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Fuse exists to ________________________________ ________________________________.

The vision of NewSpring Church is the vision of Fuse. We want change to happen in people’s lives. In becoming a leader at Fuse, this begins with us. Leaders go first in all things. If we are not changing, then we cannot lead students to change. This all starts with our personal walks with Jesus. As leaders, the 5 core values of NewSpring Church should be evident in our lives. FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE Are we passionate about seeing others come to know Jesus?

SAVED PEOPLE SERVE PEOPLE Is our life marked by humble service?

YOU CAN’T OUTGIVE GOD Does our giving show we trust God with our time, talent and treasure?


YOU CAN’T DO LIFE ALONE Are there people in our lives who are helping us take our next steps in our walk with Jesus? God is a ________________________________________ God. We should be a communal people. Community is found as a byproduct of _________________________________________.

GROWING PEOPLE CHANGE This is the key. Do people see us as someone who is growing and changing? What is the “next step” you need to take? At NewSpring, it is ________ to not be _________.

We cannot lead where we are not going. If change defines our leaders’ lives, it is going to define students’ lives. Our mission is to reach 100,000 people, period. We want lives to be CHANGED by Jesus Christ. This is why NewSpring Church started and this is why we do Fuse.



By working together to stick to three simple values: 1. _____________________________ _________ ___________ ___________________________ This begins and ends with the message of Jesus Christ. 2. _______________________________ _______________________________________ This is the KEY to a successful night at Fuse. 3. __________________________ ______________ _______________________________ _______________________________ These things can be measured by asking students these questions: 1. What did ____________ _________________?

2. Did you _____________ ______________? • As leaders, we never want to be a __________________________ and respond to

the attitude of student. We want to be a ___________________________ and set the temperature at Fuse.

3. Who did __________ ______________?

If a student leaves being able to answer these three questions, Fuse is a SUCCESS. Our goal is to make that a reality for each and every student that walks through the doors.


WHAT DOES THIS LOOK LIKE? We believe it is EVERYONE’S responsibility to make sure we are showing students Jesus on their level, that we are building relationships with them, and that every environment is enjoyable. Most of this will happen on an actual service night. Here is how a night at FUSE will flow: BEFORE This is the time period from when a student pulls in the parking lot until they enter the auditorium. Upon arrival: • Be on time • Check in at Volunteer Headquarters • Head to your team meeting • Focus on students This time before the service starts is INTENTIONAL for us to do 3 things: • Create an enjoyable environment • Build relationships • Communicate Jesus on their level All environments are created to be enjoyable so that you will be set up to build relationships. On pg. 9, you will see all of the teams described. Choose one that best fits you! From Check-In to the Lounge to the Snack Bar…every environment is planned and purposed for you to meet students and show them Jesus on their level.


DURING Each service has three main elements.

____________________________: • All songs should be enjoyable and point to the theme of the night. • Leaders lead the way in this. That is why it is important for you to spread

out during the service and sit among students. Your posture will be mimicked.

Students will follow in worship where we lead. A great worship environment

can prepare a student to be open to receiving the Gospel.

• Set the ___________________. ____________________________: • This will always stick to God’s Word and focus on showing students Jesus on

their level and how to apply truth to their lives.

• We will always present scriptural truth and challenge students to APPLY this

to their lives.

• We don’t want students just _____________________ the message. We want

them ___________________ the message.

___________________________________: • Every message will end with a chance to respond. All leaders will be involved. • Again, we want students to apply what they have heard. The invitation is

when we will be able to encourage them to talk to someone about that.

In your booklet under “Tips and Tools” on p. 11, you will see a detailed description of how the invitation will happen. In all of these scenarios and conversations, REMEMBER: the Spirit has already done the work, you just get to be a part of following up. AFTER We want to finish __________________ on a Fuse night.


The opportunities don’t stop once the service is over. We need to pursue students throughout the week. Whether you help with the pick-up team or visit a school lunch, going beyond a service night is the BEST way to build relationships.


