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M A G A Z I N E April 2010

Makeup artist & Owner of SuzieBeauty Ltd


April 2010

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Editor’s Note

by Wangechi Ruguaru

This is your moment…... A friend who I cared for passed away recently, and since then I have been walking through every conversation in my mind that I ever had with him, trying to figure out whether I said enough. I know I did, but I still yearn for that teasing email from him when his favourite soccer team (Arsenal) won over my team Chelsea. That’s how we connected, through soccer. I know that from this day, with every game I ever watch I will forever remember him, and I am glad we had those moments. What are your moments? Take time today and look at all your friends and family, and ask yourself what moments you have together, that thing you all do that is just special between you. If you don’t have one, or enough, you still have time. Create time for family and friends, have a sleep over, and go for dinner…whatever you do …create that moment. With those moments you will learn that Love gives meaning to our lives, as do friendship, art or faith in God. These are factors of true happiness, of inner peace, of feelings of harmony, allowing meaning to our existence. Take a moment today and reflect.

RIP Jimmy Kimunya. Thank you for the moments we had!


Suzie W okabi Suzie




accomplished and creative make-up artist experienced in all aspects of media make-up:



and print that has taken the Kenyan and African Market by storm! This remarkable business woman graduated degree





Relations. After graduating college



joined fashion

the and

beauty worlds in New York where she was trained by MAC Cosmetics and holds a certificate in media makeup



Award school

Studio in


Angeles. Suzie worked capacities






fashion industry in New York while freelancing in make-up art since 2001; she



hometown Kenya. Continued . . .





Feature Story

by Evalyn Githina

Suzie is a major player in the growing fashion industry in Kenya and the surrounding countries and has worked very



respected institutions









MAC Cosmetics,

Clinique, Safilo USA (designer eye-wear manufacturer) True Love, Drum, Adam, Uzuri, Upscale, and Sophisticates Black Hair Magazines, and MNet productions Catwalk Kenya, IDOLS East & Central Africa, The Patricia Show, and Face of Africa. Over the years she has developed the trade skills that have led to her success – in makeup artistry, marketing, product development, and sales. Suzie Wokabi is also in the process of launching the Suzie Beauty make-up brand. She developed the brand as a freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics in New York City in 2001. From its inception as a „make up service‟, Suzie Beauty is evolving into an independent make-up brand which aims to offer consumers a high-quality brand at a low price. It will specialize in the latest and most current natural products and exceptional colour ranges inspired by the African continent. Suzie who is also the creator and professional make-up artist, is designing new products and colour shades keeping in pace with the latest technology, science and trends, giving special attention to quality in „texture‟ and packaging. Over the years Suzie has developed the trade skills that have led to her success – in makeup artistry, marketing, product development, and sales. Suzie Beauty is a brand of make-up service that is and will remain a major part of the business, continuing work with the various media outlets on photo shoots, advertisements, TV and movie productions, and so on. Weddings and personal make-up consultations are also services offered. Suzie has trained a small team of make-up artists who were very carefully selected and are now well versed in the SuzieBeauty language of make-up, and can be trusted to work any project with extreme professionalism and great skill. Suzie Beauty is a major beauty brand dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an acceptable price/value relationship. It will be made up of a full range of make-up and skin care products. It will maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, ideas, and hard work. The business strategy will be simple yet extremely effective in contributing to the company‟s success. Firstly, it will be the first local-designed beauty brand in Kenya by a beauty industry professional, for the everyday woman. And secondly, it will produce beauty products and cosmetics for everyone – higher or lower end, old or young, conservative or trendy. MOTTO: “Any Age, Any Shade.” VISION: To establish SuzieBeauty as an important brand that represents quality in make-up and skin care. MISSION: To provide a wide range of high quality, affordable beauty products, both ageless and timeless, to the African beauty market. The make-up line will be launched in the first half of 2010. For more information go to: Tel: +254710817817 +254736789432 Email:

Don’t give up if you believe in something, keep pressing on!

