roy Gay Geier School Company II Inc. Mr. Jim A. Gentry Mr. Donald R. Geozeff Mr. Lynwood F. Giles Mr. Albert L. Gill Mr. Alfred T. Gingras & Family Mr. Carrol Gleason Mrs. Shirley Glennen Mr. Fred Godek Mr. Joseph M. Godfrey Mr. Leonard Gordon Mr. William C. Gossett Mr. Norman E. Goudy Mr. G. P. Grady MSgt (Ret) Donald E. Granger Ms. Jennifer Grano Mr. Jack E. Grapentine Mr. Richard E. Grau Mrs. Betty Lou Graven Mr. Philips M. Graves Mr. James H. Gray Col (Ret) Robert M. Gray Ms. Rosalind Gray


Mr. Shelva J. Gray Mr. John Kevin Green Dr. Tom Greenawalt Mr. Richard L. Greiner Mr. David L. Griswold Ms. Lynda Groh Mr. Robert D. Groszer Mr. Steve Gruber Mr. David L. Gschwind Mr. William Guisewite Lt Col (Ret) Larry M. Hadley Mr. Robert L. Hagenbaugh Mr. Thomas O. Haglage Mr. Michael Halicke Mr. Robert S. Hammack Maj Patrick Hanford Mr. John Hank Col & Mrs. Vernon C. Hansen Mr. LeRoy J. Hanson Mr. Peter J. Hanson Lt Col (Ret) Ron Harner Mr. Herbert C. Harper Lt Col James M. Harrington Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George H. Harris Mr. Maynard H. Harris Mr. John R. Hartley Mr. C.E. Havens Mr. Lawrence Hawkins Mr. Marlowe S. Hawkins Jr. Mr. Allan M. Hay Kenneth and Laurel Haycraft Mr. K. Wayne Hays Col (Ret) James A. Heathcote Mr. William Hedrick Mr. Tim Heist Mrs. Barbara A. Hess Mr. Jack S. Hiller Mr. Ken Hilliard Reverend Roy E. Hiser, USAF (Ret) Mr. John D. Hodges Mr. Robert E. Hodges Mr. Michael V. Hoffman Mr. James Holovacs Mr. James C. Holverstott Mr. Richard W. Hook Mr. Joseph D. Hooker Mr. Kevin E. Houck Mr. Richard Howell Mr. Bruce W. Howett Mr. Richard Huempfner Mr. Daniel Huff Mr. Erik Humlie Mr. Howard J. Hunt Mr. James R. Hunt Col (Ret) Charles R. Hurst Mr. Gerald B. Hurst

Mr. Wilfred M. Husted Col (Ret) Richard M. Hutchins Mr. Thomas C. Indoe Mr. Donald M. Ireland Mr. John D. Irvine Mr. John A. Irwin Iwo Jima Veterans Mr. John Jacobs Mr. Mark M. Jenks Mr. Christen M. Jespersen Mr. Charles D. Jewell Mr. Richard N. Jobelius Mr. Russell C. Johnson Jr. Lt Col (Ret) Earl E. Johnson Mr. Andrew J. Johnson Col (Ret) Robert A. Johnston Jr. Mr. Lowell Jones Mr. William J. Jones Mr. Kenneth M. Jones Lt Col (Ret) Donald G. Jones Ms. Jan J. Jordan Lt Col (Ret) S.S. Jordan Mrs. Caroline Jorski Lt Col (Ret) Edward H. Josephson Mr. Donald S. Judisch Mr. Neil Kalfas Mr. Charles Kamm Mr. Stan Kandebo Mr. John Karamanian Mr. Richard L. Karns Mr. Anthony J. Kasak Mr. Bernard L. Kasha Col William A. Kehler Mr. Russell T. Keller & Family Mr. Robert E. Kiesel Mr. Arthur D. Kinser Mr. Jason Kish Mr. Steven Kline Mr. Eric Klopfer Mr. Kevin Knoepfel Mr. John W. Kober Mr. John M. Kostynick Dr. Brian W. Kowal Mr. Jordan Kraly Mr. Edwin A. Kubin Mr. & Mrs. David Kuhl Mr. William H. Kuhlman Mr. Leonard A. Kvorjak Mr. Andrew Labosky Jr. Lt Col Robert M. Lally MSgt (Ret) Charles R. Law Mr. James A. Leiter SMSgt (Ret) Ruben J. Lemons Mr. Carl Lepinske Mr. J. Yen Ligh Mr. Dan Link

2013 Donors $99-Below (Cont.) Maj (Ret) Walt P. Linne SMSgt (Ret) David Linscott MSgt (Ret) William D. Long Mr. Ronald B. Longbrake Mr. Robert Lorenz Mr. Donald R. Loudin Mr. R. D. Lovell Sr. Mrs. Mary Lusby Mr. Donald H. Maddox Mr. Claude D. Malone Jr. Mr. John March Mrs. Jane L. Marcum Mr. Louis C. Marello Mr. David Marshall Mr. Ronald Marten Mr. Jerry Martin Mr. Joseph P. Martino Lt Col (Ret) Harry B. Massingill Mr. Kenneth E. Mast Mr. William A. Mata Mr. John P. Mathews Mr. Howard L. Mathews Mr. Bob Matlock Mr. Lawrence Maxim Mr. Donald R. May Mr. Robert G. McAlevy Mr. Edward M. McCabe Mr. John R. McCall Mr. Sean McGrath Brig Gen (Ret) Linda McTague Mr. Matthew Meistrich Mr. Roger Metz Ms. Marlene K. Meyer Mr. Gerald E. Meyers Mr. Peter Michael Mrs. C. Ora Miesse Mr. Lee K. Miley Mr. Julius O. Miller Mr. Ray E. Miller Mr. David A. Miller Mr. Robert K. Miller Lt Col (Ret) Charles L. Miller Mr. John A. Minor Jr. Mr. Ken Minyard Capt Ray Mischon Mobil Accord, Inc Mr. James J. Moglia Mr. Robert Monfort Mr. Terry Monroe Mr. Allen W. Monte Mr. Kenneth E. Moore Ms. Mary L. Moran Capt Roger A. Morrison Mr. Charles Morrison

Mr. Howard R. Mosley Ms. Mary K. Mulholland Mr. Eric R. Mundy Ms. Rose M. Murphy Mr. Michael D. Murphy Mr. Herbert L. Murray Jr. Mr. Allen D. Murray Mr. Daniel H. Murtland Mr. Carter E. Myers Capt (Ret) Gerald T. Myers Mrs. Nadine V. Nagle Mr. John D. Nagy Jr. Lt Col(Ret) Frank D. Neill Jr. Dr. Joseph S. Nemeth II Mr. James Nichols Mr. Ralph E. Nollan Mr. Walter F. O`Brien Col (Ret) Norval L. Oexmann Mr. Greg Ogborn MSgt (Ret) H. Thomas Ogle Mr. John D. Ogren Mr. Richard D. Ohlinger Mr. William Keith Ojala Dr. Robert W. Olson, M.D. Mr. Stanley Opfermann Mr. Dante Pacicca Lt Col Elwood H. Paradowski Mr. Mangesh Pardeshi Park National Bank Mr. Frederick T. Parker Jr. Mr. Eugene H. Parrott Mr. Louis Paull Mr. Larry Paxton CMSgt (Ret) Norman G. Pearson Mr. David E. Pegg Lt Col and Ms. Penka Mr. John S. Percy Mr. Rod Petersen Mr. C. A. Peterson Mr. Mark Petnuch Mr. James Phelps Jr. Mr. Fredric Pirschel Mr. Robert V. Plank Mr. Thomas Ploski Mr. Elden H. Plue Mr. Dennis Popovich Mr. Arthur W. Poslusny Mr. Thomas P. Pouk Jr. Mr. Carl L. Preuss Mr. David N. Priest Mr. Max A. Puckett Mr. Lawrence R. Quick Maj Gen (Ret) Edmund A. Rafalko Mr. Charles Ramsay Jr. Chaplain Kenneth C. Ramsey, USAF (Ret) Mr. William O. Rassenfoss

Mr. Bill Read Mr. Raymond H. Reidel Mr. Ronald L. Rep Mr. John M. Retterer Mr. Terry J. Rewers Mr. Bryan Reynolds Mr. Robert K. Reynolds Mr. Jeffrey M. Rich Mr. Donald L. Rideout Lt Col (Ret) Richard J. Rinebolt Mr. Charles T. Ringwald Mr. William H. Rivenbark Mr. J. P. Roberge Col (Ret) Phil Roberts, PhD Ms. Quanisha Robinson Mr. Dennis Rodgers Mr. Bernard J. Roke Lt Col (Ret) Richard Rubrecht Mr. Robert Ruh Mrs. Jean Runge Col Thomas A. Rush, USAF Mr. Wendell D. Russell Mr. James Sacks SMSgt (Ret) David F. Sadlier Mr. Marshall N. Samms Lt Col (Ret) Edward A. Sanders Mr. Jerry Saperstein Mr. J. Patrick Savage Mr. John A. Schell Mr. Mike Schlehuser Ms. Kathy Schnelle-Meyer Mr. Ben Schoepski Mr. Frank Schultz Mr. and Mrs. John A. Schwab Mr. John P. Schwartz Col Hugh L. Scott Col (Ret) Andrew R. Scrafford & Family Lt Col & Mrs. Howard R. Seamens Mr. Charles Sersun Jr. Mr. W. Norman Shade Mr. Lou Sharp Mr. Robert H. Shearer Mr. Andy Houk Sheetz Col Harvey W. C. Shelton, (Ret) Mr. Rich Shepley Col L. F. Sherman David Sherrill Mrs. Linda J. Shideler Mr. James F. Shimer Mr. E. Graham Shook Mr. J. Sikora Col James H. Sills Mr. George F. Singletary Jr. SMSgt (Ret) Paul F. Skelley Mr. Bill Skroch Mr. Michael G. Slater, CPA


Col Rex H. Slingsby, CAF Mr. Wilbur A. Smith Mr. Jimmy Smith Mr. Harry W. Smith Mr. Doug Snyder Ms. Ann Sochat Mr. John O. Sodergren Col F. V. Sohle Jr. TSgt (Ret) Stan Solmonson Mr. Charles V. Spanos Mr. Lou Sprader Mr. Anthony St. Amant Mrs. Lori A. Staggs Mr. Francis D. Stammer Mr. Philip Stebbins Mr. Walter C. Stegmann MSgt (Ret) Robert Sternecker Mr. C. Lee Steverson Mr. K. C. Steward Mr. John G. Stewart Mr. Harry M. Stewart & Family Mr. Irving Strong Mr. John L. Strouse Mr. John W. Sturges Mr. Sostenes Suazo Mrs. Dorothy W. Sullivan Mr. James Sullivan Col (Ret) Wallace E. Summerville Mr. Edward R. Sunday Dr. John Swartz Mrs. Northa Switzer Mr. Robert A. Szpak Mr. Dwight Tahran Mr. Richard D. Taylor Col (Ret) George Teas Lt Col and Mrs. Robert Thebeau Mr. James T. Thomas Mr. Archie C. Thompson Col (Ret) Nels Thomsen Jr. Mr. Glen Thornell Mr. John Thornton Col (Ret) Ron Thurlow Mr. Glen E. Tonini Mr. Glenn Traister Mr. Ernest Trautmann Mr. W. R. Trekell Mr. Chuck Triphahn Mr. Jon A. Tucker Mr. Donald E. Turner Mr. Gary D. Van Deluyster Mr. Ed Vanden Bosch Mr. Robert J. Vatalaro Mrs. Gloria S. K. Vaudo Shreyas Vedavyas Mr. Salvatore Verrastro Lt Col (Ret) Ross G. Vincent

Mr. Fredrick J. Vlaskamp Mr. Frank Vlcek Mr. Glenn E. Wagoner Mr. R. C. Wakefield Maj (Ret) Edwin B. Wakeman Mr. Harry M. Wall Mr. W. Dace Ward Mr. John Warren Ms. Ruth L. Weber Ms. Sally Weepie Mr William J. Weldon Maj Adam W. Wenclewicz Mr. Robert Werner Col (Ret) & Mrs. Richard Wesbrook Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weyant Mr. & Mrs. Bryan L. Wheeler Dr. Allen White Mr. Gary W. Wick Col (Ret) Harold W. Wickline Mr. Ron Widman Mr. Sam W. Wilder Mr. James F. Williams Mr. Lawrence A. Wilson Ms. Eileen Wingert Father William Winkler O.F.M. Mr. Hubert Wirtz Mr. Robert A. Wise Mr. Charles A. Witt Mr. Leon K. Wolfe Jr. Mr. Walter Wolfe Mr. William R. Wood Mr. Gary A. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Yetter Mr. & Mrs. Sam Zakkour Mr. Michael Zatezalo Mr. Mark Zechar Mr. James R. Zeiters Mr. Joe H. Zeller Ms. Tracy Zemanek Mr. William L. Zimmerman Mr. Anthony Zlotkowski Mr. Clinton Zolman

2013 Memorials, Honorariums, and Celebrations Memorial 460th Field Maintenance Squadron Cheryl Turney Aaron William R. Alfini Douglas D. Allen Col Donald F. Anderson Col A. F. Arant Robert G. Archer Georgia K. Barfield Theodor Bernstein James & Agnes Bertz Bill Best Col Henry G. Bierbaum, USAF (Ret) James A. Bills Bill Blake Mr. Michael Botwin Col. Roy Bowlin Jr. Walter “Skip” Britt Jim Brooks Ray Brooks Jack L. Brown Maj (Ret) James P. Burke Wingo Campbell Al Caruso, USAAF Bill Childress TSgt Edward A. Chuhna Sr., USAAF John H. Cornelius Catherine G. Cromley William H. Cunningham James Richard “Dick” Dempsey Peter J. DeSimio Betty Jean Detro Rosemary De Vries Jim Dildine June Marie DuPonte Sandra J. Dwyer Floyd E. Edwards SSgt William A. Ellis Col John D. Faulk James Fondren Col & Mrs. James E. Foster John Winfield Francis Myron Fritts Nancy L. Gamble Jack Gates Charles Gebhardt, Volunteer Roy Gelpke Richard W. Gicher Norm Givens Clarence Goedicke Walter A. Golabek, USAF (Ret) Thomas Graven James H. Gray Leo Griswold Kelly Harrington

William W. Hatheway Lois Hauser Robert Henley Robert L. Hillegass Col Donald W. Hobart Joseph Hunt MSgt Fred H. Hutchins, USAF (Ret) James R. Irwin Paul Jacobs Robert J. Jeffries Everard A. Joering Jr. Carleton & Sharon Johnson Raymond Johnston SSgt Robert Alan Jones Richard Kasha Mr. Fred W. Kauth MSgt John F. Kirkman, USAF David Klarer George E. Klein MSgt John Michael Kline SSgt Sylvester A. Korpal, USAAF Lt Leo R. Krupianik Frank A. Kunke Anthony J. Kupferer 1LT Barney M. Landry Sr. Lt Col Jack C. Langston Maj James I. Leslie Jr., USAF (Ret) James E. Locke, USMC Richard C. Magee James N. Mahle Harold Mahler George Mayer MSgt (Ret) Jack McCroskey Lt Col Thomas K. McDill, USAF Tsgt Harold M. McDonald Jr. “Skip” Thomas McGriffin Dr. A.R. Mclaughlin Jesse E. McSwain Anthony Michel Sr. Charles Mikutis Bob Miller Honorable George H. Moyer Gregory Moyer Mr. C.M. “Nick” Nicholson Col Edgar L. Olson, USAF M.C. Capt John E. Parker, USAF Albert Pilutti John Pouch, USAF Thomas Prescott Otis Price Lenore D. Pursch Mike Reidel Col Daniel W. Riordan SSgt Ray Rivenbark

Capt Leonard Robbins Ronald Russell William Schaefer Jr. Josh S. Schell Lauretta Schimmoler Edward C. Scotney Marshall Silverman David E. Slough James C. Smith Carl B. Sponseller Ray Sprister Matthew Stefani PFC Richard E. Sternecker Glen Story TSgt Mark J. Sullivan Tom Thacker Capt P.J. Torberge, USAF Paul Wagner Louise Wakefield Merne L. Waldusky Walter Lt William (Billy) Waymouth Brig Gen Edwin Wenglar SSgt (Ret) George R. Wheeler Sr. Raymond R. Wilder Janice Williams WWII Air Force Veterans James F. Wright MSgt Clifton E. Yost Lt Col Orrin G. Zebarth, USAF (Ret)

Honorarium 26th & 4050th PMS KC97 Air frame 405th Apron Clark Air Base, PI 4252 Strat Wing (Young Tigers) 691st AF Band & 573rd AF band A1C Jack Dahl & Sgt Leonard Dahl Lt Col Geo. T. Adams, USAF (Ret) All Airmen who served All Veterans The Army Air Corp. Robert S. Ault Darrin J. Bilicki, USAF (Ret) Dr. H. Richard Black Louis Blair The Book: A Family of Survivors Earl Campbell Domenic Carrocce Brig Gen Cathy Chilton Ned A. Clark Philip Coale’s commission into USMC Cold War Vets

William H. Coughlin Leon & Stanley Dabrowski Gen Ronald Fogelman Norman Fredkin Freedom & Sacrifices of AF POW’s and MIA’s Maj. David Fulton’s USAF Retirement Jim Hanson Lt Gen John Hudson, USAF (Ret) Joseph A. Hunt, USAAF Robert P. Kamenitsa Col Paul Kari Col James “Irish” Kockler MSgt Nick Kupier Grover Loening Blaine Loudin Dr. John B. Lundberg John Lyons Chris Minor, USAF Ret My Fellow Airmen Lt Col Christopher R. Myers, USAF The Museum & SAC Tom Peters Lee & Shirley Smith Those who gave the supreme sacrifice Paul W. Tibbets USS Forrestal CVA-59 Vietnam Veterans Ronald M. Wick Walter E. Wolaver Wayne& Carolyn Worden

Celebration Our freedom Col Ivan R. Frey (Ret) Col & Mrs. Vernon C. Hansen’s 50th Anniversary William & Helen LeMay’s 68th Wedding Anniversary


2013 Lifetime Members Lifetime Members Maj Ronald A. Adsitt, USA (Ret) Mr. Terry Aitken Col (Ret) Martin A. Alewine Jr. Mr. Peter S. Alexeas Mr. Kerry A. Allswede Mr. James C. Anthony Jr. Lt Col (Ret) Nick Apple Lt Gen Malcolm B. Armstrong Capt Thomas C. Ayers, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Kirk A. Ballash Mr. Tim Barbosa Mr. James E. Barfield Ms. Phyllis R. Barker Mr. Arthur R. Bauer Mr. Henry D. Baust Mrs. Marilyn Beaumaster Capt Kristina Belcourt Mr. L. Phillip Benson Col (Ret) Larry L. Benson Ms. Katherine A. Bergh Mr. Michael P. Bernier Col Michael W. Bertz Mr. David J. Beynon Col (Ret) Daniel J. Bigelow Mr. Robert L. Bohach The Honorable Claude M. Bolton Jr. Mr. Rex A. Borton Mr. Kenneth P. Bosch Mr. Bill Boyd Mr. Neil L. Bretthauer Mr. Robert C. Brucksch Maj Gen (Ret) J. T. Buck Dr. Thomas J. Burns, PhD Mr. Andrew M. Busch Ms. M. R. Caldwell Mr. Douglas Callahan TSgt (Ret) William C. Carlson Ms. Doreen Carter Mr. Will R. Chance Mr. Michael Clarke Mr. Joseph L. Cobb Mr. William G. Coleman Lt Gen (Ret) John B. Conaway Lt Gen (Ret) Charles H. Coolidge Jr. Maj Gen Charles S. Cooper III, ANG (Ret) Mr. Larry H. Cooper Mr. Chris D . Cosfol Mr. Rick Croton Col (Ret) Dennis Crouch Mr. Dick Cutter Mr. Frank Daly Mr. John F. Darst Mr. Paul T. Davis Mr. Walter Distelzweig

Mr. Robert E. Dunkel II Lt Col Jim Dunn Ms. Frances A. Duntz Mr. Edward J. Dwyer III Mr. Charles Ebrom Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Ms. Lin Erickson Mr. William L. Ernstes Ms. Becky Farrar Mr. Charles J. Faruki Ms. Anna Lea Faulk Mr. Jeff Fitzgerald Mr. Michael J. Fitzsimmons Mr. Jeffrey R. Forster Mr. Harold Fulton Mr. Richard D. Gardner Mr. Frank J. Gasperich Jr. Mr. Michael S. Giefer Mr. Jack B. Gillespie LT William F. Glase, USNR (Ret) Mr. Larry S. Goebel Col (Ret) Michael B. Goetz Mr. Don Gongaware Mr. James C. Gorman Mr. James R. Gray Mr. Nathan E. Grube Mr. Richard Habermann Mr. John P. Hackett Mr. Lance Hammond Lt Col (Ret) Montgomery S. Hand Col (Ret) Norman H. Happel Mr. W. David Harding Col (Ret) William S. Harrell Mr. Jon G. Hazelton Mr. Roger Hedberg Maj (Ret) Harold L. Hering Mrs. Paulette Herman Mr. Paul J. Herrling Mr. Ruey Hodapp Ms. Karen Hogle Maj (Ret)Kenneth J. Horvath Lt Gen (Ret) John L. Hudson Col Thomas Humes Mr. Erik Humlie Col Ron Hunt Capt (Ret) Larry D. Jenkins Mr. Mark M. Jenks Mr. James E. Jochetz Mr. Wayne W. Kaczmarek CMSgt Vincent P. Keezer Mrs. Janet B. Keith Mr. Charles F. Kettering III Lt Col Harry L. Kirby TSgt Timothy Kline Mr. Donald J. Koetsch Maj John W. Kunz

Ms. Helen Kwong MSgt (Ret) Clifford A. Leach MSgt Lionel LeBlanc Mr. Clyde E. Lehman Jr. Mr. William LeMay Mr. Gregory Lockhart Mr. Stephen Lubliner Mr. David W. Lutes Mr. Ron Mack Mr. Eric K. Mann Mr. Craig Marshall Mr. Richard E. Mastin Maj Art McAninch Mr. J. Patrick McCarthy Col (Ret) William F. McDonald Mr. Charles E. McGillvray Mr. Patrick L. McGohan Mr. James J. McLaughlin Jr. Col (Ret) Pamela A. Melroy Mr. James R. Michalec Mr. Lee K. Miley Mrs. Cynthia Schrecengost Miller Mr. John C. Minton Mr. George J. Mongon Mr. James F. Morgan Mr. Danny Mumma CAPT C. R. Munsey Jr., USN (Ret) Mr. Allen D. Murray Lt Col (Ret) Frank D. Neill Jr. Lt Gen (Ret) Michael A. Nelson Mr. Mike Nicol Mr. William R. Noble Lt Gen (Ret) John Nowak Mr. George R. Oberer Sr. Mr. Frank O’Brien Mr. John D. Ogren Mr. Terry L. Onder Mr. William H. Page Lt Col (Ret) David K. Peterson Col (Ret) Franklin D Peterson Mr. Cy A. Pierquet Dr. David H. Ponitz Maj Gen (Ret) Thomas W. Powers Lt Gen (Ret) Richard V. Reynolds Mr. Daniel Paul Rice Mr. David A. Rice Col (Ret) Susan E. Richardson Mr. Richard H. Robb Mr. Raymond L. Robb Mr. S. Harry Robertson Mr. John W. Rustenburg Mr. Dan Sadlier Mr. Anthony G. Sanchez Mr. Steven Savino Mr. Gerald B. Schemmel Mr. Walter A. Schirmacher


Mr. Paul D. Schneider Lt Col (Ret) Robert H. Scott Mr. William B. Scrivens Lt Col Richard H. Seebers Mr. Bruce E. Seibert Mr. Steven L. Semler Mr. Scott J. Seymour Mr. Curtis E. Shonkwiler Mr. Steven Shook Mr. Leslie W. Shrum Mr. Tracy D. Smyth Mr. William B. Snyder Mr. Dave Sorgen Mr. Phillip L. Soucy Mr. Louis E. Soulek Lt Gen (Ret) Thomas P. Stafford Mr. Ronald E. Stanford Mr. Gary G. Stephenson Lt Col (Ret) Douglas D. Stewart Sr. Mr. Joseph A. Stolpa Mr. Harry W. Stowers Jr. Mr. Daniel J. Sturm Mr. Robert J. Suttman II, CFA Mr. Richard Tedesco Mr. Paul S. Trapp Mr. Joseph M. Venditti Mr. Joseph A. Ventolo Jr. Col Mona R.M. Vollmer, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Edward N. Warfield Mr. George R. Wheeler Jr. Mr. Dale H. Whitford Mr. George F. Wieland Mr. Vernon L. Wiese Mr. Craig Willan Mr. Bill Wogan Lt Col Susan J. Zajchowski, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Bruce A. Ziegler Mr. Tom Zimmer

2013 Memberships Organizational


90th Bomb Group Association AFSNCOA Library Association of Air Force Missileers Berlin Airlift Veterans Association Dayton Montgomery County CVB, Inc. Mr. Michael DeWaal Louis A Green & Associates TAC Missileers WPAFB Officers Spouses Club Yamato Corporation Dayton Industrial Drum, Inc.

Mr. Denis L. Berger Dr. Richard Black Mr. James Borleis Mr. Bob Brasie Mr. R. Stephen Camp Mr. Timothy F. Carman Mr. Jack B. Corey Richard and Barbara Countryman Dr. Delbert Craner Mr. Daniel J. Crumlish Mr. Peter A. Dexter Dr. Kenneth Dunning Col Marshall H. Fletcher, USAF (Ret) SMSgt Bobbie Fluharty, USAF (Ret) Lt Col E. S. Fraser Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Tony Gatti Mr. John Gnadke Mr. Mac K. Gough Mr. Eugene A. Graber Mr. C. Dean Greene Mr. Sydney L. Gross Jr. Maj James P. Hamilton, USAF (Ret) Ms. Joan Ioas Mr. John Klimas Mr. Theodore T. Kubala Mr. James Kurek Mr. Robert Langton Mr. J. R. Lauritsen Col Thomas J. Lebar Mr. Thomas E. Leech Mr. James E. Loehr Mr. G. E. Makinen Mr. Ralph A. McEldowney Mr. Steven M. Miller Capt & Mrs. Edward Miller, USAF (Ret) Mr. William Morris Mr. George Nicols Mr. Dale Orred Maj D.R. Osborne, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Edward O’Shaughessy Mr. Robert J. Penny Mr. Lawrence R. Perlee Brig Gen Robert W. Poel, USAF (Ret) Mr. Scott Queener Mr. Jay Ratliff Mr. Kurt Von Richter Brig Gen Paul Sampson Mr. Bill Schottelkotte Mr. Thomas B. Sellers Mr. F. Wayne Sewart Mr. Erik B. Sithens Lt Gen George H. Sylvester, (Ret) Mr. Ken Vance Jr. Mr. Manuel P. Vara

Ace Mr. John H. Klette Jr. Mr. Robert J. Paulsen Mr. Michael Schroeder Mr. Linden H. Welch

Eagle Mr. Robert A. Baker Mr. R. M. Borcherding Mr. J.C. Breidenbaugh Mr. Scott Brockett Mr. Samuel Carbaugh Mr. Richard Docken Mr. Martin Faga Col A. Robert Fortney, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Gardella Mr. Stewart A. Griest Jr. Col Joseph Hauser, USAF (Ret) Col Chuck Hill Mr. Tim Kolodziejczak Mr. John R. Lego Mr. Clay Morton Mr. David Myren Mr. George Richison Mr. Rick Rivers Lt Gen Ray B. Sitton, USAF [Ret] Fred and Julie Smith Mrs. Helen Trapp Mr. Ray Van De Riet Jr. Mr. Dana W. Yarnall

Mr. Donald A. Voigt Mr. Neil R. Walker Col Scott Wegner, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Leon Weisnberger Mr. David A. Whiteley Mr. Gene E. Wiggs Mr. Russell Williams Mr. Tom Winstel Bob and Kay Wolff Mr. Thomas R. Woodford Mr. Robert E. Wurtz

Flight Lead Mr. David A. Ackard Mr. Norman E. Adams Mr. & Mrs. George Adamski Lt Gen John G. Albert Mr. Mark Altergott Mr. Rodolfo Alvarez-de-Sotomayor Mr. Charles Amenta Mr. Mickey Anderson Col S. L. Anderson, (Ret) Dr. Wallace Anderson Mr. Gerald L. Anderson SSgt William Anderson MSgt Clifford H Anderson, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen Mark W. Anderson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gary J. Andrews Mr. Thomas C. Andrews Mr. Richard Arnold Mr. James R. Ashford Mr. Joachim K Auer Mr. Regis J. Aul Mr. Charles B Austin Mr. Stanley J Avery Mrs. Lillian M. Ayars Mr. Stephan B Bach Mr. Gary W. Bailey Mr. Carl Baldwin Col Richard W. Balstad Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bantz Mr. John L. Barnhard Jr. Mr. Paul Barrett Mr. Thomas L Barrow Ms. Jackie H. Barry Mr. Doug Barry Mr. Jerald Baumgardner Mr. Richard C. Baumgartner Mr. David Beale Mr. Raymond Beauchesne Mr. Donald Beavers Mr. Wayne Bechtel Chris and Cindy Beckman Mr. Michael H. Bednarek


Maj Gen Scott C. Bergren, (Ret) Mr. Kent Bermingham Mr. Larry Best & Family Mr. Dwayne Biegel & Family Mr. Lester J. Bishop Mr. Don Black Mr. & Mrs. Van-Lear Black Mr. Charles R. Blackwell Mr. Mark Blockland Ms. Charlene Bohn & Family Mr. Alex Boone Mr. John Borches Mr. Willis M. Boshears Jr. Don and Zola Bouquot Mr. Jay J. Bourgraf Mr. Russell Bover Mr. David Boyer Mr. John M Brand Michelle and Alex Bratton Mr. Burly Brellenthin Mr. Tom Brenberger Capt Phillip Brewer [Ret] Mr. Mike Brickman Dr. Owen W. Brodie, M.D. Ms. Agnes M. Brown Ms. Linda Brown Mr. Philip D. Brust Mr. Billy W. Bryant Jr. Mr. Larry Bryant Mr. Gary L. Buchanan Mr. Kenneth B. Buell MSgt Gerald L. Buit, USAF [Ret] Mr. Earl Bullock Warren and Verna Bulman Mr. Dave Bumcrot Mr. Leslie K. Burr Mr. John Burzynski Mr. Gerald Bushrow Mr. Larry Butkus Col William R. Caldwell, USAF (Ret) 1Lt William D Calkins Mr. John Callahan Mr. Mano Candia Mr. Robert N. Carr Mr. Anthony Castorani Mr. Larry Cavalena Mr. Brad Cavener Mr. Dale L. Cavin Mr. John W. Chalfant Mr. William D. Chandler Mr. John A. Cheney Mr. Ryan Cheney Mr. David Childs Mr. Thomas F. Christian Jr. Mr. Curtis Christman Mr. John Ciesla

Mr. William Claar Col George G. Clausen, (Ret) Mr. Richard L. Clemens Col Dean Clemons Mr Wilbur Cline Mr. George Cmarik Mr. Ralph L. Cobb Mr. Gordon Comfort Lt Col Peyton E. Cook Mr. Brian D. Cook Mr. Donald E. Cort MSgt Jospeh F. Coughlin, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard Courtney & Family Mr. Keith Crawford Mr. R. A. Cross Mr. Eugene Cummings Roger and Deb Cummins Ms. Melanie E. Cutlip Mr. Jesse Daggett Mr. Paul E. Daugherty Col William R. Davis Mr. John H. Davis Mr. Robert Davis Mr. William Davis Mr. Joseph DeLuca Jr. Ms. Denisea Demczak Mr. David H. Denner Mr. & Mrs. Paul Deutschle Lt Col Malcom R Doak USAF (Ret) Ms. Shirley M. Docken Lt Col Richard F. Dreher, (Ret) Mr. Taylor Dulaney Mr. Miles C. Durfey Mr. Michael Durr Col William G. Dwyer, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth C Eckerd Maj Gen George Eggert, USAF [Ret] Mrs. Charlotte R. Eigel Mr. Terry Ellinger Mr. Chuck Ellington Mr. Dale B. Elliott Dr. A.Willard Emch Mr. Ray Erickson Col Robert C. Ettinger, USAF (Ret) Ms. Barbara Ewing Mr. Jerry D. Fagan Mr. William Faubel Mr. Jerry W. Faust Mr. Leroy P. Feather Col Silas Felton Mr. John A Ferguson Mr. Thomas C. Fey Mr. Glen P. Fike Mr. David S. Finch Mr. Chris Fink Mr. Gary Fisk

Mr. Ryan Fitzgerald Lt Col John D. Flaherty, USAF (Ret) Ms. Debra Fligor Mr. Dale V. Ford Mr. Lawrence S. Foster Mr. Hector Fraser Maj Gen Richard Frymire Jr., USAF (Ret) Capt Steve Fulmer Mr. Gene Gallagher Mr. Edward L. Gammill Mr. Scott J. Garner Mr. Tommy L. Garrett Maj Gen Wayne C. Gatlin, (Ret) Mr. Walter L. Gay Mr. Larry L. Gehr Col Richard F. Geiger, USAF (Ret) Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gelbaugh Mr. Theodore P. Gentsch Mr. Michael Gerber Mr. William G. Gibson Mr. J. R. Gill Mr. Robert Gleason Mr. Joseph Gober Mr. Greg Goebel Ms. Deborah Gough & Family Mr. Eric C Grace Mr. Brian O. Graeff Mr. Robert Gramlich Mr. Robert R Granucci Mr. Gordon Greene Mr. Jonathan L. Grief Mr. Patrick Griffis Mr. James C. Guion Mr. William L. Gunlock President (Ret.) Mr. Kevin A. Haag Mr. Stephen L. Haley Dr. John B. Haley Mr. Walter Halloran Jr. & Family Mr. Hugh H. Halm Lt Col Melvin S Halpern, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Herman Hamm Mr. James G. Hampton Mr. Peter J. Hanson Mr. Robert H. Harper CDR Robert P Harper Jr., USN (Ret) Mr. Albert F. Harrell Col William Hartsell Col Paul R. Harwood, (Ret) Col Gerald A. Hasen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bruce D. Hatch Mr. Ted Havens Mr. James F. Heflin Mr. Chris Heismann Mr. Richard G. Hellier Mr. John H. Helms Mr. Clement R. Henderson

2013 Memberships Flight Lead (cont.) Mr. Mark Henn Mr. Peter J. Hennessey Mr. James T. Herron Jr. Brig Gen Richard A. Hersack Mr. Carl A. Herting Mr. Dean E. Hess Mr. William R. Hetzel Dr. Roland M. Heyne Sr. Mr. J.B. Hidding Mr. G. Carlton Hill Jr. Mr. Lyle W. Hinkel Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Hipple & Family Mr. Vasil Hlinka Mr. Donald Hollingsworth Mr. Michael Horvath Mr. Ed Hotard Mr. Charles L. Houck Mr. Michael Houston Mr. William H. Hudecek Lt Col John H. Hug, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Humenick Mr. Robert W. Huntley Mr. Charles Hurdt Jr. Mr. Matthew A. Husson III Mr. Alexis Hyde Mr. Eugene C Ingrao Lt Col Harold A Jacobs, USAF (Ret) Mr. Don Jandernoa Mr. Jim Jenkinson Mr. Nils Jensen Mr. Richard O Johnson Mr. James G. Jolly Dr. Ralph E Jones Ph.D. Jon and Anne Joyce Mr. Francis S. Kalinowski II Mr. Dennis Kamenitsa Mr. Herbert Kamm Mr. Robert E. Karas The Kaser Family Mr. Bruce Kaskubar Mr. Richard Kattner Mr. John E. Keating Mr. K Corey Keeble Mr. Jason Kegley Mr. David Keithly Mr. James W. Kelleher Mr. Kerry Kenner Mrs. Janet King Mr. Michael Kingrey Mr. Robert Kirkland Mr. Don Klise Mr. Thomas Kluepfel & Family Col William C. Koch Jr., USAF [Ret] Ms. Eileen Kopchik

