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Milwaukee, Wisconsin native with direct Nigerian ancestry, Nneka Onyilofor has a B.S. in Family Social Science and Masters of Liberal Studies (M.L.S.) from University of Minnesota. Her concentration in African American and African Studies, and International Studies has significantly broadened her scope.

He is an author, speaker, recording artist, husband and father. He has written a collection of poetry (not published), a book about the rules of one-on-one communication (self published) and (current project) a book entitled “Mapping the Dream: the Routes and Milestones of reaching Dr. King’s Dream”.

She has worked at African American Family Services and at the University of Minnesota as an Admissions Counselor. She was also the lead instructor for three Black History courses in the University of Minnesota’s African American and African Studies Department. Additionally, she has coordinated and taught a college preparation course at the Brian Coyle Center in Minneapolis.

His current passion is The institution of the Black Family; rebuilding its infrastructure by restoring the black man as father and husband. “My current battle cries are: “Please recycle, be a father to your child”, “A Cast for the Past” and “S.T.A.N.D!” (which stands for Solution Talks and No Distractions!)

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Nyandia Kamawe AIM contributor/ graphic designer She is a photographer, designer and the owner & CEO A gradu-

ate of the Art Institute of Atlanta and, designed this issue of AIM from cover to cover.


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Our AIM is to celebrate, and share our differences. We publish a monthly magazine that highlights" Africans in Motion" i.e. Fellow Africans that are inspiring, driven, and successful in their various fields. For more information please contact Aim Network 612. 205.9828

A Reason, Season, and a Lifetime… In general I am not a writer; I live and breathe graphic design and chocolate sampling (Smile). There are times though I feel the need to say what’s on my mind, it takes me days to put it down in words, so I hope you at least get what I have to say, and ignore the grammar errors… here I go: I am a thirty young thing and I am finally enjoying my thirties, because I now understand and enjoy myself as a woman, a mother, a sister, and a friend. I can easily say NO and not feel burdened with any guilt. I finally know what to be loved is, what to be appreciated is and what chocolate brand will erase my worries instantly without spending hours in the store. My mom swears I have a billion friends, I say about half a billion and from all of them I owe them a little of whom I am today, because from them, I can now see myself clearly. If you name any of my friends, I can tell you a story about us and you can tie it back to the person I am. I finally learned the meaning of the phrase “People come into your life for a Reason, Season, and a Lifetime”. Although it took a while to get to a happy place, I now

understand what the purpose of those people in my life was, because now I look back and apply all the lessons learned to my happiness today. It is something hard to figure out, but people will influence your life in ways you’ll never understand until you reach your happy place, a place where you are one with yourself no matter what these people brought you; be it hate, love, laughter, sorrow, joy and just pure friendship. So accept people in your life, learn from them, forgive them when they do you wrong, because it is they, that will stay with you for a LIFETIME. As we push forward to another year, be sure to start the year knowing what you want. Your goal is to reach that happy place. Happy holidays my friends! Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive -Anais Nin

Wangechi Ruguaru 7

out his

Bill harmonica Dan

guitar and whips Jim plays key plays guitar.

plays from time to time.

All this changes from time to time, tho


may call themselves Just A Band, but they are and redefined the experience for their audience. lack thereof that we have come to expect. When new frontier in music has been breached and wi



ough, there’s no strict rules on who plays what.

e hardly just anything. Jim Chuchu, Bill Sellanga and Dan Muli have taken music . They experiment and push the boundaries of sound, musicality and the message or n you listen to Scratch to Reveal and 82 you come away with the knowledge that a ith the surety that you cannot predict what Just A Band will do next. Jim, Bill and Dan love music, understand storytelling and have an uncanny way of putting those two talents together to both boggle and entertain. It is also obvious that the journey is a fun one both for their followers and for the band itself. Without much further ado here is what Just A Band shared with AIM... What’s the name of your band? What’s the origin of that name? We’re called Just A Band. It came from a massive brainstorm we had back in University to find a name we

could go by, and this is the one we settled on. We thought it was funny. :-) Instrument you play or role in band? Bill plays guitar and whips out his harmonica from time to time. Dan plays guitar. Jim plays keys. All this changes from time to time, though, there’s no strict rules on who plays what.


We don’tt think in terms of a genre for the music, especially when we’re making it. 10

What genre of music do you consider your work to be? We don’t think in terms of a genre for the music, especially when we’re making it. If we tried to classify it then it would probably kind of stagnate, for us. The “mixed spice” feel of the music probably comes from the fact that we listen to loads of stuff from different places, and we all have our own different ideas of what we’d like to do, so when we mash it all up together, it creates the sound of the band. How long have you all known each other? How did you meet? When did you form your band? What inspired you to make music together? Jim and Bill knew each other in High School, and Daniel checked in when they were all in Uni together in 2003. We formed the band like 5 minutes after we met, haha! OK, that’s an exaggeration. But it was pretty quick! Just about the only thing we all had in common was that we were all pretty rabid fans of loads of different types of music, and we were all into it to the point where we wanted to make some ourselves. So we started jamming together and exposing each other to new stuff, and that’s where all of this came from.


