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Prospectus 2014-15 AIRCONSTRUCT

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Your total industrial HVAC and Electrical Solution is Airconstruct.

Contents Airconstruct, our capabilities & strengths

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Project experience and portfolio

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Airhygiene, the benefits of implementation

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Airconresi, residential air with care

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PCR 21 Kilowatt unit designed and built by Airconstruct

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Company Profile

Airconstruct H.V.A.C Pty. Ltd. was established in 2001. Our mission is to design, construct, integrate and maintain essential building services for the mining, healthcare, hospitality and education sectors across in Australia and the South Pacific region.

Fast facts

The founder and Director, David Jones draws on over 27 years industry experience and has built the company on his core beliefs of safety and technical excellence while maintaining environmental compliance.

240000 hours worked

Employs 15-20 staff Turned over $35million 2001-2014

1.8million kilometres travelled 3400 kilos of refrigerant recovered

Airconstruct operates from purpose built facilities in Mackay and Clermont and upholds its reputation of delivering turn key projects in complex working environments. Airconstruct maintains SAI GLOBAL certified Safety, Environmental and Quality Management systems to Australian and International standards and we rigorously pursue our commitment to no injuries or incidents, that’s our goal. Airconstruct is the only H.V.A.C. contractor in the region currently using the Climacheck system which is the most comprehensive analysis tool available for capturing performance data and running costs of H.V.A.C assets as well as identifying any energy loss. Airconstruct can also carry out Indoor Air Quality Audits and Building Energy Assessments to ensure H.V.A.C. equipment is running efficiently & reliably while maintaining compliance with all relevant Australian Standards.

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July 2001 Airconstruct is registered as a company on 4th July 2001 May 2004 First mine site project completed 2004 November 2004 Awarded Shorelines and Qualia projects on Hamilton island November 2004 April 2008 Acquired air-care duct cleaning system & overseas training November 2008 Launched R&D project for I-cool dragline airconditioning unit July 2009 Awarded major maintenance contract at Goonyella Riverside May 2010 Awarded dragline and shovel major maintenance at Goonyella Riverside July 2010 Developed Business and strategic plan April 2011

September 2011

Developed and implemented Integrated management systems to eventuate in third party certification

Acquisition of land in Clermont for operational base to be constructed September 2012 Acquisition of commercial premises in Mackay for national headquarters 2012 April 2013 Achieved S.A.I. Global Certification for Safety, Quality and Environment July 2013 Achieved Major Project Supplier Status January 2014 Begin construction of operational base at Clermont February 2014 Consolidation of growth strategy

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What We Do Air Conditioning & Electrical Airconstruct offers a holistic HVAC and electrical service for commercial and industrial sectors such as Mining, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Hospitality & Education.

Energy efficiency

Design We provide an innovative design service for HVAC installations in mining, industrial and commercial applications. Our design procedures combined with our practical experience will ensure that your system will be efficient, reliable and have minimum impact on your maintenance budget and carbon footprint.

Construct We build airconditioning and ventilation systems using advanced techniques and leading industry practice. All construction work is carried out by our own qualified trades people and managed by our experienced supervisors and project managers. Our people are inducted and trained in all company safety procedures and committed to our philosophy of no injuries or incidents, that’our goal.

Integrate We ensure that the equipment that we provide is compatible with existing services and has a positive impact on the building and the well being of its occupants. In addition to having the ability to conceive and design innovative solutions that integrate well, we also have the expertise and experience to seamlessly install, commission & benchmark.


Understanding how to improve energy efficiency requires more than just an understanding of the HVAC equipment and the building services alone. It requires an in-depth understanding of the building elements and how ambient and internal pressures of the building can impact on its services. Our holistic approach to heating ventilation and airconditioning ensures that we can reduce costs by reduction of the amount specialized contractors required. We travel nationally and understand the varying requirements of the different climatic regions of our country. Airconserve is an operating division within Airconstruct which can develop and implement energy reduction programs through either retrofitting and recommissioning of existing HVAC equipment, or by identifying areas of energy waste through enclosure integrity and duct leakage testing

Indoor Air Quality Airhygiene is a specialised division within Airconstruct dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments through small and large scale split system sanitization, robotic in-duct cleaning and sealing and Indoor Air Quality Assessments and pollutant source tracing. Research has shown that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors yet many people are yet to fully understand the health implications of not having their equipment sanitized and serviced regularly. Sometimes the effect upon one's health can go unnoticed and other times it can be quite profound. Buildings are now built so airtight due to the costs of energy that we have constant indoor air quality issues due to a lack of fresh air. When units are not sanitized regularly they will support the growth of mould and mycotoxins.