Mr. Martin Kothbauer Mr. Joseph L. Krakovsky Mr. Thomas E. Kupferer Mr. Ed Kusen Col Ralph L. Kuster and Mrs. Joanne A. Kuster Col & Mrs. Richard E. Lafave SRA Bobby A. Lamb Mr. Alexander E. Lancaster Jr. Mr. John G. Lantis Mr. Bob Lash Mr. Rickie L. Lawrence Brig Gen Mike Lee Maj William R Leeds, USAF Mr. Carmen A. Leone Mr. Lawrence J Lepic Mr. William Lepper SMSgt Robert L. Lindsey, USAF (Ret) SMSgt David Linscott, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bradford W. Little Mr. Charles A. Livingood Mr. and Mrs. Hal Loebach Mr. Robert C. Lorenzetti Mr. Joseph F Love Col Robert Lyles, USAF [Ret] Mr. Robert Maggio Jr. Lt Col Nicole Malachowski, USAF Mr. Bruce Mangan Mr. Robert Marino Bill and Sammie Marshall Mr. John W Martin Ms. Paula C Martin Mr. Brian Martini Mr. Lee Mason Mr. James H. McClain Mr. Daniel McClinton Mr. James B McConville Mrs. Jean McCroskey Mr. Timothy McCue Mr. Michael McCulley Mr. Harold M. McDonald III, & Family Dr. Duncan K McDonald, M.D. Mr. Chuck McDonald MSgt William E. McGrew, (Ret) Lt Col Charles D. McManus, USAF (Ret) Mr. John F Mehlhope Mr. David W. Meier Mr. George R. L. Meiling Mr. Matthew Meistrich Mr. Steven A Melnyk Mr. Tom Melroy Mr. Glenn O. Miller Mr. Richard Miller Brig Gen & Mrs. Kenneth G. Miller, (Ret) Mr. Martin D Miller Lt Col John E. Miller, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Kenneth J. Mills Mr. Ken Minyard Mr. D.C. Mitchell Mr. Larry W. Mobley & Family Lt Col Albert F. Moller, USAF (Ret) Mr. J Christopher Morales Mr. Jim Morman Mr. Dan Moss Mrs. Juanita Mosteller Lt Gen George K. Mueller Col Eric C. Murdock, (Ret) Dr. Robert Naugle Lt Col Mark Naumann, USAF & Family Col James & Ruth Nelson, USAF (Ret) Col William E. Nelson, USAF Mr. David Nelson Mr. George P. Newman III Mr. David C. Nichols Mr. Eugene Nisonger Mr. Vincent J. O`Toole Mr. Mike Olivarez Mr. Bradford P. O’Neal Mr. Keith Otsuka Mr. Harry Paddon Mr. James R. Padgett Lt Col Frank G. Paine Mr. Curley Parker Mrs. Martha A. Parker TSgt William T. Parsons, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bruce M. Patterson Mr. Rhett Paulson CMSgt Donald L. Pecor, USAF (Ret) Mr. Carl Peirolo Mr. Ron Perkins Mr. Gibson Peters Mr. Dwight A. Peterson Mr. Gary Peterson Mr. Douglas T. Petkie Chris and Jenn Petrisek Mr. Robert E. Phillips Mr. & Mrs. Donald L. Phlipot Mr. Michael J. Piccin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Pichler Col Robert Pinnizzotto, (Ret) TSgt Edwin D Pittington Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Daniel J Polglaze Mrs. Lise M Pommois Mr. Milton W. Powell Mr. Michael Pratum Mr. Jack C. Prendergast Maj F. Dickson Prew, USAF [Ret] Mr. David L Price Mr. W. M. Prindible Mr. Mario W. Puleo Mr. George R. Purifoy Jr. Mr. Perry Queener

Maj Gen Edmund A. Rafalko, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen Leonard M. Randolph Jr, M.D. Mrs. Nancy Ransbottom Mr. John A. Rathman Mr. Warren Reese Mr. Daniel H. Reigle Mr. John A. Reminger Mr. Chris Renneman Mr. Charles G. Reynolds Lt Col John G. Rice, USAF [Ret] Mr. Bill Richards Lt Col Patrick D. Rife, (Ret) Mr. Robert Rightmire Mr. Raymond S. Rines Mr. Lawrence J. Ring Mr. Ron L. Ringo Mr. Wade Robert Mr. Robert L. Robke Mr. Daniel L Rogers Mr. Gerald B. Rose Jr. Mr. Dick Rosendall Mr. John Roustson Mr. Marshall D. Ruchman Maj Donald G. Rumsey Mr. Jay H. Russ Mr. John W. Russel Mr. Kenneth A. Russell Mr. Olgo A. Russo Mr. James Ryan Mr. Michael Salinaz Mr. Robert C. Sargent Mr. Tony Saunders Mr. Patrick A. Savelli William and Diane Schaff Mr. Lawrence Schalk Mr. Scott L. Schenck Mr. Michael Schlem Mr. Thomas M. Schneider Mr. Carl W. Scholl Mr. Kenneth H Schopper Mr. Jeff Schultz Mr. Robert Schwartz Mr. David Schwartz Mr. Wm L. Schwarzschild Mr. Jack E. Scott Col Billy R. Seals, USAF (Ret) Mr. John A. Sentz Jr. Brig Gen Jack K. Sewell Jr. Mr. Harry S. Shamansky Mr. Steve Shanks Mr. Richard F. Sharp Mr. Wendell H. Shawler Mr. Robert H. Shearer Mr. Charles R. Shedlak Mr. Stan Sherwood Mr. Robert L. Shoemaker


Lt Col Louis Siegel, USAF [Ret] Mr. J.Richard Silk Col James H. Sills Mr. Carl Simonye Mr. Donald V. Sink Norm Skinner Mr. Wilbur A. Smith CMS Ron Smith, (Ret) Mr. Richard W. Smith Maj Claude M. Smith Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Denny Smith Mr. James Sparkman Mr. Will Sparrrow Mr. Michael Spaulding Mr. Robert L. Spaulding Mr. Joseph L. Stadler Mr. David G. Stanley Mr. Richard A Steinke Mr. Robert Stenger Mr. Russell Stenquist Mr. Steve R Stephen Mr. David Stevenson Mr. Robert P. Stewart Col Joseph E. Stiles, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph R Stone Mr. John A. Stottlemyer Mr. James R. Stoutemyer Mr. Elwyn E. Stuber Mr. C. Joseph Styles Mr. & Mrs. Terry Sullivan Mr. Bruce Swafford Mr. Bill Swartzlander Mr. John S. Swearingen Mr. Michael Szymendera Lt Col Raymond Charles Tagge, USAF [Ret] Mr. Paul Talbott Jr. Mr. Rex Tate Mr. Patrick Testin Mr. Bruce Thieman Mr. Randy Thomann Mr. Wm Thomas Mr. Larry D. Thompson Mr. Ken Thompson Mr. Finton F. Thompson Jr. Mr. Lon Threlkeld Lt Col John D Tolk, USAF (Ret) Mr. Fred Tomasek Jr. Mr. Charles E Toombs Mr. Jose Torres-Reyes Mr. Robert M. Towe Mr. Michael Townsley Lt Col Edward M. Turner III Mr. Richard Turner Maj Gen John P. Van Blois, (Ret) Mr. Harry Van Dusen

Mr. Stanley Van Nort Mr. Jim Van Skoy Mr. John Vander Ven Mr. Peter VanDijk Brig Gen James L. Vick Mr. David Vogelsong Mr. David Voglund Col H.A. Waggener Jr. Mr. Gary R Walston Mr. William H. Walton Jr. Mr. Kurt Warning Mr. Don Watt Col Edward N. Watts Jr, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael J. Webb Mr. Jeffery R. Weber Mr. Steve Wells Maj Jack A. White, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Leon A. Whitney Richard L Wigle, MD Mr. Donovan C. Wikstrom Mrs. Eleanor M. Wilder Mr. David F. Williams Mr. Richard M Williams, Sr. Mr. Bob Williams Mr Howard M. Willis Mr. Jack W. Wiltz Lt Col Norman L Wingler Mr. James Winslade Mr. Al Withrich Mr. W. W. Witt Lt Col Russell K. Woinowsk, USAF (Ret) Mr. David G. Wood Lt Gen C. Norman Wood, USAF (Ret) Lt Gen Jack Woodward Jr. Mrs. Amanda Lane Mr. Gordon Yee Mr. Jim Youngson Mr. Maciej Zborowski Mr. Andrew W. Zeek Mr. John Zielinski Jr. Mr. George Ziets Lt Col R. K. Zimmerman Mr. George E. & Dr. Rebecca Ann Zurava Mr. Charles C Zweigart

Wingman Mr. William L Abbema Mr. Frank Abbey Jr. Ms. Judy Aberhalden Mr. Doyle Adams Mr. John T. Adkins Mr. Isaac Aguirre Mr. James E. Ahlstrom Mr. Everett H Albers,Attorney

2013 Memberships Wingman (cont.) Mrs. Candy Aldstadt Mr. Dean K. Alexander Mr. Stephen T. Alexieff Col Frank Alfter, USAF (Ret) Ms. Helen Alger Mrs. Barbu Alim Mr. Ronny L. Alldredge Mr. Donald R. Allen Colonel John C. Allison, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael Amberg Col Robert C Amos, USAF (Ret) Mr. C. R. “Dick” Anderegg Mr. Paul N. Andersen Mr. Steve Anderson Mr. Walter Anderson Mr. Mike Ando Mr. T. D. Andrews Mr. Richard Anglin Lt Col Bradley D. Ankerstar, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jon H Ansley Mr. Rob Anslow Mr. Larry Apel Mr. Ed Appleyard Mr. Russell E. Arey Mr. Peter S. Argila Mr. David Armagost Mr. Floyd L. Ashley Mr. David Askew Mr. Thomas C. Atkins Mr. William H. Austin Jr. Mr. Morgan Babcock Mr. John E. Bach Sr. Mr. James Bachman Mr. Robert C Badgett Mr. Gerrie M. Baer Mr. Charles Bahn Mr. William F. Bahret Mr. William S. Bailey Mr. Bob Baird Mr. Richard K. Baker Ms. Liz Ball Mr. Roland E. Ballow Mr. Edward J. Baraw Mr. Philip Barber Mr. Clay Barclay & Family Mr. Harold A Barfknecht & Family Mr. Robert E. Barger Mr. Steve Barna Mr. Joseph Barnes Capt K. W. Barnet LCDR Leroy E. Barnett, USCGR (Ret) Mr. Robert Barr Mr. Henry J. Barrows Jr. Mr. Henry W. Barthel

Mr. David Bartok Mr. Anthony J. Barton Col James C. Bash Mr. Charles A. Baskey Mr. Barney Bauer Mr. Russell Baughn Jr. Mr. Gilbert Baumann Roger and Pam Bauser Mr. Chuck Bay Mrs. Nancy M. Bean Mr. Eric Beck Mr. John A Behnke Mr. Roy A. Bellflower Sr. Mr. Mike Beltz Mr. Carl G. Belville Mr. Andy Bencsko Col Stephen O. Benner, USAF (Ret) Mr. Stephen E Bennett Mr. Brian P Bennett Mr. Mike Benson Mr. William J. Beringer Mr. Edward F. Berk Mr. Lennart Berns Mr. Donald L. Berry Mr. James B. Berstler Mr. Jack Bessler Mr. Robert Bilko Mrs. Linda Blaha & Family Mr. Charles Blocher Mr. John Blunden Mr. Patrick G. Boehm Dr. Connie Boehner Mrs. Mary K. Bogemann Mr. James Boger Mr. William D. Bohrer Mr. David A. Boice Mr. Donald B. Boldt Mr. Peter Bolton Mr. Greg Bond Mr. H. L. Bongaardt Jr. Mr. Richard Boone Ms. Joanne Boonstra Mr. Peter Boor Mr. Jeff Bordner Maj John L. Boudreaux, USAF (Ret) Capt Richard C. Bouska, USAF (Ret) Mr. Clint Bova Mr. Mark Bovankovich MSgt Charles E. Bowen Ret Mr. Robert L. Bowers Mr. Frederick W. Bowers Mrs. Virginia B. Boyer Mr. William R. Bozrath Mr. John R Bradley Mr. Warren G. Branch Jr. Mr. Arnold B. Branchaud

Mr. Robert A. Branchini Mr. David L. Brandt Lt Col Robert L. Brandt, USAF (Ret) Mr. Stephen D. Brandt Mr. William L. Braun Mr. Richard Bredlow Mr. Russell M. Brengelman Mr. Karl Bretzfelder CMSgt Tom Brewer, USAF (Ret) Dr. John Brink Lt Col Craig E. Brown Col Mark N. Brown, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert T. Brown Mr. Charles N. Brown & Family Mr. Steven Brown Mr. Miller Brown Mr. C. R. Bruner Mr. Charles E Bryan Richard Bryant Mr. Mark Buchanan & Family Mr. Douglas R. Buchanan Mr. Daniel M. Buck Mr. Thomas Buehrer Mr. Gene Burch Mr. Adam R. Burja Mr. Dannie Burk Col Donald M Burke & Family Col John W Burt Mr. Daniel A. Burwash Mr. Ronald L Butler Mr. Warren Buxton Mr. William Byrd Mr. Mike Byrd Mr. John Bywater Mr. Charles Cagle Mr. Dave Cain Mr. Thomas S. Cameron Ms. Stace Cameron Mr. H.W. Campbell Mr. Kevin Cantrell Dr. John A. Capello Mr. William R. Carlile Jr. Mr. Wayne H. Carmony Col Adelbert Carpenter, (Ret) Mr. Kenneth M. Carr & Family Mr. Paul Carrocce Mr. Kevin Carroll Mr. Patrick Carry Mr. Ritchie Carter Mr. Mark Cassen Mr. Joseph Castellano Mr. Vincent P. Castillo Mr. John A. Chabot Mr. Andy Chalk Mr. Tim J Chaloner Mr. Jerry Chamberlain


Mr. Stephen Champa Mr. Walter K. Champlin Mr. Dave Chaney Mr. Terry L. Chapman Mr. Verne R. Chapman Mr. Dana A. Chase Mr. Bonifacio Chavez Mr. Paul Chestnut Mr. Timothy R. Christy Mr. Edward A. Chuhna Mr. Ralph D Ciarleglio Mr. Jeffrey A. Clark & Family Mr. Robert F Clark Mr. Randy Clark Mr. Jim Clouse Mr. Larry A Cobb Maj Gen Harry L. Cochran Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Alan W. Cohn Mr. George R. Cole TSgt Roger H. Cole, (Ret) Mr. Reginald Coleman Mr. Joaquin Collings Mr. Ashton B. Collins Jr. Mr. Rick Collins Mr. Raymond R. Colosimo Mr. Anthony A. Colussi & Family Mr. Mark Confer Mr. Charles Connoyer Mr. Robert W. Contino Sr. Mr. John & Loretta Conway Mr. Charles L. Cook Ms. Alicia Cooper Mr. Bill Coote Ms. Arlene Copeland Mr. Kenneth Cornett Mr. Paul Cornfield Col Carol J Corrado, USAF (Ret) Mr. Carl Corrao Jr. Mr. Robert Corwin Mr. & Mrs. Tom Cotton Mr. Jerry D. Cox Mrs. Shirley Coy Mr. Clifford Crabs Mr. Jimmie G. Crain Mr. & Mrs. Richard G Crawford Mr. George Cressman Mr. Moton H Crockett Jr. Mr. Richard Crockford Mr. Kenneth R. Croisant Mr. Richard H. Cromley Donald and Mary Ann Cronauer Lt Col Douglas Crowl, USAF (Ret) Mr. Tim Crull Mr. Ian Cumming Ms. Mary E. Cuningham-Lusby CMSgt Craig A. Czarnecki, (Ret)

Mr. Robert Dadekian Brig Gen H J Dalton Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Fred Daniels Mr. Joseph Datres Jr. Prof. Robert E. Davidson Mr. Ray C. Davis Mr. Ted Davis Mr. Edward B Davis Mr. Dante DeAngelo & Family Mr. Peter Deduck Mr. Peter R. DeForest Mr. Sam Deiwert Mr. Thomas Dembek Mr. Jason Denham Mr. James D Denison Lt Col Bruce Denner, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Denny Mr. Albert Ray Depoutot, Sr. Maj Derek H. Detjen, USAF [Ret] Mr. Paul Dewa Mr. Joseph F. Dible Jr. Mr. Albert Dibucci Col Pierre A. Dillman, (Ret) Mr. J L. Dillon Ms. Amy Dimond & Family Mr. E. G. Dinwiddie Lt Col David P. Dion Mr. Steve Dishion Brig. Gen. Jimmy G. Dishner, USAF [Ret] Mr. Loren Alan Doddroe Ms. Laura Domyancic Mr. David Donahue Maj John E Donavan, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bryan Donisi Mr. Robert M. Donovan Mr. William E. Dorffi Mr. Donald Gene Doty Mr. Frank P. Dowling Mr. Robert Downey SMSgt Jeff Draper, USAF Mr. Robert D Drozdzak Mr. Norb Dudek Mr. Don Dugan Mr. Richard L. Dulinski Mr. David L. Dunaway & Family Robert and Vicki Dunlap Mr. James E. Dunn Mr. David T. Dunn Mr. Robert C. Dunston Mr. Francis J. Duponte Mr. Keith Dutson Mr. Benny L. Eanes Mr. Ben Ebenezer Mr. August Karl Eckert II Mr. Jeffrey Edlin Mr. & Mrs. J.K. Elbaum

Mr. Landon H. Ellis Col David E. Ellis, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ernest L Emery Mr. George J Emmendorfer Mr. John E English Mr. James J Entwisle Lt Col Allan W. Erickson, PE Mr. Miguel Espinosa Mr. Daniel A. Estep Maj Frank Esterlin, (Ret) Mr. F Wm Etheredge Mr. Matt Evans Herr Egon Evertz Mr. Thomas J. Fabish Mr. Terry A. Fairfield Col H. S. Farha Jr., USAF (Ret) Maj Dana L. Faulkner Lee A. Faull Mr. Yves A Feder Mr. Chris Felcyn Dr. & Mrs. Craig A Fenton Mr. Duane H. Ferguson Mr. Raymond J. Ferguson Gary and Lesley Fetter Mr. Douglas M. Fey Mr. Ronald W. Fields Mr. Douglas E. Fink Mr. David Finn Mr. David R. Fisher Mr. Richard Flebbe Mr. Earl J. Fleming Ms. Lauren Florkey Mr. John Foehl Mr. Thomas A. Foley Maj Gen Jim L. Folsom, USAF [Ret] Mr. Glenn Ford Mr. Denny Fordyce Jr. Mr. Claude H. Fore Mr. Ernest Forney Mr. Ronald E. Forrer CMS Tom Foster [Ret] Lt Col Robert B. Fox, USAF (Ret) Mr. Roderick D Fox Mr. John W. Fox Col John B. France, USAF (Ret) Reverend Andrew M. France Jr. Mr. Roger Francis Mr. John R. Franssen Mr. Chris Frazer Mr. Edwin Freeman Mr. Clyde M. French Mr. Michael Frey Col William J. Friel Mr. Leonard H Frisco Mr. Steven Fry Mr. Randal Fusi

2013 Memberships Wingman (cont.) Mr. Pedro Fuster and Panchacharvel Gajaananan Mr. Ruben S. Garcia Mr. Michael K. Garn Mr. Floyd Tex Gaston Mr. Calvin E Gates Mr. Stephen T. Gattis Mr. Jay D. Gaudinier Mr. Donald R. Gaus Mr. Wiley P. Gehman Mr. Dale E. Gehring Col Edward F. Gehrke, (Ret) Mr. Thomas George Mr. Dennis Gerrity Ms. Paula Gibbs Col Harold C. Gibson, USAF (Ret) Maj Gen Francis C. Gideon Jr., (Ret) Mr. Robert B. Gilbert Ms. Jeanette Gindler Fletcher Glenn Bob and JoAnn Glogow Mr. & Mrs. David Golubich Mr. Patrick Good Mrs. Jan D. Gotshall Mr. Richard J. Graef Mr. Jack H. Graft Mr. David Graham Mr. & Mrs. Solon L. Graham MSgt Donald E. Granger, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jack E. Grapentine Mr. Thomas P. Gratto Mr. Gary R. Gravette Ms. Rosalind Gray Mrs. Barbara Grayson Mr. Don Greeman Ms. Christal Green Mr. John Kevin Green Mr. Christopher Grierson Mr. Leon Groot Mr. James O. Grote Mr. Mark Groves Mr. Steve Gruber Mr. Christopher Guido Col Joseph A Guthrie Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Lynn Haag Mr. Michael Hagen Mr. Thomas O. Haglage Lt Col Stanley R. Hague III, CAP SMSgt Merle D. Haight Esq. Mr. Stanley W. Haines Mr. Robert Haines Mr. S.A. Steve Haktanir Mr. John Halchuck Col Robert Hall, USAF (Ret)

Mr. James E. Hamberg Col Donald W. Hamilton, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert T. Hamm Col Barry Hammill Mr. Mike Haney Mr. Bruce F Hanke Col Charles W. Hardie MSgt Henry R. Harlow MSgt William J. Harness Ms. Darlene Harper & Family Mr. Delmer Harrison Maj Gen George B. Harrison, USAF [Ret] Mr. Edgar J. Hartung TSgt Marvin Harvey, (Ret) Charles Hassey Mr. Harry H Hastie Mr. Bill Hatfield Mr. Paul Dean Haun Mr. George A. Havran Mr. Terence Hawkins Mr. Gerald B. Hawkins Mr. Nelson Hayes Lt Col Hilbert H Hayslett Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Murrell E. Hazel Mr. Ian Heaton Lt Col Paul H. Hedges, USAF (Ret) Mr. William Hedrick Mr. Brian Heidman Mr. Arthur W. Heilmer Mr. James A. Heimbuch Mr. & Mrs. Phil Heine Mr. John D. Henderson & Family Mr. Derek Henderson Mr. Gerald Hendrickson Mr. Jack Henkle Ms. Madonna R Herrmann Mr. David C. Hicks Lt Col Ely L. Hill, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenton Hill Mr. Stephen D. Hiller Mr. Jeff Hillier MSgt John Hilt, (Ret) Ed and Peggy Hines Mr. W. V. Hinkle Jr. Mr. David Hinkle Mr. James E. Hinkle Mr. Thomas A. Hitzeman Mr. William E. Hobbs Dr. John M. Hochstrasser Mr. John D. Hodges Mr. Robert E. Hodges Mr. & Mrs. Herman Hoerig Mr. Norman W Hoffman Mr. Kenneth D. Holdcraft Mr. Gary Holik Mr. Michael Holloway

Mr. Scott Holmes Mr. John M Holt Mr. Richard W. Hook Mr. Allan Hope Mr. Richard G M Hopper Ms. Marcia Horton Mr. Joe Hosteny Mr. John Houser Mr. R. D. Houser Mr. Richard Howell Mr. Bruce W. Howett Mr. Robert H. Huddleston Mr. Ricky L. Hudson Mr. Roland C. Huegel Mr. C. Bruce Hume Lt Col Carel T. Humme, (Ret) CMSgt Stan Humphrey, USAF [Ret] Mr. Alan Hunt Mr. Charles R Huntley Mr. Edward Hurayt & Family Mr. Wilfred M. Husted Mr. Kenneth D. Ivy Mr. Jonathan Jackson Mr. William Jamison Mr. William E Jansen Mr. Neil Jantzen Mr. Olivier Jaquemet Mr. Joseph Jennings Mr. Eddy H. Jimenez Mr. Cliff Johnson Mr. Carroll Johnson Mr. Robert F Johnson Mr. Randy Johnson Mr. R. Kim Johnson Ms. Sharon R. Johnson Mr. Richard Johnson Mr. Russell C. Johnson Jr. Col Robert D. Johnson Mr. Steve Johnston Dr. Richard G. Johnston Ms. Janet A. Johnston Mr. James D. Jolly Mr. Kenneth M. Jones Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Jones Dr. John D. Jones, MD Col Charles Jones, USAF (Ret) Mr. R. F. Jordan Mr. Kim L Jorgenson Mr. Pete Joyce & Family Mrs. John W. Judge Mr. Akira Kaniko Dr. John Kanuk Mr. Bernard L. Kasha Mr. Michiel M. W. Kastelelijn Mr. Giles J. Kavanaugh Mr. John E Kavinsky

Mr. Robert Keelor Mr. Richard B. Keener Col Henry B. Keese, USAF [Ret] Lt Col James A. Kehrle, USAF (Ret) Mr. Russell T. Keller & Family Mr. Darrell L. Keller Mr. Charles Keller Mr. Sean P. Keller Mr. Donald C. Kelly Mr. Ronald O. Kelpin Ms. L J Kennedy Mr. Matt Kennedy Lt Col Richard J. Kennison, (Ret) LT Daniel E Keough, USNR Mr. Phil A Kerker Mr. Frank J. Kern Mr. Brad Kersavage Maj Richard R. Keskinen Dr. Aturi Khullar Mr. Kent Kiehl Mr. Kenneth Kier Mr. Van Kile Ms. Frances Knapp Kilty Mr. James King Mr. Charlie King Mr. Glenn W. King Mr. L.R. King Jr. Mr. Ed Kinney Mr. Gerry Kirch Mr. John W Kirchmann Mr. Thomas W Kirk Mrs. Constance Klarer Mr. Howard Klein Mr. John Kleine Mr. Thomas R. Klinger Jr. Mr. David L. Klinzing Mr. Nathan Klonoski Ms. Dianne Klukan SMSgt Gerry Knapp, (Ret) Mr. Charles J. Kneflin Mr. William F. Knisley Mr. Dennis Knotts Mr. James Knox Mr. Max Kobrinsky Maj Richard W. Kobussen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard P. Kogut Mr. Mark Kolodzie Ms. Elizabeth Koncki Mr. Al Kondratovich Mr. Haim Korach Mr Bob Korte Ms. Susan F. Kozlowski Mr. Robert Krech Mr. Steve J Krok Mr. James Kruger Capt Charles R. Krumholtz & Family


Mr. Edwin A. Kubin Mr. William H. Kuhlman Mr. Steve Kuhn MSgt Carl D. Kunkle, USAF (Ret) Ms. Norma Jean Kupferer GySgt Paul T. Kuras, USMC (Ret) Mr. Leonard A. Kvorjak Mr. Gordon Laffey Mr. Salji Lafu Mr. Steven J. Lambert Col Maximilian Lamont, USAF (Ret) Dr. Wayne Lancaster Mr. Tim Laney Mr Andre Langevin Mr. Victor R Lantz Maj Dag Larsen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jeff Lathrop Dr. Ola Laveson, D.D.S. MSgt Charles R. Law, USAF (Ret) CW04 John Lawson, USMC (Ret) Mr. William M. Laxson Col Hal Layhee, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jon Layton Mr. Henry Lee Mr. Jinho Lee Mr. David V Leeds Mr. Herman W. Leffew Mr. David Legarreta Mr. Perry Leleux Mr. Elmer L. Lentz Mr. Mark Leslie Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Letellier Mr. Thomas C. Leugers Mr. Aaron Levenson Mr. Richard Leverington & Family Col Ronald V. Levin, (Ret) Lt Col Vincent P. Lewis, (Ret) Lt Col & Mrs. Bruce A Lichtman Mr. David Lieurance & Family Mr. Paul M. Lindsey & Family Mr. Mike Linschoten Mr. Thomas Longworth Mr. John M. Lorenz Mr. Dale J. Lorincz & Family Mr. Todd H. Loucks Mr. Tom Love Dr. F. Warren Lovell, M.D. Mr. Thomas H. Lowe Mr. James D. Lowery Mr. Paul J Lucht Mr. G Raymond Luddy Mr. Herbert D. Ludwig Mr. Jon Lybarger Jay and Denise Lyle Mr. Thomas H Lymburn Mr. Russell D Lynch

Mr. Matthew Lynch Col Kenneth W. Lyon, USAF (Ret) Mr. David Lyons Mr. Alex L. MacIntyre Mr. Robert Mack Mr. Douglas Maddox Mrs. Susan E. Mahrer & Family Mr. William E. Maier Jr. Mr. Gordon R. Maitland Jr. Mr. Mark Malley Mr. Steve Malone Mr. Michael Manbeck Mr. Garland Manes & Family Mr. Leonard Manning Mr. Jim Manuel Mr. Edward J. Manuel Mr. John S. Maras Mr. Ronald Marasco Jr. Mr. Butch Marcione Mr. Riccardo Montani Marino Mr. Cetini Gian Mario Mr. Daniel Marion Mr. Larry D. Markman Mr. David Marland Mr. Charles W. Marotske Ms. Susan Marra Mr. Marc W. Marshall II Mr. Donald I. Martin Ms. Margaret M. Martz Mr. Richard T. Mason Jr. Mr. Dan A. Masters Mr. Gary Mataitis Mr. Craig Maternowski Mr. Donald J. Mates SMSgt Joseph J. Matis, USAF (Ret) Mr. Karl B. Matthews Mr. Jeff Matthies Mr. Lawrence L. Mauer Mr. Tim Mawby Mr. Alvin D. Maxwell Mr. Todd May Mr. Robert Mayzer Mr. James J. Mazza Gen William V. McBride, USAF [Ret] Mr. Michael J. McCarthy Mr. Robert E. McCarty Mr. George D McClelland Mr. Richard McConneha Mr. Thomas McCourt & Family Mr. James A McCullough Mr. Alan D. McCullough & Family Mr. William McDonnell Ulick & Des McEvadder Mr. John M McFarland Col William D. McGuth, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph D. McKenzie

2013 Memberships Wingman (cont.) MSgt James McKenzie MSgt Felix J. McLarney, USAF (Ret) Mr. Duane McLaughlin Mr. Thomas C. McLaughlin Mr. Robert S Mclay MSgt Kenneth W. McNeely Maj Gen Joe McNeil, USAF (Ret) Lt Col G. T. McTernan Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Larry Medley Mr. Floyd Meek Mr. Lee Meister Mr. Michael Meister Mr. Arthur C Menadier Mr. Noah W. Mensi & Family Mr. Donald R Merucci Mr. Hugh C. Metherell Mr. Mark E. Metter Mr. Jeffrey Meyer Mr. Harlan Meyer & Family Mr. Richard A Meyer Mr. Normand Michaud Mr. Michael Miener Mr. James Miklasevich Lt Col Ron Miller, USAF (Ret) Mr. Edward Miller Mr. & Mrs.William G. Miller Mr. Julius O. Miller Ms. Jill Miller Mr. William Miller Mr. Raymond C. Millican Mr. Robert J. Minning Mr. Paul Minot Mr. & Mrs. Peter Misciasci & Family Mr. Roger Misgen Mr. Ned A. Mitman TSgt Richard W. Mix Jr. Mr. Jim W. Mollenkamp Mr. James A. Montgomery Mr. Chet Moore Mr. Daniel F. Morabito, Sr. Mr. David Morgan Mr. Allen Morris Mr. Larry Morrison Lt Col Bob Muff, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard R. Muller Mr. James Henry Mulligan Jr. Mr. Darrel L. Mullins Mr. Greg Mullins Mr. M W Mundorff Mr. Eric R. Mundy Col Edward A. Munns, USAF [Ret] Mr. & Mrs. Gary Munsch Mr. Robbert V. Murray Lt Col Ken Murray

Maj John K. Murrow Mr. Steven Muschler Mr. Rhymer C. Myers Mr. Jack A. Myers MSgt David Myers, USAF (Ret) Mr. Russel F. Myers Maj Joe F. Myers Mr. Rodney C. Nackerman Mr. William E. Nagle & Family Mrs. Nadine V. Nagle Mr. Joe Nardella Capt Ronald D. Nass Lt Col William E. Neff III, USAF (Ret) Dr. Robert A. Nelson Mr. Bill Neu Ms. Zelma Neville Mr. John C. Newgren Mr. Stuart Newman Mr. Kerry J. Newstead Mr. Alexander Ng Mr. Robert C. Nilles CH, Lt Col Robert L. Nissly, USAF (Ret) Ms. Linda Anne Nix Lt Col Thomas J. Noonan Jr., (Ret) Mr. Lee C. Nordloh Mr. David Northern Mr. Felice Nudelman Mr. Mark Nuter SMSgt Ron Nutter Mr. Marvin Nyman Mr. Charles E O`Connor Lt Gen Tad Oelstrom Mrs. Julie A. Oerding Mr. Kurt Olson Ms. Shirley E. Omietanski Col James O’Neil, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Brenda Oppel, USAF Mr. Richard L. Ordeman Mr. Harlow B Osteboe Mr. Shigeru Ota Mr. William E. Ott Mr. Ray Otto Mr. Hiroshi Oyori Mr. Esteban Pacheco Col Alan Paige Ret Mr. Val Pajer Mr. A. John Palhegyi Mr. Donald P. Paller Col Mike Panosian, USAF (Ret) Mr. Thomas A Paral Mr. Edward R. Parenti Mr. George Parker Mr. James Parshall Ms. Betty Patterson Mr. J. R. Patterson Mr. Allan Paul

Mr. Russell V. Paul Mr. Larry Paxton Mr. Kenneth Pearson Mr. Robert C.M. Pelletier Mr. John S. Percy Mr. Michael Perigo Ms. Brenda Peter Mr. Norman Peters Mr. James R. Peterson Mr. Nick Petri Jr. Mr. John Peychal Mr. Ernest R. Pfefferle Mr. William P Pfeiffer MSgt Noah Phelps Mr. Daniel E Phillips Mr. & Mrs. John R. Phillips Mr. Michael Pinkerton, Sr. Mr. James A Piziali Mr. Robert V. Plank Mr. John Plentovich Jr. Mr. Nigel E Pluckrose Mr. Elden H. Plue Mrs. Kimberly L Poinsett Mr. Jacob Polka Mr. John F. Pollman Mr. Lou Ponziani Mr. James M. Pope Mr. Dennis Popovich Mr. Frank Port Mr. Paul Porter CMSgt Paul M. Post, USAF (Ret) Mr. Stephen Potash Lt Col Walter J. Potock, USAF (Ret) Mr. Edward C. Potter Mr. Frederick S. Potter Mr. Thomas P. Pouk Jr. Mr. Brian Pratter Mr. Stephen Presley Mr. H.D. Pressel Jr. Mr. James R. Price Mr. Albert S. Pruitt Mr. Norman J. Puckett & Family Mr. John B. Puet Mr. John E Pulsipher Mr. Lincoln W Quigley Mr. Ray Raaflaub Mr. John Rader Lt Col & Mrs. Robert E. Rae Dr. Robert E. Rankin Mr. Kenneth Rapport and Maj Barbara Messinger-Rapport Mr. Walter Rasor Mr. Doug Rawlinson Mr. Bruce Razer Mr. Michael Rechlicz Mr. Bob Redden


