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The publishers of volksamerica believe the content of the magazine to be reliable and correct at the time of publication. However, the publishers cannot be held responsible for any effects arising from the content of volksamerica. This may include, but is not limited to, excessive numbers of hours spent tinkering with, admiring or discussing VWs. The views expressed in volksamerica are those of the individual contributors and not necessarily those of the publisher. Advertising is accepted on the understanding that it is accurate and does not contravene the Trade Practices Act. Inclusion of an advertisement should not be construed as an endorsement by volksamerica or the publishers. volksamerica is independent of Volkswagen AG and Volkswagen of America. No images, text, video or audio content of volksamerica, in whole or in part, may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Copyright of all published material remains with volksamerica and its agents. All rights reserved.



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Hello! Welcome to you volksamerica magazin

My name is Jeremy Noble, I am the editor for volksamerica. I have are anything like me, you get frustrated with the "mainstream" VW Don't get me wrong, I as much as the next guy, enjoy the beauty of so many other things, a VW only gets better with age. Patina is ea

volksamerica is a free digital magazine that celebrates and cheris around the America's. We give people like Melanie the chance to s Dee's hippy bus, people who get together in their garage, have a fe VWs that you don't get to see unless you are in the right place at th and the stories that draw us to the VW culture.

Please take a moment to look at the table ofcontents and what is what makes our magazine possible!

I hope you enjoy our first issue. volksamerica will be a quarterly m like to get in contact with me, please send me an email. Thank you, Jeremy - Editor

PS - Buying a mag sticker will support the mag! See the website f

ur very first issue of ne!

e been a VW enthusiast for as long as I can remember. Ifyou W magazines featuring high end and high dollar restorations. fa freshly restored classic VW. With that being said, just like arned and should be cherished.

shes VW culture and brings to you, the VW enthusiasts from show offher handy work on her patina'd bug and Willis and few cold ones and work on their projects. We bring you the he right time, the cars that have stories, stories ofadventure

s inside this issue. Don't forget the advertisements, this is

volks america

magazine. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Ifyou would

for details.


o what's the story with volksamerica? And is it one word or two?

Shar Baby Shar

volksamerica has been a work in progress for a while now. It's the work ofmany people – the story tellers, the photographers, the copy checkers, the phone picker-upperers, the emailers, the designers, the collators...

During a conversation I had with my good friend Jeremy, an idea surfaced to create a grass-roots VW magazine for the Americas. Already involved with the globe trotting Aircooled Classics & Kombi Life digi-mags, it seemed a no-brainer to me. But for Jeremy, well, this was a whole new ball game.

Not long after that discussion the mag had a one page website. A Facebook page quickly followed. Jeremy connected with friends through his Vintage Volks forum and I let the Pitstop Publishing crew know that something new and exciting was on the horizon to publish. Things began to happen... New friends posted on the facebook page wanting to be in the first issue and messages ofencouragement appeared. Jeremy and I agreed to share the work. Jeremy would be the editor and first point ofcontact for advertisers. He'd collate the stories and images before passing them over to me to do the layout work.

With only our enthusiasm to bankroll the project, we began asking people to contribute wherever they could. 'Go out and take some pictures ofyour VW or a show' we'd say. 'Tell us your story, no matter how big or small'.

And the content began to grow. Story by story. Page by page. Our friends at Airkooled Kustoms in Alabama came on board, and our old time pal Chris Vallone at in Congers, NY lent a hand. Suddenly the dream was a series oflate nights sketching out ideas, layouts and a lot ofTV went down the drain.

re y! re!

So please remember what everyone set out to achieve here. Remember how this whole magazine was put together on the kindness and generosity ofothers, with their free time, skills and the support ofsome businesses who saw what a great opportunity just fell at their feet. It's a collection ofpeople's thoughts, ambitions, feelings and passions for the Volkswagen, in all its shapes, sizes, types and years, from across the continents ofboth North and South America. This is volksamerica. Enjoy and share with your fellow VW citizen. It's important that you do because no one likes to miss out on a good thing.

volks america Paul - Designer

1949 Ben Pon

arrives in New York with a VW Beetle. His task is to 'sell the car' to dealers to pass on to their customers. There is no interest.


195 Heinz Nordhoff

arrives to meet w specialist importer ofluxury cars. Over the next th to a population eager to live out the booming Eise sales people over and is quietly Beetle across America.


1955 April 15 1955 Volkswa -

New York. And the rest is histo

founded in

volks america 0

The People's Magazine for the People's Car and so much more. Thank you Volkswagen!

Max Hoffman Hoffman 3000

with Austrian ,a hree years sells just enhower years and beyond. VW send two more y dropped. Dealers begin to distribute the little

wagen ofAmerica is

2014... ory... man!

Canada v USA Guyana Brazil A Mexico Chi Paraguay V Uraguay Bolivia Peru

volks america

a Argentina ile Ecuador Venezuela Suriname u Colombia An Independent VW Magazine for the Americas!

"I could buy a bus ifI got a every pictur our bus!"

a 23 window dollar for re taken of

volks america

While working in E a a car show in Wibau Willis, the owner, ta


With Willis & Dee

on't let an old VW bus die, make a Hippie bus out ofit! This 1970 bus was sitting on the edge ofa field with a for sale sign on it for over 10 years. Every year I would call the owner and ask how much he had to have for it. His answer was always 1500.00 which I thought was too much. One day at work I was talking about the bus to a co-worker. Turned out the bus belonged to a fellow I work with and didn't even know it! He sold me the bus on the spot for 800.00! The bus was solid but rough. The steering column was lying on the front seat. The wire harness and fuse box were all pulled out of the dash, burned and melted. The bus also suffered an engine bay fire that destroyed the wire

astern Montana, I ran across this bus at ux Montana, a town of about 100 people. akes up the story.

