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SABIC consolidates in North America


ABIC is consolidating operations in North America. The company announced it is merging its technology and innovation operations from its Exton, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and Selkirk, New York locations into one operation in Selkirk. The consolidation of this combined research and development expertise will take place as soon as the necessary modifications to Selkirk facilities are completed, which is estimated in 2017. At that time, SABIC will exit its Pittsfield Polymer Processing Development Center and close its Exton site. This announcement follows SABIC’s disclosure that it planned to shut its manufacturing plant in Thorndale, sometime in March.

In explaining the moves, SABIC said the reorganization will improve its research and development practices. “This integration will not only drive important efficiencies, it will also merge material science, process engineering and application development into a collaborative environment that will lead to new innovation breakthroughs,” said Awadh Al-Maker, executive vice president of SABIC Technology & Innovation. “A collaborative R&D environment will result in a wide variety of problem-solving options for our customers and will accelerate our development cycle,” said Thierry Materne, vice president, Technology & Innovation.

Sadara Chemical achieves key milestone


he Dow Chemical Company announced that its joint venture in the Middle East – Sadara Chemical Company (Sadara) – has achieved a key milestone of first polyethylene production, meeting previously announced targets to begin production by year-end 2015.

“Sadara is a significant chapter in Dow’s consistent and deliberate drive towards targeted, high-margin markets, and today’s milestone is the latest milestone in a new era of transformative growth,” said Andrew N. Liveris, Dow’s chairman and chief executive officer.

This landmark investment has been a key pillar of Dow’s targeted, strategic growth actions over the last several years, and supports the Company’s strategy to enable costadvantaged growth in fast-growing regions such as Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, India, and Eastern and Central Europe. Sadara is a joint venture developed by Dow and Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco).

The Sadara joint venture is an extraordinary collaboration that builds upon the unique strengths of its parent companies to deliver a performancefocused portfolio to drive this global growth, and this investment is further demonstration of Dow’s commitment to deliver consistent, long-term earnings growth and reward our shareholders.” Sadara’s 26 manufacturing assets remain on schedule.

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Coperion launches new facility in China


operion has opened a new facility in Nanjing, China, to manufacture the STS and CTE twin-screw extruder series. Coperion (Nanjing) Machinery relocated from its previous facility – which was rezoned by the local government – to the new plant in the Jiangning District.Construction started in May 2014 and finished in June 2015 with a footprint of more than 161,459 square feet.The company said the plant features advanced machinery production technology with engineering and manufacturing know-how from Coperion’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany, and an optimised, tailormade workshop layout for highly efficient production. Coperion’s entire executive team attended the Nov. 18 inauguration ceremony, along with representatives from the local government, industry associations, and 150 customers and suppliers. C o p e r i o n Pr e s i d e n t Ki m b e r l y Ryan said the company has grown from a few employees in 1997 to almost 400 today. The move is in response to the importance of the markets in China and Asia, she added.Joanne Shen, managing director of Coperion Nanjing, said: “Our new test lab, upgraded with a high-end extruder from Coperion’s sophisticated ZSK Mc18 series and a wide variety of other equipment, displays Coperion’s flexibility and commitment to our Nanjing plant and underscores high expectations for future development.”

Plastic news dec 2015  
Plastic news dec 2015