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FASH20031 Communication and Message Module Leader: Sarah Lewington AIMEE JOUGHIN N0439441




This section includes: Covering letter written for my ideal job C.V and Visual C.V



My E-Portfolio URL created using Cargo Collective and features past and recent work





This section features two moodboards I have created about the work experience I did over summer

A moodboard featuring some of my favourite things





A series of photographs taken that I feel best represent me and my style


My self promotion work includes: Logo development Initial ideas for my business card letterhead and envelope design Business card Logo overview






This section includes a series of photographs taken from a team photoshoot for our 'What is Beauty' project and a magazine edited version of the photograph



This section includes a group Visual Merchandising shop layout moodboard inspired by Millinery designer Keely Hunter


DIVERSITRY NOW A zine created for the Diversity Now competition



This section includes a team video clip created within the Lord Whitney workshop

Video clip created within Windows Movie Maker |2|


SELF PROMOTION what am i like?

WHAT AM I LIKE? Reflecting on who we are as a person I began by producing a mood-board that was all about me and what I like. This mood-board displays everything from my favourite type of music down to my favourite sports and hobbies... 1. Music - Frank Sinatra 2. Transport - Cycling 3. Book - The Island by Victoria Hinslop 4. Comfort - Candles 5. Hobbies - Drawing 6. Possessions - Watch, Lipstick, Heels and Jewellery 7. Place/Pastime - Family Holidays 8. Sport - Dance |4|



Typography 'Century'

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 Colours


C=68 M=61 Y=60 K=49


R=255 G=255 B=255

C=100 M=100 Y=100 K=100

R=152 G=149 B=144


LOGO DEVELOPMENT Considering the importance of self-promotion, I have been set the task to create my own visual identity. This comprises of a personal logo that can be used in various different contexts. The initial development of my logo began by collating images that best represent me and my personal tastes, including locations, colour pallets and typography. Through creatively experimenting with different medias I have created a final logo image that I feel best represents me and my style. I have always been creative and feel the brush stroke effect circle represents my flare of creativity showing that I enjoy painting and gives the image an edge over a perfect block circle. The limited black, white and grey colour scheme maintains the sleekness and sophistication of how I wish to represent myself through a minimalistic approach. |8|



INITIAL IDEAS Here are a selection of initial business card designs that I created during my development stage. I have used a limited colour scheme of white, black and beige alongside a honeycomb like interlocking hexagonal pattern. From these designs I have further developed my logo. Therefore these ideas will not be used but i can still refer to them for design inspiration.

| 10 |

| 11 |



| 13 |


Here are my final outcomes of my business card. I have chosen to create two versions which are both in-fitting with my housestyle colour scheme. The version of the business card on the left is a more personal version of my card as it features myself in the image. Additionally I have also decided to create a simpler version of the card featuring merely the required contact information and my personal logo. These each will be printed onto white matte card of 300g weight. I have chosen the matte card as I feel using gloss gives it a cheap and disposable feeling whereby a matte texture gives it a sense of value and is more tactile.


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COVERING LETTER, cv and visual cv Within this section I have included my C.V, visual C.V and my covering letter. These have been created specifically to apply for an assistant visual merchandising job role.

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Aimee Joughin

Yours faithfully

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Dedicated to achieve at least an overall 2:1 my ambition is thriving and my attitude is self-motivated.

In my previous work experience I have been appointed as a group leader, directing a collection of people. Delegating job roles to achieve targets alongside keeping the team highly motivated boosting team morale. Whilst managing I also work alongside colleagues as a part of a productive and positive team, communicating clearly so tasks are carried out accurately. Working in a sales driven environment my social skills have excelled, diversifying myself to control various customer situations presented. Changing my sales approach to suit individual customers and responding to their signals, I am confident to produce tangible results. As a fashion creative with an avid interest in all forms of communication and creativity, I would describe myself as being curious and innovative with a keen eye for detail. I am also able to deliver professional written and verbal information without misinterpretation.

I am writing to express my interest in the assistant job role in your Visual Merchandising department. I am currently a second year student studying Fashion Communication and Promotion at Nottingham Trent University. This outstanding placement opportunity immediately sparked my attention due to my interest in the Visual Merchandising role within fashion retail. Believing that your company can provide me with an optimal learning environment and invaluable experience; it would be a privilege to be a part of your team.

Dear Sir or Madam,

19 Larkdale Street Aboretum Nottingham NG7 4FZ



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ONLINE PORTFOLIO Here is an example of an entry I have uploaded onto my online portfolio. I will regularly update my online portfolio with the most recent projects and work I complete. This is a method of self-promotion as there is easy access to information regarding you and your work available for anyone to browse online. I have included such work as my workshop outcomes created with Lord Whitney and Nous Vous. I have also included various self-promotion pages that go into detail about my branded documentation, C.V’s and logo development work. My online portfolio was created using Cargo Collective.

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Summer work


During my time working with Laura Smith at Manor Drive I experienced each of the roles and responsibilities involved in owning and running a dress agency. I have worked alongside Laura to uinderstand the concept of a dress agency and gained first hand experience in the daily running of the comapny. Laura has set up Manor Drive a dress agency based in Leeds whereby she accepts prew-loved designer and highstreet clothing. These items are then examined to check that they are auitable to sell onto her consumer and that they are in good condition. The garments are then valued and a new price is agreed with the owner on what they would like to recieve for it. Laura has previously worked as a product manager, visual merchandisier and a retail consultant. Each of which have provided her with the experience and knowledge in order to set up her own business. While working in a dress agency at Manor Drive I have examined and valued items, photographed and edited images to be used on the site, regularily updated social media platforms and promoted the quarterly shopping event. Discussing my future career with Laura, I have decided that I would most enjoy a job in visual merchandising. I have always had an interest in thew visual merchandising role in fashion retail and I feel that this job would suit my personality over other roles such as buying. I have come to this conclusion from hearing about Laura's past experiencs of working in greatly varied buyers and visual merchandising environments.

