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a i s A Air sics Clas ition ed Ed Limit irAsia A QPR ircraft A 0 2 3 A l e Mod 150)

1: (scale

Fly high with the Rangers! Get a piece of Barclays Premier League with Exclusive Queens Park Rangers livery. Alami kemeriahan Barclays Premier League dengan model kapal terbang bercorak eksklusif daripada Queens Park Rangers.

RM129 each AirAsia Classic Red Cap

RM25 each

Limited Edition: 100th Awesome Aircraft Model A320 (scale 1 : 150)

RM129 each AirAsia Classic Red Polo T-Shirt

100% cotton polo shirts Size: S/L

Kemeja polo 100% kain kapas Saiz: S/L

RM45 each

Aircraft Model A320 AK (scale 1 : 150)

RM109 each

Aircraft Model A330 AAX (scale 1 : 200)

RM109 each

Aircraft Model A340 AAX (scale 1 : 200)

RM109 each

Kindly inspect all merchandise upon purchase. Any request for exchange or refund on the defective products; except for manufacturing defects, will not be entertained upon disembarkation.

y l i m Fa Fun

ia AirAs mith S y r r Ba ble a d l o F l Bag Trave

vel. ily tra m a f l u f peace ‘don’t ap for r favourite everything m d a A ro g you ou ems with tivities c it in Bring without-it’ the-time a sls e a v p a r t t c perfe . from ing comfy y a t s o t

Dimensions: 40.5cm x 27cm x 18cm Capacity: 20 litres

RM59 each

AirAsia Rotating Watch

RM49 each

AirAsia Pilot Bear

RM25 each

Premium Magnetic Chess Set

RM29 each

AirAsia Plane Shape Optical Mouse This USB Aircraft Mouse is an awesome addition to a plane lovers desk. Tetikus USB ini amat sesuai sebagai cenderamata untuk si kecil atau peminat kapal terbang.

RM39 each

AirAsia Airplane Cup Lid Withstands temperatures up to 230°C. Dishwasher Safe.

RM19 each *Mug not included **Available in October

ONLINE Buy Now @

ia AirAs Bear Ramp

RM22.50 each

rs forme Trans Box with h Lunc Spoon s & Fork ansformer r and T Bottle r Wate l m 0 0 5

RM15 per set

l e v Tra ie k n u J


ther ia Lea AirAs rt Holder o Passp er Oval th a e L + ag age T Lugg ck a Gift P

es. st-hav u m junkie travel e r o c Hard

*Available for Samsung Galaxy S3

RM60 per set

PhoneDome Smartphone Case

Waterproof protection for your Apple iPhone 4 and 4S while maintaining full touch screen functionality. Package contains: 1x waterproof covers and 2x sealing tapes. Dapatkan perlindungan kalis air untuk iPhone 4 dan 4S tanpa menghilangkan fungsi skrin sentuh. Disertakan: 1x sarung kalis air dan 2x pita pengedap.

RM30 each

Accutone Aquarius In-Ear Headset (with Microphone) Delivers brilliant highs with a deep bass driven sound for a full-bodied listening experience of the highest caliber. Menghasilkan nada tinggi yang mengagumkan dengan nada bass yang mantap untuk pengalaman mendengar yang terbaik.

RM129 each AirAsia Playing Cards


RM10 each

ONLINE Buy Now @

HPE ession r Comp Top

Combat the high levels of stress placed on your body whilst flying. The Compression Top is engineered to regulate blood flow, body temperature and muscular fatigue thus keeping you comfortable throughout your journey. Sizes: Male: S/M/L/XL/XXL Female: XS/S/M/L

RM139 each Colours:

t e g Budeler Trav

ely, et wis g d u tely, b less. ssiona more with a p l e Trav perience x and e

ital ia Dig AirAs ing Scale t h Weig easuremen M h it w Tape

Avoid unexpected charges for overweight baggage! Measures up to 40kg (88lbs) and includes hook and clip buckle for effortless weighing. Battery included. Hindarkan cas akibat berat bagasi berlebihan dengan penimbang mudah alih. Menimbang sehingga 40kg. Bateri disertakan.

