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Special school camp

Two years ago, when were 11 years old, we went to a school camps with parents. Every year we do this school camp, but this year was especial, because we have a “Macedònia” concert and a picnic with two other friends. The next day, we had a guitar concert. …

We arrived and we decided the bedroom where we sleept. We chose the big bedroom. After that, we explorer the environment of the house. We were with other friend walking in the forest near the house. We had a water war and we end very wet. ‌

Then other friend arrived late, and when we were together we went to stage to practice our songs of the concert. But when we started to practice Mireia’s mum tell to us to went to had lunch. We ate a delicious pasta salad. This is the best food of the schools camps, every camps our parents made pasta salad. ‌

Then, we practice the songs and we sang and danced. Our sisters were there because they watched the rehearsal. We were very nervious. We danced and danced until we get tired. (We prepared this songs at school too). ‌

In the

afternoon we had a snack picnic in the mountain with 2 boys, Laura’s sister and other girl. Then, we returned to the house and saw all the boys swam in a river. We changed the clothes and wear a swimsuit. When we were swimming one little girl appeared and she thought that we were mermaids. ‌

After swam in the river we had a shower and had dinner. We were very nervous for the concert. After dinner we practiced again. Then we change the clothes and wear a special clothes, the clothes for the concert. We made up and comb. Then the public arrived to the audience. ...

We did the concert. It was great, funny and the public were very delighted. It was an amazing concert, an awesome experience. The audience threw us roses. We were very happy! Our concert was incredible! Our concert was a success. The people welcomed us and screamed with excitement. ‌

At night, we went to slept at 4 am because we were very exciting. In the bedroom, we did many night games. ‌

The next day we had breakfast and went a excursion. On the afternoon we did a guitar concert in Barcelona.


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