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FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( Customer Profile The futuristic spring siren trend is for a young female who is in her early 20s to mid 30s. She is a young woman who wants to be flirty and feminine yet have an edginess to her. She is a student, postgraduate, or a young professional woman. She comes from the demographic cohort of Generation Y. Their birth dates are from early 1980s to early 2000s. Our demographic cohort is well aware of the events going on. They have easy access to the Internet, which gives our customers the opportunity to shop online for clothes, shoes, jewelry, books and music, electronics, etc. Women between the ages of 20 to 30 spend about $600 to $1,000 annually shopping online. Online shopping for our customers is a major plus because now you do not need your computer to make a purchase. You can make one right through your smartphone. Our customers respond to email offers, making 7 out of 10 women sign up for retailer email alerts. Besides responding to email offers, 3 out of 5 women visit online websites to find regular savings and spend about 15 to 30 minutes shopping online. Popular day for our customers to shop online or shop at the mall are Fridays. Our customer find out about new trends on blogs, social media, and websites such as Pinterest, Polyvore, Lookbook, Instagram, and Twitter. These websites, blogs, and other social media platforms can be influential to our customers because majority of females start checking out what is new in the fashion industry and what is out. As well as articles on magazines they give out the upcoming trend for the season. Overall, our customer takes up most of her time on the computer or her smartphone.



FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( Trend Introduction What(was(once(a(childhood(fantasy(has(now(become(reality.(The(mermaid(trend( started(out(as(a(childhood(fairy(tale(with(Disney(making(them(seem(whimsical,(but(it(has( matured(into(a(look(that’s(fresher,(cleaner,(and(a(little(sexier(for(spring.(No(longer(a( mermaid,(but(this(mythical(creature(has(been(modernized(thus(transforming(her(into(an( alluring(and(edgy(futuristic(spring(siren.(This(trend(consists(of(soft(pastel(colors(and(an( array(of(cool(metallics.(The(sense(of(femininity(comes(to(mind(when(we(look(at(a(blend(of( soft(sheers(and(exquisite(prints.(We(look(to(classical(art(and(literature(for(inspiration(and( give(it(a(glamorous(turn.(To(polish(off(this(look,(a(touch(of(highNgloss(metallic(finishes(will( give(this(nonconventional(mermaid(trend(a(modern(twist.(Edgy(accessories(and(slim( silhouettes(create(a(look(that(is(heading(towards(an(ultramodern(destination.(Silhouettes( like(iridescent(sequins,(nylons,(and(embossed(metallic(leather(have(textures(of(a(mermaid’s( tail(that(will(make(the(look(edgy(and(flirty.(Hologram(details(on(garments,(shoes,(and( accessories(will(make(this(spring(look(futuristic(and(dimensional.(Trendy(and(sophisticated( outfits(for(a(casual(day(out(to(a(festivals(or(a(night(out(with(family,(friends,(or(partner(will( make(the(futuristic(spring(siren(come(to(life.(From(flirty,(feminine(dresses(and(iridescent( pencil(skirts,(to(shimmering(pastel(skinny(jeans(and(metallic(pumps,(every(fashion(detail( will(have(a(futuristic(spring(siren(makeover(for(spring(2014.( Trend Concept Board We want our customers to feel comfortable and chic when they are having a casual day and heading out with family, friends, or partner. Women on our age range want to look sophisticated, flirty, and chic. Our trend brings out all of those characteristics to our customers.



FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( Our evening concept board shows a peplum shirt, metallic pastel pants, holographic stilettos, gold statement bracelet, metallic accessories, and pastel leather. The female on our concept board is ready to head out with her family, friends, or partner to grab some dinner or a date. She is wearing a white peplum shirt that is elegant, sharp and goes well with a pair of soft pink pastel metallic pants. You can style this outfit with a pair of holographic stilettos. A pair of silver stilettos will bring the outfit to life. The silver stilettos on our concept board have a texture of the tail of a siren. Besides just giving out a hint of a siren, the mirror-shine metallic gives a hint of futuristic detail and adds edginess to the outfit. When you begin to accessorize your outfit, it is never a good idea to over style it because it makes your outfit look unsophisticated. With this outfit you can wear a simple gold statement bangle in the shape of a sea star and a gold shimmering clutch. The sea star bangle gives out the element of a siren and ocean life. During spring, we have days and nights that can be cold and hot. It is always a good idea to carry a jacket with you. The pastel-colored, leather motorcycle jacket screams fierceness and adds a mixture of masculinity and femininity to the outfit. As for our second concept board, we have a casual outfit that can be worn out to music festivals during spring such as Coachella 2014. We have a light blue-cropped top with a metallic silver maxi skirt that mirrors the tail of a mermaid. The light blue-cropped top brings characteristics of spring and the beach. Together, the crop top and the maxi skirt would be perfect for the spring weather. A pair of pastel lilac wedges also go great with this outfit because wedges can be comfortable when standing or walking for hours during the day. To accessorize this outfit, we chose to add a simple fish scale print bangle with a hologram chain clutch. The clutch will be very lightweight and easy to carry. The hologram clutch combined with the silver maxi skirt creates the futuristic aspect of this outfit.



