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As God is One, we respect all Religions

PM Modi interacts with Nari Shakti Award winners; lauds Women's contributions to nation building

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Prime Minister interacts with Nari Shakti Puraskar Awardees on International Women’s Day @PMOIndia Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the Nari Shakti Award winners have made a great contribution in building the society and inspiring the nation. Interacting with Nari Shakti

Puraskar winners in New Delhi this evening, Mr Modi said, the country could not have achieved the open defecation free status without a significant contribution from women. He said the malnutrition issue can also be

resolved with greater women participation. Prime minister also touched upon the issue of water conservation and highlighted that the Jal Jeevan Mission needs greater participation of women. 15 Women achievers from

various parts of the country including Leh, Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh shared their trials, struggles and how they achieved their goals with the Prime Minister. The achievers include CONTD. ON PG 4


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From the Publisher Welcome to March as we officially shift gears and move to Autumn, Autumn in Australia begins on March 1 and lasts until May 31, marking when the days begin to shorten as it cools towards winter. In the northern hemisphere, March 20 or 21 is the spring equinox and marks the start of spring. In the southern hemisphere, this is the vernal equinox and should be the de facto start of autumn. The Australian seasons have been simplified by starting each season on the first day of each season's starting month. So, summer begins on December 1, autumn on March 1, winter on June 1, and spring on September 1. Whatever the rationale behind how the seasons begin and end in Australia, simply think of the Australian autumn as the months of March, April, and May. March is our Holi and pre council election issue, this time next month Queensland will have newly elected councils , all the best to all of the candidates contesting the elections , many aspirants from the Multicultural sector are in the running, will be interesting to see the results What a beginning of the year, the draught, the fires, the floods and now coronavirus which is fast becoming a global threat

At the time of printing, two more people were diagnosed with coronavirus in South Australia, including the baby of a woman who was diagnosed that week. A 40-year-old woman, who had returned to South Australia from Iran, had tested positive Both she and the eight-month-old baby boy are in a stable condition in the Flinders Medical Centre (FMC). The second new confirmed case is a 58-year-old-man who arrived in Adelaide from Taiwan.

He had recently travelled to Adelaide via Brisbane. The two new cases are the sixth and seventh to be confirmed in South Australia. The declining number of international student due this outbreak was highlighted by Lord Mayor at the student’s welcome festival. The alarming panic buying at the local supermarket has seen a crazy sweep purchase of toilet rolls, what is the panic about? Who knows? The phobia, I suppose, is that we may run out of essentials, well we have just demonstrated the importance we place on toilet rolls. Prime Minister of Israel Netanyahu has rightfully said that we should adopt the Indian “Namaste” over handshake, well there may be merits in adopting other Indian toilet norms. It will be eco-friendly and hygienic, keeping the greenies very happy. Now to India, with highs of US president Donald Trumps historic visit, to the downs of Delhi riots. AAP had a clean sweep win in Delhi elections on the back of economic progress and many free services for the locals. Pollution in Delhi remains a challenge, while the riotsare concerning, resulting in loss of lives and property damage. Government claims to have contained the situation and things are under control, one must wait and see, On Friday sixth March, the proceedings of Rajya Sabha had to be adjourned due to repeated disruptions. It was decided to adjourn the sitting for the weekend, and to reconvene after a peaceful and happy Holi festival. Justice finally comes to Nirbhaya’s case with the accused four to be hung at 5:30 am on 20th March, their appeals for pardon had been rejected. Congratulations to Indian Women’s cricket team for qualifying for the finals, exciting times ahead as they come face to face with Australia, may the best team win. Now to Federal politics Josh Frydenberg’s racist comments did not go down well with the Indian community, it was anillconceived idea, we know that many speeches are written by advisers and speech writers for the politicians, but they must have common sense. After the uproar from Indian community he apologised. SBS Hindi’s reporting that Indian community was divided on the matter caused more angst. I received many calls for concerns and a community meeting was being planned, but with the formal apology the meeting was called off. Thanks to many politicians who called me up directly, especially Trevor Evans MP who called on the day from Canberra. Well on that note I would like to wish everyone a happy Holi and may the true spirit of reconciliation prevail over Holi, the tradition of forgiving and rekindling lost friendship is prevalent during Holi let us show our true colours by doing just that. Until next Month, Happy reading. Umesh Chandra OAM



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Pastor Suresh Dass Joseph Dear reader, it is with great joy we bring to you the word of God. I want to talk to you today about having a strong and healthy home. The family God put in your life are not there by accident. Your wife, your husband,is not there by mistake. God brought you together. He ordained the union between a man and woman from the beginning. You didn't just choose to have those

children. They didn't just show up because you and your spouse got together. God knew your children before they were ever born. In the scriptures, we read that husbands are to love their wives and wives to respect their husbands. That means we are not to take it for granted that your husband and your wife may have some faults, you may not always see eye to eye, but they are a treasure given to you by Almighty God. Those children, they don’t always do what is right, but they’re a gift from God. You are to see your spouse, your family, as a special prize that God has entrusted you with. You are to take time often and tell them, “I love you, I’m proud of you. I’m so glad that you are in my life.” They need to hear this regularly. Not only on their birthday or anniversary.

Studies show us that having a wife who is proud of Her husband,is at the top of the list of what every male, longs for. In the same way, a wife loves to hear those words again and again, “You’re beautiful, I love you.” Ladies, perhaps there are 10 things you do not like about your husband, thenfind 2 good things you like and let him know. This is putting honour into your marriage. This is not only going to lift him but yourself also. The reason he may be down right now is because the honour level he deserves is low. In the same way men, your wife needs your approval. She needs your blessings. Some of these women only hear about what they are doing wrong. Men you are not going to be blessed if you keep pushing your wife down. She is connected to you.

Solomon is treated as one of the wisest men that's ever lived. Every morning when he got up,he blessed his wife. He looked her in the eyes and said, "There are many beautiful women in the world, but you beat them all." He started his day honouring and praising his wife. What would happen, men, if every day before we went to work before, we started the project, we did what Solomon did. Solomon wrote a book in the Bible. It's called the song of Solomon. In the 8 chapters of his book, he praised his wife over 40 times. He was constantly talking about her strength, her beauty, and her intelligence. Here are 3 things we can learn from Solomon. a) A great marriage isn’t something that just happens. It’s something that must be

created. Solomontook the time to bless his wife and praise her. When his children saw what he was doing, they too rose and blessed their mother. Like Solomon, we are to create a healthy and strong home atmosphere. We are to speak words of praise, blessing, and encouragement regularly. b) A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences. Solomon knew there were differences, yet he praised her for her strength, her beauty, and her intelligence.Instead of picking on what he didn’t like about his wife, Solomon picked 3 good things he liked and praised her for that. He was constantly talking about her beauty, her strength, and her intelligence. By blessing her, he was also blessed. We are to be careful about what

Grandeur of The Venetian Macao is self-evident

By Rama Gaind On first impressions, The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel lived up to all the hype of being capacious, sprawling, glistening day and night, ritzy – and a whole lot more. Designed to impress, indulgence takes on a whole new meaning at this palatial venue! I remember a prophecy made by Sheldon Adelson, the founder, chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation, which owns The Venetian Macao. He was spot-on when he predicted: “there's never been a real destination resort in Asia, and when we open the Venetian Macao, it will be the first”. It was a very ambitious and unique undertaking. The idea was simple – “Create a

vision. Identify it and go for it”. His foresight produced substantial gains after it became a reality in 2007. His mantra for success was making the right decisions at the right time. The Venetian Macao, a 39-storey hotel and casino on the Cotai Strip, is a fully integrated resort where you can stay, dine, shop, play, win and still do some earnest business. It comprises the largest casino in the world, is the biggest single structure hotel building in Asia and is also the seventh largest building in the world by floor area. Attention to detail The spacious interior is a feast for the senses – with attention drawn to the surrounding ornate frescoes. Striking! Entering the foyer, the expansive hallway (one of many) connects the reception area to the casino and shops. A VIP checkin was a time-saver, and after a warm welcome from guest relations officer Yukti Mehra, my qualms were quickly put at ease with an overview of the hotel’s layout. There’s so much to

see and do here, where do I begin and how and where will it end? “Don’t worry,” Yukti said, “I’ll walk you to your room and I’ll explain the access routes to you and show you where everything is.” People were walking everywhere, almost shoulderto-shoulder, talking, laughing, cameras clicking, photos being taken as gasps of surprise were self-evident. A short time later … imagine my surprise on walking into my room – a Deluxe Royale Suite actually – which was more than commodious. The room’s split-level layout, a practical and aesthetic ensuite bathroom and the expansive, scenic views through the windows were an eye-opener. This was so unexpected. I was in the lap of luxury in the resort’s south wing! The layout of the hotel and resort is beyond belief,

with so much vibrance, an unbelievable buzz through the corridors, along the shopping strips and friendly staff! A treat for me, especially, was watching Indian television on not one, but two Hindi channels at The Venetian. It was relaxing to catch up on the latest happenings in my ‘serial’ addiction to Indian soapies on Zee TV! Spacious surrounds While I felt overwhelmed by the spaciousness of my surrounds and the inspiring clean lines, I needed to take stock of some of the inclusions in this mega resort. The Venetian Macao has 3,000 suites, 110,000 m2 of convention space, 150,000 m2 of retail, 51,000 m2 of casino space and the 15,000-seat Cotai Arena for entertainment and sports events, more than 30 restaurants and over 350 retailers. Outdoor recreation areas include swimming pools, cabanas and a minigolf course. Choice is endless! What’s more, there’s even a Grand Canal with gondolas. Modelled on

its sister property in Las Vegas, the Venetian Macao is themed on the romantic streets and canals of Venice, Italy. Under the watchful eye of hundreds of shoppers, you get a chance to be serenaded by real gondoliers on one of the three indoor canals and outdoor lagoon. Such nostalgia … to get the chance to re-live the thrill of being in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice … listening to gondoliers warbling out tunes like Amore and Volare. It was a marvellous feeling to be able to share in the magic of the Italian floating city … in Macao! It is understandable why Sheldon Adelson saw “Venice with different eyes … It is the jewel box of various unique and magic treasures that must be appreciated and enjoyed by everybody”. The Venetian Macao offers luxury that’s more than just comfortable. Opulent, spectacular and swanky, there’s splendour in its location with much more on offer here than ‘amazing grace and amazing life’. Rama Gaind was a guest of The Venetian Macao.

Yukti Mehra at The Venetian Macao. Photo: Rama Gaind

Splendour is apparent in the location of The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel Macao. 4 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2020

The hallways inside The Venetian Macao are impressive. Photo: Rama Gaind

we say to our spouse. There may be differences, but when we speak good, we draw out the good. c) It is not a lack of love but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages. From the first, the Bible makes it clear that marriage is a calling from God to care for, bless, and serve another. We are called to be friend to our spouse. That means men do not compare your wife to another woman or with the girl on the cover magazine. They have had to endure long hours of makeup to look that good. Men treat your wife the way you want someone to treat your daughter. Ladies treat your husband like the way you want someone to treat your son. We are to be a friend to each other. Let your marriage be blessed with love, respect, honour, and friendship. God bless you

PM Modi interacts with Nari Shakti Award winners; lauds Women's contributions to nation building CONTD. FROM PG 1 103-Year-old Mann Kaur, who started athletics at the age of 93 and went on to win four Gold Medals in Field and Track events at World Masters Athletic Championship, Poland. Arifa Jan from Jammu and Kashmir who is the founder of Numdha Handicrafts is responsible for reviving the lost art of Numdha handicrafts. She shared her experience in training more than 100 women in Kashmir and reviving the dying handicraft. ChamiMurmu from Jharkhand, an environmentalist who formed more than 2800 groups with over 30 thousand women shared her experience in planting over 25 lakh trees in barren land. PadalaBhudevi a tribal woman farmer and rural entrepreneur from Andhra Pradesh, Bina Devi from Munger, Bihar who is fondly known as ‘Mushroom Mahila’ for popularizing mushroom cultivation, also shared their experiences in farming and marketing. Indian Air Force’s first women fighter pilots Mohana Singh, Bhawana Kanth and Avani Chaturvedi also shared their experiences. The trio was inducted into fighter squadron after the Government decided to open a fighter stream in IAF for women on an experimental basis. They became the first Indian women pilots to take a solo flight in a MIG- 21 in 2018.

䨀愀洀攀猀 䄀渀 䌀漀氀氀攀最攀 眀愀猀 攀猀琀愀戀氀椀猀栀攀搀 椀渀  ㄀㤀㠀㘀 愀渀搀 栀愀猀 㔀㐀 挀攀渀琀爀攀猀 渀愀琀椀漀渀眀椀搀攀⸀  䨀䄀䌀 䤀渀愀氀愀 栀愀猀 漀瀀攀爀愀琀攀搀 昀漀爀 琀栀攀 瀀愀猀琀  ㈀  礀攀愀爀猀 椀渀 儀氀搀 愀渀搀 攀搀甀挀愀琀攀搀  琀栀漀甀猀愀渀搀猀 漀昀 猀琀甀搀攀渀琀猀

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圀攀 栀愀瘀攀 愀 猀琀爀漀渀最 爀攀瀀甀琀愀琀椀漀渀 昀漀爀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀椀渀最  漀甀琀猀琀愀渀搀椀渀最 爀攀猀甀氀琀猀 椀渀 匀攀挀漀渀搀愀爀礀 匀挀栀漀漀氀  愀渀搀 吀攀爀琀椀愀爀礀 䔀渀琀爀愀渀挀攀 攀砀愀洀猀⸀ 䨀䄀䌀 䤀渀愀氀愀 栀愀猀  挀漀甀爀猀攀猀 昀漀爀 猀琀甀搀攀渀琀猀 椀渀 倀爀攀瀀 琀漀 夀攀愀爀 ㄀㈀ 愀渀搀  栀愀猀 瀀甀戀氀椀猀栀攀搀 洀漀爀攀 琀栀愀渀 㜀   眀漀爀欀戀漀漀欀猀⸀


Training Visa (Subclass 407) The Training Visa is an excellent pathway for young graduates to gain valuable work experience in Australia and also use that work experience possibly at a later date to assimilate additional points towards their permanent residency application. The Training Visa allows Australian Businesses and government agencies to sponsor applicants to participate in occupational training activities and professional development activities. This visa allows you to work for your sponsor in your job whilst undertaking in a structured training program provided by your employer. The main objective of this visa is to undertake training and not solely engage in work related activities. There are three main streams for this visa, first one being where the applicant needs training to met registration requirements for their occupation. The second stream being where applicant wants to improve a specific skill and finally the third one being where the training will help to build capacity overseas. The latter category applicants are generally sponsored by their home country government or parent organisation in their home countries. In order to be successful with this visa subclass applicants must submit a Individually Structured Training plan. This plan basically outlines that 70% of training must be done in the workplace and not classroom, must clearly differentiate between period of practical work experience

and period of observation and learning. The plan must clearly outline objectives, goals and task that need to be completed within specific timelines. Include an assessment of the current level of skill that the trainee currently has and must outline the improved skills that they will achieve at the completion of the training. To be eligible for this visa stream, applicant must have worked or studied full time for at least 12 months in the last 24 months and this must be in the occupation that is on the Skilled Occupation List. The occupation chosen must be on the relevant legislative instrument and must be relevant to the applicants study / work experience. If the sponsoring organisation is other than an Australian Government Agency then they must seek, sponsorship, followed by nomination application and finally the visa application. if you know someone who has interest in the 407 Training Visa pathway then encourage them to contact Migration Guru to see how we can assist. Migration Guru has assisted in countless visa applicants and has more than 50 years of collective experience in a dynamic team of Business Development Managers, Solicitors and Migration Agents in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. This experience ensures that staff can advise and navigate client’s through the new changes to find their best visa options.

We wish to remind readers that the first consultation with Migration Guru is free of charge. Our team may be contacted by via email on info at or by calling 07 3036 3800. Readers are encouraged to follow us on Facebook for all the updates to Migration Law - https://www. Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Level 18, 127 Creek Street, Brisbane, QLD. Phone: 07 3036 3800 Migration Guru Pty Ltd, 31002, 27 Garden Street, Southport QLD. Phone: 07 5606 6160 Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Level 1, 162 Macquarie Street, Hobart TAS. Phone: 03 6281 8008 Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Level 5, 490 Northbourne Avenue, Dickson, ACT. Phone: 02 6109 9110 Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Suite 160AC, Level 1, 1 Queens Road, Melbourne, VIC.Phone 03 6240 1930 Migration Guru Pty Ltd, 2nd Floor, KLJ Tower North, Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi 110034, India Migration Guru Pty Ltd, Suite 8, Star Tower, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 416001, India MARN 0324607, 1175591, 1382609, 1386041, 1683052 & 1466522. www.migrationguru. Disclaimer: - The above article constitutes only generic information on migration issues, and does not constitute specific migration advice to any entity or individual.


“2020 vision for the Forest Lake Ward”

By Charles Strunks Councillor For Forest Lake Ward On March 28 I’ll be running for re-election alongside Labor’s Mayoral Candidate Patrick Condren. Patrick and our Labor Team are committed to putting residents at the heart of everything we do. I’m running alongside Patrick because he’s not a politician but someone just focused on people and because he’s committed to investing in the suburbs.

Call: 07 38656533

It’s an honoured to have been elected by our community in the 2016 local government elections. I’m proud to be a strong voice in City Hall for our growing community. My team and I have worked hard to deliver on many requests that residents voiced during the lead up of the 2016 elections. It was clear to me that residents were seeking more park upgrades, road resurfacing and recreational facilities, to spend more quality time outdoors with

friends and family. I have a strong track record of having delivered much needed park facilities upgrades that are noticeable across the Forest Lake Ward, plus road resurfacing, air-conditioning of two community halls, and much needed major works that are currently taking place in the Lake Parkland Precinct. I’m proud have had the Dog Park reopened and new toilet block with BBQ at that lake for our Forest Lake National Seniors and residents. If elected on March 28th,

I will move to the next stage of securing funding for three intersection upgrades, new sporting fields and continue our social inclusion and welfare support. We’re also committed to reducing your rates by $100 a year. We’ll do this by reducing council waste on advertising and keeping projects to time and budget. We will ensure council is getting the basics right by fixing neglected footpaths and maintaining local roads. I feel fortunate to represent

a community that are willing to work with my team to improve our Ward so that families have an living environment that meets their needs. We have a plan to make council work for everyone; to make sure our suburbs get the services they deserve. If I’m fortunate to gain your support again this year I promise to continue to stand up for our community and deliver on our promises to keep council working for residents and the suburbs.

t’s an honoured to have been elected by our community in the 2016 local government elections. I’m proud to be a strong voice in City Hall for our growing community. My team and I have worked hard to deliver on many requests that residents voiced during the lead up of the 2016 elections.


Top school leavers announced

The next generation of Queensland doctors, veterinarians, space engineers and scientists have been honoured at a ceremony in Brisbane. Education Minister Grace Grace congratulated the state’s brightest young minds from the class of 2019 at the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) Achievement Awards. The 2019 graduating cohort was the final group of students to receive OPs. From this year, a new tertiary entrance system is in place, with the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) replacing the Overall Position (OP) as the standard pathway to tertiary study. The awards were held at the State Library of Queensland where 34 graduates received prizes in six categories. Ms Grace presented the top award of Outstanding Academic Achiever to James Vandeleur who attended The Rockhampton Grammar School. James received a certificate, trophy, and $5000. “James’ remarkable Year 12 results placed him ahead of more than 37,700 of his peers,” Ms Grace said. “He achieved to the highest standards in eight school subjects, the Queensland Core Skills Test, pursued enrichment studies in music and drama, and received an ATAR of 99.95. “James hopes to become a research scientist in the field of space exploration. “He’ll take the next step towards that goal by studying for a Bachelor of Advanced Science at The University of Queensland.”

Ms Grace said the awards highlighted the strength of senior schooling in Queensland. “The award winners attended 27 different State, Catholic and Independent schools from all over Queensland,” she said. “All our students rightfully have opportunities to succeed no matter where they live or go to school.” The QCAA chief executive officer Chris Rider praised the role of school communities. “I commend the principals and teachers who shaped the learning cultures in which the award winners thrived,” Mr Rider said. “This is also a proud day for families. Their support will have been instrumental to the achievements of these young people. “All of the award winners should prosper in their further studies and make valuable contributions in careers ranging from human rights law to rocket science, engineering, cyber security, medicine and veterinary science.” The QCE Achievement Awards are sponsored by Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and The University of Queensland. Outstanding Academic Achiever: • James Vandeleur, The Rockhampton Grammar School Highest Achievement by an Aboriginal Student or Torres Strait Islander Student: • Lachlan Kamilaroi Toovey, Anglican Church Grammar


School Highest Result on the Queensland Core Skills Test: • Timothy Weber, Brisbane Grammar School Distinguished Academic Achievers: • Calder Barksdale, Brisbane State High School • Xavier Catford, Brisbane Boys’ College • Elise Chant, Lourdes Hill College • Benjamin Cornwell, Marist College Ashgrove • Tara Duckworth, St Andrew’s Catholic College • Kynan Elliott, Toolooa State High School • James English, Brisbane Boys’ College • Sunny Fan, Brisbane State High School • Mia Forsingdal, Cannon Hill Anglican College • Jack Gardiner, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace • Megan Gardner, Kenmore State High School • George Griswold, Brisbane State High School • Riley Guyatt, Indooroopilly State High School • Sofie Halfpenny, The Glennie School • Heidi Houghton, Grace Lutheran College • James Hurst, St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace • Ella Lau, St Aidan’s Anglican Girls’ School • Jianan Lin, Brisbane Grammar School • Madeleine Orr, Brisbane State High School • Teresa Poon, Redeemer Lutheran College • Lucy Robertson, Nambour Christian College • Ella Robins, Narangba

Valley State High School • Sarah Ryan, All Hallows' School • John Saxon, Maroochydore State High School • Zennjo Searle, Matthew Flinders Anglican College • Kevin Song, Somerset College • AmeliijaSwaffer-Selff, Moura State High School • James Vandeleur, The Rockhampton Grammar School • Timothy Weber, Brisbane Grammar School • Hannah Wheeler, St Peters Lutheran College • Jackson Wuoti, All Saints Anglican School Highest Achievement by an International Student: • Taehwan Kim, Brisbane Boys’ College Highest Achievement in the International Baccalaureate: • Aydin Neighbour, Queensland Academy for Health Sciences Mia Forsingdal Mia has an outstanding academic record. She completed Maths B at the end of Year 11, achieving a

Thirty one of the top students in Queensland were presented with awards from the Education Minister Grace Grace. This was an historic occasion as students will no longer be assessed on an OP result. The winners were selected by comparing the students’ achievements in the following areas: 4Overall QCS test performance 4 Tertiary entrance ranking 4 Number of semesters with a VHA ranking 4 Performance in Authority subjects 4 QCE credit for Authority subjects, universitysubjects, VET diplomas and advanced diplomas 4 Total QCE credit 4 Amongst the thirty one students to receive the award was Mia Forsingdal from Cannon Hill Anglican College who was the only student with Indian background . 4 The Outstanding Academic Achiever was James Vandeleur from the Rockhampton Grammar School. 4 The Highest Achievement by an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander went to Lachlan Toovey from the Anglican Church Grammar School 4 The Highest Achievement by an International Student went to Tawhan Kim from Brisbane Boys College 4 The Highest Result on the Qld Core Skills Test went to male student for the first time ever to Timothy Weber from the Brisbane Grammar School 4 The Highest Achievement in the International Baccalaureate went to Aydin Neighbour from the Qld Academy of Health Science. VHA 9 and finishing first in the cohort. At the time of the application, she had VHAs in all six subjects and was first in her cohort in Physics and Study of Religion, second in French and English, and third in Chemistry. Mia has received the Principal’s Academic Excellence Award every semester since commencing CHAC in 2014, and as a result was awarded the prestigious Academic Pocket at the conclusion of Year 11. In Year 10 (2017), she was awarded subject prizes for Science, English, Life and Faith, and French, as well as the University of Southern Queensland Academic Excellence Award. Mia’s involvement in STEM

related activities has been extensive. She has participated in the College Exceptional Scientists’ Program since Year 8 including many daylong educational courses held at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), participation in the QUT Science and Engineering Challenge in 2017 (where her team placed first on the day), being one of four students in her cohort to be selected for the STEM Horizons for High Achievers program in 2016, and participation in the Spaghetti Bridge Building Competition for two years. Mia was also a finalist in the Australian Brain Bee Challenge in 2017 and finished in the top six of all competitors.