AIM Magazine caught up with Suzie who gave us the following insight into her work, her life and the causes that she is passionate about. AIM: Please tell us your full name and where you come from? Suzie: I am Susan Wokabi, from Nairobi, Kenya AIM: How long have did you live abroad? Suzie: I lived in the US from August 1998 until September 2007. AIM: Tell us about your business and when you started? Suzie: The name of my business is SuzieBeauty Ltd. As the name suggests, it is a business in the beauty industry. I have been a make-up artist for about 8 years now. When I lived in the US, I mostly did it as a hobby, concentrating on training. I worked for and trained with first Clinique, and, more impactful to my career, MAC Cosmetics. I also went to a media make-up school in Los Angeles, Award Studio, where I got a certificate in Media Make-up. I then spent years building my portfolio and my kit, so by the time I moved home in 2007, I was well equipped to do make-up full time, and hit the ground running. I made a name for myself in the industry as a make-up service, and am now taking my business to the next level – I have developed the first Kenyan cosmetic line – a full range of make-up, skin care and accessories (brushes, bags etc.). I will launch the line this year (2010). AIM: What was the hardest adjustment to living far away from home? Suzie: Because most things are so convenient and systems work so efficiently in the US, I didn‟t find there to be any major adjustments. I mainly missed friends and the food :-) AIM: What inspired you to become makeup artist? Suzie: I would say I stumbled upon my career as a make-up artist – I was at a place where I was sort of dabbling in the various areas of fashion, cosmetics being one of them. I discovered then that I have a true love and passion for makeup, and pretty much ran with it! AIM: What is your most unforgettable career milestone? Suzie: I would say the best opportunity I have had was working on the Idols (East & Central Africa) season in 2008 as the key make-up artist and stylist. That impacted my career significantly and I met and worked with a bunch of amazing people. AIM: Where do you draw inspiration? Suzie: From my understanding and recognition that make-up is an art. Sure there are jobs that I take that end up not being very appreciative of the art of make-up :-) but for the most part, I always try to inject as much creativity into all my projects and my inspiration is the artistry of make-up, and the challenge of creating new and exciting looks using different textures and colors. AIM: What projects are you currently working on? Suzie: I am currently on maternity leave - I gave birth to our beautiful son one month ago! So I am not currently working on any major project apart from motherhood :-). I do have a team that I have trained and they work on my ongoing projects for me, under my supervision. I have a contract with The Patricia Show, I do magazine shoots for True Love and Drum magazines, and every other day various jobs come up doing ads, weddings, etc. My team has been out working on my shoots for me, but I will actually begin my first full day of work this week, for a magazine fashion spread. AIM: If you had to pick your hero who would it be? Suzie: I can‟t think of anyone that is my hero really… I have a lot of admiration for Beyonce – mega talented, beautiful, very hard working, super successful, and a seemingly good, wholesome person all at the same time. AIM: What beauty tips could you give both men and women? Suzie: One basic tip is to moisturize… every time you wash your face you must moisturize to keep your skin hydrated, regardless of skin type. This will delay the dreaded wrinkles from forming. For ladies, less is more. Make-up is meant to enhance one‟s features. Starting off simple and light and then adding as needed is the best way to do this. AIM: What causes or issues are you passionate about? Suzie: I am very passionate about animals – I have 2 cats of my own that I adopted from a shelter in NJ 7 years ago (they are with me in Nairobi now), and support a number animal-related causes. More recently, I have become interested in the topic of cervical cancer, being the only curable cancer, with facilities grossly lacking in Africa. This is a cause that I have committed my company to support once the line is launched. AIM: What advice would you give to young upcomers? Suzie: Find something that you love or are passionate about and make that your career – success will be inevitable – work won‟t feel like a burden but instead it will be a pleasure! Don‟t give up if you believe in something, keep pressing on. Take a page from Suzie Beauty and determine what your Motto, Vision and Mission are and dare to dream!

“Find something that you love or are passionate about and make that your career – success will be inevitable – work won’t feel like a burden but instead it will be a pleasure!” Suzie busy at work during a fashion show.

Suzie Wokabi Tel: +254710817817 +254736789432 Email:

Dj Profile

by Wangechi Ruguaru

Joining Dj Joe’s fan page has to be the best thing I ever did. Every so often you get a link to download his awesome mixes, which I have to say have become the rave of my house parties and my companion on the long bus ride to the paycheck. His full name is Joseph Mwenda, born and raised in Kenya in a town called Meru. His love for music and the art of Deejaying inspired him to become a pro Dj. A huge fan of Dj Jazzy Jeff and Dj Pinye, he was inspired by watching them and following them their art of djing. His top African musicians are artists like D'Banj, Nameless, Madtrax, Mandoza, Nonini and Jua Cali to name a few. His advice for upcoming artists and djs out there is “Keep doing what you love doing, God will reward your efforts”. You can find his mixes online via his facebook page each and every Thursday and Friday or catch him live on Capital FM on Tuesdays 2pm-3pm Kenyan time and on Thursday from 8pm 9pm Kenyan time. Dj Joe will be touring the USA soon, join his Facebook for more detail. Contact information:Email: or Facebook name: Deejay Joe Mfalme CapitalFm Website Address: “Keep doing what you love doing, God will reward your efforts”


Utamaduni Wear Website: Apparel . Accessories . Jewellery

Tel: +254 717 681 674

That Shoe is Ouch!

by Evalyn Githina

Tips On Shopping For High Heels Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for heels to make sure you end up with the perfect pair for you.  Have your feet measured so you know your exact size. Sometimes your feet can actually differ in size! Get your feet measured at the shoe section of any good department store.  Try on shoes at the end of the day. Your feet can change sizes throughout the day, and swell a little bit by the end of the day. Try shoes on after walking around and you’ll get a picture of your true size.  Walk around in the shoes before you buy them. You should do some laps around the shoe area in the shoes before you even think about buying and remember to shop at stores that have good return policies – every shoe is going to be comfortable at first, but maybe not after an hour of walking or dancing!