Mr. Raymond H. Reidel Mr. Kitt C. Reinhardt Capt Robert D. Reisman, [Ret] Mr. Danny Reveal & Family Mr. Robert K. Reynolds Col Russ Reynolds, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bryan Reynolds Mr. Marc Reynolds Col David H. Rhodes, (Ret) Mr. Tim Rhodes Mr. John L Rich Mr. Stephen R. Richard Mr. Ralph Richardson Mr. Claude Richardson Mr. Robert Rickey Mr. Peter Rickman Mr. George Rinaldi Mr. Charles T. Ringwald Mr. William H. Rivenbark Mr. John Robak Mr. Russell Robbins Mr. Richard G. Robbins Ms. Trina Roberts-Schloer Mr. Norman F Robinson Mr. Peter J Roche Mr. Bruce Rockwell Mr. Daniel J Rogers Mr. Richard Rogers Sr. Ms. Sharon A. Rohal Mr. Tom Rohmiller Mr. Albert Romano Mr. Gerald G Roney Col Charles K. Rose III, USAF (Ret) Dr. Jan Roskam Ms. Nicole L. Rotsching Mr. Phillip D. Rountree Mr. Fernando Rubin Mr. Donald E. Rutledge Mr. G. H. Rutschman Jr. Gen Thomas M. Ryan SMSgt James I. Sadler, USAF [Ret] TSgt Carlos L. Sagraves, USAF (Ret) Mr. Marshall N. Samms Mr. Darrell Sampson Mr. Bert C. Sanders Mr. Larry Sanford Ms. Sheila Santaw-Cameron Mr. Jerry Saperstein Mr. Anthony Sapienia Mr. Robert Sarkissian Mr. Charlie Sauter Mr. J. Patrick Savage Bob and Karen Scarborough Maj Karl L. Schaab Mr. Tim Scheffel Mr. John A. Schell

Mr. Roger Schellenberger Mr. Robert Schildman Mr. Ron Schloemer Mr. Phil Schmidt Mr. Evert A Schmidt & Family Mr. Steve Schmitt Mr. George B. Schnackenberg Mr. George Schneider Mr. Michael R. Schock & Family Lt Col Leroy J. Schoenemann, USAF (Ret) Mr. James F. Scholl Mr. Steven Schrader Brig Gen Dennis W. Schulstad, USAF [Ret] Mr. Roger S. Schultz Mr. Mitchell Schultz Mr. Donald W. Schumacher Mr. David M. Schwanger Lt Col Otto F. Schwanke, USAF [Ret] Mr. A Schwinghammer Brig Gen Robert R. Scott, USAF [Ret] Col Andrew R. Scrafford, USAF [Ret] & Family Mr. Herbert H. Scranton Dr. Anthony J Scriffignano Mrs. Doris Scudder Lt Col & Mrs. Howard R. Seamens Mr. George H. Searfoss Mr. John Sedletzeck Ms. Barre Seguin Mr. John B. Seibert Mr. Herman Seibert Jr Mr. Paul J. Sekula Mr. Patrick Senay Mr. & Mrs. Jon Seymour Mr. David R. Shaver Mr. Norman F. Sheba Ms. Kathryn Sheets Capt Robert Shepherd Mr. Clement P. Sherer Mr. Robert D. Sherrill Mr. John R. Shoemaker Sr. Mr. E. Graham Shook Dr. David Shulan Mr. Larry J Sidden Mr. Aaron H. Siegal Mr. D. F. Silarski Mr. Victor Silva Mr. Thomas W. Silvis Mr. Paul J. Simchock Mr. Yann Simensen Mr. William Simmons Mr. Edwin D. Simonis Mr. Rob Sims Mr. John M. Sirkoch

Mr. Robert D. Sistek SMSgt Paul F. Skelley, USAF (Ret) Mr. David A Skilling CMSgt Wesley Skinner, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ojars Skujins Mr. William H. Sledge Maj Gen John Slinkard, USAF (Ret) CMSgt Chief Michael Sluiter Mr. David Smigiel Mr. Wesley S. Smith Mr. Frederick G Smith Ms. Ruth M. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Richard J Smith Mr. Richard G. Smith III Mr. Arthur Smith Jr. Mr. Bennett G. Smith Mr. William E Smither Maj Gen James P. Smothermon Mr. Kevin M. Snodgrass Mr. Ralph Snyder Jr. Mr. Kenneth D Snyder Mr. Konrad Sobolewski Mr. Bill Sommer Mr. R T Sparks Jr. Mr. Kenneth G. Sparling Mr. Andrew Spartz Mr. Richard R Spencer Col Paul N. Spencer, USAF (Ret) Col Edward G. Sperry, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert D. Sponseller Mr. Joseph W Sprys Capt Henry R. Staeben, USAF [Ret] MSgt W. Charles Stallsmith Jr. (Ret.) Capt Theodore J. Stamos Mrs. Mary W. Steakley Mr. Kurt W Stedingh Jr. Mr. William G Steele Jr. Mr. Jeff Steeprow Mr. Larry Steinke Mr. Richard K. Stepleton Mr. John F Stevens Jr. Mr. John A. Stevenson Mr. John D. Stewart Dr. Erik J. Stier II Mr. Matthew L. Stieritz Mr. Timothy Stolarski TSgt Clarence D. Stoltz, USAF (Ret) Mr. Sydney E Stoner Mr. R. Patrick Stoner Mr. Larry Stoudt Paul and Janet Stover Mr. Richard Strode Mr. Joseph P. Strzelecki Mr. Douglas B. Stubbs Mr. R Jack Sturla Mr. Frank Subalusky

2013 Memberships Wingman (cont.) Mr. Jeffrey Suhanic Mrs. Dorothy W. Sullivan Mr. J. Pat Sullivan Jr. Mr. Joseph Susoreny Mr. J. Robert and Barbara Swartz Mr. Jack F Sweeney Mr. Neal H Swenor Mr. & Mrs. John Swindler Mr. Gilbert R. Switzer Mr. James Szewczyk Mr. Donald Tack Mr. Richard G. Take Delmar E. Tally Mr. Gene Tapalman & Family Mr. Jay L Tarr Maj John Tatsak Mr. Pete Taylor Mr. Andrew M. Taylor Mr. Tom Taylor Mr. Robert L. Taylor Mr. Mark Testerman Mr. Christopher Theodorou Col Raymond C. Thomas Jr. Mr. Roger E. Thompson Mr. Larry Thompson Mr. Steven R. Thompson Mr. Paul A. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Frederick L. Thompson & Family Mr. David L. Thornton Mr. John Thornton Mr. Carl Tiefenthaeler Mr. David Todd Dr. Frederick A. Tokarz Mr. Conrad C. Tota Mr. Stephen Tourangeau Mr. Gregory Toussaint Mr. William Townsend Lt Col Dick & Kathy Trapp, (Ret) Mr. Allan R Treadway Col Thomas J. Tredici, (Ret) Mr. Fred J. Trippel Mr. Wm. E. Tscherfinger Mr. Seth M Tulman Mr. David W. Turckes Mr. R. H. Turner Lt. Col. Michael C. Turoff USAF [Ret] Mr. Albert Tuttle Mr. Kelly C. Tyre & Family Maj Howard O. Tyson, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Lowell Ueland Mr. John Umpleby Mr. Michael G. Van Leer Mr. Terry Vanhorn

Dr. Victor Varma Mrs. Gloria S. K. Vaudo Ms. Sandra Verney Mr. Stephen A. Vidic Mr. Russell G. Voelker Mr. Vincent Volker Mr. Stephen Von Bonin Ms. Alice Kian Ching Voon Col Kevin H. Voss, USAF (Ret) Lt Col & Mrs. C. W. Wachsmuth Mr. Thomas Wagner Mr. Bill Wagner Mr. Dan T Wagner Mr. Richard J. Wagner Mr. Mark Wakefield Mr. Steven L. Waldusky Mr. Mick J. Walker Mr. William Walker Mr. Chris Wallace Mr. Ronald Walters Mr. Garrit V. Wamelink Mr. Bryan Ward Mr. Marc Ward Mr. Weston B. Wardell Jr. Mr. John Wareham Mr. David Wargowski Mr. Roger Warner Mr. John H. Warren Mr. David J. Waterhouse Ms. Amanda J. Watson Mr. William Watson Mr. W. Clyde Watson Mr. Jon R. Watterworth Mr. Donald Way Ms. Connie Weatherford Mr. Hans H Weber Mr. Stuart Weckerly Ms. Judith A. Wehn Mr. Tom Wehrung MSgt David M. Weir, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert H. Weller Mr. John Weller Mr. Bruce H. Wellons Mr. Hewett S. Wells Jr. Mr. George V. West Mr. Edward A Westbrook Mr. Philip K. Westbrook Mr. Philip Wetzel Mr. Joe Wheat Mr. Marlin S Wheeler Mr. James J. Whelchel Mr. William K. White & Family Mr. Thomas White Mr. John Whited Tom and Elizabeth Whitman Mr. John Wigzell

Ms. Rose Marie Wilcox MSgt Rob Wilkins, USAF (Ret) Mr. Thomas E. Williams Mr. Gary L. Williams Mr. Howard Williams Dr. Craig Williams Mr. Leonard Williamson Mr. Tom Williamson Mr. Tandy W. Wilson III Derwin and Tracy Wilson Mr. Mark O. Windridge Mr. John B. Wingate Mr. Hubert Wirtz Ms. Alene Wisniewski Mr. Ronald J Witherow Mr. George S Wojcicki Mr. William C. Wolfinger Mr. Mick Wolford Mr. Robert A. Wollitz Mr. Steven Woodhouse Mr. Robert L. Woodruff Mr. Gary A. Wright Mr. John Wright Col Suellyn Wright Novak Mr. Charles Yarger and Mrs. Kim Yarger Mr. Ronald Yex Mr. John W. Young Mr. Edward F Young Mr. Edward John Zandee Mr. Frank L. Zang Mr. Michael Zatezalo Mr. Glenn R. Zauber Mr. James B. Zazas Ms. Tracy Zemanek Phil and Margie Zimmerman Mr. James B. Zink Mr. Douglas Zink AAA Miami Valley, Mr Keyton

Aviator Mr. Eric Aasted Mr. Charles M. Abell Mrs. Renee Abella Mr. Tom Abernathey Ms. Anita L. Abner Ms. Leslie Abner Mr. and Mrs. Sid Ackerman Mr. Carl Ackerman Mr. Brian Ackerman Mr. George Adam Mr. Robert C Adams III Mr. Walter W. Adams Mr. Raymond E Adams Mr. Christopher Adams

Mr. Wilbur Adams Mr. Dan Adams Mr. Everett J Adams Mr. Paul Adams Mr. David B. Addison Mrs. Patsy Paul Adducchio Mr. John Adkins Mr. Tim Adkins Lt & Mrs. Carl Adkins, USAAF John & Rudell Adkison Mr. Leon G Aesterly Mr. Frank Agardy Mr. Robert R. Agee Mr. Thomas L. Agee Mr. John H. Agee Mr. David Agins Mr. John C. Agnew Col Raymond M. Agnor Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael Ahlmann Mr. Joseph G Aja Mr. James Aker Mr. Jim Albertson Mr. Robert E. Albrecht Mr. Gary Alden Dr. James Aldrich Mr. James F. Aldridge Mr. George T. Alexander Ms. Fronia Alexander Mr. Peter Alexander Mr. Tom Alfrey Mr. Douglas A. Alge Mr. Mir Ali Ms. Jean Ann Allan Mr. Scott Allemang Mr. David Allen Mr. Vince Allen Col Robert L. Allen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Norman S. Allen Mr. Robert Allen Mr. Robert G. Allen Mr. Jacob Hunter Allen Mr. Kirk Allen Lt Col Charles D. Allen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Donald E. Allen Jr. Mr. Karl Allman Mr. James E. Allshouse Mr. Charles E. Alsip Mr. John D. Althausen Jr. Mr. Colin Altman Mr. Nick Altstadt & Family Mr. Carlos Alvarado Mr. James R. Alvis Mr. Richard Alway Maj David Amberley Mr. John M. Ambrose Jr. Mr. Anthony C. Amburgey


Mr. Scott Ames Jr. Mr. Jeff Ames Mr. Leslie E. Amidon Mr. Nicholas J Amodeo Mr. Ray Amorosino Mr. Donald Amtsberg Mr. Mike Amtsberg Mr. Richard Anderberg Mr. Gordon Andersen Mr. Robert L Anderson Mr. Richard D. Anderson Jr. Mr. James W. Anderson Mr. Paul D. Anderson Mr. Brian Anderson Mr. Steven Anderson Mr. Thomas W. Anderson Mr. George O Anderson Mr. James M. Anderson Mr. Carl J Anderson Mr. Mike Anderson Mr. David R. Anderson Ms. Sharon Anderson Mr. John G. Anderson Mr. Stuart L. Anderson Mr. Donald B. Anderson Mr. R. E. Anderson Mr. James J Anderson Mr. Bruce Anderson Mr. Dale Anderson Mr. Harry Andonian Mr. Hector Andrade Mr. Vernon J. Andres Mr. Herb Andrews Mr. Richard W Andrews Mr. Larry Andrews Mr. Harry L. Andrews Jr. Mr. Craig Andrews Mr. Dwayne Andries Mr. James Ange Ms. Jeanne Angst Mr. Dale Ankeney Mr. F. Patt Anthony Mr. John F. Antrim Mr. Mark Anuszkiewicz Mr. John P Anzalone Mr. John W. Apgar Mr. John P. Applegate Lt Col Richard J. Arbes Mr. Bill Arbogast Mr. Robert G Archer Mr. Alfonso L Archuleta Mr. Angelo Areadipane Mr. Richard F. Arens Mr. David L Ariosto Col Robert L. Arledge, USAF (Ret) Mr. Donald J Armand

Mr. Michael Armetta Mr. Ronald E. Armitage Mr. John A. Armor Mr. Lloyd P Armstrong Lt Col Charles W. Armstrong, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ken Armstrong Mr. Gerald Arndt Col Milton A. Arneson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Keith J Arney Mr. David Arno Mr. Robert G Arnold Mr. C. Wayne Arnold Lt Col Christopher Arnold, (Ret) MSgt Joe Arnold, (Ret) Mr. Marion F. Arnold Mr. Larry Arnold Mr. Eugene Arnold Mr. Bernd Arnold David Arnold Mr. James Arnold Lt Col Juan Arocho, USAF (Ret) Mr. Charles W. Arrington Mr. Joshua Arthur Mr. A. James Arthurton Mr. Bill E. Asbury Mr. Jerry L. Ashcraft Ms. Shawn M. Ashley Mr. Thomas Ashworth Mr. Ronald J Askin Mr. S. E. Asquith Mr. Louis C. Athanas Mr. Mike Atkinson Mr. Richard Atkinson Mr. Farid Attaran Mr. Martin R. Aubuchon Mr. Grant Aufderhaar Mr. Richard A Aufiero Mr. George Augustus Mr. Randall Ault Mr. Jerome A. Ault Mr. Kenneth J. Austin Mr. F. W. Austin Mr. James Austin SSgt Kenneth J Austin Mr. Mario T Avalos Mr. Javier Avendano Mr. Ryan Averbeck Mr. Warren Avery Capt Scott Avery Mr. Harry I Axelrod Mr. Peter G. Ayers Mr. Michael J Aylward Mr. Mark Azrak Lt Col Jerome A. Baak, (Ret) Dr. John C. Baar Mr. Patrick Bachelder

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Bruce Bacheller Dr. Alfred T. Bachman, D.D.S. Mr. David H. Bachman Mr. Ralph I. Backenstoes Mr. Jim Backus Mr. Charles F. Bacon Mr. Larry Bacon Mr. Robert M. Bader Mr. Russell Baeli Mr. Jerome Baeyen Mr. David Baggs Mr. Garrett Baggs Mr. F. Donald Bailey Mr. Mark W Bailey & Family Mr. James R. Bailey Dr. Max E. Bailey Mr. Travis Bailey Mr. LeRoy R. Bair Mr. & Mrs. John Bair Mr. Donald R. Baird Mr. William E. Baird Mr. George E. Baisley Mr. Jack Robert Baker Lt Col Bud Baker, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert L Baker MSgt Eric C. Baker Mr. Thomas M. Baker Ms. Bonnie D. Baker Donald G. Baker Mr. Steven Baker Mr. Keith Baker Ralph and Raella Baker Mr. Gary Baker Maj Keith C Baker, USAF (Ret) Mr. Philip J. Baker & Family Ms. Jenny Baker Mr. Chuck Balaj Mr. Tom Balaj Mr. Kenneth D. Balazs Ms. Barbara Balch Brig Gen Vern Baldeshwiler MSgt George O. Baldwin, USAF [Ret] Mr. David A Baldwin Mr. James J Ball Maj Terry R. Ballantine Mr. Joseph N. Ballner Mr. Donald E. Ballweg Mr. Joe E. Balmer Mr. Joseph Balthaser Mr. Branden Bande Mr. William C. Bane Mr. A Robert Banker Lt Col Ron Banks, (Ret) Mr. James Banos

Mr. Richard E. Barb Mr. William Barber Ms. Melany Barber Mr. Bruce H Barclay Mr. Bruce W. Barcus Mr. James Bardos Mr. Keith Bargo Mr. Dewey J. Barich Mr. Jack Bark Mr. Bill J. Barker Col Ron Barker, USAF (Ret) Mrs. Barbara A. Barker Mr. Todd Barker Mr. Mike R. Barker Ms. Julia Barker Mr. Benjamin S. Barker Mr. Scott Barker Mr. Thomas H. Barklay Mr. Myron D Barley Mr. Robert G Barlow I Mr. Gino A. Barna CMSgt W. G. Barnes, (Ret) Mr. Frank E. Barnett Mr. Dennis Barnett Lt Col David Barnett, USAF (Ret) Mr. Glenn W. Barnhart Mr. Donald Barnhart Mr. James Barnhart Mr. Bill Barnhart Mr. Donald F. Barnhart Mr. Leroy Barnhill Mr. James C. Barone Mr. David Barr Mr. Ralph Barrera Mr. Larry Barrett Mr. Price Barrett Mr. William Barrington Mr. Mike Barron Mr. Mike Barrowman Mr. Kenneth Bartels Mr. Duane Bartelt Mr. & Mrs. William Barth Mr. Alfred J Barth Brig Gen John C. Bartholf, USAF [Ret] Ms. Anne Bartin Mr. John A. Bartlett Mr. David A. Bartlett Mr. Charles A Bartlett Mr. James Bartlett Maj Gen Leroy R. Bartman, USAF (Ret) Ms. Allison Bartnick Mr. John S. Barto Mr. Jim Bartolotta Mr. Ken Barton Mr. Eric Bartsch Mr. Fred Bartz

Ms. Paula Barz Mr. Svetozar Basara Mr. Douglas J. Basarab Mr. Michael J. Bashonski Mr. Ken H Bashore Mr. James Basinger Ms. Alice Basoms Mr. George Bass Mr. Ralph E Bass Mr. Diedrich Bastar Mr. William Batchelor Mr. W. D. Bates Jr. Mr. Richard D. Bates Mr. Robert A. Bates Mr. George Battaglia Mr. Howard Batten Mr. Rick J. Batyko & Family Mr. Richard H Baudendistel Mr. Ron Bauer Mr. Tim Bauer Mr. Dave Bauer Mr. Robert Bauer Mr. William F Bauer Mr. Darryl Bauer Mr. Phillip J. Baugh Jr. Mr. Clarence P. Baugher Mr. Brad Baughman Mr. Darryl K. Bauman Lt Col Christine M. Bauman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Edward Baumer Mr. Melvin M Baumgartner Mr. James L Baxla Mrs. Ruth Baxter Mr. Albert E. Baxter Mr. Morris Baxter Mr. Robert B Baxter Mr. Steve Bayer Mr. Ronald R. Bayliss Mr. Howard V Bayne Mr. Allan B. Beach Mr. Gary Beadle Mr. Arthur Beal Mr. Mike Beale and Bill & Marie Beamish Mr. Robert H. Beams Mr. Jim Bean Ms. Barbara Beard Mr. John C. Beard Mr. Timothy M Beard Mr. Vincent Beardsley CAPT John F. Beary, USNR (Ret) Mr. Jimmy R. Beasley Mr. Ronald Beaton Mr. Philip E. Beaudoin Mr. Robert B. Beck Mr. Richard Beck


Mr. Ken Beck Mr. Robert E. Becker Mr. Hugo K. Becker Mr. Michael Becker Mr. William A. Becker Mr. Fred G. Becker Mr. Roger Becker Mr. Earl D. Becker Mr. Gilbert T. Beckham, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Beckwith Mr. Jim Bede Mr. Thomas Bednar Mr. Robert Bednar Mr. Thomas R. Bednarek Mr. Daniel W Bednarz Mr. Gene A. Beeber Mr. James Beegle Mr. Earl Begley III Mr. Arthur K. Behme Jr. Lt Col Roger E Behre, USAF [Ret] Mr. Henry J. Behrens Mr. James H. Behrens Mr. Jeffrey Beil Mr. Lawrence Beilfuss Mr. Gary Beisner Mr. Norbert J Beiter CMSgt Richard V. Beitler Mr. Bruce Michael Belan Mr. Glenn Belkin Maj Bruce Bell, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert L. Bell Mr. Stephen R. Bell Mr. William S. Bell Dr. John W. Bell, M.D. Mr. Robert Bell Mr. Robert I Belloch Ms. Carol A Bellomy Mr. Ed D Bells Mr. Justin Belluardo Mr. John Bellurardo Mr. Buddy Belote Mr. Peter Beltran Mr. Douglas C. Benbow Mr. Mark Bender Lt Col Leo H. Bender, (Ret) Mr. Ronald C. Bendrey Mr. Frank E. Bendrick Mr. Michael J. Benedetti & Family Mr. Charles L Beneze SMS Gus Benhardt Mr. John F. Benjamin Jr. Mr. Duane Benjamin Mr. Frank E Benjamin Mr. Horace S Benner Mr. Charles Benner Mr. Russell W. Bennett

Mr. David B. Bennett Mr. Bobby R. Bennett Lt Col Barry Bennett, USAF (Ret) Mr. James R Bennett Mr. Thomas M. Benson Dr. Verel W. Benson Mr. Gene Benson Mr. Michael Benson Mr. Arthur Benson Lt Col Linn D Benson, (Ret) Mr. Richard F. Bentley Mr. Albert S. Bentley Jr. Mr. Gordon C Bentley Jr. Mr. Birger A. Bentsen Mr. Stanley R. Benzinger Mr. Robert J. Berdis Mr. Richard E. Berger Maj Richard W Berggren Mr. Darrell L. Bergquist Mr. Thomas O. Bergquist Mr. Don W. Berleth Mr. Michael Berman Mr. Paul Bernabucci Mr. Donald E Bernard Mr. Jim Bernard Mr. Thomas Bernard Mr. & Mrs. Robert M Berner Mr. Gregory A. Bernhard Mr. Alan B. Berry Mr. Steve Berry Mr. Alfred F. Bertoncini Mr. John W. Bertossi Mr. Raymond G. Bestfelt Lt Col Morris R. Betry MSgt Tim Bettinger Mr. Bert A. Betts Mr. Anthony P Bevacqua Mr. Alan Beyerchen Mr. Tim Beyland Mr. Edward C. Bezo Mr. Ronald D. Biagiarelli Mr. Stephen F Bialkowski Mr. Frank Bialy Mr. Tom Bibbey Mrs. Robert G. Bibbings Mr. Jack Bible & Family Mr. Mike Biciolis Mr. Larry S. Bickel Mr. William W. Bickel Sr. Mr. James Bickel Mr. Joseph D. Bidwell Mr. Blake Biederman Mr. Peter Bielskis Mr. Thomas H Bierbaum Mr. & Mrs. Don Bigler Mr. John Bigrow

Mr. Keith Lawrence Bihn Mr. Victor H. Bilek Mr. David Bilicki Mr. W H Bilk Mr. Kenneth D. Bilodeau Mr. William F. Bilotta Mr. Michael S. Binder Mr. Gerald P. Bindus Mr. Kenneth M. Binegar Mr. Esty M. Binegar Mr. Bill Birchem Mr. Marc Birckbichler Mr. Ronald W. Bird Mr. Roger C. Bird Mr. Roger T. Bird Mr. Charles G Bird Mr. Terry Birdwell Mr. Charles W Birke Mr. Brian Birmingham Ms. Theresa P. Bise James and Phyllis Bishop CAPT John C. Bishop, USN Mr. Gary Biskeborn Mr. John S. Bitting Mr. Fredrick C Bitting Dr. & Dr. Harlan Bittner Mr. Billy W. Bivens Mr. Lee A. Bixby Mr. Bernard R. Black Mr. Larry Black MSgt Jesse A. Black, (Ret) Ms. Mary Black Mr. Jean P. Blackard CMSgt Edward W. Blackburn Col Lloyd Blackman Mr. Randy L. Blackmore Mr. Stephen Blain Mr. Henry R. Blair Mr. Steven M. Blake Mr. Richard Blake Mr. Joseph Blake Mr. Paul Blanch SMSgt David W Bland, USAF [Ret] Mr. William A. Blank, M.D. Mr. Richard A Blankenship Lt Col Morris Blanton, (Ret) Maj Richard L. Blanton Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Leonard Blasko Mr. Edward C. Blauser Mr. David A. Blevens Mr. Charles L. Blevins Mr. Joseph A. Blinebury Jr. Mr. Gordon Bliss Mr. Thomas C. Bliss Ms. Judie Block Col William M. Bloom

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. William E. Blow Mr. William Bluemle Mr. David E. Blum Mr. Garrett Blum Mr. David Blume Mr. Greg Boake Dr. Thomas M. Board Jr. Maj Frank B. Boatwright Jr. Mr. John C. Bobela Dr. William Bobowicz Mr. Mike Boehler Mr. Jon Boehringer Mr. Tim Boersma Mr. Rob Boetger Mr. Charles Bogert Mr. Robert Q. Boggess Mr. Raymond J. C. Boggia Mr. Kurt Bogner Mr. Wendell Bogner Mr. Rick Bogue Mr. Jeffrey F. Bohannon Col Donald M. Bohler, USAF [Ret] Mr. Allen Bohman Mr. Walter J. Bohrn Mr. William R Boike Jack R. Bol Mr. Gerald E. Boland Ms. Nycia Bolds Mr. Tim Boles Mr. Everett H Boling Jr. Mr. Bruce Bolinger Mr. Merton Bollman Mr. Jerry A Bolser, Sr. Mr. Robert Bolton Mr. Clarence A. Bomyea CMSgt Joel Bond Ret Mr. Stephen Bonds Mr. Doug Bone Mr. Lynn R. Bonewitz Col Hubert F. Bonfili, MD Mr. Leonard E. Bonker Mr. George R Bonnett Mr. Barth Bonniwell Mr. George A Bontya Mr. Robert Bonvicin Mr. J K Boomer Mr. Donald Boos Mr. Ed Booth Jr. Mr. James M. Booth Mr. Kenneth E Booth Mr. Denton Booth Mr. Phillip BordenKircher Mr. H. E. Border

The Boreman Family Mr. Richard Borgerding Mr. Kenneth Borkowitz Mr. David C. Borland Mr. Gregg Borman Mr. Donald E Born Mr. Anthony E Borski Krityl M. Bortkewicz Mr. Arno C Bosley Mr. A D Bosley Mr. Harold Bosse Mr. Richard L. Bosse Mr. Paul W. Bossert Mr. Alva D.H. Bostick Mr. Roger E Boston Mr. Thomas D. Boswell Mr. Fred Bosworth Mr. John D. Botkin Mr. Patrick M. Bouchard Mr. Maurice D Boucher MSgt Harvey W. Boucherie, (Ret) Mr. Fred G. Bouman Mr. John W. Bowdich Mr. Steve Bowen Lt Gen Randy L. Bowen, USAF (Ret) CMS Bob D. Bowers PhD, USAF (Ret) Mr. & Mrs. Ed Bowlin Mr. Horace Bowman Col Gary L. Bowman Mr. Richard Bowman Mr. James M. Bowser Ms. Jenny Bowyer Mr. Eugene C. Box Jr. Mr. James W. Boyce Jr. Mr. Richard Boyce Mr. Douglas Boyd Mr. Willliam Boyd Mr. Thomas Boyd Mr. David J. Boyd Mr. Robert Boyden Mr. Ted Boydston Mr. Tom Boyer Mr. Donald R. Boyer Mr. Scott Boyer Lt Col Charles W. Boyle, CAP Lt Col Dwight Boyle Mr. Nathan Boyle Mr. John Bozek Mr. Kelly J Brace Maj. Gen. Edward R Bracken Mr. J. Laird Braden Mr. Robert Bradford Lt Col Sean Bradley Mr. Lee Bradshaw Mr. David Bradstreet Mr. William A. Brady

Mr. A. J. Brady Mr. Robin Brady Mr. Douglas Braeuer Stephen Bragg Mr. David Bragg Mr. Gordon Bragg Mr. Charles F. Bragg Mrs. Judy Brainard Mr. Bruce Braker Mr. Tibor Branczeisz Mr. Roger B Brandell Mr. James B Brandt Mr. Elvin E. Branham Mr. Jack L. Branson Mrs. Duie Brantley Mr. Phillip L. Brasher Mr. John Brasko Mr. Donald C. Bratton Mr. Martin J. Braun Mr. John D. Braun Mr. Christopher Braun Mr. John Brazone Maj Darlene Breaston, USAF [Ret] Mr. E Fred Brecher Mr. L. C. Breckenridge Mr. John A. Breed Ms. Amy L. Breedlove Mr. Adlai Breger Mr. Peter N. Breidenbach Mr. Sidney Brener Mr. Christopher Brennan Mr. Louis Brennan Mr. Joe Brennan Mr. Robert Brennan, Sr. Mr. Randy J Brennan Mr. Allen Brennecke Dr. Susan Brenner Mr. Herman O. Bressler Maj Verlan H. Breuer, (Ret) Mr. Jeff Breunig Mr. Russ Brewer Dr. William V. Brewer Mr. Donald J. Brewer Lt Col Alex P. Brewer, USAF (Ret) Mr. William H Brewington Steve & Debbie Bricker Mr. Jerry D. Brickley Mr. William A. Bridger Mr. James R. Bridges Lt Col Mike Bridges, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael J. Briere Mr. Earl W. Briesch Mr. Robert W. Briese Mr. Walter R. Brigger Mr. Edward Briggs Jr. Mr. John J. Briggs, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Richard Brinkman Lt Col Edward J. Brisick Mr. Pete Britton Maj Linda L. Britton, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jack Broadwater Mr. Jacky D. Broadwater Sr. Mr. Dale Brock Mr. Bryan T. Brock MSgt Kenneth R Brock, USAF (Ret) Mr. William T. Brockman Mr. George T. Broderick Mr. Joseph Broderick Mr. Andrew Broeils Capt Joseph G. Broker Mrs. Marguerite G Bromley Mr. Sam Brooke Mr. Larry L. Brookhart Mr. Brian Brooks Mr. Stan Brooks Mr. Loarn Brooks Mr. Stephen M. Brooks Mr. Ernie Brooks Jr. Mr Ron D. Brooks Mr. William Broomhall Mrs. Denise Brophy Mr. William Bross Mr. Eric Brothers Mr. Paul G. Brower Mr. Jim Browlee Mr. Blair M. Brown Lt Col and Mrs. Lawrence L. Brown MSgt James H. Brown, (Ret) Col Paul Brown, USAF Mr. Richard A. Brown MSgt James W. Brown, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert W Brown Mr. James F. Brown Jr. Mr. Tim Brown Mr. Roger Brown Mr. David F. Brown Mr Buddy L. Brown Mr. Robert T Brown Jr. Mr. David Brown Mr. Robert P. Brown Mr. Tom Brown Mr. Charles F. Brown Mr. Ian Brown Mr. Donald H Brown Mr. Paul Brown Mr. Bill Brown MSgt Jeff Brown, USAF (Ret) Mr. Harold E. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Squire L. Brown Ms. Annette Brown Mr. Rodney L Brown CWO2 Ronald Brown, USN (Ret)


Mr. George H. Brown Jr. Mr. Nicholas A. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Dean Brown Mr. Foster F. Brown Mr. Jonathan Brown Mr. Ben Brown Mr. Charles Browne Mr. Ted Browning Mr. Russell P Brozoski Mr. Jack L. Bruchert Mr. Leonard W. Brueneman Mr. David H. Bruett Mrs. Mary Bruggeman Mr. Charles E. Brumbloe Mr. Hal Brundage Mr. Richard Bruns Mr. Eugene G. Bruns Mr. Robert K Brust Mr. Brad B. Bryan Jr. Mr. Bear Bryant Mr. Larry G. Bryner Mr. Sheldon Bryner Dominick Bucciarelli Mr. Domimic R. Buccilli Mr. Spandan K. Buch Mr. Larry D Buchanan Mr. Dave Buchanan Mr. Carl L Buchanan Mr. Art Buchanan Mr. David Bucher Mr. Clif Buchholz Mr. Gerald Buchko CSM E. Buchs Jr., (Ret) Mr. Charles B Buckel Lt Col Robert C. Buckley, USAF [Ret] Mr. George E Buckley Mr. John Buckman Mr. Keith Buckmaster Maj Edward Bucnis Mr. Eugene O. Budoi Mr. Jack Budrow Mr. Bevan C. Buel Mr. Brian D. Buell Mr. John Buhler Col Peter J Buley, (Ret) Mr. Gary N. Bullinger Mr. Terry E. Bumgardner Mr. Dale Bunkers Col James A. Bunyard Mr. Conlan Burbrink Mr. Paul D. Burch Mr. Roland E. Burdett Jr. Mr. Mike Burdett Mr. Norman A. Burger Mr. Tom M. Burgess Mr. John J Burgmeier

Mr. Henry Burk Ms. Sonya Burke Mr. Christopher Burke Mr. Charles Burke Mr. William Charles Burke Mr. Gerald Burke Mr. David Burkhardt Mr. John E. Burkhart Gordon Burkhead Mr. Lary Burleigh Mr. Michael Burleson Mr. Ryan Burley Mr. Jon Burnett Mr. Robert Burns Ms. Antoinette Burns Col Melvyn J. Burns, (Ret) Mr. Dale Burnside Mr. Ronald Burnside Mr. Andrew Burri Mr. Phillip H. Burroughs Mr. David Burrow Mrs. Lillian Bursey Mr. & Mrs. Robert E Burton Maj Chris Burton Mr. Bryan Bury Mr. Richard J. Busboom Mr. Bill Busch Mr. Fred W Busch Mr. William Bush Mr. Patrick J. Busken Mr. Fred Bussell Col Budd H. Butcher, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph A. Butcher Mr. Frank P. Butka Jr. Mr Stephen Butka Mr. William Butler Mr. Bart Butler Mr. Stephen A. Butler Mr. Fred Butt Mr. Keith Butt Mr. Donald E. Butz Mr. Bruce C Buxton Mr. Warren H. Buxton Mr. Brian Byers Mr. Robert Byers Ms. Margaret Byrge Mr. James R Cahill Mr. Robert Cahill Mr. Michael J Cahill Heidi and Troy Cahoon Mrs. Donna Cain Mr. Steven Caine Mr. Tom Calcutta Mr. Raymond M. Caldwell Mr. Carl Gordon Caldwell Maj Edwin E. Calhoun, (Ret)