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Indian Senior Citizens Association

“Indian Seniors Citizens Association Inc finished 2019 with an excellent Christmas party and started 2020 with HawanYaag at the Gyatri Mandir. Thank you to Mr President and his team for organising the HawanProg. Hawan was performed by Pundit Suresh Sharma. A big thank you to the President of Gayati Mandir Mrs Anita Ram and her members for providing lunch to our seniors. Indian seniors would like to invite you all to the International Womens week celebration on 15th March at 200 Nemies Road from 10am.”

Abstract art does not represent images of everyday - Dr Amarjit Tanda

Abstract art is a modern art which does not represent images of our daily life or everyday world. It talks about the imagination, vision, color, lines and shapes, forms, however, they are not intended to represent objects or any living things. The art paint ideas and philosophies of abstraction art technocracy. Abstract art is found in painting and in sculpture. This art does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colours, forms and gestural marks to achieve various effects and ideas. This kind of art is appreciated in terms of the

individual elements of art: color combinations, shapes, lines, color texture, space, or art values. An abstract artist's skills lie in his or her ability to use colors and textures to their best visual strength and to create a sound composition from these elements. Abstract art consists of main six basic elements: Lines, Texture, Shapes, Forms, Colors, and Values. Whether you do abstract art, non-objective, or even realistic, you'll find at least one, if not more, of these elements in your brush, fingers or knife art technology.

Women and the Bhakti Movement in India By Indrani Ganguly The Bhakti Movement has been a most important social movement in India. Bhakti means devotion and surrender. It originated in South India in the 7th century. The movement brought religion and spirituality to many marginalized groups, particularly women whose religious expression was restricted in many ways. The women, or Bhaktins, challengedthe established social order through their songs, poems and ways of life. Through Bhakti they could define their own truths to reform society, polity, relationships and religions. “In the Bhakti movements, women take on the qualities that men traditionally have. They break rules of Manu that forbid them to do so. … women saints wander and travel alone, give up husband, children and family.”– A.K. Ramanujan, ‘Talking to God’ Women saints wrote poems and songs expressing their love for the God, who is their lover, husband or consort, and about


their oppression and desires for freedom. Unlike male bhaktas who could follow their chosen path and remain a householder, most women had to choose between their Bhakti and their married and domestic life. Many of these women could proceed on their chosen path only by discarding their marital ties altogether. The most famous of the Bhaktins is Mirabai, a Bhakti poet of the 15th century and a Rajput princess. Though married to Raja Bhojraj she preferred to spend her time worshipping Lord Krishna. After her husband died, Mirabai refused to wear the mourning garb or follow any of the customs expected of a royal woman grieving a lost husband. She has lived through the ages through her songs and poems describing her utmost devotion and love towards Lord Krishna. “Life without Hari is no life, friend, And though my mother-in-law fights, my sister-in-law teases, the rana is angered,

A guard stationed on a stool outside, and a lock is mounted on the door, How can I abandon the love I have loved In life after life? Mira’s Lord is the clever Mountain Lifter: Why would I want anyone else?” (Caturvedi, no. 42) Lal Ded, one of the earliest Kashmiri mystic poets also refused to stay confined to domestic tyranny and its power hierarchy. She left her home, broke all material ties and wandered unclothed in search of her god, Shiva. I, Lalla, entered the gate of the mind’s garden and saw Siva united with Sakti. I was immersed in the lake of undying bliss. Here, in this lifetime, I’ve been unchained from the wheel of birth and death. What can the world do to me? On the other hand, Sant Soyarabai from Maharashtra, neither rejected marriage and nor overtly defied societal norms. She

wrote about her family, daily existence and her devotion to the god Vithoba, pilgrimage to Pandharpur, married life and finding freedom amidst it. Her abhangas to the misery of daily life and restrictions to which they were subjected as belonging to Mahar caste, indicate her heightened caste and gender consciousness. All the colours have merged to be one. God of colours himself is coloured in this colour. The distinction between I and You have eliminated upon seeing the God of Pandhari There is no place for discrimination. Anger and Lust too have disappeared. Though you are embodied you are formless. I see you in constant state of meditation. There remains no difference between the spectator and the gaze, says Chokha’sMahari Though today the Bhaktins are free to lead the life they choose, Mirabai and the other pioneer Bhaktins continue to inspire Indian women and men through their music and humanity.


Holi Wishing you and your family a colourful and joyful Holi

Gerard Rennick Senator for QLD

Alan Tudge

Acting Federal Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs

Scott Morrison Prime Minister

Paul Scarr

Senator for QLD

Authorised by A.Hirst, Liberal Party of Australia, Cnr Blackall and Macquarie Sts, Barton ACT 2600.

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Yog Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre/APSQ Inc visit

Exceptionally successful, highly fruitful and extremely rewarding, historic visit by Yog Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji world’s greatest Yog Guru and his humble /admirable group to Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland Inc/Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre on Tuesday 25/02/2020.Swami Ji has been visiting various cities in Australia holding Yog camps and informing people about the importance of Yoga, Spiritualism Ayurveda and Meditation in one’s life. There were many other officials of the PatanjaliYogpeeth and AasthaTV, Star Alliance Entertainment Pty Ltd officials in his party including Dr.SadhviDevpriya Ji -व्याकरण, वेद, दर्शन व उपनिषदों आदि शास्त्रों की विदष ू ी डॉ. आचार्या साध्वी दे व प्रिया जी Swami Ramdev Ji presented his very eloquent, dynamicparvachan at QVCC and spoke on numerous topics (Sat Sanatan Vedic Dharam, MaryadaPurushottam Shri Ram Chandra Ji, Yogeshwar Shri Krishn Chandra Ji, Arya Samaj,Yog, Pranayam, VEDIC education, Hindi, Ayurved (traditional Indian medicine), his humble beginnings and others- subjects of immense interest to the big crowd gathered at QVCC who also inquired further on some fascinating issues and were remarkably satisfied with Swami Ji’s responses. . Swami Ramdev Ji a very wonderful person, down to earth, polite, very respectful, brilliant, very learned and an enormously informed Swami/Yogi on several matters who delivered his discourse very powerfully.

After the programme participants enjoyed the refreshments snacks/ mishtaan/nibbles/fruits arranged by the hardworking APSQ Inc/QVCCmembers. The general public,Arya Samaj members and members of other organisations gave an incredibly positive feedback about the program and all went home very satisfied. आदरणीय ज्ञानी विद्वान संन्यासी योग ऋषि मनीषी संत स्वामी रामदे व जी को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद Thank you all for your assistance and participation ओ३म ् In Brisbane Star Alliance Entertainment Pty Ltd arranged very well attended 2 day Yog camp by Yog Rishi Swami Ramdev Ji was held at Shailer Park State High School multi-purpose hall. SwamiRamdev Jiworld’s greatest Yoga guru is an Indian spiritual leader, renowned Yoga teacher and founder of PatanjaliYogpeethone of the most successful household names in India and in many parts of the world. He is famous for popularizing Yoga among all through the medium of television and his mass Yoga camps. His yoga camps are attended by thousands of people and he has taught Yoga to several celebrities.

Swami Ramdev Ji recommends practicing Yoga and Meditation on a daily basis which can help a person stay physically and mentally healthy, focused, spiritually enlightened in every phase of their life. He has acquainted millions about the necessity of Yoga, to enrich and help people possess a happy and healthy lives. With teaching several aspects of traditional Vedic scriptures in which he is very well versed he also took active involvement in establishing Gurukuls in India. Swami Ramdev has always bestowed service to the nation through his several humanitarian initiatives. He raised many national issues, he stood against corruption. Swami Ji academically very qualified and was as well awarded anHonorary Doctorate degree in recognition of his efforts at popularizing the Vedic science of Yoga and was presented with Sri Chandra shekharendra Saraswati National Eminence Award. To create a divine confluence of the age old tradition of imparting wisdom and knowledge in the ancient Gurukulams by our ancestral Rishis &Munies and IT- enabled education

महर्षि दयानंद बोध दिवस

आर्य प्रीति निधी सभा क्वींसलैंड के सदस्य रविवार 23/02/2020 को महर्षि दयानंद बोध दिवस क्वींसलैंड वैदिक सेंटर QVCC पर मनाय। Rishi Bodh Diwas-this day also happens to be the day of enlightenment for Maharishi DayanandSaraswati Ji. आर्य प्रीति निधी सभा क्वींसलैंड परिवार ने बहुत अच्छी तैयारी की थी। सदस्यों,आमंत्रित अतिथि, दोस्तों और आम जनता द्वारा अच्छी उपस्थिति थी जिन्होंने शानदार,

बहुत प्रभावशाली ऋषि बोधोत्सव सत्संग कार्यक्रम बड़ी दिलचस्पी अत्यंत हर्षोल्लास से सभी ने भाग लियाऔरआनंद उठाया। सत्संग कार्यक्रम के दौरान महर्षि दयानन्द सरस्वती जी पर प्रवचन, चर्चा की गई, बहुत अच्छा दिल को छूने वाला वैदिक दयानन्द सरस्वती के समाज पर किये गये उपकारों पर भजन सुनने को मिला ऋषिबोधोत्सव –आर्य समाज बनने का कारण दिवस है अर्थात ् आज ही के दिन बालक मूलशंकर को बोध हुआ था जिसके बाद वह बालक महर्षि दयानंद सरस्वती बना और आर्य समाज की स्थापना की। जब बालक मूलशंकर के हृदय में सच्चे शिव को जानने की ज्ञिज्ञासा का अंकुरण हुआ वास्तव में मानव मात्र के लिए कल्याणकारी रात्रि बन गई। उस रात बालक मूलशंकर जागा हम सबको अज्ञान की गहन निद्रा से जगा हमें वेद ज्ञान के आलोक में जीना सिखा गया।


विगत प्रेरणा दिवस की, पूज्य महर्षि के मन में, बचपन में सत्य शिव की खोज का उदित हुआ ‘भाव-चाह-संकल्प', उन्हें , यह संकल्प बालक मूलशंकर, से महर्षि दयानंद के गौरव शीर्ष पर पहुंचा दे ता है और उनके व्यक्तिगत जीवन को सार्वजनिक सर्व कल्याण का अवसर प्रदान करता है । जिसके फलस्वरूप मानवता के सर्वोत्तम कल्याण की शिक्षा, वैदिक ज्ञान विज्ञान ऋषि मुनियों के शास्त्रों का अध्ययन अध्यापन गुरु कुल परं परा का पुनः उद्घाटन, स्त्रीशिक्षा, उचित अधिकार और सम्मान दिया, अज्ञान से उदित हुई, नाना भ्रांत धारणाएं और मान्यताएं, ईश्वरीय शुद्ध ज्ञान और उपासना की पद्धति को प्रचारित किया, महर्षि ने मनुष्य के समग्र जीवन को वैदिक दृष्टिकोण से सुगंधित करके, समाज में अपने उपदे शों और शास्त्रों से प्रचारित करके, भारत को पुनः अपने पूर्वजों की शिक्षा संस्कार वैदिक संस्कृ ति

system of today, Swami Ramdev Ji has established various institutions like acharyakulam, gurukulam, universities, colleges and research centers. These educational institutes were established to impart education on theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga and Spirituality; Natural, Applied and Social Sciences etc, Social Sciences and allied studies among the youth to propagate, promote cultural, medicinal and Vedic heritages of India worldwide irrespective of gender, cast, creed and regions and graduate Vedic Sanyasis. Swami Ramdev is founder of Patanjali Group of Institutions like Patanjali Ayurveda Ltd., Patanjali Research Centers, Patanjali Yogpeeth in Haridwar, Agricultural centres, factories, for the promotion and practice of yoga and ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicines are also manufactured there and it offers treatments for all and has residential accommodation.Patanjali Yogpeeth has various campuses in India and other countries. The Patanjali Ayurveda brand is one of India’s leading brand which is making an effort in creating economic independence in the nation with its Swadeshi products. His fame spread far and wide, and thousands, including celebrities, flocked to his hundreds of yoga camps to learn the ancient science. After attaining much popularity in India Swami has also started teaching yoga in many other countries like Australia,Britain, USA and Japan etc. Swami Ji has inspired millions and millions of people around the world about the importance of Yoga, Spiritualism Ayurveda and Meditation in one’s life and we in Brisbane were extremely grateful for world’s greatest Yog Guru Swami Ramdev’s visit here. ओ३म ्

का मार्ग दिखाया और यह काम आगे उनके शिष्य करते रहे इसके लिए आर्य समाज नामक संस्था संगठन का निर्माण किया। संसार का उपकार करना आर्य समाज का मुख्य उद्दे श्य है अर्थात शारीरिक, आत्मिक और सामाजिक उन्नति करना। पूज्य महर्षि के जीवन में घटी वह घटना, पूरे भारत और संपर्ण ू विश्व के लिए मानवता के कल्याण का मार्ग उद्घाटित करने वाली घटना थी। उसी घटना की दे न है कि आज हमारे पास में पढ़ने के लिए ईश्वरीय ज्ञान वेद है , ऋषि मुनियों के वेदों पर आधारित अनुभवों से ओत प्रोत ब्राह्मण ग्रंथ, दर्शन-शास्त्र, उपनिषद, आयुर्द वे , और नीतिशास्त्र ,सत्यार्थ प्रकाश आदि उपलब्ध है । जीवन की विभिन्न समस्याओं का समाधान करने वाले, शास्त्रों की व्याख्या और उन शास्त्रों को समझाने वाले, विद्वान महानुभाव प्रचारक, पुरोहित और भजनोपदे शक है । समारोह कार्यक्रम के बाद स्वादिष्ट भोजन, जलपान मिष्ठान सभी उपस्थित लोगों को परोसा

Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland -PRAYER FOR OUR COUNTRY, DROUGHT AND FIRE

Australians are experiencing hundreds of devastating fires sweeping through parts of the country. Since the start of the bushfire season in 2019 with heat wave and prolonged drought - millions of acres of land, forest have burned in Australia, thousands of homes destroyed, many people have died, people have been forced to evacuate and millions of wildlife and domesticated animals feared dead. Fire is so very necessary for our existence, and yet, when it gets out of control, it can be more damaging than anything else. The total damage and economic losses will exceed hundreds of billions of dollars. This fire season has been one of the worst in Australia's history, this crisis is unprecedented. Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland members held their Hawan Yajna Satsang programs at Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre. Special VEDIC mantras

गया। महर्षि स्वामी दयानन्द सरस्वती बोधोत्सव हवन सत्संग कार्यक्रम में भाग लेने वाले लोगों ने बहुत अच्छा सकारात्मक प्रतिक्रिया दी सभी को बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद महर्षि स्वामी दयानंद की जय

were recited, prayers were done to Almighty GOD, ahutis oblations given in order to bring to an end the devastating effect that the current long drought and the ongoing destructive bush fires are impacting different parts of our country Australia prayer for protection amid bushfire emergency. Samaj Members prayed for respite from the heat and the flames, for the protection and encouragement of all those fighting the advancing fires, for the preservation of peoples' lives and properties, and the safeguard of the unique wildlife and environment threatened with destruction. Many members have also contributed to official charities that support those affected. We express our deep gratitude appreciation to everyone who contributed in any way and participated in the Havan Satsang prayer program Dhanewaad ओ३म ्

हो संपर्ण ू विश्व में वेदों का प्रचार हो, प्रचार हो, महान समाज सुधारक, क्रान्तिकारी ऋषि स्वामी दयानन्द सरस्वती ऋषी बौधोत्सव पर समस्त मानव जाति को हार्दिक बधाई और शुभकामनाएं ओ३म ् ओ३म ् ओ३म ्

Academy Funerals

Dignity Beyond All Expectations

When you entrust Academy Funerals with the funeral arrangements for your loved one, you can rest assured knowing that you will receive exceptional service from caring qualified directors.

100% Brisbane family owned and operated business servicing the Australian Community. • Owners and Directors Ashley and Katrina Bergh • Local North Side Family owned company with our own registered premises • Over 30 years of industry experience • Full Insurance Cover • Familiar with all South East Queensland Crematoriums • Fully aware of cultural protocols • White Hearse with extra seating for family members • Offer of secure pre-paid funerals as well as funeral bonds

• Experienced in repatriations of deceased people to all countries around the world • Full range of coffins in stock • We do not charge extra for weekend or public holiday funerals. (However, Crematoriums and Cemeteries do charge accordingly) • We do not charge extra for afterhours funeral arrangements • Our Brisbane prices remain the same for the Gold and Sunshine Coasts • Priced to suit all budgets. • Cremation prices starting from $1680.00 Inclusive of GST and Death Certificate

Testimonials: Lesley Katherine: The professionalism, guidance & care received from all at Academy Funerals helped take some of the burden away at the time of my mothers death & funeral a few months ago & we will be forever grateful. I was extremely thankful in the advice given & everything ran like clockwork thanks to their expertise at this terrible time. I believe one can only get this wonderful personalized attention by using a small local company & I am so happy we had them available for this service. Lalit Bhalla: They have been very honest and very humble. Helped us all the way in such difficult times. Ashley and Katrina were fantastic.

Phone: 07 3261 8222 Email: Website: Facebook: Call: 07 38656533



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On Eagles Wings To Asia Of Love and Oneness Sadhguru, Isha Foundation Q: Is it possible to love a person and by doing so feel oneness with God? Or is this just a romantic notion? Sadhguru: There is a longing in every human being to be something more than what they are right now. If the only thing that you know is your body, it will find expression as sexuality. You may give all kinds of colors and names to your sexuality, but fundamentally, you are trying to make someone that is not you a part of you. If this same longing to include someone finds an emotional expression, you say you are in love. Physical union is only momentary, while on an emotional level, you can make the sense of oneness last for months or years, if you are willing. If you look at the many romantic stories in lore and literature, we eulogize someone who holds on to an emotional union for a period of time, because when people are in love, they are beautiful. Emotions are the strongest force in most people – even in those who believe they are intellectual. Let us say a man and a woman are seriously

engaged with each other. But then, one of them finds a wonderful book. Suddenly, fictional characters become more engaging than this beautiful woman or man sitting next to them. Once the intellect is fired up in a certain way, emotions recede. Intellect is dry, but it has a different kind of sparkle. It makes the world transparent. If you use your intellect properly, it will give you access to things that you never thought possible. Emotions have more beauty and color. That is the nature of emotions. At the same time, the way you think is the way you feel. You cannot think one way and feel another way. So, can your love affair make you touch another dimension? Essentially, it all comes down to a longing to include something that is not you as a part of

yourself. You consider what is within the boundaries of your sensation to be “you”. Whatever body weight you have now, all these kilograms were food that was somewhere outside of you at some point. Once the food that you eat gets integrated within you, you consider it as yourself. So, whether it is sexuality, a love affair, ambition, conquest, spirituality, or devotion – essentially, you are attempting to experience something else or someone else as a part of yourself. If you do it through your body, we call it karma yoga. If you do it through your intellect, we call it gnana yoga. If you do it through your emotions, we call it bhakti yoga. If you do it through your energies, we call it kriya yoga. These are all the ways in which you can achieve a state of yoga.  Ranked amongst the fifty most influential people in India, Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, visionary and a New York Times bestselling author Sadhguru has been conferred the Padma Vibhushan by the Government of India in 2017, the highest annual civilian award, accorded for exceptional and distinguished service.