The Best Heels For Your Body Here are some tips on which heels work the best with different body types.  If you have large ankles don’t buy anything with an ankle strap as it will make your ankles look wider and draw attention. Go for a pump or slingbacks instead. This will draw attention away from your ankles and make your legs look longer.  If your legs are short, avoid t-strap shoes because they shorten your legs and can make your feet look wider than normal. That is also true for ankle strap shoes that are not the most flattering. Go for open toed shoes or nude high heels which make your legs look long and lean.  If you want your legs to look longer, pointy-toed shoes will give you the illusion of extra height. Though they tend to be more uncomfortable for those with wide feet, if you have to wear these, save them for special occasions only!  If you have wide feet, round-toed shoes have a cute vintage look, and can be the most comfortable option for those of us with wider feet. They also have the advantage of making your feet look smaller.

It’s worth spending more on..  Classic pumps and basics. A great quality pair of basic black or nude heels can be worn with anything and will last a long time and never steer you wrong.

Don’t spend a lot on…  Espadrilles. There’s no difference in quality between the brands when it comes to espadrilles which are made of linen and rope. The cheaper version is a good bet and the rope is equally as harsh on your feet regardless of the brand or price…. Trendy shoes are going to be out of style in months, dropping more than $100 is a waste of your money. So save

your money and get your style at a discount!

That Shoe is Ouch!

by Evalyn Githina

Starting clockwise, Classified Peggy-H Gladiator Flat Sandal, $19 -, Butterfly Antique Pearl Bobby Pins (Pair) - Pink, $52 -, Soft snake sandal,$205 -, Small Plumed Flower Anywhere Clip,$55 -, Jessica Simpson - Amona Heel - Cherry, $90 -, EMI Slingback $91 -, Restricted Nile Wedge - Brown, $35 -, Wenda Feather Clutch, $, Baby Phat: Athletic Pumps, $44, Fossil Flower Pin $28 -, Rupert Sanderson Double Buckles Gladiator Sandals $1,030 -, Lady Dragon Heart Dove Blue Shoes $140 -, ASOS Set of Two Peacock Feather Hair Clips$8.62-


by Gerald Montgomery

“I Second that Emotion!” (e.g. a committed relationship) they are much more sensitive to its peaks and valleys. Well, believe it or not ladies, men are too! Unfortunately “emotion” is often misdiagnosed as the action itself and not the state of mind from which the action was manifested. In other words no action, or in our case no reaction, equals zero emotion- right? Wrong! This couldn’t be further from the truth. For a lack of a better way to define it, an emotion is like a visiting spirit that either comes to us uninvited (e.g. triggered by our current situation) or when we ourselves provoke it (i.e. when the situation calls for it we “manufacture” it). And factors such as maturity level, experiences, expectations, the stressors that are present (e.g. light, noise, heat), our relationship to the other parties involved, perceived ramifications and how prepared we were for the incident all dictate how we act out the emotion.

The most frequently asked question I'm asked by women about men (next to “why do men cheat”and I'm not ready to go there yet) is, “do men have emotions?” To that I say unequivocally, “OF


emotion right now, text in all caps means I’m yelling- GRRRR!) The most common rebuttal, then, is “well, why don’t they show [emotions]?” Ah-Ha! Now you’re asking the correct question; not if men have emotions but why don’t men show them (and I can only assume women mean why don’t we show emotion on a routine bases). Ladies, let’s think about this objectively for a moment. First of all, what is emotion? Why is it that what upsets you today didn’t upset you a year or even a month ago? Why is it that when your girlfriends say or do a particular thing it never bothers you but when your man does the same exact thing- it’s, like, the end of the world? Why? I’ll tell you why- emotions. When women are emotionally invested in something

Think of emotion as an ache (this may not be the best analogy but as usual please bear with me). If I don’t wince (i.e. show pain in my face) you might assume I am not in pain. Therefore I could argue that wincing in pain is for the benefit of others around me so that they know I’m in pain, be it great or minimal. Even if I intentionally tried to hide the fact that I am in pain I still might winkle my brawl involuntarily as the pain intensifies, but that wouldn’t make me feel any better. Now if I were to rock one leg back and forth repeatedly with each spike in pain it would be for my own benefit. The repetitive motion of my leg would help divert my attention away from the pain until it subsides, providing some comfort. Unlike wincing, rocking my leg serves a purpose beyond proving I am in pain. Likewise men choose only to show emotion when it helps to facilitate the required course of action. Imagine (ladies) if suddenly in the middle of the night you hear the sound of glass breaking then the muffled voice of a strange man. You would

