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The article deals with the benefits of hiring a private jet and explains whether it is truly a feasible option or not.

Nowadays, we find that many people around us are deriving the pleasure of flying in a private jet. This mode of transport, once believed to be reserved for the crème layer is not so anymore as it is surprising everyone with the actual number of people that are indulging in the opulence of private jet rentals. The industry of jet rentals has increased its clientele from the celebrities and politicians to the common man. With the growing degradation of the services put forward by commercial flying, the travelers are looking for other options to make their flying easier. Time is the most important thing for the modern flyers nowadays and wasting a couple of hours while checking in and some more if the flight is delayed ( which nowadays are becoming increasingly common) is too much for these people to handle. And it does not end with this, the agonizing way of passing through the security check with your luggage and hand baggage being turned upside down is almost as intolerable. All this leads the passenger to go for private jet rentals which serves as a single solution for all this. The advantages of private jet rentals are numerous over that of commercial flying. First and fore mostly, the jet rentals company assigns the jet according to your schedule. So there is ample flexibility and is more convenient than commercial flying where the timings are generalized for everyone. The privileges are clear. The modern businessmen can spend more time with his client discussing over a deal instead of confining himself in an airport. It is generally seen that private jet rentals save more than 2 hours that you should have wasted while flying in a commercial flight. So it is for you to decide whether you can waste this time instead of spending that on something useful. Also in case of travelers, private jet rentals means the traveler can spend more time on the beach and has to take less time off from work for the sake of traveling. It also gives you privacy along with and the chances of your luggage going haywire are almost eliminated.

Though it costs more, what you get is complete peace of mind. The cost of jet rentals however depends on the type of jet you hire, the distance to be covered and the type of flexibility you want. It is natural that larger planes fetch more charges. The company chosen also plays an important role on the cost to be incurred. There are companies who charge based on the number of travelers traveling. In other cases the distance covered is the deciding factor. It is better to choose for those who charge by the distance for a number of people who can avail the services for the same cost. Flying a small plane one way for an hour can cost around $600, while the cost may be doubled in case of hiring a larger plane. Hiring a private jet has many privileges. One can select to be picked up from home and have on board meals and drinks. Several business services can also be availed. In short it is a lot more than just a drink and peanuts that are offered by most first classes at costs which are only a trifle more.

The Benefits Of Chartering A Private Jet