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Eggs benedict 18.00 poached eggs on toast with hollandaise sauce & tomato

Scrambled tofu 17.00 with tomato, spinach & mushroom on toast

Haloumi & poached eggs 17.00 with avocado & tomato on toast

Bacon and mushroom with toast 17.00

Big brea�fast 19.00 bacon, eggs, mushroom, sausage, spinach

Mushroom, spinach, feta & fresh herbs with toast 17.00

Vegetarian brea�fast 19.00 haloumi, eggs, spinach, mushroom

Free range eggs on toast 10.00 Chec� today’s specials on the board

Omelettes 19.00 Smoked salmon on an open green herb & spinach omelette Ham, cheese & tomato with toast


Lunch Soup of the day 9.00 Sandwiches 7.50 BLT Ham, cheese, tomato Corn beef, pickles, cheese Eggplant & Roast Vegetables Salad Clunes burger 12.00 Beef patty, caramelised onion, tomato relish, salad with chips 14.00 Fish & chips 16.00 Fresh flathead fillets with beer battered chips Add salad 17.50

Drinks Vegetaraian burger 13.00 Chickpea patty, grilled eggplant, roast peppers, salad, relish Roast vegetable salad 17.00 Roast vegetables, almonds, chickpeas, and tea soaked raisins, tossed with spanish onion, capsicum, radish, olives, tomato, and mixed lettuce and a sundried tomato pesto Crispy drumstic�s 11.00 Fried chicken drumsticks, dusted with five spice spiced salt and Artisan hot chilli dipping sauce Chec� today’s specials on the board

Coffee 3.50 Flat White Latte Cappuccino Mocha/ Hot Choc Piccolo Maciato Esspessro Long Black Skim/ Soy/ Almond milk +0.50 Double +0.50

Tea 3.50 English Breakfast Earl Grey Green Camoline Jasmine

Mil�sha�es 4.50 Vanilla, Choc, Strawberry

Thic�sha�es 5.50

Freshly Squeezed Juice 6.00 Orange, Apple Soft Drin� 3.50 Sparkling Water Coke Lemonade Lemon, Lime, Bitters

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