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Portfolio 2014


The Master and Margarita A series of 6 etched, painted and leaded panels illustrating Bulgakov’s Russian novel, The Master and Margarita.

Individual panel close-ups

The panels photographed for use as interior illustrations.

The Master and Margarita Sketchbook pages and leading cartoon

WW1 100 Year Commemoration Current work in progress illustration, which will be developed into a largescale leaded window design. (Deadline: May 2014)

WW1 100 Year Commemoration Sketchbook work

Moscow and Paris (pencil)

Stamp Collectors: A Philatelic Presentation Set A set of stamps celebrating members of the local Dundee Stamp Society. Each stamp is printed on sheets of perforated gummed paper and can be ripped and applied like real postage stamps.

The Sandman A series of book illustrations for inclusion in the 2014 animated film ‘The Sandman’, by DJCAD final year animation students. Cover illustration and 3D render (text by Birte Niedermeyer)

The Sandman. Contd. Interior page spread.

Mural for Duke of Montrose Bar, NYC - Competition entry

D&AD Illustration Brief (current work in progress)

Sketchbook and development work towards a constructed image, using layers of glass and perspex to illustrate Radiohead’s groundbreaking pay-whatyou-want release of ‘In Rainbows’ in 2007. Deadline: end of February.

Aimee McCulloch portfolio 2014  
Aimee McCulloch portfolio 2014