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ENDOWMENT FUND DONATION BY A HOSTEL DONOR WHO WISHES TO STAY ANONYMOUS Thank You! AIM for SEVA, Canada will create a family foundation in the donor’s name and funds will remain in Canada. Funds managed by Toronto Community Foundation will yield 4% or $6,000 investment income every year, which will help support 12 children per year in perpetuity...

Canadian Registered Charity - BN: 861308906 RR0001 Event sponsored by well-wishers of AIM for SEVA

Board of Directors

Dr. Terry Papneja President

Dr. Vipin Mithia Vice-President

Arun Luthra CPA, CA Secretary & Treasurer

Committees Child Sponsorship

Hostel Donation

Silent Auction

Arun Luthra Nimmi Papneja Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj Dr. Tripti Papneja

Mike Lakhani Dr. Terry Papneja Dr. Subodh Kanani Anand Jain

Sapna Mehta (Co-Chair) Nisha Papneja (Co-Chair)

Corporate Sponsorship

Event Organization

Anil Chawla, Co-Chair Arun Srivastava, Co-Chair Anoop Jairath Pankaj Bajaj Rachna Goel Hiten Makim

Ray Khanna, Co-Chair Dr. Sam Patel, Co-Chair Rohit Bansal Shawn Anand Arun Luthra Raj Lakhani

Bhairavi Shankar Bindu Anand Jyoti Gupta Nimmi Papneja Puja Amin Punita Bansal Pinky Luthra Rachna Goel Ronish Pahwa Sangeeta Bajaj Sapna Mehta Shalini Chandra Shankar Adiseshan Susmita Mithia Tripti Papneja

Punita Bansal (Co-Chair) Shalini Chandra (Co-Chair)

Fund Raising


Finance & Accounting

Ritu Jain Bala Menon Shankar Adiseshan

Vishal Luthra



Gera & Nirula LLP Chartered Accountants

Golf To Educate

Amita Kanani Dr. Vipin Mithia Arti Patel Ram Chakerwarti Ila Lakhani Sukhi Ghai Renu Khanna Ganesh Subramanian Dr. Sangeeta Bajaj

Shankar Adiseshan Ronish Pahwa Vishal Luthra Chandra Papneja


Young Professionals

Youth Aarye Chandra (Team Leader) Sahil Mehta (Team Leader)

Communication & Administration Rachna Goel

Montreal Chapter Arun Srivastava, President Sugra Malek, Vice President


“In the act of giving you grow, people grow and the country grows.” Swami Dayananda Saraswati

Our Founder Swami Dayananda Saraswati Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati was a spiritual teacher, profound thinker, philosopher and master of Vedanta. As a world renowned spiritual leader his influence on the world stage has been enormous. Posthumously awarded the Padma Bhushan, Swamiji was the founder of AIM for SEVA, Swami Dayananda Educational Trust, Arsha Vidya Research & Publication Trust and Arsha Vidya Gurukulams in India and USA. Though deeply rooted in the richness of Indian tradition Pujya Swamiji was contemporary in his thinking and approach to the issues of the day. Swamiji’s impeccable logic, brilliant analysis, erudition, precise use of language, and humour made him the greatest teacher of Advaita Vedanta. His discourses taught the most profound truths in such a simple language that it left the audience spellbound. Swami Dayananda Saraswati did not confine himself just to Vedanta. His benevolence and empathy extended to all civilizations, and all cultural forms has helped bring positive change in the lives of thousands of people. He strove to preserve, nurture and appreciate the diversity of human culture. There is no place for aggression, domination or conversion in his all embracing approach. Swamiji’s Global Vision – Nurturing the diversity of the human culture.

Message From

Sheela Balaji Dear Friends of AIM for SEVA, Namaste. It has been a gratifying history of service by AIM for SEVA. In the last two decades we forged deep into rural India by setting up hostels in many outposts. Our ground expansion was matched with project finance support by AIM for SEVA Canada at critical junctures. I would like to specially thank Dr. Terry Papneja for spearheading the movement in Canada. Together with his wife Nimmi and a dedicated team of volunteers and supporters, they have helped transform the lives of many students in rural India. I wish Dr. Papneja good health and look forward to many more years of seva from him. Our Founder, Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati always stressed that Danam, giving and sharing was a mark of growth. Many of AIM for SEVA Canada’s supporters are well established professionals in diverse fields and it is a matter of pride for us that when it comes to giving back to society by such individuals, it is AIM for SEVA first! Whether it is the School backpack project, Walk to Educate, Virtual Annual Gala on account of Covid-19, AIM for SEVA Canada has pioneered many thematic fund raisers. In addition, many young volunteers from Canada are actively involved in spreading our message of educating rural India and such support from the next generation is treasured. Most importantly, these efforts have borne fruit. Today, 80 % of our hostel students have either gone on to pursue higher education or acquired employment in prestigious companies. As we move ahead in our journey of Seva, we look forward to AIM for SEVA Canada’s continued support. On behalf of our team in India, I wish AIM for SEVA Canada’s 19th Annual Virtual Gala all success. Warm regards,

Sheela Balaji Sheela Balaji Chairperson and Managing Trustee, AIM for SEVA, India AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020




Message from Dr. Terry Papneja Dear AIM for SEVA Family, As we gather today for AIM for SEVA’s 19th Annual Virtual Fundraising Gala to support disadvantaged children who depend on us for safe accommodation and education, we pray for billions of people across the world who are impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. This crisis will have a disproportionate impact on the poor, through bereavement, job loss, loss of remittances, rising prices, and disruptions in services such as education and health care. I am confident that, with your support, AIM for SEVA will have the strength and courage to meet the increased challenges to satisfy the needs of adversely impacted poor families. I thank all our donors and sponsors who, despite the economic ravages of the pandemic, have joined this virtual Gala and donated generously. We truly appreciate that, even though your incomes may have reduced dramatically, and your businesses are hurting, you continue to support AIM for SEVA graciously. Your support enables access to education and health care for the poor children from remote regions so that they may exit extreme poverty and become smart, productive adults who can shepherd their families to access comfortable living. The theme for this year’s special Gala is “A Night Among the Stars”! And, with God’s blessing, we indeed have many stars amongst us: ’’ The children in our hostels who access education through AIM for SEVA facilities are the allimportant stars who will go on to make the world a better place for society at large; ’’ Our Donors and Sponsors are the stars who make this possible through their generosity; ’’ Our volunteers, here and in India, are the stars who dedicate themselves to “seva”; ’’ The staff at over 100 AIM facilities are the stars who keep the infrastructure together. And, to top it all off, we have today, amongst us, several fascinating stars from the film, sports, and speaker fraternity who bring glitter, laughter, passion, and words of wisdom at this unique event. Many thanks to these professionals for being with us so that we can have a very successful Virtual Gala this year! Today, we have over a thousand supporters attending this annual gala, many donating graciously to support our cause. We are providing a unique social experience right in their home to 65 groups, a total of 650 individuals, who have been delivered a lavish Indian vegetarian dinner prepared by award winning restaurant, The Host. All the proceeds raised at this event will support the essential work AIM for SEVA does to make education accessible for deserving children in urgent need in India. Most of the targeted children have a remote possibility of acquiring basic education due to lack of means and inaccessibility of schools. Each child receives free residential accommodation, education, tuition, vocational training, and opportunities for extra-curricular activities like handicrafts, music, dance and sports, along with nutritious meals and medical aid. God Bless Them All!

