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Grace Qi-Yun Hong Hi, I’m Grace Qi-Yun Hong, I’m a third yr student majoring architecture. I was born in China and grew up in Melbourne. I did Virtual when I was in my first yr of uni, and I did struggle a bit with rhino at the start, but later during the semester I managed to produce a model. However my skill with Rhino is still very limited, so I’m looking forward to have a chance to improve. I’m in group no.3 for my reading group.


Walt Disney Concert Walt Disney Concert Hall one of the best building designed by Frank Gehry, a $274 million project located in Los Angeles, California. It is well known by its magnificent curves covering the building. The fascinating complex exterior design created a great contrast with the downtown of Los Angeles. With the silver Aluminium surface, Gehry successfully created a sense of futuristic for the visitors. The stunning shape and colour of the Concert Hall does not only presents to people as an architecture, but also a magnificent art piece.


Walt Disney Concert The interior, where Gehry was influenced by Scharoun’s Berlin Philharmonic Hall, he designed the interior with seatings surrounding the semicircle stage, by doing so, he creates a space with no boundary lies between stage and audience – the whole room become a stage. The smooth curvature of the wall and ceiling allow sound to travel without difficulty. The modern Aluminium cubism exterior of Walt Disney Concert Hall definitely set a new cultural standard for Los Angeles.


London Town Hall London Town Hall designed by Norman Foster, located in Southwark, London. The building was under 25 years rent to the Greater London Authority. The building was designed with an tilted oval shape, I believe what Foster wants to achieve here is to reduce the use of the ground surface, as London is a big city with buildings scattered all over the ground. The patterned glass on the exterior – which allows natural lights into the building, and the spiral stairs for interior, developed a sense of modernism. In term of the energy efficiency, Foster was planning on saving energy with the glass surfaces, but he failed to do so, as measurements have shown that the Town Hall is fairly inefficient in terms of energy use. The Town Hall has no front and back, the circled base successfully allow people to enter or exiting the building easily. Nevertheless, in terms of the design of the London Town Hall, this is a truly artistic piece. With the London Bridge set behind the Town Hall, they created a well combination of modernism and historicism.


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Air_Grace Qi-Yun Hong_539456

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