Pics by Jeremy.

"I could buy a 23 window bus ifI got a dollar for every picture taken of our bus!"

harness and damaged the right rear corner ofthe body. There was an engine in the bus, but it didn't run. The interior was in a shambles with the seats torn and rotten, headliner hanging down, etc. I stripped the bus completely out. All upholstery, windows, dash, seals, etc. were all removed. I also pulled the engine and fuel tank. A closer examination showed that the bus was rolled on its side sometime in the past. After removing layers ofbondo from the top and sides I found the metal underneath actually in fairly good condition. The body only had serious rust on the bottom ofthe windshield frame. The rest ofthe body is rust free. Even the wheel wells still have all the original red paint on them! I sand blasted the floors and engine compartment ofsurface rust, then primed and repainted them. The whole outside of the bus was sanded to bare metal, primed and painted red with white on top and around the windows. The first thing I painted by hand was the flag on top. The flooring under the bed is also painted with a flag to match the top.

The engine compartment was painted a camouflage green then covered with marijuana leaves. The headliner is done in gold shag carpet. It has glow in the dark stars, planets, and marijuana leaves glued on it. All the inside black door panels and body panels were painted white and have red velvet inserts on them. The inserts have rows ofbrass peace signs mounted on them. I replaced or repacked all the bearings. The engine is a 1970 single port 1600 I had sitting extra. Even though it runs very good I am building a 1600 dual port for it. I repaired the wiring and got the steering back together.

Except for stickers, I painted the bus entirely by hand. Some items like la red, white, and blue theme through the whole bus. We try to reserve the your daughter could be in here". I put a few sayings on the bus just for fun John Lennon slept here" and "Ifthe bus is rockin, don't come knockin!" On the back window is a sticker that says “Psychedelic State". On the seri we have be showing the bus, I only had one lady that got VERY upset abou She said the whole thing was a lie and never happened! I also have several “Legalize Marijuana" stickers just to poke at the establ We have an incense burner that looks like a bong that we burn marijuana outfits. I carry extra headbands, Hippie glasses, and an old 12 string guit bus ifI got a dollar for every picture taken ofour bus!

arge lettering, I did make myselfa template to follow. I tried to keep the rear ofthe bus for stickers. The most popular one being," Don't laugh, n like, "Ifyou don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?" and "Imagine

ious side there is a sticker that says “Kent State University". All the years ut the Kent State sticker. She thought it was terrible I had that on there.

lishment like I did in the 60's! a scented incense in at car shows. We always dress the part in our Hippie tar just for people to use to take their pictures. I could buy a 23 window

A couple times we were approached by people asking ifwe had any roache they could have! We use the bus as a camper during the summer. It runs and drives super! O people waving, giving us a peace sign, or blowing their horns. My wife, Dee, and I have been married 43 years. We have been driving this retired railroader, but was a VW trained mechanic for many years before My wife works for the county Senior Center as a cook. She hopes to retire more miles on the Hippie bus!


On the road we always have

s bus for over 10 years. I'm a working at the railroad. in a year. Then we can put

One Car an many lives. tales to tell beautiful sk

nd yet so .. So many l under a ky.

volks america

Melanie's Pics & Story by Melanie

s Bug

volks america


o I bought my car three years ago. Proudly. :) It was a yellow bug when I got it with nothing going on. I installed carpet inside by myselfas well as sand it numerous hours. One day I almost got into a horrible accident so I decided to install disc brakes. I did this myselfas well. While the bug "Sancho" was under the knife I installed drop spindles and lowering shocks so it wouldn't bottom out. It is slammed on a stock balljoint beam. Some other things that were installed, but not by me, is the sound system. I have two 10s, two 6x9s in a custom box and two 6's up front under the dash with tweeters. The stereo is a Kenwood Bluetooth player. To go with that I had an alarm installed and a pin in every opening door to keep it safe. The motor is a great running 1200cc accompanied with the Freeway Flyer.

I installed an alternator and painted the doghouse tye-dye. The interior isn't much but I have definitely made it unique. The shifter is a Stella Artois beertap along with the bottle opener on the glovebox. I have added a wicker rack inside and a Doors seat cover with Jim Morrison on it. My plans for the future would be to have the interior done up in a light leather and to do my headliner in black. The exterior, well, just keep sanding until I get bored with the look and want to paint it. Haha. I would probably go with a deep metallic purple over anything.

volks america

volks america


e's Bug

volks america

Newbie M Retro in with the

Mk 2. keeping e times.

volks america


With Miguel & Aireen

amily BeetTle

his is my 2012 Beetle with custom paint & matching wheels. Since I can remember, the passion for the Volky in my family is legit. Volky is a common name for the Volkswagen Beetle in Puerto Rico. My first Volky was a 1972 baby blue Super Beetle, that belonged to my father. With the passing ofthe years I gave it to my brother. Through the years I was a proud owner ofseveral Volkswagens. In 2012 Volkswagen released the new edition ofthe Volky. At that moment my wife and I fell in love with the style and the aggressive look ofthe car. It’s a fun car to drive, reliable and safe for my family. My two daughters love when we go to the auto shows and for a ride. They are always smiling and look at the people’s reactions when they see the car. The two tone paint job and the pinstripes are always a matter ofconversation. Thanks to volksamerica for the opportunity to be part ofyour family.

Family Beetle

volks america

With care attention born into a world.

e and I am rea changed

volks america

1952 I

n the earlier pa was just finishi Oval Beetle that to fully restore, pra was getting it read season. I had about there were just som I had to finalize. I g early March from a area and saw that I shop. He asked to c Long story short, h I never had it for sa price tag; he made refuse.

