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Studio 4 °C

was established in April 1986 by Koji Morimoto, Yoshiharu Sato and Eiko Tanaka. Today, the Studio 4 ° C is still 45 members, divided into three branches production, animation and CG. A very small studio which can help to open up a world of animation “depth”, with works “dense material”, like the name of the studio, because the temperature chooses “4 degrees Celsius” is that at which water is most dense. If the studio working course on large commercial machines like Animatrix or Spriggan, they also produce many short films internally rare in Japan, where studios authors are few. The animation is expensive and funding is hard to find (no equivalent in CNC and few subsidies in general). However, the Studio 4 ° C is constantly experimenting with new techniques (including the integration 2D/3D), and allow a maximum of authors to develop their projects are expensive. often can also read “Beyond -C “is just another name for the studio, often used to differentiate credit creation and production ... It is also the name given to their first site-Beyond, who wants absolutely no institutional or showcase studio.They are trying to develop a space interactivity parallel to their activities, with a sort of virtual city where you are invited to walk, see a lost. The artistic part of this whole internet is entrusted to Yuichiro Oguro.


TUDIO4°C has produced numerous feature films, OVAs, and shorts. Early film titles include; Memories (1995), Spriggan (1998) and Princess Arete (2001). In 2003, through a joint production with Warner Bros., STUDIO4°C created five segments of the The Animatrix. The following year, they created the award winning avant-garde film Mind Game. STUDIO4°C’s next film Tekkon Kinkreet (2006), won six awards, including Best Animated Film at the Fantasia 2007,

Lancia Platinum Grand Prize at the Future Film Festival, and Japan Academy Prize for Animation of theYear. It was also submitted for 2007 Oscar consideration in Animated Feature Film category of Academy Award in USA.


n 2007 saw the release of the anthology film Genius Party a collection of 7 short films. Genius Party Beyond, a collection of 5 short films, was released the following year. Also in 2008, Batman’s side story Gotham Knight, and the OVA series Detroit Metal City. The following year, First Squad: The Moment of Truth was awarded at the Moscow international Film Festival. In February 2010, they contributed 2 shorts to the anthology Halo Legends: “Origins”, and “The Babysitter”.


his text is quite unusual, and presents the origins of the creation of Studio 4 ° C in a tone a little off, but it is indeed the faithful translation of a quasi-official, derived from this page Site ;) One day Eiko Tanaka had an appointment in a small restaurant. To her surprise, she found Yoshiharu Sato Koji Morimoto and even in their days of youth who asked him something quite unexpected: “Produce our Studio!” they told him ... At the time Eiko Tanaka had already at least 4 stomach ulcers, as she stepped tasks on large works such as “Totoro” and “Kiki delivery service” ... And she did not understand at all the designs of the two zygotos ... “Mr. Morimoto, co-director of animation and Mr Akira Sato, who is busy Totoro characters, they should not s’ hear at all ... “But the three lads found themselves on the production of “Kiki” and had heard good ... “But why Why these two do they set up their studio?” And Morimoto nonchalantly murmuring: “I want to make myself a little Harem ...”Thus Eiko Tanaka was recruited to be a producer of Studio 4 ° C, they pay the rent and allow them to start work . now the studio is in a small office and Kichijoji is like no other animation studio.

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