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COMPETITION ON PLANNING OF THE OLD HARBOUR IN REYKJAVIK Second deadline for queries Queries received by the confidential liaison before midnight on 11 September 2009

1. Can the deadline be extended since the summer period was utilized rather poorly? Answer: The jury's view is that sufficient time has been given (17 weeks). The deadline will therefore not be extended. 2. Is there an approved local plan for the Western Harbour and/or Grandi? They are missing from the competition documents. Answer: Yes, there are delimited local plan maps for these areas: Nordurgardur (Grandi hf), Western Harbour (Fiskislód and Hólmaslód), as amended, and Grandagardur 1-13. These documents can be accessed at, as stated in Section 3.8 of the Competition Specification. 3. Page 33 of the Competition Specification discusses changed circumstances of the Concert and Conference Centre because of changed owners and encourages considering the overall picture there, as elsewhere. Regarding the construction of a hotel, more decisive statements are made. a) Is it correctly understood that the entire local plan for the area may be changed, with the exception of the hotel, and that the hotel building shall conform precisely to the current local plan? b) Do the terms of the development plan (cf. report) continue to apply to the area? Answer: a) Yes, but the pedestrian axis shall also be taken into account, as stated in the Competition Specification: "the planned hotel construction next to the Concert and Conference Centre and the pedestrian axis planned between Lækjartorg and the concert hall shall be taken into account." See also Question 3 and its answer from the previous query period. b) Yes. 4. Page 31 of the Competition Specification discusses demarcation of the planning area and the boundaries shown in the figure. On one hand, the planning boundaries are discussed and Area D within them, i.e., the area east of the concert hall, which is also shown in the general plan. -Is this area (landfill in Area D, east of the Concert and Conference Centre) part of the Competition Area? Answer: Yes. The current landfill is temporary because of the construction of the concert hall and is not in accordance with the current general plan. 5.

Page 30 of the Competition Specification discusses landfill in Örfirisey. - Does Associated Icelandic Ports wish to see solutions showing a settled area in Örfirisey on new landfill?

Answer: Reference is made to Future Vision of Associated Icelandic Ports, p. 29-30; the Jury takes no position in advance on proposals that may be submitted. 6. Page 40, Article 3.15, discusses division into stages. Included is a reference to current plat lease agreements, which ought to be based on the stage division. -Are these plat lease agreements amongst the accompanying documents? Answer: No, these plat lease agreements are not amongst the accompanying documents since their time limits are only intended as criteria for the preparation of a construction plan. 7. What sea level should be assumed as time passes, and what maximum spring tides along the north and south shore of Reykjavik? Answer: It is pointed out that reports have been published on the rising surface of the sea, which are accompanying documents for the competition, see Section 2.5, Accompanying Document no. 11, Landfill, condition of the sea, etc. Addressed at a meeting of the Jury, Monday, 14 September 2009

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