G-Spot most likely experience the emotion of fear. Your first thought might be to hide because you are afraid of what the trespasser would do if he finds you, but you can’t move- paralyzed with fear. Feeling helpless you begin to cry silently as you rock back and forth in your bed, again, because you’re scared out of your mind and uncertain of the outcome. But then you remember you’re lying next to your big strong man who is still sound asleep, still snoring and unaffected by the ruckus down the hall. So you figure you’ll just wake him up so that he can confront the murderous burglar ramp-sacking your living room. Your man will just run right in there and beat the guy up- because why? Because he’s a man, which means he’s not afraid of the lunatic who just broke into your home- because why? Because, hmmm… OK ladies, right here is where I need you all to take a good hard look at this scenario. We all agree the man is expected to protect you by either confronting the assailant or at the very least “facilitating” (there’s that word again) your escape. But why will he, as a man, be able to remain functionally coherent during this ordeal and you, as a woman, be “allowed” to go completely numb? Is it because he’s not capable of being afraid and isn’t concern that the perpetrator may have a gun? Well, the truth is he may be just as scared as you are. However to act out this fear (i.e. go completely numb or leave you alone in the room to hide himself) would hinder him from facilitating his next course of action, which is to protect you. He still has to protect you whether he’s afraid or not. So how he feels about this or any other situation isn’t relevant to what he must do about it, right? Showing fear to an adversary is counterproductive but baring your fangs in anger would be spot on! So in this case the emotion of anger would help to facilitate the next course of action, to neutralize the threat to his home, but fear would not. Thus for men, showing emotion must be relevant to what we

by Gerald Montgomery

need to do to fix the problem. An emotional episode, or rather to act out how one feels, is a luxury afforded to women and children. It is sometimes an asset to women but at all times a liability for men (e.g. crying male politicians). To put it bluntly women are socially exempted from the negativity associated with showing the tenderest emotions and men are not. From her youth, a woman uses emotion to level the playing field, for leverage, to win over objectivity or cleanse her soul of excess baggage. She has her “sister circle” with which to thoroughly process life’s stresses and moments of grief. Emotion is an integral part of how she argues her position; placing rationale over logic (which is sometimes a bad thing). For her it is very much a release valve, relieving a pipe of built up pressure. Since he was a boy he has been encouraged to suppress his emotions, or rather deny himself the luxury of having emotional episodes. Even at funerals men are told not to cry. Men are “fixers” because resolution is his only recourse. There is no social release valve for his proverbial pipe so he learns to address the root cause of every issue he is confronted with before there is a buildup of pressure. God forbid he doesn’t and his pipe bursts! Who would mend it, the woman who petitioned so diligently that he show his emotions when it is convenient for her? Without the benefit of a release valve, which is in many ways like a “do-over”, he is more like a mathematician; calculating all risks and playing the odds. While she, on the other hand, is a scientist of sorts; experimenting with a handful of possibilities to see which one gives her the best result, testing the waters so to speak. If he were to miscalculate he would quickly make the necessary adjustments to his figures and reverse the situation. If she misinterprets her test data or goes too far with the experiment (i.e. creates pressure in the pipe) she just activates the release valve (i.e. use emotion)

G-Spot and starts over. Take a typical mid-day phone conversation between spouses for example. A woman calls her husband on his desk phone but instead of getting right to the purpose of her call, which was to request a favor she was Uncomfortable asking him at home and in person, she commences with the small talk as a way to probe for his mood (i.e. an experiment). Each question is a test from which she’ll draw conclusions about his state of mind (i.e. what he says, how he says it and how long it takes him to respond). He, because she’s asking him about his day and about work etc, assumes (i.e. deduces through calculation) this is merely a “checking in” call and therefore has no need to be concern. Since he was kind of in the middle of something work-related and has determined there is no urgency in this call he positions himself to wrap up the call by giving her short concise answers. She, still probing for his mood, senses he’s rushing her off the phone but theorizes it’s

by Gerald Montgomery

because he’s having a bad day or perhaps something or someone else is more important to him right now than she is (Heaven forbid!). Her concerns are somewhat magnified by the coincidental fact that one of her best friends is currently going through a breakup. She asks him outright why he is in such a hurry to get off the phone while secretly wondering which of the office hussies he’s having an affair with! This isn't going at all like she imagined it would! He, detecting an argument brewing, begins to retroactively analysis all of her previous questions then makes a couple calculated assumptions himself. Like, “the fact that she called him at work should indicate to her that he’s working and could become busy at anytime during this personal call, so what’s with the attitude. Perhaps an argument was her intention all along. What week is this?” But he knows the odds are against him saying this to her. So he lies and says he’s not trying to rush off the phone. She detects the uncertainty in his voice and an argument ensues, never really getting back to the purpose of the call. Well, you get the idea.

Iron sharpens iron, so let’s be better because of it!

[Unfortunately “emotion” is often misdiagnosed as the action itself and not the state of mind from which the action was manifested.]


by Mutheu

Office Look: Mackintosh or Trench. Go for something more simple and classy to go over a suit. Trenches should fit well and not oversized unless of course you’re playing the role of undertaker.

Fellows…remember the trench Usher wore during the inauguration ceremony? No? Well I think every woman did so Get It! Just don’t cinch the belt (kinda girlie) …..Let it hang or tie it loosely behind your back. And by all means….Pop the collar!

“Your survival kit for the rainy days ahead……mac it, trench it or slicker it.” Mutheu

Marc Ecko Lightweight Jacket Zip-Up Slicker

Casual Look

Zap some life into your closet with this Spring and Summer‘s must have accessories.

Do the Movado Watch in black. Sure it’s slightly pricey but it sure is sexy and classy.

badassup that suit and tie look with these bright colored faced watches.

Hats: Ditch the felt fedora. The straw fedora is what’s hot this spring and summer. Eyewear: Rumor has it that wireframed aviators are sooo 2009. Let me upgrade you….opt for the plastic framed look.