Split Window Beetle with a


art ofthe 2013 year, I ing up a 1953 Ragtop t took me a good year actically fulltime. I dy for the 2013 show t 30 miles on it, and me odds and ends that got a phone call in a fella that was in the I had the '53 in my come by and see it. he bought the car and ale. Everything has a an offer I could not

1952 Zwitter Chris Vallone at

Painted original VW color of L51 Bordeaux Red, base coat clear coat Seat upholstery was from Sewfine in Colorado, Oatmeal Tweed with brown piping

w an Oval Dash

Wolfsburg West Headliner and carpet, tan

Coker Radial White Walls

Original 25hp motor rebuilt back to spec.

So this now brings in the 1952 Split Zwitter I came across. As much as I was happy to get my price for the '53 Beetle, at the same time I was sad that I did not have a show car for the season that was quickly approaching. On almost a daily basis I scan the USA for vintage Beetles. So on my nationwide search I found a 1952 Split Zwitter in Minneapolis MN on craigslist. Zwitter meaning "hybrid." This is when the splits were incorporating the newly oval window dash board and chrome garnishing. This only lasted for 6 months from October to March of1953.

1952 Zwit

I inquired about the car and the owner was very cooperative to supply me the photos I needed. I asked all the hard questions and they were all answered with exactly what I wanted to hear. It was almost too good to be true really. You rarely find a split on craigslist, let alone one that has no rot, original body to chassis, original sheet metal, and the original motor to BOOT! When the owner said the car has been in a garage for over 30 years, it truly looked it. This was a perfect candidate to restore and possibly have it completed for the upcoming show season. The car was already in a primer and 90% ofthe car was already stripped ofits components. On top ofthat, the Beetle had all

the parts original to the car to go as the rare heart tail lights, batwi wheel, seat frames (with original still on them) dash components, f

So after a few phone calls and email back and forth, we set a deal. The o even offered to deliver the car to m could I ask for? The car arrived the in April, we showed it offat our fi Coffee event ofthe season at our s were in awe at how solid and orig

Split Rear Window Beetle with an Oval Dash

2 tter

with it such ing steering l upholstery fenders, etc.

ls negotiating owner himself me, what more e 1st weekend irst DuBs & shop. People ginal it was.


That Monday, we stripped the rest ofthe car and catalogued all the parts, unbolted the body from the chassis, and the car went down to paint. The shell spent two and halfmonths at the paint shop while I worked on all the other details, ie chassis detail, seat restoration, motor rebuild, chrome dipping, ordering of parts etc. So when this car came back from the paint shop all I had to do was assemble and plug it all back together.

Throughout the 2 months or so I gathered all ofmy parts new and old, they were just waiting to be put onto the split. The motor was rebuilt, seats were restored, bolts were cleaned and painted or plated, everything was laid out and categorized so there was no confusion when it came time to assemble the car. I needed to get it done in time for show season which kicked into high gear in June.

19 Zw

2 Zwitter

952 witter In the end with very little sleep, I had the whole car back together in 3.5 months. From delivery to driving, 3.5 months.

I am the 4th owner ofthis car, I did actually have the pleasure ofmeeting the 2nd owner who had the Beetle for the 30+ years. This owner told me that the original owner is still alive and they still keep in contact. Hopefully I will have the pleasure ofmeeting him soon.

Love Aircooled VWs? Get Aircooled Classics. Interactive. Hi-res. Video and Audio. Cool classic aircooled Volkswagens from around the world.

volks america


"Painting gives from my phys become so eng picture that I n as ifI am in a I am free"

s me a release sical bonds, I grossed in the no longer feel wheelchair,

volks america

C hr Nature Lover, Automobile Enthusiast, Watercolor Artist, and Quadriplegic. All these defining elements describe a very unique individual, and nowhere is that individuality more evident than in the beautiful and evocative watercolor and oil paintings of Florida that Chris creates using only his teeth. Whether he is capturing the intent stare of a white egret, or the fury of a summer storm, Chris's paintings make you feel as if you are there with him, witnessing the quiet and unexpected beauty that is Florida.

ristopher KusOter

fcourse, the most unique aspect ofChris's paintings is the way in which they are done. You see, Chris is a quadriplegic. A tragic swimming accident in July of1992 left Chris completely paralyzed from the chest down. During the long months of recovery, Chris searched for a focus for his new life. A long time resident of Florida, Chris had spent much ofhis life enjoying the outdoor lifestyle ofthe Florida West Coast. Now from the new perspective ofa wheelchair, Chris realized that he wanted to capture that feeling ofpeace and tranquility that was all around him. Learning to paint, using only his teeth, was a slow and arduous task, but anyone who knows Chris will tell you, he is an indomitable spirit, who has not let even the most devastating of circumstances stop him from accomplishing his goals.

landscape. Chris’ work has featured in newspapers, television, represented in galleries and nationally published on greeting car A fun and extroverted per Chris looks forward to the fu with great enthusiasm. Ch love ofthe Florida GulfCo and its wildlife offer endle possibilities for his paintin

"Painting gives me a release from my physical bonds, I become so engrossed in the picture that I no longer feel as ifI am in a wheelchair, I am free" That tenacity has paid off. You can almost hear the wind blowing through the sea grass when looking at his paintings. When asked why he chose to master such a difficult skill, Chris responds "Painting gives me a release from my physical bonds, I become so engrossed in the picture that I no longer feel as ifI am in a wheelchair, I am free". Chris hopes that people viewing his paintings will appreciate them for more than just a handicapped success. He hopes that his paintings will transport his viewers to the places he has been, and capture the serene essence that is the Florida

Chris has described his acc as a life-altering experienc he is learning to live his lif new way, and he has found to share that unique outlo with all ofus. Christopher's artwork goe beyond beautiful Florida landscapes and children's


n rds. rson, uture hris’ oast ess ngs.

cident ce, but fe in a a way ook

es far art,

he just so happens to be a VW enthusiast or maybe NUT would be a better name. Much ofChristopher's artwork is done in his studio, Motormouth Studio's, he calls them "Car Toon's", dramatic, cartooned representations ofdifferent makes and models ofcars, many ofwhich are ofphotos submitted by people who want their car...Car Toon'd. Christopher can be found attending VW shows around the country where you can watch him in action. Christopher spends his down time with his buddies that gather to help him work on his cars. Pictured is Kuster with his prized Silver '65 Beetle, that is deserving offace time itself! Christopher Kuster sells his Toon'd artwork on his website,, where you will find many custom paintings, children's artwork, wild life and landscapes done by an incredible artist, guaranteed to deliver a unique work ofart that, most likely, took around 15 hours to complete.