Terry Papneja Dr. Terry Papneja President, AIM for SEVA (Canada) AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


A Night Among The Stars

This Year’s Celebrity Guests

Preity Zinta Film Actress & Entrepreneur

Preity Zinta has starred in many Indian films including Kal Ho Naa Ho, Veer-Zaraa, Dil Hai Tumhaara, Salaam Namaste. In addition to acting, Zinta has written a series of columns for BBC News Online South Asia. She’s a social activist, television presenter, and an entrepreneur.

Anupam Kher Film Actor & Author

Anupam Kher is an Indian actor and the former Chairman of Film and Television Institute of India. He is the recipient of two National Film Awards and eight Filmfare Awards. He has appeared in over 500 films in several languages, and written two books.

A Night Among The Stars

This Year’s Celebrity Guests

P.V. Sindhu Olympic Badminton Player

Pusarla Venkata Sindhu is an Indian professional badminton player. Having made her international debut in 2009, she rose to a career high ranking of no. 2 in April 2017. She is the first Indian to become the Badminton World Champion and the first Indian woman to earn an Olympic Silver medal.

Deepa Malik Paralympic Athlete

Deepa Malik is an Indian athlete. She is the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Paralympic Games and won a Silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in the shot put. She has also won gold in F-53/54 Javelin event at the para athletic grand Prix held in Dubai in 2018.

The Evening’s MC Zenji Nio MC Nio (Japanese: Ronin Soho) is the only Indian-origin person, as well as the only North American ever to be knighted as a Samurai - and has represented the historic Samurai lineage at the world’s top forums including US Congress, EU Parliament, Canadian Legislature, Faith Council that liaisons with the White House, National Museum of India, Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Olympics & Paralympic Games - where he served as Motivational Coach to an all-time record number of medalists. One of Canada’s most sought-after speakers, his oratorical skills have been lauded by World Leaders, Cabinet Ministers and scholars from top universities including Oxford and Harvard and has helped raise millions for charity. A connoisseur of fine art and fashion -- an epic inspired by his life is being filmed in major cities across the globe. He is also using his unique platform to promote human rights and environmental issues alongside global experts - from NASA’s famed Apollo 13 to the Tokyo Olympics.

A Night Among The Stars The Evening’s Entertainment!

Jonita Gandhi

Atul Khatri

An Indo-Canadian playback singer, known for her YouTube presence, film songs across multiple languages, and live and recorded work with AR Rahman, Pritam, Anirudh, etc. She made her debut in Bollywood with the title song of Chennai Express, and has since sung countless chart-toppers such as The Breakup Song, Dil Ka Telephone and many more.

A Mumbai-based Sindhi businessman turned stand-up comedian who orders soup one by two, even when he’s eating alone. Atul was recently rated one of the top 20 Indian comedians to look out for and has performed at the prestigious “Just for Laughs Comedy Festival” in Sydney. Selling out venues across India and around the world, he has stapled himself as one of the most influential comedians of our generation.

Bollywood Playback Singer

Stand-Up Comedian



Corporate Sponsorship Committee Anil Chawla

Pankaj Bajaj

Anil recently retired as a tax partner from Deloitte after 33 years of service. Anil specialized in Life Science and Manufacturing sectors. He led Deloitte’s GTA Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) and Government Incentive tax practice. Anil was also the national leader of Deloitte’s India Services Group.

Pankaj Bajaj is the President of Dufferin Gate Studios. He is involved in the dental, telehealth and IT startups sectors. He has been in Global Business development for over 20 years. His true passion is education, is an avid vocational mentor and guidance counsellor for young adults in the local community.

Arun Srivastava

Rachna Goel

Arun Srivastava is the CEO & President of Paystation Inc. which is a pioneer in leading payment solution provider for financial institutions, credit unions, the Canadian government and businesses. Arun has been the President of the Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce (2016-2017).

Rachna is a seasoned project manager with significant experience in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Her leadership style is collaborative and she inspires others through mentoring, open communication and clear objectives. Rachna is passionate about the AIM for SEVA organization.



Anoop Jairath Member

Anoop Jairath is a Partner at KPMG Enterprise. KPMG Enterprise is a dedicated team of advisers providing assurance, tax & advisory services exclusively to entrepreneurs, family businesses, and emerging fast growing companies. Anoop is skilled in business & operational innovation & improvement, technology integration and change management.



Hiten Makim Member

Hiten Makim, is a senior finance executive, and the former CFO of MDA Corporation. He has recently retired to spend more time with his family. He continues to be active in helping local charities with governance and fundraising activities.

Silent Auction Committee

Sapna Mehta Co-Chair

For Sapna, volunteering is a way of life. Her goal is to inspire others to give back in any way they can; not because they must, but because they want to. Her involvement with AIM for SEVA started when her own children started fundraising to send underprivileged children to school. Sapna has been actively involved with AIM for SEVA for 11 years and has Co-Chaired the Silent Auction Committee for the past 6 years. She genuinely believes that providing an education is the only way we can truly break the cycle of poverty and make a positive difference in a child’s life.

Growing up in a small city in India, Nisha witnessed the impact of poverty on children. AIM for SEVA provided an opportunity for her to help impoverished children get an education. She has been a strong supporter of the cause since its inception, first as a youth volunteer to being involved at the organizational level as a Young Professional Committee member and now as this year’s Co-Chair of the Silent Auction Committee. She brings years of experience in IT and project management. She currently works as a solution consultant providing her support and expertise to many international companies.

Nisha Papneja Co-Chair

Team Members Anita Taneja Anu Srivastava Arti Shah Bela Tak Beshie Dunraj Bindu Anand Ella Karia Harsha Shah Ila Lakhani Jyoti Lamba

Kavita Nagpal Mala Chopra Nimmi Papneja Nita Shastri Pankaj Bajaj Pinki Luthra Preet Chawla Puja Amin Rachna Goel Raj Lakhani


Rekha Khanna Rupi Tandon Sangeeta Bajaj Shaili Gehani Shalini Chandra Shikha Sethi Sukhi Ghai Veena Narang


Young Professionals For AIM Shalini Chandra Co-Chair

As a compassionate person who enjoys spending time with children, Shalini has an intimate connection with the mission and vision of AIM for SEVA. She brings empathy to her interactions with everyone and people are attracted to her genuine interest in helping others. After moving to Canada to pursue her Computer Science degree at University of Toronto, she worked for more than a decade at CIBC, rising through the ranks of their Information Technology team. Always passionate about helping those less fortunate, she is actively involved in contributing to the organization of charitable events for AIM for SEVA and Trillium Hospital Foundation.

Punita Bansal Co-Chair

Punita and her family have been sponsoring children and involved with AIM for SEVA since 2003. Growing up with values of “Seva” and “daan” (charity), the charity’s goal of reducing poverty by supporting the education of children in rural India resonated with Punita. Punita and her husband believe in leading by example and have shared their belief in education as a mechanism for growth with their two children. In her professional life, Punita is an accredited Certified Financial Planner and investment specialist at a major bank. As an investment specialist, she is passionate about educating her clients about the many aspects of retirement and investment planning in order to help them achieve their long-term financial goals.