In late March 2020 our BIT correspondent Peter Lane Rai, a youthful 73 year old, along with his wife Dot, will make another trip to Fiji to visit friends and do Church based voluntary youth work. A year ago, in March 2019, Pete awoke on his first day in Lautoka, Fiji with severe double vision from a large sinus growth in his left eye. Thankfully, an operation cured this so his sight is perfect and he is ready to return to Fiji. This is mentioned as Pete and Dot have met many Fijian youth with who have had greater life challenges than an eye problem as they try to overcome addiction to drugs, drink, sexual promiscuity or broken relationships. One older man they met had been with six different women (wonderfully he is no longer promiscuous) while 22 year old Anthony said

that he, and his seven other siblings, born from the same mother, all had different fathers! What sad, sad stories. So, as part of their work with youth, Pete and his wife Dot will discuss the importance of having a strong spiritual commitment, healthy lifestyle as well as trust, love and commitment if a relationship, or marriage, is to be successful. Even Michael, one of the youth leaders they met with, had a history of drugs and drink until a spiritual conversion to Christ changed his life. Its meeting people like Michael, who have made real changes in their life for good that encourages Pete and Dot to keep going back to Fiji. The other part of their youth work includes a daily exercise session with youth, which is quite challenging and uncomfortable as Fiji can be very humid. Yet later all

The other part of their youth work includes a daily exercise session with youth, which is quite challenging and uncomfortable as Fiji can be very humid. Yet later all are rewarded with a running shirt from Pete's In Training Running Club Brisbane.

are rewarded with a running shirt from Pete's In Training Running Club Brisbane. So being strong in body, soul and spirit is a good way to deal with the challenges we all face in life. Peter Lane Rai

Picture Pete Lane Rai (red shirt) and friend Rob Sheraton (blue shirt) with Fijian youth in Vinyuasi

GCHCA Precinct Bhoomi pooja and Foundation laying ceremony: With the Grace of God, Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) celebrated the Bhoomi Pooja and Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Precinct on Saturday 08th February 2020. Many devotees from Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW participated amidst heavy rain. The severe weather warning did not deter the members and public to participate the life time opportunity to laid down the foundation for the future Gold Coast Hindu precinct. The holy stones and conch were placed under the ground on the auspicious day of January in the Hindu almanac. The Pooja was conducted by the ShriLakshmiNarayanaKurukkal, the former priest of Brisbane SelvaVinayagar temple. With the foundation ceremony the Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Precinct building work is going to kick start from July 2020.For more information about GCHCA Hindu Cultural Precinct at Byth Street, Arundel, Gold coast, please

visit the GCHCA website on www. You are also more than welcome to contact the association’s President, Secretary or Treasurer if you have any further queries. All tax-deductible donations ($2 or more) can be deposited into the following account: Commonwealth Bank Account: The GCHCA Building Donation Account BSB: 064-474 Account Number: 104 88 900 Web site: www.GoldCoastHindu. org. Email: GCHCA also celebrated the MahaSivarathri on Gold Coast on 21/2/2020 at Helensvale with Special Rudrabhishekamconducted by the priest, Pundit Hari Raj Adhikari . Many devotees were able to participate with family in Rudrabhishekam. With the Grace of God, Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association (GCHCA) celebrated the Bhoomi Pooja and Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony for the Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Precinct on Saturday 08th

Monthly Bhajan: GCHCA Monthly bhajan will be held on 20th March 2020. Prayer Time: 7.15pm – 8.30pm followed by light dinner Date: Friday 20th March 2020. Venue: Community Centre Hall, 31 Discovery Drive, Helensvale, QLD 4212 16 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2020

February 2020. Many devotees from Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW participated amidst heavy rain. The severe weather warning did not deter the members and public to participate the life time opportunity to laid down the foundation for the future Gold Coast Hindu precinct. The holy stones and conch were placed under the ground on the auspicious day of January in the Hindu almanac. The Pooja was conducted by the ShriLakshmiNarayanaKurukkal, the former priest of Brisbane

SelvaVinayagar temple. With the foundation ceremony the Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Precinct building work is going to kick start from July 2020.For more information about GCHCA Hindu Cultural Precinct at Byth Street, Arundel, Gold coast, please visit the GCHCA website on www. You are also more than welcome to contact the association’s President, Secretary or Treasurer if you have any further queries. All tax-deductible donations ($2 or more) can be deposited into the following

account: Commonwealth Bank Account: The GCHCA Building Donation Account BSB: 064-474 Account Number: 104 88 900 Web site: www.GoldCoastHindu. org. Email: GCHCA also celebrated the MahaSivarathri on Gold Coast on 21/2/2020 at Helensvale with Special Rudrabhishekamconducted by the priest, Pundit Hari Raj Adhikari . Many devotees were able to participate with family in Rudrabhishekam.

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An Open Letter to Fiji Prime Minister, Frank Bainimarama from FIJI PUNDIT


Thakur Ranjit Singh, FIJI PUNDIT Dear Prime Minster, Bula and Happy and a Prosperous New Year I lost all avenues and decided to take this unprecedented means to write this open letter to you through my blog. This was to get your attention on a very crucial matter affecting my community in Fiji. My blog is seen and read by thousands of your supporters in Fiji Indian Diaspora spread around the world, through social media. The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain neutrality. This was originally said by Dante Alighieri, an Italian poet, many centuries ago. In our lifetime, Martin Luther King Jr, repeatedly quoted it with some addition: He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it. In fact this was also President John F Kennedy’s famous quote based on Dante’s Inferno (Hell), with a slight variation…”…: those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality. While initially uttered many centuries ago, they still ring true in case of Fiji today. This applies aptly to Radio Fiji’s unilateral decision to railroad Fiji Hindi in one of its stations, and many maintaining their neutrality in this time of moral crisis. And we do not know where this demolition of our culture will

stop. What I am questioning is not the fact that it has been done, but HOW and the manner of its implementation, and WHY. Before I venture further, I have some questions, which themselves may be the answers to this sacrilege. Perhaps the public face of this desecration, CEO of FBC Riyaz Saiyad Khaiyum, Shammi Lochan and Roshika Deo can answer them. Sir, I humbly pose these questions to you as well, as the last one refers to you directly. And I also challenge those others with influence, power and authority who could have done something, but reserved their “hot places” by maintaining and preserving their “neutrality”. Please, go ahead, make my day, and answer them: 1) Was such a crucial matter of cultural policy which has the potential to affect the life of a whole community now and into the future, debated in Parliament? 2) What do all those Fiji Indians on government benches think? Are they complicit in this arrant act of cultural vandalism and destruction? 3) Was there any wide public consultation from experts and interested parties instead of being railroaded in this unilateral fashion? 4) Who in and around FBC are even remotely experts in linguistics and effects and impacts of such “bastardisation” of language on a culture? 5) And where is Fiji Broadcasting Commission Board? Were they ever consulted, and did they give their green light to fixing of something that was never broken? What are their priorities? Are they sleeping on the job? 6) Use of proper Hindi in Fiji Broadcasting Commission (FBC) was never questioned in its 66 years of existence by

Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, embraced diversity. He was seen as a ray of hope, and savior for Fiji Indians in the doom and gloom of the past Governments. He was seen by some as a reincarnation, as promised by Lord Krishn in Gita, that he would come back when people are in strife. Therefore this act of assault on Fiji Indian culture is seen as something foreign from his Government. its highly QUALIFIED AND DESERVING (my emphasis) Board, CEO, celebrated management and announcers. In fact people studied Hindi to join Radio Fiji. Then who are these minnows to implement this controversial, questionable, unethical and immoral change? 7) And Sir, where are you? Sir, you projected yourself as the saviour of Fiji Indians when on 6 December, 2006, you deposed Laisenia Qarase because of SDL’s ethno nationalism that was hurting Fiji Indian community? Is not Radio Fiji repeating what an ITaukei ethno-nationalist government would have done? Sir, the fact that Fiji tax-payer funded public broadcaster, FBC, running Mirchi FM has abandoned Hindi in favour of Fiji Hindi is not surprising at all. Many unilateral decisions taken in Fiji recently, without any consultation and discussion would raise some eyebrows. Unfortunately Fiji Indians in general and Hindus in particular where this assault is directed seem to have lost the fight and vision that our forebears Girmitiyas possessed. One may question, where is Sanatan? Where is Arya Samaj? Where is Fiji Girmit Council, Brahmin Sabha and so-called guardians

Jesus said “Arise and Shine…” Dear Reader, We are excited to bring you the Good News of Great Joy. Our theme simple and clear. It is to make God real and personal. And to make God very Real Person so you can kern to know His nature and relate to Him. God is not an object or an image or imagination of human mind. God is a living and loving person. We find this amazing revelation in the pages of Holy Bible. Keep reading with an open heart and humble

spirit. You will encounter your Creator today. You don’t need a thousand years for your Salvation (Mukti). You can receive your greatest miracle ‘Mukti’ today. This is the confidence you can have in Christ alone. This month we focus our theme on “Arise and Shine”. Isaiah was a 8th Century BC, Jewish Prophet. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Isaiah wrote clear and astounding message of the future events; including the


precise details of birth and ministry of Jesus Christ. And Salvation of Human race through the Atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Jesus calls all those who believe and follow His ways to “Arise and Shine”. Because the Jesus has redeemed the fallen humanity from the darkness and sin. Christ is the Light of the world, and when someone welcomes Christ into their heart, they welcome a ‘Living Light’. The supreme purpose of ‘Light’ is to ex-pel

of Hindi Language? Have their respective leadership lost their manhood and become what we call impotent? Are people prepared to sell their souls for political favours, commercial gains and other self-interest through fear or favour? I must salute TISI Sangam, and its National President, Sadasivan Naicker who took the initiative and lead with a hard-hitting press statement without fear or favour. He delivered Radio Fiji a hard slap: This is unprofessional and unethical for any medium to promote Fiji Hindi. This is an insult and rape of Hindi language. Erosion of Hindi will have unprecedented negative effects on Hindu religion, and in effect is “bastardisation “of Hindi”. TISI was meekly followed by Sanatan, where its National Secretary took the platform of an International Hindi Conference to plead with Radio Fiji not to use a broken Hindi. Labour and NFP also opposed this move by Radio Fiji. Unlike those who have imposed this unilateral decision to abandon Hindi for Fiji Hindi, I have experience in this matter. I was involved in promoting Fiji Hindi in Fiji media almost three decades ago. I wrote a weekly page in Fiji Times-owned Hindi

Prime Minister Bainimarama is reminded when he deposed and replaced SDL and Qarase in 2006, among others, he promised to rescue Fiji Indians from persecution of Fijian ethno-nationalist leaders and governments. Therefore, insensitivity shown to Fiji Indians in this Mirchi FM fiasco seems unusual - in fact, ironical. Weekly, Shanti Dut, in Fiji Hindi, Lo Kar Lo Baat (Let’s talk) in 1990s. Following popularity of that, Radio Fiji Two adopted that principle. I ran Fiji Hindi program in Radio Fiji in 1999 / 2000, Tanik humri bhi suno, (hey, dude, hear me out) and currently run similar programme, Lo Kar Lo Baat in APNA TV in Auckland. This was and is merely done to acknowledge FIJI HINDI as our mother tongue. We need to appreciate that in countries where Indian indentured labourers lost their mother tongue, they lost the umbilical cord to Hindi. Fiji was fortunate in that regard. We had a different breed of Girmitiyas -ordinary people who did extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances. They preserved their language which in turn led to survival, and in fact, promotion of Hindi. My use of Fiji Hindi in media was more for entertainment, and an acknowledgement and salute to our mother tongue, and also Hindi. Eminent and distinguished Ba scholars and authors Jogindar Singh Kanwal and

Rajendra Prasad reiterated the importance of Fiji Hindi in an earlier article. They likened Fiji Hindi as a jewel in the crown, Hindi. While a jewel adds colour, glitter and beauty to the crown, it itself can NEVER REPLACE THE CROWN. I repeat the same thing, with an analogy to food. Fiji Hindi is chutney, condiments which add taste, texture, and flavour to the main course, HINDI. But, chutney cannot be the main course - hence, FIJI HINDI CAN NEVER BE THE MAIN FOOD. Sir, I plead that nobody has any business to replace Hindi as language in any public-owned radio station. People of Fiji are worried about some controversial actions of your Government which appears to go against some objectives, intentions and promises you made when you displaced Qarase in 2006. One of them was to protect interests of Fiji Indians which the past ethno nationalist governments trashed upon. Sir, as raised in the last question above, among other things, you removed Laisenia Qarase because of SDL’s ethno nationalism that was hurting Fiji Indian community. Is not Radio Fiji repeating what an ITaukei ethnonationalist government would have done? Sir, I plead to you. Perhaps it is time you sat back into Fiji Government’s driver’s seat when it comes to such crucial national matters affecting Fiji and its community. It cannot be left to amateurs – bereft of any vision. Sir, I remain a humble servant of the community, Sincerely, Thakur Ranjit Singh, FIJI PUNDIT [About the Author: Thakur Ranjit Singh is an Aucklandbased journalist and a media commentator, who runs his blog, FIJI PUNDIT. He also retains his Fijian citizenship. He has wide and long association with Fiji media, and is a former Publisher of Fiji’s Daily Post newspaper which Qarase’s SDL government closed]

Key Verse: The Glory of Zion “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light, and kings to the brightness of your dawn”. - Isaiah 60:1-3 the darkness. The world we live in is a not a perfect and peaceful world. Just listen to any TV or Radio news, there is death and destructions. This is filled with darkness and evil. But, when we learn to ‘Arise and Shine’ through the grace and truth of Christ we can enjoy the journey of purpose driven life. Listen to a deep and gentle call of Jesus inside your heart today. He said I am the Light of the world. He did not say I am like a Light. He gives complete as-surance and confidence to people searching in the darkness of their soul. His purpose is to lead all humanity

to Truth and Life. Therefore, ask yourself this question; Do I really know the Living Light? Living Light is not a philosophy or an idea of human imagination or traditional practices. What is one of the Best definition of Light?Light is a Person, and a Living and Loving Person. That Person is completely defined and perfectly expressed through the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Today, take time to ask yourself a simple and a humble question; “I am truly travelling in the way of Living Light ?”. And find your answer in the words of Jesus Himself; Jesus said, “I am the

Light of the World”. Therefore, we invite you to pray this with a sincere heart; “Dear Father God, today I thank you for your word that has touched my heart. I repent of my wrongs and I confess with my mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’ and I believe in my heart that Jesus died for my sins, God raised Jesus from the dead for my Mukti (Salvation). Now help me to know Jesus more and more so that I can grow in the knowledge of your grace and mercy. Teach me your ways so that I can be person who will learn to honour you and learn to love each other. Amen.

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Hindu Society of Queensland celebrates Maha Shivratri

Devotees flocked to Gayatri Mandir and waited in long queues to perform the ritual baths of Shivalinga and offering of bel patra, these rituals were performed with great sincerity and devotion. Devotees strongly believe that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivaratri absolves them of past sins and they are blessed with Moksha.

Devotees of Lord Shiva celebrated Maha Shivratri with great fervour. The festival of 'Maha Shivratri', which literally translates to 'the greatest night of Shiva' was celebrated over three nights at Gayatri Mandir in Boondall. Devotees flocked to Gayatri Mandir and waited in long queues to perform

the ritual baths of Shivalinga and offering of bel patra, these rituals were performed with great sincerity and devotion. Devotees strongly believe that ritual worship of Lord Shiva on the auspicious day of Shivaratri absolves them of past sins and they are blessed with Moksha. On the great night mandir reverberated with intense chanting of ‘OmNamahShivaya' and 'Har Har Mahadev’,this mantra is said to free people all their sins. Pujanye Pundit Sanat Pandey enlightened all the devotes with important messages and significance of Maha Shivratri and the paths chosen by devoteesto reach the abode of Lord Shankar and live there happily and how we liberateourselves from the cycle of birth and death and attain moksha or salvation. Prasad and Mahaprasad were served at the end of the program. Devotees were extremely happy of the celebration and we received lots of positive feedback and high praise in the manner Mahashivratri was organised. The Management of Hindu society of Qld Inc. would like to thank all the devotees, volunteers and well-wishers for another successful celebrations and we look forward to seeing you all in Holi on 14 March 2020 and Ram Naomi which starts from 25 Mar and finishes on the evening of 2 April 2020.

Antakshiri Competition by Hindu Society of Queensland Inc.

The 10th Antakshiri Competition was held on Saturday 8 February from 6:00pm to 10:00pm at Coorparoo Secondary College. The Musical team was made of Harmonium - Dr Vijay Phalad, Dolak - Hari Mani, Guitar- Vijay Raiand Tabala- Dharesh Singh. The Guest Artist were Himaansu Kumar, Manesha Halka, Deepak Kumar and Dr Vijay Phalad. There were 16 Competitors and 8 Pairs were formed by the Compere, Mr Deepak Kumar.The winners were:First Prize- Chandra Bhan and Deo Chand, Second Prize: Phyllis Patel & Raymond Maharaj and Third Prize: Lata Kumar & Priya Sharma. The 3 Judges were Dr Jamal Surinder, Manju Jehu and. Dewakaran Morthy. The 3 Song Recorders and Time keepers were Adwin Awadh, Neelima Chand and Lalita Halka Antakshri Competition Prizes are: • First – Santoshi Shield for Annual Antakshri Competition donated by Deepak Kumar & Family, North Lakes (Past Vice – President) • Second – Cup donated

by Pakash Shandil & Family, Rothwell (Past President) • Third – Cup donated by Prem Chand & Family, Kallangur (Past President) There were raffle tickets with 13 prizes drawn on the night and won. Others who assisted were: 1. Food cooking by Shiela and Dhanesh Raniga 2. Sound and Stage Lightening: By Sussendra Singh 3. DrNeeraj Khanna paid for hall hire costs. 4. Major Sponsor - Pacific Cardiology Specialist 5. Targett Travel & Tours sponsored 10 small trophies. Everything was very good except the poor audience presence. This attributed to rain and very hot weather on the night. In the past we always held in May or June. Prem Chand Chairman, Donation and Fundraising Subcommittee

Bal Vikas draws large interest Hindu Society of Queensland proudly announces the commencement of Bal Vikas, conducted by four volunteer teachers. We are astounded by the huge interest shown towards this initiative and such a sprightly kick-off. Bal Vikas is a weekly programme that focuses on beginners level Hindi Language, Art and Culture. The programme encompasses speaking, reading and writing Hindi. The Bal Vikas term will


coincide with Queensland school terms. The Bal Vikas classes are held at Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst

Road, Boondall from 9.30 am to 11.00 every Sunday. All enquiries to President: Anita Ram 0452504502

Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev Visits Vibrant Ayurveda

Renowned Yoga guru Baba Ramdev Visited Australia’s one of the leading Ayurveda centres, Vibrant Ayurveda at 43 Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane on Monday the 24thof February. He was very glad to see the popularity of Indian medicine i.e. Ayurveda in Australia along with Yoga. His visit to Vibrant Ayurveda Wellness Centre started with lighting a lamp and visiting the Ayurvedic and Natural Pharmacy as well as recently established special panchakarma (Traditional Ayurvedic detox room) which is equipped with classical instruments for traditional Ayurvedic treatments such as Abhyanga (Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage) Pidichhil (Herbal Oil bath Massage), Udvartana (Herbal paste detox massage) and other Panchakarma treatments. He also admired with the huge range of Ayurvedic and organic herbal products as

Baba Ramdev came to Brisbane to conduct his 2 days of group yoga camp on 24th and 25th of February. The camp attracted a huge number of people. Before coming to Brisbane, he conducted successful Yoga camp in Sydney. well as food and cosmetic products available at Vibrant Ayurveda Pharmacy. Baba Ramdev came to Brisbane to conduct his 2 days of group yoga camp on 24th and 25th of February. The camp attracted a huge number of people. Before coming to Brisbane, he conducted successful Yoga camp in Sydney. This visit is his second time in Brisbane. Prior to this, he came in 2015 for the yoga camp and also visited Vibrant Ayurveda.

Sunil Grover show a crowd pleaser

Sunil Grover’s comedy night show with Dr Mashoor Gulati organised by Nach Baliye events had brisbane audience in the stiches. Sun E Arora and Jessica Saranah of Nach Baliye events are well known for organising quality events and the comedy night show was no exception. Attention to detail on sound and lighting and looking after sponsors and supporters all

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well packaged, all comes with experience. Sunil Grover on stage was hilarious as expected, and connected well with the audience, as the event was on International women’s day he called by many ladies from the audience and acknowledged them on stage. Opening acts by local artists complimented the show, Tapori Quad was

a crowd pleaser. Being a wonderful mimic as well Sunil Grover finished of the night by recreating “KauynBagegaCorepatti” Congratulation to Nach Baliye team for a well organised show , Brisbane Indian Times and Australian Indian Radio were proud to be media supporters of this event held at Unidus Community Centre , Willawong

Change of guards at FICQ

The Annual General Meeting of the Governing Council of The Federation of Indian Communities of Queensland Inc. (FICQ) was held on Sunday 23 February 2020 at 4 pm in Red Cross, Milton. The AGM attended by over 70 Executives representing several member associations elected FICQ’s new Executive Committee for 2020-2022.

The FICQ’s New Executive Committee Members for 2020-2022 President Shyam R Das Vice-Presidents Parminder Singh; Anoop Nannuru Secretary Ganesh D Deshpande Treasurer Raphy Alappatt Public Relation Office Venkat R Pulla Assistant Secretary Bala Rajan


Great Buddha in Japan Nippon, the name of Japan in Japanese, is translated as the Land of the Rising Sun. It is a country in East Asia comprising over 6,800 islands, of which 430 are inhabited. The five main islands are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu, Shikoku and Okinawa. Honshu is the largest and most populous island with the capital Tokyo and other large cities located on it. As per Worldometer, the current population of Japan is 126.6 million and it ranks 11th in the world on population, with population density of 347 per km2. About 92% of popula-tion live in urban areas. It ranks 61st on total area. Shinto and Buddhism are the main religions in Japan. Shinto developed as an indigenous religion and in many respects, its practices are similar to those in Hinduism. Natural objects such as the Sun, Moon, Earth, Fire, Air, Mountains, Rivers and Spirit of deceased persons are venerated as deities in Shinto. The Holy Kojiki is the sacred book of Shinto religion. It was written in 712AD and is also known as the Records of Ancient Matters. It contains legends relating to Creation of various deities and Japanese islands, Creation of humans and other living things. The Japanese emperor is believed to be a direct descen-dent of deities. Shinto’s sacred buildings are termed Shrines. They are identified with a specially designed gate, known as Torii, in front of them. Buddhism was introduced to Japan from Korea in midsixth century. To strengthen its alliance with Japan, a Korean king presented a statue of Buddha, along with a letter highlighting the importance of Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, to the Japanese Emperor. Impressed by the teachings of Buddha, and his international standing, Buddhism was accepted as a state religion in Japan by the Emperor. Its status was further enhanced dur-ing the Tang dynasty rule in China, which had imported sacred Buddhist texts from India, and shared them with the Japanese Imperial palace. Subsequently, Shinto and Buddhism complemented each other in Japan. Many Japanese people worship Shinto deities as well as Buddha. Normally, it is believed that Shinto fulfils the requirements of the current life, where as Buddhism takes care of the afterlife. Japan was devastated by two atomic bombs during the Second World War. Over a short period of time, it recovered and rebuilt the nation. Now, it is the third largest economy based on gross domestic product. Japan is the only Asian country categorised as a devel-oped nation of the world. Its achievements are a source of inspiration for others. A number of fascinating

sites in Japan, with natural beauty, including mountains, lakes and hot water springs, temples, shrines, parks, museums, monuments and castles attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. My wife Sudha and I recently visited Japan, which was a memorable experience. Our trip started in Tokyo. Tokyo, with a population over 13 million, is one of the largest cities in the world. The city was known as Edo in earlier times, and it became the capital of Japan in 1868. Narita and Haneda are its major international airports. Narita is located about 60 km away from To-kyo and takes over an hour by train or fast bus to the city. Public transport, especially metro, is convenient to use, as stations and directions are clearly marked in both Japanese and English. A number of Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, parks, monuments, highrise buildings, museums and shopping complexes are located in the city. The Games of the XXXII Olympiad, also known as Tokyo 2020, is an upcoming major international sport event in Tokyo. Meiji-Jingu is a popular Shinto Shrine located within a large forested ground that contains over 120,000 trees collected from around Japan. The Shrine is dedicated to spirits of Em-peror Meiji and Empress Shoken, who are venerated as deities. Emperor Meiji’s reign continued from 1867 to 1912 and during that period Japan transformed into a dominant industrialised nation. All visitors to the Shrine perform a special cleaning ritual that in-volves washing of hands and mouth with fresh water especially arranged at the entrance to the shrine. Senso-Ji is the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, which was first built in around 628 AD. Huge crowds visit the site daily. A large shopping precinct is located in front of the temple, where various items of interest are sold to tourists and pilgrims. A five-storey pagoda is also located near the temple. Tokyo Sky Tree is the world’s tallest freestanding tower, 634m high. A huge multistorey shopping centre is located in the Sky Tree complex. The Sky Tree has two observation decks at 350m and 450m, which are open to the public. The Sky Tree is clearly visible from the Senso-Ji temple.