It's a comin A VW colle Resistance

ng together. ective. e is futile!

volks america


Pasco Bug Jam


en years ofwork paid offfor Gary and Donna Crull at this year’s 25th annual Pasco Bug Jam. The Jacksonville, FL, couple’s 1966 21-window ragtop bus took top honors, knocking out nearly 540 other entries for Best ofShow on Nov. 10 at the Pasco County Fairgrounds in Dade City, FL. “It was a difficult decision for the judges,” said Carol Jeffares Hedman, Bug Jam coordinator. “There were so many very fine entries this year, many Type IIs, including another entered by the Crulls as their “Pair ofSixes.” A full-custom, 1966 Type II double-cab pick-up, was also in contention.”

Matthew Hutchinson, of Apopka, entered his 1972 Bug that’s “ the real thing.”

th Annual

m, Florida Others judged the best were Raul Arrese, ofMiami, FL, who won Best Paint and Body, as well as Best Interior, with his 1959 ragtop Bug; Mark Pinkstaff, ofBelleview, FL, Best Interior; and Lashaun Daniels, ofJacksonville, Best Display. Daniels’ display included a traveling casino in her 1974 Type II, complimenting this year’s Bug Jam theme: “Bug Vegas.”

In keeping with the theme an “Elvis” tribute show was featured, along with “Elvis” presiding over a ceremony where a couple dozen couples renewed their wedding vows at the Little White Chapel at Bug Vegas. A record-breaking crowd ofmore than 11,500 came from throughout the country and even some foreign countries to show their love for “the people’s car.” Stephen and Wendi Robbins, of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, drove more than 1,400 miles in their 1972 VW camper bus to attend and won a special award for driving the furthest to participate in the show. Other special awards went to the Volks Family Car Club for most club members participating in the show and to Jason Stratton ofOrlando, FL, for the Judges’ Pick. Stratton’s 1966 bus was selected because he had taken a derelict heap, the judges said, and turned it into a beautifully restored, better than new, rare classic.

Trophies were also awarded to class winners in the 58 classes of competition for air- and water-cooled VWs. The Bug Jam is organized by the non-profit Pasco County Fair Association Inc., a 501 (c) 3 organization and all proceeds go to nonprofit organizations, including All Children’s Hospital that has received about $164,000 since the Bug Jam was conceived 25 years ago. More than 45 tons offood has also been collected for what is now Feeding America Tampa Bay, Suncoast Branch. This year alone 2½ tons was collected.

The 1966 21-window bus entered by Gary C rull of Jacksonville took Best of Show annual Pasco Bug Jam.

Next year’s 26th annual Pasco Bug Jam will be held Sunday, Nov. 9, at the fairgrounds. For more information, visit or e-mail or call the Pasco County Fair Office, (352) 567-6678. The Pasco County Fair Association Inc. does not discriminate against any person on the basis ofage, race, color, sex, disability, religion or national origin.

Kiaralinda and Todd Ramquist of Safet entered their 1974 Bug.

y an d D o n n a at the 25th

ty Harbor

Richard Roj as, of Naples, won in 1968 to 1979 modified Type II division for his 1971 Swiss postal van. “ Van of Steel,� a 1964 custom Type II, was entered by Jim Smolka of Tampa.

"Because story star ordering

no good rts with a salad"

volks america

Moj oe Rising: The Resurrection of a


usted. Big time. And my 6year-old kid brother knew it, too. This is the story of how he went from very bad car washer to owner ofone ofthe baddest Supers ever restored. Ifyou’ve ever been packed up and shipped offfor a summer vacation with your grandparents and older sister, you know how desperate you can get for entertainment. You can only watch so many hours of The Price Is Right before going stir crazy. Plus, there was the unfortunate incident in which our grandmother took us to her country club pool while golfing – but forgot to give us money for snacks. Not to worry, my little brother’s charming “I’m so hungry” face – and mad panhandling skills – netted us some snackage. Grandmommy’s public humiliation pretty much ensured we could cross pool time offofthe list ofentertainment options.

By Susan

e Life, Death, and a 71 S up e r B ug


Rinse and Repeat One afternoon a few days into the visit, Grandad (Joe Bowman) pulled his car out ofthe garage and into the corner ofthe driveway nearest the house, under the big pine tree. He went back into the garage and emerged with a water-filled bucket, sponge, and a bottle ofdish soap. My little brother followed him, looking like he was torn between being polite enough not to get in trouble and wishing he could bolt. “When you’re done washing, be sure to rinse it with water from the house, and not from the hose. The house has soft water, and the hose has hard water,” Grandad said, then turned and walked away. Matt agreed. Ofcourse, he had no idea what that meant. So he lathered up the Super, climbing all over it and enjoying the opportunity to get cooled off– at least the parts ofhim that got soaked. Sun baking the soapy water, it was time to rinse. Hard water, soft water, what was that all about? Getting water from the house was going to be a lot ofextra steps, steps across the blacktop. Maybe he’d meant that the water coming out ofthe hose was hard because it came out with such high pressure. Maybe he could fix that by putting his thumb over the opening in the hose to reduce to flow to a dribble. The results were predictably horrid. The car was streaky and actually looked worse than it had before its bath. Predictably, Grandad’s next question was, “Did you get that water from the house or the hose?” And Matt set about repeating the job. You often hear VW enthusiasts talk about contracting Dub Fever, but

