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Due: 14th October

No: 01_141013

Client: Café Clunes Job Description: Corporate Identity and Branding Objective

Increase sales 10% in 6 months

Increase amount of food ordered


Positioned on a main road between Byron Bay and Lismore Attached to a general store Running for 10 years, always struggling to make sufficient profit

• • •

Small business affected by global recession New owners Modern/ Trendy/ Off beat feel

• • Target Audience

25-40 Middle class

Items to be designed

Corporate identity; logo, business cards, customer cards, uniform, signage Website Promotional brochure Menu design

• • • •

Product Shots Food and Cup Packaging Interior design Advertisement idea

• • • Client provides

• •

Menu information Body copy for all website information and brochures

Covers all costs of printing, photography and other production costs


• •

Face to face client meetings Work shown digitally of designers own laptop

• •

Rough printouts will be provided Files will be handed over in both a working file such as ai, and in pdf, down-saved to cs3


• •

Budget on production costs - $1000 Payment made final production date

• •

$350 flat rate Any changes past final design date $45 an hour

Design Guidelines

• •

Promote reliable good food and coffee Reflect heritage of community

• •

Maintain quirky, trendy café vibe Inspiration from cafes suvch as Bayleaf, The Topshop and The Roadhouse

Graphic Design 2  
Graphic Design 2