Can you each state your (I need individual answers, we want the readers to get to know each one of you)

and videos. Daniel answers our mail. Do you have a record label?

Hobbies Bill: I like sports. Dan: I used to have hobbies ... sigh. Jim: The pursuit of awesomeness. Musical influence Bill: Funky cats like George Benson, P-Funk, Kanye, The Roots, soulful cats... Dan: Phoenix, Jamiroquai, Madlib, Basement Jaxx, Flamenco... Jim: Norah Jones, Radiohead, Bjork... Role in band Bill is the band leader in the live performance sense. Jim is our visual dude, doing photo shoots, design stuff


We have distribution deals in place with Penya in Africa and Akwaaba in the States, but other than that, we are, in fact, an unsigned band! Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time? We write them, along with any collaborators we’d have on the track, if they are inclined to write their own material. The songs are about anything that’s moving us at the moment, anything we feel compelled to talk about, so sometimes it’s just a fun freestyle type of jam, and sometimes it’s about some kind of emotion. In that way, the topics probably will change with time, reflecting


whatever frame of mind we’re in. Could you briefly describe the music-making process? The process varies a lot, and the liner notes in 82 actually get into the process behind each of the songs, but generally we’ll come upon an idea from either a group jam or, more likely nowadays, an individual jam, and the idea gets digitally polished and passed around until we all feel it’s done. How has your music evolved since you first began playing music together?

energetic vibe into the music. Which is not to say that we totally lost the mellowness; we’d hope that it just means there’s an additional texture to everything. What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome that challenge? If so, how? Initially, there was resistance to our sound and videos because they were too different from the local norm, but when we couldn’t get on TV, we got our videos up on YouTube and, when the following grew online and through more. What’s your ultimate direction for your band?

In the beginning, we were a lot more chilled out and noodly. Nowadays it’s a much more clubby sound, we think it’s due to us having started DJing last year, and after a few DJ gigs we started thinking about trying to get that

The band exists as an avenue for all of us to stretch a muscle that we don’t get opportunity to work in our day jobs, to express our most personal and crazy ideas, to


have fun, basically. So we intend to keep doing that, on increasingly kick-ass levels. (We’re trying very hard not to be obnoxious here.) What advice do you have for people who want to form their own bands? Forming a band, wow, that’s such a massive undertaking. (So first, you have to be strong, haha!) You have to find out what your motivation is, that’ll answer a lot of questions, especially when you’re pulled in many different directions, in terms of your sound and other creative ideas. So, are you in it for the love, for money, for fame? Also, being in a band is a team sport, so you have to be able to handle people

and work well with them (at least with the people you form your band with). You’ll be sharing your “sacred creative space,” and being all up in each other’s faces, so ... patience, grasshoppa. If it’s something that you’re really truly drawn towards you’ll end up doing it regardless of what anyone says, but if not then you’ll be pummeled into submission at your first rehearsal, haha! Good luck! How can fans-to-be gain access to your music? It’s available online. Please visit for links to sites to buy both 82 and Scratch To Reveal, our first album. The name of your latest CD is

82, can you discuss the meaning behind the name? We were all born in that finest of years. :D The video “Ha-He” features a character named Makmende, how was this idea born and do we expect more of him in your videos? After discarding a lot of ideas for the video, we decided to make something simple and fun, and we’d just seen the trailer for the movie Black Dynamite, and that put us in a Blaxploitation frame of mind. Everything fell into place quite easily once we decided to go with that idea; the ‘70s costumes, the revenge plot, and finally, the name, which is based on what kids call someone who feels like a bit of a superhero.

As for where he’ll show up next, we can say that, at least for now, we won’t be using him in any videos, but also that you’ll see him again, soon. Keep an eye out... Does Makmende have a wife or significant other? We daren’t ask. Any interest from the TV networks to start a TV show featuring Makmende? We daren’t comment. :)

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We were sent some fan some ladies had done of themselves as


Makmende’s Angels...

Can we be his angels? (we kid…but seriously???)

Someone beat you guys to it! We were sent some fan art some ladies had done of themselves as Makmende’s Angels... They’re out there,had done of themselves as Makmende’s Angels... They’re out there, somewhere, jealously guarding their prized position. But we’re sure Makmende appreciates your asking... Any last words? We’d really like to thank everyone for the positive vibes sent our way! We appreciate all the support. Be good, y’all. Just A Band was nominated for and won the 2010 Museke Online Africa Music Awards (MOAMAs) for Record of the Year for the song ‘Usinibore’

Just A Band 2010 Museke Online Africa Music Awards MOAMAs for Record of the Year





inally, faithful AIM Magazine readers, I’m ready to take on the “why do men cheat” question! Well, sort of. See, the “why” [in “why do men cheat”] is too specific [to the individual and the incident] to quantify in such general terms. So I’ll be dealing with the “what” (as in “what are the categories of cheating”) rather than the “why”. Also, I will include women who cheat as well.


the same lover is not evidence of an ongoing affair but rather a string of isolated incidents.