for Matt, it was a certain outcome in the genetic lottery. Both grandfathers had Beetles. It was the car grandkids rode in. It made a neat sound. It smelled interesting. Once Matt got his driver’s license, he told Grandad he’d like to buy the Super ifhe ever wanted to get rid ofit. Nearly a decade later, in 1997, Grandad turned 84 and decided it was time. After a $1,500 transaction plus $700 paid to a professional transport company, it was on its way to Matt, who was stationed in Colorado Springs. Matt had seen the autocraft center on base, and had big plans for

restoring this car and getting it ba having access to a combination of and all the old timers who hung was a matter ofadding his own l the car would be roadworthy ag So, he replaced the brakes. “Iffy to describe the results ofthat pr bled correctly, leaving the left s for some interesting driving. Dr have to wait. From Colorado, Matt was transfe where he stayed two years. The Cincinnati. There he lived in an thankfully, nobody complained taking up three parkin regular car, an MG, an ideal, so (as the family house for his cars. The t in the garage together. Progress on the restor consisted ofbeing, as h whore” and buying wh hands on. It was the ear He added to his cache – whenever he’d travel o visit Southern Californ

ack in shape. He figured fevery tool imaginable g out there to help, it labor into the mix, and gain in no time. y” is the word he uses roject. They weren’t ide grabby. This made riving the Super would

ferred to Dayton, Ohio, en he was moved to n apartment, where, d (loudly) that he was ng spots. He had his nd the Super. It wasn’t y jokes), he bought a two foreigners bunked r. ration at that point he puts it, “an eBay hatever he could get his rly days ofthe Internet. – or just his wish list out to California and nia Imports. Seeing so

many Bugs on the roads out there rekindled his dream. At home in Ohio, a sighting was relatively rare, especially during the winter. He’d put his voracious reading habit to work in the meantime and learn everything he could. “Just a couple ofwrenches and some education, and I can do this!” his mantra as he read Muir’s How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual ofStep-By-Step Procedures for the Complete Idiot. He subscribed to every magazine published.

Enter the Litmus Test

It’s always interesting when you have an odd or misunderstood hobby – especially when you’re a single guy dating. Matt shakes his head thinking ofhow many exes had to endure VW shows. “It’s all old. They’re rusty. What’s the difference? What’s the big deal?” they’d protest, and then say they were planning the next date… and probably all subsequent dates, ifthey survived the car show date, anyway. Then he started seeing Brandee Krabill, his future wife. Brandee’s dad had had a Porsche and had worked repairing Volkswagens during his service with the U.S. Army. She’d inherited a healthy interest in cars, and figured car fascination was normal among men. Jackpot! Matt and Brandee married and bought a bigger house, which meant more room for tools and his project cars. Everything was starting to align for this restoration project to happen. Until Matt was deployed, twice – once in 2004, and again in 2008. Deployments, starting a family, and work all seemed to team up to push the restoration project further into the future. Matt knew that logically, his choices were getting rid ofit or spending some money and get it fixed up. After Grandad passed in 2005, the car was an important final connection to his memory. Getting rid ofit was never an option. The Super was pushed up onto a car dolly and hauled into storage. There it sat for about six years. In early 2011, Matt attended an Army school in Huntsville, Alabama. Knowing he was likely to be transferred to the Rocket City next, in his offtime, likely procrastinating writing a paper, he began Googling VW restoration in Alabama. He was surprised to find that Airkooled Kustoms was located only a few miles from Huntsville, and decided to pay the shop a visit.

After meeting with Spook and taking a look around at the projects in progress, Matt decided it might be time to do this thing. There was discussion about the extent of the restoration, ranging from doing whatever it would take to get the car on the road all the way up to a complete restoration. While the quick fix would have been fast and relatively inexpensive, it would have been nothing more than a Band-Aid. Matt decided that ifhe was going to do this, he was going to do it right.

Because No Good Story Starts with Ordering a Salad

Matt joined up with our dad, Bill, and headed to the nearby Jack Daniels Distillery. Ahead ofthem lay a road trip up to Cincinnati to pull the Super out ofstorage and a return trip to Hazel Green pulling the car on a trailer. Mojoe (Matt + Joe, sort of) was one sad-looking Super after a total of nearly fourteen years ofnot being driven. The engine was tired. The Iberian Red paint finish had dulled to a dusty tomato soup hue, the transmission had grown notchy, all the rubber had dry rotted, and the brakes were well past the end oftheir lifespan. Most alarming was seeing how the ravages ofrust had bitten holes in the pans. The father and son duo pulled onto the grounds at the shop, rolled Mojoe offthe trailer, and pulled away. The neighboring goats eyeballed the new addition with hunger. Toby the shop cat came by during his rounds to check it out. After a bit ofsniffing around, he showed his approval by sitting on it. Then came the laying on ofhands by the AKK krew. The verdict: “Not too bad.” Ofcourse, that’s relative – cringing might be the normal reaction a VW enthusiast would have when seeing all the work that lay ahead. At least it had never been ‘repaired’ with cement or Mexican newspaper, as revealed during the disassembly and blast ofa couple earlier projects at the shop.