Futuristic Spring Siren



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Futuristic Spring Siren


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FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( Overall these two outfits are examples of how our trend will come to life. It definitely displays our futuristic spring siren trend. Both outfits illustrate the modernized siren for spring 2014 with its feminine and bold qualities. Color Section For this trend, the color palette consists mostly of cool pastel colors with hints of bold, metallic colors. It is inundated with shaded ripples of blue to reflect the deep blue seas around the world. Silver and white metallics mirror the colors of oysters and pearls scattered throughout the oceans. Traces of gold are reminiscent of the brown sands we see in beaches. Shells inspire the muted yellows, beiges, pinks, and lilacs in this palette. These mirror-shine metallics also gives off that futuristic feel and adds an edginess to the variety of colors. The blue hues in the palette represent the color of the ocean waters, which are associated with the mythical sirens. In color theory, blue “has more complex meanings than any other color.� The reason why we chose dark blue shades for our color palette is because it represents dignity, intelligence, and authority. Since the main target for this trend are young, professional women we know that these blues will signify that they are strong and independent. To add a touch of femininity, light blue tones are also included in the palette. Light blue shades represent peace and serenity but also something that is ethereal and spiritual. For this trend, the light blue shades also symbolize the unearthly creature known as the siren. The light purple shades or lilacs in the palette represent shells. In color theory, purple conveys different meanings such as magic, creativity, and royalty. However, light purples are considered light-hearted, floral, and romantic. Although the target for this trend are strong, young, and professional women, the light purple tones offers a little daintiness to these women who want to remain in touch with their feminine side.



Color Names Soft blueberry blue Pomp and power Thistle Deep Royal Nobility Blue Sonata Echo Silver Beige


Givenchy S/S 12




Paco Rabanne S/S 12



Chanel S/S 12


Color Names Graceful Sea Kokopelli Teal Vintage Gold Gentleman’s Gray Dragonfly Down Pour Blue Aphrodite Pink Aph Sunshine on the Bay August Sunrise







PANTONE 9186 C 938 C



FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( The soft yellow, pink, and beige pastel colors in this palette add more femininity to this trend. Yellow makes us think of spring because the color represents sunshine and happiness. Pink is associated with girls in most cultures and the color represents romance and tenderness. Beige and ivory symbolizes calm and pleasantness. These colors add softness to the trend. Finally, to create a sense of dominance and strength, we included gold and silver to the color palette. Gold is seen as the color of success, achievement, and triumph. With gold this trend will attract women who want to project those meanings. Like gold, silver is usually associated with prestige and wealth. It is seen as glamorous and sophisticated. The color is shiny, modern, and hi-tech on one hand and captivating and elegant on the other. This applies to the futuristic aspect of the trend. Silver is related to female energy, which is also something that we want to exemplify through this trend. Fabric Section Futuristic spring siren fabric choices consists of iridescent sequins, iridescent nylons, soft sheer, viscose, embossed metallic leather and leather. Fabric choice is very important because it will make our trend come to life. Our fabric choice will make our female look flirty and chic. These fabrics give textures of mermaid, fish, and futuristic elements. They are shiny, bold, and look great on females. The iridescent sequin and embossed metallic leather gives hints of how a mermaids tail looks like. Women between the ages of early 20s and mid 30s want to look sexy, flirty, and sophisticated. These fabrics will look great on skirts, shorts, tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories. The metallics, shimmering, and iridescent fabrics go very well with our trend. Embossed metallic leather will give our garments both futuristic and siren elements. Metallics are a major element to our trend because it brings out the flirty element but gives it an edge. Viscose and












FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( leather can be used for jackets and the look becomes futuristic and edgy. Besides the fabric, our color palette will help our garments, accessories, and shoes become the epitome of the futuristic spring siren. Details also take a huge part of our fabric selections. For details we will be using hologram, which will incorporate a futuristic look and adds dimension to our trend. Runway/Street Inspiration Sirens of the sea have been used as fashion inspiration in the past. The trend had a softer and subtler appearance back in 2012 and for 2014 the siren will be given a more glamorous and updated look. Back in 2011, Karl Lagerfeld created a buzz when he gave the fashion industry a taste of underwater luxury in Chanel’s spring 2012 runway show. He added a refreshing edge to the minimalist ocean-themed collection and we want to apply some of that to the futuristic spring siren trend as well. Taking in some of the metallic silvers Lagerfeld used in his collection and adding it to our color palette will give this trend a femme fatale quality that will be hard to miss. Also feeding our trend would be Givenchy’s spring and summer 2012 collection. The Givenchy spring collection included iridescent sequins that give off that hi-tech, mermaid appeal that will influence the futuristic spring siren of 2014. Versace’s spring and summer 2012 collection took a more literal approach to the mermaid trend by applying crystal shell and starfish embellishments to several frocks. The Paco Rabanne spring and summer 2012 collection took a whole new direction by creating figure-fitting mermaid gowns that looked like they took a dip in metallic liquid. The futuristic spring siren trend isn’t looking to copy the trends of the past, but instead to gain influence from past collections. With slimming silhouettes, maxi skirts and dresses, and metallic accessories, the futuristic spring siren trend will create its own buzz in the fashion world during the spring season of 2014.





FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( Art Movement/Culture Heritage Our inspiration comes from movies and events that are happening in the year 2014. We want our target customers to feel like they are part of a trend that relates to major events and movies that will happen in 2014. Our trend futuristic spring siren is a young girl who wants to look flirty and chic. A lot of Sci-fi movies will be coming out soon such as Captain America, Robopocalypse, Robocop, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. These movies all have elements of modernism. Our trend doesn’t involve any superheroes, robots, or sci-fi monsters, but the idea of these movies have inspired us to look towards the futuristic elements. It gives out ideas of bold metallic elements that we will be using for in our garments, shoes, and accessories. These elements will create a look that is feminine yet daring. Events that will be going on during Spring 2014 are festivals. Our trend will go very well with festivals that will be happening during spring. Our female enjoys having fun with her friends and/or partner. Coachella is a huge music festival during spring. Everyone looks forward for that day; retail stores and designers all come out with their own festival line. But as time goes by we all get bored of seeing very similar styles. This time our trend will bring a female who is not afraid to show her feminine and fierce self at a music festival. Our garments will be very comfortable for our target market. These inspirations will definitely make a great impact to our trend because everyone wants something new and wants to get rid of the old. Innovative is the word that comes to mind when we look at the futuristic spring siren trend. Besides just being inspired by upcoming movies and events, we have also been inspired by sirens. The textures of their tails inspired the use of our fabrics. Sirens could be seen flirty, but they have a soft touch that makes it chic. John William Waterhouse painting The Siren shows



FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( a young girl in her early 20s, you can see that her tail is slowly forming and Waterhouse gives us a silver metallic color that has textures of the embossed metallic leather fabric we will be using for our trend. Little things like these on painting can help make a trend come to life. Analytic Track - Trending More and more people are starting to use social networks to express a little more about themselves. There has been a significant growth on Pinterest. The website breaks down the categories for their users and giving them different options to pin boards. With that being said, Pinterest has past and current pins that can relate to our trend. Futuristic fashion, metallics, pastels, and sirens. You can slowly see how they are innovation. The idea of Futuristic design has been slowly growing and our trend can make a huge impact as well as the metallics. They seem to die off throughout the years but slowly make their way up. These analytics are important because it will help us edit anything that we think might not be part of trend. Conclusion Why will the futuristic spring siren trend be a hit for spring 2014? We like to think that every girl starts out as an innocent mermaid, who will eventually transform into a gorgeous, modern siren. The siren woman exudes strength and independence. She is captivating and charming to all those around her. She draws people in with her charming qualities, but she has a certain aspect to her that may intimidate others. She is a woman who knows where she stands and the world. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it. The futuristic spring siren is a confident woman who wants to dress like a lady, but also wants to express a daring side of her. A woman with this look will be able to express her confidence while maintaining that feminine grace. The futuristic spring siren trend is not only inspired by events that will happen in



Peplum Top

Structured Jacket

Pencil Skirt Skinny Pants


Spring 2014 STYLE GUIDE

Fish Scale Prints

Pastel Leather

Metallic Finish Hologram Detailing

FUTURISTIC(SPRING(SIREN( the year 2014 but also by past fashions that we’ve seen on the runway. This trend will work for any occasion during the spring season. So whether she’s going out on a date or to a music festival like Coachella, the futuristic spring siren trend will be sure to wow with her modern vibe and alluring appearance. It’s no doubt that by spring 2014, every woman will want to let out her inner siren with a look that’s striking, updated, and refreshing.



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