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COAST TO COAST BUSINESS NETWORK September 2018 Updated Edition


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2|Page BEY'S STRAIGHT TALK MARKETING JOURNAL --------------------------------------------------------------

THE TRAFFIC DILEMNA, Building Your List From Scratch

Greetings Everyone: We will continue from the last issue and talk about getting people to respond to my small classified ad. Their response will consist of visiting my landing page and signing up for my list. There is a saying in the marketing world that goes something like: "Facts tell, Stories Sell" No matter how short it may be, tell your story. Just don't tell it all at one time. The main reason for building a list is to have people read your email messages. To accomplish this, you must give people a reason to want to open your email messages. The way I try to accomplish this is to tell a follow along story. This part of the story is to tell you how I'm building a list from scratch. If this is something that is of interest to you, you are more likely to follow along to learn the methods I use to accomplish my goal. So, what I'm doing now is researching unique ways to attract prospects to sign up to my list. Right now I'm in the process of deciding which free and low cost methods I want to get started with. One of the most effective ways I've used for years to get new fresh leads is to place small classified ads in print publications. This way I don't have to compete with thousands of classified ads on online classified ad sites. Here is a short breakdown of how I work my offline lead generating system... I place a one inch display ad in a publication called "Home Business Advertiser" which has a circulation of 25.000. 3|Page

Here is the wording of the ad I place:

Legally Blind 26 year Direct Mail Expert Proves Anyone can make money with these 25 Super-Simple Cash Raising Ideas and Opportunities Business Start-up kit! Recorded Message: 1-412 734-5844 In the next issue, I'll tell you about the results I get from my ad and a break down of my expenses. So, look for my next issue in the next few weeks. Greg Bey

---------------------------------------Published by: Day-Star Communications 7202 Susquehanna St #314 Pittsburgh PA 15208

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We Help You to Recruit People for Your MLM Business Meet real people looking for a business opportunity Get quality MLM leads every day for free Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team Fastest way to expand your MLM business Talk to network marketing prospects from your country Advertise to your target audience

I’m Castell Rolle, A Retired Marine Corps Officer CWO-4 I’ve Been A Pastor For Over 40 Years. I’m also The President-CEO-Founder Of Helping The Less Fortunate Ministries In Which We Helped People Achieve Economic Stability In Urban North Carolina. I Have Worked As A Real Estate And Insurance Broker For The Last 30 Years. Some Of My Favorite Causes Are: Children, Economic Empowerment, Environment, Health, Human Rights, Disaster & Humanitarian Relief, and Poverty Alleviation. My Ministries Have An Exciting New Program Called “Y.A.P.” Which Means Youth Adoption Program. We Adopt Youth That Are Advancing In Their Education, But Need A Little Help With Some Financial Assistance For The Purchase Of School Items. When You Create Your Account You Will Become A Part Of My Team-Family! If You Have Any Questions Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime. To Your Ultimate Success,

Pastor Castell Rplle Pastor Castell Rolle President, Helping The Less Fortunate Ministries.

5|Page Danielle Nicole (born Danielle Nicole Schnebelen) is an American blues/soul musician from Kansas City, Missouri, United States. Her self-titled solo debut EP was released March 10, 2015 on Concord Records. The self-titled EP features Grammy Award-winning producer-guitarist Anders Osborne, Galactic's co-founding drummer Stanton Moore and keyboardist Mike Sedovic.[1] On February 25, 2015, American Blues Scene premiered the track "Didn't Do You No Good" off the new EP.

n September 2015, her debut album, Wolf Den, was released on Concord Records. It reached number 2 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart in October that year. In February 2018, Danielle Nicole's second album, Cry No More, peaked at number 1 in the Billboard Top Blues Albums chart. The Salt Lake City Weekly mentioned in their June 15, 2018 issue that along with Christone Ingram, she was doing the warm up show for the Fourth Annual Utah Blues Festival on Friday, June 15 at the State Room.