Shibuya Crossing, located near Shibuya Metro Station, demonstrates the hectic movement of people across the city. During a single traffic light change, over 13,000 people have been recorded to cross the road at this crossing. Imperial Palace and Imperial Palace East Garden are other tourist attractions. The Palace and Garden are surrounded by a wide moat filled with water. Entry to them is through special security checks. Entry to the Palace needs to be arranged in advance, whilst the East Garden can be visited anytime during its opening hours. Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a high-rise building. It has an observation deck on the 45th floor. From the deck, one has a 360-degree view of Tokyo and on a clear day, Mount Fuji is visible from there. Access to the deck is free. A large park with monu-ments and waterfalls is located near this building From Tokyo we travelled to Fujikawaguchiko, which is one of the towns at the foothills of Mount Fuji. Mount Fuji is considered a well-known Symbol of Japan. It is located 160km or around 2 hours by road from Tokyo. It is a sacred site in Shinto religion and many local pilgrims as well as local and international tourists visit the mountain, to worship and admire its elegance and grandeur. During winter, tracks to climb the Mount Fuji summit are closed. A view of Mount Fuji is considered an essential component of a trip to Japan. Fujikawaguchiko is also a base for visiting Fuji Five Lakes. Tourist buses run various loops to these lakes from Fujikawaguchiko station. Clear views of Mount Fuji were visible from various locations in the area including from our hotel room. Mount Fuji can be visited as a day trip from Tokyo. Japan is well known for Shinkansen or Bullet Trains. Bullet trains are fast trains that run over separate tracks that connect major towns and cities. On major routes like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima, a number of bullet trains run every hour. From Fujikawaguchiko, we travelled by bus to Mishima station, which is en route of Shinkansen connecting Tokyo to Kyoto. It takes about an hour from Mishima to Kyoto by Shinkansen.

Kyoto became the capital of Japan in 794AD and remained so until 1869AD when the Em-peror’s residence moved to Tokyo. Kyoto is famous for its numerous classical Buddhist temples, as well as gardens, imperial palaces, Shinto shrines and traditional wooden houses. UNESCO has listed many of the ancient temples and shrines as World Heritage Sites. Kinkaku-Ji temple, also know as golden temple, and Ginkaku-Ji temple or Silver temple are popular Buddhist temples. Kinkaku-Ji temple has its top two stories covered with gold leaf. In addition, there are many other temples spread across Kyoto. Fushimi Inari Taisha is the most important Shinto Shrine dedicated to Inari, the Shinto god of rice. Foxes are thought to be messengers of Inari. Their statues can be seen across the shrine ground. In the Inari complex, hundreds of red coloured Toriis are built along a path leading to a mountain peak. Fruits, flowers, grains and wines are offered to Shinto deities. Nara, a town close to Kyoto, was the capital of Japan before Kyoto. It is famous for Bud-dhist temples, Shinto shrines and Nara Park. It can be visited from Kyoto as a day trip. Regular trains connect Kyoto to Nara. Major tourist sites are within walking distance from the railway station. Todai-ji is a renowned Buddhist temple complex located in Nara Park. It was originally founded in 738AD and opened in 752AD. Its Great Buddha Hall, also known as Daibutsuden, houses the world’s largest Bronze statue of the Great

Buddha, known in Japanese as Daibutsu. Fire and rebels had destroyed the original structure a number of times in the past. The current building was completed in 1709AD and is one of the largest wooden buildings in the world. The temple’s museum displays historic items and statues of ancient Indian deities such as Suryaprabha, Chandraprabha, Sahastrabhuj, Shakyamuni and Dhritrastra. It also shows films about the history of the temple. A replica of the Emblem of India the Lion Capital and a pillar symbolising the Ashok’s Pillar of Sarnath are installed in the temple complex. Kofuki-Ji is another Buddhist temple, and Kasuga Taisha is a Shinto shrine in Nara Park. Nara Park is famous for freely roaming deer. Deers are considered sacred and believed to be messengers of deities according to Shinto tradition. They are found in temple areas and are a huge attraction for visitors. From Kyoto, we travelled to Hiroshima. It is also called the City of Water. Six rivers flow through the city. The first atom bomb was dropped on Hiroshima on Monday, 6 August 1945, killing thousands of people instantaneously. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum displays scenes of devastation caused by the atomic attack. In the Peace Memorial Park, Children’s Peace Monument, Flame of Peace, Cenotaph and other monuments remind visitors of the horrors caused by the atomic bomb. Miyajima is a small island famous for its floating Torii. In a day trip from Hiroshima, we visited the island, which is

about 30 minutes by train and then by ferry to the Island. The torii/gate looks like it is floating during the high sea. Itsukushima-jinja is a Shinto Shrine constructed on pillars over the seawater, close to the floating torii. It comprises a number of buildings. On the way to the hills from the seashore, there is a huge Buddhist temple named Daisho-in. It is accessed by a steep climb over a series of steps. The temple contains numerous large and small statues of Buddha and Bodhisattvas. From Hiroshima we travelled to Osaka, the third largest city in Japan. It is a port city and commercial centre. In addition to museums and shopping arcades, Osaka Castle is the main historical tourist attraction. Kansai International Airport is the nearest international airport in Osaka. It is located on an island and is connected by road to Osaka via a bridge. Osaka was our last destination in Japan, and from there, we returned home to Brisbane. There are many things we witnessed or experienced in Japan that seem unique to the Japanese people and culture. Cleanliness of private and public spaces is notable. People are polite and willing to help when asked. The Japanese tend to converse quietly in public places such as while travelling on trains and buses. The practice of bargaining or haggling is discouraged in shops. There is no need to provide tips for services. The influence of Indian culture in Japanese spiritual practices can be observed through Buddhism and the Sanskrit origin of many Japanese words. Awadhesh Sharma

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Tata Sons board tilts towards bid to acquire Air India MUMBAI: The board of Tata Sons is veering around to back the proposal to acquire Air India, which has been put on the block by the Centre. However, the board, which met on Friday, wants Tata Sons and its aviation partners—Singapore Airlines and AirAsia Malaysia—to resolve structural issues before putting out an expression of interest for the state carrier. This is to avoid litigation at a later date, reports Reeba Zachariah. The deadline to submit an EoI for Air India is March 17, but this will be extended, according to aviation minister Hardeep Singh Puri. Earlier this week, Tata SIA Airlines, operator of

full-service carrier Vistara, had said, “Which company would not be interested in evaluating a sovereign airline of the country?” Though Vistara is leading the M&A efforts, AirAsia India, in which the Malaysian budget

carrier holds 49%, will also be a part of the arrangement for the potential Air India acquisition. AirAsia India’s shareholders’ agreement stipulates that Tata Sons cannot invest more than 10%

in another budget airline without the Malaysian partner being willing to waive the covenant. So, if Vistara, in which Tata Sons owns 51%, wishes to put in a bid for Air India including its budget carrier arm Air India Express, the Malaysian partner will have to waive the covenant. In lieu of the waiver, Tata Sons has proposed a merger between AirAsia India and Air India Express to create a larger budget airline. Tata Sons’ arrangement with Singapore Airlines is only for full-service carriers. The Vistara-Air India combo will help Tata Sons to monopolise the full-service space in India.

Coronavirus: Is India prepared for an outbreak? Is the world's second most populous country prepared for an outbreak of coronavirus? India says it was among the first countries in the world to prepare for an outbreak of the respiratory disease, which has already killed more than 3,000 people and spread to 60 countries. Health Minister Harsh Vardhan says India began screening people at airports from 17 January onwards, six days after Chinese state media reported the first known death from an illness caused by the virus and a good two weeks before the World Health Organization (WHO) declared it a global health emergency. As of 6 March, India has reported 31 cases, the majority of them in the past few days. They include 16 Italian tourists. There's growing anxiety. Schools

have begin sending out advisories, a few offices have shut temporarily after employees tested positive for Covid-19. 4Coronavirus maps and charts: A visual guide to the outbreak 4How to protect

yourself? By Tuesday, more than 600,000 people had been tested for the virus at the country's 21 airports and 77 seaports, according to Mr Vardhan. More than 27,000 people living in five states near the border with

neighbouring Nepal have been put under surveillance and a million people tested in the area, he said. And India is setting up a screening lab in Iran to test returnees. The minister claims health workers are being trained for a potential outbreak, and isolation wards are being set up in state-run hospitals. By the end of the week, 34 labs across India will be testing for the virus, up from 15 so far. India has also stopped exports of N95 masks to make sure there are enough supplies at home. "India is thoroughly prepared to handle any situation that could emerge. We are alert, meticulous and conscious," says Mr Vardhan.

Yes Bank crisis shows why India needs a resolution mechanism to act before it is too late

Yes Bank should’ve been overseen by a Resolution Authority, depositors shouldn’t have had to face moratorium. Now SBI or LIC shouldn’t be forced to buy it. The RBI announced a moratorium on Yes Bank after efforts to find a buyer for the bank by its promoters failed. As a consequence, depositors will not be able to withdraw more than Rs 50,000 of their own money, except under special circumstances. The moratorium on Yes Bank underlines key problems in the Indian banking system. In today’s legal framework, by the time the RBI takes action, it is quite late in the day and depositors suffer. Timely action requires that a new owner for a bank is found before such actions become necessary. At present, no one has the legal powers to step in and sell the bank before it reaches this point. The damage caused by the lack of a legal framework for resolution is not limited to the depositors of Yes Bank. The present framework has wider implications for the economy as a whole. In particular, the lack of a resolution law and framework means that if a bank fails, the tax payer pays

The RBI announced a moratorium on Yes Bank after efforts to find a buyer for the bank by its promoters failed. As a consequence, depositors will not be able to withdraw more than Rs 50,000 of their own money, except under special circumstances. for it, directly or indirectly. If SBI or LIC step in to buy shares in Yes Bank, their losses are covered by the tax payer. Instead of the moratorium, the legal framework should have provided oversight of the bank by the RBI and a Resolution Authority, and long before it came to this pass, the Resolution Authority should have found a buyer for it. Depositors should not have had to face a moratorium on their deposits. SBI or LIC should not be forced to buy it out. The tax payer should not have to suffer this burden.

Delhi riots: How India has failed its riot victims. Twice over, writes Barkha Dutt No politician, from those in power to Opposition leaders, has reached out to the victims of the riot. After a week of reporting every day from Delhi’s riottorn neighbourhoods, a few facts have emerged through a haze of toxic rhetoric and fake news. First, the violence was not a spontaneous clash or argument-gone-wrong between two groups of people, supporting or opposing the citizenship legislation. Every riot victim I have met, Muslim and Hindu, has spoken of the assaulters being complete strangers and outsiders to their immediate

colony. In fact, within local communities, Muslims and Hindus have for the most part shielded each other. The pattern of violence


and multiple eyewitness accounts all point to a deliberate unleashing of men, armed with swords and irons rods, into targeted

areas. Second, notwithstanding a few good men in the police force who stood their ground and did their

job courageously, and notwithstanding the fact that in parts of north-east Delhi, the police too came under ferocious attack, the police, for the most part, has enabled this carnage. Though Right-wing trolls want to push a religious wedge through the debate over the role of the police, please talk to victims. Once again, you will find Muslims and Hindus saying the exact same thing — the police, was at best, unresponsive. Hundreds of SOS calls were not taken seriously. Sunita, the wife of Prem Singh, a poor rickshaw puller, who was shot dead when he stepped out to buy milk, was

turned away from the police station when she went to file a missing person report. Hari Singh Solanki, whose young son, Rahul, was killed by the mob, told me, “Had the police responded on time my son may have been alive today.” The exact same sentiment was echoed by Jitendra Kumar, the owner of Pandit Medicos, a small pharmacy that was burnt. The police failed people of both religions. But the ineptitude, haplessness or callousness was egregiously compounded by reports of communal bias and wilful complicity when it came to police action in Muslim neighbourhoods.

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FOCUS ON FIJI Police visit villages Mohammed assisted by Kadavu as Commission under procedure in part of a holistic

The Legal Aid Commission says it assisted Feroz Gulam Mohammed under its firsthour procedure upon the businessman being taken into custody by Police today. Mohammed has been in Police custody for alleged social media posts and possible seditious comments. Director Legal Aid, Shahin Ali, says Mohammed, is not represented by the Commission. He says under the firsthour procedure, a person who has been arrested and or detained is able to access the

commission’s legal advisory services, adding what they

do is explain to him his constitutional rights as a suspect. Ali says Mohammed had asked the Legal Aid Commission to sit in with him during the Caution Interview. The Director says they do assist suspects during a cautioned interview if they choose to have Legal Aid and in this case, Mohammed had opted for Legal Aid to assist him. Also clarifying on whether the commission will play any further role in the case if after the caution interview Feroz

is formally charged by the Police, then he may choose to have a lawyer. Ali says if Mohammed wants Legal Aid to represent him in Court then he would have to apply for assistance and the commission will then determine his eligibility and assess his means. He says at this stage, Mohammed is not represented by the Legal Aid Commission. Legal Aid Commission provides services to anyone having an annual income of below $15,000.

Hindu faith-based schools to close for Holi celebration The Ministry of Education has granted approval to all Hindu faith-based schools to close for Holi celebration on Tuesday. Holi which is the festival of colors is an ancient Hindu festival. The celebration starts on the night before Holi where people gather, perform religious rituals in front of the bonfire, and pray that their internal evil is destroyed. The next day people smear and drench each other with colors. Education Minister Rosy Akbar is wishing everyone a happy and joyous Holi.

A community policing team headed by the Fiji Police Force Chaplain, Superintendent Reverend Waisale Tikowale is currently touring Kadavu, visiting villages as part of a holistic approach in tackling crimes and the war on drugs. The team started their tour in the Tikina of Nakasaleka and Yale and will be in Kadavu for the next two weeks. SP Reverend Tikowale is accompanied by the Officer in Charge of the Drugs Unit, Assistant

Superintendent of Police Anare Masitabua, Divisional Manager Community Policing Southern, ASP Tevita Ranacika, Officer in Charge WATERPOL Division ASP Viliame Soko and the Head of the Sexual Offences Unit Inspector Mereani Moimoi. The team has conducted community outreach programs in Levuka, Naoiti, Rakiraki and Rakiraki Primary School, Kavala Village and Kavala Primary School.

Fiji’s borders closed to South Korea due to COVID-19

Legal Aid Commission does not discriminate says Ali

The Legal Aid Commission will not discriminate against anyone who is in need of help. Director Legal Aid, Shahin Ali made these comments as the commission assisted Feroz Gulam Mohammed under its first hour procedure. Gulam Mohammed was yesterday arrested by Police for possible seditious posts on social media. Following this, Mohammed had asked the Legal Aid Commission to sit in with him during the caution interview. This came a day after Mohammed launched a scathing attack on Ali on social media.

approach in tackling crimes and the war on drugs

However, Ali says it is unfortunate that Mohammed has written things about him and the Legal Aid Commission which are factually incorrect, misleading and ill-conceived. He says this isn’t the first time that Mohammed had done this. The Director says his work requires that professionalism be maintained at all times and he has done so in this case. Ali says they focus purely on the work and have offered Mohammed assistance under the First Hour Procedure and explained to him his rights as a suspect.


Man Gets 14 Years Jail For Raping Child, 8

The man was found guilty and convicted as charged after the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. High Court Judge Justice Thushara Rajasinghe yesterday sentenced a 41-year-old man to 14 years imprisonment for rape and sexual assault. The man on July 14, 2019, at Nausori, had raped and sexually assaulted the victim, 8, while her father was drinking beer. The man was found guilty and convicted as charged after the prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt. Justice Rajasinghe said the purpose of the sentence was found on the principle of

deterrence. The court heard that the man asked the victim to go in a room while her father was drinking beer and committed the offences. Justice Rajasinghe ordered that the man was to serve 12 years imprisonment before he was eligible for parole. He also noted that the man was in remand for 42 days, which Justice Rajasinghe considered as two months of the sentence already served. The term left for the man to serve is 13 years and 10 months imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 11 years and 10 months. The man has 30 days to appeal to the Court of Appeal.

Travel restrictions related to COVID-19 have now been extended to all foreign nationals who have been anywhere in South Korea within 14 days of their intended travel to Fiji. Initially, the restriction was limited to two cities in South Korea. The Immigration Department confirms this is part of the continued monitoring of the global spread of COVID-19. From tomorrow, Fiji’s borders will be closed to all foreign nationals who have been present in mainland China, Italy, Iran or South Korea within 14 days of their intended travel to Fiji. All international air passengers are being screened with handheld temperature scanners prior to entering the country. Preparations are underway to introduce thermal scanners at our international airports. Earlier-announced

measures to medically screen cruise ship passengers remain in place as well. As of 6th March 2020, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Fiji and Fijians are strongly advised to avoid any non-essential travel to Italy, Iran, mainland China or South Korea. The Government says it will continue to work closely with all international carriers to ensure that any traveller who falls under the expanded travel restriction is not permitted to board flights to Fiji. Earlier-announced precautionary measures to maintain a hygienic environment and screen ill passengers will continue to be taken in-flight to further minimize any risk. Authorities stress they are closely monitoring the spread of COVID-19 and are prepared to pursue more stringent courses of action if deemed necessary.

Brisbane International Arts Festival 2020

Brisbane International Arts Festival is organised by WAMCI as an annual festival, BIAF 2020 is from 5th to 14th March at various venues. World Arts & Multiculture Inc. (Referred to as WAMCI) was established in 2003. Premises located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The purposes of WAMCI are via demonstration, research and information on national and regional and multi-cultural and artistic achievements, performance of the multi-cultural arts activities to enhance the exchange of arts. World Arts and MultiCulture Inc takes it as its own heavenly mission to stimulate the emulation by mutual observation & Research as well as to introduce the celebrated, feature abundance culture and art activities deriving from the Australia region and other global areas. They constantly have been propagating cutting edge, quality performance and happenings per annum.

This practice has become tradition over many years. This kind of cultural inheritance mission sense frequently enables numerous multicultural Arts to be unfolded and assists their innovative artist in developing their new domain. The opening night and the festivals official launch was held on 6th March at Q U T Garden points theatre. Lord Mayor Adrian Schinner and Multicultural Minister Stirling Hinchliffe were amongst other politicians and multicultural community leaders. Every year the organisation supports certain charities and this year Lord Mayors Charitable trust got $7,000-00 and Cancer Council of Australia got $5,000-00 respectively. The official opening was hosted by popular MC Lewis Lee OAM. After speeches and cheque presentations guest went in for the opening act by “Shintrun” Opera Troupe. The troupe amazed the audience and received loud applauses

This kind of cultural inheritance mission sense frequently enables numerous multicultural Arts to be unfolded and assists their innovative artist in developing their new domain. throughout the performance. It was a resounding success in totality, from production, sound, lighting, extremely talented artist, and amazing live musicians. The storyline was quite touching and moving. Other events will include; stories Painting Exhibition on Saturday 7th March at 10:30am, Multicultural performances at QUT Garden point from 7:00 also on Saturday 7th March. Taiwanese week Lantern painting began on 5th March and the awards ceremony will be on 14th March, the exhibition will be on display till 24th April. Some international artists could not come because of the coronavirus situation.

Brisbane City Council Welcomes international students

On Wednesday 5th March Study Brisbane in conjunction with Brisbane City council held the “City Welcome Festival” in King George Square. The event began with a traditional welcome

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to country and fire lighting ceremony by Nunukal dance troupe. Lord mayor Adrian Schrinner welcomed everyone to Brisbane and congratulated everyone on taking the right decision to study in the best

city “Brisbane”. Many Stakeholders and service provider’s stall lined up King George Square to display their products and services. Police motor cycle became very popular, so

popular that lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner had a go. Lord Mayor in his speech pointed out the counties with most of international students. He did mention that the current coronavirus

threat had an impact on the numbers, he wished that the situation improves soon. Rico, a student from Hong Kong spoke on behalf of the students, he shared his experience and challenges

of not having a singe person to talk to becoming a student leader .Invited VIPs included Councillor Steven Huang, Umesh Chandra OAM , Sebastian Toro , Serge Volesencko


Who, What, Where, When...

Councillor Vicki Howard’s campaign launch dinner at Tattersalls club Brisbane, former lord Mayor Graham Quirk graced the occasion and conducted the auction.

BAPS temple Brisbane

Shivratri celebration at Vendanta centre Brisbane

Media diversity networking drinks at Mr Percival on the river

Katie Noonan and Usha Chandra at Qld Premier’s International women’s day reception

Holi Celebration as part of BrisAsia 2020 (community program) Paviter Kumar Noori and team delivered another fantastic Holi celebration, with a tagline “Let’s colour everyone equal”

RACQ’s International women’s day fun run on 8th March, attracted a record participation

New citizens, Sandeep Singh family at VIP reception after receiving their citizenship certificates.

Lord Mayor and invited guests get ready for another citizenship ceremony at Brisbane City Hall. 28 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2020

Australia Indonesia Business Council’s networking drinks at Bar Pacino on the river

Who, What, Where, When...

