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CO2 ECO Heating System

Energy efficient air to water heat pump technology

The environmentally friendly alternative to traditional boiler heating systems

Introducing CO2 ECO Heating System When you are looking for a new boiler to meet your hot water and central heating needs there are many factors to take into consideration. With the CO2 ECO Heating System from SANYO you can enjoy low cost heating with low emissions. What’s more it is easy to install, practically maintenance free and can be used with most standard domestic systems. For economical domestic heating that won’t cost the earth, SANYO’s CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump is the natural choice.

CO2 ECO Heating System is good for your home, your pocket and the environment. • Environmentally-friendly alternative to gas and oil • Provides hot water and central heating via radiators or under floor • Free energy from a renewable source • High efficiency - low running costs • Proven technology • Easy to install • High water temperatures • Reliable • Minimum maintenance • Low carbon emissions



Facing the future With increasing concern about the link between carbon emissions and rising global temperatures, the need to use energy more efficiently is becoming ever more pressing.

SANYO is committed to developing environmentally sustainable technologies

earth and was the name chosen by English Scientist

industry leading products that have blazed a trail in

James Lovelock to express the concept of the earth as

terms of efficiency and environmental sustainability.

a single living organism where mankind and all living

SANYO’s sustainable energy solutions include Eneloop

things can coexist in harmony. SANYO is committed

rechargeable batteries, hybrid car batteries and solar

to business practices and developing technologies that

power cells. In fact SANYO is a world leader in the

are beneficial and not damaging to this harmonious

development of photovoltaic solar cells.

relationship but protect it for future generations.

Pioneering climate control

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

SANYO introduced heat pump air conditioners in 1960 and has continued to pioneer the industry ever since with the ECOi Electric VRF system, which dramatically improved energy efficiency; the Gas-driven VRF system with latest models that also generate hot water and electricity; Solar air conditioning units; and the Virus Washer that suppresses 99% of airborne viruses from treated air including the common cold, flu and avian flu.

global warming. As individual consumers we are beginning to consider the environmental impact of our buying decisions: choosing hybrid cars, opting for recyclable packaging, considering food miles - and increasingly scrutinising the homes we buy and the way we heat them.

AQUA washing machine uses ozone rather than detergent

‘Think Gaia’. Gaia is the mythical goddess of the

of continuous research and development resulting in

UN Conferences, Kyoto Mechanisms and the

an individual basis to have any hope of battling

Highly efficient air conditioning for heating and cooling

Its reputation as innovator has been earned over years

problem with international negotiations including

international level, behaviour must change on

SANYO is the world leader in solar PV cells

In 2005 SANYO announced its brand vision,

World powers are working together to tackle the

But although targets are set at national and

The Virus Washer effectively suppresses viruses, bacteria and allergens

SANYO has continually stepped up to this challenge.

With the introduction of environmental legislation, such as SAP building regulations and home information packs, in future acting responsibility will become less of a choice for the homeowner or builder and more of a necessity.

Hybrid car batteries - including Ford Galaxy and Honda Accord


Eneloop batteries can be recharged 1000 times

The challenge for manufacturers now is to provide sustainable alternatives to traditional technologies.


Heating for a healthy planet

Total Energy Usage in the home 83% Space and water heating (excluding electric water heating)

8% Appliances 3% Lighting 2% Cooking 2% Consumer electronics 2% Electric hot water heating

Meanwhile energy prices are hitting new heights and

Source: Defra Market Transformation Programme 2000

Traditionally domestic heating has been provided by fossil fuels (coal, electricity, oil, gas, LPG). These resources are not only finite but the burning of them is also a major contributor to carbon emissions. The EU is launching legislation to rule on the environmental and efficiency performance of heating systems such as the Energy Performance of Building Directive (EPBD), the ECO label or REACH.

are likely to carry on increasing: oil and gas supplies are expected to peak in 2010 and then decline by 3% every year. Although we are more familiar with traditional forms of heating such as fossil fuel boilers or electric heating, there is a heating solution that offers low running costs, is less dependent on fossil fuels and has greatly reduced CO2 emissions. The answer is heat pump technology. Heat pumps are a proven technology used for several years in Scandinavia and increasingly in other areas of Europe. Governments are recognising the role they can play in meeting environmental targets and France has already introduced tax breaks to incentivise their use so market penetration is likely to increase quickly.