Go ________________ • Follow Jesus • Be consistent in your time in the Word, in community and in serving. Go ________________ • Students

– Don’t ever let a student feel _______________________.

• Answers

– Be sure to check the Fuse Volunteer Website WEEKLY for vision and

preparation BEFORE Fuse.


• Password: fuse!

Go _________________ • Be ________________________ That is FUSE in a nutshell. Please read the VOLUNTEER TEAMS as well as TIPS and TOOLS in the back to see how scenarios play out at Fuse. Your Host will be more than happy to answer any/all questions that you have before you leave. Remember, we want to see lives change. We are certain that Jesus will use serving at Fuse to change yours. We would love for you to join us!


VOLUNTEER TEAMS All Teams are focused on both creating enjoyable environments and building relationships. GUEST SERVICES CREATE ENJOYABLE ENVIRONMENTS Not ready to jump into the full commitment of visiting kids at school lunches or leading a small group? These environments are designed to be enjoyable so that you will be set up well to build a relationship with a student. • CHECK-IN – Make sure every student gets checked in properly and efficiently while being one of the first faces they see at Fuse. You get to set the tone! • GAMING – Bond with students as you defeat them in World of Warcraft, Guitar Hero or all things Mario. This area is designed to create an opportunity to build a relationship while gaming. • GREETER – The enjoyable environment starts in the parking lot. Greeters welcome students as they enter the building and set the tone for the night. • GUEST SERVICES DESK – This ministry is all about Next Steps. We want to provide a place where students can do whatever they feel like the Lord has told them to directly after the service. (i.e. pick up a Bible, sign up for baptism, volunteer, join a small group) • LOBBY/ATRIUM – Meet and build relationships with students as you set the tone in this area. • PARKING – You are the face of Fuse as students and parents arrive and the last face they see before they leave. You are KEY in building that relationship with parents since you may be the only face of Fuse they ever see.


• PICK-UP – Assist parkers to make sure pick-up goes smoothly and quickly… remembering that if parents don’t have a good experience, students may not return. • USHER – Seat students as they enter the auditorium and get them amped and excited for what the Lord is going to do during the service. • SNACK BAR – Build relationships while serving students snacks and refreshments. • SPORTS – Play dodgeball, basketball, frisbee or just hang out and chat with students along the sidelines. These areas are perfect for building relationships. CONNECTIONS BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS If you’ve never met a stranger, these connections teams are for you! • SCHOOL LUNCHES – Integrate yourself into the lives of students by attending school lunches and events on a weekly basis. The goal is to build relationships and serve that school community. • JUMP OFF – First time students should feel like they just walked into a family

environment. Your role is to welcome them as they walk in, get them checked in, and hang out with them throughout the night. This team is paramount in making students feel like they belong. • SMALL GROUPS – This team is for leaders who are committed to helping students meet Jesus and become His disciples through relational ministry. Acts 8:26–38 provides the perfect example of what small groups are all about. We will present the Word each week at Fuse, but how can students KNOW how to apply it to their lives unless someone teaches them and models it with their own lives? Small group leaders have the awesome opportunity to turn the hearing of the Word into application! 10

TIPS AND TOOLS TEAM LEADERS Each team has a Team Leader to help you along your way. If you ever need ANYTHING (you need prayer, you are unclear on anything Fuse does, you want to try a new team) your Team Leader is there for you. They want to serve you. DISCIPLINE One way to create an enjoyable environment while building a relationship is by disciplining a student. So who is responsible for it and how do we handle it? • Proverbs 23:28 says, “Whoever rebukes a person will in the end gain favor rather than one who has a flattering tongue.” • Discipline creates influence. You are not making a POINT, you are making


• A great relationship is waiting on the other side of an awkward conversation. • You have the authority and the responsibility to discipline kids around you

who are being a distraction.