Qld premier Anastacia Palaszczuk’s addresses International Women’s day reception pictured with Sarina Russo and Umesh Chandra OAM.

Prerna Pahwa receives “Community Achiever Award” from Brisbane Telangana Association on International Women’s Day

Councillor Angela Owen has a strong connection with Queensland Indian Community.

Rotary Club of Brisbane International’s Charity High Tea at Sacred Heart Hall, pictured Councillor Kim Marx and Usha Chandra

Aarti Bajaj with her Heart of the Women award Call: 07 38656533

Tina Bellos, Vanessa Mariah and Jim Bellos at international Women’s Day Fun Run – doing their bit for Mater Foundation.


A pious resolve of a spiritual Guru made the world move from valentine to divine

None can deny the teachings of Vedaswhich say that merely by your resolve, you can make anything possible in this universe. This has been provedtrue by an Indian spiritual Guru H.H. Sant Shri Asaram Bapu Ji by his pious & revolutionary resolve. Seeing the ruination of the youth by the festivals like valentine, Bapu Ji's heart was very aggrieved. To save the world from the character destruction and for the upliftment of the youth and society, he took a holypledge in 2007 and initiated celebration of Matri-Pitri Pujan Diwas ( MPPD) orParents Worship Day (PWD) on 14th February. Since 2007, with a view to awaken the cultural pride of India and to save the countrymen from mental slavery, billions of children across the globe are celebrating14th February as Matri-Pitri Pujan Diwas. Every section of the society and every religion greatly appreciated and gladly accepted this commendableinitiative of Pujya Bapu Ji. Today this festival is known as MPPD or PWD. The Muslim fraternity has also strongly welcomed this festival and has started celebrating this festival as Abba Ammi Ibadat Diwas. The euphoria of MPPD can be experienced weeks before this festival of true love begins. Many schools, colleges, societies and temples start preparations for MPPD many weeks earlier. This divine and commendable initiative has been getting very popular and has received praise for its concepts from people from every walk of life. Many dignitaries like Ex-President of India, Honourable. Pranab Mukherjee Ji, Shri ShivRaj Singh Chauhan, Urmila Singh, Ex-GovernorHP,

Shri Jai Ram Thakur CM HP, Dr Raman Singh Ji, CM Chhattisgarh,Captain Singh Solanki, Governor Haryana, BJP National General Secretary, Shri Kailash Vijayvargiyaand Lok Sabha speaker Shri Om Birla extended their warm wishes to Shri Yog Vedant Sewa Smiti for celebrating 14th Feb as Parents Worship Day every year. All over the world, billions of children and parents celebrated this festival either alone at home or in groups at school or public grounds. In Ram Leela Maidan in Shri Ganganagar, 12000 children celebrated this festival conjointly. In several states in India like Maharashtra, Haryana, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Valentine's Day has been officially renamed as Matru-Pitru Pujan Diwas and is celebrated in schools where children seek the blessings from their parents. In countries like USA, Canada, France, UK, UAE, Australia, Singapore and Germany, this festival was celebrated with full fervour and spirit To listen 24X7 live divine Satsang of Pujya Bapu Ji, please search “Mangalmay live” on google, visit http:// or search “THE SBM STUDIO” on you tube. Please read more about our Vedic culture in the next issue of Brisbane Indian times. To know more about His Divine Holiness Bapu Ji, please watch this video. For more info about Matri-Pitri Pujan Diwas, or to get your monthly spiritual magazine Rishi-Prasad free in your mail box in Australia, please contact by email at or by WhatsApp/phone to Ashok Attri and Anu Attri at +61 426 834 434 & +61 405 277 802


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Arya Samaj Queensland Inc Arya Samaj Queensland performed Havan Yaj for national prosperity to celebrate Australia Day on January 26. The program was held at Strettonat the residence of Mr & Mrs Jitendra Deo.The Havan ceremony was led by Pundit

Laleen Jeet and Deo Family was Yajmaan. The following Yajur Ved Mantra 22/22** explains the importance of such Havan ceremonies. “O Omniscient God May people of learning and wisdom take birth in our

country. May there be born, for the destruction of our enemies, fearless, valiant and heroic soldiers proficient in the art of war. May there be no shortage ofmilch cows and animals useful in our agricultural operations. May the householders procreate

who will become useful and civilised members of the community. May the women of our country be fully knowledgeable and skilful. May this land of ours be blessed with its seasonal rain. May the plants and trees yield in adequate quantities for our subsistence. May this country of our thrive and flourish, be productive and populated and may who live here progress and prosper.” We all are very proud citizens of beautiful and prosperous country which we now call home. This country has given us love and acceptance and may we all work together in harmony and live peacefully in the beloved nation of ours.

May god bless Australia. Arya Samaj Queensland is thankful to all the

members and community for attending and taking part in Australia Day celebrations.

Yog and Meditation- Healing through knowledge Who can Practice Yoga, and When? Yoga can be practiced by anyone, in any stage of life. Ancient Indians recognized four stages (Ashram) of human life: 1.Bachelorhood (Brahmacarya Ashram) The term Brahmacaryarefers to the conduct of a religious student, a Brahman. The term also means "chastity," because people of that age were traditionally expected not to engage in sexual activity. This is a stage of growth and learning — one gains spiritual knowledge and learns worldly trades, which are later used to support oneself and society. Yoga can be practiced in this stage of life to enhance the ability to learn, and to grow strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. 2.Household life

(Grhastha Ashram) The term Grhasthameans "householder." In this stage, people work to sustain themselves and society. One cannot take care of anybody without taking care of oneself. People take on different professions during this stage of life, protecting the nation as soldiers, raising crops and animals, performing services, or joining the priesthood. Many are engaged in childbearing and raising a family. Since considerable time is spent in day-to-day activities, a subset of yogic practices called kriya-yoga was recommended for those with less time to devote. 3.Pre-renouncement (Vanaprastha Ashram) The term Vanaprastha means "heading toward the forest." Originally, people literally went into the forest to continue their spiritual

practices. This stage of life puts more emphasis on spiritual learning. A person gains expertise and may begin to teach in this phase of life. In today's society, we must recognize that we can do this anywhere. 4.Renouncement (Sanyaas Ashram) Sanyaasmeans "letting go," in the sense of abandoning the things of this world. It is associated with a growing awareness that nothing in life can be kept forever. Traditionally, this meant a renunciation of all worldly attachments. In ancient times they used to change their names so they cannot be contacted by relatives.(Continued in next issue) Please contact Jitendra Deo on 3273 3029 or logon more information and articles.

The Qualities of God, Soul and Matter At the dawn of every Creation, God takes Matter and makes it into five Elements, Space, Wind, Fire, Water and Earth, and composed them into a whole proportionately which is called the Cosmos . God makes the bodies out of the materials of the Cosmos which the Souls occupy, any object which grows or moves has presence of Soul. When Soul is removed from the body by death or otherwise it does not function and starts to decay, this is the normal or natural course or function of every created object from the Sun to a Microbe. God Soul and Matter are combined together to make this Cosmos. God is the Agential cause, and Matter is material cause. Souls are the purpose of this creation, from eternity to eternity. This is a perfect plan, and since it is perfect there is no room for revision, if any one has to make something, he has to find a maker, material


and purpose before reality is achieved. In every creation this procedure is adopted , perfection never under goes correction addition or subtraction, perfection is a quality of God. God is Perfect, eternal and all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere at the same time. Matter is eternal and cannot create itself, Souls are eternal, and have limited power to think and to act. Souls are innumerable in number or you may say countless, Souls can do most things like God in a limited way, but cannot create a Sun Moon, place and sustain them where they are as it cannot achieve any thing without creating a cause. Soul is the master of the whole body structure. The five cognitive senses send their respective messages to the mind, and the mind relays the messages to the intellect. The intellect then sends the messages to the Soul, which makes decision

of good and bad. The Ego gives the Soul the power to think individually. The eyes only function with light, the ears with wind, the nostrils with water, the tongue with water, the skin with feelings from earth. The five cognitive senses function because of space and gravity. The Souls of humans are influenced by impressions or Sanskaar's and the impressions are left in the memory bank for future references The five Cognitive senses are related to the five elements which are space Air, Sun, Water and Earth. If a person wants to do something, he has to use the cognitive senses and it could be one or more of the five elements. Please contact President: Jitendra Deo 3273 3029 or Secretary: Sunil Dutt 5613 3410 for information on activities of Arya Samaj Queensland or log on: www. Facebook Arya Samaj Qld





$40,000 O F F



U P T O 4 0 P R E M I U M U P G R A D E S I N C L U D E D#


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*Based on Sapphire inclusions prices dated 1st April 2019, from which the average price reduction is $33,250 for single storeys and $34,000 for double storeys. #Maximum of 40 upgrades for double storey homes and 35 upgrades for single storey homes. *#Available for new home preliminary agreements entered into, and initial deposits paid for homes in Clarendon Homes’ Collection range with Sapphire inclusions from 2nd December 2019 in QLD. Flooring, staircase, Hamptons kitchen, coffered ceiling, wainscot panels, front entry door and picture windows are not included in the price of homes with Sapphire inclusions. Full T&Cs’ at QBCC 80444.

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By Ml. Nawaaz Ashrafi Al-Isra’ &Al-Mi^raj Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the One Who exists without a place. To Him belong the endowments and proper commendations. May Allah raise the rank of Prophet Muhammad and his kind Al and Companions and protect his nation from what he fears for them. May the Lord of Heavens and Earth grant us the sincere intentions and guide us to the acceptable deeds. Thereafter, Allah sent the prophets as a mercy to the slaves and supported them with miracles to indicate the truthfulness of their message. Of all the prophets, our Prophet, Muhammad, was blessed with the most miracles. Al-Isra’ and al-Mi^raj are among the many miracles of Prophet Muhammad. The miracle of Al-Isra’ is confirmed in the Qur’an. In Surat al-Isra’, Ayah 1, Allah said: which means: [Praise be to Allah Who enabled His slave, Muhammad, to make the journey at night from Masjid al-Haram in Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, which is surrounded by a blessed land.] This journey is also confirmed in the sahih hadith. As such, there is scholarly consensus (ijma^) Prophet Muhammad journeyed in body and soul the night of al-Isra’ from Masjid alHaram in Makkah to Masjid al-Aqsain Jerusalem. Moreover, these scholars indicated the person who denies al-Isra’ is a blasphemer for belying the explicit text of the Qur’an. Before the Prophet took this night journey, the ceiling of the house in which he was staying was opened, and Jibril descended. He cut open the chest of Prophet Muhammad and washed that open area with Zamzam water. Then he emptied something from a container into the chest of the Prophet to increase his wisdom as well as the strength of his belief. This was done to prepare the Messenger of Allah for that which he had yet to see in the upper world from among the wonders of the creation of Allah. Al-Isra’ After the Prophet performed the Evening Prayer (^Isha’), Jibril came to him with a white animal, slightly larger than a donkey yet smaller than a mule. This animal was the buraq,–one of the animals of Paradise. Jibril held the buraq by his ear and told the Prophet to mount it. When the buraq was mounted, the Prophet set forth. The buraq is a very fast animal; the length of the buraq’s stride is the farthest distance it’s eye can see. The Prophet and Jibril arrived to a land with palm trees. Jibril told the Prophet to dismount and pray, so the Prophet dismounted the buraq and prayed two rak^as. Jibril asked him, “Do you know where you prayed?” and the Prophet answered, “Allah knows best.” Jibril told him, “This is Yathrib; this is Taybah. “.” (These are two names for the city of al-Madinah.) Before the Prophet emigrated to alMadinah, it was called Taybah and Yathrib. It earned the name al-Madinah after the Prophet emigrated to it. The buraq continued with the Prophet and Jibril until they reached another place. Again Jibril told the Prophet to get down and pray. The Prophet dismounted there and prayed two rak^as. Jibril informed the Prophet of the name of that place; it was Tur Sina’. Once again the buraq took off with the Prophet and Jibril.

Once again it stopped, and the Prophet dismounted and prayed two rak^as. This was in Bayt Lahm, where Prophet ^Isa (Jesus) was born. Then the buraq continued with the Messenger of Allah until they entered the city of Jerusalem. There the Prophet went to Masjid al-Aqsa. Outside was a ring used by the Messengers of Allah to tie their animals. The Prophet tied his buraq to this ring. Then the Prophet entered the masjid where Allah assembled for him all the Prophets–from Adam to ^Isa. Prophet Muhammad moved forward and led them all in prayer. This is an indication the Prophet is higher in status than all the rest of the prophets and messengers. 1- On Prophet Muhammad’s journey from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa, Allah enabled him to see some of His wondrous creations. Allah enabled the Prophet to see the world (dunya) like an old woman. However, this old woman was wearing a great deal of jewelry, and in this there is an indication signifying the reality of the world. 2- Allah enabled the Prophet to see Iblis. The Prophet saw something on the side of the road which did not dare to stand in his way or speak to him. What the Prophet saw was Iblis. Originally, Iblis was a believer and lived with the angels in Paradise. When Allah ordered the angels to prostrate (sujud) to Prophet Adam, Iblis was ordered to prostrate to him as well. The angels prostrated to Adam in obedience to Allah, because angels do not disobey Allah. However, Iblis did not obey, and he objected to the order of Allah. He said, “You created me out of fire, and You created him out of clay. How do You order me to prostrate to him?” So this objection by Iblis to the order of Allah was the first blasphemy he committed. 3- On his journey, the Prophet smelled a very nice odor. He asked Jibril about this pleasant scent and Jibril informed him this good smell was coming from the grave of the woman whose duty used to be to comb Pharaoh’s daughter’s hair. This woman was a good, pious believer. One day, as she was combing Pharaoh’s daughter’s hair, the comb fell from her hand. At this she said, “”Bismillah. “Pharaoh’s daughter asked her, “Do you have a god other than my father?” The woman said, “Yes. My Lord and the Lord of your father is Allah.” Pharaoh’s daughter told her father what had happened. Pharaoh demanded this woman blaspheme and leave Islam, but she refused. At that, Pharaoh threatened to kill her children. He brought a great pot of water and built a great fire under it. When the water boiled, Pharaoh brought her children and started to drop them into that pot one after the other. Throughout all this, the woman remained steadfast to Islam, even when Pharaoh reached her youngest child–a little boy still breast feeding–but she felt pity for him. At that, Allah enabled this child to speak. He said to his mother, “O Mother, be patient. The torture of the Hereafter is far more severe than the torture of this life, and do not be reluctant, because you are right.” At this the woman requested Pharaoh collect her bones and the bones of her children and bury them in the same grave. Pharaoh promised her that–then dropped her into that boiling water. She died as a martyr. The good odor the Prophet smelled coming from her grave is an indication of her


Isra & Miraj

high status. 4- During his trip, the Prophet saw people who were planting and reaping in two days. Jibril told the Prophet, “These were the people who fight for the sake of Allah (mujahidun). “).” 5- The Prophet also saw people whose lips and tongues were clipped with scissors made of fire. Jibril told the Prophet, “These are the speakers of sedition (fitna) who call people to misguidance.” 6- He also saw a bull which exited a very small outlet, then was trying in vain to return through that small outlet. Jibril told the Prophet, “This is the example of the bad word–once spoken, it cannot be returned.” 7- The Prophet saw people grazing like animals, with very little clothing on their private parts. Jibril told the Prophet, “These are the ones who refused to pay zakat. “.” 8- The Prophet saw angels smashing some people’s heads with rocks. These heads would return to the shape they had been, and then the angels would smash their heads again–and so on. Jibril told the Prophet, “These are the ones whose heads felt too heavy to perform prayer–the ones who used to sleep without praying.” 9- On his journey the Prophet saw people who were competing to eat some rotten meat–ignoring meat that was sliced and unspoiled. Jibril told the Prophet, “These are people from your nation who leave out that which is permissible (halal), and consume that which is forbidden ((haram). “This reference was to the fornicators, that is, the ones who left out the permissible (marriage) and committed sins (fornication). 10- Also, the Prophet saw people who were drinking from the fluid coming from the bodies of the fornicators, (water mixed with blood). Jibril indicated to the Prophet these were the ones who were drinking the alcohol which is prohibited in this world. 11- The Prophet saw people scratching their faces and chests with brass finger nails. Jibril said, “These are the examples of those who commit gossip ((ghibah). “).”

Al-Mi^raj 1- After the Prophet took this night journey from Masjid al-Haram to Masjid al-Aqsa, he ascended to the upper heavens. The Prophet ascended to the heaven on stairs, called almirqat, in which one step is made of gold and the next of silver, and so on. These stairs are veiled from us. The Prophet ascended these stairs until he reached the first heaven. When the Prophet and Jibril arrived at the first heaven, Jibril requested the gate to be opened. The angel assigned to that gate asked Jibril, “Who is with you?” Jibril answered, “It is Muhammad.” The angel asked Jibril, “Was he dispatched? Is it time for him to ascend to the heaven?” Jibril said, “Yes.” So, the gate was opened for him, and Prophet Muhammad entered the first heaven. There, Prophet Muhammad saw Prophet Adam. To Adam’s right, the Prophet saw some bodies, and to Adam’s left, other bodies. If Adam would look to his right he would laugh, and if he would look to his left he would cry. Adam was seeing the souls of his descendants. Those on his right were his descendants who would die as believers and those on his left were his descendants who would die as non-believers. Then the Prophet ascended to the second heaven. In this

second heaven was where Prophet Muhammad saw Prophets ^Isa and Yahya. ^Isa and Yahya are cousins; their mothers were sisters. They welcomed the Prophet and made supplication (du^a’) for him for good things. The Prophet ascended to the third heaven, where he found Prophet Yusuf. Prophet Yusuf was extremely handsome. Allah bestowed half the beauty on Yusuf. Yusuf received the Prophet with a warm welcome and made supplication (du^a’) for him for good things. Then the Prophet ascended to the fourth heaven, where he found Prophet Idris. Idris welcomed the Prophet and made supplication (du^a’) for him for good things. In the fifth heaven, the Prophet encountered Harun, the brother of Prophet Musa. In the sixth heaven, he encountered Prophet Musa. Each of these Prophets received Prophet Muhammad with a warm welcome and made supplication (du^a’)’) for him for good things. Then the Prophet ascended to the seventh heaven, and that is where our Messenger saw Prophet Ibrahim. Prophet Ibrahim is the best of the prophets after our prophet, Muhammad. The Prophet saw Prophet Ibrahim with his back against al-Bayt al-Ma^mur. To the inhabitants of the skies, al-Bayt al-Ma^mur is like the Ka^bah is to us, the inhabitants of the earth. Every day 70,000 angels go there; then exit from it, and never return. The next day another 70,000 angels go, come out, and never return. This will continue until the Day of Judgment. In this, there is an indication as to the greatness of the numbers of the angels–their numbers are far more than the numbers of the humans and the jinns together. In the seventh heaven, Prophet Muhammad saw Sidrat al-Muntaha–a very big tree of sidr. Each of the fruits of this tree is as large as a big jar. The leaves of this tree are similar to the ears of the elephants. Sidrat al-Muntahais an extremely beautiful tree. It is visited by butterflies made of gold. When these butterflies gather on this tree, its beauty is beyond description. Then the Prophet ascended to what is beyond the seven skies; he entered Paradise. He saw examples of the inhabitants of Paradise and how their situation would be. He saw most of the inhabitants of Paradise are the poor people. The Prophet saw other things on the night of his ascension. He saw Malik, the angel in charge of the Hellfire. Malik did not smile at the Prophet when he saw him, and the Prophet asked why. In answer to the Prophet’s question, Jibril said, “Malik did not smile since the day Allah created him. Had he smiled for anyone, he would have smiled for you.” In Paradise, the Prophet saw some of the bounties Allah prepared for the inhabitants of Paradise. He saw the Hurul-^In: females Allah created who are not humans or jinn. They are in Paradise and will be married to those men Allah willed them to marry. The Prophet saw the wildanul-mukhalladun: creations of Allah who are not human, jinn, or angels. They are a very beautiful creation of Allah whose appearance is like laid-out pearls. They are servants of the inhabitants of Paradise. The least in status of the People of Paradise will have 10,000 wildanul-mukhalladun to serve him. Each one of them would carry a tray of gold in

one hand and a tray of silver in the other hand. The Prophet saw the Throne (^Arsh), which is the ceiling of Paradise. The Throne is the largest creation of Allah in size; Allah did not create anything bigger in size than it. The seven heavens and the earth in comparison to the Kursiyy, are like a ring thrown in a desert, and the Kursiyy in comparison to the Throne, is like a ring thrown in a desert. The seven heavens and the earth in comparison to the Throne are like a seed of mustard compared to the ocean. Allah created the Throne as a sign of His Power and He did not create the Throne to sit on it. Allah created the Throne to show His Power. It is carried by four angels, and on the Day of Judgment, it will be carried by eight. The Prophet said he was permitted to speak about one of these angels who carry the Throne. In describing this angel, the Prophet told us the distance between his ear lobe and shoulder is the distance a fast-flying bird would cover in 700 years. Then the Prophet ascended beyond Paradise. He reached a place where he heard the creaking of the pens used by the angels who are copying from the Preserved Tablet. It is at that location Prophet Muhammad heard the Kalam of Allah, which is an attribute of the Self of Allah. He heard the Kalam of Allah which does not resemble our speech–so it is not something that occurs bit after bit. It is not letter after letter or a word that comes after another word. Rather, it is an attribute of Allah which is eternal and everlasting. It does not resemble our attributes. The Kalam of Allah has neither silence nor interruptions. It is an attribute of Allah, and it does not resemble the attributes of the creation. The Prophet understood several things from hearing this Kalam of Allah. He understood the obligation of the five Obligatory Prayers. At first, Allah obligated fifty prayers. When Prophet Muhammad encountered Musa, Musa told him to make supplication (du^a’) to his Lord to ease the obligation of fifty (50) prayers, because his nation could not handle that. Musa said, “I have experience with the people of Israel, and I know your nation cannot bear that.” So the Prophet asked his Lord to lessen these prayers for his people. Five prayers were eliminated. Once again, Musa told the Prophet to ask Allah to lessen the number of prayers. Allah did. Nine times the Prophet made supplication to Allah to lessen these prayers–until these prayers were lessened to five Obligatory Prayers. So Prophet Musa was a great benefit to us. Had we been obligated to pray fifty prayers a day, this would have been a difficult matter for us. From the Kalam of Allah, the Prophet also understood that a good deed would be written for the person who intends to do a good deed, even if he did not do it. Also, the good deed performed would be registered for he who performs it as at least ten good deeds–up to 700 good deeds. For some people, Allah would multiply the reward of their deeds more than that. Additionally, if one performs a bad deed, it is registered for him as one bad deed; yet for he who inclines towards committing a bad deed and then refrains from committing it, a good deed would be registered for him. Here one should note the difference between two matters. If a thought crossed a person’s

mind about doing something sinful, and this person wavered in this thinking, i.e., considered whether he should do it or not, then he refrained from doing this for the sake of Allah, this is written as a good deed. However, if a person has the firm intention in his heart that he wants to commit a sin, it would be written for him as a sin, even if he does not do it. The Prophet Returns to Makkah After all these matters took place with the Prophet, he returned to the city of Makkah. Some scholars said the Prophet’s journey took about one-third of the night, i.e., his journey from Makkah to Jerusalem, then to the heavens and what is above them, and then back to Makkah the next day the Prophet told the people what happened to him the previous night. The blasphemers belied the Prophet and mocked him, saying, “We need a month to get there and back, and you are claiming to have done all this in one night?” They said to Abu Bakr, “Look at what your companion is saying. He says he went to Jerusalem and came back in one night.” Abu Bakr told them, “If he said that, then he is truthful. I believe him concerning the news of the heavens–that an angel descends to him from the heavens. How could I not believe he went to Jerusalem and came back in a short period of time– when these are on earth?” At that, the Companion, Abu Bakr, was called “as-Siddiq”–because of how strongly he believed in all what the Prophet said. The blasphemous people questioned the Prophet: “If you are truthful, then describe to us Masjid al-Aqsa and its surroundings.” They asked this because they knew Prophet Muhammad had never been there before the previous night. Allah enabled the Messenger to see Masjid al-Aqsa, and he described the masjid and its surroundings in exact detail. Moreover, the Prophet said, “On my way back, I saw some of your shepherds grazing their animals in a particular location. They were searching for a camel they had lost.” The Prophet continued by giving the description of the camel. When these shepherds came back, they told their people what happened to them– precisely as the Prophet had already told them. These blasphemers admitted the Prophet’s description was exact. Despite that, they were still stubborn and rejected the faith. They did not accept Islam. Only those whom Allah willed to be guided, will be guided. The person whom Allah did not will to be guided, will not believe–regardless of how much explanation or how many proofs he is shown. The person whom Allah willed to be guided, surely he will be a believer. Many people witnessed miracles and still did not believe. Many people witnessed the miracle of the Prophet’s splitting of the moon. Those who refused to embrace Islam said, “This is magic. Muhammad played a magic trick on our eyes.” They even asked the people of a faraway land who witnessed the moon split in two. Despite this, they still did not believe. They said, “The magic of Muhammad is powerful; it even reached the faraway lands!” This was their response to witnessing a miracle–instead of believing and becoming Muslims. We ask Allah that we would all die as Muslims. We ask Allah to bestow on us the bounty of entering Paradise without torture. And Allah knows best.

