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Safe Our Children Parents play a big role to keep children safe. However , nowadays news of children being kidnapped in front of school or in the playground and killed body found in bags are enough to send shivers down our spines. The question that across my mind is whether we have done enough to protect our children. Children are the precious gift from god . Their innocent are impressionable to many kinds of dangers in and outside the house. Today , the rise of living cost in our country are the reason both parents to be out working . At the same time , they need to leave their children unattended during part of the day. They are some ways to ensure our children remain safe unattended neither at home or outside . The first step is to provide our children with the knowledge of what is dangerous to them . For instance, they need to know what they should not do when no adult to supervize them.The second is keep away sharp objects from them . We need to make sure sharp objects such as scissors and knive are tucked away safely in drawers or at a high place. This is important so that our children would not be able to reach for them.The third is to avoid slippery surface.For example , in the bathroom accidents occur when children fallen and hurt themselves because of the slippery floor.Finally , way to keep our children safe at home is to forbid them playing with fire . Children may find playing with fire is such a fun thing to do but they should know when they playing with fire , they will get hurt. Other than that , there are ways to ensure children’s safety outside the house . Firstly , we have to teach our children to never speak with strangers. Cases are reported kidnapped always happened when our childrent being attracted towards the strangers offer.Second is they need to run away when in danger . Children need to be taught that they have to run away for their lives when they feel threatened.Then , children also could be advised to scream for help . We should tell them to attract others attention around them so the stranger that have a bad intention on them will run away.They need to be advise to never play alone because children who spend time playing outside the house unsupervised are always be the targets for kidnappers. Lastly , we are advice to teach children not to get near to vehicles parked by the side of the road because there could be potential dangers upcoming on them. In a nutshell , children are prone to all of the mishaps because of their innocence and weakness. Therefore , children are unable to take care of themselves . Then, as an adult we need to equipped them with the knowledge of the ways they have to do on such dangerous situation.

Safe our children  

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