We maintain and repair all forms of HVAC systems and have significant preventative maintenance and breakdown service agreements in place with major companies throughout Queensland. Our clients rely on us to maintain their H.V.A.C. assets in sensitive environments such as offices, medical suites and data centres through to the rugged environments of wash plants and mobile equipment including draglines and shovels. Our preventative maintenance protocols will ensure that we anticipate potential failures to minimise unscheduled downtime. We have trained staff in retrofitting existing R-22 systems to natural refrigerant alternatives.

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Nat Byrne - Operations manager, Ben Perkins - Service Manager, Wiremu Heaney - Fleet Controller and David Jones - Director

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Our Team

At Airconstruct we boast a highly skilled and qualified team. With such a diverse skill set we pride ourselves on tackling projects of any complexity. Below is an overview of the key people involved in the companies day to day operation. For a full overview of our team please visit our website or check out our Airconstruct LinkedIn page.

Founder & Director

Commercial Projects Manager

David Jones

Kim Smithers

Skills Include

Skills Include

Air Conditioning Mechanic for 27 years Building Services Authority H.V.A.C. - Unlimited Design Licence Cert IV Building Biology (Currently Studying) Advanced Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration - Technician for 12 years Certificate III Electro Technical Engineering Diploma Project Management

Operations Manager

Service Manager

Nat Byrne

Ben Perkins

Skills Include

Skills Include

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic for 18 years Certificate III Electro Technical Engineering Certificate IV Frontline Management UNI S.A. Lean Business Leader Program

Cert IV Trainer & Assessor Cert III Refrigeration Mechanic Airconditioning and Refrigeration Technician 19 years

Compliance Systems

Electrical Manager

Donna Byrne

Jamie Kennedy

Skills Include

Skills Include

Cert IV Trainer & Assessor

Electrical fitter and mechanic

I.T. Systems Shannon Robertson

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Clinton King and Kim Smithers

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Our Vision

To be recognised as an organization with a high calibre culture ensuring we are the contractor of choice for commercial and industrial customers throughout the northern half of Australia and the South Pacific region. We can only realise this vision through the commitment and retention of high calibre staff that foster innovation and embrace technological change, by empowering them to develop & implement strategies that have purpose & are measurable

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Riverside I.T. Building

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Project Execution Principles

Airconstruct is committed to the completion of projects in full, on time and within budget, while maintaining work practices that ensure we achieve our goal of no injuries or incidents. Regardless of size or scope of the project, we will keep you fully informed of our progress throughout all phases. We will ensure our communication processes are open and transparent and in accordance with our code of ethics and values and behaviours policy. All work will be carried out by our own fully qualified and experienced managers, supervisors and trades personnel. Our core values as follows: Safety “It’s everyone’s responsibility to make safety the No. 1 priority” Professionalism “We execute with confidence and skill” Sustainability “We apply best practice principles to everything that we do” Accountability “When we commit, we deliver” Teamwork: “We are committed to our success as a team.”

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David Harris entertaining the kids.

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Community & Social Responsibility

Headspace Mackay Airconstruct provided technical assistance, documentation and servicing to the organisations new Mackay tenancy.

Active in the City Over the last two years Airconstruct and Airconresi have been supporting the Mackay Regional Councils Active in the city program by sponsoring Active in the city initiatives such as Sensory Circus Tribe teaching kids new skills. And the scenic dog walking group which encourages a sense of community spirit.

Special Children’s Christmas Party Airconstruct has been a Bronze sponsor of the Special Children's Christmas party for over 8 years. We have been along on the day and it's a great to see the kids having such a ball. As well as these great local initiatives Airconstruct often gives to the broader region by way of contributions on an ad-hoc basis and also by way of donation of new and used equipment. We recently donated beds, lounges, whitegoods, personal computers and televisions from staff rental properties to the Mackay Women's refuge in an effort to help some disadvantaged women get back on their feet.