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Ms. Cynthia C. Calhoun Mr. D. Wade Calkins Mr. Drury Callahan Mr. Michael D. Callahan Col. and Mrs. Robert M Cameron USAF [Ret] Mr. Jeff Camiliere Mr. Thomas A. Camm Mr. John Camp Mr. James L Campbell Mr. Richard M. Campbell Mr. Wayne Campbell Mr. Richard E. Campbell Mr. Marvin W. Campbell Mr. Phil Campbell Mr. J Ronald Campbell Mr. Ross Campbell Mr. William A. Campbell Mr. Thomas Campbell Mr. John Z. Campian Mr. Joel R. Campis Mr. Roland Canepa MSgt Al Canino Mr. David V. Cannon Mr. Joseph Cantatore Mr. James Carbary Mr. Michael E. Carden Mr. Carlos Cardoza Mr. Jimmy E. Cardwell Mr. Wallace C. Carey Mrs. Margaret Carey Mr. Alfred J. Cargen Mr. Roger D. Cargill Mr. Rick Carleski Mr. Philip J Carlisle Mr. Bennett Carlisle Mr. Donald W. Carll Ms. Deborah A. Carlson Ms. Susan Carlson Mr. Sam Carlson Mr. Scott D. Carlson Mr. George W. Carlton Mr. Dan A. Carmichael Mr. Duane Carney Mr. Don Carney Mr. William R Carney Mr. Paul Caron Mr. William G. Carothers Mr. William J. Carpenter Mr. C. Daniel Carpenter Mr. Greg Carpenter Mr. Michael F Carpenter Mr. Steve Carpenter & Family

Mr. Richard Carpenter Mr. Lewis W. Carr Mr. Dennis L. Carr Mr. Kent Carr Mr. Darrell B. Carr Mr. Joseph C. Carrara Mr. Leo R. Carrigan Mr. Charles H. Carroll, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ted Carroll Mr. James Carrow Mr. John Carson Jr. Mr. Charles E. Carson Jr. Mr. Daniel Carson Ms. Rebecca Carson Mr. Kit Carstenson Mr. Allen Carter Mr. James H. Carter Jr. Mr. Joseph V. Carter Mr. Colin T. Carter Mr. Gregory W. Carter Mr. Tim Carter Jr. Lt Gen Patrick Caruana Mr. William Caruso Mr. John A. Caruso Mr. John Carver Mr. James Cary Mr. Robert A Cary Mr. Michael J Case Mr. John J. Casey Mr. Robert M. Casey Mr. Donald L. Cash Mr. Richard Caskey Mr. William G. Casper Mr. John R. Casper Mr. William F. Cass Mr. Raymond Cassaro Mr. Robert Castilano Mr. Edward P Castilano Mr. Max Castner Mr. Ralph E. Casto Mr. B. C. Cates Mr. B.V. Cathey Jr. Mr. John Caton Mr. Charles F. Causey Dr. David P. Cavanaugh Mr. James Cavanaugh Mr. Luke Ccohran Mrs. Leonamae Cecil Mr. Jeff B. Centers Dr. Richard M. Cerami Mrs. Carol A. Cerinetti Mr. David Chadwick Mr. Rob Chaffee Mr. Kenneth F Chaffee Mr. John Chakiris Mr. Robert B. Chambers

Maj Gen Wess P. Chambers, USAF (Ret) Col Steven L Chambers, M.D. Mr. Charles R. Chandler Mr. James Chandler Mr. Bill Chanley Mr. William V. Chapin Mr. Robert M Chapman Mr. Thomas J Chapman Jr. Mr. John Chapman Maj Robert Chapman Mr. John W Chapman Jr Mr. Aden B. Chapman Mr. Stephen L. Charlton Mr. Neal Charske Mr. Rodolfo E. Chastain Sr. Mr. Vibhor Chaswal Mr. & Mrs. Glenn E. Chatfield Mr. Gregory Chavez A & F Cheek CMSgt Clayton E. Cheever, USAF (Ret) and Daniel & Suzanne Chemsak Mr. Gerald M. Cheney Col William F. Cheney, USAF (Ret) Mr. Don Cherrette Mr. Patrick Chichon Mr. John R. Childers Mr. Bob Childress Mr. Gregg Childs Col Kenneth O. Chilstrom, USAF [Ret] Col John S. Chilstrom, USAF [Ret] Maj Walter Chin Mr. Richard A. Chipman Mr. Philip J. Chisholm Ms. Meighan K. Chisholm Mr. Donald R. Chislaghi Ms. Catherine Choo Mr. Tyler Chouinard Reverend Larry Chovancek Mr. Earl L. Christensen Mr. Jon Christensen Mr. John H. Christian Mr. Ray H. Christiansen Mr. Dale Christopher Mr. Eugene T. Chudy Mr. Ronald I. Chumbley Mr. Drew Churchson MSgt James Chybicki Col Elmer S Ciancone Mr. James R. Ciborski Mr. Paul R Cicero Mr. Glenn D. Cicero Mr. Ray Ciesielski Mr. Ron Ciminero Mr. James A. Cinelli Mr. Dennis G. Cipriany Mr. Don Claffey


Mr. Robert M. Clark Mr. Gregg A. Clark Mr. Ronald M. Clark Mr. John A. Clark Mr. Gilbert Clark Mr. Robert G Clark Mr. Jeffery S. Clark Capt Jerry K. Clark Mr. Chris Clark Mr. Wayne A. Clark Mr. Doug Clark MSgt John P Clark, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bob J. Clark Mr. Ron L Clark Mr. Fred H Clark Jr. Mr. John Paul Clarke Mr. Samuel H Clarke Mr. Richard A. Clary Mr. James Clason Mr. James Clauss Mr. Mark R Claver Dr. David I. Cleland Mr. Sherman M. Clemens Mr. Chris Clemens Mr. Cliff Clements Mr. Aaron Clements Mr. Donald John Clemson Mr. Jeffrey M. Cler MSgt Buster L. Cleveland Mr. Raymond Clifton Mr. Gerald F. Clifton Mr. Glen Clinch Lt Col Dean Cling, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lawrence Clingman Mr. John H. Cloe Mr. Bill Clontz Mr. Jack A Close Mr. Charles M. Closz Col G. Scott Coale, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael S. Coalson Mr. Terry L. Coats Mr. Barry Cobb Mrs. Edgie A Coble Lt Col Robert N. Coble, USAF [Ret] SSgt Dustin S. Cochran Lt Col Curtis D. Cochran, USAF [Ret] Mr. Lendell L Cocke Mr. Joseph Coco Mr. Winston B. Coffman Mr. Mark Coghlin Mrs. Kay Cohen Mr. Randal Cohen Mr. Louis Cohen Mr. Arnold J Cohen Mr. David Cohen Mr. Domenic F. Coia

Lt Col Johnnie W. Colburn, USAF (Ret) Mr. Randy Colby Ms. Cindy Cole Mr. George L. Coleman II Mr. Bart O. Coleman Jr. Mr. Paul Coleman Mr. Ernest K. Collier Mr. Francis S. Collins Mr. James Collins Mr. Gordon R Collins Mr. Newell P Collins Mr. Thomas W. Collins Mr. Lathan Collins Mr. Terry Collins Mr. Dave Collins Mr. J. D. Collins Mr. Thomas F Collins Mr. Richard Cologgi Mr Ramon E. Colon Mr. David Colvin Mr. Gary M. Colvin Mr. Larry Combs Mr. Edward J. Comeau & Family Mr. Donald Como Ms. Emily Compton Mr. James Compton Mr. R. L. Condon Mr. Donald M. Condra Mr. Donald Confarotta Mr. Michael E. Conley Mr. James B Conley Mr. Thomas M. Conlon Mr. Tom Connell Mr. John M. Connelly Col Hendsley R. Conner Ms. Carlene Conner - Kueck MSgt Bernard J. Conners, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert J. Connolly Mr. Charles A. Conrad Mr. Paul Conrady Mr. John Conroy Lt Col Samuel S. Conte CAP Ms. Vanessa Convard Mr. Mike Converse Mr. Bruce E. Conway Mr. Lawrence Conway Mr. J. W. Cook Mr. Hadyn Cook Mr. G Henry Cook Mr. Roger H. Cook Mr. Russell Cook Arnold and Billie Cook Mrs. Allan J. Cook Ms. Rachel Cooney Mr. David L. Coons Mr. Jim Cooper

Mr. Tom Cooper Mr. David Cooper Col Robert W Cooper, USAF (Ret) Mr. Paul M Copeland Sr. Lt Col Brian Copello, (Ret) Mr. David Copher Mr. Harley F Copic Mr. David J. Coppage Mr. Bill Coppeans Maj Walter C. Copper Jr., USAFR [Ret] Mr. Bernard L. Coppock Mr. Ron Copsey Mr. Richard B. Corado MSgt Robert Corbett, USAF (Ret) Mr. William J. Corbin Mr. Lawrence W. Corbin Mr. J.P. Corbin Mr. Michael J Corbin Mr. Don Corbin Mr. William L. Corbin Lt Col John G. Corley, USAF [Ret] Mr. Adam Cormier Mr. Randy L. Cornelius Mr. Edwin P Cornelius Mr. Hugh Cornell Mr. A. William Cornell Mr. Don M. Cornwell Mr. David Corrie Mr. Larry Corrigan Mr. Jon Cortner Mr. Craig Cortright Mr. Gregory Costa Mr. John L. Costello Mr. Philip Cote Mr. John C Cottage Mr. Pat Cotter Mr. Donald W. Cotton Mr. Christopher Cottrill Mr. Carl F. Couchman Mr. Henry J Coucke Mr. James Coughlin Mr. Curtis H Coulter Maj Gen & Mrs. Robert Courter, (Ret) Mr. Earl C. Courtney Capt Bill Courtney Mr. David Covell Mr. Charles Covert Mr. William C. Cowan Mr. Aubrey Cowan TSgt William T. Cowart, USAF [Ret] Mr. Bruce Cowen Mr. Jeffrey Cowgill Jr. Mr. Preston L. Cox Mr. Roger Cox Mr. Carson Cox Mr Danny L. Cox

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Steven G. Cox Capt Austin Cox Mr. Roger L. Cox Mr. Wesley R. Cox Mr. Chris Coyne Mr. David G. Cozzi Mr. Dave Crabbe Mr. Charles J. Craddock Mr. William J. Craft MSgt Miles J Crago Jr. Mr. Thomas J. Craig Mr. Bill Craig Mr. Stephen F. Cramer Mr. Robert F Crane Mr. Robert N. Craven Mr. Robert S Crawford Mr. Peter K. Crawford Mr. Gerad A Crawford CMSgt Robert V. Crawford, (Ret) Dr. Curtis J. Creath Dr. Charles H. Creed, D.D.S. Mr. Kirk Crego Mr. Donn R. Crissinger Mr. Kenneth A. Crist Mr. Michael T. Cristiano Mr. James E. Crnkovic Mr. James Croce Mr. Justin Cron Mr. Richard Cronk Mr. Allen Crook Mr. Richard N Crooks Mr. Michael Crosby Mr. George Cross Mr. Dennis N. Cross Bill and Bonnie Cross Mr. Richard W Crouch Mr. Don Crow Mr. Donald E. Crowder Mr. Francis P. Crowley Mr. Shawn Crowley Mr. Rick Croy & Family Mr. Curt Croy Mr. John E. Crum Jr. Mr. George F Cruz Mr. Jason Cryder Mr. Ron Culbertson Mr. Francis J Cullen Mr. William E Culpepper Mr. Dale S Culuris Mr. Douglas G Culy Mrs. Jan Cummings Mr. Edward C Cuneo Mr. Neil Cunningham

Mr. Joseph J. Cunningham Col Edward C. Cunningham, USMC (Ret) Mr. Charles D. Cunningham Mr. George Cunningham Mr. Barrett L Cupples Mr. David M. Curran Mr. Ron Currin Mr. Al Cursi III Maj Gen Gary L. Curtin Mr. Gene Curtis Mr. James Cutler Mr. John M. Cutting Mr. Clem R. Cwiklinski Sr. Mr. Kyle Cypher Mr. Fred Cyphers Mr. Donald R. Czech Mr. Marian Czyzewski Jr. Brig Gen James D`Agostino, (Ret) Ms. Susan Dabrowski SMSgt Charles Dahle [Ret] Ms. Mary Anne Daigle Mr. Robert Dains Maj Gen & Mrs. Terrence L. Dake, (Ret) Mr. Dean Dakin Ms. Claire Dalal Mr. Andrew Dalessandro Mr. Ray Daley Mr. Michael Daley Mr. Richard W. Dalton Barney and Willie Dalton Mr. Bryan Daly Mr. Bradley Kent Damon Mr. James Dane Mr. Scott Daniel Mr. Linwood Daniel Mr. Bill Daniels Ms. Janice Daniels Ms. Bev Danielson Mr. A. F. Danison Capt Dalton Danon, USAFR Mr. David D’Arcy Ms. Jennifer Dargis Mr. Wm Darichuk Mr. James W. Darling Mr. David E Darling Mr. Ralph F. Darr Jr. Mr. David R. Darrah Mr. Ronald Darroch Mr. Raymond J. Dasenbrock Mr. Timothy J Daugherty Mr. Glen Daugherty Mr. Kevin Daugherty Lt Col John C. D’Auria Mr. William Davenport Jr. Mr. Michael Davenport Mr. Kerry N. David

Mr. John Davidson Mrs. Cora Davidson Mr. James E. Davies Mr. Murray Davin Mr. Larry H. Davis CW3 David P. Davis, USA (Ret) Mr. Charles A. Davis Mr. James H Davis Mr. Carl L. Davis Mr. Thomas L Davis Mr. James P. Davis Mr. Carlton B Davis Jr. Mr. Lewis E Davis Mr. Walt Davis Mr. Martin G. Davis Mr. Brian M. Davis Mr. David Davis Mr. Andrew Davis Mr. Ronald Davis Mr. Robert B. Davis Mr. John E Davis Mr. Robert B. Davis Mr. Kenneth Davis Mr. Robert L. Davison Cole, Finn, Piper Davoran Mr. Peter L. Dawson Frances S. Dawson Mr. Paul L. Day Mr. Donald L Day Mr. Edward A. De Coste Mr. Richard De Vito Sr. Mr. Harvey R. Dean Mr. Rick Dean Mr. Rob Dean Ms. Irene K Dean Mr. Wayne DeAngelo Col James W. Dearborn, (Ret) Mr. Richard L. Dearborn Ms. Sharon Deaten Mr. Michael Debb Mr. Richard Debuysere Mr. Joe DeCarlo Mr. Ronald Deckard Mr. Paul E Decker Mr. Jack Deem Mr. William L. Deemer Mr. James E. Deemer Mr. Don Degasperi Mr. David P. Deger Mr. Gregory J. Deininger Mr. Donald E. Deis Mr. George Del Gaudio Mr. Harold Del Hommer Mr. Thomas P. Delahanty Dr. Keith Delap Mr. Roger M. Delaria

Mr. Alex Delbert Mr. Mark A. Delcol Mr. Anthony Delduco Mr. James E Delisio Mr. Charles Dellinger Mr. Anthony Delnoce Mr. Bernard DeLong Mr. John DeLong Mr. Ronald W. DeLong Mr. Ralph A. Delorme Mr. Frank A. Delsing Mr. Gerard M. DeMarco Mr. Bernard M. DeMarr Mr. David E. Dembeck Mr. David J. Demichelis Mr. Dean S. Demmery Capt Mark D. Demmin Mr. Stephen Demmings Mr. David E. Dempsey Mr. Don Dempski Mr. David P. Dempster Mr. Donald Denbo Mr. William Denlinger Mr. Joseph M Denneen Mr. Russell K. Denney Mr. Dominick S. Dennis Mr. William Denny Mr. Robert M. Denslow Mr. Angelo A. Deogracias Mr. Andre M. Depamis Mr. Frank Depetrillo Mr. Lowell DePoy Mr. Andrew DeRadder Mr. David Derain Mr. Louis A. Desantis Mr. Martin DeSimio Mr. Richard Dete Mr. Richard L. Deuble Mr. Dave Devall Mr. Dale DeVene Mr. Joe Devine Mr. Jack G Devine Mr. C. Michael Devlin Mr. Cornell J. DeWeese MSgt Robert C. Dewitt II, (Ret) Mr. Ric DeWitt Mr. & Mrs. Donald A. Dextraze Mr. Sanford E. Deyo Mr. Gerald Di Loreto Mr. Michael P. Diacin Mr. Joe Diamond Mr. Richard W Dibble MSgt John D. Dick, (Ret) Mr. Wendel Dickason Mr. Greg Dickerson Mr. Harold A. Dickerson


Lt Col Sam Dickerson, USAF (Ret) Mr. R. A. Dickinson Mr. James E. Dickman Mr. Robert M. Dickson Col Thomas P Dickson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Brad Dickson Mr. and Mrs. DiDio Mr. Paul Dierks Mr. William F. Diesing Mr. Frank W. Dietrick Mr. Archie Difante Mr. Gary DiLallo Lt Col Charles N. Dildine, USAF [Ret] Mr. Loyd A. Dill Mr. Jack Dille Mr. Tom Diller Mr. Steven R. Dillon Mr. Tony Dimarco Col Alan C. Dimiero, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Dimoff Mrs. Eleanor F. Dinsmore Mr. Michael Dionne Mr. Louie Dipasquale Mr. G. V. Dirvin Mr. M. Distefano Mr. David J. Ditallo Mr. Gene Ditsler MSgt David V. Ditto, (Ret) Mr. Bruce L. Divoll Mr. Donald F. Dixon Mr. Stephen G. Dizek Mr. James Djerf Mr. Kieran Dobbs Col Thomas Dobbs Mr. Ted Dobrich Col Jerry Dodds Ms. Helen Dodgen Mr. Henry A. Dodson Col William Buck Dodson Mr. Joseph J Dodyk Mr. Lyle W. Doe Mr. Robert C. Doebler Mr. Richard Doerr Mr. Frank R Doerr Mr. Howard W. Dohack Mr. Don Doll Mr. Charles Dollenmeyer MSgt James Dolly Jr., USAF [Ret] Mr. Monte Domingos Lt Col Warren E Domke, USAF (Ret) Carl Domschke SMSgt David Donatto, USAF (Ret) Mr. Greg Donegan Mr. Terry Donnary Mr. William Donnelly Mr. Nicholas Donofrio Jr.

Mr. Seamus Donovan Mr. Richard A. Dooley Mr. Ed Doolin Mr. Kenneth W. Doolittle Mr. James W. Doran Mr. Samuel J. Doran Mr. Philip M. Dorfman Mr. John H. Dorminy Mr. John Dorroll Mr. William F. Dorsch Mr. Greg Dorsey Mr. Greg Dortch Mr. Robert Dorton Mr. Charles E. Dorwart Jr. Mr. John H. Doscher Mr. Roger O. Doss Mr. George Dossett Mr. Roger L. Doty Darryl R. Doty Mr. Richard M Doubt Mr. Robert L. Doud Mr. Thomas Dougherty Mr. David P. Doughty Col Daniel J Doughty Mr. Lloyd J Douglas Maj Dirk F.G. Douglas Ret Mr. Phillip Douglas Mr. Bruce Douglas Mr. Edwin C. Dow Mr. Robert A. Dowd Ms. Jean Dowd Mr. Kent Dowell Mr. Robert E. Downey Mr. William H. Downham Mr. Robert Downing Ms. Susan Downs Mr. Robert C. Downs Jr. Mr. Bernard J. Doyle Mr. James Doyle Mr. Jerry Doyle Mr. Ed Drab Mr. Frank R. Drain Mr. Henry A. Drain Mr. Peter Drall Mr. Terry Draudt Mr. Tom Drehs Mr. Richard Dreist Mr. Joseph R. Dreitler Mr. Bill Drennen Ms. Anne M Dresel Mr. Darrell Drew Mr. Gale F. Dreyer Mr. Mark Driess Mr. Howard Driggs Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Drill Mr. Bernard F Driscoll

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. William E. Driver Ms. Lois A. Drodge Mr. Russell E. Drosendahl Mr. Dennis A. Drosendahl Mr. Jack D. Drummond Mr. James Dryden Mr. Malcolm H. Dubin Mr. Joseph D. Ducharme Mr. Donald E. Duck Ms. Rosemary A Duckworth Mr. Paul P. Dudash Ms. Pamela Dudash Mr. George D. Dudek Mr. Robert Dudley Mr. Walter Dueber Mr. Robert Duff Mr. John P. Duffin Mr. Richard Dufner Reverend Dr. Donald J Duford Mr. John Dugan Mr. Shelby H. Duke Ms. Keli C. Dukeman Mr. J. D. Dukes Mr. Kip Dunagan Mr. Linville Dunaway Mr. Scott Dunbar Mr. Brian J. Duncan Mr. C.M. Duncan Mr. Keith D. Duncil Mr. Douglas R. Dunfee Mr. Don Dunham Maj H. R. Dunlap, USAF [Ret] Mr. Steve Dunleavy Mr. William F. Dunn Mr. Harold R. Dunn Ms. Patricia Dunstan Mr. Frank C Dupuy Mr. Thomas L Duquette Mr. John P Durnal Lt Col Ralph Durnbaugh, USAF (Ret) Mr. Carl Durrenberg Mr. Terry duSoleil Mrs. Lila Dustin & Family Mr. Dennis W. Dutcher Lt Col Francis J. Dutko, USAF [Ret] Ms. Carol A. Dutton Mr. Blaine Duxbury Mr. Michael Dvornak Mr. Larry R. Dwight Lt Col Tom Dwyer, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Dye Mr. Kenneth R. Dye Mr. Gene Dyer

Mr. John C. Dyer Mr. Terry E. Dyer Mr. Dennis Dyer Mr. Leigh Dyer Mr. William Dykstra Mr. Richard C Dyson Mr. Norman “Ken” Dyson Mr. Lorenzo Dow Eads Mr. Hugh R. Earhart Col Randall L. Earl Mr Phillip R. Earle Mr. William Everett Easley Mr. Marvin Easter Mr. Edward R. Easter Jr. Mr. James K. Eastham Mr. Merv Eaton Mr. Richard Eaton Mr. Norman John Ebel Mr. Michael J. Ebl Mr. E. Edward Ebrite Mr. H. J. Echsner Mr. Lewis D. Eckard Jr. Mr. Duane R Ecker Mr. Jon S. Eckert Mr. Richard T. Eckhardt Mr. Robert M. Eckstein Mr. Chris Eddy Mr. Howard M. Eden Mr. Aaron Eden Mr. Jack R. Eder Mr. Tom Edinger Mr. Gene S. Edmondson Mr. L. Roger Edwards Mr. William N. Edwards Mr. Robert C. Edwards Mr. Rob Edwards Col Gail M Edwards, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Dave Eft Mr. Dan Egan Mr. Jack Egolf Mr. George Egolf Mr. Howard Ehrenman Mr. Brad Ehrman Lt Gen Kenneth E. Eickmann, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gilbert N Eide Mr. Robert Eidson Mr. Mel Eisaman Mr. Joseph R Eisenhardt MSgt Jack E. Eisenlohr Mr. Jim Eisenmenger Lt Col Robert El Henicky Mr. Thomas Elass Mr. Telford E Elders Mr. C. D. Eldridge Mr. Jeff Elias Dr. Karl W. Elias

Mr. Brian Elifritz Mr. Mark Elinich Mr. Glenn D. Elkins Ms. Rose Elkins Mr. Ted Eller Ms. Debra Elliot Mr. Herbert Elliott Jr. Mr. Glenn D. Elliott Mr. Michael Elliott Mr. Howard Elliott Mr. James R. Elliott Mr. John F. Ellis Mr. John M Ellis TSgt Richard L. Ellis, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Clenet Ellis Ms. Jennifer Ellis Mr. Stephen Ellis TSgt Carl H. Ellis Mr. James Ellis Mr. Forest Elmore Mr. Ronald D Elsmore Mr. Earl M. Elston Mr. John R. Elwell & Family Mr. Thomas R. Emerson Mr. Randy Emig Mr. Bob Emling Ms. Karen Rose Emmerich Col Billy D. Emrick, USAF [Ret] Mr. Robert Endsley Mr. Robert D. Engel Mr. Leland E. Engel Mr. Delbert Engel Mr. Willard P. Engelhardt Mr. Manfred Engelmann Mr. Glenn Engle Mr. Ronald T. Englebert Mr. Bruce E. Englehart Mr. Dan English Mr. Chris D. English Lt Col Richard N. Engman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Charles B. Engvall SMSgt Eugene C. Ensing, USAF (Ret) Ms. Alicia D Ensminger Mrs. Mary Lou Eppers Mr. Richard Eppley CMSgt Robert E. Epps Sr., USAF (Ret) Ms. Linda Erath Mr. Edward G Erdelac Mr. Bud Erickson Mr. Ralph Erickson Mr. James A. Erickson Mr. Walter A. Erni Mr. Richard F. Ernst Mr. Steve J. Ervin Mr. Joe Ervin Dr. David A. Erwin


Mr. Daric W. Escher Mr. Doug Eshelman Mr. John Eslinger Mr. David Eslinger Mr. Don Esmond Mr. Doyle E Estes Mr. William J. Estridge Mr. Taylor Eubank Mr. James D. Evanoff Mr. Richard E. Evans Mr. Robert G Evans Mr. David O. Evans Mr. Robert G. Evans Mr. Patrick Evans Mr. William J. Evans Ms. Jennifer Evans Mr. Jim Evans Mr. Mark Evans Mr. Robert Even Mr. Matthew Even Mr. Tamar Everard Mr. Dan Evers Mr. Vic Evertt Mr. Richard Exler MSgt George W. Eyestone, USAF (Ret) Mr. Peter W Fabien Mr. Donald E. Fabing Ms. Karen Fahlgren Mr. Willford Faile Mr. Charles Faingnaert Mr. Alan Lee Fair Mr. William Fair Mr. William P. Faircloth Mr. E. Michael Falk Mr. Steven Falkenrath Mr. Jeffrey Falkenstein Mr. Richard A. Falkinburg Mr. Joe Falkinham Mrs. Terry G. Falkowski Mr. Kenneth F. Fallon Mr. Noel Fallwell Mr. James W. Falter Mr. Norman Fansler Mr. Jonathan E Farmer Lt Col Robert Farnette, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jean C. Farney Mr. Irving E. Farnham Lt Col Duane W Farnham Ms. Nancy Farrar Mr. Douglas M. Farrell Lt Gen Lawrence P. Farrell Jr., USAF (Ret) Ms. Sharon Farry Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Fasano Mr. William Fasching Mr. Pierre R. Fath

Mr. Robert Faulkner Mr. Thomas W Faulkner MSgt James L. Fauzey, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth Fawcett MSgt Turner C Fawkes, ANG (Ret) Mr. Charles A. Feathers Sr. Lt Col Elizabeth Featherston, USA (Ret) Mr. Lee Featherstone Mr. C. Feeman Jr. Mr. J. F. Fehr Col Mary S. Feik, CAP Maj Gen Fred Feinstein Mr. Steven Fekkos Mr. Lester G Felker Mr. Robert S. Felton Mr. Mike Fensler Mr. John Fent Mr. Robert Fent Mr. Matthew C. Fenton Mr. George I. Fenton Mr. Patrick Fenwick Mr. Glenn J Fererico Mr. David Feret Mr. Earl J. Ferguson Mr. Kenneth Ferland Col J. A. Ferrarese Mr. Lou Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ferricci Mr. Gene H. Ferris Mr. William F Fersch Mr. Charles R. Fetick Lt Col Frederick J. Fett, USAF Ms. Patricia L. Fetterhoff Lyle and Janine Fewlass Mr. Charles W. Feyh Jr. Mr. Shelton Fields Mr. Timothy J. Fields Mr. Mark J. Fields Mr. Wesley Fields Ms. Denise A. Fields Mr. Reggie Fields Ms. Ann Fields Mr. Donald C Figone Mr. Stephen L Filer Mr. William J. Fili Mr. John W. Fillmon Mr. James E. Filusch Dr. Dave Fincel Mr. David Finch Mr. Edward J. Finerty Mr. Walt Fink Mr. Fred J Fink Mr. Jack Fink Mr. Paul R. Fink Mr. Stephen Fink Mr. Eugene P. Fink, USMC

Ms. Cindy Finke Mr. Glenn Finley Mr. Steven Finn Mr. James P. Finnegan Mr. Wayne O. Fischbach Mr. Elmer M. Fischer Mr. George Fischer Mrs. Marion L Fischer Mr. Stephan Fischer Mr. Gregory P Fischer Ms. Lisa A. Fish Mr. Richard L Fisher Mr. John H Fisher Mr. Richard H Fisher Mr. Thomas M. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Dwaine Fisher Mr. John Fisher Mr. Tom Fisher Mr. Mark Fisher Mr. Fred C. Fisk Lt Col James Fisk Ms. Amy Fite Mr. John W. Fithian Mr. Troy Fitting Dr. Thomas A. Fitzpatrick Maj Harry B. Fitzpatrick Mr. W. E. Fitzpatrick Robert Fix Lt Col Bruce C. Fjelde, USAF (Ret) Mr. Patrick Flaherty Lt Col William Flanagan, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Carl Fleece, USAF (Ret) Mr. Tracy Fleet Mr. Ronald J. Fleishman Ms. Diana C Fleming Ms. Jeanne Fleming Lt Col Lawrence E. Flinn, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard K. Flitcraft Mr. James Flor Mr. Jorge Flores Mr. Alberto R. Flores Mr. Shane Flores Ms. Ann Flory Mr. Vincent G. Flot Mr. Richard W Flowers Mr. John Floyd Maj Jeffrey B. Floyd Mr. David Floyd Dr. James H Flynn Ms. Melanie Flynn Mr. James G. & Margaret Flynn Mr. Kyle Foddrill Mr. John Foehl Mr. Lee Foldenauer Mr. Dennis E. Foley Ron Folkerth & Lyric Rillera

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Ben Follett Mr. Robert Follweiler Mr. Cecil J. Folmar Mr. George F Foray Mr. Joseph W. Ford Mr. Jerry L. Ford Jr. Mr. Richard E. Ford Mr. Mearl Wayne Ford Mr. Willis W. Forehand Mr. Harlan Forrest Mr. James J. Forrest Mr. Paul E. Forry Jr. Mr. Wayne A. Forshey Mr. Louis Forte Jr. Ms. Emily Fortner Mr. Hugh Forton Maj Verne Foss USAF (Ret) and Jeanine & Greg Foster Brig Gen Duane L. Foster, (Ret) Col Bill Foster, USAF [Ret] Mr. Gene Foster Col M. J. Foster Jr. Mr. Harry Foulds Mr. Scott Fourman 1 Lt Charles R. Foutche Mr. Stephen Fowler Mr. Carnie Fox Lt Col Robert W. Fox, USAF (Ret) Mr. Virgil L. Fox Mr. Ronn Fox Brian and Heidi Fox Mr. Timothy Fox Mr. John E. Foy Mr. Tim Frable Mr. Raymond L. Francis Mr. Tom Francis Sr. Mrs. Jeane Francis Mr. Leo C. Franciscus Mr. Richard L. Franer Mr. William Frank Mr. Donald J. Frank Mr. Jon M. Frank Mr. Mark A. Frankel Mr. Leo C. Franks Mr. Calvin J. Frantz Mr. John Frantz Mr. David Frantz Mr. James A Franz Mr. Raymond Franze Dr. Donald Fraser Mr. Charles F. Frazier Mr. William Freas Mr. William Frederick

Mr. Charles Frederick Mr. Fred Freeberg Mr. Milton J. Freeburger Mr. Joseph A. Freedman Mr. William L. Freeman Mr. Rufus Freeman Mr. M. J. Freeman Mr. Joseph Freidberg Mrs. Therese French Mr. Richard W. French Reverend Steve Frentz Mr. Charles H. Frerricks Mr. Kevin Freshcorn Col Ivan R. Frey (Ret) Mr. Martin R. Frick Dr. Harry Friedman, M.D. Mr. Charles I Friedman Mr. John Friedman Dr. Robert B. Friedman Mr Rusty Fries Mr. Howard G Frink Mr. Lester C. Frisbie Dr. LeAnn Fritch Mr. Ronald Fritz Mr. Ed Fritz Mr. Dennis M. Fritz Mr. Don Frobel Mr. Charles Fromm CMSgt James Fruchtnicht, (Ret) Mr. John J. Fry Mr. James T. Fry Mr. Garry L Fry Mr. Daniel T. Fucci Mr. Albert Fuchs Jr. Mr. William J. Fuchs Mr. Peter J Fuerst Mr. George B. Fuller Mr. Gary Fuller Lt Col Charles E Fuller, USAF (Ret) TSgt Floyd Fulson Jr. Mr. Edward P. Fulton Mr. James Fulton Col Dale R. Funk, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael E. Funk Mr. John Furge Mr. Lee Furlong Col W. Frank Furr (Ret.) Mr. Larry E. Furrow Mr. Glenn L. Gabbard Mr. William Gabriel Mr. Robert S. Gabrys Mr. John B. Gaeth Ms. Alex Gaeth Mr. Michael Gaglianone Mr. Robert L Gagnon Mr. Terry Galford

Mr. Leondas J. Galinskas Mr. Arthur C Gallet Mr. Paul Galley Mr. Earl F. Galligan Mr. Steve Gallion Mr. Christopher J. Gallion Col Frank Gallo, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael Galloway Mr. James P. Galstad Mr. Clyde Ganger Mr. Steve Ganger Dr. John J. Gapsis Ms. Diane Garber Mr. Les Garber Mr. Edward J. Garchar and Cristabal Garcia Mr. Tom Gardner Mr. Rory Gardner Mr. Thomas H. Gardner Mr. Nicholas Garino Mr. Nesbitt A. Garmendia Mr. Owen S. Garner Mr. Bill Garner Mr. Charles Garner Mr. Richard Garnjost Mr. Robert C Garrabrant Mr. Francis Garren Col Willis L. Garretson, USA (Ret) Mr. Paul Garrett Mr. Jack Garrigues Mr. Ken Garrison Tim Garvey Mr. William L Garvin Mr. Scott Gase Mr. Thomas B Gasper Mr. Eldon Gast SSgt Kenneth Gastgeb Mr. Leonard Gaston Mr. Daniel S. Gaston Mr. William Reed Gattmann Mr. Frank Gattuso Mr. Edward L. Gau Mr. James E. Gauer Ms. Erica Gauger Mr. Charles Gaunce Mr. Ed Gaunt Dr. Karl Gauss Lt George J. Gauvin Mr. Steve E. Gaveras Mr. Ron Gawritta Lt Col Bradford H, Gay Jr., (Ret) Mr. Kirk A. Gay Col Roy Gay Mr. James R. Gayley CMSAF Robert D. Gaylor Mr. Robert Gaynor

Mr. John W. Gear Mrs. Jack Gearhart Mr. Brian Geary Mr. Joseph Gebele Ms. Sue Ann Gedra Mr. Stephen P. Gehres Mr. Raymond J. Geiger Mr. Fred A. Geiger Mr. Glen Geilenkirchen Mr. John D. Geisinger Mr. Rick Geithmann Mrs. Allan S. Gelb Mr. Karl M. Gelbke Mr. Gordon Gency Mr. Joe Gennaro Mr. Charles H Gentz Jr. Mr. Robert George Bonnie L. George Mr. Paul Georgescu Mr. Ron J. Georgyi Mr. Jeff Geozeff Judge Robert E Gerber Mr. James R Gerber Mr. Vernon H Gerdes Mr. Charles F Gerding Mr. Jack Gerke Mr. Jack Gerken Mr. Ronald C. Gerlach Mr. Thomas German Mr. Leroy German Mr. Harvey Jerald Gersh Mr. Ricky Gethmann Jr. Ms. Mary I. Getter Mr. Bob Getts Mr. Gerald E Getty SMSgt David C. Getty, (Ret) Mr. George Gianopulos Mr. Richard Gibbar Mr. Francis B. Gibbons Dr. Jerry Gibbons Mr. Paul D. Gibbs Col James C. Gibler Mr. David D Gibson Mr. Jim Gibson Mr. Dean Gibson CMSgt Jeffrey M Gideon Mr. Hartland H. Gifford Mr. Greg Gifford Ms. Christen Gil Mr. Jerry A Gilara Mr. Philip A. Gilbert Mr. Ralph Gilbert Mr. Fred Gilbert Mr. Jeffrey Gilbert Mr. Kenneth B. Gilbert Mr. Brad Gilbreath