Team Members Alka Singh Amit Goel Aruna Sharma Babita Bhasin Bhairavi Shankar Craig D’Souza Ella Karia Ganesh Subramanian Hemen Modi Jyoti Gupta Meetu Mahendra Netee Papneja

Nisha Papneja Pankaj Bajaj Poonam Chande Prerna Baweja Puja Amin Purti Papneja Rachna Goel Reecha Lakhani Ronish Pahwa Sangeeta Bajaj Sanjeev Goel

Sapna Mehta Seema Mehta Shaila Patodia Shalini Modi Shaili Gehani Sonal Makim Sourbh Baweja Shusmita Sharma Swati Khanna Tripti Papneja Vinay Verma

Youth Committee Sahil Mehta and Aarye Chandra are the Team Leaders for AIM for SEVA Youth Committee for 2020. They have gathered a team of children who have a common objective to help children in India, and in their community.

Sahil Mehta

Aarye Chandra

AIM for SEVA Youth Committee was created to get youth more involved in this organization and to allow them the experience of giving back. Living in Canada, we are given many more opportunities and privileges that blind us from the realities of children in different parts of the world. With the attitude of gratitude, it is important for youth to give back to their country of heritage. As the new generation, we are the future of AIM for SEVA and are given the responsibility to help underprivileged children in India.

The Backpack Project 2020-21 Initiative

The Backpack Project is a school supplies drive, and was the Youth Committee’s first successful initiative to give back to the children in India. Previously the committee was able to raise over $3000 which was enough to send 250 backpacks filled with school supplies to AIM for SEVA hostels. This year, the youth committee is holding charity events and are collecting generous donations from our community. Huge thanks to Sapna Mehta and Shalini Chandra, for their support on our initiative! If you have any questions on how to get your child involved, email us today! Email: aimforsevayouth@ gmail.com You can also follow our journey by following our instagram page! Instagram: @aimforsevayouth You can also donate at www.aimforseva.ca today!

Team Members Aarye Sahil Adesh Akash Aman Anjali Ankit

Arishiya Aveer Devin Diya Gurisha Hansini Jiya


Kayla Noah Raiya Rohan Sonali Sanam Yash 15


Thank You, Canada!

NET FUNDS RAISED FROM 2002 TO 2020 IN EXCESS OF $9.3 MILLION Number Of Children Supported

Event Related Income and Expenses $180,000 $160,000







500 400









2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Event Year







Event and Publication related income







Event and Publication related expenses

Giving Is About Making A Difference Inder Sharma

A successful entrepreneur, a philanthropist ...making a difference

“This country (Canada) has given my family extraordinary opportunities. So have my roots in India which instilled in me early in life the meaning of Seva. AIM for SEVA represents all that is good in us – volunteerism, public service, modesty, cost efficiency in getting donor support directly to the recipients.”

AIM for SEVA thanks you for your ongoing support and generosity for the donation of a hostel and endowment fund of $2 Million.

Mike Lakhani

Recipient of prestigious Dalbar Financial Professional Seal, an entrepreneur, an author

“Looking ahead, there is no question that there is a big need in India where close to 400 million people live below the poverty line. I personally believe in helping to educate a selected number with total transparency, clear benefits and measurable results. We have a great opportunity to do just that with Balika Vidyalaya Khategaon School”

AIM for SEVA thanks you for your ongoing support and generosity of donation of a hostel and $500,000 endowment fund. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


We enrich the lives of dentists and their families by providing a comprehensive and integrated set of accounting*, planning and consulting services through one point of contact.

*All Tax and Accounting services provided by TMFD Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountants and/or TMFD (Ottawa) Professional Corporation, Chartered Professional Accountants

Mcgill Medical Student (AIM for SEVA Alumni) Receives Canadian Medical Hall Of Fame Award Sheetal Pundir, a rising third-year medical student at McGill University, is the 2020 recipient of the MD Financial

Management McGill University Faculty of Medicine Canadian

Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) Award. The award, one of 17 announced by the CMHF on August 27, recognizes secondyear medical students with an established track record

of community leadership, superior communication skills

and demonstrated interest in advancing knowledge. Each recipient receives a $5,000 cash prize and a travel subsidy

to attend the 2021 Canadian Medical Hall of Fame induction

ceremony in Vancouver, British Columbia, where they will have the opportunity to interact with CMHF laureates and health leaders from across the country.

“I view this award as symbol of growth, an affirmation of just how far my journey has led me and it is a surreal

feeling looking back at my humble beginnings,” says Sheetal. “It is still very hard to believe and encourages me

to push further in order to ensure I do the award justice. I am extraordinarily grateful for this award, to McGill, to CMHF, to its sponsors and to everyone who has helped me along the way. Coming from a small town in India to here has been quite a journey. In my bags, I packed lots of unknowns, a combo of fear mixed with anticipation,

some hopes for new land and some hesitations. The exchange rate for +30⁰ C at that time was -40⁰ C. To leave

what you have known wasn’t as scary as to leave whom you have known. Today, I am grateful for that journey

and I am grateful for this award.” Sheetal began her research working with clinician scientists in India looking at infectious diseases. A scholarship followed for work on genetic disorders. She would then receive the Dean’s scholarship upon finishing her PhD at the University of Ottawa where she completed work on cancer biology, with

her work on novel anticancer drugs leading to patents and the establishment of Ramsey Lake Pharmaceuticals. Sheetal’s postdoctoral work defined the metabolic traits of healthy and diseased vasculature in proliferative retinopathies and explored new therapeutic interventions with the potential to improve vision.

Sheetal has earned numerous awards for her research collaborations on a diverse range of projects including diabetes prevention, health promotion initiatives, assessment of ulcerative colitis disease activity, fetal

inflammatory injury prevention, invasive pulmonary aspergillosis diagnosis, and the impact of COVID-19 on

vision and mental health. As a spokesperson for AIM for SEVA Canada, a non-profit organization committed to the education of children from rural and remote areas, she performed in a spoken word poetry fundraising tour. Recognized through several national and international public speaking awards, Sheetal spoke at TEDxNickelCity

and represented Canada at the World Championship of Public Speaking. Sheetal also works for Collaboration Interprofessionelle Montréalaise Étudiante (CIME), a community-based, interdisciplinary intervention program for asylum seeker families in Montreal, and a finalist for Quebec’s prestigious Forces AVENIR award. Congratulations Sheetal! AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020



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OVER LAST 12 MONTHS Targeted 8% Monthly Distributions

Predominantly Residential Homes Within The GTA, No Condominium High Rise Total Mortgage Portfolio $297M1 Weighted Average Loan-To-Value 68.7%1 Average Mortgage Size $367kยน Eligible for individual or corporate investments, RRSPs, RESP, RRIFs & TFSAs 1

July 2020


Trailing twelve month yield with dividend reinvestment

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RAKHI TEJANI 416-704-5252 Waverley Corporate Financial Services Ltd.

MORTGAGE COMPANY OF CANADA 905-881-2215 mcoci.com

Student Success Story Anjali Gurjar Puts Khategaon On The State Radar Petite looking and neatly attired in her school uniform, Anjali Gurjar has made her institution proud. A student of the Inder and Prabha Sharma Girls Higher Secondary School, Madhya Pradesh, Anjali scored 98.5% in Grade 10 board examination.

