Aircraft IT MRO V9.1, March-April 2020

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Dr. Mike Profit explains how ATP CaseBank’s SpotLight troubleshooting solution is helping the industry’s workhorse aircraft, the Boeing 737NG Mike joined ATP CaseBank in 2019, from WorkWave, prior to which, he was VP of Product Development at Systech. He was a General Manager for Symantec and has also held senior roles in the US and the UK where he focused on operational efficiencies, product management processes, and taking software concepts to commercial solutions. Mike holds a Bachelor of Science and a PhD in Evolutionary Biology, both from the University of London.

Aircraft IT: Your name, your job, and the name of the business? Mike Profit: Mike Profit, Chief Product Officer, ATP CaseBank Aircraft IT: How did SpotLight for the Boeing 737NG get started? MP: In 1998, our software division developed a technology to improve fault isolation and capture field experience, and it grew to what is known today as SpotLight®. Originally designed for OEMs, the SpotLight solution has guided troubleshooting and promoted knowledge sharing amongst mechanics on the Airbus A220, Gulfstream corporate aircraft,

and off-board troubleshooting for Lockheed Martin’s F35 Lightning II. It was at one of our user conferences where a major US-based airline client of our ChronicX® repetitive defect analysis solution asked about SpotLight’s capabilities for a specific fleet of their aircraft. With one of the largest fleets of Boeing 737NG in operation globally, they wanted the ability to streamline troubleshooting as well as share knowledge amongst their various teams of technicians. So, we got to work in building a SpotLight database with every possible solution for fixing a Boeing 737NG. The result was a curated and sophisticated off-the-shelf diagnostic AIRCRAFT IT MRO • MARCH-APRIL 2020 • 42

troubleshooting solution for this workhouse aircraft, with essentially zero implementation time for customers. Aircraft IT: What is SpotLight and what makes this new version unique? MP: SpotLight is a guided troubleshooting application that helps technicians diagnose the right problem more accurately and presents the right solution to ensure a first-time fix. It consists of a diagnostic reasoning engine which sits on top of a series of solution databases. For our OEM clients, these databases were curated specifically for their specific engine, frame, and more. The reasoning