There are 4 bas ic classifications of cheating; 3 physical and emotional infidelity as the fourth. These classifications are; Class A, B, C and then Class D which is emotional. While it is possible incidents [of cheating] occur that could be considered hybrids of two or more of these categories, each incident is fundamentally one of the four classifications. Each category is specific to the incident. This means a person who commits a Class B offense, for instance, is not limited to Class B offenses if his or her cheating ways continue. Likewise a Class A offender could find him or herself in a Class C situation, if there is a next time.

Believing your mate is unaware and that you’ll never get caught are key factors for one-third of the “why” men or women cheat. This coupled with the opportunity [to cheat] make up two-thirds of the why, but doesn’t tell the complete story. Knowing which classification of cheater you’re dealing with gives you a good idea about the “why’s” remaining third.

Cheating is ultimately a violation of intimacy specifically when intimacy, to include monogamy, is essential to the relationship. Hence the reason emotional infidelity is a serious offense. I would venture to say 9 times out of 10 the cheater believes his or her significant other is unaware of the incident at the time it is taking place. About the same ratio of cheaters think they will never get caught, especially those who consider what they did an isolated incident (i.e. one night stand). Some Class B cheaters, discussed in detail later, believe multiple encounters with


Class A Cheating is when you actively pursue an affair (or multiple affairs) at all cost; even lying about your relationship status to secure it. A sexual, social or mental disorder may be the root cause. This is a reason, not an excuse. The target of his or her affection must genuinely feel for the offender, this is necessary to satisfy the “addiction”, which explains why they would lie about being involved, The offender may even see him or herself as a polygamist rather than a cheater (i.e. entitled to have multiple lovers) even if the “fling” lacks the emotional bond of the primary relation. Class B Cheating is the situational cheater; Mister (or Madam) “I’m involved and love my wifey (hubby), but I’m away on business (or pleasure) and need some companionship”. This is the guy (or gal) who would go




is ultimately a

violation of intimacy ...

as far as to pay for sex, directly or indirectly, just to make certain there are not strings attached, thus reserving true intimacy for the primary relationship. I realize how this may sound, but it does explain the rationale behind the behavior. I suspect ego is at the root of Class B cheating, as if indulging in opportunistic sex is a spoil of their success- especially when they didn’t go out looking for it. Full disclosure about their primary relationship is both their license to cheat and get-out-of-the-affair-free card. Revealing they’re involved upfront is also important because they have no intention of leaving for the person they cheat with, thus establishing the rules of engagement. And then there’s Class C Cheating - the girl or guy would response to the advances of another in a weakened state, typically when things have gone sour in the primary relationship. Class C offenders usually mean well initially (just seeking a kind word from a friend or admirer) knowingly walk a fine line, but eventually fall for the other person. Class D Cheating, emotional infidelity, is typically the catalyst for Class C cheating. Even though at the Class D stage nothing physical has happened, it still hurts to discover that your significant other has an “active” crush on another. When we cheat emotionally someone other than our mate occupies real

estate in our heart and mind. We begin sharing delicate details of our day to day lives. As the infatuation increases our interest in the primary relationship decreases; can’t serve two masters or love two lovers! When a Class D affair is finally revealed the betrayal felt is no different than that of a physical affair- much like verbal abuse when compared to physical abuse. In closing, the myth that women only commit Class C or Class D infidelity is simply not true. There are some women who commit Class A and B offenses as well. Men, I realize this is a blow to our egos; that our good girls might actually be bad ones or that it wasn’t our “game” that helped us score. But it is a reality we must accept. There are just as many female players or sex addicts, if not more, as there are men. Gold isn’t the only thing some of them dig for. (“Get down girl, gon’ head get down- yeaaah she give me money...” a la Kanye West) Remember; in the wild it is the lioness, not the lion, who hunts on behalf of the pride! Iron sharpens iron, so lets be better because of it!

by Gerald Montgomery


Margaret hanging out with us.



I remember getting call after call about the surprise show on Oprah....she was taking the audience to Australia...and who was in the crowd, family friends of mine Mercy & Faith born and raised in Kenya but residing in Memphis, TN. I was so happy for them and Mercy was kind enough to share a recap with AIM Magazine. Enjoy! Wangechi

By Mercy Mungah

Oprah talking to the media.


Oprah taking us to the airport and saying goodbye to us as we head back to the States.

