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Is AIM star on its way back to Earth? ASOS is one of the greatest AIM companies of all time. But its mega-growth glory days look behind it. ASOS is among the most successful internet retailers in the world. It is the capitalist dream marriage between entrepreneurial risk-taking and equity markets to build a world-class operation from almost a standing start. ASOS’ bold move in the early part of the century was to sell fashion

online. This flew in the face of received wisdom of the time, much of which was inspired by high-profile internet failures, particularly

ASOS leads on the online market among 15-34 year old comsumers

Without the ability to see, feel and try on for size, there were many doubts as to whether online clothing retail would ever succeed. In the early days, ASOS went by the name asSeenonScreen. The raison d’être of the site was to quickly supply fashion designs that had first gained prominence when worn by characters in film/television. As online retail took off, the company switched to general fashion retail and rebranded to ASOS. ASOS quickly became a leading fashion retailer to the UK’s under 25s. Management seized the initiative, entering new markets overseas. A period of massive sales, profit and share price growth followed.

switched to general fashion retail and rebranded to ASOS ASOS became the darling of fund managers, the financial media and shareholders. From trading as low as 5p in the aftermath of the dot-com bust, the shares first passed the ten pounds mark in 2010. The ascent did not stop there. As overseas growth continued, investors’ appetite for ASOS stock grew further and the shares achieved an enormous premium 4

November 2015 AIM Prospector  
November 2015 AIM Prospector  

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