Landmark achievement in the history of this small town. Ranked first in her school, Anjali also made it to the Madhya Pradesh merit list securing the 10th position from among 730,000 students. School principal Sunaina Sharma says that the institution will offer all possible support to Anjali to enable a bright future. Anjali comes from Bhedi village. “My academic success is due to my teachers. Apart from regular school curriculum, my institution also focuses on cultural education and I consider myself blessed to study in such an institution that is in close vicinity to my village and this has enabled me to complete Grade 10. A lot of girls have benefited from this school. While some girls like me come from the nearby villages, we also have Principal Sunaina Sharma, Anjali and Anjali’s Mother girl students coming in, enrolling and studying from far off regions like Tripura and Mizoram (north east India).” What’s also fascinating is that Anjali resorted to self study throughout Class 10 and did not opt for tuitions. ‘After coming back home from school, I used to make it a point to study at least 3-4 hours every day,” says Anjali.

EVERY GIRL DESERVES A CHANCE TO LEARN. Mr. Inder Sharma creates a pathway to make it happen. With the contribution of $2 million, he gave the girls an opportunity to rewrite their future. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


Sincere Thanks To Our Hostel Donors

22 grandchildren of Papneja Family donated a hostel to honour their grandmother, the Late Krishna Rani Papneja (children belong to Papneja family, Chakerwarti family, Khanna family,Nigam family, Mithia family and Jain family - Kareli (MP).

Mrs. Satya and Mr. Sham Arora donated the Sadanand Hostel in Chakkan (MH) in memory of their loving parents.

Mrs. Harsha and Mr. Anil Shah - donated hostel in Dhandhuka, (GJ).

Dr. Terry and Mrs. Nimmi Papneja - donated hostel in memory of their uncle, Mr. B.R. Papneja - Jabalpur (MP).

Mrs. Vijaya and Mr. Anand Jain donated hostel in Vrindavan (UP).

Dr. Asha & Mr. Arun Seth with their family donated a hostel in Lucknow (UP).


Hostel & School Locations Khategaon (MP) | Haridwar (UK) | Ghaziabad (UP)

Mrs. and Mr. Srini Gollapudi donated a hostel in Vetapalem (AP).

Dr. Jaya and the Late Mr. Vasu Chanchlani - Hoshangabad (MP).

Mrs. Neelam and Mr. Arun Kapoor and family - donated hostel at Karnaprayag (UK).

Mrs. Rani and the Late Mr. Ramesh Gupta donated hostel in Nemavar (MP).

The Shankar Family donated hostel at Thippanampettai (TN).

Dr. Naresh and Mrs. Kawaljeet Sharma donated hostel in Indore (MP).

Mrs. Mina and Mr. Shailesh Raja - Donated high school building in Khategaon (MP).

Dr. Rakesh Bhandari donated the hostel in Dhar (MP).

Sincere Thanks To Our Hostel Donors

The Late Mrs. Padma Kapoor - in memory of her spouse, Bhagwan Dass Kapoor - Polur (TN).

Mrs. Ila and Mr. Mike Lakhani - donated hostel at Khategaon (MP).

Dr. Subodh & Mrs. Anita Kanani - in memory of both their fathers(Dahyalal Gopalji Kanani and Shantilal Hirji Nathwani) - Amreli (GJ).

Mrs. Arti and Mr. Sam Patel - donated hostel in Rajkot district (GJ).

The Kotecha Family donated a hostel in memory of their daughter Sonal in Bhanpuri (CG).

Mrs. Anu and Mr. Arun Srivastava - donated hostel in honour of their father Mr. Raj Nigam at Unnao, Lucknow (UP).

Anonymous + Climb 2 Educate, Gera & Nirula Hostel Donor, Katni (MP)

Mrs. Avni and Mr. Deepak Ruparell donated hostel in Kheroj (GJ)

Mrs. Nalini and Mr. Kamal Paul (on left) & Mrs. Martina and Mr. Ben Ignagni (on right) have jointly donated a hostel, the location of which will be decided soon.

Mrs. Rani Gupta - donated Nemavar Activity Centre.

Mr. Robin Singh - donated hostel in memory of his daughter Deepa Singh in Sawantwadi (MH).

Two Scholarships For Twenty Years $800,000 Mr. Mahendra Vyas of Electrotherm, Ahmedabad, has pledged two scholarships for 20 years for AIM for SEVA students. These involve payment by Electrotherm for tuition and all expenses for a four-year engineering program. Mr. Vyas is CEO of Ahmedabad Aviation, a subsidiary of Electrotherm. The value, at today’s rate of the scholarships is over $40,000 per year. When fully availed, over 20 years, the total value will exceed $800,000.



Our Hostel Donors Anonymous Donor

Ghaziabad (UP)

Anonymous Donor

Haridwar (UK)

Anonymous Donor

Khategaon (MP)

The Late Mrs. Padma Kapoor

Tiruvanamali (TN)

Grand children of Mrs. Krishna Rani Papneja

Kareli (MP)

Drs. Naresh and Kawaljeet Sharma

Indore (MP)

Dr. Jaya and the Late Mr. Vasu Chanchlani

Hoshangabad (MP)

Dr. Subodh and Mrs. Amita Kanani

Amreli (GJ)

Mr. Arun and Mrs. Neelam Kapoor and family

Karanprayag (UK)

Dr. Terry and Mrs. Nimmi Papneja

Jabalpur (MP)

Dr. Narendra Singh

Sawantwadi (MH)

Mr. Sham and Mrs. Satya Arora and family

Chakan (MH)

Mr. Deepak and Mrs. Avni Ruparell + Anonymous

Kheroj (GJ)

Mr. Mike and Mrs. Ila Lakhani

Khategaon (MP)

Anonymous Donor + Climb 2 Educate, Gera and Nirula

Katni (MP)

Dr. Rakesh Bhandari (donated hostel directly in India)

Dhar (MP)

Dr. Asha and Mr. Arun Seth

Lucknow (UP)

Mrs. Rani and the late Mr. Ramesh Gupta

Nemavar (MP)

Mr. Shailesh and Arti Patel

Rajkot District (GJ)

Meena & Shailesh Raja High School Building

Khategaon (MP)

Mr. Shankar, the late Mrs. Sukanya Shankar and Bhairavi Shankar

Tippanampettai (TN)

Mrs. Anu & Mr. Arun Srivastava

Lucknow (UP)

Mr. Anil and Mrs. Harsha Shah

Dhandhuka (GJ)

Mr. Anand and Vijaya Jain

Vrindavan (UP)

Mr. Srini Golaapudi

Vetapalem (AP)

The Kotecha Family

Bhanpuri (CT)

Mr. Kamal and Mrs. Nalini Paul and Mr. Ben and Mrs.Martina Ignagni

Joint Hostel - Location To Be Decided

Endowment Fund $2 Million pledged by Mr. Inder Sharma and Mrs. Rupi Tandon. Endowment Fund $500,000 pledged by Mr. Mike and Mrs. Ila Lakhani.

Move To Educate The 6th annual AIM Walk-To-Educate was transformed into a Movathon (Move To Educate) this year. We made this decision to pivot from our annual Walk-To-Educate to a new virtual platform in order to bring our AIM supporters and Global community together while being sensitive to the current pandemic environment. On Sunday, May 31, 2020 over 125 cameras and 400 people took to this new idea and experienced the joy of giving while participating in a BollyCORE! session followed by an engaging game of Bingo. With the help of our dazzling Emcee Jyoti we kicked off an energetic BollyCORE! session with Puja Amin where young and old had a chance to shake a leg to their favourite Bollywood tunes. Pankaj Bajaj encouraged the donations to keep coming through a call for cash and an immediate recognition for donors. Amazon gift cards sponsored by Sapna Mehta were awarded to the top three fundraisers of the day.