RM69 each

AirAsia Shower Bag and Toothbrush Set

RM39 per set

AirAsia CarryMe Bag

RM10 each

ONLINE Buy Now @

ro Hasb l Trave ame G Card Hasbro Monopoly Travel Card Game FREE Official Eurocup 2012 Sticker book from Panini (worth RM15).

RM22 each

Hasbro Game of Live Travel Card Game FREE Official Eurocup 2012 Sticker book from Panini (worth RM15).

RM22 each


a i s A Air

s t f i G

AirAsia Crew/Pilot Clicker Pen

RM15 each

*Available in October

AirAsia Suitcase Cardholder

RM25 each

AirAsia Airport Vehicles Keychain Set Pack of 3

AirAsia Airport Vehicles Fridge Magnet

RM19 per set

Pack of 6

RM29 per set

AirAsia ‘Remove Before Flight’ Keychain

RM10 each

AirAsia 7” Paper Clips

Pack of 4

RM10 per set

AirAsia Pencils Pack of 3

RM10 per set

l e v Tra pie u o r G

hip riends . f n o d ories s, buil ience dinary mem r e p x e r Share eate extrao r c d an

Be prepared for unexpected battery depletion. Includes tips for various phones including iPhone and USB port. Capacity 2000mAh. Sentiasa bersedia untuk kehabisan bateri di luar jangkaan. Menyediakan port USB dan pengecas untuk pelbagai telefon bimbit termasuk iPhone. Kapasity 2000mAh.

RM139 each Colours:

i ia Mil AirAs Miracle r r Powe sal Charge r Unive

New iPad Case by OPT The Smart Armor Case by OPT. With built-in magnets to sleep your iPad when closed and 6 different horizontal and vertical positions. Ultra-thin at 4.8mm and feather light at 210g, it is the perfect companion for your iPad.

RM149 each Colour: *iPad is used for illustration purposes only

AirAsia SKROSS World Adapter EVO with Dual USB Leave all your multiple chargers at home. Simply carry the WORLD ADAPTER PRO USB to satisfy your device’s hunger. Tinggalkan semua pengecas dan penyesuai yang membebankan. Anda hanya perlukan WORLD ADAPTER PRO USB untuk peralatan anda.

RM159 each


AirAsia Comfort Kit Stay comfortable in flight with acrylic blanket (3 ft X 5 ft), eye shade and neck pillow. Drawstring beg included. Kekalkan keselesaan dalam penerbangan dengan selimut akrilik, penutup mata dan bantal leher. Beg disertakan.

RM35 per set

AirAsia Leather Passport Holder

RM49 each Colours:

ONLINE Buy Now @

Imagine the best gift you could give a person. Now multiply that by 10. You still haven’t gotten close to how great this is!!!

ook Gift B 013 2 / 2 1 0 2

A whole book of discounts from 77 brands including 45 different restaurants in the Klang Valley. Save your friends and family hundreds of Ringgit with this wonderful gift. Absolutely free meals, entertainment and leisure are right there at your fingertips. Coupons are valid either until 31st December 2012 or 30th June 2013.

RM35 each

l a n o i s s e f o r P he-Go On-T r travele s s e in al bus cool a casu are some ess trip. e ’r u in r, here her yo a bus Whet quent flye going on e n or a fr nions whe a p m co

Aviator 8GB Flash Drive

Kingston 2.0 USB. Rotating mechanism. Zinc Alloy material.

RM79 each

i™ X-Min Kai

40mm Drivers

Bluetooth Built-in Bluetooth Rechargeable Equipped Microphone Dongle Battery

X-Mini Kai! PAIR IT! No Wires! Listen to all your songs wirelessly when paired with any Bluetooth enable device. SPEAK IT! A simple push of a button and you can conduct conference calls via it’s built in Bluetooth Mic. 12 hours of battery life gives you the best in mobile sound quality anytime, anywhere.

