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QUICKBITES Cup Noodles • Tom Yum Goong / Seafood Little Cook Korean Hot and Spicy Noodles

250-270kcal THB 60 280kcal THB 80

Little Cook Vegetarian Noodles

280kcal THB 80

Tofu Udon

270kcal THB 80

Pringles Original Potato Chips

390kcal THB 70

Oreo Cookies

326kcal THB 40

KitKat 4F Chocolate Bar

180kcal THB 40


265kcal THB 50

M&M’s Chocolates

203kcal THB 50

Tao Kae Noi Seaweed

60kcal THB 40

Brice Brown Rice Cracker Teriyaki Seaweed

120kcal THB 40

Nut Walker Cashew Nuts

190kcal THB 50


English Breakfast Tea /

Nescafe Red Cup / 3-in-1 Milo 3-in-1 / Hotta Ginger Drink /

0kcal THB 50 0-90kcal

THB 50

THB 50 0kcal THB 50


ColdDrinks NEW

Milo UHT / UFC Home Soy

Soft Drinks

210kcal THB 60 147kcal

THB 60

80-90kcal THB 60 Tipco Fruit Juice Orange • Apple

Singha Drinking Water 330ml

0kcal THB 30

0-190kcal THB 60 Coca-Cola • Coca-Cola Zero • Lipton Ice Tea • Sprite • A&W Root Beer

Nescafe Expresso Roasted / Oishi Green Tea Genmai /

THB 60 130kcal THB 60 130kcal

All pre-booked meals come with 100ml of mineral water.

Book ONLINE for more choices! • Enjoy great discounts. • You’ll be served first.

Earn 1 BIG POINT per THB20 spent on pre-booked meals.


Breakfast Available up till 11.00am

Chicken Ham & Cheese Croissant

189kcal THB 50

ML. Noi’s Basil Fried with Chicken on Rice

239kcal THB 130

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

324kcal THB 130


Tom Yum Fried Rice ML. Noi’s Basil Fried with Chicken on Rice

(Only available on international routes)

Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice + Minute Maid 180ml + KitKat 2F Tom Yum Fried rice NEW + Minute Maid 180ml + KitKat 2F

Uncle Chin’s Chicken Rice

489kcal THB 180 110kcal 90kcal 668kcal THB 180 110kcal 90kcal


Aloo Bhaji with Peas Pulao

253kcal THB 130

(Only available on India route)

Light Meals

Assorted Sandwich

626kcal THB 90

Tortilla A’La Tuna

545kcal THB 90

Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak

Kids Club ACE Meal

Aloo Bhaji with Peas Pulao


Loacker Wafer + Milo UHT

120kcal THB 100 210kcal


Haagen-Dazs Ice-cream 75ml Vanilla • Chocolate

169kcal THB 90

Tortilla A’La Tuna




1. Pictures used are for illustration purpose only. 2. Allergy warning: Food may contain nuts, gluten, seafood, eggs and dairy. 3. All food and beverages are subject to availability or while stocks last. 4. Goods sold are not returnable. 5. Only cash is accepted for purchases. No credit cards are accepted. 6. No foreign currency will be accepted on domestic flights. 7. On international flights AirAsia accepts US dollars and local currency (except coins) of flights of origin and/or destination country (except controlled currency). 8. All change will returned in Thai Baht (THB) for FD flights. 9. Disclaimer: All nutritional information is correct at time of printing.

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