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Once upon a time in a faraway land called KYtopia, there was a boy named Emre. He lived with his parents and a pet cat he called Bulbasour. Their house was located in one of the four villages in KYtopia, Topaz Village. The other villages were Diamond Village, Sapphire Village, and Garnet Village.

One day, Emre’s peaceful village was attacked by ferocious mice. The mice completely changed the lifestyle of the villagers from happily walking around the village to settling in the house in fear and horror. They stole cheese that the cheese-makers made, they ripped off the clothes the tailors sew, and they stole foods the mothers had prepared for the children. It was really brutal.

These mice have a special feature that made them stronger. They reproduce more when they were being attacked as if they feel challenged and by reproducing more offspring they could prepare an army to battle. This had caused the villagers to be afraid to even start an attack.

Luckily, Emre was no ordinary boy as well. He was only seven years old, but having an IQ of an eighteenyear-old. He was thinking maybe Bulbasour could to get rid of the mice. He started to do calculations using algebra and algorithms to organise his plan.

Bulbasour could eat only y number of mice at one time. While the number of mice was represented by x. Emre finally came out with this awesome plan: At Topaz Village Total number of mice = x Total mice eaten = y Mice left = x-y

Moved and reproduced two times At Diamond Village Total number of mice = 2(x-y) Total mice eaten = y Mice left = 2x-3y

Moved and reproduced three times At Sapphire Village Total number of mice = 3(2x-3y) Total mice eaten = y Mice left = 6x-10y

Moved and reproduced four times At Garnet Village Total number of mice = 4(6x-10y) Total mice eaten = y Mice left = 24x -41y

Since the initial number of mice, x was 41 and the total number of mice Bulbasour could eat was 24, the total number of mice left in Garnet Village would be, Mice left = 24x-41y =24 (41) – 41(24) =0

The terror of attacking lasted for seven days and seven nights. Thanks to the wise Emre and the heroic Bulbasour, KYtopia was peaceful again as ever.

The end.


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