Mr. Lynwood F. Giles Mr. Randall Gilhart Mr. Paul H. Giljum Mr. Edward B Gill Mr. Albert L. Gill Mr. Nathan Gill Mr. Kevin Gill Mr. Ron Gill Mr. James R. Gillard Mr. R. D. Gillaugh Mr. Robert W Gilleland Capt Patrick B. Gillen, USAF Mr. David Gillespie Mr. Dave Gillespie Mr. Steve A. Gilliam Mr. John Gillotti Jr Mr. Dave Gilpin Mr. Joe Ging Brig Gen Jack Gingerich, USAF [Ret] Lt Col Charles E. Gingrich, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kipp E Ginsburg Mr. Jay H. Ginsburg Mr. Larry Giordano SMSgt Elbert Gipson, USAF [Ret] Mr. Tom Girz Mr. Walter Gislason Mr. Robert Gissing Mr. Eric Givens Mr. Jerry Gladhill Mr. Alan T. Gladieux Mr. Robert Gladstone SMSgt Don Glass (Ret.) Mr. Dean Glasser Mr. Thomas R Glaze Mr. Edward J. Glazer Mr. Raymond C. Glazner Mr. Benjamin Gleason Ms. Lauren Gleason Mr. Michael D. Gleichman Mr. James Arnold Glenn Mr. Larry J. Glenn Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Glier Mr. Karl Glos Mr. Dwight Gnepper Mr. Lawrence Gniadek Mr. Bronek Gobert Mr. Warren C. Gobin Mr. Paul Goble Mr. John P. Goddard Sr. Mr. Lawrence J Godfryd Mr. Bill Godin Mr. Frank Godorhazy Mr. John Godwin Lt Col Ervin H Goeden, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert J. Goedl Mr. Robert C. Goessman

Mr. Stephen J. Goettler II Dr. Douglas N. Goetz Mr. Alfred R. Goetz Mr. Ernest J. Goffena Mr. Ronald Goforth Mr. Ted Golba Mr. Eric Gold Mr. Raymond L. Golden Ms. Susan Golding Mr. Richard Goldman Mr. Richard R. Goldmann Mr. Edward L. Goldsberry Col Frank L. Goldstein Mr. Denis Golemis Mr. Larry N Goltz Mr. R. Dean Gompf Mr. Alex Gonter - Dray Mr. Robert W Good Mr. Andre S Goodchild Mr. Richard M Goode Lt Col Fred Gooding, (Ret) Mr. Richard S. Goodlin Mr. Ronald L. Goodman Mr. John Goodreau Mr. Albert J. Goodwin Jr. Dr. E. E. Gordhammer Mr. Don Gordon William & Sandra Gordon Mr. Thomas F. Gorgas Mr. Jeff Gorman Mr. Jack Gormley Maj Charles S. Gorton, USAF (Ret) Mr. Greg J. Gosche Mr. Jeffrey K. Goss Mr. Robert H. Goss Dr. Franz R Gosset, MD Mr. John Gossett Mr. William B. Gossett Ms. Patricia L. Gostomsky Mr. Edgar B. Gottschalk Mr. Paul A Goubeaud Mr. Carl D Gould Mr. John S Gould Mr. Walter D Gould Mr. Clyde Gourley Mr. David G. Gove Ms. Beverly Gover SMSgt John C. Gover, USAF (Ret) Mr. Granville B. Goza Mr. Gerald A Grab Mr. David B. Grabill Mr. Richard T. Grace Mr. Bill and Shelby Gracey Ms. Kimm Gracia Lt Col Marvin Gradert Mr. Robert H. Grady

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Oliver Q. Graeff Mr. Clyde B. Graham Ms. Jessica Graham Mr. Don Graham Mr. Ronald E. Graham Mr. Rudolph F. Grahek Ms. Josephine M. Grahek Mr. Max Gramly Mr. Danny G. Grandstaff Mr. Robert B. Grant Mr. Gregory M. Grant Mr. Arthur Grant Ms. Reva A. Grantham Mr. Robert H. Granzow Col J. Dee Grapentine Mr. Frank A. Grasso Mr. Richard E. Grau Mr. John D. Graul Mrs. Betty Lou Graven Col James E. Graves III Mr. Philips M. Graves Steve Graves Col and Mrs. Paul H. Graw, (Ret) Mr. Clifford F Gray Mr. James H. Gray Col Robert M. Gray, USAF (Ret) Reverend John R. Gray Lt Col Stanley Gray Capt James A. Gray Mr. David F Gray Jr Mr. Ronald Gray MSgt Raymond Gray Mr. John Gray Mr. Donald Gray Mr. Robert Greeley Mr. Gary D Greeling Lt Col James H. Green, (Ret) Mr. Joseph Green Mr. RW Green Mr. Donald C. Green Lt Col James Green, USAF [Ret] Mr. Bill Greenaway Mr. David Greene Mr. W. B. Greenlee Mr. Lester K Greenwald Mr. Robert L Greenwall Mr. Michael Greenwood Mr. Harold Greer Mr. Chris Gregg Mr. Charles E Gregory Mr. Robert Gregory Mr. Louis K. Greiff Mr. Peter S. Greis

Mr. Richard L Grendon Mr. Mike Gresham Mr. Joseph J. Greytak Mr. Frank Grgurich Mr. Anthony G. Griffel Dr. Kenneth E. Griffin Mr. William T Griffin Mr. Alganeal Griffin Mr. Gilroye A. Griffin Jr. Mr. Robert S. Griffin Mr. Thomas I Griggs Jr. Mr. David S. Griggs Mr. John M. Grigore Mr. Paul Grimes Mr. Donald D. Grimes Mrs. Ruth H. Grimm Mr. Daniel R. Grimm Mr. Al Grimm Maj Robert Grimm, USAR (Ret) Mr. Daniel L. Grimsley Mr. Stephen Grise Rick and Cheri Grisham Mr. Harold Grobarek Mr. Richard J. Grogan Ms. Lynda Groh Mr. Percy Gros Mr. Willliam Grosick Mr. Edwin J. Gross Mr. Jeff Grosse Mr. A. G. Grosskreutz Mr. Wilbern Grove Mr. James A. Groves Mr. G. Grow Mr. Donald Gruchmal Mr. Marc Grudzen Lt Col John Grumbles Mr. David R. Grun Mr. R. W. Grunewald Mr. Jerry Grzan Mr. Mark A. Grzenia Mr. Timothy S. Grzywinski Mr. David L. Gschwind Mr. Raymond J. Guarino Col Joseph T. Guastella, USAF [Ret] Mr. L. J. Guerin Mr. Clayton J. Guest Mr. Litton Wayne Guillory Bob and Eileen Guin Mr. William Guisewite Mr. George H. Guist Mr. Robert E. Gulledge Mr. Henry C. Gullett Mr. Russell D Gunder Mr. Daniel L Gunder Mrs. Ruthellen Gunning Maj William H Guoan, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Wm L. Gustafson Mr. Butch Guthrie Lt Col Gerald Guthrie (Ret) Mr. J. A. Gutierrez Mr. Armando Gutierrez Mr. Frank M. Guydan Mr. Curtis Gwaltney Mr. Austin Gwilt Mr. Ralph T. Gwinn Mr. Thomas W. Haag Mr. Robert E Haak, Sr. Mr. Donald Haap Mr. Leslie T. Haar Col Matt Haber Mr. Todd Hackbarth Mr. Joe Haddix Ms. Helen Hadix Mr. Jess Haelen Mr. Karl Haeuser Mr. James W Hagemann Mr. Robert L. Hagenbaugh Mr. Richard Hager Mr. James W. Hagey Mr. Neil Haglund Mr. Paul W Hahn Mr. John W Hahn Mr. Richard C. Hahn Ms. Carol Hailey Ms. June E Haines Mr. David S. Hake Mr. Sandy A. Hale Mr. Lorne D. Hall Mr. Charles L. Hall Jr. Brig Gen Ed Y. Hall Mr. Wallace R. Hall Mr. Dan Hall Mr. Dann H. Hall Mr. Sky Hall Col Truman C Hall, USAF (Ret) Mr. Billy Hall Mr. Bruce W. Hall Mr. Richard Hallion Mr. E J Halter Mr. Andrew D. Halverson Mr. Donald G. Ham Mr. Stephen Ham Mr. Maurice D. Hamilton Mr. John G. Hamilton Ms. Amy Hamilton Mr. Robert S. Hammack Mr. Richard W. Hammer Mr. David Hammer CMSgt Jermiah Hammond Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael D. Hampshire Mr. David G. Hampshire


Lt Col John P. Hampshire, USAF (Ret) Mr. Christian Hampson Mr. Mike Hampton Mr. Jeffrey Hamrick Mr. Jack D. Hamsher, USAF (Ret) Mr. Mark Hancock Ms. Stacie Hand Mrs. Paula Hands Mr. Donald W. Hanes Mr. Ted Hanfelder Maj Patrick Hanford Mr. John Hank Lt Fiske Hanley, USAF (Ret) Mr. Charles F. Hanley Ms. Joan S. Hanna Mr. Thomas M. Hanna Ms. Patricia Hanning - Dabbs Mr. Carl Hansen Mr. Don A. Hansen Mr. David Hansen & Family Mr. Eric Hansen Mr. Larry A Hansen Lt Col Kenneth L Hanson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Donald B. Hanson Mr. Stanley L. Hanson Mr. Gary Hanson Mr. Robert E Hanson Mr. Michael Hanson Mr. Carl Harbfield Mr. Elmer W. Harbron Mrs. Winifred H. Harden Mr. Monnie Harden MSgt Harold L Harden, USAF (Ret) Mr. Delbert Hardiman Mr. Stan Hardman Mr. D’Angelo Hardy Mr. Bruce Hargis Mr. John Hargrave Mr. Howard W Harman Mr. Richard A. Harman Mr. Keith Harmer Maj N. D. Harmon Ms. Jodi Harmon Mr. W. Andrew Harner Lt Col Ron Harner, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lee Harney Mr. W Alan Harnish Mr. Rafael Haro Col Douglas Harper Mr. Robert F. Harper Mr. Don Harreld Mr. Dough Harried Mr. Richard Harriman Mr. George J. Harrington Mr. Maynard H. Harris Mr. John J. Harris

Mr. and Mrs. George H Harris Mr. E Dev Harris Mr. Jeffrey J. Harris Mr. Andy Harris Mr. Mark Harris Mr. Juwone Harris Mr. Brad Harris Mr. & Mrs. Lacy Harris Mr. Richard Harris Brig Gen Stayce D. Harris, USAFR Mr. Bryce Harris Dr. Bill Harrison Mr. Bruce V. Harrison Mr. James B. Harry Mr. Nathan Harshman Mr. Walter Harshman Mr. Avery L. Hart Mr. Donald J. Hart Mr. Alan G. Hart Mr. Paul Hart Brig Gen James W. Hart, (Ret) Mrs. Robert F. Harter Lt Col Roger D Hartman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Charles Hartman Mr. Kirby T. Hartman Mr. Richard A. Hartness Ms. Patti Hartung Mr. John E Hartwell Lt Col John J. Harty Mr. Fred A. Harvell Mr. Neal A. Harvey Mr. Robert L. Harwell Mr. David Hascall Mr. James A. Hash Mr. Zubair Hashmi Mr. Norman C. Hass Mr. Norman F. Hassertt Mr. Jeffery S Hastings Tom and Sharon Hatch Mr. Charles Hatcher MSgt Randall C Hatem, USAF [Ret] Mr. Todd Hatley & Family Mr. Marvin Haubach Mr. Robert Hauck Mr. Melvin Hauf Mr. William F. Haupt Mr. Bob Hauser Mr. Robert L. Hausfeld Mr. Stephen R. Havas Mr. Nelson Havel Mr. Allen E. Haveman Jr. Mr. Timothy M. Havens Sr. Lt Col Richard L. Haviland Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Paul R. Having Mr. David R. Hawes

Ms. Judith Hawk Mr. Gene Hawkins Mr. Benjamin D. Hawkins Mr. Brent Hawkins Mr. Harry E. Hawkins Ms. Anna M. Hawkins Mr. Lawrence Hawkins Mr. Raymond S Hawks Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Haybarker Mr. Steve M. Haydu Mr. Raymond D Hayes Mr. John Hayes Ms. Lura Hayes Mr. Alan Hayes Mr. Kenneth C. Hayes Sr. Col Norman L. Hayes Mr. Stephen M. Haynes Mr. Kervyn Hays CMS Jack Hays, (Ret) Mr. Ronald L. Hays SMSgt Richard Hazelwood, USAF (Ret) Mr. Henry E. Head Ms. Eileen Healey Mr. Edwin Healy Mr. John A. Heath Mr. Christopher Heather Mr. Timothy P. Heather Mr. Thomas S. Heck Mr. James L. Heck Mr. Jim Heckendorn Mr. Robert H. Heckthorn Mr. Almer Hedges Mr. Andrew T. Heelen Mr. Gene Heeren Mr. Michael J Hefner Dr. Roy W. Heidicker Mr. Ron C. Heiert Mr. Earl W. Heikkila Mr. Michael G. Heilman Mr. John L. Hein Sr. Mr. Ray Heinrich Mr. Richard J. Heintzman Mr. Frederick J. Heinzen Jr. Mr. Reavis R. Heiskell, Sr. Mr. August Heisler Mr. Kurt Heiss Lt Col Harry E. Heist, USAF (Ret) Mr. Tim Heist Mr. William A Helden Ms. Mary J. Helfrich Mr. Craig Heller Mr. Stuart S. Heller Mr. Anders C. Hellstrom Jr. Mr. Lloyd Helms Mr. Johny R. Helton Mr. William C. Helvey

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Robert D. Hemingway Mr. Richard P Hempel Mr. Christian F Hempelmann Mr. & Mrs. David Henderson Mr. Phil Henderson Mr. Kreig Henderson III Lt Col Shane Henderson, USAF Mr. James R. Henderson Lt Col Jerry Hendrickson Mr. Mark Hendrix Mr. Robert Henn Mr. Tim Hennessy Mr. John W Hennigar Mr. Bernard Henning Mr. Park Henninger Mr. Dennis C. Henry Mr. Daniel D. Henry Mr. George T Henry Mr. Wesley B. Henry Mr. Noel Henschen Mr. Ulrich Hensellek Mr. Larry A. Hensley Mr. Richard D. Hensley Dr. Gregory A. Hensley Mr. Cort Hepner Ms. Mary Lou Herbeck Mr. David A Herbert Mr. Jerry Herbert Mr. Mark Herbster Mr. Jack D. Hergenrather Mr. John M. Hermann Mr. Larry Hermansen Mr. Nelson Hernandez Mr. Ernest C. Herndon Jr. Mr. John W Herrberg Mr. Robert J. Herring Mr. Fred Herrmann Mr. Larry E. Herron Mr. Leonard Herron Mr. Paul W. Hershner The Hertel Family Mr. Bruce A. Hertz Mr. Terrence J. Hertz Lt Col Stanley J. Herzinger Mr. William R. Herzler Mr. Seymour Hesh Mr. Paul M. Hesler Jr. Mr. Allen K Hess Mr. Allan Hess Mrs. Barbara A. Hess Mr. Earl Hewett Mr. Richard W. Hewitt LTC David Hiatt, USA (Ret)

Mr. Len Hibbard Mr. Melvin A. Hibbard Mr. Walter G. Hickman Mr. Irvin V Hickok Ms. Shirley Hicks Mr. Joseph G. Hicks Mr. Arthur E. Hicks Mr. Stephen Hicks Mr. Robert Hicks Don and Sue Higgerson Mr. James A. Higgins Mr. Harold L. Higgs Mr. Shane Highsmith Mr. John Hilbert Mr. & Mrs. John Hildebrand Col Jack Hildreth Mr. Gordon E. Hileman Mr. Charles B. Hill Mr. John C Hill Mr. Richard C. Hill Mr. Richard E. Hill Mr. Jeff Hill MSgt Michael L. Hill Mr. Craig Hill Mr. Chuck Hill Mr. Robert Hill Mr. Donald Hill Mr. David Hill Mr. James D. Hill Mr. Lee Hillard Mr. George M Hillenbrand II Mr. Jack S. Hiller Col Dennis Hilley, USAF [Ret] Mrs. Jack B. Hilliard Mr. Ken Hilliard Mr. David Hillman Mr. David Hills Mr. John Hilton Mr. Donald A Hilts Mr. Richard M. Hilvers Mr. James A. Himes Maj David A. Himmelstein Mr. Henry Hinckley Mr. Leon Hineman Mr. Jack M. Hinkle Col James M Hinkle, USAF (Ret) Ms. Ann Hinrichs Mr. Randall P Hinshaw Mr. Gerald R. Hinshaw Mr. Steven R. Hinten Mr. George L. Hipp Reverend Roy E. Hiser, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gerald F. Hitch Col Robert E. Hite Jr. Mr. Tim Hladik Mr. Kevin Hlava

Mr. Benton K. Hoak SMSgt David G. Hoban, USAF (Ret) David and Christy Hobbs Mr. William P. Hockenberry Mr. Randy Hockenberry Dr. B. K. Hodge Mr. Clarence Hodges Mr. Edmund W. Hoelker Jr. Ms. Gwen Hoendorf Mr. Richard W. Hoerle Mr. Herman J. Hoernschemeyer Mr. William L. Hoey Mr. Duane Hoff Mr. Marion C. Hoffman Mr. Kent Hoffman Mr. Michael V. Hoffman Mr. Alan B Hoffman Mr. Stephen Hoffman Mr. Frederick Hofmann Lt Col Raymond Hofner, (Ret) Mr. Tom Hogenkamp Mr. Mike Hoggard TSgt Bobby Hogue Mr. Raymond Hohlt Mr. Steven R. Hohn Mr. William J. Hohns Mr. Harold W Holady Mr. James C. Holbrook Mr. Dudley C. Holbrook Mr. Daniel L Holcomb Mr. Norman Holden Mr. Robert T Holecek Mr. Rolfe Holkesvik Mr. Michael D. Holland Mr. Ben Holland Mr. John E. Holland II Ms. Marilyn P Holland Mr. Russell P. Holland Mr. Ron Holland Maj Gen Ralph T. Holland, (Ret) Mr. Frank Holland Mr. Alan Hollatz Mr. Robert Hollenbaugh Mr. Roger E. Hollenbaugh Mr. Bob Holler Mr. Jack Holliday Mr. Howard P. Hollinger Mr. Lew Hollinger Mr. Sheldon A. Hollopeter Mr. Robert D Holm II Mr. Kirk Holman Mr. Eric Holman Mr. Ronnie L. Holmes Mr. Bill Holmes Mr. James Holmes 2d Lt Marl Holmstream

MSgt (Ret) Ralph B. Holness Mr. James Holovacs MSgt A. P. Holtman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Chris Holtorf Mr. Barton Holtz Mr. James C. Holverstott Mr. Glenn Hom Dr. Eleanor Homisak Mr. Orville E Hommert Mr. James Honeycutt Mr. Anthony P. Hoog Mr. Joseph D. Hooker Mr. Joseph D. Hooker Mr. Jim Hooker Mr. Rick Hooker MSgt Robert W. Hootman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Walter Hoover Mr. Ray Hoover Mr. Larry C. Hopkins Dr. Bruce J. Hopkins, M.D. Mr. Stephen Hopkins Col Allen B. Hoppe Mr. Robert E. Horel Lt Col Frederick P Horky, USAF [Ret] Mr. Richard W. Horm Maj Edward W. Horn Mr. Brent Horn Mr. Dennis A. Hornberger Mr. & Mrs. William Horne Mr. Martin G. Hornek Mr. John Hornek Mr. Wm G. Hornung Mr. Wayne Horsley Mr. Tom Horstman Mr. Albert C. Hoschna Mr. Frank W. Hose Mr. James Host Mr. Robert W Hotaling Mr. Paul N. Hotinger Mr. Kevin E. Houck Mr. Anthony Houle Mr. Tim Houlihan Mr. David A Houlihan & Family Mr. Don M. House CW5 Craig J. Houser Mr. Jack H. Houston Mr. Wayne Houtler Mr. Bill Hovanec Mr. L. E. Hovland Mr. Charles Howald Mr. James M. Howard Mr. Marc Howard Mr. Philip D. Howard Mr. Greg Howard Mr. Matthew Howard Dr. David L. Howard


Mr. Brian K. Howard Mr. Mark Howard Mr. James Howe MSgt David K. Howells Mr. Greg Howes Mr. Norman Howlett Col Ralph A Hoyt, USAF (Ret) Maj Frank C Hoyt, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert J Hozeska Mr. Alex Hrapunov Ms. Linda M. Hrenko Mr. George Hronek Mr. Edward Hsi, MD Mr. Keith Hubbard Mr. David Hubbs Mr. Earl A. Hubbuch Mr. Robert E Huber Mr. Paul S. Huber Mr. Joseph Huber Mr. Gary D. Huber Mr. Robert T. Huck Mr. William B Huckabay Mr. Richard L. Huckstep Mr. Robert M Hudak Mr. George M. Hudson Mr. Paul Hudson Mr. Jerome A. Hudson Maj John Huefner Mr. Kristopher M. Huelsman Mr. Ned Huesman Ms. Carol Huey Mr. Steven A Huff Sr. Mr. Daniel Huff Mr. Harold D. Hughes Mr. Michael Hughes Mr. Charles E. Hughes Lt Col Michael Hughes, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kevin Hughes & Family Mr. Richard T. Hughes Mr. Dennis Hughes Ms. Jen Hughes Mr. William Hughes Mr. David Hughston Col Vane Hugo Jr., (Ret) Mr. Dennis J. Hull Mr. Jay R. Hulmes Mr. Robert L. Hundemer Mr. Bruce Huneke Mr. Walter Hungerford Mr. Homer R. Hunt Mr. Howard J. Hunt Mr. Richard Hunt Mr. James R. Hunt Mr. Robert E. Hunter Mr. Dale Hunter Mr. Peter T. Hunter

Mr. Gayle Huntling Mr. Thomas Hunwardsen Col Richard M. Hurley, USAF (Ret) Brig Gen John A. Hurley Mr. Ernest J. Hurlimann SMSgt Richard Hurlock Col Charles R. Hurst, USAF (Ret) Mr. Claude P. Husband Sr. Lt Col Walter J. Hushak, USAFR Mr. Robert J. Huston Mr. D. K. Hutcheson CMSgt Mark C. Hutchinson Mr. John C. Hutchinson Mr. Leo Hutton Mr. C. E. Hybl Mr. John Hyland Mr. Kimball Y Ibrahim Rex Ice Mr. Kevin D. Idarius Brig Gen Richard Idzkowski, (Ret) Mr. John F. Iezzi MSgt Judy L Iglesias Mr. Mustafa Ilgin III Lt Col C. D. Imber Mr. Robert Immel Mr. Charles Ingersoll Lt Col Martin J. Ingram, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gerald R. Ingram Mr. David Ingrim Mr. Dan Ingrim Mr. John L Insprucker III Mr. Mark E. Ippolito Mr. Donald M. Ireland Ms. Barbara Isaacs Mr. Thomas Ischy Mr. Don F. Isern Ms. Doreen Isett Mr. Emil E. Ising Mr. Michael Isom Mr. Gordon A. Istenes Mr. Robert C. Ivey Mr. Dennis Ivey Mr. George J. Jackowski Jr. Mr. Michael H. Jacks Mr. Victor G Jackson Mr. E B Jackson Mr. Roland W Jackson Mr. Brian Jackson Mr. Allen W. Jackson Mr. Keith A. Jackson Mr. Charles Jackwood Mr. Cliff Jacobs Mr. John Jacobs Mr. Johnny Jacobs Mr. Harold Jacobs Mr. Edward Jacobs

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Scott Jacobs Mr. Jeffrey Jacobs Mr. Peter Jacobs Mr. Stephen E. Jacobson Mr. Mark C Jacobson Mr. Gerald Jaegle Mr. Alan Jaffee Mr. David A Jaggie Mr. Robert James Mr. Lloyd James Lt Col Charles M. James, USAF (Ret) Mr. Stanley E James, USAF (Ret) Mr. Chester Janis Mr. Ed Janz Mr. Robert Jaques Mr. Charles G. Jarrells Mr. James A. Jarvis Mr. Alan Jarvis Mr. Donald L. Jay Mr. David J. Jean Mr. Joe A Jefferis Maj Carl F. Jelichek, USAF (Ret) Mitch and Sara Jellison Mr. John Jenkins Mr. Wayne Jenkins Mr. Ronald Jenkins Mr. Favor Jenkins Mr. Ellis Jennings Mr. James Jenny Ms. Patricia J. Jensen Mr. James Jensen Ms. Yeong Hwa Jeong Mr. Gerald L. Jeppe Col G William Jernigan, USAF Mr. Franklin D. Jervis Mr. Christen M. Jespersen Col Bob Jessup, (Ret) Mr. John D. Jessup Mr. Eugene Jeunelot Mr. Charles D. Jewell Mr. Gary Jinks Mr. Richard N. Jobelius Mr. Alfred W. Joensen Col William A. Johansen, USAF (Ret) SMSgt John D. Johanson, (Ret) Mr. Chuck Johns Mrs. J. R. Johnson Lt Col Earl E. Johnson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Otis H. Johnson Jr. Mr. Donald B Johnson SMSgt H. W. Johnson, USAF [Ret] Ms. Alescia M. Johnson Mr. David E. Johnson

Mr. Robert J Johnson Mr. Milton W. Johnson Daniel and Bradley Johnson Mr. James R. Johnson Mr. Leslie M. Johnson Mr. Roy C. Johnson Mr. Louis Thomas Johnson Mr. Nigel Johnson Mr. Andrew J. Johnson Mr. John C. Johnson Mr. Kent Johnson Mr. Emmett F. Johnson Mr. John A. Johnson Mr. John Neil Johnson Mr. Charles Johnson Mr. Patrick Johnson Mr. Jerry Johnson Mr. Craig Johnson Mr. Robert Johnson Mr. Heath Johnson Mr. E. Keith Johnson Mr. Troy Johnson Mr. Ben Johnson Mr. Jerry Johnson Mr. Roger N. Johnson Mr. Russell G Johnson Mr. Dennis Johnson Mr. Ernest Johnson Mr. Robert Lee Johnson CMSgt Daniel L. Johnson, (Ret) Mr. Bradley D. Johnson Mr. Richard R. Johnson Mr. Allen Johnson Mr. Roger Johnson Mr. Robert S Johnston Mr. James L. Johnston Col Robert A. Johnston Jr., (Ret) Mr. William W. Johnston Mr. Bruce H. Johnston Mr. William M. Johnston Mr. Thomas M. Johnston Ms. Rebecca Johnstone Maj J. Frank Jones Mr. Wilfred D. Jones Mr. William B. Jones Mr. Harold E. Jones Mr. Albert L Jones Dr. Douglas E. Jones Mr. George W. Jones Mr. Robert Jones Mr. Harold T. Jones Mr. Wayne Jones Mr. Harvey Jones Mr. Robert L. Jones Mr. Robert W. Jones Mr. Lowell Jones

Mr. Terry Jones Maj William F. Jones, (Ret) Mr. Burton B. Jones Mr. Jason Jones Mr. Robert Jones Mr. Clarence M Jones Mr. Steve Jones Mr. Lucius Jones Mr. Eric Jones Lt Col Donald G Jones, USAF [Ret] Mr. Jim Jones Mr. Danny A. Jones Mr. Patrick F. Jones Mr. Robert M. Jones Mr. William E Jones Mr. Joseph P Jones Lt Col Nathan Jones, USAF (Ret) Maj Robert H. Jones Mr. Douglas Jones Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Jordan Mr. Ted Jordan Mr. Ray Jordan Mr. Lennon Jordan Ms. Jan J. Jordan Mr. Gordon Jordanoff Mr. Edward J. Jorski Jr. Lt Col Edward H. Josephson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Theodore B Jouget CMSgt William J. Joy, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lowell Joyce Mr. Byron Joyce Mr. Arlen & Carol Juergens TSgt Robert B. Juhler, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ron Julian Mr. Richard A. Jung Dr. Louis Jungheim Mr. Mildslav Jungmann Mr. Michael D. Jurasko Mrs. Robert W. Jurgensen Col Edward A Jurkens, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard Justis Mr. Randy C. Justus Mr. Kenneth P Kaczynski Mr. Robert G. Kaderabek Mr. Wm A Kaepplinger Mr. George R. Kaiser Mr. Michael Kaiserman Mr. Andy Kalayta Mr. Jeffery L. Kalebain Mr. Neil Kalfas Mr. George Kalinowski Mr. Stanley J. Kalinski Maj Jim Kalis, USA (Ret) Mr. Elias Kallis Mr. Roger Kaltenbach Mr. Robert P Kaltenmark


Mr. Scott Kaluf Mr. Gary C. Kamerer Mr. Robert J Kaminski Mr. Charles Kamm Mr. John O Kamstra Mr. Stan Kandebo TSgt Robert Kanktree Ms. Delorres E Kapluck CMSgt William Karaste Mr. Joey Karbowiak Mr. Walter R. Karda Mr. Timothy E Kardatzke Mr. Don Karges Lt Col Paul Kari, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard Karlitskie Mr. Donald G. Karnes Mr. Edward W. Karp Mr. Joseph Karpowicz SSG Mark A Karraker, USA (Ret) Ms. Lucy Karslake Mr. Harvey Kasinoff Mr. Robert Kasprzak Mr. Johnny Kassieh Mr. Jack Katchmarik Col Jeffrey W. Katz, USAF (Ret) Mr. Mike Kaufhold James & Sandra Kauppila Mr. James Kay Jr. Mr. William D. Kaylor Mr. Matt Kaylor Mr. Dave Kazmierczak Mr. Lawrence Kaznecki Mr. Brett Kear Mr. Dennis R Keating Mr. William C. Keck Mr. Derrick A Keck Mr. Lawrence D. Keck Mr. Donald R. Keebaugh Mr. James E. Keely Mr. Michael Keeney Mr. Aubrey Keeter Mr. Jim Keever Mr. Richard Keifer MSgt Michael Keith, USAF (Ret) Mr. Arlyn Keith Mr. David Keith Mr. Hubert J. Keller Mr. Stanley C. Keller Mr. Gerald V Keller Mr. John R. Keller Ms. Dianne Keller Lt Col L. E. Keller Mr. Dan Keller John Keller Mr. Larry Kelley Mr. Randy R Kelley

Mr. Emerson J. Kellogg Mr. Brian Kelly Col Dana Kelly, (Ret) Mr. Ryan Kelly Mr. Ronald P. Kelly Mr. Howard Kelsey Mr. Donald E. Kemendo Mr. Richard E Kemmer Mr. Gerald Kemp Mr. Carroll M. Kemp Mr. Philip J Kemp Mr. Brian Wm. Kempton Col David Kenagy Mr. John Kendall Mr. James J. Kendall Col Andrew W. Kendall, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Charles Kenerley Mr. Dennis Kennedy Mr. Craig L. Kennedy Mr. James Kennedy Mr. John G Kennedy Mr. Robert M. Kennedy Ms. Heather Kennedy Mr. Richard Kennedy CMSgt Murdock I. Kennedy, USAF [Ret] Mr. Paul Kennedy Mr. Richard L. Kennedy Mr. James R. Kennedy Mr. Dale E. Kenney Mr. Robert H Kenney Mr. Tom Kenney Mr. John S. Kenny Mr. Brian M. Kent Mr. Donald Kepler Mr. Donald G Kepler Mr. Kenneth L Kerch Mr. Richard M. Kerestan Mr. Richard Kerger Mr. Gerald R. Kern Mr. Craig S. Kern Mr. Paul Kern Mr. Richard Kern Jr. Mr. William Kerns Mr. Joel Kerschen & Family Mr. John C. Kerstetter Mr. Henry Keskula Col Gavin Ketchen, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth Kever Capt Chuck Kevghas Mr. Robert Key Mr. Thomas E Keyes Mr. John E. Keys Lt Col William J. Keyser Mr. Howard Keyton Anita Y. Khalap Ms. Marlene Khoury

Mr. & Mrs. R. K. Kibbe Mr. Robert M. Kidd Mr. W. G. Kidd Mr. Andrew S. Kididis Mr. Ed Kienle Mr. Bernie Kienow Mr. Robert E. Kiesel Mr. Alfred E Kifer Mr. Larry C. Kijak Mr. James V. Kilbane Mr. L David Kiley Mr. Mark Killen Mr. Donald L. Killingsworth Mr. Leo F Kimminau Mr. & Mrs. Jack R. Kincade Mr. Andrew Kincaid Lt Col Lawrence W. Kinch, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert A. Kincses Col Richard Kind, (Ret) Mr. Lonnie L. Kinder Mr. Ken Kindler Mr. Ronald Kindt Mr. Kenneth L. Kiner Mr. Michael K. King Mr. John M. King Mr. Barry A. King Mr. Robert P. King Mr. Tom King Mr. Carl H. King Mr. Patrick J. King Mr. Tom King Mr. Billy King Mr. Vernon P King Mr. Robert King Mr. Chris Kingma Mr. David R. Kingman Mr. Richard H. Kingsbury Mr. Robert A. Kingsbury Mr. Charles C. Kingston Mr. Dennis F Kinney Mrs. Sue Kinney Mr. Thomas R. Kinninger Mr. Arthur D. Kinser Capt Richard Kipp Mr. Philip Kiraly Mr. Don H. Kirby Mr. Norm Kirby Mr. Thomas J. Kirk Mr. Richard L. Kirk Mr. R L Kirkpatrick John and Donna Kissane Mr. Steve Kissinger Mr. Donald O Kitterman Mr. Saul N Kitz Mr. Frank J. Klar Mr. Dean L Kleffman

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Edward Kleibusch Mr. & Mrs. William Klein Mr. Jerry Klein Mr. Ronald Klein Mr. Kerry A. Klein Mr. Charles Klenovich Jr. Mr. James Klimesh Mrs. Tom Klimp Mr. Michael Kline Mr. Steven Kline Mr. Anthony Kloc Mr. Glenn W. Klotz Lt Col William Kluesner, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Frank Knaack Mr. Mark Knapp Mr. Ed Knappenberger, Sr. Mr. Michael C. Kneflin Mr. Ed Knight Ms. Kay Knight Mr. Michael Knilans Mr. Robert P. Knobel Mr. William Bryan Knott Ms. Sara R. Knox Mr. Bryan H. Knuth Mr. Dennis G. Knutson Bill and Marian Knutzen Mr. John Koar Mr. Edward F Kobel Mr. John W. Kober Mr. Richard F. Kobylak Mr. Michael D Koch Mr. Ronald J Kochevar Richard and Mary Louise Koehl Mr. Richard Koehnen Mr. Don Koenig Ms. Joyce Koesters Mr. Richard H. Kogler Mr. Milt Kohl Mr. Leo J Kohn Mr. Clarence W. Kohring Mr. Paul Kolars Mr. H. S. Koller Mr. Jeffrey A. Kollesser Michael and Kathy Kolls Mr. Roland H. Kolman Mr. Joseph A. Komblevicz Mr. Richard L Kon Mr. Lynn H. Koons Mr. Jeffrey A Koonz Mr. Wayne Kopp Mr. Robert Koptis Mr. Thomas Kornbau Mr. Frederick W. Korner