My sister Faith and I recently got back from Australia with Oprah Winfrey which was truly an amazing experience. We arrived in Sydney to a royal carpet welcome from the warm Australian people. They are quite friendly people and they made us feel so much welcomed! I truly felt honored and humbled to have gotten to spend a few days with Oprah. She is an amazing woman! It was truly a wonderful experience to get to talk to her on different things from day to day things to her experience on receiving her Kennedy award at the 33rd Kennedy Center Honors. Visiting different parts of Australia was awesome! We got to

Oprah Winfrey visits Ayers Rock in Uluru with us.


meet the different people and engage in the local cuisines. Australia is a beautiful country and I hope that each and everyone of you also gets the chance to go and it! Below are links on the media coverage on the trip and pictures. Tune in to The Oprah Winfrey Show in January, 2011 to see the taping of the Ultimate Australian Adventure. Have a wonderful holiday season!

by Mercy Mungah

Gail King, O Magazine Editor at Large

22 4


en years ago if you were to look up Nairobi, Kenya, you'd learn about its offerings of nature and wildlife. You would also learn that the equator runs through here, which is famously known as being one of the hottest places on Earth. Today if you would ask about one of the hottest thing's from Nairobi Kenya, the answer would be a different one. After working tirelessly for the last 10 years to gain notoriety in this brutal sport called Hip-Hop, Noggz has finally earned his position both as an artist and a businessman. According to the Nairobi Native it has not been easy but it has helped define character and by his own admission he would do it all over again.

Aim. Introduce yourself to our readers and help them understand who you are and where your from Noggz: Well my mother named me Nugi so you can call me Noggz or Tripple but only if we get along (he laughs) Oh yeah and I am from the great city of Nairobi. Aim.Tell us a little bit about yourself and your music? Noggz: Well I am a rapper, song writer and I began rapping when I was 9 years old. I speak on prosperity and the fruits of labor. I call my music the soundtrack to success, listen and you might learn something crucial.

Aim. How did your family feel about your music? Noggz: They have always been very supportive but as far as a critical opinion, I wouldn’t know how they felt, I would hope they liked it! Its hard for loved ones to form a critical opinion without being automatically biased. One thing is for sure, if they weren’t convinced before they are convinced now! Aim. What was the hardest adjustment to making a career out of music? Noggz: Am 10 years into my musical endeavor and I

The new motto is 2011 to heaven



began my process when I was 16 and I have grown with this same goal in mind for a while. To answer your question my patience has been the biggest adjustment I have had to make, because I didn’t always have patience. Aim. What inspired you to become a music artist? Noggz: Hip-Hop Aim. When exactly did this take place? Noggz: When Snoop came in the game 92-93. At the age of 9 I was able to identify what he was doing for his city and I always wondered what it would be like for people to say Nairobi the way they say long Beach. Blame my oldest sister and please don’t tell my mum I was listening to that in standard 3. On a more serious note, I grew up in an era of extreme corruption and political strife in the country and it was obvious my people were being stripped of a sense of pride. So all I did was take every song Snoop did and when he said Long Beach I replaced that with Nairobi and it made me feel proud.


Aim. How did you get into the music industry? Noggz: I didn’t get into the music industry, the music industry got to me. I was never an industry type of guy, some of these industry guys are really corny; I bare very few qualities with the typical "industry" guy. Aim. Explain what you mean by that? Noggz: The industry is a lot like a factory, which operates with the same formula over and over again. A hit record is the answer to everything and to further explain my position I will give you a short story. Aim. Go right ahead! Noggz: Early 2004 I was invited to audition for an Arista executive at his house in Atlanta after he heard me freestyling at the Guitar Center parking lot. We shall call him DJ for now and after doing my verse, I explained to DJ that It was important for me to retain where I was from (Nairobi) as a major component and I wasn’t willing to compromise that by any means. This altered my fate as far as that opportunity was concerned but I left there with a bigger purpose. At the time Atlanta was beginning to emerge as a force to recon with, and much as I lived in Atlanta and still do, I wasn’t from Atlanta. He then explained that my plan had a 20% success rate,

I laughed and we parted ways. Before we parted way’s, he gave me 2 hours of advice that changed my whole perspective on the music business and for that I will forever be grateful. Good looking out DJ wasup! Aim. What is the main inspiration behind your music? Noggz: I am brutally competitive but I am also a fan and the two make for a good mix for my creative process. Aim. What advice would you give to young and upcoming music artists? Noggz: Aim for the moon and don’t allow anything and or anyone tell you that it cant happen. Aim. What causes or issues are you passionate about? Noggz: My people and their integrity. One of the goals I have is to eventually help cultivate good leaders and leadership structure in the black community and especially within Africa. African’s need leaders, not just political but fathers, teachers and everyday role models that protect the integrity of the people and understand leadership is not leverage but more so a responsibility. The people need leaders who inspire them not leaders that are disconnected from their reality and want to assert themselves for no apparent reason. Aim. Who are your top 5 favorite African Musicians? Noggz: There are too many great African musicians and

African’s need leade

not just politic and everyday role

the integrit

and understand leadership is not le



, e r

I hate to have to pick a favorite,but lets see: Akon, Femi, Kalamashaka, Mercy Myra, Isa (R.I.P), K Naan . I know that’s more than five but I can keep going if you let me. I like artists who contribute something towards a genre and every artist I have mentioned above pioneered in their own unique way




e p . s e e m t

Aim. What do you miss most about home? Noggz: Family, friends, the nightlife and farmers choice sausages Aim. That’s a new one! Noggz: I keep saying I want to forgo pork which I have partially succeeded in doing but I think that decision will be overturned once I touch down the home base next. which will be real soon. Aim. What do you say to people that might criticize you or your music for various reasons Noggz: I have nothing to offer negativity cause negativity has nothing to offer me Aim. Anything that people might not know about you that you may want them to know? Noggz: I have many friends in very many places and it’s probably not in your best interest to speak ill of me.