A burning issue We must not underestimate the affect our home heating choices can have on energy consumption and carbon emissions. • The provision of heating and hot water accounts for over 50% of energy consumption in domestic buildings and far outweighs other energy use in the home. • Domestic heating and hot water accounts for about 83% of delivered energy, 68% of the carbon emissions and 50% of the energy costs. • Conventional ‘wet’ central heating systems (gas or oil boilers with radiators) were responsible for over 80% of domestic heating and hot water energy consumption. Source: Market Transformation Programme, Sustainable Products 2006 (UK market)



What is a Heat Pump? Like many of the best ideas, heat pump technology is simple at its heart. Electric

Free energy

Highly efficient To measure how efficient a system is we compare the

The sun’s rays heat up the air, water and ground. Heat

The only additional energy the system requires is the

pump technology simply extracts this free energy.

power to drive the heat pump compressor. In fact,

Even at ambient temperatures as low as -25ºC there

if CO2 ECO Heating System is connected to a clean

is enough heat in the atmosphere to enable SANYO’s

energy source, such as solar power, running costs

COP of around 1: every 1kW of power used produces

CO2 ECO Heating System, an air to water heat pump, to

and CO2 emissions can be reduced even further.

only 1kW of heat, a gas boiler has a COP of less than 1.

amount of power needed to run it and the energy it outputs. This ratio is expressed as the Coefficient of Performance or COP. A traditional electric heater has a

heat your home.



Air comes into contact with a liquid refrigerant in the evaporator. The refrigerant absorbs the ambient heat from the air and evaporates. The resulting gas passes to a compressor, which increases the pressure, and therefore the temperature, of the gas. The hot compressed gas now passes to the condenser where it is passed over a cold surface. This surface absorbs the heat from the gas and uses it to heat. As the gas cools it returns to its liquid state.



The liquid travels to an expansion valve where it resumes normal pressure then returns to the evaporator to be recycled around the system.

Heat pump


In comparison, because the CO2 ECO Heating System Heat Pump Boiler takes up to 75% of its energy directly from the air and only draws on an additional power source for the remainder, it has a COP of up to 3.75. As a result you can look forward to far lower energy bills.

The hot water is stored in the tank unit and then pumped around the house or to your tap to provide hot water and central heating as required.

Connect to solar systems Efficiency can be increased and carbon emissions reduced even further when the CO2 ECO is combined with other renewable sources such as solar water heating systems.

The CO2 ECO extracts free energy from the outside air

Small change - big difference The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects that 1.2 billion tons, or 6% of the world’s CO2 emissions, could be removed if the ownership rate of heat pumps reached 30% worldwide. According to SHERHPA (Sustainable Heat and Energy Research for Heat Pump Applications) by 2030 the annual carbon emissions of heating a typical EU home could decrease from 8 to 1 tonne of CO2 by using a heat pump system.



The SANYO Advantage Unlike other heat pump systems which use a group of environmentally harmful gases called Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs and HCFCs), SANYO’s solution is to use R744 as its refrigerant, which is carbon dioxide (CO2), an entirely natural and non-toxic gas that is sealed within the system. Characteristics of Natural Refrigerant R744 (CO2) ODP*



CO2 Natural Refrigerant











Sanitary hot water to 65ºC

Low installation & running costs

CO2 refrigerant also allows higher working temperatures

The CO2 ECO Heating System is simple to install and

compared to HFC heat pumps. Whereas other

increased efficiency means investment payback can be

manufacturers heat pumps can provide warm water

realised within 3-5 years. It is compatible with all standard

to 45-50ºC they require an electric booster heater to

radiators and under floor heating systems so there is no

increase the temperature to meet hot water needs.

need to replace anything but your existing boiler.

Maximum working temperature

Around three quarters of an average household’s power consumption is taken by water and space heating. Because the CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump boiler is highly efficient and takes two thirds of its energy consumption free from the air, you can look

*Ozone Depletion Potential **Global Warming Potential

forward to greatly reduced fuel bills.