Desert boots better known as Safari boots ! Who knew the fashion world would get hip to these. Time to break out my never worn pair from 2000 – LOL. Can be found at Saks, Bata (

Not sure why but I’m totally digging these boat kicks. May be it’s the weekend in The Hamptons and lunch on the Yacht or at the country club vibe they give off  They come in a variety of fun colors.

Every man needs a good pair of black shoes!


by Evalyn Githina

To remove stains from your teeth…. Baking soda can be used to whiten teeth at home but be very careful – use only a small amount of baking soda and brush your teeth with it thoroughly twice a week. Quit smoking in order to prevent future teeth discoloration. It’s essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene to maximize the longevity of the whitening treatment. Many dentists advice to use a straw when drinking soft drinks, coffee, tea as it may increase the chance of staining. Whitening strips are a common type of at-home teeth whitening as they lighten teeth effectively and are easy to use and convenient. Whitening strips are also effective in maintaining a bright smile and healthy teeth. They effectively remove surface stains, but they also protect the enamel. To remove Ball point ink stains….. Lay the stained area on top of a clean dry white towel. Apply rubbing alcohol to the ink stain and blot with another clean white cloth, removing the stain as you blot. Rinse thoroughly. Lay the stained area on top of a clean dry white towel. Apply nail polish remover to the ink stain and blot with another clean white cloth, removing the stain as you blot. Rinse thoroughly. Apply your normal liquid laundry detergent onto the ink stain and allow the garment to sit for 3-5 minutes. Wash in the warmest water that the fabric can tolerate. Before drying, double check to make sure the stain was removed. If not, repeat the previous steps until it is. To remove oil stains…. Remember that oil repels water. Hence oil stain removal cannot be accomplished by washing the fabric with water and detergent. Different types of oil stains demand different kinds of treatment For baby oil stain removal, rub the stain with a dishwashing liquid, and let it stand for about 15 minutes. After this, wash the fabric as usual in hot water. This treatment works well for oils such as sewing machine oil, hair oil, etc. Fatty stains, butter stains, cream stains can be removed by washing the cloth in warm soapy water. However, if the fabric is non-washable, sponge the stain with a dry-cleaning fluid. Heavy oil stains such as motor grease and motor oil, should be initiated by scraping off the excess oil from the fabric using a blunt knife. Washable fabrics benefit if you rub Vaseline or lard into the stain. This helps moisten the stain. Another option would be using a pre-soaking treatment. Follow this up by washing the fabric in a good detergent, and rinse thoroughly.

Poetry Stolen Once upon a time, I had virgin feet Until I stepped into a strip club Until I wore these NIKES NIKES built on the bloody sweat of cheap Asian Labor Until I walked the haunted grounds of a country with a recent bloodstained history So rest in peace, I say, to the innocence of my feet Once upon a time, I had virgin eyes Until my first glimpse of pornography until I saw young children with old faces beg me 4 spare coins so rest in peace, I say, to the innocence of my eyes Once upon a time, I had a virgin mouth until my flirtatious encounter with vodka until I kissed her breast until I pronounced my first FUCK YOU until I ate food cooked by overworked slaves disguised as maids; I guess that's what oppression tastes like so rest in peace I say to the innocence of my mouth once upon a time I had virgin ears until I listened to politicians until the man on television justified murder in the name of GOD so rest in peace I say to the innocence of my ears Once upon a time, I had a virgin heart until it pumped with desire 4 things beyond my capacity to reach until it beat with adrenaline at the touch of her body so rest in peace I say to the innocence of my heart once upon a time I had a virgin hand until I wrote about things which meant nothing 2 me until I nursed wounds sustained in a street fight until I spent money stolen from my mother's purse which means I once had virgin teeth until I decided to bite the hand that fed me so rest in peace I say to the innocence of my hand & teeth the law says I'm innocent until proven guilty but I was born guilty so I find myself living to prove myself innocent but it’s a fool's errand So I say rest in peace to the innocence of ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by David Omwange

Tech Buzz

by Linda Obel

Now Where did I Save That File Again?

Do you tend to be absent minded sometimes when saving your documents, and forget exactly where on your computer you saved them? Often when I’m in a hurry, I tend to save a document, and then later wonder where exactly I had saved it. Then begins the “search and rescue mission” of clicking through multiple folders, with hopes of finding the file again. If only there was something, much like Google, to help me do a desktop search… well, guess what? There is! Copernic is a desktop search engine which makes searching for documents and emails on your local drive a breeze. If you’re like me and your attention span doesn’t allow for more than a 30 second wait time, then you and I have just hit the jackpot! Gone are the days when you would

go into the search box of your window, type in the keyword(s) you’re looking for, and then wait for 5 or maybe 10 minutes for the complete search results to pop up. Copernic is fast and produces results as fast as you can type in your keyword. It creates a searchable index of all the data on a computer's drives, and updates it every time a file is added, removed, or modified. It allows you to search for all types of files, but you also have the option to narrow down your search by category using easy to read icons at the top of the screen. Copernic is free and definitely worth a try. Remember, you have to allow Copernic to index your files before using this utility. This could take a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how many files you have on your PC but after that… SEARCH ON!!