6|Page Trampled Under Foot was an American soul blues and blues rock band. The original trio consisted of the siblings Danielle Schnebelen (lead vocals and bass), Nick Schnebelen (guitars and vocals) and Kris Schnebelen (drums and vocals). Their 2013 album, Badlands, reached number one on the US Billboard Top Blues Albums Chart. Living Blues named the album in the top twenty of their recommended collections of 2013. Trampled Under Foot was formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 2000. The trio's father, Bob, played blues guitar with a local band named Little Eva, and introduced the threesome to some of their jamming sessions. Between 1999 and 2004, Danielle was originally in a musical outfit known as Fresh Brew, whilst her brother Kris played in various local blues groups. Nick was a brief member of both Killing Floor and Buddahead. Once they were together under the Trampled Under Foot name, their self-titled debut album was released in 2006. The Philadelphia Sessions followed in 2007. May I Be Excused (2008) and Wrong Side of the Blues (2011) were sandwiched either side of their live album, Live at Notodden Blues Festival (2010). The constant exposure and touring led them in 2013 to signing a recording contract with Telarc, who released Badlands the same year. Tony Braunagel produced both Wrong Side of the Blues and Badlands. In early 2014, Kris Schnebelen left the band and was replaced by Jan Faircloth and Mike Sedovic. Trampled Under Foot supported George Thorogood in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on May 17, 2014. For more information:


Towards Better Living Moving towards a better life is, in fact, easier said than done. Stepping out from your comfort zone is the first action that you need to do. May seem easy to embark on a new journey but to keep it going, is all about hard work and perseverance. Taking baby steps every day to improve your life at your own pace. You are your own competition. It’s a choice to work towards better living that you dream of and be whatever you want. A choice to step out from your comfort zone and see what life brings in time to come if ONLY you take the leap. There is no perfect or right timing to make changes to welcome for the better. But if you don’t take the leap now, then when?

My goal is to live a better life and help all who is in the same journey as me, especially women from all works of life. We all deserves so much more and better in life. The mission is to empower and support women and to glow together from inside out and shine like a diamond. You can tell who the strong ones are. They will be the ones you see building up one another instead of tearing each other down. To achieve success you need positive forward action. No one attained fortune or fame by doing nothing. The journey is taken step by step and houses of success are built one brick at a time.

8|Page So, if you are with me, Let the adventure begins. The view will be beautiful on top.


Nick Schnebelen – An Artist Who Stands Out In The Crowd

One of the first things you discover about Nick Schnebelen is his commitment to his music. He does not tippy-toe or wade in; he plunges right into the deep end. Forceful and determined succinctly describe Nick’s approach to guitar-playing and singing. That’s always been the basis for Nick’s music, no matter what kind of musical collaboration he’s been in. “I like things that are very potent and simple,” he says. “They get straight to the point.” Nick came to widespread attention as a member of Trampled Under Foot, the Kansas City family band that was founded in 2004 won the 2008 International Blues Challenge in Memphis. Nick was also singled out for the “Albert King Award” as the best guitarist in the competition. Joined by younger brother Kris and sister Danielle, TUF enjoyed two highly successful albums produced by Tony Braunagel, “Wrong Side of the Blues” (2011) and “Badlands” (2013), which climbed to the top position on Billboard’s Top Blues Album charts. The band was nominated in 2012 as Band of the Year at the Blues Music Awards and won that honor in 2014. Most people think that’s how Nick got started, but his musical roots run far deeper. His mother and father were professional musicians, his grandmother was a big band singer, his grandfather played guitar and his great grandfather was a member of a string band as far back as the 1920s. “You see, music’s been in my blood for generations,” he says.

Although Nick has played music from a young age, he blossomed when he attended Kansas City’s Paseo Academy of Performing Arts high school, where he studied both classical and jazz forms. “There are different sets of rules for each and as I played in both the classical orchestra and the jazz band, I got a better understanding of how music works,” he says.

10 | P a g e In 1997, Nick relocated to Philadelphia, where he formed the blues-based jam band K-Floor, and later toured with Buddahead, a British pop band. By 2000, Kris and Danielle joined him in Philadelphia to begin Trampled Under Foot. The energy of Nick’s shows with his solo band was captured in the recording of “Live in Kansas City” in 2017. All of that has led to his debut solo work “Crazy All By Myself,” TBA, 2019 -produced once again by Braunagel and featuring songs written with Gary Nicholson, Jeff Paris and Dave Duncan. The CD flexes with styles ranging from slow blues to soul to funk to rock, with even a dash of rockabilly. The title cut, a blues co-written with Dave Duncan, cuts deeps lyrically and musically. Nick’s stinging guitar work is underpinned by Mike Finnigan’s flowing piano at its base while the lyrics paint a picture of a man meeting the realization that he doesn’t need a woman to lead him down the path of destruction, that’s he’s perfectly capable of doing it on his own. “This CD has so many different styles on it,” Nick says, “but it still works. Most of the songs started in my brain and then were expanded lyrically, but they seem to pair up well here so the varied styles don’t seem out of place. “My goal is to continue to write and create new styles for the blues,” Nick says. “I want to stand out as an original artist.” Contact: Red House Talent Chris Hardwick Tel 405-659-6805

