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Tips to be happy

1. Smile at everybody around you This is the simplest method to make good relationship with others in life. Obviously, giving people a happy smile will give us pleasant feeling.

2. Be concerned about others

It's important to care others and share your sentiment with them, especially your best friends, your family or your kin. It is considered to be the best way to minimize the stress in life. Do not forget people around you even when you are so busy. A letter, a card, a greeting or an email will make the relationship great forever. Please try to make something good for others. It will give you happiness.

3. Overcome and clear away your depression

Do not let your sadness make you down. In order to do that, please spend your time taking part in significant activities like going to rest-home or raising funds for charity. In

stead of being unhappy, you should stand up to get your happiness. Giving other people happiness by doing significant work is truly happiness.

4. Take exercise

A wise mind belongs to a healthy body. As a result, you need to often do exercise or play sports including swimming, running and cycling. Playing sports is the key for coping with stress and sadness.

5. Carry out a job you like best

Following a job you like most is a good method to help you ignore your disappointment effectively. For example, you should care for your back garden, walk outside to enjoy fresh environment, play guitar, piano or compose music or collect stamps. Please spend your time discovering what you like, what you are interested in and try to do it now.

6. Forgive and Forget

Do not allow your mind and heart to be tormented by the sadness, anger, bitterness and other problems which other people gave you. Forgiving them will help you feel more comfortable in order to live a happy life. Several people take the initiative to send a letter to people making them vulnerable in order to release their feeling.

As a result, there are lots of ways to live happily. Nevertheless, a few people know how to have happiness in life. Providing that you want to find out your happiness, suitedmonk will help you know how to be happy.

Tips to be happy