Performs even in temperatures as low as -25ºC

Low maintenance Heat Pump Capacity

The CO2 ECO Heating System Heat Pump does HFC refrigerants can generally only operate in

not require any of the annual safety inspections

temperatures of down to around -10ºC. Below this they rely on a built-in electric heater to take over. Since electric heaters have a low COP of around 1, the result

and regular maintenance required for gas and oil SANYO CO2 ECO Heat Pump

is a significant drop in overall unit efficiency. The CO2 ECO Heating System heat pump with its CO2 refrigerant

making it far more efficient.

boilers making this an extremely convenient and

65ºC, ideal for domestic hot water, without the need

low cost option.

for any secondary heating. This temperature is also high enough to remove the risk of legionella. Other

can operate continuously, even in temperatures as low as -25ºC with no need for an electric back up heater

Conventional 9.0kW HFC Heat Pump

SANYO’s CO2 heat pump can achieve temperatures of

systems can only achieve this by using the electric Outdoor Temperature

Uniquely flexible

back up automatically every few days. With CO2 ECO Heating System there is no need to pay for inefficient

CO2 ECO Heating System only uses water and

electric heating.

electricity to operate so it is ideal for properties that are not connected to the mains gas supply. With a choice

Easy to control

between 4.5 and 9.0kW capacity models and a single or 3-phase power supply, it is uniquely flexible to meet the needs of homes and small commercial properties alike.

The CO2 ECO Heating System controls are intuitive and easy to operate. They allow you to determine your preferred hot water temperature and create your ideal indoor environment. The 7-day week program means you can adapt your space heating and hot water to reflect whether you are out at work or relaxing at home.



Solar water heating

CO2 ECO Heating Domestic System – An Overview

The SANYO CO2 ECO can be combined with renewable sources such as solar water heating systems to further increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.




Outdoor Unit 1

The heart of SANYO’s CO2 ECO Heating System lies in the compact heat pump unit. Situated on an exterior wall it is extremely simple to install and benefits from quiet operation. Using only a small amount of electric power it takes around two thirds of its energy from the atmosphere. Even at ambient temperatures as low as –25ºC enough heat is absorbed by the liquid CO2 refrigerant to cause it to evaporate. The CO2 gas is then pressurised in a compressor causing it’s temperature to rise. This heat then transfers to water from the main supply and the CO2 cools and condenses back to its liquid state then passes through an expansion value and regains normal pressure ready to pass through the system again.







Indoor unit The CO2 Eco Tank Unit is a highly sophisticated hot water management system that simultaneously provides water at different temperatures for domestic hot water, radiator heating and under floor heating. It houses two electrical emergency heaters used only when outdoor temperatures drop below -25ºC or there is an unusually high demand for hot water.


Radiators and under floor heating

Hot water

Control system

Just like any other water heating system, CO2 ECO Heating System connects to standard radiator fittings and under floor heating pipes to provide space heating. You can enjoy superb comfort all year round without the need for an inefficient electric back up heater even when temperatures outside are well below zero.

The SANYO CO2 ECO Heating System provides you with abundant hot water and, unlike heat pump systems from other manufacturers that use HFC refrigerants, it has a high working temperature of 65ºC. This is sufficient to achieve the temperatures you need for showers and baths without the need for an electric booster heater – so you can enjoy low energy bills too.

The room sensor continually sends information back to the control system on the tank unit. The 7-day timer allows you to adapt your hot water and space heating to suit the rhythm of your life, while simple override functions allow you to turn it on or off and make it warmer or cooler so you can always enjoy maximum comfort.


Simple Installation

Ideal for existing homes

The CO2 ECO Heating Domestic System is easy to install consisting of a single 4.5kW or 9.0kW capacity outdoor heat pump unit and an indoor unit tank. The system connects to all standard radiators and under floor heating systems.

For the homeowner replacing their existing boiler, wishing to cut energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint, or a developer undertaking a refurbishment, the CO2 ECO Heating System is the logical choice offering the following benefits.

Boiler Unit

l I t can offer an efficient alternative to

households that do not have mains gas connection. l A  ll essential parts are housed in Outdoor Unit

one outdoor unit so installation is extremely simple.

CO2 Compressor

l No  annual safety inspections required so


maintenance costs are extremely low.

l C  ompatible with your existing standard

radiators and under floor heating so minimum fuss and disruption. l C  uts carbon emissions by around 50% l T  hree times as efficient as oil and gas

for lower energy costs. l L  ower energy consumption will make it

easier to sell your property in future.