Aim. What else can we expect from you in the future? Noggz: Films, music and a level of quality probably not yet explored at leased not until now. In the mean time look out for that new Project “Don’t Try This At Home” due out the first half of 2011. I currently have about 3-4 music videos in viral circulation, countless records and I plan to turn it up a couple of notches for the rest of this ride, so strap up. I also have a couple of artists signed to my Imprint and a couple more in development, so once I set up the foundation they will help me take it to the next level. Aim. Any Closing words? Noggz: First and foremost thank you and AIM magazine for allowing me the opportunity to speak to your audience and its time to let the world know Nairobi City is officially on the map courtesy of your boy. The new motto is 2011 to heaven, get with it or get lost. One more thing before I go, In this game there is only one universal rule "Real Recognize Real" Amen! Check out Noggz latest videos Best Thang Smokin (burn) Nothing like HipHop Music and You Cant Stop the reign 2011 Facebook - just search Noggz


tical but fathers, teachers le models that protect

grity of the people

ot leverage but more so a responsibility.



uebla, Mexico is one of Smiles most cherished and crucial mission sites. Mission teams are often met with hundreds of children during screening, many with severe bi-lateral cleft lips.

The tired faces of parents, grandparents and relatives fill the room on the first day of our arrival. They are tired because they have been fighting for their children’s’ lives. They have been defending their right to live, they have spent countless hours struggling to feed and console them, they have been begging for answers and solutions, and worrying that they will never come. The constant worrying shows in their eyes, and there is nothing we want more than to ease their pain, and finally offer some relief. One face that immediately grabs our attention was Emiliano’s; an 11 month old boy with a bilateral cleft


lip who wears a little red hat and bounces on his grandfather’s lap, pointing to the strangers filing in the room. When we greet him he sings his baby song and gloriously grins at the curiousness of the scene. Emiliano arrived with his softhearted grandfather and warrior of a mother, who both wept when they told us their story. She had became pregnant with a man that she was very in love with. When she told him about their child to be, he confessed that he was married with children and insisted she have an abortion. She refused, and her family committed to caring for her and the child regardless of


Alita’s Travels

Emiliano arrived with his soft hearted grandfather and warrior of amother, who both wept when they told us their story.

the fact that he would be born out of wedlock.

and hearts of these tireless volunteers.

When Emiliano was bor n with a cleft lip, his father disappeared and was never seen again. People blamed his mother and said it was “gods revenge” for having a child with a married man; they would stare, whisper and shout cruel things as they drove by the family’s home.

Smile has a family in Puebla with the directors and students of the University Valle de Mexico. They greet our team with shouts and hugs at the airport, meet every need of the patients, hospital and team during the mission, then tearfully send us off; knowing that they have been instrumental in changing the lives of each and every one of these patients and their families.

Emiliano couldn’t breast feed when he was born, so the family pitched in to buy special bottles and syringes, which was the only way he could be fed for the first month of his life. The family became an outcast in their village for their relentless support of Emiliano’s life, yet they persevered and came together to ensure his survival…and here they were. We couldn’t wait to tell them, that Emilano would be the first patient on the schedule.

Today is the second day of the mission and in the next few days our team will complete more than 50 surgeries. I take a step back to look at all of these people who have come together from different parts of the world for the same purpose…,I am humbled by their beautiful hearts, and full of gratitude to be part of this mission.

The schedule filled quickly and each family told us their stories; all of which would now end in hope. Everyone that entered the screening doors was held in the arms


Burkina Faso was named Upper Volta due to three which cross it: , the Black Volta (or Mouhoun) the White Volta

(NakambĂŠ) and theRed Volta (Nazi









urkina Faso is a landlocked country surrounded by Mali to the north, Niger to the east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south, and Côte d’Ivoire to the southwest. Burkina Faso’s capital is Ouagadougou.

Formerly called the Republic of Upper Volta, Burkina Faso was renamed on August 4, 1984, by President Thomas Sankara to mean “the land of upright people” in Mòoré and Dioula, the major native languages of the country. The inhabitants of Burkina Faso are known as Burkinabè. Burkina Faso was named Upper Volta due to three rivers which cross it: the Black Volta (or Mouhoun), the White Volta (Nakambé) and the Red Volta (Nazinon). The climate is tropical and its people belong to two major West African cultural groups—the Voltaic and the Mande (whose common language is Dioula). The Voltaic Mossi make up about one-half of the population and they claim descent from warriors who migrated to present-day Burkina Faso from Ghana and established an empire that lasted more than 800 years. Predominantly farmers, the Mossi kingdom is still led by the Mogho Naba, whose court is in Ouagadougou.