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Newsletter 158-110

Panguni/Phalguna Month (mid-March 2020 to mid-April 2020) Festivals Dear Sri Selva Vinayaka devotees, Hindu Ahlaya Sangam Qld Inc (HASQ) cordially invites you to Sri Selva Vinayakar Temple Brisbane (South Maclean) for Panguni/ Phalguna Month Festivals.

Sri Ayyapan Meena Rasi Masa Abishekam/Panguni Maasa Pirappu (Phalguna month ) on Saturday 14 March 2020 Lalitha Sahastranama Stotram Chanting on Sunday 15 March 2020 Pirathosha Viratham on Saturday 21 March & Monday 6 April 2020 Monthly Chathurthi Viratham on Saturday 28 March 2020 Sri Rama Navami on Thursday 02 April 2020 Vishnu Shastranamam & Paaraayanam on Sunday 5 April 2020 Sri Selva Vinayakar Mahotsawam starts with Kodi Eatrum on 6 Monday April 2020 Panguni Utharam on Tuesday 07 April 2020 Sankatakara Chathurthi on Saturday 07 April 2020 Powrnami & SathyaNarayanar Poojai on Wednesday 08 April 2020 Sri Selva Vinayakar Chariot Festival /Hindu New Year Saarvari Varusham Starts on Tuesday 14 April 2020 Visit Brisbane Sri Selva Vinayakar (Ganesha) Temple and get the Blessing of Lord Ganesha. For further information please contact our Temple or the Secretary Mr: M.Surendra on Mobile-0407-753991

Temple Website: Follow us on (click the icons): 4915-4923, Mt Lindesay Highway, South Maclean, Queensland-4280, Australia, Phone: +61 7 5547 7302


NE W L AND RELE A SE OF PREMIUM HOME SITE S Located 35 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and nestled amongst the rolling fairways of the Greg Norman designed Championship golf course, this is fairway living at its finest. With an architecturally-designed home, emerald green fairways on your doorstep and a concierge service on call, the Dress Circle land release at Brookwater is a combination of luxuries that offer a life that’s truly unique. Brookwater is ideally located within 5 minutes’ drive of both private and public schools, major shopping centre and commuter rail to the city. We would like to extend a warm invitation for you to explore the various living options through our Complimentary Experiences. Please contact us directly on or by phone 3814 5177 to book your experience with us today.

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Rental values on the up as investment properties throughout the previous property upswing absorbed capital cities. Across the combined capital cities, rental rates were 0.5% higher over the month, with a weekly median rental value of $467. This is now $82 higher than the combined regional markets, where the median rental value sits at $385/week. The difference between capital city and combined regional rents narrowed against high levels of new supply in capital city regions, which slowed rental growth. Now that the lack of supply is starting to tighten rental markets in capital cities once more, this dynamic may change over 2020. The analysis showed over the month, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart saw the fastest rental increases (each rising 0.7%), followed by Adelaide (0.6%), Perth (0.5%) and Melbourne and Darwin (0.4%). Brisbane experienced the slowest rental growth over the month, at 0.3%. Despite the relatively low growth in the dwelling rental index in Brisbane over the month, this is the highest monthly result for the Brisbane in a year. Sydney is the most expensive city for rentals with a median dwelling rental value in January 2020 of $574/week.

This is despite downward pressure on rents from high levels of property investment during the 2012-17 upswing. Year-on-year, Sydney rent values have fallen, but the rate of decline is shrinking. Median rents across Canberra came in only $18 lower than Sydney, making it the second most expensive market to rent a dwelling across the nation. Rent Review Highlights: • National rents increased 0.5% over the month of January, and increased 0.7% on a quarterly basis to be 1.3%

Week ending 8 March 2020

CoreLogic Auction Market Preview Auctions this week

Upcoming auctions




There are 52% fewer homes scheduled for auction across the combined capital cities this week, with CoreLogic tracking 1,440 scheduled auctions, after last week saw volumes reach their highest levels since late Nov- Dec last year (3,026).












As Victoria welcomes a long weekend with the Labour Day public holiday this coming Monday, the Melbourne auction market is expected to slow with significantly fewer scheduled auctions over the week (390). This comes off the back of the busiest week the city has seen since late October 2018 last week, when 1,612 homes were taken to auction across the city.

Location: Rainbow Bay, Queensland

A quarterly review of national rents (www.corelogic. by CoreLogic showed that rents surged 0.5% higher over the month to January 2020 to record a current median rental value of $440/week. According to Eliza Owen who heads up the company’s residential research division, this was the highest monthly growth rate in the national rental index since January 2018. Eliza Owen said, “It is clear that the rental market is starting to gain momentum again as the investment properties from the previous upswing are absorbed, and new development levels have moderated. This means tenants can expect higher rents in most capital cities.” “Hobart presents a continued crisis in the rental market, with the strongest growth in rents, a tight level of vacancy, and a growing short term rental accommodation market crowding out longterm tenants.” The CoreLogic hedonic rental index has been in an upswing since September 2019. It follows the start of the rise in purchase prices in June 2019, and a decline of new dwelling construction in most

higher over the year. • Capital city rents are 0.7% higher over the quarter and 0.8% higher year-onyear while regional market rents are 0.8% higher over the quarter to be 2.8% higher over the past 12 months. • Each of the capital city dwelling markets experienced a month-on-month increase in rent values, led by Sydney, Hobart and the Canberra where rent values were up 0.7% in January. However, Sydney was one of two capital city markets to still have lower rent values year-on-year. • In January 2020, Sydney

remained the most expensive rental market, with a current median rental value of $574/week. The differential between Sydney and the second most expensive rental market, Canberra, has trended down over time. As Canberra rents increased to $556/week over January, the difference between the two was just $18. • Darwin was the only capital city to see declines over the three months to January (-0.3%), and saw the largest rental value decrease over the year (-1.9%). • Gross rental yields are

currently recorded at 3.79% nationally compared to 3.81% at the end of the previous month, and 4.01% a year ago. • Rental yields were higher over the year in Hobart, Perth and Adelaide, but declined in the rest of the capital city markets. Combined regional markets saw a slight increase in rental yields over the year, compared with a 15 basis point decline across the combined capital city markets. Download the report at: quarterlyrentreview.

Summary of last week’s results Last week, the strength of the auction market was tested as volumes rose across the combined capital cities with over 3,000 homes taken to auction, returning a success rate of 73.9%; the highest result not only this year, but the highest since August last year when volumes were much lower however. The last time the final weighted average clearance rate maintained strength across such a high volume of auctions was back in early 2017. In Melbourne, 1,612 auctions took place last week returning a final clearance rate of 74.8%, making it the busiest week the city has seen since March 2018 when clearance rates were tracking roughly 10 percentage points lower. Over the week prior, a higher 76.1% of the 1,248 auctions reported a successful result. There were 1,087 Sydney auctions last week, returning a 76.6% final auction clearance rate, making it the best performing capital city auction market last week. Coming in higher than the 74.5% the week prior when a lower 963 auctions were held. Across the smaller auction markets Canberra returned the highest final clearance rate of 69.5%, followed by Brisbane (60.5%) and Adelaide (56.4%), while only 29.4% of auctions were successful across Perth. Clearance rate

Total auctions

CoreLogic auction results

Cleared auctions

Uncleared auctions

Sydney sub-regions Central Coast






Baulkham Hills and Hawkesbury












City and Inner South






Eastern Suburbs






Inner South West






Inner West






North Sydney and Hornsby






Northern Beaches






Outer South West





Outer West and Blue Mountains


















South West


















Inner East






Inner South






North East






North West







Outer East






South East













Mornington Peninsula









Capital city auction statistics (Final) - w/e 1 March 2020 Clearance rate

Total auctions

CoreLogic auction results











































Weighted Average







Cleared auctions

Uncleared auctions

Weekly clearance rate, combined capital cities


In Sydney, scheduled volumes are expected to be lower across the city, with 796 homes set to go under the hammer this week, lower than the 1,087 auctions held last week at final figures. Perth is the only capital city market expected to see a rise in volumes over the week, with volumes set to be lower across Adelaide (-25.9%), Brisbane (-17.6%), Canberra (-50.6%) and Tasmania (1 scheduled auction).



Melbourne sub-regions

Regional auction results














Gold Coast






Sunshine Coast













Weekly auction clearance rate

4 week average

Mar 09 Mar 10 Mar 11 Mar 12 Mar 13 Mar 14 Mar 15 Mar 16 Mar 17 Mar 18 Mar 19 Mar 20

CoreLogic, on average, collects 90% of auction results each week. Clearance rates are calculated across properties that have been taken to auction over the past week.

40 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2020 Media enquires contact: Mitch Koper, CoreLogic National Communications Manager – 1300 472 767 or

CoreLogic Auction Market Preview Released Thursday, 5/03/2020

“ 16

17 18 19

2020 21 22 23 Providence parklands, 4:29pm

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Hepatitis and Vaccination Have you ever had a What are the vaccinations for Hepatitis? For hepatitis A, a vaccine is availableand is recommended for anyone travelling overseas to a country where the level of sanitation may be reduced, including access to clean water and for anyone visiting rural areas. If you have been exposed to hepatitis A in the past, you will have antibodies. This means that you will never get the infection again. If you have antibodies, you do not need a vaccination. To check if you need a vaccination see your doctor to get a blood test to check. For hepatitis B, there is a vaccine. Anyone born in Australia after the year 2000 will have been given the vaccine at birth and in the 6 months after birth. If you were born before the year 2000, or born outside of Australia, you should have a blood check to see if you need the vaccine. Some people may have

been exposed to the virus and developed antibodies, which like hepatitis A will protect against future infections. If you migrated to Australia, routine checking for hepatitis B is not performed, so you should ask your GP for a blood test. If you have the virus you cannot have the vaccination, and will need life-long monitoring as having the virus can cause damage to your liver and even liver cancer and death. There is treatment for hepatitis B to help protect your body and liver, however, at this time there is no cure for the hepatitis B virus. There is

no such thing as a healthy carrier of hepatitis B. For hepatitis C, there is no vaccine available. However, there is a simple but very effective treatment that can cure the virus. Like for hepatitis B, people who migrate to Australia are not routinely checked for the virus. Many people have hepatitis B and C and do not know they have the virus. This can lead to damage to their body and also means they can potentially pass the virus to another person. It is easy to check, just ask your GP for a simple blood test, it may save your life.

Hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and Sexual Health Program Ethnic Communities Council of Queensland (ECCQ)

medical or dental procedure performed overseas?

In the past, and still to this day, around the world the re-use of medical and dental equipment was very common. Whilst equipment may have been cleaned, it may not have been sterilised. In Australia, there are strict regulations regarding the use of disposable equipment and sterilisation of reusable equipment. It is important that wherever you may have any kind of procedures performed you ensure appropriate infection control measures are used. Correct sterilisation of equipment kills viruses that may pass from one person to another in the blood. It only takes a tiny amount of blood (so small you cannot see it) to pass a virus from one person to another. Anyone who has had a medical or dental procedure

performed overseas particularly in South East Asian countries, African countries or other developing nations, may have been exposed toblood borne viruses such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV. Medical procedures include routine vaccinations, simple and complex surgeries such as stitches to cuts, cosmetic procedures, blood transfusions etc. Other practices such as tattooing, piercings and scarification (traditional practices) using traditional equipment can result in the transmission of viruses. When migrating to Australia, people are not routinely checked for hepatitis B or C, and even if you visit a GP or hospital for treatment of any kind, routine checking for these viruses does not occur.

It is easy to check if you have, or have ever had these viruses by asking your GP for a blood test. If you travel overseas for a medical or dental procedure it is important to check that the facility has good sterilisation practices, and if available they use disposable equipment, before you have the procedure. For more information about Viral Hepatitis please contact ECCQ: Website: health Phone: 07-3255 1540 Email: If you live in Cairns, you can also contact: HIV, Viral Hepatitis, Sexual Health Coordinator Cairns Sexual Health Service 381 Sheridan St, Cairns North, QLD, 4870 Ph: 4226 4760

Achieve beautiful hands and nails that say what you want about you! Nimisha Modi

Hetvi Hair & Beauty 0412350013 Hey Girls, do you suffer from dry skin, dehydrated cuticles, hang nails, flaking, brittle and discoloured nails? If you do then keep reading for beauty cubes ‘back to basics’ tips on all round hand and nail care. ‘Beauty comes from within’ – review your diet Are you getting enough vitamins, minerals and protein? The essential ones for skin, and nails are A, C & E along with calcium, selenium and essential fatty acids, otherwise known as omega 3. These will all maintain overall skin and nail health, and good sources of these to include in your diet are: • Low fat dairy products. i.e. natural yoghurt • Cereals (sugar free variety) • Carrots, leafy greens – spinach is excellent & broccoli too • Sweet potatoes, excellent baked or roasted • Forest fruits, i.e. strawberries, blackberries & blueberries • Mixed nuts such as brazils, almonds, walnuts & pecans (unsalted) • Cold pressed vegetable oils i.e. extra virgin olive, add to salads and soups • Raw seeds such as pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and poppy seeds,

add to dressings



‘Water alert’ – choose your fluids wisely Cut down if you can on caffeine and alcohol, which naturally dehydrate and draw nutrition away from the skin and its associated cell membranes. Opt if you can for antioxidant rich beverages such as green and white tea, and naturally sweet antioxidant rich fruit juices such as pink grapefruit, orange and apple. ‘Smooth your troubles away’ – gentle exfoliation is key Use a good exfoliator once a week, to slough away any dead skin cells that make the skin look dull and slow down cell renewal. Gentle stimulation of the skin will improve circulation, and ensure a speedy delivery of nutrients to the cuticle and nail bed areas. This weekly treatment will also allow a greater absorption of any hand cream applied thereafter on a daily basis. The product ingredients will penetrate deeper into the base cells, which in turn will ensure the best results from your selected hand treatment. ‘A girl’s best friend’ – crystal files are your secret weapon! These really do work! They seal the end of the nail


free edge, and keep nails looking tidy and neatly shaped if used correctly. It’s best to file in one direction in 3 simple steps, side to middle to side, up, across and down. For a natural look shape in an oval finish, and for a more polished and professional finish go for a square shaped look. Remember to always file first before immersing the hands in water or applying any topical treatments. ‘The final finish’ – pure white For natural looking, white nail tips, use a slice of lemon or the juice on a regular basis as a add in treatment, to soak

These really do work! They seal the end of the nail free edge, and keep nails looking tidy and neatly shaped if used correctly. It’s best to file in one direction in 3 simple steps, side to middle to side, up, across and down. For a natural look shape in an oval finish, and for a more polished and professional finish go for a square shaped look. Remember to always file first before immersing the hands in water or applying any topical treatments.

the nails in a small bowl of lukewarm water. Do for a maximum of five minutes, which will ensure that

its gradual, and natural whitening effects over time will result. The water will also soften the cuticles, before any exfoliation or treatments to follow this take place. Dont forget – ‘a girls golden rule’… Always apply a good quality hand cream daily, ideally first thing in the morning to

protect and last thing at night to repair. Watch this space for beauty review of the best hand creams available. Pair with this another handbag essential, a white nail pencil to use under the free edge of the nail. These are great while you are on the go and my best revealed secret yet for naturally healthy looking nails. With this you won’t need to apply varnish again, unless for a special occasion, and your nails will be in a much better condition as a result. The chemicals in nail polishes can strip the nail of natural oils, causing dry and brittle nails over prolonged use with time. And finally… Beauty tip: apply hand cream before applying those marigolds and washing up! The heat from the water will allow for greater absorption of your products ingredients, also a great ritual for those that easily forget to apply their hand care daily! Alternatively invest in some natural cotton gloves, and use with your favourite hand cream while watching tv, doing the housework or whilst asleep etc… zzzZ...girls get your beauty sleep too for improved results! Hope this will help you. Take care and see you next month. Nimisha from Hetvi Hair & Beauty.

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Now offering new patients $1,000 OFF their IVF cycle or a Bulk-Billed Frozen Embryo Transfer* *This offer is valid until 30th June 2020. Additional T&Cs apply.

City Fertility wishes you a bright and colourful Holi Experience the City Fertility difference

Call 1300 354 354 and quote “Indian Times” * Terms and conditions: This offer is exclusive to the Indian Times readers and is valid until the 30th of June 2020 for a consultation with one of our specialists. This offer is limited to either $1,000 OFF your first IVF cycle or a bulk-billed Frozen Embryo Transfer with City Fertility and is not applicable to egg freezing cycles. This offer is only applicable to new patients at City Fertility. Additional costs may apply such as fees associated with the hospital admission and medications. Patients can opt-out of this offer at any time. Call: 07 38656533


Bangladeshis help Bushfire Victims Sarat (Reg) Maharaj Australia is blessed with the richness of a diverse community. When the going is good, we all celebrate and enjoy together. But, when the going is not so good, we all join hands to ensure that everyone is looked after. The Bangladeshi Association in Brisbane Inc (BAB) did just that when the bush fires were in a rage of destroying properties and people's livelihood. BAB Sports Secretary, Shahidul Islam (Romen), phoned me and said ‘members of BAB wish to organise a Car Rally to raise funds for bushfire victims’. Romen, with BAB’s President, Dr Mohammed Zahirul Islam (Zahir) & members had it all planned well with the finest of details in place. He also said that all funds raised

will be given to Lions Clubs for appropriate use on the ground in affected areas, because Lions Clubs were already working hands-on in the affected areas. The Car Rally from Oxley to Springfield was extremely successful. It generated $500.00 dollars on the day. ‘It was worth the effort’, Romen said afterwards. ‘People enjoyed the event, and were willing to donate to the bushfire appeal, for which BAB is so grateful’. The money was handed over to President of Boondall Lions Club, Reg Maharaj. In thanking the efforts of Bangladeshi Association in Brisbane, Lion Reg said that members of BAB have done a sterling job raising the funds. ‘The money will be used together with other funds raised by Lions Clubs across Australia to

“In the photo Bangladeshi Association in Brisbane President, Dr Mohammed Zahirul Islam (Zahir) & Sports Secretary, Shahidul Islam (Romen) handed over $500.00 to President of Boondall Lions Club, Lion Sarat Maharaj (Reg) & two other members of the Club”. rehabilitate the bushfire victims’, Lion Reg said.

Dr Mohammed Zahirul Islam (Zahir) is an ex-LEO

from Bangladesh. So he is well versed with what Lions

Clubs across the world do for the community in need. LEO’s are the younger members of the Lions Clubs International which has 1.4 million members in 210 different countries with 46,000 clubs. In Australia, there are 1,200 Lions Clubs. Anyone can join a Lions Club close to wherever you live. Boondall Lions Club has been working with various community groups with diverse backgrounds to serve the needy locally, statewide, nationwide, and internationally. Lion Reg said ‘there are many community-service-minded people in every diverse community. We already have discussed bigger & better events in the future to raise funds for other community projects. The synergy effect of joint efforts will be enormous’.