Mr. Axel Kornfuehrer Mr. Joe Korotie Mr. Herman V. Korte Mr. Richard P. Kosicki Mr. Wallace J. Kosinski Dr. Michael Kosinski M.D. Mr. Paul Koskela Mr. Michael T Kosloske Mr. Bobby J. Koster Mr. Angelo Koukoulis Mr. Roy Kouski Mr. Christopher R Kovach Lt Col John A. Kovacs, USAF (Ret) Dr. Brian W. Kowal TSgt Robert Kowalsky Mr. Anthony J. Koziol Jr. Mr. Michael Koziupa Mr. Andrew J. Kozlowski Mr. Robert M Krager Mr. Jordan Kraly Mr. Jack W. Kramer Mr. James R. Kramer Mr. Walter A. Krankemann Ph.D. Mr. James Krasnicki Mr. Arthur F Kraus Mr. Jeffrey Krause Mr. Charles K Krause Jr. Mr. Malcolm Krauss Ms. Susan Kraynak Lt Col Alvin E. Krebs Jr. Mr. Darrell and Mrs. Arlene Krebs Mr. Robert Krenz Mr. Albert Kretz Mr. Donald R Kricho Mr. Steven R Krick Mr. Matt Krieg Mr. Phillip Kriley Mr. Roger J Krings Mr. Roger Krolak Mr. George J. Krom Mr. Michael B Kromeke Mr. Linden Krouskop Mr. Mervin Krueger Mr. Gil Krueger Mr. Lewis W. Kruger Mr. Harold R Kruitbosch Jr. Ms. Jacquelyn Krull Mr. Lawrence Krupianik Mr. W F Kubarewicz MSgt Ben Kubesh, USAF (Ret) Mr. William Benton Kubicki Mr. Will Kubina Mr. John A. Kuborn Mr. Leroy Kubuske Mr. Donald L. Kuck Mr. James R Kuehl

Mr. Daniel Kuehl Mr. Todd Kuehn Col Greg Kuehner, USAF [Ret] Ms. Judy Kuethe Mr. Dan Kuffel Mr. Bill Kuhar Ms. Joanne Kuhl David and Gertrud Kuhl Lt Col Warren E. Kuhlber, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Kuhlberg Mr. Albert A. Kuhn Mr. Wes Kuhn Mr. Allan F Kulikowski Mr. and Mrs. Kummet Mr. George M. Kunsman Sr. Mr. David R. Kuntz Mr. Don C. Kunz Mr. Michael Kurtz Mr. Steve Kurtz Mr. Richard B. Kurz Jr. Mr. John W Kurzeja Mr. Thomas Kuss Mr. Ron Kuta Mr. and Mrs. David Kutz Ms. Louise Kutz Mr. Peter Kuykendall Mr. Kenneth M Kwiatkowski Mr. John A. Kyle Mr. Reginald W. Kyle Maj Wm A. La Barbera, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joe LaBarba Mr. Andrew Labosky Jr. Maj Daniel I Labowitz [Ret] Mr. Paul B LaBute Mr. John H. Lacey Mr. Eugene P Lackey Mr. W. C. Lackey Mr. Donald K. Lacrone Vicky and Gil Lacson Mr. David H. Lafferty Mr. Leon M. Lafrance Mr. Ivan Lagerstam Mr. George A Lagerstam Mr. John Lahood Mr. David F. Lahrman Jack and Carol Lake Lt Col Robert M. Lally Mr. Clarence D. Lamar Mr. Robert H. Lamb Mr. James Lambert OD Mr. Don Lamberton Mrs. Norma Lamicella Lt Col Denny Lammlein, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph G. Lancello Mr. Scott P Land Col Robert B. Landino

Mr. David M. Landow Mr. Ronald R. Landrum Mr. Barney M. Landry Mr. Douglas A. Lane Mr. David Langdon Mr. Denis K. Lange Mr. H. Woodie Lange Mr. Bruce Langerlan Mr. Joseph Langhauser Mr. Jerry C. Langston Mr. Kenneth Laninga Mr. Davie Lankford Mr. Earl R. Lanning Mr. Mark A. Lanterman Mr. John Lantz Ms. Rosemary Lapierre Mr. Brian A. Lapthorn Mr. Ivan Lara Mrs. Sharron Larbes MSgt Ewing H. Larby, USAF Ms. Linda Large-Conley Mr. Grady Larkins Mr. Raymond R. Larochelle Mr. Eric Larotoda Lt Col George A. Larson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Eric Larson Mr. Matt Larson Mr. Eric Larson Mr. Ron Lash Mr. Steve Lassos Mr. and Mrs. David C. Latham Mr. Roy Latham Mr. Robert Lathrop Mr. John L. Latsha Mr. Norbert C. Lauber Maj Peter Laudieri, USAF (Ret) Mr. Klaus R. Lauffer Mr. Fred Laughlin Mrs. Audrey J Laughlin Mr. John Scott Laughlin Capt Bruce A Laughlin Mr. Michael Laumakis Mr. Daniel LaValley Mr. Joseph B. Lavender Ms. Elizabeth Lavnick Mr. Charles C. Law Mr. Glenn Law Mr. Joe Lawrence Mrs. Melinda K. Lawrence Mr. D. E. Lawrence Mr. Omer Lawson Mr. Kenneth Lawson Mr. Carty S. Lawson Mr. Norman W. Lawson Jr. Mr. Dana R. Lawton Mr. Macy Layer


Mr. Robert Layton Mr.& Mrs. Don J. Leachman Mr. Russell Leaich Mr. Bill Lease CMSgt Charles Leath, USAF (Ret) Mr. Nolan Leatherman Mr. Gerald Lebeau Mr. Richard A Lebeau Mr. Stewart S. Leber Mr. Dennis A. Lechman Ms. Dorothy Lecker Col Walter P. Lee Ms. Pauline Lee Mr. Gary Lee Maj (Ret) Donald and Vicki Lee Mr. Tomm Lee Mr. John Richard Lee Mr. Julius K Lees Mr. Ralph Leffew Mr. Larry Legge Mr. Lee Legrande CDR L. G. Lehecka, USNR (Ret) Mr. Bruce W. Lehman Mr. Edward Lehman Mr. Jerry Lehnert Mrs. Eylona Leifer Mr. Charles W. Leist Mr. Warren W. Leitch Mr. James A. Leiter Mrs. Sharon K Lemanek Mr. William Lemieux Mr. John Lemieux Mr. & Mrs. Ray A Lemmons SMSgt Ruben J. Lemons, USAF (Ret) Lt Col John P. Lenes, (Ret) Mr. James L. Lenihan Ms. Kimberly Leonard Mr. George S Leone Mr. Ronald W. Leong Mr. Bruce M. Lepard Mr. Samuel B. LePore Mr. James F. Leslie Mr. R. Conrad Leslie Mr. David Lessick Col Raymond H. Lessig, USAF [Ret] Mr. John F. Lethert Mr. Jon Letzkus Mr. Edward F. Leva Mr. Art Levandowski Mr. Bruce Levy Pastor Richard D. Lewandoski Mr. Thomas L. Lewandowski Mr. Jerry Lewis Mr. Thomas E. Lewis Mr. Michael Lewis Ron and Amy Lewis

Mr. John D. Lewis Mr. Tod Lewis Ms. Ashley Lewis Mr. David Lewis Ms. Robyn Lewis Mr. Colin Lewis Mr. Bennie Lewis Mr. Phil Lewis Mr. Kenneth Lewis Mr. Ronald Lewis Mr. Gary R. Lewis Mr. Ernest M. Ley Mr. William Y Li Mr. Harold C. Libert Mr. Kenneth Licata Mr. James V. Liddle Mr. James B. Liddle Mr. Richard J. Lieb Ms. Pamela Liedtka Mr. Kelvin Liggins Mr. John L. Light Mr. Richard S. Lightner Lt Col Brian Lihani Mr. Jason Likens Mr. Damien Liles Mr. Jerry Limbacher Mr. Richard O Lind Mr. Jeffrey Lind Col Stephen W Lind USMC [Ret] Mr. Keith Lindahl Mr. Marvin Lindamood Mr. Louis C. Lindeman Mr. Steven Lindeman Mr. Ed Lindenmuth MSgt Roy S. Linder, USAF (Ret) Mr. Carl Linderson Mr. Lyle T Lindsay Mr. Bruce D. Lindsay Mr. Kail Linebrink Mr. Harmon W Ling Ms. Marsha Linghati Mr. John Linihan Mr. Wesley E Link Jr. Mr. David Link Mr. Dan Link Brig Gen Brad Link Mr. Jeffrey E. Linkous Mr. John Linneman Dr. John R. Linscott, M.D. Mr. Gregory D Lippert Mr. Al Lippman Mr. Richard Lipsinsky Mr. Joseph A. Lipsky Mr. George A Liptak Mr. Albert M. Lisko Jr. Mr. Vincent J. Liss

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. George E. Liston Mr. Theodore R. Litak Mr. Glen H Litke Mr. Robert Little Col Lowell P Little Jr., USAFR (Ret) Dr. Ronald Litvak Maj Michael Litz Mr. Jeffrey G. Livermore Ms. Katherine Livingston Mr. Alec Livingston Mr. Bedy R. Lizza Ms. Joan M. Lloyd Mr. Bill Lloyd Col Harold C. Lloyd Jr., (Ret) Mr. Mark A. Lobbezoo Mr. Leon Lock Mr. Harry Lockaby Mr. Thomas A. Locker Mr. Brian Lockett Ms. Susan Lockhart Mr. Dan Lockwitz Mr. Kenneth O. Loechner Mr. Gerald T Loeffler Mr. Michael Loefstedt Mr. Joseph A. Loehr Mr. Robert G. Loewy Mr. Gerald I. Loftus Mr. Dan Logar Mr. Timothy S. Logemann Mr. Camillo Logiudice Mr. Gary Logsdon Mr. James Lohmiller Mr. Frank E. Loiacono CMS David E. Lokey, (Ret) Mr. Jack Loless Mr. Michael Lomaka Mr. Paul London Capt Michael Loney Mr. Amos Long III, Mr. Mark W. Long Col Janice Long & Family MSgt William D. Long, USAF [Ret] Mr. Richard Long Mr. Harry H. Loomis Mr. King Loomis Mr. Andy Loose Mr. Cim Loose Mr. Oscar Lopez Mr. Oscar M. Lopez Mr. Craig Lord Mr. Earl Lord Mr. Frank Lord Mr. Dick Lordahl

Mr. Robert Lorenz Mr. Joseph Lorkowski Mr. Don R. Lorshbaugh Mr. Werner J. Losh MSgt William B. Lott, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert E. Louderback Mr. Donald R. Loudin Mr. Raymond H. Louis Mr. Terri Lovas Mr. William P. Love Mr. Oscar Mahlon Love Jr. Mr. Greg K. Love Maj Brooks W. Lovelace, USAF [Ret] Mr. R. D. Lovell Sr. Mr. Dick Lovell Mr. Robert Lovicz Mr. Errol K. Loving Mr. Carl Lovins Mr. Robert Low Mrs. Sara Jane Lowe Mr. James S. Lowe Mr. James R. Lowry Mr. Edward S Lowy Mr. Chris Lozier Mr. Dennis H Lucas Mr. John P. Lucas Mr. Dean E. Luce Mr. David Luckhaupt Mr. Joe Lucsko Mr. Joseph F Ludrosky Mr. Robert Ludt Mr. William Ludwig Mr. Charles A. Ludy Mr. Leonard E. Lueder Mr. John F. Lugibill Mrs. Caroline N. Luhta Mr. John A. Lukacs III Mr. Bill Luke Mr. Jahn A. Luke Mr. Al Lukowitz Mr. Thomas D. Lund Mr. Homer D. Lundy Mr. Robert Lusby Mr. Dave Luster Mr. Charles Lustig Mr. Donald E. Luther Mr. Richard E. Luthman Mr. William A. Luttrell Mr. Reed W Lutz Jr Mr. Gene Lynch Mr. Ralph Lynn Jr. Mr. David Lyon Mr. Robert Lyon Mr. Scott Lyon Mr. John J. Lyons Mr. Stanley B. Lyons

Mr. Larry W. Lyons Mr. & Mrs. Tom Lyons Mr. Stuart Maas Mr. Vincent Mabert Mr. William Mabrey Mr. Mark Macario Mr. Edward A. Macdermaid Mr. John W. MacDonald Mr. Briggs MacDonald Mr. Sherman Mace Mr. Jim Macenko Ms. Patricia Mach Mr. Kenny Machtolff Maj Gen Laurence Maciariello, [Ret] Mr. James MacIvor Mr. Richard E. Mack MSgt William T. Mackay, (Ret) Mr. Iain S. MacKenzie Mr. Ian MacLeod Mr. Charles E. MacNeill Mr. Paul Macvey Mr. Robert P. Madden Mr. George H. Madden Mr. Donald H. Maddox Mr. Robert L. Maddox Mr. Billy G. Madison Mr. Edward L. Madl Mr. Richard D Madson Mr. David B. Madwar Mr. Robert B. Maehr Mr. Grant L Magart Mr. Donal T. Magrane Mr. Frank E. Maguire Mr. James F. Mahaney Mr. Michael Maher Mr. Tim Mahl Ms. Marjorie Mahle Mr. Robert L Maier Mr. David E. Maier Lt Col Thomas G. Maier, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Mike Maier CAPT Gary Mailander, USN (Ret) Mr. Lucia Maillet Mr. Orville W. Main Mr. James E. Main Mr. Robert E. Mains Mr. I. A. Majo Mr. Aadil Majumdar Mr. William Makepeace Mr. Robert A. Makley Mr. Frank Malagarie Mr. George Malamatos Mr. Charles Malcolm Ms. Kelly Maley Ms. Sylvia Mallard Mr. Edmund H. Mallett


Mr. Glenn R Mallory Jr. MSgt Jerry L. Mallow Mr. Claude D. Malone Jr. Mr. Leo Malone Mr. W.T. Malone Dr. Patrick M. Malone Mr. Ed Maloney Mr. Albert A Maloney Mr. Wayne Malsch Ms. Marlene Malson Lt Col Louis J. Malucci, [Ret] Mr. William R. Manchester Jr. Mr. Samuel J Mancuso Mr. Ronald Mann Lt Col Donald W. Manor, USAF (Ret) Lt Gen LeRoy J. Manor, USAF [Ret] Mr. Duane Mantick Mr. Joe Mantz Richard O. Mapes Ms. Twyla Maple Mr. Taylor A Maras Mr. Abe Telmar Marchevsky Mr. Nicholas A. Marciano Mr. James Marcum Mr. Larry A. Marcus Mr. Louis C. Marello Mr. Jack Maresh Col Charles R. Margenthaler Ms. Claire V Mariani Mr. Kenneth A Marifke Mr. Paul R. Marion Mr. Paul H. Mark Mr. Wm Markgraf Mr. Tim Markham Mr. Alfred Markowitz Mr. James W. Marks Mr. Larry E Marks Capt Alan E Marks Mr. Bernard Marks Mr. Steve Marldvits Mr. Bryan W Marler Mr. Gregory T Marling Reverend Frank Maroney Mr. Michael J. Maroney Mr. Mark Maroscher Mr. Roger Marquard Mr. Charles B. Marquardt Mr. Domenick Marrgta Gen Robert T. Marsh Mr. C. Richard Marshall Jr. Mr. Ken Marshall Mr. Richard F. Marshall Mr. William A. Marshman Mr. John W. Marsicano Mr. Len Marsico Mr. Charles F. Marston

Mr. F. M. Martens Col Gordon L Martens Mr. Maxwell Marth Jerry Martin Mr. Jim Martin Mr. William E. Martin Mr. Alfred W Martin Mr. & Mrs. James Martin Mrs. Laura Martin Mr. Courtenay Martin Mr. Bryan Martin Mr. Allan E Martin Mr. Terry Martin Mr. Bill Martin Mr. Christopher Martin Mr. Bill Martin Mr. Thomas L. Martin Lt Col Charles F. Martin CAP Mr. Sergio Martinez Mr. David Martinez Mr. Joseph P. Martino Mr. Donnie Martino Mr. Joseph D. Martone Mr. Joe Marusin Mr. Alan C. Marvel Mr. Bruce Marxsen Mr. William L. Maserang Mr. Ken Mashima Mr. Henry E. Maslach Mr. Charles D Mason Lt Col Robert G. Mason Mr. Michael J. Masonis Lt Col Cyril Massar, USAF (Ret) Maj Robert Massarini, USAF (Ret) Mr. Steven Massengill Mr. John William Massie Lt Col Harry B. Massingill, USAF (Ret) Mr. Richard D. Mast SMSgt Constance S. Master Mr. Larry Mastin Jr. Mr. A. J. Mastrocesare Jr. Mr. Larry Mastroieni Mr. Charles E Masuga Mr. William A. Mata Lt Col Paul D. Mather, (Ret) Mr. William H. Mathern Jr. Mr. Noah J. Mathes Mr. John P Mathews Mr. Howard L. Mathews Gary Mathews Mr. Michael Mathis Mr. Thomas Mathy Mr. Bob Matlock Mr. Dennis M. Matlosz Mr. Karl W. Mattes Sr. Mr. Don Matthews

Mr. Frank Matthews Mr. Bruce J Matthies Mr. Ray Mattox Mr. Gordon C. Mattox Mr. John Matusiak Mr. Duane L. Maupin Jr. Mr. Thomas E. Maurer Mr. Lawrence Maxim Mr. Nicholas Maxson Mr. Michael Maxson Mr. Timothy Maxwell Mr. Paul D. May Mr. James May Mr. Mark May Mr. Gerald R. May Mr. Donald R. May Mr. Richard Maybaugh Mr. William E Mayer Mr. Joseph P. Mayer Jr Lt Col Thomas R. Mayhugh Sr. Mr. Robert W. Mayne Mr. Richard N. Mayne Mr. Donald R Mayo Mr. Ronald I. Mayo Mr. Ed Mayo Mr. Leland Mayo Mr. Steve Mayor Mr. Lu Mays Col Ken W Mays Mr. Brent L. Maze Mr. Roy Maze Mr. Gil Mazur Mr. Hugh Mc Clure Lt Col James L. McAfee, (Ret) Mr. Martin McAlwee Mr. Martin D. McAnally Mr. S. M. McAshan Mr. David M McAuliffe Mr. E. R. McBeath Jr. Mr. Gregory L. McBee Col R Y McBurney Mr. Raplee C. McBurney Mr. William D McCaa Jr. Lt Kyle McCabe, USAF Mr. James McCall Mr. J. A. McCann Mr. D. J. McCarriagher Mr. Francis L McCarter Mr. Mike McCarthy Mr. Michael McCarthy Mr. Gary L McCarty Mr. Michael McCasland CMSgt Bobby McCasland, (Ret) Mr. Paul F. McClain Col Ellis B. McClintick Mr. Dan McClish

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Jerry and Jan McCluer Mr. Duane McClung Mr. Joe W. McClure Col Roger E. McClure Mr. Patrick McCluskey Capt Perry McCollom USAF Mr. David McCollough Mr. John A. McCollum Mr. Fred N. McConnell Col Bruce McConnell, (Ret) Mr. Bobby D. McConnell Mr. Sherman R. McCoy Ryan and Lisa McCoy Mr. Shannon K McCoy Mr. R. M. McCracken Mr. Tanner McCreadie Mr. James Rick McCreary Mr. Terrence M. McCullough Mr. Wade G McCullough Mr. Fred McCullough Ms. Nancy McCumber Mr. Leonard McCune Mr. Joseph McCusker Maj Gen Clay T McCutchan, USAFR Mr. Edwin C. McDaniel Mr. William Rush McDonald Mr. Robert F. McDonald Mr. Richard S. McDonald Mr. James R. McDonald Michael and Virginia McDonald Mr. Paul McDonald Mr. Jerry W. McDonald Mr. John McDonough Mr. Wayne McDonough Mr. Pete McDonough Mr. David H. McDufford Maj Scott C. McElvain, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jack E. McEvoy Jr. Mr. Buryl L. McFadden Dr. John M. McFadden Mr. Robert McFall Mr. Martin McFarland Mr. James A McGarry Mr. Tom McGee Mr. Daniel T. McGeen Mr. Terrence O. McGowan Mr. Ronald T. McGrath Mr. John M. McGrath Mr. G. J. McGregor Mr. Russell L. McGuffey Col Edward K. McGuire Mr. David G. McHale Mr. Kevin C. McHugh

Mr. Sean McHugh Mr. Robert S. Mcilroy Mr. John Mcilvainmaris Mr. Val G McIntire Mr. Doug McIntyre Mr. Thomas N. McKee Mr. Ron McKelvey Mr. Jim McKenen Mr. Jack McKenna Mr. John I. McKenna Sr. Mr. Terry McKenzie Mr. Donald McKeown Ms. Lonna McKinley Mr. Mark A. McKinney Rick and Linda McKinney Mr. Lawrence W. McKnight Mr. Matt McKnight Mr. Thomas E. McKown Mr. David R. McLaren Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F McLaughlin Mr. Monte G. Mclean Mr. Michael McLendon Mr. David McMahan Monty and Brenda McMahan Col Richard C. McMahon, USAF (Ret) Dr. Margaret McMahon Mr. Matthew McManus Mr. Orville McMillen Mr. David L. McMillin CMS Bob G. McMullen Mr. James R. McNabb Mr. Frank P. McNamara Mr. Kevin McNamara Jr. Mr. Steven P McNicoll Brig Gen Linda McTague, USAF [Ret] Mr. Robert McVeigh Mr. Franklin H. McVicker Dr. John H. Mead Mr. Scott K. Mead Mr. Shaun Meadows Mr. Paul G. Mealey Lt Gen Gary H. Mears Mr. John M. Mecham Mr. Edward J Mechenbier Mr. Martin R Meder Mr. Donald V. Medler Mr. John Meece Mr. William J. Meehan Mr. John Meekins Mr. Anthony Meeks Col J Stanley Meenes, USAF [Ret] Mr. Michael J. Meese Ms. Renee Mehan Mr. Leon G. Mehring Maj James I Meinberg, USAF (Ret) Mr. David Meinert

Mr. Allen Meixner MSgt Donald J. Mekoola, USAF (Ret) Mr. Zaven Melkonian Mr. Donald G. Mellen Mr. Keith Mellin Lt Col William L. Mellon Jr. Mr. John P Melonopoulos Mr. David C. Melroy Mr. Gerald E. Melton Mr. Norman Melton Mr. William H. Melvin Jr. Mr. Don Mench Mr. Matthew Mendryga Mr. William Menefee Mr. Dale L. Mengle CMSgt Eugene E. Menking, (Ret) Mr. Richard Menna Col Edward L. Mentzer Mr. James K. Meoak Mr. Grant R. Meranda Mr. Warren A Merchant Randal A. Mergener Mr. Terry Mergenthaler Mr. Lynn Meridith CMSgt Charles B. Merkel, USAF [Ret] Mr. Art Merkle Lt Col Eugene A Merrell Ret Mr. James F Merrigan Mr. George Merrill Robert A. Merrill Maj Robert L Merrill Mrs. Thomas C Merritt Mr. David Merritt Ms. Paula R. Merritt Mr. Lawrence E. Mertens Mr. Jeffrey G. Mescher Mr. Jim Mesko Mr. Don Messing Mr. Barry R. Metz Lt Col Victor T Metz, USAF (Ret) Mr. James W Metzger Mr. Norbert A Meyer Mr. Richard L. Meyer Mr. Ray Meyer Ms. Marlene K. Meyer Mr. Michael Meyer Mr. Ken Meyer Ms. Amy Meyer c/o Dayton Air Show Mr. Jeff Meyer Ms. Jan Meyer Mr. William Meyer Mr. Greg Meyer Mr. Don Meyer Mr. Gerald E. Meyers CDR R D. Meyers, USNR (Ret) Mr. Donald A Meyers

Mr. Gene V. Meyers MSgt Paul Meyers, USAF (Ret) Mr. Tyler Meyers Mr. James F. Meyers Mr. Don Meyers Dr. Joseph W. Meyn, M.D. Mr. Peter Michael Mr. W. T. Michaelson Mr. & Mrs. R. & R. Michalek Dr. Joseph T. Michels Sr., MD Mr. & Mrs. Richard S. Mickley Ms. Carolyn S. Middleton Mr. Jerry E. Midkiff Mr. Gene Mierzwa Mrs. C. Ora Miesse Mr. Norman (Jake) Miguel Mr. George S Mihalik Mr. Vic W. Mihuta Mr. Dale Mikesell Mr. Mike Mikich Mr. Darrin J. Mikus Col Jeffrey L. Mikutis, USAF (Ret) Col Walter E Milam Mr. Alvin L. Milam Mr. Richard A. Miles Mr. Martin Miles Mr. William E. Miles Jr. Mr. Bill Millard Mr. Todd Millard Mr. John Millard Mrs. Kathryn Miller Mr. David A. Miller Lt Col Richard O Miller, USAF (Ret) Lt Col Barry A. Miller, (Ret) Mr. Victor R. Miller Jr. Mr. Steven B Miller Col Louis E. Miller, USAF [Ret] Mr. William F Miller Maj Thomas Miller Mr. Raymond L. Miller SMSgt Linwood A. Miller, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert K. Miller Mr. & Mrs. Douglas H. Miller Mr. John D. Miller Mr. John W. Miller Mr. Herbert J. Miller Mr. & Mrs. David Miller Joy Miller Mr. William Miller Mr. Gary Miller Mr. Kenneth Miller Mr. Glenn E. Miller Mr. David L. Miller Mr. Fred L. Miller Mr. Charles W. Miller Ms. Virginia L. Miller


Mr. Frank Miller Mr. Steven A Miller Mr. Kenneth J. Miller Mr. Doug Miller Mr. Gerald Miller Mr. Michael D. Miller Mr. Ron Miller Mr. Craig Miller Lt Col Miles S. Miller, USAF (Ret) MSgt Rob Miller Mr. Ron Miller Mr. Kenneth W. Miller Mr. Joseph Miller Mr. J. C. Miller Mr. Ray E. Miller Mr. Terry Miller Mr. Mark A. Miller Mr. Clement J. Miller Douglas and Serena Miller Lt Col Kenneth J Miller USAF [Ret] & Family Mr. Don Miller Mr. Roy Miller Mr. George Miller Mr. Robert C. Miller Mr. Peter Milletics Mr. Jerome R. Millhouse Ms. Risa Millot Capt Gina Mills Mr. Jack Mills Mr. Thomas Mills Mr. Scott Mills Mr. Paul Minarik Mr. John A. Minor Jr. Lt Col Craig Minor Ms. Suzanne Mioduszewski Mr. Frank Mione Mr. Blake Miracle Mr. Alan Mironer Capt Ray Mischon Mr. Steven T. Misczenski Mr. Michael H. Misinco Mr. Warren J. Mitchell Maj Wallace B. Mitchell, USAF (Ret) Mr. Daniel A. Mitchell Mr. Alfred J. Mitchell Mr. Walter R. Mitchell Ms. Sandra Mitchell Mr. James L. Mitchell Ms. Diana Mitchell Mr. Dave G Mitchell Mr. Ralph M. Mitchell Mr. Richard L Mittelstadt Mr. Arthur A. Mittenbergs Mr. V. David Mize Mr. Thomas Mladonicky

Mr. Arnold K Moas Dr. Harold Moberly, M.D. Mr. James A Mock Mr. Dean Moeggenberg Dr. E. G. Moehn, M.D. Mr. Richard P. Moffa Dr. Stanley R. Mohler, MD Mr. John Moir II Mrs. L. E. Mokry Mr. Lambertus Moll Mr. Daniel L. Moll Mr. John P Molloy Mr. Rick Molt Mr. Kim Molter Mr. Don Molter Mr. Robert Monfort Mr. Barry Mong Col Louis E. Monoyios, USAF [Ret] Mr. Allen W. Monte SSgt Peter P. Montera Mr. Harry Montgomery Mr. Hugh Montgomery Jr. Mr. Wayne Montgomery Ms. Sharon Montgomery Mr. Peter Mooney Mr. James T Mooney Mr. Raymond L. Moore Lt Col WM J. Moore, USAF (Ret) MSgt Homer P Moore, (Ret) Mr. Rodger Moore Mr. Kenneth E. Moore Mr. David A Moore Mr. Wilson L. Moore Jr. Mr. Hollis A Moore Col Bernard Moore II Mr. Biff Moore Mr. Cecil Moore Mr. Thomas Moore Mr. Ricky L Moore Mr. Daniel Moore Mr. Douglas Moore Mr. Robert S. Moore Mr. Tom Moore Mr. Marvin L. Moore Mr. Freddy Moore Col Edward G Moran Mr. Frank C. Morelli Mr. George S. Morgan Mr. Jack W. Morgan Mr. William J. Morgan Mr. Ronald E. Morgan Mr. Michael Morgenstern Mr. Earl Morin Mr. John P. Moritz Ms. Jewell Morow Mr. Robert J. Morris

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Lt Col John W. Morris Jr. Mr. George F. Morris Maj R E Morris Mr. Michael Morris Mr. Tony Morris Mr. Gene Morris Mr. John R. Morris Mr. Ronald H. Morris Ms. Dottie Morris Col Jack D Morris Mr. Christopher Morris Capt Roger A. Morrison Mr. Clarence W. Morrison Jr. Mr. William T. Morrison Lt Col John C. Morrison, USAF (Ret) Mr. Arthur Morrissey Jr. Mr. Eugene Morrissey Mr. Wayne Morse Col James S. Mosbey Ms. Melissa Mosby Mr. Ronald Moser Col John E Mosher Mr. George E Mosley Mr. Robert E Moss Mr. Robert A. Moss Mr. Jeffrey L. Moss Mr. Robert T. Mossing Mr. Gregory Moster Mr. Edwin Motyka Mr. Anthony D. Moubray Mr. Richard C Mouch Maj Tom Mouhelis Col John R. Moulton, USAF (Ret) Ms. Shirley Mouras Mr. Don Mowdy Mr. Kenneth S. Mowlds Jr. Mr. Wayne E. Moyer Mr. James A Moyle Mr. John Mudrian Jr. Mr. Anthony A. Muehling Jr. Mr. Michael W. Mueller Mr. Dennis Mueller Mr. Gerald V Mueller Mrs. A. E. Muhlhauser Mr. Robert S. Muir Mr. Gene Mullen Mr. Neal Mulligan Mr. Donald S. Mullins Mr. Robert Mullins Mr. Roger Mullins Mr. Thomas Mullis Mr. Ray Mulvihill Mr. James F. Mumaw

Mr. Robert C. Munch Brig Gen Jim Mungenast Mr. & Mrs. James Munger Mr. Scott Munger Mr. John V. Muntean Dr. Gordon K. Murphy Mr. Michael D. Murphy Mr. Peter Murphy Ms. Barbara Murphy Mr. Michael G. Murphy Mr. Michael J Murphy Mr. Robert E. Murray Jr. Mr. George E. Murray Mr. Arthur Murray Mr. Bob Murray & Family Mr. Daniel H. Murtland Mr. John C. Muschler Mr. Raymond C. Musto Ms. Sheri Mutchler Mr. Steve Muth Mr. Michael Myatt Mr. David Myer Capt Gerald T. Myers, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert F. Myers Mr. Donald G. Myers Mr. Frank H. Myers Mr. Pat Myers Mr. Rich Myers Ms. Marianne Mylan Mr. Robert Nadler Mr. Simon J. Nagel Mr. Earl P. Nagorski Mr. John D. Nagy Jr. Lt Col G. R. Nagy Mr. Richard Nalbone Mr. Robert P. Nalbone, Sr. CMSgt Jacob V. Nance, USAF [Ret] Mr. Robert L. Nappier Jr. Mr. Richard M. Narad Mr. John Nardi Mr. Rich Narushoff Mr. Dennis M. Nash Mr. Alan F. Nash Mr. Eduardo Alfonso Navarro Iglesias Ms. Sally Neathery Mr. Noah Nedelman Mr. A. Eugene Neds Mr. Kenneth E. Neeley Ms. Marlina Neeley Mr. William E Neff IV Mr. Eric E. Neiheisel Mr. Stanley C. Neikras Mr. Robert Neirynck Mr. Albert Nellis Mr. Rick Nelson Mr. Frank C. Nelson

Mr. Bud D. Nelson Mr. George W. Nelson Mr. John Nelson Mr. Kass Nelson Ms. Michelle Nelson Mr. Ronald G Nelson Mr. Joe Nemeth SMSgt Miroslau Nerad Karen Nesbit Mr. George F Nestler Mr. Jerry Neth Mr. William R. Netzloff Mr. Robert Neu Mr. Monte L. Neuhart Mr. Rick Neuman Mr. Matt Neuman Mr. David Neville Mr. James Newbold Mr. William R. Newcomb Mr. Rodney J. Newell Mr. Gordon Newman Mr. Douglas E. Newman Mr. Jim Newport Mr. Robert C. Newton Mr. Bobby S. Newton Col Tyree Newton Mr. Francis A. Ney Mr. Merle H. Neyman Bob Niccolls Mr. Harold D. Nichols Mr. James Nichols Ms. Shannon C Nichols Mr. Mearl A. Nichols Mr. Larry C. Nicholson Mr. Charles Nicholson Mr. David A. Nickell Mr. Alfred A. Nickerson Mr. Bob Nicks Mr. John B. Nicol Mr. Jim Nicoletti Mr. Greg Nie Mr. William Niebes Mr. Oscar E. Niebes Mr. Walter C. Niebling Mr. Gary W. Niederhausen Mr. George L. Nielsen Ms. Suzie Nieman Mr. Robert H. Niepert Mr. David E. Nine Capt James E. Nivens, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Ken Nixon Mr. Joseph W. Noah Mr. Ted Noble Mr. Kenneth R. Noble Mr. Fred H. Noeller Mr. Thomas W. Nojek


Lt Col Bernard Nolan Mr. Ralph T. Nolan Mr. Richard J. Noll Mr. Ralph E. Nollan Ms. Melinda Norcross Mr. David W. Nordquist Mr. Paul F. Norian Mr. Jerry L Norman Ms. Lorene Norman Mr. Mike Norman Mr. Roy E. Norris Lt Col Deb North, (Ret) Ms. Ellen Northam Mr. William Northrup Mr. George Norton Mr. Tom Norton Mr. Thomas S. Norwalk , Pres MVMG Inc. Mr. Pete Norwood Mr. Louis A. Novak Mr. Ken Novak Mr. Martin W. Novak Mr. Frank J. Novak Mr. Dan Nowak Mr. Carl A. Nowell Mr. William H. Nowlin II Mr. Orlo Noxon Dr. Bruce Nusbaum Mr. William B. Nuss Mrs. Zoe Dell Nutter Mr. Walter F. O`Brien Mr. Edward O`Brien Mr. John W. O`Donnell Mr. Patrick J. O`Shea Mr. Philip J O`Sullivan Mr. John A. Oakley SMS Charles E. Oberthur, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert Obrien Mr. James B. O’Brien Mr. Edward F O’Brien Mr. Raymond E O’Connor Mr. Joseph S. O’Connor Mr. Steve J. O’Connor Mr. Terence L. O’Day Maj Gen Peter W. Odgers Mr. John F. Odgers CAPT Brendan J. O’Donnell, USN (Ret) Mr. Roy E. Oetting Col Norval L. Oexmann, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bernard O’Farrell Mr. John Eber Ogden Mr. Lynn Ogden MSgt H. Thomas Ogle, USAF (Ret) Mr. Terry Ogletree Mr. Gordon Ogletree Mr. Neal G. O’Hara