Traveling to Burkina Faso will allow visitors to discover historic and unique architecture, dramatic mask festivals, Fulani horse-dancing, and both the pan-African film festival in Siao and the craft fair in Fespaco, two of the largest events of their kind in Africa. The romance of the Sahel desert, desert markets, camel safaris, and secret dune encampments can also be explored. For Images on architecture go to http://www.aboutours. com/en-organized_circuits-fiche-4.html For Mask Festival Images go to WestAfrica/BurkinaFaso/index2.html Other images of Burkina Faso en/travel_burkina_faso.php

by Eva Githina


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Born to a throne

stronger than




Wangechi Ruguaru of AIM with K’Naan


came prepared for Knaan’s concert, after all this was the second concert for me. I was introduced to K’Naan on MTV, the video Soobax (actually means to “come out”) and it was love at first sight. The music was different and I saw the hunger in K’Naan that always equals success and a person who has come from struggle. Born in Mogadishu, Somalia, a place where nobody is safe from the atrocities of war. Keinan Abdi Warsame was born into a family of singers and poets. He has come a long way from his first concert, the crowd doesn’t lie. Before the concert here in Minnesota


If there’s not a necessity to what I’m doing, I just wouldn’t do it. If I don’t have something to add to the conversation, I’m just not going to talk.”



I had called all my friends looking for my country’s flag to wave, but I realized how much deeper in meaning that song had for me. The flag is just a mere piece of cloth; it’s my culture, my people and my pride that’s in me. This is something K’Naan has always had. He is not without his opinions; he has a deep pride for his country, and he raps about what he sees, with the conviction that reeks of truth. He stepped on stage and the crowd went crazy, you can tell by the simplicity of the stage how fame has not gotten to his head. Here stands a man whose song “Wavin the flag”, was chosen as the 2010 FIFA World Cup’s Official Anthem, received19 nominations, and that particular song has been translated into 22 languages….that is a big deal, and I haven’t even touched his other songs. The crowd knew every single song and sung along, it was electrifying and amazing to see the vast diversity of fans in First Avenue, the iconic venue. I waved my arms and sung my heart out. As usual after the concert I found myself looking for a photo op…the man is humble…he never disappoints.

K’Naan whose name means traveler, has been all over the globe, he has toured over 86 countries around the world performing the songs that speak of an experience that is unique. Dusty Foot Philosopher was released in 2005 and Troubadour was released in 2009, K’Naan successfully blends samples and live instrumentation for a sound that’s both rooted in traditional African melodies and the classic hip-hop tradition. I patiently await his next cd which he is currently working on and he promises to blow our minds..…lucky for us, Knaan has plenty to say. Wave your flag! His dream is to see the world impacted and I have a message for him…..It has.

by Wangechi Ruguaru

38 678.570.7174




The holiday season is chock full of dinners and events that feed you to the gill. If you are having a get together during the holiday’s I suggest you try serving hors d’oeuvres instead of time consuming, high calorie meals. I recently visited a friend who served the most amazing stuffed mushrooms. I was stuffed and in a good mood and I mellowed enough to share the recipe...

by Eva Githina

Ingredients 12 whole fresh mushrooms 2 sticks of butter 1 tablespoon minced garlic 1 (8 ounce) package shredded mozzarella cheese 2 pounds of tiger shrimp 1 (8 ounce) package shredded mozzarella cheese 1 banana pepper 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper 1/4 teaspoon onion powder 1/4 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. (175 degrees C). Spray a baking sheet with cooking spray. Clean mushrooms with a damp paper towel. Carefully break off stems. Chop stems extremely fine, discarding tough end of stems. Heat butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Add garlic, chopped mushroom stems, shrimp and finely diced banana pepper to the skillet. Fry until any moisture has disappeared, taking care not to burn garlic or overcook the shrimp. Set aside to cool. Lightly grease a medium baking dish. Arrange mushroom caps cavity, side up, in the baking dish. Stuff mushroom caps generously with the shrimp mixture. Place in the dish and top with mozzarella cheese and preheat oven to 425 degrees. Put the baking dish in the preheated oven and bake for 10 minutes, or until cheese is melted and lightly browned. Let the stuffed morsels of heaven cool for a bit and serve them alone or with a nice salad and pair with a nicely chilled bottle of a white wine such as a Riesling or if you are really in the mood to celebrate, a bottle of Champagne! Cheers!



whats Price: $18.99 Rachel Stewart Gold Afro Pick Earrings 3 inches long big but can barely feel them on



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by Wangechi Ruguaru

Ceramic watches are all the rage! We took the style of our popular Riley watch and recreated it with gleaming white ceramic and rose-gold metal for a sporty look that’s even more fashion forward than before.