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6600 Blue Ridge Blvd Kansas City, Mo 64133 Call (816) 353-7465

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13 | P a g e (/ˈboʊɡən/ BOHG-ən) is Australian and New Zealand slang for a person whose speech, clothing, attitude and behaviour are considered unrefined or unsophisticated. Depending on the context, the term can be pejorative or self-deprecating. Where BBQ Meets the Blues in Kansas City BB’s Lawnside BBQ combines two great Kansas City traditions – Barbecue and Blues. For more than 20 years, B.B.’s has served slow-smoked meats (sausage, beef, chicken, pulled pork and ribs) from its 60+ year-old pit, Plus, B.B.’s menu includes signature Louisiana dishes like gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice and goulash. And, when you combine that with world-class blues entertainment, you get a unique Kansas City experience only found at B.B.’s Lawnside BBQ. We are open for lunch and dinner. And with our relaxed family-style seating and friendly wait staff, no waiting in long lines to make your order. So, sit back, relax and soak in the atmosphere. KNUCKLEHEADS Knuckleheads Saloon is a music venue in Kansas City, Missouri. The facility is a complex of four stages - a large outdoor stage featuring a converted caboose to one side as a VIP seating area, an indoor saloon stage and a 64 seat lounge known as the "Gospel Lounge" It doubles as a music oriented church on Wednesday evenings when Live music can be presented on all Four stages at once.

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Freedom is NOT Free! Support Our Veterans! My heart goes out to the men and women who served Our Great nation, and also to the families of those Veterans who lost their lives in the line of battle.

This is a Crowd funding platform designed to raise funds for any cause. Crowd funding is completely legal. And, as the name implies, we raise funds as a group. If you would like to contribute to my Veterans campaign and or start a campaign of your own, please click on the link below to get started. All we require is a $12 admin fee and a $25 cash donation. (please list geoffreyac as your inviter) I pledge to donate regularly to, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Wounded Warriors Project and Paralyzed Veterans. In addition: If you are a Veteran or currently serving in the US military, Please contact me and I will Pay It Forward (PIF) for you. (Simply email me at My Goal is to Bless those in Need and to Honor those who served to make our Freedom possible Today! Please Join Me! To Our Mutual Success! Jeff Cohen Please join us for a Live webinar presentation M-F 8:00 PM EST.

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Connecting resources to people. A truly modern media company, Coast to Coast Business gives anyone with an online or a traditional brick and mortar and chance to have their information put into our bi monthly publications that are now worldwide. Our business associates come from everywhere and all walk of life. They get what they need to grow, from Coast to Coast Business Network including collaboration tools, advanced analytics, and the ability get more exposure. Our readers are rewarded with the absolute best reading experience possible — regardless of device or platform. We are asking everyone to participate by following us at Headquartered in Dallas, Texas we also have offices in Hemet, California, Pittsburgh, PA & Kansas City, MO Enriching lives through meaningful content.

Our other websites and links Coast To Coast Magazine ISSN 2576-0793

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Basic Airbrushing

Course Description Students will learn basic airbrush techniques using the airbrush. They will have hands-on experience using double action airbrush. Basic control and how to use it with stencils as well as freehand. Students will learn basic care and set up of the equipment. For more info or how to enroll PHONE, FAX, EMAIL Ph: 817-257-7132 FAX : 817-257-7134 E-Mail:

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o We Help You to Recruit People for Your MLM Business o Meet real people looking for a business opportunity o Get quality MLM leads every day for free o Promote your website and attract new leaders to your team o Fastest way to expand your MLM business o Talk to network marketing prospects from your country o Advertise to your target audience

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We at Airbrush Works provide top quality Airbrushing on T-shirts & Custom Banners Contact Info: (817)705-0686 Danny R-Artist/Owner

