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Recently Fluoride has been artificially added to the publics’

The question however is not whether fluoride is good or

water around Australia. Fluoride is a chemical ,that has been added to water since 1956 . Fluoride is used in water to

bad for us, or even what we believe the effects are, but whether it should be made compulsory for everybody. Does

prevent dental decay. It is a naturally occurring substance and

everybody need the same amount of fluoride? How much are

found in rivers and lakes. Today, fluoride can also be found in most foods and drinks.You can also find fluoride in toothpaste

we already getting through other elements? There are too many unanswered questions. The facts are unclear. As stated

as well fluoride tablets.

previously by Armfield, J.M & Akers H.F(2010) the knowledge the public has on fluoride and water fluoridation is minimal. People need to learn more about water fluoridation and its effects on the community and themselves.

Fluoride has been associated with many positive benefits, the major one being a reduction in tooth dacay. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control listed water fluoridation as one of the ten great public health achievements of the 20th century. However, fluoride is also associated with dental fluorosis, which is a defect on tooth enamel, most common in children. McDonagh et al. (2000) revealed that there is a dose�response relationship between water fluoride levels and the occurrence of fluorosis. Fluorosis is more common in artificial fluoridated water. There have also been links between fluoride and cancer and fluoride and bone fractures. These links, however have not been conclusive. Water has been fluoridated for just over sixty years, and therefore there are is no conclusive evidence on the long term effects that fluoride has on our teeth and bodies. In a survey conducted by Armfield, J.M & Akers H.F (2010) they reported that “respondents (to water fluoridation) were more inclined to believe that any effects of water fluoridation occurred over the medium or long term, that any risks were relatively unfamiliar, that water fluoridation was artificial and imposed, and that any risks were not personally controllable.” The publics’ main concern was that they �new very little on the long-term effects of water fluoridation. The survey confirms that not every person who was surveyed supported compulsory water fluoridation. The report indicated that15% of people surveyed were against fluoride and 15% felt neutral about the matter. If 1 in 3 people are unsure or

Water. Our purest source of anything, now with chemicals. Join the campaign to drop fluoride by 2014

People need to understand that fluoride is the only chemical added to water, that doesn’t treat the water. Adding fluoride to our water system ma�es our purest source of anything impure. If our water isn’t pure, what is? Is this what we really want in our communities? Shouldn’t we have a right to choose whether we have fluoridated water and whether we wish to take supplements such as fluoride tablets and toothpaste.

If our water isnt pure, what is? The proposition, �ater Drops Fluoride is nation wide event supported by 100% Pure to raise awareness to areas that have recently had their water compulsory fluoridated. Water drops Fluoride aims to raise awareness on water fluoridation as well as striving for pure water by February 2014. �e aim to get our message heard and dealt with by the government.

To sign the petition and to gain more information about water fluoridation head to our Facebook page. To become apart of Water Drops Fluoride email us on

against fluoridation, this indicates that compulsory fluoridation breaches peoples’ rights of choice.

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