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Aina Gonzàlez Giménez 2n ESO A TIC

Hello, today I ‘m going to speak about dance. There are many kinds of dance, but I will speak about one of them: the classical dance, because it is the best I can do and the one that I like more. The classical dance is that typical that you imagine with weary tips and the “tutú”, but not always we go like this, only in the festivals and in the representations. In class we go with a “maillot” and tights. My timetable of dance from Monday to Friday is between 6:30 to 9:30 and on Saturdays : complete day, 6 or 8 hours. We also make competitions, examinations and festivals. You already know that I made a competition a few days away. Then now I will explain you that it is: 1- You prepare a variation. It can be from a video as well as free . You can participate individually or you can ride a group or a duo. 2-You read the competition rules and you look if that you want to make is correct. 3-When all goes well, you go to the place where it is celebrated the competition and you dance before a jury . They punctuate your performance . And you get a prize depending on your punctuation. There are two phases. If you get a 1st prize in the first part you can pass to the national one.

Well, I will now speak you about my course: third course of the professional career of dance. In my course we are 4 girls and 2 boys. We have a lot of luck of having to 2 boys in my group because then we can make more impressive dances. Those that we dance with the boys are my best friend and I, because we are that we goes to them better to dance. I expect you have enjoyed my explanation. Thank you for listening.

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