RM279 each

SKROSS World Dual USB Charger

Make sure all of your essential gadget juiced up with dual USB charger that comes with worldwide adapters. Swiss made. Pastikan alatan elektronik anda sentiasa bersedia dengan pengecas USB yang boleh digunakan di serata dunia. Buatan Switzerland.

RM109 each


* iPad and iphone are used for illustration purposes only

Sanyo Eneloop Mobile Booster

Never worry about being caught out of battery with this 5000mAh monster. Tingkatkan masa berbual anda dengan pengecas mudah alih dua port yang berkapasiti 5000mAh.

RM219 each

i™ II X-Min l a Origin e l u s p Ca er Speak

Spice up your presentation with a portable speaker that delivers a superb audio effect with advanced sound technologies. Rancakkan penyampaian anda dengan pembesar suara mudah alih yang memberikan kesan audio hebat dengan teknologi bunyi yang canggih.

RM109 each Colours:

Innergie Magic Trio Cable

Travel lighter with space-saving 3-in-1 charging cable.

AirAsia TSA Luggage Lock

Get peace of mind while travelling. This TSA-approved lock secures your luggage while allowing safety checks without damaging it.

Perjalanan lebih mudah dengan kabel 3 dalam 1 yang begitu kompak.

RM69 each

Kunci yang diluluskan oleh TSA ini melindungi bagasi anda dan juga membolehkan pegawai keselamatan memeriksa tanpa merosakkan bagasi anda.

RM25 each Colours:

ONLINE Buy Now @

ia AirAs t Fligh Socks

These properly fitted compression socks help with blood circulation during flights and reduces the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

RM29 each

ia AirAs d e it Lim n Editio Pen r Parke

AirAsia Limited Edition Parker Pen

RM35 each

y d n Tre elistas Trav o help ems t it ly d frien travel- in style. e v a f Our road it the you h

*Available in October

AirAsia Travelling Toiletries Bottle Set

Liqiud, Aerosol, Gel (LAG) limitations at the airport stopping you from using your favourite shampoo? Now you can take it all with you. TAKE THAT, SECURITY PERSON!!! Anda sentiasa dihalang untuk membawa shampoo kegemaran anda? Sekarang tidak lagi dengan set botol yang mematuhi piawaian lapangan terbang.

RM39 per set

AirAsia Tote Bag

RM45 each

Skin Nutrition Travel Set

Pamper your skin with the rejuvenating Skin Nutrition Travel Essentials. Every traveler’s must-have, it’s all you ever need to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated all day while you are travelling.

RM89 per set

AirAsia Pashmina Scarf

RM40 each Colours:


Radiate your confidence with fresh floral and fruity fragrances, suitable for the vibrant young woman. Serlahkan keyakinan dengan aroma bunga dan buah yang segar, sesuai untuk gadis yang lincah dan bersemangat.

RM16 each

Girl Silky Toilette e Eau d 50ml e Rang

en SG M Toilette e Eau d 100ml e g Ran

RM17 each

AirAsia Handbag Hanger Supports up to 7kg

RM19 each Colours:

ONLINE Buy Now @

i II X-Min itty K o ll He ition ial Ed Spec le u Caps r ke a e p S

se Enavo lla re Sunb Kit

RM99 each Colours:

This 100% natural SUN PROTECTION contains invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45, FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water Makeup Remover & Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist. PELINDUNG MATAHARI 100% asli ini mengandungi semburan Invisible Sunbrella UV Mist SPF 45, penanggal mekap FloraComfort Micellar Cleansing Water & semburan penyegar Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist.

