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DANISH DESIGN SWISS PRECISION The London Lifestyle, on what you get when you mix two best friends, extreme sports and a love for the finer things in life...

Above: The Spidolite II Tech Green looks the business. Carbon, AWL, and green details. Fantastic.

The story goes that in

diving or skiing (we’ll get onto that

the winter of 1996, Jorn


Werdelin, mountaineer

Linde Werdelin was founded in the

and off-piste skier, was

year 2002. The company is very young

taken by surprise in a

by watch making standards. They also

bout of bad weather, got lost, skied off a

have certainly what could be defined as

cliff and broke his back. This then gave

a very niche market, but clearly, this

him the idea, in conjunction with a life

hasn’t stopped them from becoming

long friend, Morten Linde, to create

quite a success. Now that you’re up to

high end sports watches with the capa-

speed lets go onto the details of our ex-

bility to provide useful information to

citing visit to the Showroom.

the wearer while

‘By watch making standards, they‘re a young brand...this hasn’t stopped them from becoming a success’ On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, The

(Shortly after this we had a short time

London Lifestyle went down to the

with Jorn himself; short, because, before

Linde Werdelin show room at Pem-

long, he had to whisk of to a meeting.)

bridge villas in Notting Hill, to check

We managed get a great cover shot of

out some of the current line-up of ho-

Jorn, who was very chilled, relaxed, and

rological creations.

very, very cool.

After the detailed and interesting talk about the company with their head of press, Madina, we set off outside with 6 watches from the Linde Werdelin line up, for a closer look at the Danish designed, Swiss built time pieces.

The watches we had were from two

The Oktopus watch was the first full

main lines.

line made by Linde Werdelin. The first

Both of which would introduce the ag-

example of which was created by the

ony of choice to the potential buyer.. Firstly we have the Oktopus. The Okto-

company, to be used to scale mount Everest; but that’s another story.

pus is LindeWerdelin’s timepiece used

Secondly, we have the Spido range of

for diving. The Oktopus watches are

watches. While the Oktopus line of

designed to be attachable to their own

watches are made with diving in mind,

diving instrument, known as the reef.

the Spido watches immediately strike

This allows users to see real time, useful

you as being designed for something

information, while underwater, and

quite different.

greatly enhances the experience.

Right: Oktopus II Yellow; The Rock Instrument. Far right from top left: (Clockwise): The Rock Instrument, the Spidolite Tech II Green, the Oktopus II Yellow & Spidospeed Titanium Blue; The gorgeous underside of the titanium blue.

The Spido’s are Light, and purposefully

They’re made from a solid block, and


then crafted down into what you see

LindeWerdelin describes the Spido’s as

today as the case of the timepiece. The

‘a true 3-dimensional skeletonised ex-

design of the various Spido watch is

perience’ and they were spot on. These

technically complex, and artistically

watches look gorgeous. Having a look


at them, you can just get a sense, of the sheer time, and skill, that has gone into creating these skeletonised watches.

The skeletonised case, takes inspiration from the design of racing cars, where bare beauty, and weight reduction, take priority place.

We’ve decided to take a close look at the Spidolite II Tech Green. In hand, it’s a light, but clearly, very durable and very luxurious time piece. The watch is quite simply, a revolutionising step for Linde Werdelin, as it heralded the introduction of the material that they have created after 2 years of research and testing. Known as ‘ALW’, this material is an alloy of metals, which is 50% lighter than titanium, and is used to craft the inner case of the II Tech Green. The outer case, is also geared towards weight reduction, as the skeletonised case, is made of forged carbon. Yes. Carbon. The carbon gives the watch a very cool, futuristic look, and in coordination with the green between the angular hollows of the skeletonised carbon outer case, it looks like something straight out of a Sci-fi flick. We like that. The watch has the dimensions 44mm (w) by 46mm (l) by 15mm (h), and while this isn’t the smallest watch, it most certainly wasn’t too large or at all cumbersome; lightness, was very apparent. The company only release small quantities of Above: The Spidolite II Tech Green is cool.

watches per year. The Spidolite Tech II Green was

Everyone likes carbon right?

released together with the Spidolite Tech II Gold. Both are available in a limited production run of 75 pieces.

The dial of the Spidolite

All things considered,

Those of us who appreciate the unique

II Tech Green reveals a

Linde Werdelin certainly

shapes making up the Oktopus II Tita-

small glimpse of the

make some great time

nium Yellow, and the otherworldly

movement, and has the


style of Spidolite Tech II Green.

Linde Werdelin logo

may not appeal to every-

Linde Werdelin,

and a black satin fin-

one, they will always

Swiss Precision.

ished hand.

have a strong following.

The SpidoLite II Tech is powered by the LW 04, calibre 2251, which is custom made by Concepto, who are an independent movement manufacturer based in La Chaux de Fonds. The front and back of the movement are finished with a circular perlage and engraved with the Spido icon.

Although they

Danish Design, and

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Danish Design, Swiss Precision (Issue 1)  

The London Lifestyle, on what you get when you mix two best friends, extreme sports and a love for the finer things in life... Linde Werdeli...

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