by Evalyn Githina

The soft deep timbre of his voice flows so smoothly. A smoothness that feels like the snow that is slowly crumbling and melting into water at the first touch of the spring sun. It is a sure signal that winter is over and that the bloom of spring will soon be obvious. Habib Koite jokes quite ruefully that Minnesota is like home, since he and Bamada, his band, perform at the Cedar Cultural Center so often. And later, when he pretends that he cannot remember what city he’s performing in, we, the audience shake our heads and just laugh with him knowing very well that he is as familiar to us as his music is. When performing, Habib Koite is quiet but I do not mean that literally. Most of the time his eyes are not quite wide open, but they are not closed either. His look is reflective almost as if he is looking “inside” himself. He does not shut out the audience, but invites them with his music to go to that place that he is remembering quite vividly, the moment he is reliving, the feeling he is exploring or the person that he is showing you. He effortlessly strums his guitar and it’s as if he forcefully plucked the strings. The force of the sound he plays sweeps you more strongly than the hardest and loudest sound. From that first pluck, Habib and Bamada move you to sway, dance, and smile widely and contemplate all that the music is talking about. It is effortlessly Magical. Habib Koite’s latest album, Afriki is empowering both for the listener and for Habib Koite. There is no denying the skill that he displays and the confidence with which he expresses all the stories that are plainly told and for those we have to dig a little deeper to understand. Although Afriki feels like the “shade of a big tree” (a phrase I borrow from Habib Koite who used it in the telling of another story), I will not spoil it for you by telling you my favorite songs in the album. Just take a listen and I will not be surprised if you have a hard time picking a favorite.

Habib serenading Eva, AIM Editor

Habib Koite and the AIM ladies, Eva and Wangechi

Food Moroccan Chicken with Almond Couscous Ingredients (Makes 4 servings) CHICKEN: 1 tablespoon All-purpose flour 1 teaspoon ground coriander 1 teaspoon ground cumin 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon brown sugar ½ teaspoon cinnamon ¼ teaspoon salt ¼ teaspoon garlic powder ¼ teaspoon freshly ground pepper 8 chicken thighs (about 2 pounds), skinned 1 tablespoon olive oil 1 ¼ cups shallots, peeled and quartered 1 ¼ cups fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth, divided 12 whole pitted dates, chopped 1 tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro COUSCOUS: ¾ cup fat-free, less-sodium chicken broth ¾ cup water ¼ teaspoon salt 1/8 teaspoon ground cumin ¾ cup uncooked couscous ¼ cup slivered almonds, toasted

Directions Preheat oven to 375°. To prepare chicken, combine first 9 ingredients in a shallow dish. Dredge chicken in flour mixture. Reserve remaining flour mixture. Heat oil in a large ovenproof nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Add chicken; cook 3 minutes on one side. Turn chicken; remove skillet from heat. Combine reserved flour mixture and shallots; add to skillet. Stir in ¼ cup broth and dates. Bake at 375° for 25 minutes or until chicken is done. Remove chicken from skillet. Place skillet over medium heat; stir in 1 cup broth. Cook 1 minute; stir in cilantro. Return chicken to pan. Cover; remove pan from heat. To prepare couscous, combine 3/4 cup broth, water, 1/4 teaspoon salt, and 1/8 teaspoon cumin in a medium saucepan; bring to a boil. Stir in couscous. Remove from heat; cover and let stand 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork. Stir in almonds. Serve with chicken and sauce. Nutritional Information Calories: 590 (24% from fat) Fat: 15.9g (sat 3g,mono 7.2g,poly 3.3g) Protein: 53.8g Carbohydrate: 57.3g Fiber: 5.4g Cholesterol: 188mg Iron: 4.4mg Sodium: 725mg Calcium: 87mg

by Linda Obel

Alita’s Travels This installation of Alita's Travels is a compilation of journal writings that capture Alita's initial travels to Ghana. These are her first perceptions of Ghana and the people and events she experienced. Alita is blessed to be able to travel for work, passion and pleasure. These travels take her to countries in Africa and South America. While on the road, Alita is witness to a great many adventures. She pens these encounters in the most amazing way that captures our hearts, transports us to the regions she is visiting and traveling through and she unwittingly brings us face to face with all she encounters on the road. Alita shares these writings with her friends and family and AIM Magazine is honored that she has chosen to share this series of stories with us. Thank you Alita!