RM84 each

r o f t Buil g Racinned Desig ing v i L r o f

Caterham F1 Team Replica Polo Shirt


Size: S/M/L/XL

Caterham F1 Team Cap

RM49 Caterham F1 Team Lanyard Caterham F1 Team Notebook


(Phone not included)

ia -AirAs R P Q l Officia ndise a Merch


t r o p Sup ’s! the R Limited Edition: QPR AirAsia Aircraft Model A320 (scale 1 : 150)

QPR Polo Shirt



Size: S/L White


QPR Mini Ball Size 3




White Blue

QPR Lanyard

RM19 We Are Rangers T-Shirt


Size: S/M/L/XL

Shop Online @

QPR Wristband


y Lovel n rice: Ediatl Rio etail P Norm

.90 RM78

LC 28 olour DE 02 • Lip C e Shadow y L 05 E B sher • Duo er Blu m im h •S

e Vogu n rice: Ediatl Rio etail P Norm

.90 RM89

LC 27 olour DE 01 • Lip C e Shadow y L 04 E sher B • Duo er Blu m im • Sh

i t i S y l Simp

s l a i c e Sp RM


ySiti Simpl

e Eau Dm Parfu


r e v o Save

% 5 2

book rt Kit e r p you Comfo n e h w sia A r i A your nda membuat on air % apabila a aan AirAsia bih 25 Kit Keseles e l t a Jim pahan m e t a r p m di aira

RM35t : P R R ook a Pre-bpah m Prate harga a d a p



bag tring draws shade, a in s ylic Come te with eye �) and acr .5 le 1 elp 1 p h x m o )t co (11� 100cm pillow neck (160cm X . et rtable , blank cerut comfo y a t s g e tali mata, b you m a dala up supay iakan penut Dised bersama mut akrilik ngan. a p b a eli lengk her dan s lam pener l le da banta kal selesa ke anda

le at vailab ti Also aoleh didapa om b e.c r o t s Juga mega airasia

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Items in this catalog are subject to availability. Goods sold are not returnable. Kindly inspect all merchandise upon purchase as any request for exchange or refund on the defective products; excepts for manufacturing defects, will not be entertained upon disembarkation. Only cash term is accepted in flight. No foreign currency will be accepted on domestic flights. On international flights, AirAsia accepts US Dollars and local currency (except coins) of the flights of origin/destinations country (except controlled currency) All change will be returned in Malaysia Ringgit (RM) for AK flights, Thai Baht (THB) for FD flights, Indonesian Rupiah (Rp) for QZ flights and Philippines Peso (PHP) for PQ flights. Coins are accepted on FD flights in Thai Baht only. Only Rp1000 coins are accepted on QZ flights. Currencies of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Bangladesh are not accepted on all flights.

Barangan di dalam katalog ini tertakluk kepada stok semasa. Barangan yang sudah dijual tidak boleh dikembalikan. Sila periksa semua barangan semasa pembelian kerana semua permintaan untuk penukaran dan pengembalian barangan rosak (kecuali kerosakan akibat pengilang) tidak akan dilayan selepas keluar dari pesawat. Hanya pembelian tunai sahaja diterima. Bagi penerbangan domestic, mata wang asing tidak akan diterima. Sementara bagi penerbangan antarabangsa, AirAsia hanya menerima mata wang dalam bentuk dollar Amerika (US Dollar) dan mata wang tempatan (kecuali syiling) dari negara berlepas dan negara destinasi. Pemulangan baki wang akan diberikan dalam Ringgit Malaysia bagi penerbangan AK (Malaysia), Thai Baht bagi penerbangan FD (Thailand) dan Rupiah bagi penerbangan QZ (Indonesia). Wang syiling akan diterima bagi penerbangan FD dalam bentuk mata Wang Thai Baht sahaja sementara hanya wang syiling Rp1000 diterima untuk penerbangan QZ. Mata wang Vietnam, Kemboja, Laos, Myanmar dan Bangladesh tidak akan diterima di dalam kesemua penerbangan AirAsia.

AirAsia Merchandise  

Take home something to commemorate your experience with us. Every item is perfect as a gift, too!

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