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Crime Prevention


Crime and crime prevention How is IT helping police? Does it affect their social and or personal lives in any way? How are their working styles changing? How does IT help in crime and crime prevention? We often think in the internet as an international computer network that provides email and information, but we don’t actually realize how IT (information technology) has changed the working styles.

Speed is probably the most successful aspect in which modern technologies have improved the Police working style. Nowadays, all information required by any policeman, is instantly downloaded and always updated. All officers can share these details about criminals and save it in their own records, being able to study different cases from all over the world, even miles away form

the country where the case actually happened. Communication has become easier due to email, social networks… making it more productive than ever, even though some companies still disagree with this way of communicating, and prefer staying with the same techniques as before.

Methods for crime prevention 1.The PNC or the Police National Computer holds details of people, vehicles, crimes and property that can be electronically accessed by the police and other criminal justice agencies. The PNC is continually being upgraded, ensuring that developments are in line with police needs. This method makes it easier for officers to catch criminals and identify them.

2.The ANPR cameras or Automatic number plate recognition, allow the police officers to take at least 500 illegal vehicles (uninsured, etc…) off the road everyday in England. It helps to search and catch criminals, as they send signals to the MDT (mobile data terminals) inside police cars, These screens are specially used for a quicker and easier communication, as they provides maps, locations, radios…

ANPR cameras.

3.The CCTV or the Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors.

3.The CCTV or the Closed-circuit television is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors. They keep recordings and tracks of real time, and can be both manually and automatically used. Other types of techniques the police have to search are helicopter teams and heat seeking cameras.

In conclusion, working styles are constantly changing,

better world in the future, but the question stills there: Is it really helping people?

V O LU M E 1 , I SS U E 1



Entertainment and leisure Technology has changed everything and therefore is has become the greater entertainment industry. Marbles, picture cards, dolls and board games have all been replaced by

Gameboys, PSPs, Playstations, and computers. Everything has a screen now, and this change is opening a huge debate all over the world. Some people are quite worried about the decrease of human creativity, lead to the massive use of modern technology. In the past,

All Game boys ever made.

the lack of these techniques, people used to invent their own games to have fun in the open air. In the present, people search for comfort and convenience. However, what is the real risk of these new methods of entertainment? The debate about violence in videogames appears every few months, and when it does, many

games, and people get involved. These pastimes hypnotise and addict children, adolescents and even adults. Gamers that spend a lot of time playing, and looking at a screen a great part of the day, they end up being affected on how they see the world around them. Scenes of the games appear even in their dreams, and become their second life. Old games, such as Mario, who just jumps, and runs peacefully at least become pleasant dreams, but these types are decreasing in popularity and war and crime games are the favourite.

Gamers recognise after playing violent games for a while, there is a moment when they wish they had a gun. Many think this couldn’t affect their behaviour, but, they do. What actually happens is they aren’t able to notice the changes, as they get used to see violence in their routine. Fiction develops into reality, and here is where the greater risk starts. Nevertheless, we still have a very poor understanding of how violent games affect people, as the research done is fo-

Communication Pitfalls of interviewing over Skype

New numbers about companies that started performing job interviews via Skype have been estimated, and these figures have already warned various experts.

cused on proving and disproving this theory.

The very first Game boy.

Sources: (technology/violent videogames)


More than 60% companies are nowadays using this method to communicate with their candidates before accepting them for the job. Specialists believe this idea will present a series of concerns due to the possible snares for workers wanting to give a good impression. Others hold the impersonal element of video makes it much easier to deny these candidates than those who meet face to face. Professionals have noticed some embarrassing blunders, which can be decisive at the time of contracting an employee. From hiccups, poor hygiene, costume choices… to pets and children. All these whoppers can break every candidate’s chances in one second. Experts think blunders can be avoided with some preparation and preliminary moves. People may need the same kind of coaching for video interviews than they would need in a face to face examination. Thanks to this new method of communication, it became very easy for employees to contact their future companies, including a much cheaper price (or free), and the comfort of staying at

your own home without having to travel. But in my opinion, travelling means a short vacation, and more over an excuse to escape. It opens my head into several cultures and feelings. However, not everyone has got much spare time to be able to spend it travelling, and therefore Skype has become the best opportunity to travel online. According to me, this way of communication hasn’t got any disadvantage except for those unable to connect to the internet. However we should never forget, both styles of interviews have their own preparation to avoid mistakes during the conversation, as people tend to overestimate their skills. Because even if you think they can’t see your underwear, believe me, they can. Sources:



Employment opportunities New technologies have definitely changed the working style of almost every job. Even searching for one, has become the internet’s work. Thousands of job offers are posted on lots of different web sites and blogs to encourage and familiarize people with computers. But at the same time, it has also benefited workers as this way of search is probably the easiest to find a job. As many jobs have been created due to It, some others have extinguished. Nowadays, architecture has become mostly computers’ work. Designing softwares such as ArchiCAD, or Chief Architect, have replaced the paper and the pen. But, is everyone happy with this change? Are all architects forced to use these technologies instead of drawing by hand? Some employees believe architecture is no more special,

like it used to be before. All buildings seem equal and their styles have joined in one, which is called Minimalism. Squares, straight lines, and rectangles are the most common shapes used in nowadays buildings. Minimalism is any design in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create a maximum effect. People link this new style of architecture with the de-

signing softwares used. The easiest way to use a design program is by applying simple, and few elements to our projects. However, technologies are regularly changing and improving, letting architects to try with new styles, materials,… Many people believe

technicians are taking the role of architects, which is definitely unfair for those who have been studying a career of 7 years. For this reason, a new job is created, the so called architectural technician. These are aimed to work next to architects and others professionals, helping in the design services and building projects. They also evaluate mistakes and find solutions for repair. They manage the process and negotiate the architectural project to complete it. The most positive aspect of these improvements is the fact that all building professionals are now able to design amazing projects based on the green building movement. More and different jobs are created, such as Architectural technician, lead designer, installation designer, digital designers, intern architects,… each with its own aim and objective for just one desire; to build. Source:



Virtual universities In today's world everything is changing rapidly and the development of technology and information has changed many older facilities in the cultural, social, political and economic fields. Therefore, education like other changes in society must change in an appropriate and acceptable way. Distance learning system is a new approach and solution for institutions that want to move towards technology in order to change their teaching methods. A virtual university provides higher education programs through electronic media, typically the Internet. They are regarded as distance education. The aim of virtual universities is to provide access to that part of population who would not be able to attend a campus. When online courses first began, many of the virtual study programs were based on text docu-

ments. But as technology has improved, virtual education now includes courses based on videos, audios, e-mails and video conferencing. "Virtual" universities are expanding rapidly, as people who did not have the meanings of entry to a university, because of transport, location, or timetable problems, they are now able to study a career and succeed in their future. This way of studying is also helpful for colleges to progress and get into the modern world we are all building up. It is a great educational opportunity which tries to provide equal access to everyone, wherever they are, or come from. However, and probably the only disadvantage of this method, is that it can create a barrier to those unable to use technology. Here is where the doubt takes place, is the Internet becoming unequal? It is said that if equality of educational opportunity is established, democracy can be real and justified. Nev-

ertheless, technology has to be similar all over the world first to achieve this. Many people still thinking, the massive technological evolution is also influencing our way of life. Virtual worlds are becoming more and more popular each day, transforming our personalities, and affecting societies by changing our cultures and traditions. Human interaction is getting lost, and therefore we are turning out to be unsociable and lonely. Because universities aren’t the only virtual approach, in fact, new worlds are being created and other lives have borne. Source:

Life in the Information Age 2012  

life in the information age

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