Queensland Premier hold reception for International Women’s Day

Queensland premier Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk on Wednesday 4th March held a high-level reception marking International Women’s Day. The reception was held at the 41st level of 1 William Street in the multipurpose rooms with panoramic view of Southbank. Kay McGrath, former weekend presenter at Seven News, and co-chair of Queensland Governments domestic and family violence prevention Council as the host welcomed everyone to the reception and Maroochy Barambah gave a wonderful ‘Welcome to Country’ followed. Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk welcomed everyone to the reception and thanked everyone for the contribution they are making in empowering women. She said she was proud to lead a government that had gender equality, sitting at 52%. She reiterated that women today are free to decidetheir future and their careers, no longer are they subject to laws made by men 48 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, March, 2020

Kay McGrath, former weekend presenter at Seven News, and co-chair of Queensland Governments domestic and family violence prevention Council as the host welcomed everyone to the reception and Maroochy Barambah gave a wonderful ‘Welcome to Country’ followed. for them. She emphasised the need to address domestic violence which Queensland Government delivers via domestic and family violence prevention engagement and communication strategy. Minister the Honourable Di Palmer, minister for Child safety, Youth and Women and Minister for prevention of Domestic and Family Violence elaborated on this topic. The cocktail reception was attended by a large number of cabinet members , past and present commissioners , key community leadersand supporting organisations

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march 2020

Aries ( 21st March to 20th April )

Taurus ( 21st April to 21st May )

Gemini ( 22nd May to 21st June )

During this phase, thanks to your positive attitude and brilliant performance, you might get noticed by your superiors at work. For businessmen, this month promises positive growth as well. This month may offer several benefits to traders as well as commission agents. There might be some romance in store for you. Those who are married, their relationship with their spouse might remain cordial and healthy. During this phase there might be some romance in store for you. Those who are married, their relationship with their spouse might remain cordial and healthy. During this phase, you may do well to try and exercise control over unwanted expenses. Salaried individuals may get transferred to a location of their choice. Businessmen dealing in iron, steel, aluminium, and other metals, may make a substantial amount of progress. Every moment you spend with your loved one may be unforgettable. During this phase, the atmosphere within your family might be pleasant, and your popularity among friends might increase. This time may see businessmen travel abroad to expand their business. Metal businesses, especially those in the realm of iron, steel and aluminium might flourish this month. Partnerships might be successful during this phase. You may do well to control your anger. This phase might see you meet someone of the opposite sex. you may also get financial support from your in-laws. Beware of developing some minor skin disease. If your business has overseas branches, their performance might be amazing during this phase. Businesses related to auto parts and peripherals might thrive during the month. For salaried people, there might be a promotion or a salary increment. On the romantic front, you and your lover might enjoy some intimate time together. try to keep a check on your temper tantrums.

If you happen to be in the communication or brokerage business, you might need to pay more attention to the smaller details of your trade. Salaried individuals may be able to retain amicable relationships with their superiors and colleagues at work. On the love front, there might be lots of romantic evenings in store for you. Singles might need to get ready to mingle. Businessmen may receive some excellent news. Exporting their products might prove beneficial. At work, if you maintain a slack and non-cooperative attitude with your colleagues, you may be overburdened at work. Married couples may need to watch out for each other's health. On the family front, all your relatives and siblings might extend their wholehearted support to your professional growth. Beware of being troubled by body ache, especially at night. During this phase, your relationship with your superiors may remain satisfactory. Your existing customers may be very happy with you thanks to your good after sales service. At your office, the atmosphere may be jovial and friendly. This month may be bright and promising for students. Teachers, professors and mentors of your institute may be more than willing to guide you, whenever you need help. If you have any business branches overseas, their performance may be simply outstanding. Partnerships might do exceedingly well during this time. You may be required to go abroad frequently, for the sake of your business's expansion. Students might be able to find a job, and implement their idea of 'earning while learning'. Students looking to gain admission into a university of their choice might be disappointed.

This phase might be very favourable to contractors working on a commission basis. This phase may also be a great time for supplying your products to various government departments. Those working in the communication and telecom industry need to exercise caution. Students might be full of positivity and self-confidence. They may face minor hindrances with regards to visa processing and other travel documents. Singles might find their love interest during this phase. Businessmen may rapidly expand their business. Manufacturers may be able to successfully supply their products to existing as well as new clients.Those in the brokerage or commission business may prosper as well. Students might do well to know their priorities and remain focused. Teachers and mentors may be full of appreciation for them. Students might be able to outperform everyone in competitive exams. For businessmen, a set of new orders may be expected from government, semi-government and corporate sector firms. If you have been considering opening branches overseas, now might be the best time. Students who wish to go abroad for higher studies may succeed. Students might want to attend additional coaching classes, to enhance their knowledge further. Salaried employees may be able to truly impress their superiors at work. Businesses related to agricultural and dairy products might do very well, financially. Students might need to be positive and remember to stay strong. They might do well not to be disheartened by sudden change in institutional policies or exam delays.

Cancer ( 22nd June to 22nd July )

Leo ( 23rd July to 22nd August )

Virgo ( 23rd August to 22nd September )

During this phase, your business may face service related issues, with important clients. This phase may be hectic for salaried individuals. Relationships with superiors may remain amicable. However, at times, business opportunities may be lost. Students may need to cope with academic stress, and learn time management. They might do well to seek advice from their mentors. This might be a great time, as you may fall in love. You may also increase your social circle during this phase. You may receive a financial benefit from your in-laws, on a special occasion. You may also feel thrilled with the progress of your children. Except a few ups and downs, your health may remain in top notch condition. However, you may feel an irritating or burning sensation in your body. Exercise regularly, for that may help. During this phase, you may do well to conduct business and supply goods against advance payments. Real estate deals may be profitable. Firms who deal with technical consultations, especially with the government or semi-government organisations may do well. Salaried employees may be recognised for their hard work and diligence. This might be a blissful month for students. Those students wishing to go abroad for higher studies might succeed, and students sitting for competitive exams might succeed. During this phase, there may be a lot of business tours, for expanding and growing your business. For salaried employees in the private sector, this might be a tough phase. This may be a great month, as far as education is concerned. Some students might avail scholarships. Students might pass competitive exams with a brilliant score.

During this month, entertainment, decoration and cosmetic businesses might thrive. Traders and manufacturers may both benefit, equally. Salaried employees may do well not to argue with their superiors. This month might be good for all hardworking students, and diligence, concentration, focus and hard work need to be their main mantras. A lot of effort and perseverance may be required, for the upcoming exams. During this phase, you may be able to clear all past misunderstandings with your friends. Additionally, you may be happy with the independent and positive outlook of your children. The academic growth they exhibit may also be very impressive. During this phase, your siblings may be full of love and respect for you. Your energy and vigour may help you cope with hectic situations and big workloads. Take an occasional break. It might do you good. This month might see readymade garments, hosiery, apparel, entertainment and cosmetic businesses thrive. Traders and commission agents may both earn fantastically. Students who appear for various competitive exams, may achieve excellent results. Students may bubble with energy and enthusiasm, through the month. Salaried employees may not get the amount of cooperation they desire from their superiors. You may have issues completing assigned tasks within the stipulated time. Retailers, wholesalers and commission businessmen may do exceedingly well. Focus, concentration and hard work need to be the mantra for students this month. Students may also need to put in extra efforts to ace competitive exams.

During this phase, businesses may seem to thrive. This may be a particularly favourable phase, for those in the communication and telecom industry. Your business dealings may help you become more professional. Your touring with regards to work might also increase. Those working day jobs may see some unprecedented career growth. Students may be able to increase their knowledge, and get admission into a university or institution of their choice. This might be a particularly lucrative month for real-estate contractors, and people associated with the communication and telecom industry. Salaried employees may be offered either a salary raise or a promotion. Students may be able to concentrate better when it comes to preparing for any competitive exam of their choice. There is a high chance students might do really well in these exams. This may be a great phase for salaried employees, as they may be presented with numerous growth opportunities. Colleagues at work may help salaried employees reach all the goals they have set. For workers, their efficiency and work performance might be at its peak. Businessmen might be successful during this month as well. For students, this may be a good time as they may avail admission to the school or university of their choice. Any hard work and diligence that students invest in their studies might pay off. During this phase, businesses in the realm of academics, teaching and coaching classes might thrive. Contractors or entrepreneurs who are engaged in the service industry may also prosper. Salaried employees might get a salary raise or a promotion during this month. This month seem particularly bright and promising for students, as they may be able to put full focus and concentration on academics. On the relationship front, every moment spent with your loved one may be beautiful. There might be some minor ups and downs however, but overall, your relationship with your spouse may be amicable.

Libra ( 23rd September to 22nd October )

Scorpio ( 23rd October to 22nd November )

Sagittarius ( 23rd November to 21st December )

During this phase, salaried individuals might do well to remain calm and composed under difficult situations, and may try to complete their duties as diligently as possible. Businessmen might be in total control. They might even experience increasing profits. Students might perform brilliantly in both academics as well as extra-curricular activities. Teachers, guides and mentors might offer students their wholehearted support. This month may be extra-favourable to businessmen in the ice-cream and beverage industries. This phase may also be great for those in the education business. Those in day jobs might experience a change in job. Students might exhibit a great level of focus and concentration. Students who are pursuing higher education may perform very well in their upcoming examinations. There may be plenty of ups and downs, when it comes to matters of your career and your business. This month seems to be particularly favourable towards joint ventures and partnership businesses. For students who have applied for a visa to travel abroad, this might be a great month. All their visa formalities may be successfully concluded. On the romantic front, your attraction towards your significant other might be at its peak. Salaried individuals may get a chance to be relocated at a place of their choice. Businessmen may strike a major deal with a very valuable customer. However, be careful, as there may be a very thin line between confidence and negligence. Students might do well not to lose their focus and concentration under any circumstances. If students are planning to migrate abroad, we recommend that they postpone their formalities for a while.

During this phase, the initial days of the month may be a little tough for salaried employees. However, there is no need to worry, as things may get better as the month progresses. Businessmen may successfully plan expansion of their enterprise. Students may fare very well in upcoming competitive exams. They need to devote more time to studies and less time to extracurricular activities and sports. This month is favourable for people in the creative fields, performing arts and the entertainment industry. If salaried employees put in hard work and diligence, it may not go unnoticed. Students seeking admission in reputed universities may be successful during this month, passing with flying colours any interview they encounter. Students may do well in competitive exams this month. This month may also see you sharing a very special equation with your loved one. Businesses dealing with government or semi government organisations may flourish this month, as their overall turnover and profits may substantially increase. Their career growth may be moderately good. Students need to refrain from spending too much time with their close friends and love interests. If students focus well, they may do really well in upcoming competitive exams. This may be a great month for businessmen considering expansion. Salaried persons may put in hard work into their jobs, and this may be noticed by everyone, especially their superiors. Hard and honest work from students may reflect in their grades. Students may feel relaxed and they may want to push the horizons of their knowledge.

This might be a favourable month for those in the printing and transportation business. Businessmen and traders associated with the trading of printed material and stationery products also may make good profits. Students who are pursuing arts and commerce may surprise everyone with the extent of their progress. Overall, the enthusiasm and positivity of students during this phase may inspire everyone. During this phase, businesses may be able to reach their desired turnover. Their profits may also substantially increase. Arts and commerce students might receive a lot of help from their professors. They may do well to remain attentive in class, as this may positively impact their results. During this phase, your siblings may help you out in navigating complex issues. This month may see businessmen and salaried individuals presented with both good and deceptive opportunities. Evaluate every offer, and do not accept any with haste. Be aware of all pros and cons. Students may be inclined towards extra-curricular activities, as mid-month approaches. They might do well to give their studies extra importance. You may brim with positivity and confidence during the month. You may also be able to implement a lot of new business strategies. Some business trips may be in the pipeline. Students may be full of positivity and enthusiasm during this phase. They may take part in, and win several competitions. Everyone might be pleased with your all-round performance. However, be careful when overspending is concerned.

Capricorn ( 22nd December to 20th January )

Aquarius ( 21st January to 18th February )

Pisces ( 19th February to 20th March )

During this phase, planetary influences may ensure the growth of your career. There may be the possibility of striking a very lucrative business deal with a very valuable customer. Students who are pursuing interior design, singing, dancing and modern technology may excel at everything they do. During this phase, your focus and concentration might be at its peak, and your positive energy and creativity may impress everyone. Salaried employees need to be careful when it comes to office behaviour. In spite of working hard, their efforts may not be appreciated enough. Employees might do well not to argue with superiors. This may be a good month for junior level school going kids. They may be able to make satisfactory progress. During this phase, your teachers and guides might support you wholeheartedly. When it comes to romance, you may feel closer to your partner than ever before. During this month, your positivity and enthusiasm may help you eliminate all issues on the professional front. You only need to watch out for your temperament. Stick to a soft tone of voice. For students pursuing higher education, this may be a good month. Students who intend to go abroad for higher education may need to increase their efforts. Their chances of succeeding may be bright. Unmarried couples may enjoy blissful moments together. Your words may create magic for you during this phase. You may receive full support from everyone at work. Your positivity, enthusiasm and creativity may be at its peak. Students may feel mentally relaxed, and may want to expand the horizons of their knowledge, by exploring the subjects they love. Their performance in extra-curricular activities may also be outstanding.

During this phase, businessmen might face tough competition from everywhere. There may be a chance of running into some obstacles as well. Businessmen may not be able to implement new strategies and plans. This month may be favourable to students who wish to move out of their city or state for higher education. They might do well to stop being lazy. Married couples may need to lovingly adjust with each other. They need to keep individual priorities aside, and compromise with their choices. On the work front, you may be likely to take up a few new projects. However, you may face some difficulties along the way. Finishing the projects within a strict timeline might be a problem. For students, this may be a good time to roll up their sleeves and get to work. While the planets might not support their endeavours, there is nothing that hard work may not accomplish. Those in a relationship might do well to watch what they say to their partner. Harsh words might only lead to fiercer arguments. During the initial days of the month, businessmen may find themselves negotiating multiple deals at once. The performance of salaried employees may also be impressive. Superiors at work might note their brilliant performance. This month may be particularly favourable for students who are pursuing modern technology. Students may desire to expand their knowledge horizons, even beyond their coursework. You may face increased responsibilities during this phase. You may easily be able to manage stressful situations, and handle pressure at work very effectively. Planetary influences at this time may be favourable. This may be a fantastic month for students, for they may excel at whatever they do, whether it is studies, sports, extracurricular activities or competitions.

During this phase, salaried individuals may exhibit hard work and diligence, and these efforts may be appreciated by their superiors and mentors at work. You may need to travel frequently, so keep your bags packed and sleeves rolled up. Students who are appearing for competitive exams this month may pass them with flying colours. Research students may want to expand their horizons of knowledge. During this phase, you may receive complete cooperation from your superiors and colleagues at work. This month may be favourable for business expansion. Managers and administrators may need to go that extra mile. This may be an excellent month for students. They may showcase maximum focus and concentration on their studies. Students may have an intense desire to expand the horizons of their knowledge. This phase may be on the tough side, for married couples. Businessmen may be presented with plenty of lucrative opportunities this month. People who deal with the sale and purchase of real estate may make substantial amounts of profit during this time. Students may need to watch out for the company they keep. They may need to stay away from people who are not serious about their studies and career. Singles who are looking to get married may receive some decent proposals during this phase. This phase may see partnership businesses and joint ventures exhibit great progress. Businesses related to the mechanical line, machines and the educational field may excel. Salaried people may be appreciated. Students may need to heed the advice given by their superiors and mentors, which may be very valuable. Overall, this phase may be full of success and happiness for students.


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42 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, December, 2017

42 — THE BRISBANE INDIAN TIMES, December, 2017

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T20 World Cup final a triumph for Australia and women's cricket "Eight years ago I was at the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka with this team and we were excited to get one story in the newspaper back home. This morning I woke up to front and back pages in most of the papers." That was the former Australian media manager Kate Hutchison, posting from the MCG on Sunday. She was watching the final of the 2020 edition of the same tournament, along with 86,173 other people. I started writing about women's cricket in 2013, when Australia was playing for 50over silverware in India. That tournament had nailbiters, accusations of throwing a match to knock out England, and a young Ellyse Perry belting runs down the order before bowling through a World Cup final with a broken foot. Had she been a man, this would immediately have settled into Rick McCoskerstyle legend. As it was, the whole win barely rated a mention. Trawling the major papers online turned up nothing, at best a few scraps buried at the bottom of pages. Looking back through the archives, one of the few headlines from the day of that final is this heroically creepy effort from an Indian website: "Women's cricket is a glamour sport, says the very beautiful 17-year-old Holly Ferling." The only writers on the national team that I was aware of were Jesse Hogan when occasionally permitted for Fairfax, and Melinda Farrell for Cricket Australia. A brilliant Test in Perth in January 2014 could be watched on a single-camera webstream with no graphics or commentary — and that was considered a major advance. Later that month, England and Australia played a onedayer in Melbourne. No ground does emptiness like

the MCG. It can look deserted with 30,000 in it. On this day the crowd would have been counted in the hundreds. Despite the warm summer sun it was desolate. Skip forward six years from then — only six years — and that same ground was heaving. Over 86,000 people, less than 4,000 short of the world record at any women's sporting event. More than enough seats had been sold to pass that record. Any event has some no-shows, and perhaps worries about coronavirus kept some people away. But by the end of the day, the organisers had distributed every ticket they had. The speed of this change defies belief. Standing in the stadium on Sunday afternoon, having walked through the crowds outside and past the queues for tickets, watching the tiers fill and the people still streaming in, it sent shivers up the spine in the best possible way. Of course, the history goes back so much further than

six years. Back through the eras of recent legends like Karen Rolton and Cathryn Fitzpatrick and Lisa Keightley and Belinda Clark. Back through Sharon Tredrea and Christina Matthews. Back through the first World Cup in 1973. Back through Faith Thomas and Molly Dive, back through the war, back to the first women's Test in 1934. Back to the players raising their own subscriptions to afford to tour. Back through all those years of being at best ignored, at least marginalised, and most often derided and threatened and opposed. Being told that no-one wanted to watch this sport, that it wasn't good enough, that it would never be viable. Culminating in this: after all those years of a steady, persistent refusal to go away, when CA's full investment finally arrived, a few short years of the Big Bash and televised matches and proper marketing were all it took to fill that stadium. You build it,

they come. Some were concert-goers, there for the music. Some were feel-good participants, there for the experience. And plenty were regular fans, including large groups of men trooping in with backpacks and jerseys and flags, here to watch the cricket because by now it's just the cricket. Whoever they were, they saw Alyssa Healy driving inside-out over cover for six with an insouciance only belied by her look of delight after nailing the shot. They saw Megan Schutt shifting the ball through the air to fox the swing of every bat. They saw Australia's outfielders diving past the ropes to flick back with centimetres to spare. They saw India trounced, but only by virtue of brilliance. They saw all of this on International Women's Day, with hundreds of girls running onto the field dressed in the purple of that campaign. They saw a visibly pregnant Katy Perry on a

circular stage shaped like a gender pictogram, wearing a dress emblazoned with the same, belting out tunes about believing in your own worth. And you can belittle all this as naff symbolism, but for some in that crowd it can mean more. Even the idea that women's skills are worth attention still meets a fight. Unequivocally putting them at centre stage remains revolutionary. The key players after the match spoke about what it meant to them. "I don't think anything's going to top that," Healy said. "I hope there are girls in this side who will experience that for a long period of time, but for me I never thought we would get the opportunity to do something as cool as what we did today. "It's a dream come true, and I enjoyed every single minute of it. I don't think you saw me without a smile on my face that whole time. We just went out there and enjoyed the moment. We enjoyed what we were able to create. Swing bowler Schutt picked up four wickets, overcoming some recent struggles against India's batting. "Honestly, it was absolutely insane," she said. "I was a bit distracted a few times while I was out there, counting the Mexican waves, and when all the lights on the phones came on. We spoke before the game about enjoying every moment, and I really genuinely tried to do that. I was one happy girl out there, that's for sure. "The best part of it was that they were there for us. Normally when we've had big crowds it's been off the back

of a double-header. Healy's opening partner Beth Mooney spoke of pride. "[I'm] proud to be part of the changing landscape of sport in this country and around the world," she said. "I feel grateful as well to be given the opportunity to perform on the big stage, and also excited about what the future holds for the sport." Just for some final emotional poignancy, there was Ellyse Perry, star of that 2013 match and so many others. So consistent that she had played every single T20 World Cup match in Australia's history, from 2009 until this year's semi-final. No-one has done more work for Australia's side than Perry through those years. To lift the team, lift the profile, lift the standard. To be the standout player spanning the divide from an amateur era to fully professional. In the last group match, her hamstring gave way. All those matches, all those tournaments, and now she would miss the biggest of them all. But Perry stayed with the team. Wasn't subbed out of the squad. Didn't need to be, with Australia so versatile that some members of the XI weren't required to bowl or bat. So it felt like she was part of it as much as ever. Watching on in team kit, riding every delivery, beaming as broadly as anyone else with the eventual win. She was part of it, but not needing to be the one to win it. She was there, but she wasn't the story. Nobody bar nobody has been in a better place than Perry to see how that story has changed.

Sun Yang has been painted Fiji overcomes Wales in Vancouver 7s as a 'drug cheat'. Let's look at it in context There have been suggestions that a pool should be named after Australian swimmer Mack Horton and a statue erected to honour his "courage and bravery" in calling out drug cheats. These calls have followed a decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to ban Sun Yang of China for eight years. CAS has found that Sun — who is Horton's main rival — is guilty of tampering with a drug test. Sun is one of the greatest swimmers of all time and

second only to Michael Phelps of the US in his haul of titles and medals. But the ban, which


almost certainly spells the end of Sun's career, has painted him as a "drug cheat".

The Fiji Airways Men’s 7s side has managed to beat Wales 26-19 in a thrilling encounter at the Vancouver 7s. Josua Vakurunabili managed to power his way over for Fiji’s first try which was converted by Napolioni Bolaca. Vakurinabili then scored his second after being set up by Vilimoni Botitu and Sevuloni Mocenacagi. Head Coach Gareth Baber started Mocenacagi on the wing in the absence of Aminiasi Tuimaba who is in the country for his grandfather’s funeral. Jerry Tuwai copped a yellow card with seconds remaining in the first half which enabled Wales to cross for their first try to Caine Woolerton. The national side struck inside the first 20 seconds

of the second half when Vakurinabili sliced through the Welsh defense before linking up with Bolaca to run in Fiji’s third try. Veteran Wales’s playmaker Luke Treharne replied for their second try to keep them within striking distance as they trail 12-19. With three minutes left

to play, Wales split the Fijian defense and scored their third try to level the scores 19 all. But Waisea Nacuqu who came off the bench then made a little break to put his Co-Captain Meli Derenalagi through as Fiji led 26-19 with thirty seconds remaining. Wales had a chance to score again but Fiji’s defense denied them. Fiji will face Canada at 10.49am and then take on France at 2.33pm in their last pool match. Canada earlier defeated France 31-21. Meanwhile, in matches played this morning, USA defeated Samoa 19-5, Australia outclassed Scotland 33-19, England thrashed Argentina 31-nil, South Africa had to work hard before beating Japan 12-0.