The Restoration

Matt knew one thing for sure about the restoration; he wanted a bigger engine so the car could keep up in traffic. Beyond that, he was quickly introduced to a landslide ofdecisions he’d need to make before the project could start – and some that would need to be made during its progress. Making the design process even more challenging, Matt had a hard time finding examples ofrestored Supers he could see in real life. Every decision was based on what he imagined it would look like in reality.

“Each upgrade was a difficult decision. I wanted to keep it as stock as possible, but also wanted to make it comfortable and easy to drive. Each upgrade brought a slew ofchoices, each one taking it further away from bone stock. I kept wondering how far I should go,” Matt said. “Unlike those “choose your own adventure” stories I read as a kid, where ifyour character dies you can go back a couple ofpages and choose again, these were hard decisions to make. They weren’t irreversible, but making changes later would be tough.” Like all other restorations, the project began with disassembly. Like many, ‘interesting’ artifacts ofdecades past were found wedged into the car’s seats and other crevices. Some ofthese finds made for subsequent ‘interesting’ conversations at a family reunion attended by Matt’s uncles, who drove the car during their college years, one of whom was quick to admit ownership and inquire on the current location ofsaid find. After disassembly, the project followed the usual restoration process: media blast the body, metal working the rust-eaten areas. Pan halves were replaced and then blasted, and finally, coated with POR15. The end result is a brand new 43-year-old Super Beetle boasting a signature glossy finish over its BMW Interlago Blue paint job. Mojoe has an upgraded adjustable front suspension, front and rear sway bars, and heavy duty axels. It’s got an all-new electrical system. The engine is a 1914 race-balanced twin carbed with a fat boy exhaust, and a custom-built freeway flyer transmission to back it up. The interior ofthe body was sound deadened, and Matt went with an all-black SCAT interior with reupholstered rear seats. He also chose an EMPI Eliminator shifter made by Flat Four. Exterior goodies include EMPI 8 spokes with 2 point spinners customized with AKK logos. All the trim has been shaved, the pop-outs custom painted, and the crescent vents are now filled in for an extra sleek appearance. Matt chose Tri Bar Diamond Cut H4 Headlights. Modifications were made to relocate the turn signals and running lights to be within the front grille, while the rear taillight tombstones were changed out to a 1969 version. With friends and family always asking for an update on the project, Matt took a page from the cinematic classic “Anchorman” and posted regular Bug Watch reports on Facebook. Each update, ofcourse, ended with, “Stay classy, Huntsville.”

Stay classy, Huntsville.

Old Speed an The perfect c

nd Patina. combination.

volks america

Old Spe Patina


eed a

ke's 1956 Oval

volks america


he 56 was bought in Germany and brought over to the states in the e in a field in Temecula area when the new property owner discover and sold to some old friends ofmine, Carol and Sam Hall (my old clu Arizona sunshine and heard I was looking for an unrestored oval windo patina I was looking for. The car was mostly there and in original shape semaphores not working correctly when it came stateside. The car has had o

early sixties. The second owner drove it until 1982 or so. The car was found red it in some tall grass and weeds. The car was taken to a local swap meet ub presidents ofVW Obsession). They kept the car a couple ofyears in the ow. They made me a great deal and I got my dream car. It had the perfect e. There was larger tail lights and early turn signals installed due to the only one respray in 1972: the typical brown. It was original strata silver blue.

Mike's 1956 Oval

Work that has been done includes: Pulled the body, cleaned and repaired floor pans ( were in great shape). Sprayed body with satin PPG clear. New trans: West Pro Street trans. 1600 single port motor. Old speed 4" narrow beam with towers and disc brakes. Re-pop custom Fuchs - 4.5 front with 135 tires 5" wide rear with 205 70 15 rear. Flat Four steering wheel. Wolfsburg West stainless moldings. 1" 5/8 merged header with ceramic fat boy muffler. New semaphores ( working). Wiring works complete - new harness.

O ld S p e e d Patina

volks america



hanks to Carlos Machicote from Elba, Alabama, the Tampa Bay Volky Club is our club. We began as a group of enthusiasts for the ones who love Volkswagen's, and in October 2007 we finished forming what is now The Tampa Bay Volky Club. Mr. Machicote was our teacher, he showed us everything in relation to Volkswagen's, and unfortunately he is no longer with us. He was taken from us by cancer, but his legend continues on. The Tampa Bay Volky Club is composed of30 members, men and women. The club features many different types of Volkswagen's, like The Manx, Beetle, Split Window, Crew Cab and many more. The majority of the Volkswagen's have been restored and painted by Wilmer and Edwin Madera, members of the club. We reunite once a month, before we are going to events, and when it is necessary. The club participates in events all around the state of Florida. All ofthe activities in which we participate in we capture with photography and video on our web page and on our facebook

Volky C lu b

"The bus is simply an our personalities. It n joy to us letting our f listening to great mu has a way ofputting people’s faces ofall a

nother extension of not only brings great freak flags fly and usic, but the bus also g a lot ofsmiles on ages and or ethnicity."

volks america

Purple M y wife and I were born in the 70's, the tail end ofthe hippy era, and grew up listening to the music ofour parents’ generation. Jefferson Airplane, Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young, Dylan, and many other timeless acts that you just don’t see and or hear any more in today’s music. I, more so than my wife have been drawn to collecting old stuffor what she likes to refer as “junque” for as long as I can remember. I am sitting here trying to recall exactly when or where we began this awesome and almost obsessive journey searching for the perfect hippy campmobile and becoming first time VW bus owners! The truth ofthe matter and as cliché as this may sound, there is just no other hippy bus on the planet that better suites two individuals as much as our beloved “Purple Haze”! In the pursuit ofhappiness, the idea ofowning a VW bus was something my wife and I definitely agreed upon. A VW bus is both hippy and punk rock at the same time so it screams diversity. There were a couple ofdecisions that we had to make before purchasing the bus. A) We can probably afford to buy a bus at this time but