Water Supply

The units are self-contained and require only water and

Because the system is sealed there is no handling of

electricity connections. To fit the CO2 ECO Heating

refrigerant so no refrigerant handling certificate is required.

System the installer needs to be trained in the design and installation of domestic hot water systems.

The SANYO CO2 Eco is easy to service with easy access

Training and advice for installers is available from

to electrical components, and good fault tracing functions

all SANYO distributors.

in the operating program.

Ideal for new properties If you are a self-builder or a developer building new homes or commercial units for sale or the letting market, the CO2 ECO Heating System can provide a low carbon, low cost alternative to traditional hot water and central heating solutions with the following benefits: l E  asy installation aiding faster building

completion and return on investment. l C  hoice of capacities (4.5kW and 9.0kW)

to suit large and small buildings. l S  ingle or Three Phase power so ideal

for domestic and small commercial applications. l N  o gas mains connection required so

greater flexibility regarding location.


l N  o annual safety checks required –

keeping landlord costs low. Ideal for social housing and the letting market. l L  ow carbon emissions and renewable

heat source - meeting government targets and legislation regarding environmental performance. l L  ow energy consumption making

property more attractive to buyers and tenants.


Refurbishment customer story:

The traditional old home story:

The Lind Home

Retro fit

The SANYO CO2 Eco Heat Pump has proved the perfect heating solution for Björn and Anna Lind’s Swedish home.

They finally decided on the SANYO CO2 heat pump. Like geothermal heating, it uses ambient heat to provide domestic hot water and space heating but takes it from the air instead of the ground avoiding expensive drilling. A key factor in the Lind’s decision was its impressive

When their oil and electricity powered furnace needed

energy efficiency – two thirds of its power comes from

replacing they considered traditional boilers but with the

the atmosphere and only a third from the national grid.

When the price of fuel oil continued to increase Mr & Mrs Knowles decided to look for an alterative energy source to provide their hot water and heating for the home.

They finally decided to use an air source heat pump selecting the SANYO C02 Eco system. Like ground source it uses ambient heat to provide space heating and domestic hot water but it takes it from the air rather than the ground and therefore is a lot easier to install. A key factor in the decision process was that the SANYO C02 Eco system could be retrofitted to their current heating and hot water system without any radiator

steep rise in fuel prices they were concerned about high running costs. Geothermal (or ground source) heating,

One year on the family is delighted. “With SANYO’s

Geothermal (or Ground source) heating in which heat

changes as the system can provide hot water at 65ºC

in which heat pump technology is used to extract heat

simple controls we enjoy consistent heat all the time

pump technology is used to extract heat from the

without using back up electric heaters.

from the ground offers low running costs but involves

and we don’t even notice how cold it is outside,” Anna

ground offered low running costs but involved drilling

drilling a hole deep into the ground so they were put off

explains. “Even better, we have saved about 25% on

a bore hole either deep into the ground or digging up

The initial impression was the installation was fast and

by the initial outlay.

our energy costs.”

their back garden both of which were expensive and

trouble free and the outdoor unit was extremely quite.


The initial running costs are over 30% lower than the previous system as well as being a lot cleaner to use.

New build customer story:

The Andersson Home When Karl and Ingrid Andersson built their dream house the SANYO CO2 heat pump meant they didn’t have to compromise on their home comforts or the environment.

The SANYO CO2 ECO was the perfect solution. Its environmentally friendly CO2 refrigerant keeps it working without a back up heater even when temperatures drop as low as -25ºC.Other systems also depend on an electric back up system to heat water sufficiently for baths, showers and washing but the SANYO system’s high operating temperature makes this unnecessary too.

The couple were concerned about rising energy costs

Now Karl and Ingrid are enjoying under floor heating

and were seeking a green alternative to oil and electric

on all three levels and plenty of hot water: “We would

heating systems. They investigated heat pumps, which

not hesitate to recommend the SANYO heat pump. It

take 75% of their energy from the air, but found most

was the only viable environmentally friendly heating

models become very inefficient under 0ºC and stop

system we could find and it has certainly lived up to

working around -10ºC. With Sweden’s cold winters this

our expectations.”

would mean using an inefficient back up heating system.