The highest amount of $2,290 was raised by 5 and 7 year old sisters Simran & Anisha Subramanian! Sonali Mehta raised the 2nd highest amount of $1,125, and in 3rd place was Neetee Papneja with $1010. Attendees then had the opportunity to participate in online Bingo and many walked away with amazon gift card prizes! The funds raised by the Movathon 2020 initiative will go towards educating children from rural and tribal parts of India that are born without the abundance that we take granted for. AIM for SEVA is proud to announce that a new record has been set for both the number of participants involved in our annual Walkathon / Movathon event and the amount of dollars raised through our new virtual platform. Thanks to more than 400 generous supporters, over $25,555 was raised to support one year of education for 51 children! These 51 underprivileged children from rural India will stay in a resident hostel and receive food, after-school support, extra-curricular activities, school supplies, personal items and healthcare. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


Maharaja’s Golf Classic / Golf To Educate

Ray Khanna

Dr. Sam Patel

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Dr. Patel is the owner of Lakeshore West Dental Office located in South Etobicoke. He graduated with distinction from HonBSc, MSc, and the DDS programmes from the University of Toronto. He has published several articles in environmental microbiology, protein synthesis, and dental microbiology. Currently he also maintains a part-time clinical instructor position at the University of Toronto. Dr. Patel would like to congratulate Aim for SEVA Canada for its tremendous success in helping educate the underprivileged children of India.

Founder & Co-Chair


GOLF COMMITTEE Ray Khanna | Dr. Sam Patel Shawn Anand | Arun Luthra Rohit Bansal | Raj Lakhani


2020 Maharaja’s Golf Classic AIM for SEVA’s 11th annual golf event, the Maharaja’s Golf Classic, was held on August 30th. We could not have asked for a more beautiful summer day to golf for a great cause. The spirits at the Glen Abbey Golf and Country club were high and jovial, and it was a great day to catch up with friends and colleagues! This annual event has become a reality year after year due to the tireless work from all of our volunteers, event sponsors and of course, the enthusiastic support of our golfers; we send you a tremendous THANK YOU. We would specifically like to thank Ray Khanna, Dr. Sam Patel and the rest of Golf Committee members who put in an immense amount of work into this event to make it such a success. With everyone’s terrific support, we were able to raise over $45,000 dollars net of all expenses, which will go directly towards supporting our hostels in India, providing students with the resources they need to live a healthy and happy life. After such a terrific event, we can hardly wait till 2021’s Golf to Educate: Maharaja’s Golf Classic. Kindly stay tuned for future events, look forward to seeing everyone again next year!



Canada-India Business Council Award Dr. Terry Papneja accepted the Roy MacLaren Humanitarian Award given by the Canada- India Business Council (C-IBC) to AIM for SEVA – a non-profit group, which builds hostels in remote areas of India for poor rural children. AIM for SEVA Canada is the Canadian branch of the Indian charity AIM for SEVA which was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 2000 to provide education and healthcare to children from poor rural families. Dr. Terry Papneja, who founded the Canadian chapter in 2002, accepted the award from Roy MacLaren, former Federal Minister and currently the Chairman of the C-IBC, and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe at the Annual Diwali Gala of the C-IBC at Toronto’s Shangri-La hotel on October 29, 2018 Under Dr. Papneja, AIM for SEVA Canada has already raised more than $7.1 million so far. ` `The whole organization has 129 projects where it takes care of over 4,000 children — from the ages of eight to 18 on an on-going basis. As for AIM for SEVA Canada, we have built 26 hotels in which we support 640 children. For 10 years, these kids are given free accommodation, food, clothing, medical care and education so that their families get out the cycle of poverty. We also cover all their other expenses,’’ he says. Thanks to his efforts, the Canadian Chapter has become the biggest contributor to AIM for SEVA’s charity work in India . A true humanitarian, Dr. Papneja deserves support from more and more Canadians in his mission to help poor kids of India. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


Mississauga Office

We Are Now Empanelled & Awarded Platinum! AIM for Seva has qualified for “Champion Level - GuideStar India Platinum” Certification for 2019 -2020. GuideStar India’s Platinum Certification is the Champion Level Certification which indicates that comprehensive transparency, accountability and good governance procedures are adopted by AIM for SEVA with exemplary level of public disclosure.

AIM for SEVA was empanelled by Tata Institute of Social Sciences as one of the partner organisations in the National CSR hub. This empanelment, which succeeds a rigorous scrutiny, with specific reference to transparency, efficiency and overall strength of the organizational capacity, is an endorsement of AIM for SEVA’s work.

GuideStar India is India’s largest and most reliable NGO information repository. The portal www.GuidestarIndia.org is India’s largest, fully searchable database of reliable and comparable information on over 7,600 NGOs. More than 750 of these organisations have undergone varying levels of due diligence forming India’s largest pool of certified NGOs. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


The Free Student Hostel/Home Concept A Free Student Hostel/Home (FSH) is a living ecosystem, an activity center, a classroom and a learning institute, all rolled into one. Essentially, an FSH empowers rural children to learn by providing a place to live close to schools; with a clean environment, nutritious food, value-based education, extracurricular activities and much more. So they don’t just keep up with the rest, but lead a childhood that enables them to contribute to their family, society and the country as a whole.

Children receive free food, clothing, accommodation, as well as: After-school support: Our special tutors and mentors provide student optimal after-school guidance, extra help and differentiated teaching methods using visual and e-learning tools. Children are also given individual coaching, to secure outstanding results. Values and cultural education: The children are exposed to several value-based themes and talks by their wardens. This is coupled with camps and workshops centered on value-based learning. Computer literacy: AIM for SEVA seeks to enrich the learning experience of our children, by providing at least one computer at each FSH. English language training: Exposure to and teaching of english is woefully inadequate in rural areas, and AIM for SEVA bridges that gap by using a combination of instructor-led and computerbased english language training. Creativity: New ways to explore the creative side of our children, with periodic workshops in arts, painting and creative writing, along with ‘craft workshops’ where they design and create items such as pen stands and greeting cards. Yoga: Our children are adept at performing various yoga poses (asanas) that help in concentration, physical fitness and stress management. Yoga masters and trainers visit the homes on a regular basis, following which the children practice the art everyday. Sports: Children receive training in games like cricket, football and athletics along with indoor games, both at a recreational and competitive level. Also, trainers equip children in martial arts like karate, for concentration, stamina and self-defense. Eco-learning: Learning how to care for one’s environment is as important as caring for oneself. Our children children are trained in horticulture, and grow plantations in the backyards for a steady supply of fresh and nutritious food. Many of our FSH also have their own biogas plants to generate the energy needed for everyday use. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


Hostel Inauguration A humble tribute to my parents, my homeland, my maatrbhoomi By Anil Shah