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Hi and thank you for your valuable time – we make our entire living from the Internet, so I encourage you to call me right away, to get started and duplicate the incredible energy and excitement found only in our business industry. Although we may not be working together in ALL the various programs available today, it’s a privilege, honor and exciting to know that we are in fact partnering up one way or another through the power of direct selling and network marketing. It’s a proven fact that we DO have a better way forward and you can get there from here … We do it every day! — Danny Rowland

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Planning a new business is both exciting and overwhelming. To get you off on the right foot, here are 7 super useful and free small business resources. 1. SBA The Small Business Association’s Create Your Business Plan section of its website is an excellent place to start when drafting your business plan. If you’re not sure how to write a business plan, this free resource will walk you through each section, telling you what to include and how to make it stand out.

2. Your State’s Small Business Development Center Each state runs its own small business development center, a valuable free resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs. For example, the California Small Business Development Center offers a handy business startup checklist on its website along with a variety of other tools. It also provides access to business advisors and special events. Check out the SBA’s list of small business development centers by state here.

23 | P a g e 3. SCORE SCORE’s Business Plan page is another fantastic and free small business resource loaded with online business workshops and podcasts. Free mentoring is also available – both in person and via email.

4. Business Startup Planner Many aspiring entrepreneurs have an idea, but also have trouble articulating that idea. Navarro College Small Business Development Center in Texas has a free business startup planner questionnaire designed to help you put your ideas into words.

5. ShopKeep Small Business 101 ShopKeep’s blog has a section called Small Business 101 that is entirely dedicated to planning and executing a new small business launch. This free small business resource is loaded with information and tools for each of the following topics: Inspiration, Planning, Structure, Finance, Regulations, Insurance, Location, Store Design, Equipment, Inventory, Staffing, Marketing, and Growth & Exit Strategies.

24 | P a g e

6. Business USA Business USA’s Start a Business wizard is an online tool that asks you a variety of questions, such as whether you’ve invented something, plan on opening a restaurant, or will be purchasing an existing business. Based on your answers, the wizard prepares an action plan with steps to take and local resources based on your ZIP code.

7. Entrepreneur’s Business Plans Forms and Templates page is loaded with business plan guidelines, checklists, templates, and models. This section also includes links to related categories such as Marketing Forms and Templates, Entrepreneurship, and Finance.

From questionnaires, templates, and interactive business planning tools to in-person mentoring, online workshops and podcasts, these free small business resources contain a wealth of information tailored specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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Losing His Job Helped Dave Dalton Build a Community for Creatives By David Cawthon |

Dave Dalton had to reinvent himself a few times. He was a blacksmith, but a junior apprentice burned the forge to the ground. He built and modified robots for a custom shutters business, but the company was forced to liquidate. All that might’ve phased most people. But Dave isn’t like most people. He’s a maker. “That’s someone who just has an idea,” Dave says. “They’re the ceramics artists, woodworkers, blacksmiths, costumers, prop-makers and electronics whizzes who never thought they had anything in common with each other. And that’s where they’re wrong. When you get them into an environment that forces them to rub elbows with other types of creatives, they suddenly realize they have far more in common than they realized.” And after Dave, who was a mechatronics technician in 2008 (basically the person who maintains and builds robots in factories) lost his day job during the financial crash, he’d had enough working for other people. It was time to work for himself. “That was the second time in my career that I was left with a lot of skills and none of the tools to apply them,” he says. 26 | P a g e So in that maker spirit, he rolled up his sleeves and decided to build his own job: a space for makers like himself. “It’s like a gym for creative people,” he says.

Dave’s makerspace, called Hammerspace, was forged from his past experiences, apprenticeships and odd jobs. He first put down roots in a 5,500-square-foot building in the KC’s Brookside ‘hood, but after a few too many headaches over the years, he recently upgraded to a space on the east side of town, off Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard—triple the space for the same rent. Now, makers can fly their drones or launch their rockets or catapults in an industrial area without those calls from the neighbors. “Instead of sitting at home and watching HGTV or ‘Forged in Fire,’ you can instead join an organization that has all those tools and play your way through all these ideas you have,” he says.

Dave says spaces like these lower the cost of failure. But that “F” word isn’t a bad one for makers. Dave says setbacks are when valuable lessons are learned, ideas are improved and new things are created.