Menswearinspired details to your look this season. Lucille Desert Bootie crafted from rich suede and features a stacked wooden heel.


ditional Fulani earrings


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Ingredients Chocolate Cake Mix 14 oz. can Coconut Cream 14 oz. can Sweetened Condensed Milk Whipped Cream (Cool Whip works) 1 Cup Coconut Flakes

Directions Bake the cake per directions on the box Once cake is done take it out of the oven to cool In a medium sized saucepan heat up the Sweetened Condensed Milk and Coconut Cream While the cake is cooling use a fork to pierce holes into the cake. Pierce as many holes as possible as you will need the milk mixture to be absorbed into the cake Slowly pour the milk mixture all over the cake, making sure you get the sides as well. If you don’t think you pierced enough holes use your fork to pierce more holes. Don’t worry; the mixture will eventually get absorbed into the cake Allow the cake to cool down completely. You can place it in the fridge if you would like it to cool down faster. Once the cake has completely cooled down, cover the top with whipped cream Toast the coconut flakes to golden brown Sprinkle the toasted coconut flakes over the top. Cake is ready to serve


How to stay h

During the holiday season and in our rus care of our health. This is especially true health before you travel, during your trip a

Before Your T

• • • • • •

Make sure immunizatio If possible, delay your If you’re prone to air sic Reduce stress by allow Always carry your med Wear loose, comfortab

During Your T

• • • •

Eat lightly during your fl Drink plenty of water w Leave room under your If possible, try to stand

Staying Activ

• To preserve your hard-e • Perform at least a third of resistance. Keeping at least part of you • Running is an easy wa have a treadmill, if you cannot get outsid • To combat jet lag, walk • Yoga and Pilates are a


healthy while you Travel

sh to shop and pack and attend the 101 family events and company parties that are part and parcel of the holiday season, we forget to take good when we are traveling. To ensure that we arrive at our destinations fit and ready to celebrate, we want you to makes sure you pay attention to your and for those who will be on the road for a while, we have a couple of tips that will help you stay in top form!


ons are current. trip if you’re not feeling well. ckness, ask for a window seat over the wing. wing plenty of time to check in and reach your departure gate. dication with you—never pack it in baggage you’re planning to check. ble clothing and shoes for your flight.


flight. while you fly. r seat and in front of you so you can stretch out your legs. d up and walk around the cabin every once in a while.

ve on the Road

earned fitness level, exercise at least every third day while on the road. of your aerobic routine at your typical level of intensity and completing your strength training program at least once a week, using the same amount ur routine in tact will keep your energy level up. ay to stay in shape while you travel and it requires no equipment. Most hotels have a basic gym available to its guests and these will most definitely de. king in the daylight helps reset our internal clocks and reduce the effects of jet lag. also easy exercise routines to incorporate while you travel, so do not feel shy and take a moment to do a couple of Sun Salutation.



r st Hai


tw ist a

The finished work was a beautifully volumized updo with a thick braid at the back.

The Festival for African Fashion and Arts (FAFA) held its third annual fashion for peace event in Nairobi on the 30th of October, the perfect Saturday evening for a night of fashion. This event is unlike any fashion show in the world; for starters, the venue is a national park in the middle of Nairobi city. Right in the center of the national park surrounded by giraffes, antelopes, wild birds and even a couple of lions and other wild cats, there’s a giant white tent where various fashion designers will show their latest collections.



Make up (by Susan Wokabi) for the light lip color. The guys’ makeup replovely ladies was a smokey eye and resented the spirit of Halloween

After a brief game drive, all the guests are treated to drinks as they wait for the show to begin. I went back stage and checked out the mayhem that’s always backstage at any show I’ve ever attended. Surprisingly, the designers were quite calm, the models sat around getting their makeup (by Susan Wokabi) and hair done. If anything the press (me included) needed a chill pill more than anyone. With perfect timing the sun set in the background as the show begun, here are my favorite looks from each designer.

FAFA designers’ profile

Deepa Dosa


Designer of Deepa Dosaja has worked in the fashion industry for a number of years before opting to create her label and flagship company Vabene couture in 2000. Vabene couture’s upscale studio in Nairobi caters for both a local and international clientele with Deepa’s unique one of a kind garments that includes her signature trim lip dresses, low slung pants and oversized blazers.


o e m o Kiko R

Kiko Romeo (Swahili for Adams Apple) was set up by Ann McCreath in 1996, after years in the fashion industry in Europe, followed by aid work in Angola & Kenya. In 2008 she founded FAFA (Festival for African fashion and arts) as well as fashion for peace bringing together designers to promote creativity and cultural diversity.

