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How to Convert PDF to EXE –

How to Convert PDF to EXE Do you have many PDFs document and want all to .exe and distribute them into your CD, so your customers can run the .exe files on their computers without any assistant software? Well, here is the solution for you to convert PDF to EXE. Step 1: Using desktop software Kvisoft Flipbook Maker Pro, it is page turn software that can help you convert PDF to exe with digital signature. Download this software from Kvisoft website. (A digital signature is a mathematical scheme for demonstrating the authenticity of a digital message or document.) Step 2: Install the software on your computer, and then launch it. Just import your PDF files into the software from your computer. Step 3: If you want to do some creative work, just click the Page Edit menu from the top menu. You can embed videos to describe your content with more details, or highlight the key point, add dynamic SWF files to adorn the pages, etc.

Step 4: Design the output appearance of executable files. Go to “Design” menu, you can select a template for your exe files from the build-in different styles templates that come from the software. Of course, you can also design your own template by clicking “Advanced Setting” button, you will find there are so many options for you to design: change the background theme by your own image, add company URL or

How to Convert PDF to EXE –

LOGO, create tablet of contents and bookmarks for users to read more convenient, etc.

Step 5: After all settings done. Just publishing your files as EXE format by click the Publish button on the top, and fill the name and EXE Title of your file. Click Start to complete your conversion. An .exe file will be generated under the save path.

How to Convert PDF to EXE –

Well, it is so easy to convert PDF to exe files. Now you can zip it and email it to your customer.

How to Convert PDF to EXE