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What if school trips could be both educational, adrenaline


charged and fun? Are you a teacher looking for new ways to get your students excited about fitness? Air Extreme is the perfect partner for your pupils. Air Extreme welcomes groups up to 60 children in any one session, either as a social experience or part of a structured visit. With our level 3 British Gymnast trained coaches & our trained fitness coaches we will ensure your visit is structured and fun. Time spent on our trampolines will stimulate growth and development of skills such as Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Motor Skills, Coordination, Creativity and Confidence.



Air Extreme can offer schools a structured coached visit on a regular weekly basis throughout term time. Your visit to Air Extreme would encourage your students to learn the basics skills on our trampolines and achieve greatly rewarding exercise workouts with our fully trained British Gymnastics coaches. Every student will work towards a British Gymnastics proficiency award over the term. Trampolining has become more and more popular over recent years especially with the younger generation. Whilst the children learn new skills they are also achieving a formidable exercise work out as trampolining is proven to be a fantastic method of exercise.



All pupils train towards a British Gymnastics qualification, coached by our qualified BG coaches.



Stimulates your metabolism. Increases oxygen capacity. Improves your sense of balance. Increases oxygen circulation to tissues. Improves the circulation of the lymph through the lymph glands Strengthens the heart (Cardiovascular health) Increases energy and sense of vitality Firms and tones the muscles


1. Teaches persistence It takes time to master specific skills on a trampoline, but because it’s so much fun, kids will often persist until they get their moves absolutely right. 2. Improves self-esteem As a child masters new skills on the trampoline they begin to gain confidence, which in turn translates into a better self-image. 3. Effects learning success As kids learn to control the movement of their body, it can help them to learn other things too. Because a trampoline teaches muscle control and coordination, many children see an improvement in their learning success when they use a trampoline regularly. 4. Improves flexibility Jumping on a trampoline strengthens and lengthens muscles and improves flexibility.


5. Develops motor skills When kids jump on a trampoline their brain is forced to function bilaterally as they jump up and down in the air. Both sides of their brain and both sides of their body must work together to maintain coordination and balance when on a trampoline. This in turn helps increase their motor skills. 6. Cardiovascular workouts Jumping on a trampoline increases a child's heart rate and gives their heart a great workout. 7. Improved posture Along with improving kids balance, jumping on a trampoline can improve their posture. The trampoline floor is constantly moving and kids must be aware of their centre of gravity at all times. The balance they learn on a trampoline helps improve balance in other activities too. 8. Exercise in disguise Trampolining is exercise in disguise and is perfect for kids who don’t like taking part in sports lessons or sports activities. A trampoline offers fun physical fitness for kids, a chance to move their body and exercise for a few minutes or more a day without them even realising!



Our crew members are passionate about ensuring your visit to Air Extreme is a fun filled sporting learning experience. Coaches BG certified level 3.2/2/1 Staff - Level 3 First Aid Trained DBS Checked Full Risk Assessments Provided Fully Insured


It comes with great pleasure to announce more child coached sessions will be available from September 2018 at Air Extreme. Air Extreme is very proud of our British Gymnastic coached sessions that can be


tailored to your school. We believe these sessions compliment the great work you as teachers provide in your PE lessons and we would be honoured to support, off school advanced learning and physical educational programmes. Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. Chris Milton Director Air Extreme

Air Extreme, 1 Lauder Lane, Barnstaple, North Devon, EX31 3TA Tel: 01271349806

Air Extreme Structured School Sessions  
Air Extreme Structured School Sessions