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WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO? Donors often ask the question, “How much of my gift to a missionary’s support actually goes to the missionary?”, or “The support target of the missionary seems awfully high. How is it all used?” These are excellent and important questions to ask. Anyone who is trying to be a good steward of what God has entrusted to him should ask these questions. The support target of an AIM missionary has three main parts: administration costs, missionary benefits, and ministry costs. A: 13.5% of the total support target is for administrative fees which are paid to AIM’s US and International Offices. Most of the activities of the US Office directly benefit the missionary. These include travel arrangements, securing visas and work permits, banking services, income tax assistance, direct payment of bills from missionary funds, and purchasing and shipping of goods. This assistance from the US Office enables our missionaries to devote more time to their ministry. The US Office also processes all incoming donations. The International Office coordinates the work of missionaries from five sending councils and working in 18 countries. B: 33.7% of the support target is for missionary benefits, including medical insurance, retirement funds, and housing on the field. Most retirement funds are intended for the missionary’s individual 401(k) account, but a percentage is to help maintain AIM’s retirement center in Florida and assist current retirees. Part of the support target pays the employer portion of social security. C: 52.8% is for ministry costs which consist of direct ministry costs, missionary salary, and Home Assignment. Direct ministry costs may include travel, literature, equipment, supplies, freight and customs. The missionary’s salary is based on living costs in their country of ministry. Salary is used for expenses such as food, clothing, children’s education, social security taxes, vacation, and other personal expenses. The Home Assignment funds pay for travel to and from the field and for expenses while in the US. The pie chart below shows more detail in the breakdown of a typical missionary support target. Supporting a missionary provides for much more than just their salary. We are grateful to God for all of the individuals and churches who contribute to our missionaries. Our goal at the US office is to use these gifts as wisely as possible in order that more people might come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information, please contact the Finance Department at Africa Inland Mission International, PO Box 178, Pearl River, NY 10965; phone: 845-735-4014; e-mail:

Support Target of Typical AIM Missionary

C: Social Security 6.3%

C: Home Assignment 5.2%

C: M inistry Expenses 5.8% A: International Admin 2.1%

A: US Admininstration 11.4%

C: Salary 35.5%

B: M edical 14.8% B: Retirement/401k 11.0%

B: Housing 7.9%

% update 1/08


If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information, please contact the Finance Department at Africa Inland Mission Internati...

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