Ghana Continued. . .

by Alita Watson

HOT Obruni! I am taking a deep breath and trying to calm myself as it has taken me 45 min to get to a "new message" screen to write to you and I have already written this message TWICE! So, I have responded to each of you individually in one message below; look for your name. Also, I did write down the wrong phone number in my last message, this is the right one: ***-***-***. We have been without power for three days and without water for two! We have drinking water of course, and I am doing my best not to complain as I realize how much we take for granted in the rest of the world! It is amazing to me that businesses function here as everything stops! I don't officially start work until Friday so I have been trying very hard to stay busy! I have been reading, writing, singing, cleaning, walking, bike riding, shopping, and staring at the sky hoping for rain. As soon as the first rain comes, the heat will die down. Praise Jesus. Its 110 degrees here. Holy mother of God is it hot. Sex-Ed, Storms, and Slingshots: Hi Hi Hi! There are so many things to tell you about after this past week, but most importantly I have begun teaching! I just left my first class of 15 students, and I have a big grin on my face because despite the fact that I have never taught a class of any kind, we had a blast! Once we got through introductions and tiptoeing into the topics of sex, reproductive health, std’s etc, conversation came naturally and we all had some good laughs at each other’s expense (mine especially). African’s love to tease and play games, which breaks the ice for such sensitive subject matter. “Albert” is my teacher in this endeavor, and he is by far the most driven, educated, and thought provoking individual I have met in a long time. I am blessed to have him by my side and he has already taught me SO much about African culture and the many problems NGO’s such as “Yaro” face. There are so many things about this culture that I find loveable, admirable, and beautiful. However, there are also many traditions and practices, which I find to be cruel and barbaric, specifically in regards to the treatment of women. The older generations are constantly clashing with the new ideas brought by the educated class, and I am somehow in a position needing to be respectful of both. This is a challenge I was expecting, but I had no idea how brutal life can be for the African woman. So, I am still treading lightly and learning so much every day. I also am finding interesting ways to pass the time. For example, Africa has the most annoying sounding birds I have ever heard in my life! They make it impossible to get a good night’s rest, and the sounds of the roosters, goats, keep us wide awake once they begin (Which is also when the Muslim call for prayer also starts). So Pearl and I have both begun putting the slingshots I bought at the 99-cent store (previously to be used as gifts) to a greater use where the birds are concerned! We go to the back yard before bedtime with our headlamps on and shoot the little buggers out of the trees! Meanwhile laughing so hard we finally go to bed in tears, and have slept quite well

Ghana Continued. . .

by Alita Watson

these last few nights. I have also been appointed chef among our little posse, which brings me to my favorite place in town: the street market. All eyes are on me as I stroll through, as very few Ghanaians have ever seen a red head (whom they believe to be covered with a bizarre amount of mosquito bites?). The kids are my favorite, and yesterday I bent down to say hello to this precious little girl who completely freaked and started screaming at the top of her lungs when we came face to face…which made me laugh of course, making me seem even more monstrous I’m sure. My nick name in town is “Two-Lights” because I am the only person who rides her bike with a head and tire lamp, as you can’t see your hands in front of your face when we have no power. As I ride by village huts I hear little voices yell “Allo two-lights,” so funny. Also, Ghanaians think I’m bragging when I say my name is Alita, because they hear “A-leada” as in “a leader.” Hah! And finally the rain has come, (god I sound like what’s her name in Out of Africa).I have never seen a storm like this; it was ferocious and violent, leaving huts demolished and 4 villagers dead. And my pre-conceived notion that the heat would forfeit was crushed, as today we reached a sweltering 111 degrees! I am getting a bit more used to it, I shower three times a day and do laundry nightly by candle light with Pearl…kind of a sweet time for us actually. Today is my 9th day in Africa, and I feel as though I have crossed the bridge my Mother has described to me: when everything you left behind seems so foreign and SO far away, and all of a sudden everything around you almost seems normal. I’m smiling and laughing lots, missing you all every day. I’ll write again soon, Love, Two-Lights

Blog Worthy

by Wangechi Ruguaru

I spend most of my day surfing through the web for new websites, new products etc, this is part of my job for AIM Magazine to bring our readers websites or blogs of people or companies making a difference. I found through my morning ritual websites Pioneer Woman, and I love what they are doing…..this is their story In February of 2005, International Princess™ Project founder Shannon Keith went on a trip to India that opened her eyes to devastation of lives happening on the streets and in the brothels. After visiting a redlight district, she could not forget what she saw - young girls sold by their families, orphans picked up off the street by pimps, even young mothers just trying to feed their children. Many were held against their will. Others were trapped by economics. Those who escaped the brothels often returned just to survive. 
 Compelled by the magnitude of this reality, Shannon and her team of volunteers founded International Princess™ Project to advocate for these women, give them opportunities to restore their broken lives and empower them to live in freedom. The traditional Indian Sari, worn in even the darkest places in India, became the inspiration for International Princess™ Project. The sari's bright color and beautiful design are fit for princesses. Women who leave the brothels need occupational training and job opportunities to help them find dignity, self-worth and hope for a future outside of the red light districts. When women become a part of an International Princess Project sewing center, they take the first step toward supporting themselves in a dignified way. 
 PUNJAMMIES™, pajamas made from the beautiful Indian fabrics by women employed at sewing centers in India, are exported to the U.S and sold as a premium-brand of sleepwear. All proceeds from these sales go back to India to pay wages, provide living expenses, create savings accounts and provide holistic support and restoration. International Princess™ Project is committed to creating selfsustaining enterprises in India that provide opportunities for women formally enslaved in prostitution a place to heal from the past and find hope for the future.

