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Hey guys! I am here to give you our 2nd part of our series. Here’s another colleague of mine giving out some great insight on their lives in college, Ms. Amanda Kiel. AiMag: Where did you go to high school? Amanda: Marquette High School AiMag: What made you choose this career? Amanda: I was a creative writer at the time, but saw the fashion department at a college tour and changed my mind because I have always been interested in fashion. AiMag: What schools did you apply too? Amanda: I applied to one school, Stephan’s College in Columbia, MO and was accepted on certain conditions because of my low grades in high school. AiMag: How did you hear about Ai of St. Louis? Amanda: I found this school from a therapist I was seeing because he thought it was a great fit for my creativity and me. AiMag: What made choose the Art Institute of St. Louis? Amanda: I dropped out of Stephan’s after my junior year and decided to go back to school, but all general or community colleges said I was too far so I googled art schools in St. Louis and found Ai was opening so. I wanted to attend after reviewing more information. AiMag: What did you expect when attending this school? Amanda: I expected to learn as much as possible about fashion and graduate as soon as possible since I had so many transferred credits. AiMag: What do you like about the Ai? Amanda: Ai is much more laid back, the classes are longer so it makes it harder to focus though. The grading is not as uptight and the teachers are more involved in your personal life. AiMag: What’s your future career goal? Amanda: I would love to work on my own, but in the mean time any retail business that I can get as much information about retail as possible before I do anything big with my career as my own boss. AiMag: Where would love to be? Amanda: I would love to be in Colorado, New York or California. AiMag: Why did you choose this career? Amanda: I choose it because I have a great eye for visual merchandising and am talented artist. AiMag: What advice would you give future/current college students? Amanda: Work hard, take class serious, maximize your potential and mind by learning as much

information as you are given and beyond that.

Amanda Kiel  

Here's part 2 of our series!