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Angela mercedes donna otto was born in 1983 in Bad Soden, Germany. she is a berlin based illustrator and graphic designer. especially all her free work (as well as some commissioned work where concept permits) are made according to “apophenia”. that’s a term used by psychologists to describe the mind’s will to construct meaning, order and forms even from chaotic structures - just like seeing faces in the clouds. since her thesis she did many more works based on coffee, tea and juice drippings, further experimenting with paper and fluids and improving the method. the “found” motifs are extracted from the patterns and details are worked out using colored ink. nonetheless her pictures give a wide range of interpretation and room the “see more”.

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Angela M. D. Otto is a Berlin based illustrator. She uses coffee, tea and ink to bring little creatures to life. Her drawings are based on visual interpretations of what she sees in splotches and stains.

Petite Creatures Album // Hoploid Illustration  
Petite Creatures Album // Hoploid Illustration  

Little sketchbook/ Ink drawings. (part of hoploid art and illustration portfolio) First splotched with coffee and tea, little creatures seem...