Looking around Hammerspace HQ, you can see some of Dave’s handiwork, along with the numerous other items from the community. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, a prop gun from “Galaxy Quest,” Lego versions of video game protagonists, a drivable bombshell, a water fountain that dispenses Brawndo (you know, the soft drink from “Idiocracy,”) and a talking fortune-telling robot that prints out your 27 | P a g e fate after you feed it a dollar bill—just a few of the oddities Dave and his legion of makers have speckled around the building.

It’s what happens when you have a large space teeming with creative folks. (If you want to make your business a reality, we’ve got the tools to get you there. No matter if you’ve just got the blueprints or have a plan to expand, KCSourceLink can craft your free Personal Action Plan to help you work on your passion.)

“We all have those moments, generally with friends, and on the second beer you say, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if we took the Big Mouth Billy Bass talking fish and hooked it up to Amazon’s Alexa, so when you order stuff from Amazon, it says, ‘Your batteries have been ordered.’” And it’s that maker hive-mind that’s helped Dave and Co. procure some pricey tools that would’ve otherwise cost a fortune to buy straight-up new. When Dave started, he only had his and his business partner’s modest personal tool sets. But Dave will tell you community is a powerful thing. Members saw they needed equipment and started donating items to the space. Plasma cutters. Jewelry equipment. CNC (computer numeric control) machines. A lathe from the 1930s. Dave took it all, and today he’s amassed quite the collection, offering different stations throughout the massive space that focus on various disciplines. Plus, it helps that his business partner Craig Berscheidt is a former electrical engineer in the tech sector. The duo, their employees and members do almost everything for Hammerspace in-house: 28 | P a g e graphic design, physical construction, maintenance, upgrades, landscaping. Leveraging employees and the community to make improvements has its perks. It keeps costs down.

But it’s not about what the community can do for the shop; it’s about what the shop can do for the community.

Dave’s seen people working in insurance leave their jobs and make more using his space to craft crates for comic book shops and record stores—and realize that a hobby can actually be a moneymaking opportunity while they use Dave’s safe and supportive space to get it done. Another wouldbe maker worked for a movie theater but used Hammerspace to develop his robotics skills, which helped him later land a job at a manufacturing facility. And the list of success stories goes on and on. Dave recalls the entrepreneurial spirit of early makers Orville and Wilbur Wright—two brothers who ran a bike shop and who were certainly not aeronautical engineers, but rather two curious souls who had the right space, the tools, the materials and the desire. And it’s because those two brothers weren’t satisfied with just dreaming, that they gave humankind flight. Looking toward the future, Dave says he wants to be running the maker space decades from now, no matter how technology reshapes our lives. And he says the maker community got his entrepreneurial dreams where they are today—and those same people will likely be the ones who keep that flame of inspiration burning. Do you have burning questions about how to build your business? Give KCSourcelink a call at 816235-6500 or tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll forge your free Personal Action Plan. 29 | P a g e

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Who is Stacy Shaw? Attorney Stacy Shaw is the founding partner of Stacy Shaw & Associates, LLC. She is a native of Wichita, Kansas and a graduate of Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis, Missouri where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. While there, Stacy also became a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. Alpha Omega Chapter. Stacy graduated magna cum laude from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. Prior to founding Stacy Shaw and Associates, Stacy was a litigation and corporate attorney at Smith & Associates, LLC in St. Louis, Missouri. Attorney Stacy Shaw is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Texas. Stacy is passionate about providing widespread access to legal services in the Kansas City Metro area and educating the community about the law. Stacy Shaw Law is widely known for our extensive community service. We have raised money and donated supplies to numerous community organizations. We offer summer internships for high school, college, and law school students, and offer free community education seminars throughout the year. We have been the Platinum Media Sponsor for the Know Joey? Turkey Tuesday Community Challenge, table sponsor for numerous community events, performed countless community service hours with our community partners and volunteered as Pro Bono attorneys for Morning Star’s Warrant Forgiveness Program. We offer financial assistance for low-income clients through the following Shaw Nation Cares programs: 100 Second Chances, Dads First, and Warrant Free KC.

Learn More:

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Danny Rowland (817)705-0686

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Links for Products or services:

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September 2018 Coast to Coast  

Our Special Edition with featured small business person Castell Rolle (ret. USMC)

September 2018 Coast to Coast  

Our Special Edition with featured small business person Castell Rolle (ret. USMC)