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Surface Generation boosts speed, efficiency Rajoo's Blown Film of thermoplastic press-forming processes line Technology


urface Generation (Rutland, UK), a provider of advanced carbon-fiber processing technologies, announced that it is working with WMG at the University of Warwick (Coventry, UK) and AGC AeroComposites (AGC; Derby, UK) to develop new composite pressforming processes for automotive and aerospace manufacturers.

can quickly and cost-effectively upgrade existing production lines for thermoplastic composites and significantly reduce their cost of production. As part of an integrated production line, PtFS makes it possible for manufacturers to achieve one minute Takt times for thermoplastic components."

Surface Generation is developing new press-forming mold faces incorporating its patented Production to Functional Specifications (PtFS) technology for the production of high-performance thermoplastic composite components. By integrating Surface Generation's new thermal management technologies into the mold face itself, WMG and AGC are able to continuously adapt heating and cooling levels for each mold area and process stage in real time, with the expectation of improving both the quality and throughput of compression molding applications.

Geraint Williams, Project Manager at WMG, commented: "A major barrier to mainstream adoption of novel, aligned fiber-reinforced thermoplastics within the automotive sector is the difficulty of economically achieving short cycle times within a high-volume production environment. Surface Generation's PtFS technology has the potential to meet this challenge by eliminating process stages and enabling manufacturers to rapidly form composite components using a one-shot stamp-forming process."

The work is in support of the Composites Innovation Cluster's Thermocomp project, which is seeking to develop short-cycle-time, highvolume manufacturing processes that can be used by automotive and aerospace manufacturers for producing carbon-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic components. "PtFS provides automotive and aerospace manufacturers with a new level of sophistication in compression molding," said Ben Halford, Chief Executive at Surface Generation. "The ability to dynamically control the heat applied to each mold area throughout the cure cycle means manufacturers

AGC's Materials Technology Director, Dave Conway, said, "By incorporating its revolutionary PtFS process into conventional press forming processes, Surface Generation has opened the door to a very exciting new era in aerospace manufacturing." Surface Generation's patented PtFS process is used to combine, compact, process and meld plastic, glass and composite materials efficiently and accurately than is possible using traditional injection and compression molding processes. Surface Generation's technologies are used by component providers and manufacturers across a range of industries.


echnological supremacy of Rajoo in Blown Film Extrusion, coupled with a strong intent and astute comprehension of Devendran Plastic in understanding the market needs has helped create this winning combination.

Devendran Plastic Private Limited, one of the youngest but fastest growing companies in the business of flexible packaging in South India, now orders its third blown film line from Rajoo. Satisfied with the Rajoo fully loaded 7-layer Blown Film Line for barrier packaging and the Rajoo OBC 3-layer Line, Devendran Plastic has now ordered the Rajoo fully loaded 3-layer line to specifically meet the needs and address the challenges of films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films. The new machine is customised to produce films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films. The line is equipped with 75mm x 2, 90mm x 1 - 3 extruders along with 12 component material conveying, gravimetric batch blending & GSM control systems to produce a film width of 2400mm with output of 650 kg/hr. Other technological advancements include circumferential profile control system with controllable external automatic air ring with triple lip, width measurement and control and integrated computerised touch screen based supervisory processcontrol panel.

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