I recently journeyed to Dhandhuka in Gujarat, India to attend a new hostel inauguration. My father was born not too far from the hostel in Chandarwa and grew up in Dhandhuka. My mother was born few miles away in Barwala. My parents never told me what I should do in life, but I quietly observed them and have followed in their footsteps. By observing and emulating their simple, down-to-earth ways, I learnt the virtues of truth, respect, honour, valour, devotion, dedication, and above all, love for all. I cannot think of a more befitting tribute to them than giving their name to the hostel which will provide food and shelter to about 50 students from nearby villages who will study in this school. The inauguration of the hostel in Dhandhuka, in the memory of my late father Shantilal and my mother Hiraben, was undoubtedly one of the proudest moments in my and my family’s life. I learnt about AIM for SEVA from my friends Nimmi and Terry Papneja. Both are dedicated workers of AIM for SEVA who have ensured that all the funds raised reach AIM for SEVA in India without any administration costs. This is the revenue model of AIM for SEVA hostels. The organization Photos from the formal inauguration of the Swami Dayananda AIM for SEVA Hostel for Boys, Dhandhuka, Gujarat. Hostel sponsored by Harsha and Anil Shah, in memory of Hiraben and Shantilal Shah, was inaugurated on February 2nd, 2020. It spreads over two floors and measures 4,856 square feet in size.

runs on donations with people like myself paying for hostels and many more donors sponsoring children by paying $500 per child. This is not an extraordinarily large sum by any standards, but it goes a long way in covering expenses for one student to continue his or her education for a year. While there are many people sponsoring children, there is always a need for more donors. Terry and AIM for SEVA Canada are making education accessible to the poorest of the poor in India. To reduce inequality, all of us must work in unison. History has shown us that education is the biggest equaliser in the society. Having access to education creates economic opportunities for all sections of society. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that those who have traditionally been deprived of education get access to it. Anil Shah is the Founder and President of Ni-Met Metals, a large nickel and alloys trading and supply house with multiple associated offices globally with headquarters in Canada, and a scrap processing facility in Italy. He is the Chair of Canada India Foundation, a public policy thinktank that fosters bilateral ties between Canada and India and has been the Chair of Indo-Canada Chamber of Commerce’s Golf Committee. Anil served on the board of Ontario’s Trillium Hospital Group and has chaired the Trillium Diwali Gala twice in the last decade, raising large amount of funds for the benefit of the hospital.

Ajay Mourya’s Success Story Ajay Mourya, a native of Sunderpura village scored 98% in Grade 10 Board examination (2019-2020) and was ranked second in Hoshangabad district, Madhya Pradesh. His father is a farmer by profession, Ajay would have to walk long distance to go to the nearest high school. But Ajay was lucky as right after he completed Grade 5, the breakthrough came in the form of AIM for SEVA. He moved to the hostel and since then, there has been no looking back. Ajay who is from the Smt. Jamunabai Chanchlani AIM for SEVA hostel for boys, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, is full of gratitude for the support he received in his crucial years. Ajay wants to become an educationalist when he grows up. “I would like to devote my time and educate the next generation so that they too can achieve their dreams.” Ajay is thankful for the support he received from the coordinator of the hostel. His family is proud of his achievement and thankful to Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati for his vision to educate students from rural India.” AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


Help build a home for 500 children

Leave A Legacy •  Hostel named after you or your loved one •  Have a say in choice of location •  Stone plaque outside hostel •  Multiple families can join in donation •  You can pay in installments for 5 years

Donate to build a student home/hostel $190,000 (after tax: $105,000) Tribal Location (3-4 Hr from airport)

$290,000 (after tax: $160,000) Small Town (2 Hr from airport)

Your donation will help & support 50 children every year till they complete 10 years of school education. The hostel will be home to 500 children in 100 years, the expected life of the building!

AIM for SEVA - Breaking Barriers to Education

Naren Pattani The Story of an AIM for SEVA Volunteer

After a 38-year career as an electrical engineer, Naren Pattani retired in 2010 from his position as Hydro One’s Manager of Transmission Planning, where he managed a team of over 40 engineers planning investments for electrical transmission projects worth over $600 million per year. In 2011, his trustworthy friend Dr. Vipin Mithia introduced him to Dr. Terry Papneja, the President and Founder of AIM for SEVA. Initially, Naren helped out with small assignments for AIM for SEVA that led him to discover the immense societal strength of the organization. He was deeply touched by the tangible benefits of AIM for SEVA as well as its mode of operation. He noted that, through “seva” by volunteers and donors, this organization inspired and fulfilled the educational aspirations of poor and disadvantaged children in India and their families. He was particularly impressed by the committed volunteers in Canada who served without any renumeration and, most importantly, by the dedication and leadership skills of Terry and Nimmi Papneja. So, when Terry asked him to volunteer as an Executive Director, he could not refuse.

Naren’s contributions over the past eight years were enormous and he played a pivotal role in the success of the organization, particularly with his fundraising efforts. Although he has stepped back from his official role this year, he remains committed to support AIM for SEVA forever. We are forever grateful to Naren for his professional expertise, valuable time and support. We wish him, Jayshree and his family the very best always!



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New 20/10 Scholarship Donor Mr. Rakesh and Mrs. Mamta Vijay The Vijay family immigrated from India just under two decades ago, with the aspiration of providing their children with better education and life opportunities. As their sons continued to grow through the robust Canadian education system, Rakesh and Mamta had a strong belief that this outcome should not only be limited to those privileged enough to live in Canada. Mamta being in Education herself is very motivated to help under privileged children all over the world. They sought to help underprivileged communities, especially girls in rural areas. This was important, as educating these individuals not only helps uplift the person but also community as a whole. It allows social norms found in rural areas to be broken. and helps women take on work not previously available to them. Education becomes a powerful tool in helping society progress forward and help underserved communities keep up with a dynamic and everchanging society. As immigrants, education was also the family’s only way forward to succeed in a new country. Guided by these beliefs, Rakesh and Mamta have been consistently involved in education-related causes and will continue to proactively seek out projects to support. “AIM for SEVA’s mission to make education and healthcare accessible for children across India, is one that resonates with our family. Having grown up in India, we see the impact a great education can have on children, helping them break free from the cycle of poverty they are often born into. Education is a fundamental driver in social development and reducing gender inequality. Global education should be deemed a right as opposed to a privilege; the value of having transferable skill sets (which only emerge from structured, rigid, curriculum-based immersive learning) are a requisite to success in today’s interconnected world. AIM For SEVA’s mission to serve underprivileged children in India is an extremely important cause, and we hope that you are inspired to get involved and make a difference in any way possible through donating your time, knowledge or resources”. Rakesh and Mamta Vijay AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


New 20/10 Scholarship Donor Mr. Arun and Mrs. Mala Menawat Arun and Mala started their lives in Canada like many immigrants from India, by focusing on their education. After college, Mala started her career as a schoolteacher helping shape young lives, and Arun began by working for a large corporation in bioengineering. They have a daughter and a son. This is how they describe their “Aha” moment. “We began to take trips to India, and on one of the trips ran into a small boy who insisted on polishing our shoes. He was not asking for charity; he just wanted to do a great job and earn his keep. He was barely making it, as he even had to pay to some local boss for the privilege to sell his services on that block. Who was taking care of that poor child? There is no doubt that given the opportunity to be educated, he could get ahead too. Everyone needs help sometimes in their lives and we needed to figure out how we can do our part to utilize our privileges and provide for those who could do just as much or more if we just shared a little” Both Mala and Arun began by sponsoring one child in India and felt good about it. Little by little they incrementally helped those who had fallen on difficult times through no fault of their own. Over the years, their professional careers blessed them with entrepreneurial successes. This gave them an opportunity to create their own charitable foundation. They are supporting hospitals in North America, and in India they are helping those who are going blind from old age and are helping underprivileged children get educated. Today they say that the stress that we all face time to time feels a little easier to take knowing that there is a bigger purpose and that it is not just about the rat race. Both Mala and Arun are proud to be part of AIM for SEVA and call it a true blessing.