Light commercial story:

The coffee shop For the light commercial user the SANYO C02 Eco offers a unique opportunity to reduce running cost and C02 emissions whilst maintaining the required water temperatures for hot water services and heating in local systems such as air curtains and staff facilities. When Mr Jones wanted to open a small coffee shop on

was no mains gas supply to his retail outlet. Although this was not a problem for his coffee machine he knew that normal electric heated hot water and over door air curtains were expensive to run (COP of below 1). By opting for a SANYO CO2 ECO water heater he was able to feed 65ºC hot water to his over door heater and use the hot water side to feed the basins in his customer toilets as well as his counter basins. The result so far are indicating a combined COP of over 3 and therefore three times cheaper to run then if he used a hot water heater and an electric door curtain.

a busy high street he discovered to his dismay that there


Technical information

Domestic hot water outlet Cold water feed

The SANYO CO2 ECO Tank Unit is specifically designed to work with the CO2 ECO Heat Pump. It is a highly sophisticated hot water management system that simultaneously provides water at different temperatures for domestic hot water, radiator heating and under floor heating whilst at the same time working with other hot water sources such as solar heating systems. l M  icro chip operation monitors all

domestic hot water at 65ºC

Plastic top cover. Pull and lift to remove

Connections to heat pump unit

All system connections are on top of the tank unit for easy installation

Control panel Polyurethan insulated tank

9kW upper electric back up heater

Top section of tank water stored at 65ºC - suitable for domestic hot water and radiator systems

functions, makes specific adjustments and simplifies fault locating.

l F  or best performance the integrated

motorised mixing valve automatically adjusts to the temperature required by the radiators / under floor heating or domestic hot water.

l P  olyurethane insulated tank for increased

efficiency and reduced temperature loss

Connections to optional solar water heating system

Bottom part of tank water stored at 35-45ºC for underfloor heating

l E  lectric back up heaters provide hot

water in case of emergency or unusually high demand.

Sophisticated Controls

6kW lower electric heater for emergency back up

The SANYO CO2 Eco’s digital control panel is extremely

Sophisticated room sensors continuously send

user friendly with an easy to understand menu system

information to the control system to allow for fast

that makes it easy to personalise settings for maximum

adjustment to the correct temperature.

Valves to close the tank

comfort. Built-in day by day controls allow you to vary temperatures throughout the day e.g. reducing

You can even operate via an optional “Minicall”

temperature at night or whilst you are away working.

system, connected with a sim card for SMS messaging enabling you to set the indoor temperature from your mobile phone and also view information such as all temperatures in the tank unit.

1 Status diode Green light: The product is in normal operation.



Red flashing light: The product needs attention. See message in the display. 2 Step back button You step back to the former menu or exit a setting. 3 Reset button This button lights up red when the product needs attention. Press the button for resetting the alarm.


Mixing valve to control water temperature

Heating return

The complete heating management system

l T  he built-in copper coil provides abundant

Outlet for central heating





Draining valve

Adjustable feet

(tank unit and radiator system)

4 Display Graphic display, back ground lighted. Gives 8 rows of information.

Automatic temperature adjustment

5 OK button With this button you confirm a value or a choice.

The controls automatically adjust the water temperature depending on the outside temperature. Therefore as the external temperature drops the heating inside the house increases to ensure year round comfort.

6 Step up/down buttons With this buttons you step up/down in menus or increase/decrease values.

Open space on the backside of the tank unit

Circulating pump between tank unit and heat pump unit

Prime flow temperature

Outdoor temperature

The set value of the gradient is the primary flow temperature at an outdoor temperature of -15ºC


Technical information Heat Pump Unit Specifications

Key features



HP Unit

9.0 kW Single Phase SHP-C90GEN

9.0 kW Three Phase SHP-C90GDN

35ºC / 25ºC 65ºC / 35ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC 9.29 9.21 9.59 8.87 8.51 9.39 2.29 2.49 3.43 2.86 3.31 4.34 4.10 3.70 2.80 3.00 2.60 2.20

35ºC / 25ºC 65ºC / 35ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC 9.29 9.21 9.59 8.87 8.51 9.39 2.29 2.49 3.43 2.86 3.31 4.34 4.10 3.70 2.80 3.00 2.60 2.20