Other donations and involvement CQ Rescue Queensland Premiers 2010 floods Disaster Appeal BMA Matched Giving Program

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Riverside workshop 3

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ActronAir & Airconstruct

David Jones installed his first ActronAir ducted system in 1985 and has seen the company grow from a small back yard concern to where they are today as Australia’s largest manufacturer of airconditioning equipment and still 100% Australian owned. Airconstruct's achievements and relationship with ActronAir was recognized in 2007 by being appointed Central Queensland’s Platinum Dealer and this relationship continues to be forged today. ActronAir continue to lead the industry through innovation and Airconstruct demonstrates its loyalty by continuing to utilize ActronAir equipment at every oppurtunity.

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Scope of services Our philosophy is Design, Construct, Integrate and Maintain.

HVAC & Electrical Services We design and construct new systems, and re-furbish existing systems for Commercial and Civic Buildings, Medical Facilities, Data Centres, H.V. Switch rooms, Accommodation camps, and Infrastructure facilities. General HVAC contractors for the mining, construction, infrastructure, health, government & hospitality sectors.

Indoor Air Quality Fresh air systems for buildings with room air conditioners Hydroflush sanitation of room air conditioners. Indoor air quality testing and sampling in accordance with ISO16814 Robotic duct cleaning services and Aeris Guard treatment.

General electrical contractors for the mining, construction, infrastructure, health, government & hospitality sectors. Maintenance and optimization of all brands including A.P.A.C, Sigma, Fujitsu and Toshiba, Innotech and Schneider electric. Chilled water systems including process cooling equipment and computer room air-conditioning. Service and maintenance of Champion, Boreas, Frigomatic and Donaldson air-dryers. Service and Maintenance of all amenity refrigeration equipment including icemakers, upright fridges, cool rooms. Zip and Billi under bench heat/cool units. Electrical thermography and switchboard maintenance. Appliance testing and tagging with electronic data capture. Service and maintenance of air-conditioning systems for vehicles, mobile plant and aircraft. Cooling tower and evaporative cooler servicing and water quality testing. Electrical automation and detection systems. Remote monitoring and desktop support via BACnet or 3G network.

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Robotic polymer insulation remediation. Ultra Violet and advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation or air purification. Compliance tracking and audit scheduling via our proprietary Airconnect Database. Ultra Violet and advanced hydrated photocatalytic oxidation or air purification. Compliance tracking and audit scheduling via our proprietary Airconnect Database. AS.3666 Compliance and Qualitative risk assessments in accordance with 3666.4

Energy Conservation

Fire Services

Energy audits of HVAC and general electrical equipment.

Fire and Smoke damper certification

Duct leakage assessments and sealing for AS4254 compliance.

Smoke detector testing

Control system upgrades to allow fresh air harvesting in cooler winter months. Retro commissioning and performance upgrades to reduce energy costs.

Enclosure Integrity testing for air tightness of buildings and gaseous fire suppression.

Ventilation Carpark exhaust installation, servicing and duct cleaning. Carpark Carbon Monoxide monitoring. Tunnel Ventilation installation, servicing and duct cleaning Ventilation airflow measurement and certification to AS 1668. Toilet and dryer exhaust installation, servicing and duct cleaning Kitchen exhaust and make-up air installation, servicing and duct cleaning Lab Exhausts and fume hoods installation, servicing and duct cleaning

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A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u


The next generation in Commercial ducted air conditioning has arrived. This Australian engineered system features new technology that delivers a combination of superior performance, energy efficiency, flexibility of design and installation time saving features. Furthermore, ActronAir® believes this technology has one of the lowest life cycle costs of any product in its class.

Advanced energy efficiency

Durability inside and out Features to extend durability include powder coating that exceeds Australian standards, the use of the highest quality components such as compliant scroll compressors and high performance Outdoor fans, coil fin protection and louvre grille to protect the coil from the elements.

Built for Australian conditions

A ‘typical’ commercial building air conditioner operates between 60% to 75% capacity most of the time. This is why ActronAir® chose to design an air conditioner better suited to meet the building load by developing the Tri-Capacity Series. Energy usage is reduced through both the tri-capacity operation and the incorporation of a high efficiency EC plug fan.The tri-capacity twin compressor configuration is unique in its class and delivers 3-steps of cooling and heating, which allows the system to operate at 33%, 67% or 100% capacity. Not only does this improve seasonal energy efficiency through fewer adjustments, it also results in less cyclic degradation and improved end user comfort.