New 20/10 Scholarship Donor Mr. Sutikshan and Mrs. Bindu Anand When Sutikshan (known to some as Shawn) and Bindu got married, they chose Oakville to put down roots and start their family. As two young professionals, they worked in the corporate world in the early years. In the year 2000, they left their occupations to form BASK Construction Incorporated to follow Sutikshan’s dream of building custom homes. BASK Construction is a custom design/build/renovate company. It is a one-stop, full service business providing timeless design, strategic project management and matchless execution in residential projects. The company also undertakes commercial projects, with a unique niche in building dental offices. Sutikshan’s Engineering and Sales background provides a strong foundation for the construction business. The company flourishes under his entrepreneurial leadership, spirit and skills. The success of BASK Construction projects may be attributed to the synergy between Bindu’s creative vision and Sutikshan’s ability to breathe life into it. Bindu’s meticulous attention to detail and strict quality control standards speak to their joint agreement that every home would be designed and built as if their own family were going to live there. Although Sutikshan was raised in India and Bindu in Canada, from an early age, both of their parents stressed the importance of getting an education. Understanding the power of education, Bindu and Sutikshan instilled that value in raising their children as well. Akshay is a computer engineer and MBA graduate currently working at CIBC, while Karishma is a CPA/CA with Deloitte. Thankfully, they are both successful in their respective careers. Having educated their children through the private school system, Sutikshan and Bindu understand the cost of a good education. It is Sutikshan’s belief that since he grew up in India and was fortunate to get the same highquality education subsidized by the Indian taxpayer, he feels an onus to repay that debt to his country of origin.

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The Anand Family also believes that the greatest success is achieved through helping others to succeed: “From the first time we heard of AIM for Seva, its mission to educate underprivileged children resonated with our family very strongly and for that reason, we have been actively involved with the almost from the inception of the Toronto chapter. It is the perfect cause to which we want to commit our time, energy and financial resources. We have been privileged to provide our own wonderful children with a good education, comfortable life, and ability to build a secure future for themselves. What better way to show gratitude for our blessings than to share them with other children who are less advantaged? ‘A child without education is like a bird without wings.’ We want to be part of this movement that aims to give children wings to fly, to soar, to succeed. With them, all humanity will rise to new heights.” Sutikshan and Bindu Anand

20/10 Scholarship Donors Neelam & Kris Shah “As parents to three daughters, we have seen first-hand the importance and impact of giving children a good education. Our daughters were fortunate to have been educated in Canada. They had abundant opportunities to learn and grow, so that they could later make a significant impact on their community and country. “It is our sincere belief that every child has a right to that same opportunity. Education is the great equalizer, able to improve quality of life around the world. This is why we are proud to support AIM for SEVA, in the hopes that one day, no child goes without an education.”

Nieces & Nephews of Dr. Terry Papneja “Your birthday is a huge milestone for our family. You have helped all of us realize our potential in many ways. Your contribution to our lives is beyond financial or emotional support– you have given us a novel way of thinking. Each one of us has taken something from your philosophy that we practice in our everyday lives. Today, we are all carrying forward your two most important principles – contribution to society and togetherness. Therefore, to mark your 60th birthday, we are collectively donating to the “Educate to Empower Scholarship”20/10 Scholarship.”

Poonam & Satish Chopra Mr. Satish and Mrs. Poonam Chopra believe that a child’s education must not be limited by anything. Strongly emphasizing the need for education and literacy, they are certain that they are contributing a little to change lives for the better. And thus, through AIM for SEVA, they wish to fulfill their responsibilities towards the society and the future of today’s world.

Sponsor 20 children for 10 years Cost $10,000 per year (after tax deduction $6,000 - $500/month) Scholarship is named after you or your loved one Stone paque will be placed in a hostel of your choice Acknowledgement on the website

10/10 Scholarship Donors TWO ANONYMOUS 10/10 DONORS

Dr. Justin Chopra and Dr. Anjali Papneja

Aakash Sahney and Dr. Koyelle Papneja

Sponsor 10 children for 10 years Cost $5,000 per year (after tax deduction $3,000 - $250/month) Scholarship is named after you or your loved one Acknowledgement on the website AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


5/10 Scholarship Donors

Rakesh and Sukhi Ghai

Shobha Mendiratta

Yash and Sima Babber

Anuj and Sandhya Jain

Anand and Vijaya Jain

Dr. Ram and Nirmal Singhal

Mehul and Alka Panchmatia

Arjun and Srinithi Raghavan

Chandan Family

Ganesh and Veena Venkatraman

Manish and Nishi Jain

Rakesh and Vanita Gupta with Family

(Vijay Anand Foundation)

5/10 Scholarship Donors

Rani and Lt. Ramesh Gupta

Arun and Rashmini Raja

Ratan and Meena Goel

Rajesh and Kin Babber

Rohit and Punita Bansal

Vipin and Susmita Mithia

Ajay and Yogita Khanna

“From early childhood, heavy emphasis was placed on education in my family. My father was in the education department, and he instilled the importance of education in all his children. After he retired, he started a government-accredited private school for teaching primary and secondary classes for underprivileged children in the community. Naturally, I have always been interested in the education of young children. I feel education is probably the best gift you can give to a child. I feel very blessed that I can play a small part in the education of needy children.� Ratan Goel

Sponsor 5 children for 10 years Cost $2,500 per year (after tax deduction $1,500 - $125/month) Scholarship is named after you or your loved one Acknowledgement on the website



AIM for SEVA Canada Donors’ Hostels

Hostel - Khategaon (Madhya Pradesh)

Hostel - Amreli (Gujarat) AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020

Hostel - Sawantwadi (Maharashtra) 49

AIM for SEVA Canada Donors’ Hostels

Hostel - Unnao (Utttar Pradesh)

Hostel - Polur (Tamil Nadu)

Hostel - Lucknow (Utttar Pradesh)

Hostel - Nemavar (Madhya Pradesh)

Hostel - Vrindavan (Utttar Pradesh)

Hostel - Solan (Himachal Pradesh)

Hostel - Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Hostel - Dhandhuka (Gujarat)

Hostel - Kareli (Madhya Pradesh)

Hostel - Bhanpuri (Chattisgarh)

Hostel - Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh)

Hostel - Khategaon (Madhya Pradesh)

Hostel - Dehradun (Uttarakhand)



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Montreal Annual Gala 2019



Celebrate To Educate www.aimforseva.ca

Having a party? Celebrate your birthday, anniversary, graduation or any other special day with AIM for SEVA. If you are looking for a meaningful way to incorporate giving into a special occasion, ‘Celebrate To Educate’ is a great opportunity. Instead of a present, your guests can make a donation to AIM for SEVA. This donation will be used towards expenses of a child’s education.