1 ø / 230V / 50Hz 1 x 20A R744 (CO2) / 1.4kg 49.0 dB-A DC Rotary 2 Stage 1,235mm / 930mm / 340mm 1,330mm / 1,044mm / 420mm 105kg / 115kg

3 ø / 400V / 50Hz 3 x 10A R744 (CO2) / 1.4kg 45.0 dB-A DC Rotary 2 Stage 1,235mm / 930mm / 340mm 1,330mm / 1,044mm / 420mm 105kg / 115kg

Performance ºC 35ºC / 25ºC 65ºC / 35ºC ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC 15ºC 7ºC -5ºC kW 4.82 5.10 5.30 4.90 4.90 5.18 kW 1.21 1.37 1.82 1.60 2.10 2.60 4.00 3.70 2.90 3.10 2.40 2.00

Water temp / flow return Outdoor ambient Capacity output Input power COP Electrical Ratings Power supply Maximum current Refrigerant / amount Operation noise Compressor

l E  nvironmentally friendly R744 (CO2)


l C  hoice of 4.5kW and 9.0kW capacity l C  OPs of up to 3.75 l H  igh performance DC rotary compressor l I nverter control and 3-phase 400V or


single phase 240V power supply


l H  igh efficiency split refrigerant cycle

Net H/W/D Shipment H/W/D Net / Shipping

1 ø / 230V / 50Hz 1 x 16A R744 (CO2) / 1.4kg 49.0 dB-A DC Rotary 2 Stage 690mm / 840mm / 290mm 765mm / 943mm / 433mm 65kg / 72kg

Tank Unit Specifications

l R  eliable and rugged design 1st Compressor

l F  reeze protection circuit l Highly efficient refrigerant-to-water

Mobel number

4.5 kW Single Phase SHP-C45DEN

2nd Compressor

High Pressure

heat exchanger Medium Pressure

Low Pressure

4.5 kW Single Phase 9.0 kW Single Phase Model number Tank unit SHP-TH45GDN-SW SHP-TH90GEN-SW Tank capacity 223L 223L Maximum working pressure 2.5 bar 2.5 bar Maximum working pressure tap water 10 bar 10 bar Auxillary electric heater capacity 9.0kW + 6.0kW* 9.0kW + 6.0kW* Power supply 1 ø / 230V / 50Hz 1 ø / 230V / 50Hz Maximum current 35A 35A Net H/W/D 1,562mm / 600mm / 624mm 1,562mm / 600mm / 624mm Dimensions Shipment H/W/D 1,736mm / 700mm / 747mm 1,736mm / 700mm / 747mm Weight Net / Shipping 160kg / 205kg 160kg / 205kg *The 9kW is used during day periods of high demand.; 6kW is used for emergancy backup use only

9.0 kW Three Phase SHP-TH90GDN-SW 223L 2.5 bar 10 bar 9.0kW + 6.0kW* 3 ø / 400V / 50Hz 3 x 25A 1,562mm / 600mm / 624mm 1,736mm / 700mm / 747mm 160kg / 205kg

Tank Unit Options

The world’s first CO2 rotary two-stage compressor At the heart of the CO2 ECO Heating System is SANYO’s innovative rotary two-stage compressor system, a world first in compressor design. The compressor is resistant to high working pressure differentials, has high reliability through load dispersion, low leakage and low vibration. It operates at a quiet 45 dB(A) noise level and, at only 9kg, the compressor is compact and lightweight.


Capacity 4.5kW system Power supply 1ph-230V HP unit SHP-C45DEN Tank unit SHP-TH45GEN-SW



9.0kW system 1ph-230V SHP-C90GEN SHP-TH90GEN-SW



Specifications subject to change without notice

Optional Connector & Control Kit • A connector is available so that the CO2 ECO Heat Pump Unit can be used with other hot water systems. • Complete control system for the CO2 ECO Heat Pump • Designed to connect CO2 ECO to existing heating systems / boilers • Suitable for most hot water systems including those with and without mixing valve regulation • Wall mounted with easy to use temperature controls For more details about the ACC-CO2 Control Kit contact your SANYO representative.


Your questions answered Is heat pump technology a new development?