Purpose built and designed for Australian conditions, these units have an operating range of -10°C to 50°C. In fact, all ActronAir® models are subjected to further Maximum Cooling Capacity tests at 52°C (AS 3823.1.2 Table 2 T3). To provide independent performance verification, ActronAir® has gone one step further by testing these units in an ISO17025 accredited US laboratory. This reinforces ActronAir’s commitment to delivering and exceeding both current and future standards. Tri-Capacity Options include:

The EC evaporator plug fan uses significantly less energy versus traditional belt and pulley systems.The backward curve fan is non-overloading for maximum durability and results in lower life cycle costs. These plug fans also offer greater flexibility in supply and return air configurations.

Fault detection Economiser Fresh air operation

Ease of Commissioning

Additional coil protection

The Tri-Capacity Series offer noticeable time savings for the mechanical contractor/installer during the commissioning process. For example the indoor air flow is adjusted using a simple ‘dial-up’ feature and results in more accurate air flow control.

3Ph soft starter

In addition, standard inclusions such as a 3-phase load break isolation switch, in-built filter cavity, flexible handing configurations, Demand Response Ready operation, in-built safety tray (indoor units) and condensate drain points make life easier by reducing the amount of work required on site. Designed to use the ActronAir® C7-4 controller with after hours run timer, the units are also easy to wire. The Commercial Control Interface (CCI) is included as standard and will suit most third party controls for greater flexibility.

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Dragline service - Chris Hume, Airconstruct apprentice

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u


Airconstruct’s approach to managing Health, Safety, the Environment and Quality(HSEQ) is integral in every aspect of our business. HSEQ is embedded in our company culture and all employees are encouraged to contribute to continuously improving and developing our standards. The Airconstruct team works hard to maintain a culture of no injuries or incidents in the workplace, whether onsite or in our workshops. We have documented, integrated policies, procedures and systems in place that are fully compliant with Australian and international standards to ensure the protection of people, property, equipment and the environment.

Our integrated management systems are certified to the following national and international standards: ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System ARC tick Certified





est 2014

Total Hours Worked






Lost Time Injury Rate






Total Recordable Injury Frequency Rate






Last audit completed by SAI Global on 30 Jan 2014

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Projects & Experience





Brief Overview

Mining Projects

Goonyella Wash plant Main M.C.C (Sub 03)

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Design & Construct a 40 KW A.P.A.C packaged unit and an 85 KWA.P.A.C remote air cooled packaged unit with 1.2mm stainless steel ducting. Re-locate existing Temperzone airconditioning.

Hospitality Projects Qualia Resort Hamilton Island

Colin Hounsel Constructions



Supply and install 42 x 16 kilowatt Daikin ducted systems to 6 star bungalows

The Edge Hamilton Island

Colin Hounsel Constructions



Supply and install Daikin ducted systems to 18 x 3 bedroom apartments

Mining Projects Dragline 27

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

Riverside Train Load out Clean Coal Substation

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Design and Construct 47 kilowatt Actron Packaged System and associated ductwork. Commission and provide 12 Months Service.

Major Supplier Program The I.C.N- Industry Capability Network (Queensland) Major Project Supplier Program recently provided a company assessment of Airconstruct. The assessment highlights that Airconstruct is very well placed to become a Major Project Supplier. The company has scored a remarkable average of 4.7 for the Core Requirements with only five criteria scoring 3 points. The remaining criteria scored 4 and above.

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | i n f o @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Project No: 10862 MPSP Assessment: Airconstruct H.V.A.C. Pty Ltd Team Members: David Jones Assessment Conducted By: Consultant: Len Evison Company: QMI Solutions Date: 20 June 2013





Brief Overview

Mining Projects Business Excellence Building A/C Upgrade

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Remove box airconditioning units and replace with 22 Fujitsu Split Systems including building works and painting.

Field Maintenance Mezanine Floor Offices

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Design and construct new 33 Kilowatt Actronair Packaged unit.