Get Involved with International Princess Project Help restore dignity and hope to women formerly enslaved in prostitution. First, BUY PUNJAMMIES™. Your purchase not only provides wages and savings for the woman who made them, but it provides dignity and self worth by validating her work.

For more information, contact: International Princess Project Post Office Box 857 Corona Del Mar, California 92625 800-430-6451

Guess Who’s coming to dinner? If you could have one person in the world over for dinner, who would it be? While planning the layout for our March magazine we wandered off topic and a new section was born, “Guess who’s coming to dinner?” We each decided to write about people that intrigue us, and we started imagining having these people over at the same dinner table with us…this had us drooling and not over the food! So read on to see who we would like to sit down for dinner with and why. Also, ask yourself, who you would like to bring to dinner? Email us a picture and a paragraph of why you would bring this amazing and intriguing person and the effect this has on you. Seriously if any of them called us, we would D.I.E!... But dreams can come true right??? Email:

A little over 10 years ago Tyler Perry was homeless and practically had to beg people to come into the theaters to watch his plays. His childhood was filled with physical abuse from his father, and although he didn’t complete high school, he got his GED. Against all odds he is now a renowned actor, author, director, playwright and producer. His plays (which are filled with humor) convey messages of forgiveness, love and understanding while still tackling issues that some people to this day are afraid to talk about. Recently I got to watch him live in his play “Madea’s Big Happy Family” which was very inspirational. He keeps himself an open book and has remained humble with all of his success. It would be interesting to sit down with him and hear what kept him going all those years when people around him criticized him and told him he would never succeed. He is an inspiration to keep my dreams alive, that’s why I would love to break bread with him. Of course, there is also the fact that I would probably laugh so hard that my sides would be hurting by the end of the night. 

Linda Habib Koite is a skilled and soulful musician on top of being an enchanting person. After a brief conversation with him recently, I know for sure that dinner in his company would be insightful and very intriguing. His perspectives on the direction of Malian politics and social issues are very insightful. Furthermore, I have it on good authority that he has a great sense of humor, which would make dinner that much more enjoyable. Having traveled widely in the course of his music career, I am sure too that dinner will hardly lack great conversation and laughter.

Eva Let me start by saying Mmh. My choice is Brad Pitt for dinner, sorry to dinner haha, other than his charm, great acting and looks, Brad (yes I am on first name basis with this hunk) is doing a lot to make a difference in the world. One of the organizations that stands out to me is “NOT ON OUR WATCH”, formed to focus global attention and resources towards putting an end to mass atrocities around the world. Drawing upon the powerful voices of artists, activists, and cultural leaders, Not On Our Watch generates lifesaving humanitarian assistance and protection for the vulnerable, marginalized, and displaced. Founders of this Organization include Don Cheadle, George Clooney, Matt Damon, David Pressman and Jerry Weintraub. You can make a difference. Stay informed. Call on your elected representatives to take action. Educate your community. Make a donation to support emergency and lifesaving programs. Take a stand. If you have questions for Brad email them and I will have him answer them over dinner. Bon Apetit!


Luggage "Your comfortable trip is their pursuit"

by Wangechi Ruguaru

China ZheJiang Bububle Bags & Cases Co., Ltd. are manufacturer and exporter specialized in producing pp injection cases, luggage set, luggage sets. I love this luggage although the website doesn’t allow for direct ordering; you have to email the company for any inquiries.

How cute is this‌makeup case

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Heys XCase Exotic Crocodile 20-inch Polycarbonate Carry-on $89.99

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by Wangechi Ruguaru

If you are attending the World Cup in South Africa, I have two things to tell you, 1. I envy you, 2. Take me with you please. Besides the most anticipated World cup, there is plenty to see and do while in South Africa, especially in Cape Town. Even if your aim is to merely watch the games and stay away from the so called 'tourist' activities, there are many attractions that are definitely well worth a visit. Below are some of the major attractions in and around Cape Town that I plan to visit once my piggy account allows. Happy travels.

Robben Island has become an extremely important symbol in the new South Africa, reflecting the triumph of good over evil, of democracy over apartheid. In 1997 Robben Island was turned into a museum and in 1999 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cape Town's most popular tourist attraction is also its most famous physical feature, the flattopped mountain that stands sentinel over the city. Table Mountain has been proclaimed a nature reserve, protecting its diverse floral species, some unique to its slopes.

Staying in the Cape Winelands regions of Stellenbosch or Franschhoek will give you easy access to the numerous wine estates in the area which means plenty of time for leisurely wine tasting and cellar tours.

The waterfront has so many activities and attractions which make it a very interesting and exciting place. The harbor is just as beautiful in the night as it is in the day and it is always alive with visitors.

Mshale Awards - Call for Nominations Start Time:Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 12:05am End Time: Friday, April 30, 2010 at 11:55pm Website: The Mshale Community Awards are designed to recognize outstanding African individuals, groups or businesses that have made an impact in the African immigrant community and the community at large in the United States. In this spirit, Mshale presents four types of awards biennially. Around the United States, African immigrants are attaining remarkable achievements and successes while profoundly improving the communities they live in. Submit your nominations online.

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