What is the maximum water temperature available from CO2 ECO Heating System?

How does the CO2 ECO controller work?

Where can I buy CO2 ECO Heating System?

The CO2 Eco heating system is simple to operate via a

The System is supplied to heating installers by SANYO

used to extract heat from the air, water and the ground

The maximum temperature is 65ºC, high enough to kill

simple digital control unit on the front panel of the hot

distributors. Visit to find your

for decades and are particularly popular as a power source

legionella without the need for electric booster heaters.

water tank.

nearest distributor.

and also for air conditioning systems across Europe.

Ideal for domestic hot water and central heating using

Using just a few buttons to navigate thorough an

Now with increasing international concern regarding the


intuitive menu structure it is possible to adjust the room

No. It is a proven technology. Heat pumps have been

for domestic heating systems in Scandinavian countries

environment, this highly efficient, low carbon technology is being adopted more widely across Europe for use in

What is the lowest ambient temperature CO2 ECO Heating System will function at?

temperature, set your desired hot water temperature and programme hour-by-hour operation over a 7-day

Can I combine a solar water heating system with the CO2 ECO Heating Domestic System for even more environmentally friendly heating?

period to ensure maximum comfort whatever the

Yes. The SANYO CO2 ECO system has been designed

Because of the properties of R744 (CO2) ECO Heating

ambient temperature. The boiler can even be remotely

to make connection very easy. Your installer will be

What is new is the use of CO2 as a refrigerant.

System refrigerant, and its robust design, the system

operated via a ‘Minicall’ system.

happy to answer your questions.

This makes the CO2 ECO Heating System truly

will operate continuously at temperatures as low as


-25ºC. In comparison the efficiency of systems using

domestic heating.

HCFC or HFC refrigerants drops sharply at temperatures

How does a heat pump work? An air to water heat pump such as CO2 ECO Heating

below 0ºC and cannot operate below -10ºC. Below this level electric back up heaters take over, resulting in a significant drop in overall unit efficiency.

System, extracts heat from the air and transfers it to a liquid refrigerant inside the heat pump. The refrigerant evaporates. The gas is then compressed causing its temperature to rise. The hot gas is then passed over a cold

What qualifications should an installer of SANYO’s CO2 ECO Heating Domestic System have? Any installer needs to be trained in the design and installation of domestic hot water systems. Because

How much hot water does the CO2 ECO Heating System supply?

there is no refrigerant handling involved there is no need for a refrigerant handling certificate.

surface, releasing the heat allowing it to be used for water

The smaller 4.5kW outdoor unit is capable of supplying

and space heating. The refrigerant then passes through

enough hot water to meet the normal central heating

Is CO2 ECO Heating System easy to maintain?

an expansion value returning it to normal pressure and it

and hot water usage needs of most domestic homes

CO2 ECO Heating System does not require the annual

returns to the evaporator and the cycle begins again.

up to 130m in size. The high capacity 9.0kW unit can

safety inspections and regular maintenance that gas and

provide hot water and heating to meet the needs of

oil boilers require.


homes up to 240m in size. 2

How efficient is the CO2 ECO Heating System compared to HFC heat pumps? HFC water pumps can achieve temperatures of 45-50ºC and use an electric booster heater to raise the water temperature further as required for hot water and space heating. The use of a power hungry electric heater counteracts the efficiency benefits of the heat pump reducing the overall efficiency significantly. CO2 ECO Heating System achieves a higher working temperature of 65ºC so it doesn’t need an inefficient electric booster.



Indicates conformation with EC Directives

ISO 9001: 2001 Certificate Number: JQ116B

ISO 14001: 2001 Certificate Number: ECOOJ0303-33

SANYO reserves the right to make any variation in specification to the equipment described or to withdraw or replace products without prior notification or public announcement. All descriptions, illustrations, drawings and specifications in this publication are given in good faith, but are intended to present only general particulars and shall not form any part of the contract. For full installation details, please contact your SANYO distributor.

Printed using paper produced from 50% recycled material and 50% from sustainable forestry. SANYO CO­2 – The new generation of heating solutions. Ref: CO208V2

Sanyo CO2 Technical and Information  

Natural refrigerant R744 (CO2) environmentally friendly refrigerant Air source heat pump Inverter control flexible operation over the full...