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AirAlert - Tyre Pressure Monitoring Device For Car & Commercial Vehicles The AirAlert is an amazing cost saving device, which eliminates the guesswork of determining the correct tyre pressure. Correctly inflated tyres help reduce the risk of poor handling, blowouts, accidents, and also improves fuel economy and tyre life. Features: · Ability to detect loss of air pressure · Walk by Alert · Lightweight · Easy to fit · Fits any PSI Tyre Benefits: · Extended tyre life · Vehicle control · Improves fuel economy Air Alert is a reactive warning, once installed the device will BLINK when a loss of PSI occurs (4PSI for cars & 8 PSI for commercial vehicles), so just walking up to the vehicle will highlight an under inflated tyre. AirAlert is calibrated to any tyre pressure; so an AirAlert can be used on any tyre within a fleet. To install first make sure the pressure of the tyre is correct, screw the AirAlert onto the valve and then the device will calibrate to the tyre pressure. To confirm the device is working correctly, unscrew the device until the bright BLINK flash, this indicates loss of pressure and the device is working correctly.

Actual Size

● Ability to Detect Loss of Air Pressure ● Walk by Alert ● Lightweight ● Easy to fit

A small alkaline battery, with a constant blink life of 3 weeks, powers AirAlert. The AirAlert has an estimated usage life of 2 to 3 years.

● Fits any PSI Tyre

AirAlert is ideal for commercial vehicles and trailers, even when a tyre valve is not visible the devices LED will BLINK so bright, the BLINK will show on surrounding tyres or the trailer surface, so inner axled tyres can also be easily checked.

● Improves Vehicle Control

● Extended Tyre Life

● Improves Fuel Economy

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Air Alert  

Taking the guess work out of tyre pressure monitoring!

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