Riverside Administration Building A/C Upgrade

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Replace all ductwork within the Goonyella Riverside Mine Administration Building & Digital Controls and Economy Cycle Upgrade Including all civil & building works.

Dragline 14

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

Shovel 33

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

Dragline 3

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

CPP1 Train Load Out Facility

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Replace all existing ductwork within and below the M.C.C and install new Actron Packaged unit and stainless steel ducting. Including Civil, Plumbing & building works.

Dragline 29

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

Dragline 14

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance



Overhaul cabin and P.C.R. Airconditioning Units and replace major components.

Infrastructure Projects Cannonvale STP

Tenix in Cannonvale



VSD Drive Cabinets

Ampcontrol Mackay



Design and Construct ventilation systems for Blower room. Design and Construct 2 x 33 Kilowatt Actron package systems with fault bypass loop and fully welded stainless steel ducting.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Left to right Ben Perkins, Jed Turvey, Wiremu Heaney, Chris Hume, Kim Smithers, Zac Sutton

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

David Jones - Founder & Director in the early days.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Screw compression installation

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Emerging Trends

Upgrading your systems to natural hydrocarbon refrigerants‌ While the capital outlay at first glance may not appear to be accountant friendly there are some long term advantages of converting to a hydrocarbon based system that can be best described as follows. The available data indicates we can reduce the running cost of your equipment by somewhere between 10-30% due to the reduced workload on the compressors and the system only containing roughly one third of the charge required of conventional refrigerants. Any ongoing replacement costs of refrigerant are substantially reduced from the current $250.00 per kilo and rising, to under $100.00 per kilo capped.

Case Study Airconstruct have recently acquired an Actron 16 kilowatt ESP vertical Packaged unit to enter into a hydrocarbon case study of our own. We will be using our climacheck system to verify the compressor efficiency and publishing the results. This case study involves the complete installation of this unit and controls as a secondary system to our company headquarters. This project will run for 12 months in various stages and the results will be published on our website and LinkedIn page. This shows that our commitment to innovation is second to none.

The labour component of on-site works is reduced when opening systems up for repairs as hydrocarbons can be vented to atmosphere without compromising the environment. Hydrocarbon refrigerants have zero ozone depleting potential, as do most modern refrigerants, but with a significantly low global warming potential of 3, when compared to the global warming potential of 407C at 1370 GWP and with an atmospheric lifetime of under one year compared to 407C at 16 years Hydrocarbon refrigerants are almost in an azeotropic state allowing for systems to be topped without having to pump-down and install fresh weighed critical charges. We are industry leaders in our approach and we have the data acquisition equipment coupled with the specialist training to validate the results of any retrofit project undertaken.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Ultra-Violet lighting in an air handler

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Riverside Train Loadout

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u


What is Airhygiene?

How is Airhygiene put into action?

Airhygiene is a division of Airconstruct dedicated to creating healthy indoor environments for your home, office or entire building. We have the equipment and expertise to provide comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Audits.

In the case of commercial premises, it begins with a discrete walk through to establish how the building functions.

Why choose Airhygiene? This is a specialised field of the H.V.A.C. industry and we have invested over 40K in duct cleaning equipment, indoor air quality analysing equipment and personnel training to be able to offer this service. Wiremu Heaney trained in America with Air care international to the level of the NADCA (National Air Duct Cleaners Association) protocols. David Jones, the Company’s founder, is currently training to be a diploma certified Building Biologist.

We may if requested, survey the building occupants and their locations, movements, tasks, and note any symptoms they may be experiencing. We then carefully examine the inside of the building’s air conditioning and ventilation systems to discover what possible contaminant sources could be present. This could involve taking samples for laboratory testing to determine how people could be exposed, in order to formulate corrective actions. In a home it could just be a simple visual analysis of the systems and treatment with AerisGuard to bring the equipment to a safe, hygienic state. The process we carry out is a complete sanitization of the unit which can often only be achieved by pulling the unit apart. This is referred to as a ‘strip and clean.’ If your unit only has very low contamination it will be cleaned without complete disassembly using our "Hydroflush System". It's tedious and time consuming but we have skilled efficient staff that make the process affordable while still delivering the right results. After all it is about you. We understand you have expectations and we are here to meet or exceed them. What sets us apart from other split system cleaning companies? We are a fully licensed third party accredited full service air conditioning contractor. We have clients across many sectors including education, health, mining hospitality and government. And above all, we will not compromise your health.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Are you breathing good quality air? Go to and complete the Indoor Air Quality Survey to see how your office stacks up.