Nike Kondakis


Nike Kondakis is Greek/ Danish and grew up in Europe where she studied art, design and social entrepreneurship. With her diverse background, she seeks to providean ethical and sustainable alternative to the modern fashion industry. All Kondakis garments are made from original recycled parachutes that can no longer be used to jump in. The garments are accompanied by accessories made from dead wood that has naturally fallen off the trees in the Kenyan bush, a bold chunky contrast to the smooth and feminine parachute fabric.


John Kaveke

This designer studied fashion in Kenya and Spain where he designed for a number of labels before returning to Kenya to start his own clothing Collection Kaveke. His fusion of traditional Maasai beading with leather, denim and linen, cut to modern silhouettes gives his designs a contemporary, edgy feel.

i l a n a s s stafa Ha


Mustafa Hassanali is a celebrated name in Tanzania, Mustafa Hassanali’s progressive design fuses traditional Tanzanian Heritage with avant-garde contemporary cuts and styling. Mustafa has extensive experience working on corporate and television shows including Vodacom’s Miss Tanzania and MNET’s face of Africa and has participated in fashion weeks across the east African region.



Kooroo fashion label is the inspiration of Herbert Lakew and Enid lanez. Herbert graduated from the fashion institute of technology in NewYork and went on to gain experience in the fashion industry, while Enid has a degree in accounting. The pair met in Nairobi, where their complementary skills and shared love of fashion led them to establish KOOROO in 2006. This is a ready to wear womens line that blends sophisticated urban chic with African influences.

Patricia Mbela


Patricia Mbela graduated from the prestigious central St Martin’s collge in London, before going onto complete her studies at the Kent institute of Art and design. Twelve years in the Kenyan fashion industry saw her continually perfecting her style.


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Phones E-readers

The Kindle is obviously the king in this arena. The most notable competition includes, the Barnes and Noble Nook, the Sony e-Reader and Apple’s iPad. My choice here would be the Kindle due to its price and the versatility of the e-ink screen at reading in bright sunlight. The Nook is a close second for me in this regard, but the iPad deserves a mention as well. It is more than an e-reader and is useful for general web browsing and media consumption. AIM MAGAZINE 2010 DEC

This year, touch phones were all the rage. When the original iPhone first debuted, it sold for $500 for the base model. Today, you can buy them for more reasonable prices with a two-year contract. Two years may seem like a long time, but before you know it, that time will have passed. The top two options are Apple iPhones with iOS and Android phones. Currently, the cheapest iPhone with a contract available is the 3Gs. While it’s not the latest and greatest phone from Apple, it is only a generation removed from the iPhone 4 which costs $99 and boasts some impressive features. The other option would be the HTC Evo sporting Google’s latest Android OS. At $119, it should be at the top of your list for any android lovers you know. 60

It’s the holiday season and most of us have already done our holiday shopping. If you’re like me and like to procrastinate or do not know what to buy yet for that loved one, here are a few ideas to help you make that purchase decision.

Music players

Video games accessories.

Apple and Microsoft offer two solid music players in this category. My first choice here would be the iTouch from Apple. In addition to being an awesome music player, it has the ability to run apps, download podcasts wirelessly and also play movies. The Zune from Microsoft offers a lot of the same functionality as the iTouch, but in my opinion, lacks some of the same niceties that Apple’s app store provides. If you’re looking for a more economical option though, I would recommend the iPod Nano 6th generation player. For $119, you get one of the best music players available albeit without the apps and video support.

Although I play video games, I’m not always a fan of gifting them because it’s hard to know exactly what kind of game the recipient likes unless told. This year, Sony and Microsoft both released motion controllers for the playstation and the xbox. The playstation Move Motion Controller includes a wand for precise control while the Xbox Kinect utilizes a camera to do almost the same thing. Both systems feature games that take advantage of the technologies and I will leave the choice of what games to buy to the player. 61 57


I’ve created a way for myself by way of God. Was taught how to dig graves in concrete and pave together sand and I’ve been planting my whole life around this moment. I saw it coming felt it in my spirit heard about it maybe even conjured up a thought or two but never knew its urgency would feel like this. I’ve made a way for myself. Left bread trails in forest and footprints on snow banks. I remember the color of the leaves and mark my memory by counting their presents. I remember the bushes I brushed past and the trees that waved at me. I remember the moon that followed me the sun that bathe me the clouds that rained their soul on me as the sky caved me in… I was in bondage. But I had a rebellious mind and I kept having these revolutionary thoughts


and dreams that I would plan my escape and escape during the night when the world was sleeping. I brought plenty of baggage to avoid boredom. And boarded up holes and made a home for myself wherever I laid my head. I made mirrors and windows out of waters. My only option was to pick those chained locks with a tree branch then use it as my weapon to puncture any potential threat to my freedom. I camouflaged myself like a chameleon and stood up and out like a mountain at all times. And no one even noticed my disappearance. I made a way out of no way by way of God. This was my only option with only one alternative… get free dead or alive.

By: Nneka Onyilofor 62


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FROM ALL OF US AT AIM MAGAZINE We appreciate your support during the past year and extend to you the Season’s Greetings and very good wish for the Coming Year.




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