Mr. Chris O’Hara Mr. Alvin E. Ohlau Lt Col Eric Oistad Mr. David Oldham Mr. James E. Olds Lt Col Thos B. O’Leary, USAFR Col Marcus R Oliphant, USAF (Ret) Mr. Vernon Oliver Mr. Dan Oliver Gen Earl T. O’Loughlin, USAF [Ret] Mr. Bruce L. Olsen Mr. Don Olsen Mr. Robert H. Olsen Lt Col Bruce Olson, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ralph Olson Mr. Frank Olynyk Mr. Brian O’Malley Mr. Mike O’Malley Mr. Stephen Onder Mr. Raymond J. O’Neill Col Richard E. O’Neill, USAF [Ret] Ms. Margaret Oney Mr. Warren Opfer Mr. Stanley Opfermann Mr. Ralph E. Orndorf Mr. George J Orphan Mr. Thomas D. Orr Mr. Robert Ortwein Mr. Michael A. Osborn Mr. Gary R. Osborne Mr. David A. Osborne Ms. Dorothy M. Osborne Mr. Thomas Osborne Mr. Benjamin Osborne Mr. Alexander Osiper Mr. Roland E. Ost Jr. Mr. John R. Oster Mr. Orvin H. Oswald Mr. Bud Oswalt Mr. John Oszczakiewicz Mr. Gabriel Ott Mr. Theodore J Otto Mr. Kenneth Otto Mr. Leonard F. Otto Mr. Richard C. Otto Mr. Jack Overby Mr. Steven Overway Mr. Glen D. Owen Lt Gen Thomas J. Owen, USAF (Ret) Mr. James M. Owens Mr. Joseph F. Owens III Lt Col Ralph Owens, (Ret) Ms. Shirley Ozio Mr. Addison Pace Capt Roberto Pacheco Mr. John Pachin

Mr. Roger Pacholka Mr. Dante Pacicca Mr. John Paciorek Col G. W. Padgett Jr. SMSgt James P. Padgett, (Ret) Capt Paul Padilla Mr. Jerome F. Page Jr. Mr. Robert R Pagliaro Mr. John C. Painter TSgt Miles E. Palasz, USAF [Ret] & Family Mr. Joseph E Palko Mr. Lawrence J. Palmer Mr. Charles R. Palmer Ms. Janet Paluczak Mr. Terry Paluzzi Mr. Elmer Pankratz Col William S. Pantle, USAF (Ret) Mr. Louis Paoli Mr. James Papa Mr. Joseph F. Papalia Mr. Donald L. Papin Mr. Aris Pappas Mr. Robert E. Parcell Mr. Allen Parfitt Mr. Veite Parke Mr. William Parker Lt Col Paul B. Parker Lt Col Eben H. Parker, USAF [Ret] Mr. Franklin D. Parker Mr. Jerry Parker CPO Frank Parker, USN (Ret) Mr. Richard L. Parker Mrs. Sue Ellen Parker Mr. J. Mack Parkhill Mrs. Vivian C. Parkman Mr. James R. Parks Mr. Gary R. Parks Mr. Mel Parks Mr. Harry R. Parks Jr. Mr. Tom Parr Mr. Gordon Parrington Mr. Mike Parrish Mr. Doug Parrish Ms. Patty M. Parrish Mr. Kirk P Parro Maj Glen Parrott, (Ret) Mr. Eric J. Parrow Mr. Chris Parsons Mr. Allen J. Partin Mr. James R Partridge Mr. Daniel R. Parvin Mr. Stanley C Parzych & Family Mr. John R. Paschal Mr. Mark Pasik Mr. Ronald Pasisz

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Richard Paskiet Ms. Christine Pastor-Barsi Mr. Prashant Patel Ms. Ruth Paterson Mr. Edward Patla Mr. Thomas A. Patrick Mr. Lynne M. Patten Mr. & Mrs. Lanny R Patten Mr. Lee F. Patterson Lt Col M. Scott Patterson, (Ret) Mr. Jerold l. Patterson Mr. Garry Patterson Mr. Tommy R. Patterson Mr. Larry R. Patterson Mr. Curtis Patton Mr. Andrew Patton Mr. Walter L Patton Lt Col Roger J. Paul, USAF (Ret) Mr. Albert Paulek Mr. Tom Paullin Mr. John Pavone Mr. Daniel J Pawlak Mr. Richard J Pawlowski Mr. Tom Payette Mr. John W. Payne Mr. Jim Payne Mr. Larry D. Payne Mr. Donald R. Payne Maj Jack D. Peak, USAF (Ret) Mr. Stevens W. Pearce Mr. John L. Pearl Mr. John M Pearl Mr. Sanford L. Pearl Maj Kenneth Pearsall, (Ret) Mr. Clinton Pearson Mr. Bruce E. Pearson Mr. Donald A. Pearson Mr. Bob Pearson Mr. Wm Ruluf Peck Mr. Bob Peck Mr. Poul Pedersen MSgt Richard A. Pedersen Mr. Paul C Pedersen Mr. David E. Pegg Mr. Lauri Pekkalainen Mr. Gursoy Peksen Mr. Thomas C. Pelle Mr. Carl A. Pena Mr. George W. Pena Mr. Donnie Pence Maj Kenneth E. Pence, USAF (Ret) Mr. Craig Pendergraft Mr. Harris M. Penny

Mr. Dan Penrod Mr. Harold Perdelwitz Mr. Paulo-Juarez Pereira Mr. Rodney Perenovich Mr. John Peretin Col Rudolph Perez Mr. Gregory D. Perez Mr. Arthur John Perkins Mr. Gale Perkins Mr. J Perkins Mr. John Perkins Mr. Carroll B. Perkinson Mr. George C Perley Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Perls Mr. John Pernic Mr. James Pernikoff Mr. David Perrin Ms. Catherine Perron Mr. William E Perry Mr. William Perry Mr. Robert A. Perry Mr. Bob Perry Mr. David L Perry Mr. John W. Perry III Col Mark Pestana Ms. Nancy Peters Mr. William A Peters Mark Peters Mr. Michael D. Peters Mr. Joseph A. Peters Mr. Edward W Peters Jr Mr. Richard A. Peterson Col George Peterson, (Ret) Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Peterson Mr. Donald E. Peterson Lt Col Philip C Peterson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Dennis Peterson Mr. Richard A Peterson Mr. Michael Eric Peterson Christopher Peterson Mr. Edwin Peth Mr. William C. Petkewicz Mr. Mark Petnuch Mr. Curtiss R. Petrek Mr. Stephen J. Petro Mr. Tom Petrunick Mr. Joe Petter Mr. John Petteruti Mr. Brian D. Pettlon Mr. Paul Petzold Col James M. Pfaff Dr. David P. Pfenninger Mr. Larry Pflug Mr. Thomas R Phelps Mr. Jim Phillippe Mr. John D. Phillips

Mr. Guyon L. Phillips Capt Dick Phillips Ms. Arlene A. Phillips Mr. William S. Phillips Mr. John M Phillips Mr. Stanley J. Phillips Ms. Emelyn Phillips Mr. Richard and Ms. Fran Phillips Mr. James Phillips Mr. Edward V Phillips Mr. Scott Phinney Ms. Ailene Picheco Mr. E. B. Pickett Ms. Tima M. Pickott MSgt Glenn G Pidgeon Mr. John Piekosz Mr. Wayne Pieper Mr. Rolf H. Pieper Mr. John R Piepho Ms. Kathrine Pierson Mr. Richard E. Pike Mr. Heath J Pike Mr. Loren A Pike Mr. Robert Pilch Mr. Kenneth A Piletic Ms. Kathy Pilla Mr. JoAnn Pillifant Brig Gen Thomas D. Pilsch, (Ret) Mr. Ferdinand Pilz TSgt David Pina, USAF (Ret) Mr. David F. Pinella Mr. Gary Allen Pinson Mr. Robert E. Piriak Mr. David R Pirrung Mr. Andy Piszkin Mr. Robert Pitcher Mr. Stanley T. Piteau Mr. Justin C. Pittmann Mr. Bruno F. Pitts Mr. Jeffrey M Plafcan MSgt Donald G. Plank, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ronald Plante Mr. Rich Ploeser Ms. Joann Plotkin Mr. Kevin Plott Mr. Rob Plummer Mr. Wilfred Plunkett Mr. Bernard Pohl Ms. Louise Poier Mr. David R Pointek SMSgt Jerome Polder, (Ret) Mr. Chester R Polek Mr. Philip Pollock Mr. James A. Pollock Sgt Daniel W Polly Mr. Alfred L. Polski

Mr. Charles R. Pomroy Mr. Thomas A Pond Jr. SMSgt James Pons, (Ret) Mr. Robert Poogach CMS John G. Poole Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Craig Pope Mr. William C Popejoy Mr. Dennis Popik Mr. Carl E. Poplin Mr. Christopher Popp Mr. Mordehai Porat Mr. Gary J Porter Mr. Jim Porter Mr. Roger Porter Mr. Robert E. Portune Mr. Arthur W. Poslusny Mr. Cecil J. Poss Mr. Jon W. Post Mr. James Postupack Mr. Michael R Potochick Mr. Herbert G. Potter Mrs. Ruth A. Potter Lt Col William Potter, USAF (Ret) Mr. Doug Potter Mr. Edward Potter Mr. Clair W. Potter Reverend Dr. Robert A. Potts Mr. Robert R. Potts Mr. John Poulos Mr. Andrew Pouncey Lt Col E. J. Pounds Mr. Robert Powe Mr. Michael D. Powell Mr. Fred G. Powell Mr. Robert R. Powers Mr. Bernard Powers Mr. Don M Powers Mr. Alexander C. Prah Ms. Lynn Prater Mr. James M. Pratko Mr. Morris W Pratt Mr. Stephen W. Pratt Ms. Eustacia Pratt Mr. Gary G Pratt Mr. Raymond O. Predmore Mr. James R Prentice Ms. Susan C. Presbruch Mr. Ralph E. Prescott Ms. Sharon Presley Mr. Albert M. Presnal Mr. Daniel J. Pressler Mr. Carl L. Preuss Ms. Mona Prewitt Mr. John Pribble Mr. Walt F Pribil Mrs. Alice B. Price


Ms. Dorothy Price Mr. George Price Mr. Peter A. Price Mr. Chris Price Lt Col Arthur L Prichard Mr. Robert J. Prickett Mr. Jay J. Priest Mr. David N. Priest Mr. Bryan Prieur Mr. John Prikkel Lt Col Fred J. Pringle Mr. Dean Proffitt Mr. Bryan Propp Mr. Charles R Proseus MSgt Salvatore F. Provenzano Mr. Jerry Pruden Ms. Carla Pruitt Col Aaron M. and Mrs. Mary Prupas Mr. Jim Prusa Mr. Larry Prykan Mr. Kenneth Przysiecki Mr. John A Ptak Mr. John L. Puckett Mr. Max A. Puckett Mr. Robert S. Puckett Mr. Michael Pudlowski Mr. Ron L. Puening Mr. Raymond J Puff Col Ovidio Pugnale, USAF (Ret) Mr. Raymond J. Puknys Maj Delmar G. Pullins, (Ret) Mr. Donald E Pullyblank Mr. Eric Puschmann MSgt Michael J Puskas, USAF (Ret) Col David D. Pustilnik, USAF [Ret] Mr. Robert L. Puterbaugh Maj Donald T. Putnam Mr. M. Dale Putteet Mr. Adam Puyeas CMSgt John Puzewski, USAF (Ret) Mr. Leonard Lee Pyles Jr. Mr. Robert J. Quail Mr. Jay Qualman Jr. Mr. Harold R. Queer Mr. J H Quella Mr. George M Querry Mr. Joseph Quetel Mr. Lawrence R. Quick Mr. James E. Quigley Jr. Mr. Tom P. Quigley Mr. William A. Quinn Mr. Thomas Quinn Mr. Steve Quint Mr. Michael B. Quintin Mr. John Quintrell Mr. Donald T. Raasch

Mr. Glen Rabe Ms. Linda S. Rabius Mr. Bruce C. Radebaugh Mr. Nathan Rader Mr. William Radloff Mr. Dan A Ragan Mr. Larry Rahm Mr. Sunil Raina Mr. Charles E. Raine Mr. William Rainey Mr. Steven A. Rainey Mr. Ephrain R Rainey Mr. Stephen Rains Mr. Justin S. Rains and L B Rainwater Mr. Shailesh Rajguru Mr. David Rakestraw Mr. Leonard J. Rall Mr. Steve Raman Mr. Samuel Ramirez Mr. Frank P Ramirez Mr. Jim Ramos Mr. Edwin Rampey Mr. Charles Ramsay Jr. Mr. Edward L Ramsdell Mr. Delbert Ben Rand Mr. William E. Randolph Mr. Mike Ranger Mr. Paul Rankin Mr. Cris Ransdell Mr. Leo Rasp Mr. William O. Rassenfoss Mr. Roy Rath Mr. Dick Rathbun Mr. Don Rathgeber Mr. Christopher Ratliff Mr. Paul E Raudenbush Ms. Karen E Raulston Mr. Arthur P. Raun Mr. Vernon R Raveling Mr. Robert Rawlins Mr. James P. Ray CMSgt William C. Ray, USAF (Ret) Ms. Stacey Raymond Mr. Richard Reach Mr. Donald Ream Mr. Christopher Reardon Mr. Frank Rebellato Mr. Robert Recchiuti Ms. Helen Reckber Nalini A. Reddy Mr. John Redrup Mr. Richard D. Reed Dr. Charles F Reed D. V. M. Mr. David Reed Mr. George Reed

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Forrest Reed Mr. Larry J. Reed Mr. William A. Reed Mr. Jimmie A. Reedy Mr. Stephen Reese Mr. Chris Reese Maj John T. Reeves, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Ron Reeves Ms. Ksenia Bouch Reeves Mr. Allan B Reeves Mr. Ryan C. Reeves Mr. Dick Refsnyder Mr. Ken Regal Mr. Thomas Rego Mr. Robert W. Rehmert Mr. Daniel D. Reichenbach Mr. George H. Reiff Mr. William J Reilly Mr. Rick Reilly Mr. Joseph Reiman Mr. Tony Rein Mr. John Reiners Mr. Ray Reinhard Mr. David Reinhart Mr. Jerry Reinking Mr. Andrew J. Reis Mr. Gerry Reis Mr. Carl H. Reist Mr. John Reiutz Mr. Steve Remington Mr. James A. Renaud Mr. Raymond G. Renfors Mr. Richard Renken Mr. Joe Renner Mr. Lloyd W Rennix Mr. Charles Reno Mr. James R. Renz Mr. Ronald L. Rep Col George A. Resh Capt Keith D Respass Mr. Elvin J. Ressler Mr. Van B. Rester Mr. Ray Reuter Mr. Timothy Reuter Mr. Terry J. Rewers Mrs. Oma L. Rexrode Mr. Isaac A Reyes Ms. Doneta Reynolds Mr. Timothy Scott Reynolds Mr. Richard V Reynolds Mr. David Reynolds Mr. Jeremy Reynolds Mr. John A. Rezabek

Mr. Ron Rhoads Mr. Jeffrey P. Rhodes Mr. William L. Rhule II Mr. Richard G. Rhyne Mr. Kenneth J. Rice Mr. Ivan G. Rice TSgt Art Rice Ret Col Gregg Rice, USAF (Ret) Mr. Fredrick M. Rice Mr. Dan Rice Mr. Tom Rice Mr. Dean E. Rice Mr. Ron Rice George M. Rice Cleve Rice Mr. John D Rich Mr. Gordon M Richards Mr. Roger Richards Mr. Jack A. Richards Mr. Jeffrey L. Richardson Mr. James E Richardson Mr. Donald Richcreek Mr. Mark Richeson Mrs. Jody Richmond Mr. Robert Richmond Mr. Chester Richmond Jr. Mr. Eric Richter Mr. Ken Ricker Mr. Darryl Rickert Mr. Dwight E Ricketts II & Family Mr. George P. Rickey Mr. Dennis Rickhoff Mr. David E Ridenour Mr. Donald L. Rideout Mr. David G. Rider Mr. Luther G. Rider Mr. Paul S Rider Dr. A. B. Riding Mr. Henry D. Rieden Mr. Rudolph P. Riedl Dr. Robert J. Riek, D.D.S. Ms. Beth A Ries Mr. Bryson Rieskamp Lt Col Jere J Riggs II Mr. Robert G. Riggs Mr. Dale Rigo Mr. Joseph Rihvalski Lt Col Charles A. Rikli Mr. Timothy P. Riley & Family Ms. Theresa L Riley Mr. Patrick Riley Mr. Aaron Riley Mr. Jack Riley Mr. Barry J Riley Mr. Michael Riley Mr. Karl Rill

Mr. Al Rines Mr. Larry Ringham CWO4 Arnold W Ringstead, USAF (Ret) Mr. Emil Rippcondi Mr. W Ritchie Mr. Bill Ritchie Mr. Thomas E. Rittinger MSgt N. Ted Rivard (Ret) Mr. Quentin J. River Mr. Timothy M. Rizer Mr. Kenneth D. Roach Mr. Paul J. Roach Ms. Margaret A. Roach Mr. Thomas A. Robakowski Mr. Carey Robarge Sgt Geoffrey M Robarge, USAF (Ret) Maj Vincent DJ Robben, USAF [Ret] Mr. Kurt W. Robbins Mr. John Robbins Mr. Todd Robbins Mr. Ed Robbins Mr. J. P. Roberge Mr. Harry G. Roberson Col Dennis Roberton Mr. Dwight Roberts Mr. Thomas W Roberts Mr. Bob E. Roberts Mr. Clay M Roberts Mr. Elwin “Red” Roberts Mr. Terry Roberts Col Phil Roberts, PhD, USAF [Ret] Mr. Donald Roberts Mr. Bernard Robertson Mr. Travis W Robertson Gen Charles T. Robertson Jr., USAF (Ret) Ms. Amanda Louise Robertson Mr. Richard H. Robie Mr. William Robin Robinette Mr. Richard Robinette Mr. Stephen S Robinson Mr. Donald J. Robinson Mr. Richard R. Robinson SMSgt John A. Robinson Mr. Don Robinson Mr. Bert Robinson Mr. Murray Robinson Mr. Howard L. Robinson Mr. James Robinson Ms. Pamela Robinson Mr. James Robinson Mr. Tim Robinson Mr. William A. Robinson Sr. Mr. Neil A. Robinson Mr. Steven G Robles Mr. David E Roche Mr. Richard W Rock


Col Douglas P. Rockwood Mr. Chris Rode Mr. Ron Rodenburg Mr. Jack G. Rodewald Mr. Glenn E. Rodey Mr. Frank Kent Rodgers Mr. Dennis Rodgers Mr. Dallas H. Rodgers Mr. Stanley Rodgers Mr. Dan Rodgick TSgt Dennis L. Rodgick, USAF (Ret) Mr. Anthony Rodrigues Mr. Antonio F. Rodriguez Mr. James B Roehr Mr. James T. Rogers Mr. Larry Rogers Mr. Patrick Rogers Mr. Samuel D. Rogers Mr. Paul Rogers Mr. Ron W. Rogers Mr. Dana Rogers Mr. Wm Brett Rogers Mr. Jake Rogers Mr. Patrick Rogers Mr. James R Rogers Mr. Jerome Rogers Mr. Harold W Rohde Mr. W. A. Rohring Mr. Richard Roiseland Mr. Ferenc Gy Roka Dr. Maj Doug Rokke Mr. Joshua Roland & Family Mr. Robert R. Rolander Mr. Kevin Roll Mr. John M. Roll Ms. Joyce Rolls Mr. & Mrs. Steve Romack Mr. Henry S. Romanowski Mr. Edmund J Romanowski Mr. Duane Romey Mr. Reed E. Romine Mr. Gary Romontio Mr. Frank J Ronco Capt James J. Rooney Jr. Mr. Gary L Rooney Mr. Garnet C. Root Mr. Ronald Ropke Mr. Jim Rosamond Mr. Tom Rosati Mr. Philip H. Rose Mr. Richard W. Rose Mr. Patrick L. Rose Dr. Edward L. Rose Jr. Dr. Melvin C. Rose Mr. Harry A Rosel Mr. Stanley Rosen

Mr. Joel Rosenthal Mr. Wayne Rosholt Mr. Charles Rosin Lt Col John W. Ross, USAF [Ret] Mr. John L Ross Lt Col George H. Ross Mr. Tim Ross Lt Col Paul F. Ross, USAF (Ret) Mr. Philip Ross Mr. & Mrs. James Ross Ms. Kathleen Ross Maj Frank L Ross Mr. Joel A Rossbach Mr. G. Philip Rossman II Mr. Don Roswell Mr. Bob Rotach Mr. Bill Roth Brig Gen Donald C. Roth, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jan Rothacker Mr. Gayl Rotsching Mr. Gabriel Peter Rottas MSgt Charles Rouhier, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ralph D. Rouse Mr. Javier Roussett Col Doug Routt, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jason Rowe Mr. Harvey J Rowland Dr. William M. Rowlett, M.D. Mr. Richard D. Royce Mr. Harold Rubin Mr. Richard Rubin MSgt Lawrence E. Rubin, USAF (Ret) & Family Mr. Bert H Rubinstein Lt Col Richard Rubrecht, USAF (Ret) Mrs. Doris Ruby Mr. Bill Ruch Ms. Theresa Ruchh Mr. Robert J Ruckel Mr. John Rudich Mr. Jerry Ruefer Mr. David A. Rueff, M.D. Mr. Bernie Ruemmele Mr. Kenneth M. Rueth Mr. Paul Ruganis Mr. Robert Ruh Mr. Erik A. Ruhlin Mr. Nathan Ruiz Mr. Ray Rulis Mrs. Jean Runge Mr. Roger Runnels Mr. Sumra Rupmderpaul Mr. Ralph Ruscetta SMSgt Rocco V Rusconi, USAF (Ret) Col Thomas A. Rush, USAF Mr. Chris Rush

Mr. Michael E. Russell Mr. Michael A. Russell Mr. Mark A Russell Lt Col David L. Russell, (Ret) Mr. Ross M. Russell Mr. John C Russell Mr. Todd Russell Mr. Philip D. Rustad Mr. Nicholas A. Rusu Mr. Dennis Rutherlford Mr. Andrew O Ruthley Mr. Dennis E. Ryan Mr. James R Ryan Jr Ms. Karen Rychlewski Mr. Donald V Rygelski Mr. Nicholas Saba Lt Col Phillip D. Sabin, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lawrence Sacba Stacey Sacchi Mr. Bill Sacco Mr. Scott Sadler SMSgt David F. Sadlier, USAF [Ret] Mr. Dennis Sadowski Mr. David Sadowski Karen and Edward Saeks Mr. Wendell Saferite Mr. Horace W. Sagnor Jr. Mr. Peter Saigior Mr. Gordon Sailer Mr. Bill Saleh Dr. Jose A. Saliceti, PhD Mr. Wayne Salisbury Mr. Alastair Salton Mr. Dennis Salwasser Mr. D. G. Salyards Mr. Harold Samas Mr. Theo Samelko Mr. Victor L. Samora Mr. Frank Arnold Sample Lt Col Edward A. Sanders, USAF (Ret) Mr. Teddy B. Sanders Mr. Scott Sanders Mr. Matthew Sanders Mr. James Sanderson Mr. Dustin R. Smith and Ms. Nicole E. Sanderson Mr. James Sanecki Mr. David Sanford Mr. Robert O. Sanner Maj Anita Sanow Mr. John Santor Mr. Robert Santos Mr. Paul Sappenfield Mr. Scott D. Sargent Mr. Don Sargent Maj William J Sargent

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Shayla Sarkela Mr. Jerry Sarno Mr. Steve Sarrica Mr. Ken Sauer Mr. Eric Sauls Mr. Arthur L. Saunders Dr. Roger L. Saurer Mr. Jules Sauvageot Mr. James W Savage Mr. Paul D. Savage Mr. Russell P. Savage Mr. Aaron Savage Mr. John R Savage Mr. Alfred Savarn Mr. Fred L. Savidge Mr. Frank J Savine Mr. John W. Sawyers Mr. James R. Sayer Mr. Robert Scahill Mr. Steven Scamic Dr. Terry Scandrett Mr. Donald Scatena Mr. Kenneth L. Scearce Mr. Charles E. Schackmann Mr. Martin Schadler Mr. Burton G Schaefer Mr. R. S. Schaefer Mr. Robert Schaefer Mr. Douglas Schaefer Mr. Steven Schaefer Mr. Joe M. Schaeffer Mr. Dan Schaetzle Mr. Tim Schaffer Col David G Schall, USAF (Ret) Mr. Tim Schaller Mr. Henry C Schaller Mr. Paul W. Schanher III Maj Kenneth F Schanke, USAF (Ret) Mr. William E. Schappelle Col Byron Lee Schatzley, USAF (Ret) Mr. David J. Schearer Mr. Ronald R. Scheck Mr. Mark Schefus Mr. Dennis Schefus Maj James A Scheib Mr. Albert J. Scheibly Mr. J. J. Scheldorf Mr. Kenneth E. Schenfelt Mr. Richard Scheper Mr. Jim Scherer Mr. Paul Scherer Mr. John H. Scherer Mr. Edward L. Scheuerman

Mr. Henry S. Schieferstein Mr. Warner Schilling Mr. Alexander B Schilling Mrs. Lee Schimmel Mr. Robert A. Schinsing Mr. Ron Schlabowske Mr. Roger E Schlage Mr. Jerry Schlatter Mr. Ed Schleicher CAPT Richard J. Schleicher, USN (Ret) Lt Col Donald W Schleicher EdD, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bob Schlight Lt Col Victor K. Schlotterback [Ret] Mr. Donald A Schlums Mr. Herbert R. Schmidt Mr. Paul Schmidt Lt Col Richard A. Schmidt Mr. William Schmidt SSgt Lavern Schmit Lt Col Chuck Schmitz Mr. Jeffrey J Schmitz Mr. Joseph H. Schmoll Mr. Lloyd Schneeberger Mr. Carl G Schneider CMSgt Alfred Schneider, (Ret) Mr. Ben Schneider Ms. Donna Schneider Mr. James E. Schnell Mr. Donald F Schnell Mr. Michael Schnell Ms. Kathy Schnelle-Meyer Mr. Norman E. Schoch Jim and Mary Ann Schoen Mr. Tom Schoeneman Mr. Richard Schoenig Mr. Ron Schofield Mr. Gerard V Scholl Mr. Victor L Scholten Col James Schoorey Ret Mr. Frank Schouten Mr. Marvin J. Schrader Mr. Clements Schram Mr. Alvin Allen Schrenk Mr. Charles W. Schroeder Mr. Harvey Schroeder III Mr. Kenneth Schroeder Mr. Richard A. Schroeder Mr. Lawrence D. Schubert Col Paul R Schubert Mr. William J. Schubert Mr. Thomas J. Schuler Mr. John W Schuler Mr. Bill Schulke Mr. Frank Schultz Mr. Marcus Schultz

Mr. Robert K. Schultz Mr. Kurt Schulze Mr. Thomas L. Schumacher Mr. James Schuman Mr. Carl Schurenberg Mr. Federico Schurmann Mr. David M Schwab Mr. Alfred C Schwab Mr. Daniel Schwabe Mr. Donald Schwartz Mr. Allan H. Schwartzman Mr. Richard D Schwehm Col William J. Schwehm Mr. Lee Schweitzer Mr. Brian Schwer Mr. Theodore Schwieterman Mr. Chris Schwilk Mr. Michael Sciana Mrs. Joyce Scott Mr. Raymond Scott Mr. & Mrs. E. Duane Scott Mr. Arthur H. Scott Mr. Walker W. Scott Jr. Mrs. John I. Scott Col Hugh L. Scott Mr. Lowell E. Scott Mr. Eugene T Scoular Mr. Johnie Seals Maj Gen DeWitt R. Searles, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth R. Searles Mr. Joe Sebastian Mr. Joseph W Secino Mr. Harry Secrest Mr. Loren Sederburg Mr. Charles Seeber Mr. August R. Seefluth Mr. Richard G Seel Mr. James B. Seeley Mr. Norval R. Seeley Mr. Clyde Seely Mr. V. S. Seibert Mr. Scott Seidel Mr. Harry A. Seifert Jr. Mr. Edward Seiler & Family Mr. Herbert Seipel Mr. Craig Seither Mr. John P Sell Mr. Jerold T. Selle Ms. Kathy Selman Mr. Chris Selvig Mr. Louis Semrad Jr. Mr. Reuben Sendejas Mr. James P. Sendelbach Mr. David J. Sepos Mr. Frank A Serfilippi CMSgt John Serlet, USAF (Ret)

Mr. Francisco Serna Ms. Jane Sessions Mr. Albert Sessler Mr. Lynne Setchell Mr. James F. Setchell Mr. Barry Setser Mr. Wayne Severance Mr. Henry H Seward Mr. Joe E. Seward Mr. David Seyba Maj T. Todd Seymour, USAFR (Ret) Brig Gen Rocco R. Sgarro, USAFR Lt Col Harold Shackelford Mr. Mark D Shafer Mr. Bobby G. Shaffer Mr. David Shaffer Mr. Daniel Shaffer Mr. Sam Shames Mr. Richard Shanner Ms. Angie Shannon Mr. Tang Shaopeng Ms. Jai Sharma Col Paul D. Sharp, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lou Sharp Mr. Don Sharrah Mr. J. L. Shasky Mr. Robert L. Shaw MSgt James R Shaw, (Ret) Mr. Robert H. Shaw Mr. Richard C Shaw & Family Col Robert A. Shawn Mr. Peter Shea Mr. John Shecters Mr. Edward A. Shedlock Sr. Maj John W. Sheehan Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Jack Sheeks Lt Col Jack W. Sheen Mrs. Shirley A. Sheets Mr. Dennis Sheets Mr. Raymond G. Sheldon Mr. Albert E Sheldon Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Shell Mr. George S Shelling Mr. Bruce Shellock Mr. J W Shelton Mr. Hang Sheng Mr. Peter A. Shepard Mr. Rich Shepley Ms. Sharon Sherlock Col L. F. Sherman Mr. Ralph Sherman Mr. Tim Shermer Lt Col Billy C. Shermer, USAF [Ret] Mr. Matthew V. Sheronas Mr. Robert Sherrell Michael and Dorthy Sherrick


Mr. Thomas H. Sherrod Mr. Jason J. Sherwood Mr. & Mrs. Byron E. Sherwood Mrs. Catherine Sheveland Mr. David T. Shida Mrs. Linda J. Shideler Mr. Larry W Shields Ms. Helena Shilts Mr. H A Shimer Mr. James F. Shimer Mr. William J. Shiner Mr. and Mrs. Bill Shinkle Mr. Julius Shinko Mr. William J Shinneman Mr. Michael P. Shipka Mr. Steven P. Shiplett MSgt Hilliard S. Shipley, USAF (Ret) CMSgt Susan L, Shipman, USAF [Ret] Mr. J. Dean Shirey Mr. John I. Shirley Mr. Richard E. Shively Mr. Scott Shively Mr. John H Shockey Mr. John E Shockley Mr. Tom L. Shoemaker Mr. Rick Shoemaker Mr. Kyle Shoemaker Lt Col James A Shoemaker, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Shoemaker Mrs. Mildred Shook Mr. Robert J Shore Jr. Mr. Jerry Short Mr. James W. Short IV Mr. Lewis A. Shorter Mr. Barry Shoults Mr. Howard M. Shoup Mr. Charles E. Showalter Mr. Benjamin Showalter Mr. Larry A. Showalter Mr. Jeffery A Showalter Mr. Donald R. Shrader Mr. Nealis Shreeve Mr. Robert Shriner Mr. Robert Shull Mr. LaVere Shultz Mr. Harry Shuman Mr. Ronald P. Shumate Mr. Bernard L. Shutes Mr. Todd Shuttleworth Mr. Raymond Shutts Mr. John O Sibert Mr. Andrew Sich Mr. G. P. Siddall Mr. Patrick J Sidley Mr. Dale Sieber Mr. David J. Siebert

Mr. Walter V Siedlecki Mr. P. Sieg Mr. Neal R. Siegel Mr. Louis W. Siegrist III Mr. Philip C. Siembida Mr. J. Sikora Mr. Dean Sills Mr. Christopher Silver Mr. Walter H. Silver Mr. Benjamin Silverman Mr. Allan Silverstein Mr. Kenneth A. Silverthorn Mr. John P. Simerlink Mr. Robert C. Simmons Capt James Simmons Mr. Carl Simmons Mr. Donald D. Simmons Mr. Edward T. Simmons Mr. Charles Simon Mr. Bill Simon Mr. John Simon Mr. Matthew P Simon Ms. Marla Simon Mr. Erik Simonsen Mr. Perry Simpkins Mr. Allan Simpson Mr. Andrew B Simpson Mr. Norvell Simpson Mr. Andrew B Sincosky Mr. Elsworth Sipes Mr. Dennis Sirrine Mr. James G. Sisaras Mr. Robert J. Sisolak Mr. John Sitch Mr. P. S. Sitzlar Mr. Max A. K. Sivits Mr. Jim Sivits Mr. Daryle W. Skaggs Reverend John P. Skaj Mr. John Skalski Ms. June Skelly Mr. Rockland L. Skinner Mr. Mason Skloot Mr. Stan Skochko Mr. Howard l Skogman Dr. Jay Skolnick Mr. Bill Skroch Mr. Paul H Skyles Dr. Robert D Slabaugh, MD Mr. Thomas Slader Mr. John Slagle Mr. John H. Slattery SSgt Eugene W. Slaughter Mr. Stephen Slayton Mr. Dale Sleeman Col Rex H. Slingsby, CAF

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Robert W. Slocum Mr. Hank F Slocum Mr. Dan Slone Mr. Robert S. Slone Mr. Joseph M. Slowik Mr. Marshall M. Sluyter Mr. Thomas Smailes Mr. Martin D. Smalc Mr. David G. Small Mr. David Small Mr. Richard Smart Mr. Bart C. Smetana Mr. Richard R. Smigelski Mr. Morris J Smith Mr. Dale L. Smith Mr. Mark H. Smith Mr. William E Smith Mr. Terry S. Smith Mr. Jack E. Smith Mr. Thomas A. Smith CMSgt Clifford J. Smith, USAF (Ret) Mr. Philip W. Smith Mr. John W. Smith Mr. Gary G. Smith Mr. Harry W. Smith Mr. Kirby H. Smith Jr. MSgt Bobbie E. Smith, (Ret) Mr. Horace T. Smith Jr. Mr. Kevin R. Smith Mr. Roger W. Smith Mr. Steven L. Smith Mr. James B Smith Mr. Jerry W. Smith Mr. Richard E Smith Mr. Richard Smith Mr. Jack Lee Smith Lt Col Robert H Smith, USAF (Ret) Ms. Beverly G. Smith Mr. Craig B. Smith Mr. Thomas R. Smith Mr. Lowell V. Smith Mr. Jimmy Smith Mr. Ronald A. Smith Mr. Gerald M. Smith Brig Gen Roger C. Smith, USAF [Ret] Ms. Kelsey Smith Mr. Michael Smith Mr. James R Smith Jr. SMSgt Harold E Smith (Ret.) Col Sherrill Smith Mr. Darrell Smith Mr. Phil Smith Mr. Nathanael Smith

Mr. Richard B. Smith Mr. Donald H. Smith Mr. Carl T. Smith Mr. William F. Smith Mr. Gordon Smith Mr. Frank Smith Mr. Herbert Smith Mr. George D. Smith Jr. Col (Ret) Gary & Judith Smith Mr. Cary R. Smith Mr. Pete W. Smith Mr. Andrew P. Smith Mr. Brett G. Smith Mr. Don E. Smith Lt Col Richard B. Smith, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ronald P. Smith Mr. Kenneth Smith Mr. & Mrs. A. John Smither Mr. Stanford K. Smoker Mr. Robert Smolin Mr. Robert V. Smythe Mr. Richard A. Snearly Mr. Ray Snedegar Dr. William H. Sneeder Jr. Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Snell Mr. Robert Snincak Lt Col Joseph C Snow Mr. James Snow Mr. Steve Snow Mr. Martin Snuverink Mr. Earl F Snyder Jr. Mr. James D. Snyder Mr. Scott M Snyder Mr. Jim Snyder Mr. Bob Snyder Mr. Doug Snyder Lt Col Jeff Snyder, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Guy A Snyder Mr. Norbert Snyder Mr. Harry V. Snyder Mr. Robert Sobolewski Mr. Daniel W. Sobolewski Mr. John Sobolewski Mrs. Mark Sobottke Mr. Glenn A. Socks Col F. V. Sohle Jr. Mr. Michael Soik Mr. Clyde C. Solander Mr. Louis Soldano TSgt Stan Solmonson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael Solon Mr. Stephen L Soltis Mr. James Somerville Mr. Terry Sommer Mr. David Sommerville Mr. Thomas Sompson

Mr. Scott Sonnabend Mr. Jonathan Sonnenberg Ms. Diane Sorensen and George & Bettie Sorie Mr. James L. Sorrell III Mr. Donald N. Sorrell CDR & Mrs J. E. Sortore Mr. Gerard Sosnowski Mr. Virgil H. Soule Mr. Richard F. Soules Mr. Archie W. Sours Mr. Hugh Southall Mr. Albin L. Sowash Mr. Ben Sowaske Mr. Jack C. Sowder Mr. Joseph E. Sowers Mr. Harlan Spain Mr. J Michael Spall Mr. Dale E. Spangler Mr. Alan R Spanks & Family Mr. Darwin Spare Mr. Sterling Spatz Mr. Charles J Spaulding Mr. George R. Spears Capt Edward J. Spellacy Dr. Paul A Spenadel D.D.S. Mr. John Spence Mr. Bob Spicer Mr. Jason Spiskey CMSgt Earl Spohr, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph Spontak Mr. Lou Sprader Mr. Fred A. Sprague Mr. James D. Sprang TSgt Paul L. Sprattler, (Ret) Mr. Dennis Spring Mr. Don Spritzer Mr. Donald E Spritzer Mr. Ron Spruytte Ms. Kristi Spurlock Mr. Joe St. Clair William St. Louis Mr. Joe Stacklin Mr. Peter J. Stackonis Mr. Amos Stacy Mr. Rod Stadum Mr. Wayne R. Stafford Mr. Melvin R. Stahl Mr. John W Stahley Mr. Zach Staker IS1 Wilbur Earl Stalions USN (Ret) Mr. Stephen D. Stallard Mr. William Stalter Mr. Daniel G. Stalter Mr. Timothy A. Stamm Mr. Francis D. Stammer


Mr. Eugene E Stanaland Mr. Gary Stanbro & Family Mr. Michael F Stanford Mr. James M Stanko Mr. Brad Stanley Mr. James R. Stanley Mr. Greg Stanley Mr. Landis Stanley Mr. Matt Stansbury Mr. Mike Stark Mr. John L. Stark Mr. David C. Starkweather Mr. Oliver N. Starling Mr. Roger Starnes Jr. David and Wanda Starr Mr. Paul P. Stassi Mr. Richard Staszak Mr. Ronald Stauffer Mr. E. Tony Stauffer Mr. Robert Stead Mr. Alan D. Steavens Mr. Philip Stebbins Mr. Larry Steckley Mr. Fred D. Steeb Mr. Alex Steel Dr. Jay Steele Mr. Jude Steele Mr. Howard Steele Mr. Mike Steele Mr. Peter Steen Mr. Robert Steeneck Mr. Ken Stehli Mr. Frank E. Stein Mr. James R Steinberg Mr. Thomas D. Steiner Mr. Kevin D. Steinke Mr. Frank Steinman Mr. Tom Steinmetz Mr. Edward Stellini Mr. Scott Stemler Mr. Jon Stenberg Ms. Natasha Stenbock Mr. Richard E. Stenger Lt Col Michael Stepaniak Mr. Larry L. Stepek Mr. David M Stephan Mr. John R. Stephens Jr. MSgt Kenneth E. Stephens Mr. Dennis A. Stephens Mr. Dennis E. Stephens Mr. Norm Stephens Mr. Damon Stephens Mr. Gary Stephens Col John R Stephenson Capt William P. Steponkus Mr. Harry C. Sterling Jr.