• Hebrews 12:6-The root of ALL discipline should be love. GO OUTSIDE THE WALLS SPENDING time with a student one night a week will have minimum impact in their life. INVESTING time in a student through texts/dinners/phone calls multiple times a week will have MAXIMUM impact on their lives. Whether you are at a Check-In table, greeting, or in the Jump Off, you will have the opportunity to build relationships with students based on the environment you create for them. This is simply the doorway to hanging out with them outside of Fuse.


INVITATIONS We preach and serve believing Romans 1:16; as students hear the Good News of Jesus the power of God will work in their hearts to save them. What does an invitation look like? • The pastor will make an invitation for students to respond by raising their

hand or standing for salvation, prayer, or if they have a confession.

• Leaders will be asked to find the student closest to them (same sex) and take

them to the Care Room for a conversation.

• What happens in those conversations?

– Most of the time, a conversation should start like this:

• ASK: “Can you tell me what just happened that made you want to raise your hand?”

• RESPONSE: “I needed to talk to someone about...”

• LEAD them to their next step based on their response.

NEXT STEPS SALVATION • Biblical salvation comes from Romans 10:9—If they are able to confess with

their mouth that they are a sinner in need of a savior and they believe in their

heart that Christ was raised from the dead, they are saved!

• If they cannot communicate this with you, do not force it. Share the Gospel

with them as much as you can, and if they are still not ready, pray with them

and tell them you’d like to have a staff member contact them.

• Some “red flags” to look for when talking to a student about what they think

gives them salvation:

– “I have been a good person.”

– “I read the Bible.”

– “I go to church.”

BAPTISM • Biblical baptism is an outward sign of our inward change (Colossians 2:12).

It is to be done after salvation.

• Help sign them up for the next baptism at your campus. 12

CONFESSION AND REPENTANCE • Biblical confession and repentance brings healing (James 5:16). • We always want to be a place where students feel like they can talk about

anything and everything that they are going through. Situations will vary, but

we want to be there as an older brother/sister who can help them figure out

what to do next.

PRAYER • Sometimes students just need to pray with someone. We will always be a place

where students can come for prayer. God tells us to ask, so we are going to

ask (John 14:14).

READ THE BIBLE • Many students’ next step will be beginning to read the Bible. In your Care

Room, you will have Bibles that they can have and reading plans that will

help them get started.

For more vision on what the Bible says on baptism and other next steps, go to the Fuse Volunteer Website ( and check out the Care Resources.


The following are examples of forms you will need to fill out in the care room once you have had a conversation with a student.

Baptism Registration Form Leaders, please make sure YOU fill this out as you ask these questions.

Name: __________________________________________________ DOB: _____/_____/_____ Address: _______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________ Do you believe that Jesus is God and the only way to Heaven? _______________________________________________________________________________ When and how did you come to know Jesus? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Why do you want to be baptized? _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Leader Name: __________________________________________________________________ Good to go?: _____ Yes, understands baptism/ready to sign up

_____ No, not ready/need to follow up

Fuse Invitation Response and Care Form

Name: _________________________________________________ DOB: ______/_____/_____ Address: ______________________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________


Prayer Only

Care Issue

Leader Name: __________________________________________________________________ I will follow up with student by (date): ______/_____/_____ Notes: _________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Next Step: _____________________________________________________________________ Small Group Leader: ____________________________________________________________

For Leader Use Only (Tear Off) Student Name: _________________________________________________________________ Phone: ________________________________________________________________________

Fuse Volunteer Sign-Up Form Name: _________________________________________________________________________ Email: _________________________________________________________________________ Mobile #: ______________________________________________________________________ Carrier: Verizon


Team Interest (please check or fill in): Gauntlet (Fuse Summer Retreat) Guest Services Teams Check-In Gaming Area Greeter Guest Services Desk Sports (Gym & Field) Lobby Parking Pick-Up Snack Bar Usher Jump Off Production School Team (Connections) Small Group Team

Other ________________________

Fuse Leader Basics Manual  
Fuse Leader Basics Manual