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www.photographybyshankar.com | focus@photographybyshankar.com | 905.272.9003

McMaster University AIM for SEVA Chapter This past year, AIM for SEVA McMaster Chapter has continued to grow and thrive. We gained official club status and privileges as of September 2019 when we were ratified by the McMaster Student’s Union. We organized a few fundraisers and awareness events Rishi Bansal at the beginning of the year, and engaged dozens of AIM for SEVA McMaster Co-President students from across McMaster. We welcome others to join us and help us raise funds and spread the word amongst students and local community.

Fern Hill School Children Educating Children Fern Hill School, Oakville Campus has been supporting AIM for SEVA for the last ten years, raising over $27,500 and sending 55 children to school who otherwise would not have that opportunity. Every year, the students from junior kindergarten to grade 8, put on a very vibrant and energetic Diwali event and raise funds for AIM for SEVA. This year Diwali was celebrated through a puppet show brought to life on the stage along with skits and dances, explaining the significance of Diwali. There were also beautiful decorations, bright colours, lights, delicious food ‌ a huge party! This year, some teachers also surprised us with a Bollywood dance. The children were taught about the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. AIM for SEVA has created an opportunity to teach our children the importance of empathy and humanitarianism, and has inspired them that through hard work and determination, we all can make an undeniable difference one child at time. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


AIM Special Initiatives In Hostels Swami Dayananda Scholar Program Inaugurated in October 2013, Swami Dayananda Scholar Program is designed to encourage Under Graduate students to excel in their chosen field of study. This scholarship has been instituted by the Swami Dayananda Educational Trust (SDET) that manages our educational projects and other community driven initiatives. The eligibility of this programme is 80% and above, for students in the science stream and 75% and above, for students pursuing the arts stream, in each semester. The scholarship amount that works to 50% of the tuition fees is distributed every semester, based on the performance. Since the launch of Swami Dayananda Scholar Program, 133 students have been given scholarships (2015-2019). In 2020, 36 students became recipients of this scholarship

Nuclear Energy Quiz On February 28th, students from the Physics department at the Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science, Manjakkudi took part in the Tamil Nadu State Level Awareness Programme on Nuclear Energy. This was jointly organised by the Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research (IGCAR) Kalpakkam, Tamil Nadu, along with the department of Physics, Government Arts College (Autonomous), Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu. Our students won the 1st and 3rd prizes in a quiz competition.

Yoga Champions Yoga is an important component of our value based education curriculum. Our 4,000 students studying and living across our 104 Chatralayams practice this ancient form of exercise for 30 minutes every day. Two of our girl students recently won top prizes at a National level Yoga competition—the 3rd National Level Yoga Sports Championship 2020. Both Robirung and Jenny Rung live at the Swami Dayananda AIM for SEVA hostel for girls (Junior), Sembangudi, Tamil Nadu.

Squash Champs Boys from the Semmangudi Higher Secondary School, Sembangudi, Tamil Nadu, came first in the District Level Singles and Doubles in Squash in the Under 13, 15 and 17 age bracket. We wish them all the very best.

AIM Special Initiatives In Hostels Frontline Seva Covid-19 has posed innumerable challenges to people across the globe. For organizations like ours, it has also provided an opportunity to continue serving the poor, needy and vulnerable sections of society from across India. From erecting tents to helping the returning migrant workforce with relief supplies, such as water, food, footwear and accommodation, the field coordinators of AIM for SEVA turned into frontline seva warriors. Youth leadership came to fore against the backdrop of the pandemic. A number of student volunteers from the Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu, were deeply involved in social work during this period.

AIM Alumni In Engineering & Banking Mohan, a student from the Tiruvikrama Bala, AIM for SEVA hostel for boys was able to get a job during campus placement with Johnson Lifts Private Limited, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. A final year student, Mohan is currently pursuing B.Tech in Electrical Engineering. Mohan joined the hostel when he was in Class 7. Priyanka Panwar - Trainee (Junior Associate) City Union Bank, Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In 2012, a teenage girl from a tiny village in Madhya Pradesh moved to Inder and Prabha Sharma Girls Higher Secondary School, Khategaon, Madhya Pradesh. From there on, there was no looking back for Priyanka Panwar who got 80.2% in Class 12 in 2016. After completing High School, Priyanka did not have to worry about ‘what next’ as Swami Aishvaryananda Saraswati ji, the coordinator of our Madhya Pradesh Hostels stepped in and guided young Priyanka to pursue college. Priyanka joined B.Com in Bank Management at Swami Dayananda College of Arts & Science, Manjakkudi, Tamil Nadu in 2016 and moved to the AIM for SEVA Girls Hostel Sembangudi, Tamil Nadu, the same year. Priyanka took ‘Academics to Business’ a bridge course that equips graduates with professional competencies so that they are productive from day one in an organization. She underwent training in resume writing, quantitative aptitude, reasoning, English communication skills, soft skills, MS- Excel, group discussions and interview skills facilitated by the training and placement department of the college. Priyanka got selected by City Union Bank during campus placement last year. AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


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Ackowledgements... Our thanks to all donors, sponsors, advertisers and volunteers who have come together to help in this AIM for SEVA fund-raising event. It is through their generosity and dedicated support that we have been able to achieve great success for this worthy cause.

Event Planner - Ruby Sohi, Royal Blue Events Evening Cuisine - The Host Gala Virtual Broadcast - Live Media Gala Backdrop - Paras Events CELEBRITY & ENTERTAINMENT SPONSOR

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OUR HEARTFELT THANKS TO ALL SILENT AUCTION DONORS! Anupam Kher, Actor, Teacher, Best Selling Author, National Film Fare Award Winner, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan Preity Zinta - Actor, Producer & Entrepreneur, Filmfare Award Winner (SPONSORED BY MRS. ILA LAKHANI) P.V. Sindhu - Badminton Champion, Olympic Silver Medalist, Arjuna Awardee, Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan Deepa Malik - Paralympic Silver Medalist, Arjuna Awardee, Padma Shri Jonita Gandhi - Indo Canadian Playback Singer & popular you tube presence Atul Khatri - Standup Comedian, CNN-IBN top 20 Comedians, CEO’s Got Talent Winner AIM FOR SEVA | CANADA | 19TH ANNUAL GALA | SEPTEMBER 13 | 2020


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Inder & Prabha Sharma Girls School The Largest AIM for SEVA School & Hostel Project Completion Announcement

MAKING A DIFFERENCE! On September 11, 2016 Toronto-based businessman and philanthropist Inder Sharma along with his wife Rupi announced a donation of $2 million to build a high school and a hostel for girls in Khategaon in Madhya Pradesh. We are happy to announce the Khategaon school & hostel project is now complete and home to 300 girls.




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Donations & Payments AIM for SEVA 34 Lisa Crescent Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3A4 General Inquiries AIM for SEVA 14 Lisa Street, Unit 8 Brampton, Ontario L6T 4W2 Canada www.aimforseva.ca


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AIM for SEVA | A Night Among The Stars | 2020 Annual Gala Book  

Annual Gala On Sunday, September 13, 2020 @ 7:00 PM (EST). The event features entertainment, prize draws and an online silent auction. All p...

AIM for SEVA | A Night Among The Stars | 2020 Annual Gala Book  

Annual Gala On Sunday, September 13, 2020 @ 7:00 PM (EST). The event features entertainment, prize draws and an online silent auction. All p...


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