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Does your building comply? Call today for a free 17 point survey to find out! Don’t Do Bugs and AIRHYGIENE is a part of AIRCONSTRUCT B.S.A. Licence: 1034787 Arctick Licence: AOO4727

Download our Airhygiene Quick Quote App and book your air conditioner service today!

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David Jones testing our new Hydroflush method

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

AerisGuard HVAC Protection TM

Healthy Buildings, Healthy Planet...

How the process works:

The first comprehensive program to protect against mould, bacterial and fungal contamination of HVAC systems. Find out how healthy is your building and how prevention is better than cure.

Indoor Air Quality



Guidelines for a healthier workplace‌ Despite an image as the nation which loves the great outdoors, Australians spend some 90% of their time indoors. As a consequence, indoor air quality and the health problems created by contaminated air are issues of very significant community health concern.

Protect Reapply after 12 months

AerisGuard Protective Coatings TM

AerisGuard™ Maintenance is the first environmentally friendly coating offering corrosion protection for outdoor heat exchange coils. AerisGuard Maintenance is an innovative solution developed by AerisGuard providing comprehensive corrosion protection through a unique coating applied to heat exchanger condenser coils. Through extensive long term field testing, AerisGuard Maintenance has proven to be applied safely and easily delivering long term protection against environmental corrosion.

As specified by Queensland Health AerisGuard products are specified by Queensland Health and our staff are accredited applicators of Aeris product.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Kylie Cameron & Clinton King

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Nat Byrne - Operation Manager

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Residential Air With Care

Home air conditioning services

Service & Repair

We specialize in all applications of air conditioning from ducted and split systems for your home through to light commercial for your office. We service what we sell which means we handle any warranty issues in house without the need for any third party involvement or delays.

Airconresi, service and repair all makes and models of household air conditioners. Our staff are trained, experienced and qualified.There is no job too small or too tough for us.

Our staff regularly attend dealer training sessions to ensure we are always up to date with the latest products and technology. Our staff also go through consistent industry specific training regime to ensure they have the latest knowledge and can comply to the latest standards. Air conditioning is a constantly shifting industry through technology, and we pride ourselves on moving with it towards the future.

It’s a good idea to get your air conditioner serviced as per manufactures instructions at regular intervals. A proper and thorough air conditioner service has a range of benefits, including.

Increase efficiency Remove any harmful contaminants. Locate any potential issues early.

With a combined 56 years of air conditioning experience amongst our workgroup and many ducted systems designed and installed in Mackay homes over the last 12 years through Airconstruct’s operation, we have developed installation techniques that enhance your home’s value and ensure your systems will run efficiently. We are authorized dealers for Fujitsu and ActronAir so we are able to offer the best quality systems available in Australia. This, coupled with our Quality Assurance systems, guarantee your ducted or split system will be installed to a high and consistent standard.

Reduce running costs. Check for refrigerant gas leaks. Check for duct leakage. Check for excessive vibration.

Airconresi also offer a comprehensive service schedule option. We can take care of all your service needs without you having to contact us. Our Air-With-Care database has been built from the ground up with simplicity and our clients best interests in mind. Our systems will automatically notify you when your equipment is due for a service and you are issued with a login to see the complete history of any work we have done for you.

o n l i n e a t w w w. a i r c o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Integrate Airconstruct Into Your Company

A i r c o n s t r u c t ( 0 7 ) 4 9 5 1 0 2 8 2 | re c e p t i o n @ a i rc o n s t r u c t . c o m . a u

Contact Details Airconstruct H.V.A.C Pty Ltd ABN 36 097 396 417

Established July 2001 David Jones Director

37 Carlyle Street Mackay Qld 4740 Lot 7 Industrial Road Clermont Qld 4721 Telephone: 07 4951 0282 Web: Email: Mobile: 0438 889 699 For 24 Hour Emergency Critical Equipment & Infrastructure service: 0438 889 699

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Your total industrial HVAC and Electrical Solution is Airconstruct.