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AIR 4 CASTS Tr a v e l R e t a i l e r O u t l e t D i re c t o r y

Four Separate Directories Always Up to Date Covering Four Separate Business Sectors Four separate and independent data resources covering a total of 2750 outlets, 450 airports and 140 with multiple subscription options organized by product area:


Beauty Products



A subscription will cover a single business area and further industry sectors are expected to be added in the course of 2008/9.

Updated Continuously

Data Coverage For each business area separately the data is organized by: ◊ Retailers; shops by airport by terminal ◊ Countries; operators and operators by airport ◊ Airports; terminals operators shops ◊ Terminals; arrivals and departures ◊ Arrivals Shops; terminals and operators ◊ Departure Shops; terminals and operators ◊ Airport Floor Plans; airports and terminals

Updated Continuously

Data Presentation; Online and Browsable ◊ Online Searchable database Search results downloadable to spreadsheet ◊ Retail Outlet Ebook Outlets by operator/airport, searchable ◊ Floor Plan Ebook Searchable by airport

Updated Continuously

Four Search Options Online Up to 138 retailers in each sector running 706 Alcohol shops, 728 Beauty Products shops, 724 Confectionery outlets and 700 Tobacco outlets. Up to 648 airports encompassing 720 terminals in each product sector

Country coverage is 112

Retail floor plans for some 450 airports with links to the relevant web pages.

Operator Search Results

Airport Search Results

Country Search Results

Floor Plans

Example Airport Plans

Travel Retailer E-Books; Airport Summary

Travel Retailer E-Books; Floor Plans

Retailer Coverage; All Business Areas Acron ADDF Aelia Aeroporti di Roma Airport Duty Free Traders Airport Elite Airport Retail Austria Airport Senmon Daiten AK Duty Free Aldeasa Alpha ANA Japan Antillian Liquor and Tobacco Areas ARI Asahi Airport Services Asia Wave Austrian Airlines Autogrill Avinor Baltona Belgian Sky Shops Bermuda Duty Free Billa Billund Airport Boule & Company Bremen Airport BTV Duty Free Capital Gifts CDFG Chacalli de Decker Chanel Chocolate Company Chocolate Sales & Supplies Conin CSIPSC Czech Airlines David Green Group DDF DFASS

DFCH DFS DFSNZ Dimensi Eksklusif Dipmarket DR Group Dubrovnik Airport Authority Dufry Duty Free Americas Duty Free Bahia Duty Free Ecuador Duty Free Philippines Duty Free Uruguay Edil Egyptair Egyptair Duty Free Egyptair Tax Free Shops EJE Retail Empire Airport Service Envico Travel Retail Eraman Eurotrade Munich Airport Everrich Finnair Flemingo Flughafen Nurnberg Focus Network Agencies Fukuoka ABC Gittens Duty Free Grupo Wisa Guernsey Airport Hawanorra Airport Duty Free HDFS HDS Retail Hediard Heinemann Helsinki Airport Duty Free HMSHost IDFC IDFS

IMAS Inflight Service Innsbruck Airport Interbaires International Shoppes Inti Dufree Promosindo IPP ITDC Jalux Jamaica Farewell James Richardson JATCo Jeff de Bruges Jet Stores Jotunfjell Kagoshima ABC Kansai Airport Industry Kappe Kenya Duty Free King Power KNTO KTO KWAL Duty Free LAS Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal Ligabue Lintel L’Occitane L’Oreal Loslanines Lotte Luxair Manner Maya Duty Free MDFP Meridian Duty Free Merlia Motibhai Group Motta Multi Trading & Supplies

NAA Norwich TR Nuance Operadora Aero-Boutiques Operadora Deor Penha Plaza Bali Rainbow Caravan Ramak Duty Free Refinery Renwick Thompson Rex Trading Roblitos Safari Safari Duty Free SAGAT Schiphol Group Servair Shenzhen Duty Free Shilla Hotel Sky Connection Sovenex Beaufrand Split Airport Authority Stechers Stellar Partners Stuttgart Airport Sunrise Duty Free Sv Michelsen Chokolade Syarikat Sriwani T M Traders T Wee Tappoo Transit Duty Free Travel Stores Co. Uganda Duty Free Sales Unifree Unimex Wisa Group Xiamen Dongmian DF Zagreb Airport Trading

Subscription Summary The 3 Major Features ◊ subscription duration is one year ◊ no usage limitations whatsoever ◊ search online, browse the e-books

Contact Air4casts Air4casts Limited 1 Northumberland Avenue Trafalgar Square London WC2N 5BW UK Telephone: +44 203 086 9315 Fax: +44 203 004 1738

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Travel Retailer Directory 2009  

Online directory of Travel Retail outlets and retailers

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