2pm-5pm at Logan West Library – 69 Grand Plaza Drive, Brown Plains. For more information email zzdz.aus@gmail.comor visit

Fund Raising Concert by Sri Kamakshi Ekambraeswara Dhaam QLD (SKEDQLD) Date: Saturda y, 14th March 2020 Time: 6:00 PM Venue: Toombul Shire Hall 1141 Sandgate Road, Nundah Brisbane All funds raised goes to Temple Fund For more details contact – Geetha: 0414 614 937, Raj: 0405 287 287 Multicultural Taste of the World Festival by Brisbane Malayalee Association Inc. Date: Saturday, 14th March 2020 Time: 2:00pm to 8:00pm Venue: Kidspace, Murphy Road, Chermside 4032 FREE ENTRY International Womenn’s Day celebration by Indian Senior Citizen Association (ISCA) Date: Sunday, 15th March 2020 Time: 10:00am to 2:00pm Venue: Runcorn Heights State School Hall, 200 Nemies Road, Runcorn 4113 Cost: Members FREE; non-members $15 BrahmasriSamavedamShan mukhaSarmaGaru coming to Brisbane All are welcome to attend discourses in Telugu on Srimad Bhagavatam Dates: Sunday 15th March 2020 to Saturday 21st March 2020 Venue: Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Queensland, 198 Leoroyd Road, Willawong QLD 4110 Supported by: Queensland Telugu Association InnisaiMaalai 2020 by SSK Entertainment Date: Sunday 15th March 2020 Time: 5:00 PM Venue: Light House Community and Event Centre 65 Woogaroo Street, Forest Lake, 4078 For more details Contact: Senthil Kumaran- 0401 084 572 Email: Tickets available on: or iBazaar Mobile App Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan Australia, Brisbane Branch presents Bhartiya Nav VarshUtsav Date: Saturday, 21st March 2020 Time: 2:00pm to 8:30pm Venue: King George Square, Brisbane CBD For more info contact: Sanjiv Sharma (M) 0431 383 002 E-mail: FREE ENTRY Ugadi & Sri Ramanavami Celebrations by Queensland Telugu Association Inc. Date: Saturday, 21st March 2020 Time: 4:30pm onwards Venue: Coorparoo Secondary College, Coorparoo QLD 4151 Tickets: Members FREE; non-members $5 Free Heena, Free Face Painting, Raffle Tickets & More! Ram Navmi celebration by Hindu Society of QLD Inc. Date: 25th March, 2020 to 2nd April, 2020 Time: 6pm onwards Venue: Gayatri Mandir, 178 Lyndhurst Road, Boondall QLD 4034 2020 FUTSA FIJI CUP Date: Sunday, 29thMarch 2020 Time: Yet to be announced Venue: 98 Factory Road Oxley For more info contact: Akash- 0415 135 208, Raj- 0409 752 318 Perform your own SRI SEETHA RAMA KALYANAM with the

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blessings of Sri SriTridandiC hinnaSrimannarayanaRaman ujaJeeyar Swamiji Date: Saturday, 4th April 2020 Time: Registration time – 9:30am, Kalyanam start time – 10:00am Venue: Salvation Army, 25 High Street, Forest Lake Varnam Cultural Society (QLD) Inc. presents Ipswich Multicultural Tamil & Indian New Year Celebrations Date: Saturday, 4th April 2020 Time: 5pm Venue: Robelle Domain Parklands, Springfield Central Cultural Dances-Fun Rides-Fireworks-Food Stalls-Music-Dance Floor FREE ENTRY Celebrate Vaisakhi with DESI Mela 2020 organised by Desi Rocks Production Date: Sunday, 5th April 2020 Time: 1:00pm to 8:30pm Venue: Croatian Soccer Fields, 164 Dunn Road, Rocklea, behind Croatian Community Centre Tickets online: General $15, VIP $35 Tickets at door: General $20, VIP $40 RudraAbhishekam by Sri Kamakshi Ekambraeswara Dhaam QLD (SKEDQLD) Date: Saturday, 11th April 2020 Time: 5pm onwards Venue: Virginia State High School For more details contact – Geetha: 0414 614 937, Raj: 0405 287 287 Brisbane Legends Inc. presents Open Badminton Tournament Date: Tuesday, 9th May 2020 Venue: Sky Badminton Centre, b2/118/116 Wembley Rd, Logan Central QLD 4114 Open for registration Registration fee: $25 per team Eswaralaya Kalaikoodam presents - BharathaNatyam Concert Date: Saturday, 19th September 2020 Time: 5:30pm onwards Venue: St. John Anglican College, Forest Lake 9th Sanatan World Cup 2020 hosted by Queensland Sanatan Date: 1st-4th October 2020 Venue: Souths United Football Club, 29 Nathan Road, Runcorn QLD

Community Announcement Hindi ChristianFellowship Come andworship with us at Merthyr Uniting Church 52 Merthyr Church, New Farm. From : 2.30pm. Last Sunday of every month. Contact : Krishna 0451270314 Irene 0414962 132 Sri Kamakshi kambareswara Dhaam QLD Rudra Abhishekam and Aarathi- First Saturday of every month at 5 pm, at Run corn Heights State School, 200 Nemies Road, Runcorn, QLD 4113. Event schedule includes Ganeshand Uma Maheshwara Shodasopacharapooja, Rudra Abhishekam, Shiva Ashotaram, Bhajans, Om Shiva Omkara Aarati and Mahaprasad will be served at 7.45 pm. Every month in this event we need 3 families to perform Pooja and Rudra Abhishekam on stage. Please contact us if any family is interested to perform. “Formoredetailscontact: Geetha 0414614937 or Raj 0405287287 Email:”

Hindu Society of QueenslandInc. Coming Events Weekly Program: • Every Tuesday: Ramayan & Kirtans from 7:00pm to 9pm Every Fridays: Ramayan & Kirtans from 7:00pm to 9pm Every Sundays from 5:00pm to 7:00pm – Kirtans & Aarati

Major Programs:•(All Programs celebrated at Gayatri Mandir except Deepawali) 25/3/20 - 2/4/2020 – Shri Ram Naomi Celebration (9 days) 8/4/2020-Hanumaan Jayanti Celebration 4/8 to 11/8/2020- Shri Krishna JanamAshtmi Celebration (8 days) 22/8/2020: Ganesh Chaturthi 17/10/2020 to 24/10/2020: Navraatri (Durga Naomi for 9 days) 25/10/2020 – Dassehra / Vijay Dashmi 4/11/2020 – KarwaChaoth 7/11/2020 – Deepawali Celebration (Venue to be confirmed) (Actual Day – Saturday 14 /11/20

Weekly Event... Mondays… Brahma Kumaris Australia Meditation & Positive Thinking Sessions– Mondays 10.30am to 11.30am: Regular meditation should improve your ability to focus and think clearly. By practicing mediations which cultivate our ability to sense and care for our natural energy we are able to live life with greater awareness and confidence. Each class includes guided meditations, discussions, short talks and the introduction and practice of techniques. Each session is a different topic. Meditation sessions Tuesdays 6.30pm to 7.30 pm and Sundays5.30pm to 6.30pm. During these sessions there will be meditation commentaries, music and periods of silence. You can come and go at any time during these sessions. Venue: 27 Bordeaux Parade, Mermaid Waters. Please phone to register – 5575 2126. Email goldcoast@au.brahmakumaris.orgor visit for more information Brisbane Good Samaritan Prayer Fellowship (Malayam Service) Congregation on every Sunday from 10am to 12pm at Stafford Scouts, 38 Appleby Road, Stafford, Qld 4053. For further information contact 0468 358 646 or 0411 269 322. Come and hear the message of your eternal life, GOD BLESS Picabeen Community Centre you’re invited to playgroup!– For parents with children aged 0-5 years from all cultures and backgrounds. Come along and meet families from all backgrounds in your community. Every Monday (Except public holidays) 10am – 12pm. Picabeen Community Centre, 22 Hoben Street, Mitchelton Qld. Phone 3354 2555 Zi Za Dong Zen Association – Energy Healing to improve health and well beings ZZDZ Assn. Inc is a not for profit charity foundation based in Brisbane. Focusing on energy healing named Qi Gong through meditation, it provides free energy healing sessions and guidance. Practicing Qi Gong will encourage you to achieve a positive outlook on life, by helping to reduce stress and calm your mind. It also increases vitality, enhances your immune system and helps to eliminate negative attitudes and behaviours. Session Times & Locations:Mondays-Thursday & Saturday 9am – 12pm at 10 Cognac Court, Calamvale. Thursday afternoon (except 1st week) 3.30pm – 6pm at Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown Library. 67 Level 2, Cnr Calam & Compton Road. Friday afternoon

Sunday – Morning Service at 9.30Am. Evening Service at 5pm. Come fired up and expectant! Star Church is a great, young church located on the beautiful Redcliffe Peninsula. A Pentecostal community connected with the Australian Christian Churches. We passionately want God’s presence in our lives, desire to be trainedand knowledgeable in His Word, hungry for the supernatural, excelling in our service and hospitable at life. For more information visit

Wednesdays… Brisbane Good Samaritan Prayer Fellowship (Malayam Service) Cottage Meeting on every Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8pm at Stafford Scouts, 38 Appleby Road, Stafford, Qld 4053. For further information contact 0468 358 646 or 0411 269 322. Come and hear the message of your eternal life, GOD BLESS

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The Mantra Room – Live Kirtan Spend an evening of sacred Yoga chant with Gayatri, Ishvara, Jayadharma and friends Fridays 6pm, Sundays 5pm and Wednesdays 7pm at Australian School of Meditation & Yoga, 236 Montague Road, West End. Amazing Vego Food $5. Come celebrate, meditate and let the music set you free. For more information call 38448441 or email

Hindu Cultural Hub (HCB) at Clayfield Monthly Cultural congregation– Bar-Jai Community Hall, 178 Alexandra Road, Clayfield Qld 4011. Pooja by Hindu Priest, Bajan and Kirtan by devotees, monthly religious updates / guest speakers on spiritual (or) yoga techniques. Prasatham with vegetarian dinner served. For more details contact 0469 016 416 or visit

Thursdays… Sai Baba Aarti Program– Every Thursday 7.30pm Virginia State School, 1678 Sandgate Road, Virginia (next to Virginia Train Station) Aarti & Archana opportunity for all attendees, Prasad & Dinner provided. Enquiries call 0405 392 793 / saibababrisbane@gmail. com / Like on Facebook www.facebook. com/SaiBabaBrisbane

The John Oxley District Orchid Society Meeting– We pride ourselves on being a friendly Society and new members and guests are always welcome at our meetings held on the second Wednesday of each month starting at 7.30pm. Venue is Oxley Bowls Club, 24-30 Englefield Road, Oxley. Please contact Sonia Addison 3277 5825 or jodos-inc@hotmail.comfor more information

Sundays… Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Qld Inc – Vedic Yaj (Havan) The Sabha performs Havan Yaj every Sunday from 2-4pm at Queensland Vedic Cultural Centre, 198 Learoyd Rd, Willawong and the public is welcome to be part of it. The members of public now can perform Havan Yaj at the centre. The fee of $50 is required for use of centre facilities to cover operating costs. The Havan Kund, utensils are available for use as well The Havan ingredients can be supplied if you are unable to get them. Mango sticks, Ghee, Samagri, Chamfor etc is available at the centre as well for $25. The seating capacity of the Yajshalla (Havan Hall) is 100. Contact Vice President Mrs Sushila Pathik for further information and bookings on 3314 6059. Contact Hari Chand 3345 4716 or visit www.aryasamajqueensland.comor further information. Australian Pentecostal Assembly Brisbane Sunday Worship every Sunday 9am11.30am at 84 The Community Place, 84 Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin Qld with Pastor Prakash Jacob. Cottage Meeting every Tuesday 7.30pm-9pm / Kids Bible Study every Friday 7pm-7.45pm / Intercessory Prayer every Friday 7.45-9pm. Worship in Hindi, English, Malayalam and other Indian Languages. For more information Phone 07 3315 5597 / 0413 347 562 or email www. Bala Samskar Kendra – Hindu Scripture Classes for Children The aim of Bala Samskar Kendra (BSK) is to provide an opportunity to the children to learn about rich Hindu culture through value based education from various Hindu scriptures and let them gain selfconfidence and grow up in to individuals who are proud of their tradition. Every Sunday2:30pm-5pm at Sunnybank State High School, Sunnybank (use Turton Street entrance). Contact Hari 0411 137 396 / Krishna 0411 776 509 / Ram 0416 813 747 Brisbane Multinational Church Service Every Sunday 9.30am at 757 Gympie Road Lawnton. Come and join us for a great time of Praise and Worship plus inspired preaching of God’s word. We thrive for the presence of God and are passionate to see people be trained up and grow in the knowledge of the word of God. Special service time to pray for healing, deliverance and other spiritual needs. Enquiries 0424 1802 40. Star Christian Church Clontarf Beach State School Hall. Every

The Gold Coast Hindu Cultural Association Gold Coast Bhajan- monthly Bhajans held every third Friday of the month starting at 7.15am at the Helensvale Community Centre – 31 Discovery Rd, Helensvale. Activities include Bhajan recitals, short educational presentations and free vegetarian dinner. All are cordially invited to attend. For further information please contact Director/Religious Activities, Mr S Barataraj on 0417 588 839 or gchcan@ gmail.comor visit Organization of Hindu Malayalees Queensland (OHM Queensland) Monthly Bhajans held every first Saturday of Malayalam calendar. Activities include Bhajans, Malayalam Class, Library service, religious short educational presentations, vegetarian dinner etc. For further information please contact President Krishnan AK on 0418 727 570 Shirdi Sai Sansthan Brisbane Ltd Shirdi Saibaba Bhajans and Aaratis– last Saturday every month. 5.30pm at Runcorn Heights State School, 200 Nemies Road, Runcorn Qld 4113. Dhoop Aarati, Bhajans, Ashtotaram, Shej Aarati and Mahaprasad at 7.40pm. For more details contact 0416 813 747 or 0479 143 724 – visit www. shirdisaibrisbane.orgor follow on facebook Shirdi sai baba Brisbane Mata Amritananadamayi Centre- Brisbane: Regular Satsangs are held at 32 Burnside Crescent, Westlake on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month at 4 pm. Spiritual chanting, singing, reading and Arati are followed by a prasad meal. Sri Lalitha Sahasranamavali chanting takes place at the Sri Selva Vinayakar Kovil at South Maclean on the 3rd Sunday of each month at 10:30 am. Register your interest for IAM Meditation courses. www.ammaaustralia.; facebook: Amma Brisbane Satsang.; ph: 07 3715 8278 Sri Selva Vinayakar Koyil (Ganesha Temple) Brisbane (South Maclean) For full list of upcoming events please visit Yoga in Daily Life – Satsang and Full Moon Meditation Satsang every last Saturday of the Month from 5-7pm with Rajasthani Bhajans, meditation & Prasad. Purnima Full Moon Meditation from 7:45pm - 8:30pm (see our website for dates). Regular daily Yoga & Meditation Classes. Shiv Mandir is open daily for Darshan. Website: Email:


Atrangi Re: Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar begins shooting for his next film Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s upcoming comedy-drama Atrangi Re occupied a spot on Twitter’s trends list as it went on floors today. Atrangi Re, which is directed by Aanand L Rai features, Akshay Kumar in a lead role alongside Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan and is set to release on Valentine’s Day next year. The film has a never seen before combination of actors and has been written by Himanshu Sharma and music will be composed by legendary musician AR Rahman. Bollywood trade analyst Taran Adarsh shared a picture of the puja from the sets of the film and wrote ‘Aanand L Rai’s new film

Atrangi Re. Filming begins today’ Akshay Kumar has three exciting films lined up for 2020. The actor will be seen next in Rohit Shetty’s cop

universe saga Sooryavanshi, followed by horror-comedy Laxmmi Bomb and he will be ending the year with historical drama Prithviraj based on the heroic Prithviraj Chauhan.

Post Radhe, Salman Khan to play a cop in Aayush Sharma’s next ‘Family first’, has always been Salman’s motto in life and career. Ever since the news of Salman joining his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma in a forthcoming film hit the headlines, Salman’s fans on Twitter have gone berserk warning him of destroying his own career for family’s sake. But Salmaniacs can relax. Salmam is only doing a cameo as a cop, in his brother-inlaw’s film. What’s with Salman Khan’s fascination with cop heroes? He played a cop in his last release Dabangg 3. Now he will be seen as a cop in his Eid 2020 release Radhe,

which unofficially picks up the cop-character in 2008’s Wanted from where it left off. Just when we thought it was time for Salman’s fascination with the colour khaki to ebb, he will be back playing a cop, this time a

Sikh cop, in an untitled film co-starring Salman’s brotherin-law Aayush Sharma to be directed by Abhiraj Minawala who directed Ayush Sharma’s debut film LoveYatri. Earlier in his career Salman has played a cop in Auzaar, Garv and Wanted. Salman is known to stand by his family members whether it is brother Arbaaz Khan whom Salman allowed to direct Pyar Kiya TohDarna Kya and Dabangg 2, or his elder brother-in-law Atul Agnihotri (the producer of several Salman starrers) and now his younger brother-inlaw Aayush.

SRK La Trobe scholarship awarded PhD research student Gopika Kottantharayil Bhasi, from Thrissur in the southern state of Kerala, was chosen from more than 800 Indian women and received the four-year scholarship to La Trobe University at a ceremony in Mumbai attended by La Trobe Chancellor, The Honourable John Brumby AO. The La Trobe-funded PhD scholarship and La Trobe’s relationship with Mr Khan were made possible by La Trobe’s ten year partnership with the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne. Gopika will be joining La Trobe’s research team who are discovering new techniques to protect the world’s honey bee population from viruses, pollutants and declining diversity in flora. Gopika will research a fielddeployable diagnostic test for honey bee viruses and with the aim of developing therapies to aid honey bee health. Mr Khan praised Gopika for her passion to find scientific solutions to challenges facing the world. “I admire Gopika’s dedication and determination. This scholarship will enable her to travel to La Trobe in Melbourne, Australia, where she will pursue her dreams of helping to improve India’s agriculture sector. I wish her well,” Mr Khan said. A graduate from the

University of Calicut, Gopika has a passion for animal health, having grown up in a farming family and researched the management of Asian elephants in Kerala. For the past year she has been managing her family’s poultry farm, while her father recovered from heart by-pass surgery. During this time Gopika researched the impacts of feed, water, diseases and climate on livestock for food production. La Trobe Chancellor The Honourable John Brumby AO said the University looked forward to welcoming Gopika to start her PhD. “It is highly appropriate that a scholarship created to recognise Mr Khan’s humanitarian and social justice work to inspire positive

Research Academy launches in India The IIT Kanpur – La Trobe University Research Academy will boost both organisations’ research capabilities and bring together La Trobe and IIT Kanpur experts to create a globally recognised centre for research. The Research Academy will be based in Kanpur, with a strong presence at La Trobe’s Australian campuses for visiting Research Academy staff and up to 40 PhD students, who will be eligible to apply for generous scholarships. Speaking at the launch in Mumbai, La Trobe Chancellor, The Honourable John Brumby AO, said the Research Academy will strengthen both institutions’ capacity to address global problems. “We are delighted to be launching the IIT Kanpur – La Trobe University Research Academy, to address a diverse range of challenges in health, food and water security, urban planning and transport,” Mr Brumby said. “The Research Academy will train the next generation of research and industry leaders. “Through the Research Academy’s generous scholarship program, which includes support for tuition fees and travel, La Trobe looks forward to welcoming up to 40 PhD students to Australia to benefit from the strength of our


(L-R): Mr Shah Rukh Khan, PhD scholarship recipient Gopika Kottantharayil Bhasi, La Trobe Chancellor John Brumby AO at a special event in Mumbai where Gopika received her award.

change in the world is now about to change Gopika’s life forever,” Mr Brumby said. “We are proud to be part of her story, and to contribute to advancing knowledge in her field,” he said. In receiving the scholarship, Gopika said she was honoured. “I can’t wait to travel to La Trobe and start my studies,” she said. “Through my research, I know I will be contributing to improving agricultural science in India. Protecting our honey bees is vital to food production and I’m so excited for the opportunity to be working with leading scientists conducting cuttingedge research,” Gopika said. The AUD $200,000 (about 9.5 million Indian rupees) scholarship, announced in August 2019 when Mr Khan was conferred an Honorary Degree by La Trobe University to recognise his wideranging humanitarian work, including his establishment of the Meer Foundation to support and empower women who have survived acid attacks in India. More than 800 women from India expressed interest in the scholarship. The field was eventually narrowed to a shortlist of three, with Gopika chosen by an independent panel of academics from the La Trobe Graduate Research School.

The IIT Kanpur - La Trobe University Research Academy is launched in Mumbai by (L-R) La Trobe Professor Chris Pakes, La Trobe Chancellor John Brumby AO, IIT Kanpur Professor Manindra Agrawal and IIT Kanpur Professor Yogesh Joshua. relationship with IIT Kanpur,” Mr Brumby said. IIT Kanpur Director, Professor Abhay Karandikar said the Research Academy will reflect the organisations’ shared commitment to research addressing global challenges and improving communities. "We are very excited about the setting up of the IIT KanpurLa Trobe University Research Academy as it will facilitate a close partnership between our two universities, strengthen our research ecosystem and eventually lead to on-ground translation of this work,” he said. “We hope that this partnership will become a blueprint for more international research collaborations to spur study in critical fields," Professor Karandikar said.

La Trobe also today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Amrita University. Dr Venkat Rangan, Vice-Chancellor of Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, added, “Inspired by Chancellor AMMA’s leadership, Amrita’s mission of imparting Education for Life to its students and carrying out compassion-driven research for sustainable development, will be further enriched by global impact through this strategic partnership with La Trobe University”. La Trobe is part of the 31 member delegation of Australian Education representatives to India led by Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham for the AustraliaIndia Business Exchange 2020. La Trobe has significant historical and cultural ties to India that include being one of only two universities in Australia to teach Hindi; in 1968 hosting of Prime Minister Mrs Indira Gandhi; in 2019 bestowing an honorary doctorate on actor and philanthropist Shah Rukh Khan in 2019; and today awarding the Shah Rukh Khan La Trobe University PhD Scholarship to an aspiring female researcher from India who will make a meaningful impact in the world, as well as signing a Memorandum of Understanding with Amrita University.

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Brisbane Indian Times March Issue online  

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