should we? B) Do we want to purchase a potential time consuming money pit we can call our own or do we buy one that has been restored? The answer to B) for us was somewhere in the middle so we started with a few simple parameters. After you look at a few buses for sale, you will definitely learn what you like, dislike, and what your needs are. Our needs consisted offinding a 70’s Westfalia campmobile, sweet running engine, smooth clutch, and having as little body rust as possible. Easy right? After one and a halfyears spent on auction sites, eBay, CraigsList, and, we finally located what we refer to her now as “Purple Haze”. We were the first to respond to this ad posted on CraigsList. “1970 VW BUS - Westfalia - $xx,xxx. (Jensen Beach)”. It was love at first sight and we became the new owners the following day. The prior owners had purchased the bus from New Mexico which bared the original red paint and had very little rust. The bus was shipped on a flatbed to Florida and endured a beautiful 5 year restoration,


ple Haze pretty much how you see it in its present state. We simply added the personalities, pillows, and Jerry Garcia doll.

In closing, back to question A) Should we have purchased the bus? Honestly, we could not picture life without it. The bus is simply another extension ofour personalities. It not only brings great joy to us letting our freak flags fly and listening to great music, but the bus also has a way ofputting a lot ofsmiles on people’s faces ofall ages and or ethnicity. Everyone has a story regarding the bus and they are more than happy to share it with you regardless if you are at a red light, gas station, or parked at the beach. Our advice ifyou were thinking about buying a bus? Absolutely. Go for it!!

Jason & Marisa

Love the VW Bus? Love Kombi Life! Interactive. Hi-res. Video and Audio. Cool VW Bus stuff from around the world.

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The stri colors of

iking fthe fall.

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Volks Rod With Tim & Mindy

Volks rods, you either dig them or you don't, but what is not to love about this patriotic hot rod, built by Tim and Mindy Elliot ofSeymour, Tennessee. With a 5 1/2" chop and a 10" extended front end, via flipped beam and bolt-on custom made steering arms and CB performance drop spindles, this volks rod has the appearance ofspeeding while it is standing still! Saved from the crusher, Tim bolted this custom body on a pan powered by a powerful yet reliable and economical 1850cc engine. With ported and polished 041 heads, 36mm dual Dellortos, Engle cam, Thunderbird big flange header, small glasspack mufflers and a collector Tim made himself, you are sure to hear this one coming!

The Elliot's have spent their fair share ofwindshield time cruising and logging over 130,000 miles in their custom ride, including a trip to the Daytona Beach Turkey Rod Run that was 1569 miles. It is driven every chance they get, in all types ofweather. While running a 15 second 1/4 mile they still average 28 MPG. Respectable, I say!

"I have put well over 10 in my 65. I freshened i 29,000 on it now. The We drive it everywhere

00,000 miles on the engine it up and have put over e trans is stock swingaxle. and in all types ofweather."

All Americ

volks am

can Volks Rod

s merica



uring the spring of 2013, I built a 2110cc mild street engine to be used in my ’56 Bug. The overall theme I have been going for on this car is simple yet very well done. I don’t have a lot in the way of accessories or add-ons in the car and I wanted the engine to follow the same theme. My

goal was to have a minimal amount ofwires and hoses cluttering up the engine compartment. Ofcourse the first thing to go is the stock fuel pump and filter but there is nothing new about that. However, wouldn’t it be nice ifyou could get rid ofthe distributor and all those ugly spark plug wires as well?

Fit : Review

With a little help from the guys at Autosport Labs ( I was able to eliminate the distributor. However, in order to do that the Megajolt needed to have a crank position sensor installed. The EDIS relies on a 36-1 trigger wheel and every install I had seen employed a wheel mounted on the end ofthe crank pulley with an ugly sensor mounted right there in plain sight. IfI was to go this rough, all I was doing is replacing one eye sore with another. The Dub Shop ( to the rescue. Mario has figured out a way to mount a trigger wheel on the back side ofthe pulley and attach a very small sensor to the side ofthe case below the tin. Ifyou don’t know exactly what you are looking for, you will never even see it. After purchasing the required parts, I made 1 slight modification to the Megajolt unit itself. Because it was going to be installed under the package tray up out ofsight, I didn’t want to use the usual serial cable to program the unit. So I purchased a serial to Bluetooth adapter and soldered it in the unit. With a little help from Brent, I was able to bench test it and everything worked correctly.

Overall the experience I had with both Autosport Labs and The Dub Shop was wonderful! Not only where the guys there to help with questions before the sale, but long after as well. They both seemed to take a genuine interest in the project and were quick with suggestions as well as answers to questions. The

products they produce are high quality and the support provided on the Autosport Labs forum site is amazing. The community is very active and knowledgeable. There is even a section on the forum where people can post maps they have developed to share with other users who have similar applications. CONTACTS:

Do the S really ha much fu

Sinners ave that un?

