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"Do You Need A Mentor For Your Home Business?" Attention all beginning or struggling home business entrepreneurs The home based business industry continues to sky rocket, and hundreds of thousands of wannabe entrepreneurs are trying their hand at operating their own businesses. But meanwhile a new trend is unfolding in the home based business arena. Many home business "EXPERTS" are adding mentoring or coaching to their line of services. Some entrepreneurs will offer this service as a bonus if you purchase their home business study course, or wealth building system, or anything that has to do with starting and operating a home based business. Others will offer mentoring as a high priced back end offer. This service can be offered through e-mail, tele-conferencing or even one-on-one. Now let's consider how a mentor can add value to or help you build your business... WHAT DOES A MENTOR DO? First we need to consider what a mentor is and what are the qualifications that allow a person to use this title. A mentor is considered to be a wise and trusted counselor and teacher. One who is an expert in a particular field. However, a person doesn't need a license or degree to qualify as a mentor. So, this leaves the door wide open for any one who wants to apply the title to themselves. So what should you look for in choosing a mentor? First, you consider a person who has experience in your business area of interest and has a sincere desire to help you succeed. You don't want someone who just wants to charge extra money for their wealth building course. They just collect your monthly fee and allow you to e-mail them your questions. You want a mentor who you can meet with face to face or at least be able to contact by phone. Sending e-mail messages is fine but a face to face meeting or phone conversation should always be a part of any mentoring service. This will eliminate most people who call themselves mentors. Especially those who offer this service as a bonus to get you to purchase their money making plan. A person who is serious about being a mentor should always be willing to allow their clients to have personal contact with them.

A real mentor understands that they will only be able to work with a limited number of people because to my way of thinking a mentor must be willing to teach, guide, assist and counsel the people who seek their services. Unless you have very deep pockets and can afford to pay from $50 to $500 an hour, you will have a hard time finding someone who has the experience you are looking for - a mentor willing to sacrifice the time and attention you will need to build a successful business. So what are your options?? Where do you find someone to help you when you can't afford the large fees an experienced mentor will charge you for their services? If you're serious about learning how to build your own home business, and you understand the importance of receiving some one-on-one help, I'm willing to share the benefit of my twenty plus years of experience with you. Listen, I sincerely want to help you succeed in your own home business. Here is why: Over the past several years I've spent thousands of dollars and gone deep into debt searching for an opportunity that would work for me. I've learned that regardless of the product, service or opportunity you are involved with, the secret to real success is learning effective marketing strategies and techniques, because it really is the best marketer who wins this game. This is where I can help you. Over the past number of years I have learned from some of the most successful marketers in the information selling industry and as I said it has cost me thousands of dollars for my marketing education. One of the biggest mistakes that most home business entrepreneurs make is thinking that they can go it alone. This is a huge mistake, especialy for those who are just getting started. A final word of advice - Ben Franklin once said: "AN INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE PAYS THE BEST INTEREST." Don't make the mistake of thinking you can do it all by yourself. GET SOME HELP! HERE'S HOW YOU CAN GET THE HELP YOU NEED

I have decided to offer 30 days of mentoring for a deeply discounted price of $7. You are under no obligation, but if you are satisfied you may continue with the mentoring beyond 30 days. The fee is $25 for each subsequent month you use my services.

If you're really serious about learning some of the insider secrets to success in your own home based business it would really be foolish of you to pass up this one-of-a-kind special offer! HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL GET WHEN YOU SIGN UP

     

24/7 telephone consultation, no limit, call any time, day or night Help with creating and marketing your own information products I will research any money making opportunity you may be interested in learning more about You will receive a personal call from me each week and weekly updates and special offers for the first 30 days I will teach you all the latest marketing tips, tricks and techniques of the marketing pro's Instead of having to pay $100 per hour for my advisory service, you pay only $25 after the first 30 days if you decide to continue with my mentoring service. You can contact me by phone or email any time you have questions and there is no limit, you can call me any time, day or night.

You can look long and hard but I guarantee you that you will never find some one with my knowledge and experience who would be willing to make you such a generous offer. I am offering you the opportunity to take advantage of my knowledge and experience that I have gained over the past twenty plus years because I talk to people almost every day who are struggling to make a little extra money from home just to help with the bills and put food on the table. I want to help you because I know how hard it is for people who are just starting out or have been trying for years to figure out what might really work for them and what steps they will need to take to avoid all of the scams and rip off so-called money making opportunities out there. If you want to avoid being taken advantage of by the empty dream sellers, you will need all the help you can get. As I have already stated, I will only accept 50 people for this special one time offer after I get 50 people this offer will end. Whatever you decide to do I sincerely wish you success in all of your business undertakings.


When you take advantage of my mentoring service for the next 30 days you will also receive this special bonus: The Legendary Lead Generating Instant Start-Up System This complete lead generating system includes:

     

 

A fast start guide with all necessary instructions Links and contact info to set your new system up Bullet points for phone conversations Easy to follow script that closes an average of 70% of the prospects you would want to work with A large resource directory of advertising, both paid and free, that works extremely well with this business Professional pre-written ad copy you can easily copy and paste that has proven to work and get your business flooded with new prospects • Guidelines and advice from the creator of the system that will help you understand the entire scope of your new business Bonus section on expanding your services to small business owners and earning a significant income from lead generation. This unique one-of-a-kind lead generating system will help you grow your business. It is a complete system. Everything you need is included so you can start growing your income right away!

The Special Bonus is yours FREE when you try one month of my mentoring service for the discounted price of $7. NOTE: I am only able to take on the first 50 people who apply. Reserve your spot quickly before spaces are taken. So go ahead and click the button below! Let's get started growing your business right away!

P.S. Don't worry, there is no automatic billing for mentoring beyond the initial 30 days. So order now! Get your questions answered. Receive feedback on your ideas. Get started in the right direction! To your success,

Gregory H Bey Day-Star Communications 7202 Susquehanna St #314 Pittsburgh PA 15208

Contact Information to place an ad: Daniel Rowland, or call us at (817)705-0686

Coast To Coast  

A truly modern media company, Coast to Coast Business gives anyone with an online or a traditional brick and mortar and chance to have their...

Coast To Coast  

A truly modern media company, Coast to Coast Business gives anyone with an online or a traditional brick and mortar and chance to have their...