Mr. Robert Sterling Mr. James Stern Mr. Jonathan M. Stern Mr. Alan Sternberg Mr. Floyd Ken Sterner Mr. Terry J. Stetler Mr. Paul D. Stevens Mr. Clifford Stevens & Family Mr. Robert Stevens Mr. W.M. Stevens MSgt David M Stevens, (Ret) Mr. Robert W. Stevenson Mr. K. C. Steward Ms. Dorothy L Stewart Mr. Walt Stewart Mr. John G. Stewart Mr. Bob Stewart Mr. James Stewart Mr. Jay Stewart Mr. Richard A. Stibrik Mr. Keith Stickley Mr. William Stickney Mr. Sherman Stickney William and Shirley Stigers Cecilia and Lynn Stiles Mr. Dennis Stillwell Mr. John F. Stine and Mrs. Loretta Stine Col Michael J. Stinson Mr. Gregory Stobbs Mr. James D. Stock Mr. Robert J Stoeckmann Mr. David H. Stohler Mr. Charles Stokes Mr. Robert Stokes Mr. Gregory R. Stolarski Col Edwin D Stoltz, USAF (Ret) MSgt Adam Stone, USAF (Ret) Mr. David C. Stone Brig Gen Richard Stoner, (Ret) Lt Col Colin D. Storey, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth Stout Mr. David Stovalosky Mr. Richard H Stover Mr. Gerald C Stover Mr. Bill Stragand Mr. Daniel C. Straka Lt Col David Strand, USAF (Ret) Mr. Michael Strange Mr. James Strausbaugh Mr. Daniel E Strayer Mr. James Streckfuss Mr. Leon E Stremlau Ms. Patricia Streng Mr. Jonathan Streng Mr. George Stretch Mr. Richard A. Strickling

Mr. Joseph F. Strong Jr. Mr. Irving Strong Mr. Larry Strong Mr. Donald E. Stroud Mr. Woodrow W. Stroud Jr. Mr. Nathaniel W Stroup Ms. Carol Strouse Mr. John L. Strouse Mr. Robert H. Struble Mr. David L. Struebing Mr. Wendell J. Strunk Jr. Mr. Joe B. Stuart Mr. Timothy L. Stuart Ms. Terri Studer Mrs. Jeff Stuermer Mr. James L. Stukenborg Mr. Larry Stulz Mr. Ronald L. Stum Sr. Mr. Frank H. Stump Mr. & Mrs. Paul Stumpf Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Stumpf Mr. Lloyd Sturdy Mr. Jack P. Sturgeon Mr. John W. Sturges Mr. Steve Sturm Mr. Glenn W. Sturm Mr. Anthony Stuto Mr. Eugene Styer TSgt Robert E Styger Mr. Eugene Suchyta Mr. Todd Sudduth Mr. Ralph Suderow Mr. Gerald M. Suelter Mr. John M. Sugden Mr. Shawn Sulfridge Lt Col Barry Edward Sullins, USAFR Mr. Daniel L Sullivan, Sr. Ms. Sarah Sullivan Mr. Joseph V. Sullivan Mr. Eric Sullivan Mr. Melvin L. Summe Mr. Wesley Summerfield Mr. Allan R Summers Mr. Jack Summers Mr. Richard L. Summers Mr. George R. Summers Col Wallace E. Summerville, USAF (Ret) Mr. Edward R. Sunday MSgt Robert D. Sunden Mr. Richard Supanich Krishran Surerh Mr. Richard L. Surrency Mr. Paul Suso Mr. Steven Sutcliffe Mr. Jim Suter Mr. Gerald E. Sutton

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) MSgt Michael Sutton, USAF (Ret) Ms. Susan Sutton Mr. Jonnie M. Swackhammer Mr. John W. Swancara Mr. Gordon Swanson Mr. Neil Swanson Mr. Milo Swanson Jr. Mr. Lloyd S. Swanson Mr. Peter F Swanson Mr. Steve W. Swearingen Mr. Herb Sweat Mr. Christopher L. Sweet Mr. Donald S. Swepston Mr. Paul M Swick Mr. Theodore S. Swiercznski Col Gerald A. Swift Mr. Wesley Swift Ms. Marilyn Swigart Mr. Robert G. Swilley Mr. H. C. Swindell Mr. John Swoboda Capt Paul J. Sydow, (Ret) Mr. Joseph V. Sykes Mr. Mark Synovitz Mr. John M. Syphrit Mr. Andrew J. Szabo Mr. Robert A. Szpak Mr. Krzysztof Szymoniak Mr. James M Tagg Mr. Harold J. Tague Maj Roman S. Taifel, USAFR (Ret) Mr. Lee Tainter Mr. Joseph S. Talamonti Mr. Clarence E. Tallant Maj Miriam S. and David Talley Ms. Carol M. Tallieu Dr. Louis A. Tamburino Ms. Sandra Tampon Mr. Harry Tanzer Mr. Keith E. Tarvainen Mr. Jack Tatum Mr. Edward O. Taylor Mr. Robert C. Taylor Mr. Stewart S. Taylor Mr. Lewis L. Taylor Jr. Mr. Richard D. Taylor Mr. Sherman B. Taylor Mr. Thomas R. Taylor Jr. Mr. Mark W. Taylor Mr. Bill Taylor Mr. Matt Taylor Lt Col David Taylor, USAF [Ret] Mr. Ralph C. Taylor Jr.

Dr. C R Taylor Mr. Alfred E. Taylor Jr. Mr. Jake Teague Mr. Randy Tebbing Mr. Laurence M. Tegner Mr. Ron Teker Mr. Raymond J. Teliczan Sr. Mr. Cloice E. Temple Jr. Mr. James R. Temple Mr. Daniel W. Templeton Mr. Irwin J Ten Haken Mr. Frank J Tencza Mr. Henry A. Termeer Jr. Mr. Matt Terras Jr. Mr. Brian Terrell & Family Col Thomas H. Thacker Mr. Brian T. Thacker Mr. William R. Tharp Mr. Jeff Thatcher Ms. Rosemary J. Thayer Mr. Alan W. Thebert Mr. Richard N Theriault CDR Thomas Thetford, USN (Ret) Mrs. Ann Thielen Mr. Raymond W. Thinnes Mr. Craig This Mr. Dan Thobe Mr. Louis C. Thole Mr. Harry K. Thomas Col Clarence W. Thomas, (Ret) Mr. Mike Thomas Mr. Richard Thomas Mr. Charles H. Thomas Mr. Jack Thomas Mr. David Thomas Mr. Manford W. Thomas Mr. Alfred B. Thomas & Family Mr. Steven Thomas Mr. Drew Thomas Ms. Sherri Thomason Mr. Scott Thomason Mr. J. Kenneth Thompson Mr. Jack E. Thompson Mr. Earl A. Thompson Mr. Wayne W. Thompson Mr. Walter G. Thompson Mr. Richard P. Thompson Mr. John A. Thompson Mr. Michael Thompson and Capt. Sandy Anderson-Thompson Ms. Pauline S. Thompson Mr. Jimmy Thompson Mr. Archie C. Thompson Mr. Walt Thompson Mr. Keith Thorne Mr. Matthew Thorneycroft

Mrs. Rosemary Thornton Mr. Charles G. Thornton Ms. Laura Thorp Mr. Gerald E. Thorpe Mr. Dick Thrasher Mr. Derek Threinen Mr. Joseph F. Thumser Col Ron Thurlow, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jeffrey Thurnau CMS Glenn Thurston, (Ret) Mr. Terry Thwaits Mr. Thomas Tie Mr. Robert J. Tiefenthaler Maj Raymond Tiffault Mr. Andrew Tighe Mr. Kristof Tigyi Mr Bryan H. Tilley Mr. Eric Timat Mr. J. David Timbers Mr. Werner Louis Timm Mr. Steven Timm Mr. James L. Timmons Mr. John Tims Mr. Jim Tinker Mr. John H. Tinkle Mr. James S Tira Mr. Joseph J. Tirpak Mr. Robert A. Titlow Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Tobey Mr. Terry Tobin Mr. Robert C. Tobleck SMSgt Kenneth L. Todd, (Ret) Mr. Gary Todd Mr. Emil Toedtli Mr. Joseph J. Toland Mr. Bobby J. Tolar Mr. Douglas Toman Mr. Henry V Tomczyk Mr. David R. Tomes Forrest and Alexandra Tomes Mr. Jonathan S. Tomlini Ms. Margaret Tomlinson Mr. Larry Tomter Mr. Deal Toney Mr. Glen E. Tonini Mr. Tim Toothman Mr. Carlton Topel Mr. George F. Toper Mr. Albert S. Torigian Mr. Don Torizzo Mr. J. Christian Toronto Mr. Thomas J. Toskin Mr. Fred C. Toth Mr. George Touchettte Mr. Paul E Tower Mr. Randolph Townley

Mr. Robert L. Townsend MSgt Edwin N. Townsend, (Ret) Mr. Barry L Tracey Mr. Robert E. Trakinat Mr. Michael E. Trakinat Paul and Tuyet Tran Mr. Donald R. Trask Mr. Ernest Trautmann CWO-4 Daniel S. Travsky, USAF (Ret) Mr. Major A. Treadway II Mr. Henry Treffinger Mr. Gary F Tremper Mr. John B. Trenholm Mr. Philip A. Trenis Mr. Charles Trent Mr. Clarence C. Treu Mr. William Treuden Mr. Raymond M. Treyens Mr. Wilbur H Trinen Mr. Karl F. Tringhese Mr. Robert K. Trinque Mr. Robert Trittipo Mr. William P Trnavsky Mr. Joseph E. Trnka Mr. Michael Troha Mr. Ralph Trombley Mr. David Trometer Mr. Tim Trommater Mr. William D. Trommater Lt Col Paul Tropiano Mr. R E Trowbridge Mr. Larry G. Troxell Mr. Aldo Truant Mr. Ryland J. Truax Mr. Reginald E. Trudgen Mr. Mike Truesdell Mr. Dan Trumble Michael Trusty Ms. Esther Tryban Mr. Mike J. Tschida Lt Col Chuck Tubbs Mr. Bill Tuberson Mr. Jon A. Tucker Mr. William A Tucker Mr. Vic Tucker Lt Col Scott C. Tucker Mr. Larry Tucker Col Charles W. Turk MSgt Paul J Turner, (Ret) Mr. Charles S. Turner Jr. Mr. Samuel E. Turner Mr. Larry W Turner Mr. Glenn G. Turner Mr. Richard L. Turner Mr. David A. Turner Mr. Jerry L. Turner


Mr. Donald E. Turner Mr. Joseph A Turzynski Mr. Gordon Tushek Ms. Cathy Tuttle Mr. David L. Twaddle Mr. Robert L. Tweedie Mr. Robert W. Tweedy Jr. Mr. Larry Twitchell Mr. Edward H. Tye Mr. James Bruce Tyler Mr. Ronald Tyler Mr. Victor A Tyler Mr. Robert J. Tyne Mr. Howard Udenberg Col Edward L. Uher Ms. Ann T. Uhlenhake Mr. Andrew J. Ulicny Mr. Ronald J. Ulishney Mr. Michael Ullmew Mr. Christopher L. Ulm Mr. Cliff Ulman Mr. Larry Ulrey CMS and Mrs. Samuel Ulrich Mr. Paul R. Umberger Mr. Lawrence B. Umland Jr. Mr. Clifford B. Underwood Mr. Pete Unger Mr. Pete Unitt Mr. George Updegrove Mr. Rajendra Uppoor Mr. Robert Urban Mr. Edwin Urena Mr. Gary Urmanic Mr. Louis Urrutia Brig Gen Regis F A Urschler Mr. Joseph G. Ursini Mr. Robert Uttley Lt Col Herman W. Uyak Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. Roy Vaillancourt Mr. Jules P. Vaillancourt Ms. Lilya Vainberh Mr. Michael P. Valcourt Mr. Charles Valley Mr. Ted Valley Mr. Cliff Van Arsdale Mr. Bruce Van Auken Mr. Nicholas J. Van Beuren Capt James C. Van Blarcum, USAF Mrs. Andrea Van Buren MSgt Richard Van Buskirk, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kenneth L Van Cise Jr. Mr. Philip H. Van Deusen Ms. Patti M. Van Eekeren Mr. Larry Van Etten Mr. Robert Van Hook Mr. Curtis Van Leuven

Mr Bill Van Luven Dr. Ken Van Treuren Mr. Warren Vance Mr. Jim Vance Mr. Robert W Vance Mr. Ronald Vandament Mr. Ed Vanden Bosch Dr. Frank R Vander Linden Dr. Vern C. Vanderbilt Jr. Mr. Donald I. Vanderkarr Mr. Larry J. Vandewater Col Dale VanDusen Mr. Steven M. VanFrank Mr. Ed VanHorn Mr. Stephen C. VanHorn Mr. Thomas H. Vankirk Mr. Richard C. Vanness & Family Mr. Edward V. Vanslambrouck Mr. Ronald Vares Brig Gen Walter Vartan Mr. John Vasilchin Sgt Ray Vasinda Mr. John Vasquez Mr. Godfrey Vassallo Mr. Robert J. Vatalaro Mr. Peter L. Vaughan Mr. Jameson Vaughan Mr. G. Robert Veazey, Sr. Mr. John L Veenstra Mr. Mark Veerman & Family Mrs. William Veiga Jr. Mr. Bill Velliky Mr. Bill Venables CMSgt G. W. Verbanic Mr. Phillip G. Veres Mr. Donald Vermeer Mr. Thomas M. Verni Mr. Raymond Vernon Mr. Salvatore Verrastro Col Jim Verstreate, USAF (Ret) Mr. Phillip E Vetuschi Mr. Joe Vick Mr. Reginald Victor Mr. Gregory Viel Mr. Kenneth Vieregge Mr. David Viglione Mr. Robert Villa Mr. Stephen Villanove Mr. Joseph S. Villari Mr. Michael Villegas Mr. Tadeo Miguel Vinaga Lt Col Ross G. Vincent, USAF (Ret) Mr. Larry D. Vincent Maj Gen Russell Violett, USAF (Ret) Mr. Keith Mike Virus Mr. Frank Viskup

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) Mr. Bill Visnovsky Mr. Fredrick J. Vlaskamp Mr. Royce E Vlasnik Mr. Matt Voes Col Joseph L. Vogel, (Ret) Lt Col Donald Vogt Mr. Donald Vojtush Mr. Paul Volansky Mr. James T. Volker Mr. Roger K Vollmer Mr. Ernst von Meerwall Mr. John W. Vondrasek Mr. Jerry G. Voorhees Mr. & Mrs. Richard Vosburgh Col Robert H Voss, USAF (Ret) Dr. Lawrence Votta Lt Col Stanley Voyiaziakis, USAF [Ret] Mr. John C Vroman Mr. Jeffery M. Vunck Mr. James R. Waag Mr. Lawrence A. Wachtel Mr. Frederick G. Wackler Mr. Robert O Waddell Mr. James E. Wade Mr. David Jacob Wade Mr. George R Wade Mr. Anthony E Wadrick Mr. Jim Waechter Mr. Bob Wagner Mr. Paul A. Wagner Mr. Timothy Wagner Mr. Joseph R. Wagner Jr. Mr. Robert H Wagner Maj Richard E. Wagner, USAF [Ret] Mr. John A. Wagner & Family Mr. Glenn E. Wagoner Mr. Fredrick . Wahl Mr. Edson B. Waite Mr. R. C. Wakefield Mr. Michael P. Waker Mr. Michael T. Walbolt Mr. Mark A. Wald Ms. Linda Waldmann Mr. Larry Waldrop Mr. R. Loy Waldrop Jr. Mr. John R. Walen Mr. Dwain G Walker Col & Mrs. William G. Walker Jr. Mr. Lawrence G. Walker Jr. Mr. Bernon Walker Mr. Rufus Walker Mr. Franklin F. Walker Mr. John S. Wall

Mr. James Wall Mr. Phillip A. Wall Mr. Sidney J. Wallace Mr. Paul W. Wallace Sr. Mr. John O. Wallace Mr. Jeffrey Wallace Mr. Everett D. Wallin Mr. Peter J Wallis Jr. Mr. John J. Wally Mr. Frank Walschlager Mr. William B. Walsh Mr. Edward M. Walsh Mr. James Walsh Mr. Patrick Walsh Brig Gen Denis Walsh, USAF (Ret) Mr. Jim Walsh Mr. Tom Walston Mr. Henry P. Walter Mr. James Walters Mr. Ronald W. Walters Sr. Mr. Willliam Walters Mr. Daniel Waltimire Mr. Thomas F. Walton Mr. John Walton Eric and Debbie Waltzer Ms. Barbara Walunas Mr. Harry L. Walz Mr. Beijie Wang CMSgt James W. Wangelin, (Ret) Mr. Ronald W Wanner Mr. Randolph Wapperom Mr. Andrew Warby Mrs. Thomas J. Ward Mr. James Ward Mr. Clayton L Ward Mr. W. Dace Ward Mrs. Linda Ward Mr. John A. Ward Mr. Jack Ward Mrs. Ila G Ward Mr. Roger H. Ward Mr. James Ward Mr. Don R. Ward Mr. Steven H. Ward Mr. Francis N. Ward Mr. John R. Ward Mr. William Caswell Ward Mr. Alan F Ward Mr. Stan Ward Mr. Howard Wardell Mr. Richard Wargo Ms. Lynda Waring Mr. M. C. Warmbier Mr. Ron Warmuth Mr. Robert I. Warner CMSgt William J. Warren, USAF (Ret)

Mr. John Warren Mr. George Warren Mr. James D Warren Mr. Tom Warrington Mr. William F. Warth Mr. Don Warwick Mr. Robert Washburn Mr. John Washick Mr. William A. Wasitis Mr. Wayne Wasson Lt Col J. R. Waterman Mr. Ronald Waters Mr. Brian A Waters Mr. Charles L. Waters Mr. Pat Watson Mr. Don Watson Mr. Michael Watson Mr. Tim Watson Mr. Mike Watson Mr. Glenn D. Watts Mr. Sonny Watts MSgt Vincent G Watts, USAF (Ret) Mr. Roland Watts Mr. Edwin Watts Mr. Schuyler Wavrek Capt William P. Waymire Mr. Donald Weatherby Mr. Jim Weatherhead Maj Herbert J. Weatherhead, USAF (Ret) Mr. Dyke Weatherington MSgt Jerry R Weatherwax Ret Mr. Chester E. Weaver Jr. Mr. Michael J. Weaver SMSgt Charles D Weaver USA Mr. Richard L. Weaver SMSgt Carl Weaver, USAF (Ret) Lt Col James D Webb Mr. Charles Webb Mr. Richard N. Webb Mr. Douglas Paul Webbeler Mr. Bruce Weber Mr. Fred Weber Mr. Ken Weber Mr. Chris Weber Mr. Daniel R Weber Mr. Martin Weber Mr. Jay Weckerly Mr. Jeffrey Wedding Ms. Sally Weepie TSgt Robert E. Wegeman Mr. Richard J. Wegert Mr. Ray Weible Mr. John Kent Weighton Mr. Dana L. Weigle Mr. Ralph Weil Mr. Stephen Weimar & Family


Mr. Donald J. Weimer Mr. Clark Weims Mr. Edgar T. Wein Ms. Barbara Weinschenk Mr. Lawrence Weinstock Mr. Michael Weislander Mr. Charles P. Weiss Dr. Reuben R Weisz, MD Mr. Richard E. Welch Mr. Ken Welch Mr. Robert M. Welch Col Ben J. Welch Jr. Mr. Michael Welch Gene and Nancy Welch Mr. John Welks Mr. Josh Wellbrock & Family Mr. Charles A. Wellers Mr. Robert Welles Mr. Jerry J Welliver Mr. Larry Wells Mr. Arch W Wells Mr. Joseph H. Wells Dr. John W. Wells Mr. John Wells Ms. Rebecca R. Wells Mr. Tyler Wells Mr. Wes Wells Mr. Dennis Wells Mr. Philip R Welsch Lt Gen & Mrs. William Welser III Ms. Betty Welsh Mr. Merle Welsh Mr. Jack Welty Maj Adam W. Wenclewicz Mr. Neil K Wenger Mr. Bob Wenger Mr. & Mrs. Brian K. Wentworth Mr. Alan R. Wentzel Mr. Arthur A Werner Lt Col Dale Werner [Ret] Mr. Robert Werner Col John C Wertz, USAF (Ret) Col & Mrs. Richard Wesbrook, USAF (Ret) Mr. George Wescott Mr. Jon Wesley Mr. David S. West Col Marcus C. West Mr. Myron E. West Maj Robert West Mr. Gary West Ms. Susan West Mr. Peter West SMSgt Barlow M Westcott, (Ret) Mr. Dean G. Westcott Mr. Harold C Westerfield

Mr. Philip Westfall Ms. Nancy L. Westgate Mr. Edward R. Westing Mr. Mike Weston MSgt Amber Weston Mr. Robert Wetherell Mr. Stephen J Wethington Mr. Richard Wetz Mr. Raymond B Wetzel Mr. Tim Wetzel Mr. Don Wetzel Robert and Carolyn Weyant Col Kenneth L. Weyler Lt Col Lyman E Wheeler, USAF (Ret) Mr. Gayle L. Wheeler Mr. Jack F Wheeler Mr. Richard H. Wheeler Mr. Dale Wheeler Mr. John P. Wheelihan Mr. Dan Whetstone Maj Terry A. Whetstone, USAF (Ret) Mr. David Whikehart Ms. Bonnie Whisman Mr. Jack Whisnant Mr. Ted C Whitacre Mr. Randy E. Whitacre Mr. John R. Whitaker Mr. David Whitcomb Col Donald S. White, USAF (Ret) Mr. William D. White Mr. Thomas E. White Mr. Don White Mr. William F. White Mr. Robert White Mr. Richard R. White Mr. Harley White Mr. Edward D White SMSgt Stancil A. White, USAF (Ret) Mr. William E White Mr. Fred White Mr. Warren A White Mr. Wendell B. White Mr. John L. White Mr. Ken Whitfield Mr. Johnathon D. Whitney Mr. William Whitworth Mr. Orlan R. Wichman Col. & Mrs. Robert J. Wicke Mr. Jim Wickel Mr. Graham P Widdis Mr. Ron Widman Mr. Henry Wieczorek Mr. Dennis D. Wiegand Mr. Verle Wieging Mr. Paul Wielage Brig Gen George Thomas Wier, USAFR

Mr. Jeff Wigdahl Mr. John B. Wiggins III Mr. Harold D Wilborn Mr. Evan Wilcox Mr. George Wilcox Mr. Scott Wilde Mr. Gerald L. Wiles Mr. Malcolm E. Wiley Mr. Dutch Wilheim Mr. Monte R. Wilhelm Mr. Kenneth T. Wilhite Jr. Mr. Avon Wilkes Mr. Robert Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wilkinson Mr. Carl Willert Mr. Douglas Willett Mr. Norm Willey Mr. Frank R. Willheim Sr. Mr. Paul Williams Mr. Dallas L. Williams Mr. John K. Williams Mr. Clinton C. Williams Mr. Gerald Williams Mr. John B. Williams Mr. James F. Williams Mr. Steve Williams Dr. Sherwood Williams Mr. Ron Williams Mr. Wayne E. Williams Mr. T L Williams Mr. Walter M. Williams Jr. Mr. Charles E. Williams Col Mark S. Williams Mr. Fred P. Williams Jr. Mr. Michael D. Williams Mr. Kennith J. Williams Mr. John G. Williamson SMSgt J. B. Williamson, USAF (Ret) Mr. David Willis Mr. Robert E. Willis Mr. Steven M. Willis Ms. Margie Willis Dr. Paul J Willoughby, Ph.D. Mr. Rex A. Willoughby Sr. Mr. Robert A. Wilmes Mr. Clint Wilmot Lt Col Henry M. Wilson Capt William B. Wilson Mr. Leland E Wilson Mr. Donald R. Wilson Mr. Roy O. Wilson Mr. Thomas A. Wilson CMSgt Walter F. Wilson, (Ret) Ms. Diane Wilson Mr. William Wilson Ms. Gloria Jean Wilson

2013 Memberships Aviator (cont.) MSgt Dale Wilson, USAF (Ret) Mr. Rusty Wilson Mr. Thomas M Wilson Mr. Charles A. Wilson Mr. Lucian Paul Wilson Mr. Steve Wilson Mr. Kevin E. Wilson Mr. James S. Wiltshire Jr. Mr. Luther Wimberly Lt Col Jack W Wimer, USAF (Ret) Mr. Roger Winburg Mr. Larry F Winczewski Mr. Milton L Windler Lt Col Robert C. Windoffer Mr. Michael Windom Mr. Alan E Wingeier Mr. Jeff Winholtz Mr. Harry E. Winkelman Mr. Henry Winkler Fr. William Winkler, O.F.M. MSgt George Winslow, USAF (Ret) Mr. Harold Winstead Mr. Gary Winter Mr. Bill Winters Mr. Lou J. Wipotnik Mr. Glenn Wise Mr. Robert A. Wise Mr. Walter R Wise Ms. Kathleen Wisemandle Mr. Robert Wiser Mr. Jay Wisler Mr. Jack L. Wissman Mr. Donald Wist Col Robert Wiswell, USAF (Ret) Mr. Robert C. Witbeck Lt Col David P. Witmer Jr., USAF (Ret) Mr. John Witschey Mr. Robert E Witt Mr. Gary Witt Mr. Raymond J. Witt Lt Col John A. Wohlman, USAF (Ret) Mr. Bill Woide Mr. Mark R. Woike Mr. Jack Wolda Mr. Frank Woldorf Mr. Theodore H. Wolf Mr. Jacob Wolf Dr. Harry Wolfe Jr. Mr. Leon K. Wolfe Jr. Mr. Laddie Wolfe Mr. Scott Wolfe Mr. Jay R. Wolfe Mr. Walter Wolfe

Mr. Richard H. Wolfe Mr. Dale Wolfgram Mr. Miles Wolfson Mr. Joseph D Wolter Mr. Eric Wonderly Mr. Michael Y. Wong Col Stan Wood Mr. Orval E. Wood Mr. Harrison F. Wood Mr. Leonard Wood Mr. David A. Wood Mr. John P Wood Mr. Edward L. Wood Mr. Steven J. Wood Col Woody Woodall Ret Danny Woodard Mr. James Woolf Mr. Thomas Woolf Mr. Tom Wooten Mr. Bill F Worden Col Leon D. Worden, USAF (Ret) Mr. Kim Y. Worden Mr. Al Worells Mr. Donald Workman Mrs. Gayle S. Workman Mr. Don Worley Mr. Robert J. Wormald Mr. William G. Worringer Mr. Dan Worsham Mr. Mike Worth Mr. Michael Worthington Mr. and Mrs.Tom Wortley Ms. Ann Wourms Dr. William S. Woznek Mr. Donald Wray MSgt Lloyd R Wright, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ken Wright Mr. Mark A. Wright Brig Gen Robert Wright, (Ret) Mr. Bruce Wright Mr. Robert Wright Mr. Ronald K. Wright Mr. David Wright, M.D. Mr. Kevin Wright Mr. Roger Wright Mr. Wilfred Wright Mr. Walter O. Wright Mr. Melvin Wright Mr. Kevin L Wright Mr. Jerry Wright Mr. Don Wright Mr. Robert Wulf Mr. Greg Wurster Mr. John Wurtzel Mr. Gerald R. Wyen Mr. Virgil E. Wyke

Mr. Bill Wykes Don and Susan Wykoff Mr. Jimmy Wylie Mr. DeLacy M. Wyman Lt Col Roger Wynkoop Mr. William W. Wyper Mr. George Wysocki Mr. Stan Wyspianski Mr. Jack D. Wyzlic Mr. Mario Yaeggy SMSgt Leland C Yager, USAF (Ret) Mr. John Yakscoe Mr. John S Yanik MSgt Arthur E. Yarbrough, USAF [Ret] Mr. Bernard Yarcusko Mr. Haig S Yardumian Mr. Eugene V. Yarger MSgt Harry M. Yarwick, USAF [Ret] Mr. Jason Yasuda Mr. Eldon Yeager Mr. Barry Yeakel Mr. John C. Yeargin Mr. Alan N. Yeater Mr. John R. Yedinak Ms. Laura Yee Mr. Stephen Yee Mr. George Yefchak Mr. Oney N. Yendrey Mrs. Mary Alice Yerian Douglas and Nadine Yetter Mr. Doug Yore Mr. Tomoyasu Yoshikawa Mr. Gary Yoshonis Mr. Stephen Yost Mr. Scott M Yost & Family Mr. Otis H Young Mr. Robert L. Young Mr. Robert L Young Mr. Roger M. Young Mr. Jeffrey R. Young Mr. Jacques E. Young Mr. Jeffrey K. Young Mr. Ralph M. Young Col William H. Young, USAF (Ret) Mr. Ron Young Mr. Jay A. Young Mr. Carl Young Ms. April C. Young Mr. Donald A Young Mr. Bob Young Ms. Marjorie R. Young Mr. Frank O. Youngquist Mr. Thomas W. Youngworth Mr. Nathan C Yow Jr. Mr. John Yuhas Mr. John Zachary

Mr. Jon N. Zachem Mr. Kasta Zafiropoulos Mr. Steve Zahos Ms. Carolyn A. Zaidain Mr. Gene Zalabski Mr. Peter D. Zalanka Mr. James E Zalanka Mr. Art Zaldivar Mr. Charles M. Zander Maj Edmund Zander, USAF (Ret) Mr. Joseph S Zaremba Mr. Eric Zarnikow Mr. Paul Zartsky Mr. Robert E Zaske Mr. Dave Zawadzki Mr. Clark Zeaman Mr. Michael Zebulske Mr. Roy W. Zeder Jr. Mr. Tony Zehringer Mr. Jim R. Zeis Mr. Daniel Zeljak & Family Mr. David V. Zeller Mr. Adam J. Zengel Mr. John A. Ziegenhagen Mr. Gerard S. Zielinski Mr. Ron Zimm Mrs. Mary Ann Zimmer Mr. Walter Zimmer & Family Ms. Beverly C. Zimmer Mr. Doug Zimmerman Mr. Steve Zimmerman Mr. Kevin M. Zink Mr. Tim Zink and Colum Zipprich MSgt Stewart Zitzner, USAF (Ret) Mr. Lawrence F. Zizzo Mr. Richard Zmijewski Mr. Scott J Zobrist Mr. David Zolet Mr. John E. Zolondz Mr. Mark H Zook Mr. Kevin Zornes Mr. Douglas H. Zornow Mr. Ken Zschach Mr. David M. Zuber Mr. Thomas J. Zuchowski Brig Gen Sheila Zuehlke Ms. Sarah Zumbrum Mr. Niels J Zussblatt Mr. Wayne A. Zwart Mr. Michael Zwayer Mr. Jason Zych



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he Air Force Museum Foundation is grateful for the support provided by the Friends of the National Museum of the United States Air Force, the Board of Managers, staff, volunteers, donors, sponsors, and matching gift companies. Because of their steadfast support, the National Museum of the United States Air Force® continues to expand as it highlights the important role of the U.S. Air Force in maintaining our nation’s security, “globally and without boundaries.” Finally, we thank the 80 Doolittle Tokyo Raiders for showing us the importance of innovation and teamwork to achieve the mission, inspiring all of us, every day, to follow their example.

Credits: Editor/Writer: Peggy Coale Art Director/Graphics: Mark Riley Photography: Biel Photography, Dan Patterson, Steve Ziegelmeyer, USAF, AFMF Administrative Support: Pam Kluesner, Michele Giefer

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