volks america

Saints & Sin Super Tatt

With Jim. Photos b

nners toowagen

by Shane Stiefel


've been tattooing for about 20 years now, and my interest/involvement in aircooled VWs spans back to 1989. Actually, I guess it runs in my family. My father had a split window Beetle when he was stationed in Germany before I was born. My mother's first car was a Beetle, my sister's first car was a Beetle as was mine. I have owned a variety ofBeetles, a Squareback, a Ghia and this '61 panel. In February 2002, when I opened Saints and Sinners (originally with partner, Dwaine Shannon, also a VW enthusiast) we spoke ofgetting an old panel to restore, logo and use to advertise the shop... this would combine our two passions. Also in 2002, I founded Slowriders Vee Dub Club centered around Baltimore, MD. Fast forward to 2009, a fellow club member decided to sell a '61 panel he had recently purchased from Maine in order to fund a new project ofhis own. We agreed on a price and I became the proud new owner ofa type 2. It needed some work as most old, un-restored cars do - framework, doglegs, lower nose section, etc. I took it to Josh at Rust Haven in Pennsylvania where he specializes in splitty buses. He took care ofthe rust and welded in the new sections. When I brought it home, I installed all new brake components, cleaned up the wheels and had new tires mounted. The bus had already been converted to 12v and was sporting a 1600 dual port motor which ran fine. With a simple tune up, I was on the road. My plan was to eventually strip it down and return it to the original Dove Blue and paint the sides with my tattoo shop information and distress it so it looked original, however, I did not have the money nor did I want to open a can ofworms, which is usually what happens with

volks america

these old VWs. After some consideration, I decided to hold offfrom pain vinyl lettering in a font that appears to be distressed. It came out great a A regular client, who knew ofmy bus, told me he had a full length rack and rack for that year, but I did not care. Next in order was a lowered stance. Another club member had just purch it back to original height and out ofthe weeds. Again, we worked out a gr suspension swap. It now sports a 3" narrowed beam from KCW, a raised st door being more narrow that the '61) and modified spring plates. I then b In the fall of2010, I, along with some other Slowriders members, decide I stripped and painted the bumpers and wheels, found some great tattoo luan paneling and carpet in the cargo area and constructed a tiki bar in t we go to and figured the tiki bar would be fun and it has been a big hit. B 1600 single port and had my friend, Jimmy Sartwell, go through everyth The Florida trip was a great time, we hit all the events including Kip's pa

ning it and had my friend, Ryan Myers (Signs by Tomorrow) apply some and can be removed in the future ifI decide to have it pained. d would trade it to me for a tattoo....ofcourse I said yes! It's not the correct

hased a '54 barn door kombi from Josh at Rust Haved and wanted to take rade for some tattoo work and brought the panel back to Josh for a teering box, drop spindles, a '67 beetle trans axle (on account ofthe barn brought it home where I installed new shocks and steering damper. ed to go to Florida for the Bug Jam weekend. In preparation for this trip, o themed fabric and covered the door and kick panels with it. I installed the deck over the engine. After all, we camp out before most ofthe shows Before leaving I swapped the engine out for an all original, low mileage hing and do a final safety check. arty at Rare and Unique and the Bulli Brigade.

Since then, I have added Hella fog lamps (a Christmas gift from my wife) Keith Edwards, at Paradise Auto Body, remove the rust in my rain gutter I never pictured myselfas a type 2 guy, but now it is my favorite car. It ha drive it to work and park it in front ofthe shop where it gets a lot ofatten promote at local concerts and every Christmas we decorate it to the max

The Shop -

Saints & Sinners has been open for 12 years now and is going strong. We piercers and a couple ofcounter guys that keep it all going. We prefer to professional and can answer any questions you may have and help you ge The artists all have their specialties, but as a whole, we can handle any ty We often travel to work conventions in other cities as host guest artists f featuring works by tattoo artists across the country.

) and safari windows from Wolfgang International. I also had my friend, rs and painted the entire roofwhite. as proven to be a great advertising tool for the tattoo shop. On nice days, I ntion. We use it to haul our equipment to tattoo conventions, set up to x and drive it in the Baltimore Mayor's Christmas Parade.

currently have 6 artists with over 75 years ofcombined experience, 2 work by appointment but will take walk-ins ifthere is time. Our staffis et the tattoo or piercing you want. ype ofstyle... from traditional to realism and beyond. from other shops. In addition, we also host art shows a few times a year,

World Pr



etle in Chicago

Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross Team presents the GRC Beetle with more than 560 hp and all­wheel­drive. Volkswagen Beetle will enter motorsports in the U.S. this summer. At the Chicago Auto Show today, Volkswagen of America presents the Rallycross­Beetle with all­wheel­drive and a TSI engine that delivers more than 560 hp.

Pics & Info Courtesy of Volkswagen

volks america

Volkswagen partners with Andretti Autosport to running two cars in the series for drivers Tanne c o m p e te th i s s e a s o n w i th m o d i fi e d P o l o r a l l y c a R a l l y C h a m p i o n s h i p fo r d r i v e r s a n d m a n u fa c tu fe a r s o m e G R C B e e tl e s h o w n i n C h i c a g o .

T h i s a l l 足w h e e l 足d r i v e r a l l y c r o s s c a r i s th e u l ti m a t w i l l fe a tu r e m o r e th a n 5 6 0 h o r s e p o w e r fr o m i ts

R a l l y c r o s s i s th e fa s te s t g r o w i n g fo r m o f m o t v e n u e s a c r o s s th e c o u n tr y a s w e l l a s l i v e T V c o th e c l o c k i n a s e r i e s o f h e a ts o n a c l o s e d c o u r s w i th j u m p s o f 2 0 m e te r s a n d m o r e .

o form the Volkswagen Andretti Rallycross team, e r F o u s t a n d S c o tt S p e e d . T h e te a m w i l l i n i ti a l l y ars, built on the chassis that won the 2013 World u r e r s , a n d w i l l s w i tc h d u r i n g th e s e a s o n to th e

te e x p r e s s i o n o f th e th i r d 足g e n e r a ti o n B e e tl e a n d s tu r b o c h a r g e d a n d d i r e c t足i n j e c ti o n T S I e n g i n e .

to r s p o r ts i n th e U . S . , a ttr a c ti n g b i g c r o w d s a t o v e r a g e . C a r s a r e p i tte d a g a i n s t e a c h o th e r a n d s e th a t' s u s u a l l y a m i x tu r e o f d i r t a n d p a v e m e n t,

volk am


ks merica


The Need F (one place


For Read! e has it all)

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