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Summer work

Swishing EVENT FOR URBAN COCO Urban Coco is a quarterly international fashion magazine based in Leeds. The company aim to provide a platform for creatives to showcase their otherwise hidden brilliance. The Leeds Corn Exchange held Urban Coco's swishing event on 19th September 2013. This involved inviting women to come along with their unwanted items and exchange them for something new of the same value. The night proved a great success while combining both swishing services and appearances of other local businesses selling their fashion products, services and refreshments. On placement working with the team of creatives who made the event happen including the Wardrobe Angels Stephanie Ropers. I was able to get involved in various different job roles including organising stock, visual merchandising and styling. Through helping with the swishing event for Urban Coco has inspired me to consider hosting my own swishing event in Nottingham. Through working first hand on an event has given me great insight into how an event is planned and executed. Considering Nottingham is a heavily populated area by students the concept of swishing to exchange your unwanted items with others seems a great idea for students who may not have the money to buy new clothes. | 26 |

| 27 |

5 objects that represent me

5 objects that represent me Here I have chosen 5 objects that I feel best represent me, primarily I have made the focus on my style. These include my handbag, fur coat, Leather boots, watch and skirt respectively. I have selected these items as I feel they best express how I represent myself visually, not only in colour but also in texture. It is clear that my favourite colour is black which is why I felt it was best to use this colour throughout my self-promotion work. | 28 |

| 29 |


MOVING MANIFESTO I have created my moving manifesto using Windows Movie Maker with my aim to create a stop motion animation piece to promote myself. I decided to use the idea of creating a curriculum vitae in the style of a passport layout. I felt like this was a way in which to include a lot of information about myself in a more enjoyable way to the viewer. The video begins with my hands typing out my full name into the blank passport style C.V. before a timer goes off and the rest of the information appears. The actual style of creating a video was difficult but I enjoyed trying a new method in which to present myself that was not purely 2D. | 30 |

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Through our theory that the media is glorifying the unrealistic ideal we felt that the photo-shoot should represent a perfectly symmetrical face with wild untamed hair. Our wild hair was used to draw attention to the symmetry of our faces and to emphasise that these images are in fact a bizarre and unnatural ideal. The images signify the truth that is how even our skewed asymmetric features makes us unique and separates us from the uniformity of the bland. Ridiculing the ‘beautiful’ images that the media portrays to viewers. We wanted to challenge the ideal and prove that this is a surreal expectation as natural asymmetry is what makes us all unique. The publication we have used to feature our images within is AnOther magazine. This is due to its content comprising of fashion, the arts and politics. Our images aim to provoke the audience and cause a reaction concerning todays current views on beauty. As AnOther magazine are dedicated to ‘communicating information in a thought-provoking, stimulating, engaging way. We feel that our images would suit the content as they have been created to communicate a message but have also been styled in a way in which will appeal to fashion readers. | 32 |

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BRIGHT YOUNG THINGS Bright Young Things is Selfridges annual initiative which hand-picks, nurtures and showcases some of the UK's most exciting rising stars from the worlds of fashion, art, design and food. We were asked to create a moodboard and visual shop layout. This was done by using the images that we collated while in London focussing on visual merchandising. We used the images to create a collage effect visual representation of how we would display a shop layout. Our group recieved the previous winner, millinary designer, Keely Hunter to display her products within a Selfridges shop window. Facing is the final visual shop layout that we created as a group to showcase Keely Hunters hat designs. We used inspiration taken from her products that feature various reflective materials to use on the walls of the store and colourful panels amonst the mirrored mosaic. | 36 |

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DIVERSITY NOW This is my Diversity Now zine entry. I decided to create a zine to communicate the notions of beauty linked to body image and how we are never happy with what we’ve got. We each have insecurities about our bodies but we should appreciate what we have. The images depict the idea of how we always want to change our body and that our limbs can be interchangeable depending on how we feel. The idea that we desire to have a body like another individuals such as your friends ‘great legs’. The zine pages also include quotes stating the idea of how we feel under pressure to look impressive and to do that we look at others and what they have; and wished we had it ourselves. The overarching message is that you must appreciate what you’ve got. | 38 |

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LORD WHITNEY Lord Whitney is a duo collectively combining Amy Lord and Rebekah Whitney who develop visual ideas and concepts for projects. Within a workshop held we created a short video clip using stop motion methods to visually display 'Light'. As a group we sat down to discuss how we would approach the brief of representing light. We began by considering things associated with light such as day time, shadows, lamps and the sun. These were all starting points of which we then developed an idea to create a short clip of a bulb switching on and producing light using reflective surfaces. This workshop with Lord Whitney opened my eyes to realise that not all projects and briefs have to be followed to a strict plan with large budgets. Instead, a brief can be addressed as simple as being free and creative with scrap items. This method of using 3D models appeals to me as I have always enjoyed being hands on and producing things in art over computerised methods. | 42 |

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