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Life in the Information age

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

IT used in crime prevention

The Kindle giving Social Networks

Education a hand!

3.50 ÂŁ How IT has developed communication

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

Introduction As we all know IT has changed a lot of things in our private lives and at our work places. During the last years IT has hugely improved crime prevention and crime solving in the working time of a policeman. New technological devices make the work much easier and saver for the police nowadays.

The “EYE� of the police. When it's too dangerous to send a police officer into an active crime scene or in any situation that requires "eyes" where there's no clear line of sight, the police can rely on a robotic cam-

Closed-circuit television Due to the huge improvements in technology officers do not have to patrol the cities so often. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras were installed in five urban center entertainment districts in England that attract economic activity at night and relatively high pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Cameras were installed to reduce crime and ran 24 hours a day. However, citizens again feel that their privacy terms are mistreated and therefore many people are against this new technology.

era that can be thrown. The device has an electric motor and special wheels that allow it to move, climb over obstacles and explore the situation. An officer who operates it wirelessly has got control over it.

Gunshot detecting system The gunshot detection system (GDS) is also a great invention that is based on modern technology. The Nassau County Police Department, based in Mineola, N.Y., uses a system from Shot Spotter that relies on multiple carefully placed electronic sensors installed throughout a neighbourhood to help pinpoint the exact source of gunfire. It's especially useful in areas where shots are fired frequently and witnesses are scarce or hesitant to talk. When a shot is fired they get displayed directly on a computer screen in the policy station, so officers that are near to this point can be informed quickly and increase the possibility of catching the criminal.

DRONES Apart from that perhaps no police technology is more controversial today than flying robotic drones equipped with cameras that officers can use to get a bird's-eye view of a crime scene in an emergency. These drones can be controlled wirelessly

with an remote control and criminals can be spotted with the cameras and then made visible for the officers. Critics however say that the use of drones raises major privacy concerns as the drones can also capture footage of other people’s back yards.

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

Communication in social lifes Social networks are probably the most common communication type that people use today. This is a very fast type of communication but the biggest advantage is that they don’t cost anything. Social networks are also very comfortable as you can stay in your house, on the sofa, in front of the TV etc. Apart from that, Social Networks are good if people want to share pictures or videos with other people, as this communication type makes it easier to do so. Another advantage of social networks is that you can talk to a wider range of people you, may not talk to face to face. However, Social networks also have disadvantages, as they

can cause isolation due to not going out of the house. There is also less face to face communication between friends witch may lead to less confidence when in public. Social networks can also distract people at work as they can have a quick look if they got any messages and this quick look turns out to be 20 minutes. Mobile phones are also very practical when communicating. The people nowadays are even more mobile. This also means that people are safer e.g. Parents can call there children at any time when the children are out of the house. You can also use the internet on the smart phones so this means that people can com-

Voice Over Internet The probably most common communication application used by family members and friends is Skype. Skype is completely free, unless you and your relatives have downloaded the Skype program. Skype can be used to contact friends and family across the whole world. Apart from this you can also

write messages. However you do have to pay when you want to do a conference across the globe, which comes very handy for businesses. People also have to pay when they want to call a landline from your sky account.

municate at all time and also over social networks on your phone e.g. messenger, WhatsApp. The disadvantages of mobile phones are that they cause bullying at schools, so students have to hand in their phones. Some phones also cause trouble with the police as the blackberry can not be seen by the police so many criminals use these phones.

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

The purpose of ebay is for people to make money selling things they no longer want or need. The other purpose is for people to buy or bid on items for cheap prices.

For what do we have ebay eBay is an international company with an international audience where every one around the world can sign in. The audience of eBay is the average consumer, usually looking for a good deal or a rare item. On the other side there are also the people who sell thing on ebay. The auctions on ebay start when you put up an item for auction and at the same time you agree to eBay's policies, which includes that if somebody wins your auction, you have to sell if for that amount of money.

So you hate to a contract, if you don't do so, then the person can complain to eBay and you might get banned. The winner of your auction can also leave you negative feedback which can then influence other biders on your selling product.

is also very easy for the customer who wants to sell something to upload a picture and information about the product. On the other side it is very comfortable for ebay users to search around looking for the best price.

Ebay fulfils their purposes very well. It is very easy and quick to create an account. It

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of ebay: Advantages -safe and easy to use -you can buy just about everything for relatively cheap prices -you can add photos of the things you are buying so you know the quality of the item -descriptions of the items are generally good and describe the faults, if any -can give feedback on the item purchased Disadvantages -if an offer sounds too good to be true then it probably is -some strange people -beware of people who exaggerate their descriptions. New should mean new and good condition should mean not many scratches and no broken bits.

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

Introduction Every one of us has to be educated in some way. Whether you are still in the process of education or you have all ready been through this. Technology has changed the way people get educated nowadays. Education is now more fun and Interactive. The most important part of educating someone starts in the primary and secondary school. The method used by these two stages of education is practically the same. The fact that every class room in a primary and secondary school has now got at least one machine, proves that technology plays a big role in education.

Amazon and the Kindle Today's school students are downloading homework on iTunes, listening to lessons from podcasts, communicating with other students all over the world through social networking sites. Teachers have begun using the Kindle for school use, exercising the option of

buying a single title and porting it to six different devices, the maximum allowed by Amazon. Some media specialists, including Hamilton, have contacted Amazon about exceeding that device limit, as well as devising a more school-friendly policy overall, which would

facilitate loaning Kindle ebooks in libraries. Still, the company has offered no exceptions or guidelines specific to this group.


love using the Kindle and I’m going to the library even more because of it,” says Andre Kerlin, a seventh grader at Chambersburg Middle School and a Kindle club member. “I think it’s very cool to be able to read tons of books on one thing.”

Disadvantages of this technology

“I think that it is good, that something is changing in the way children are taught. I hope I the future there will be more technology involved in the process of learning for primary schools. I also think that technology makes the class more interesting and appealing to the children.”

All this technology is well and good. However, unless it is accompanied by teacher professional development aimed at equipping teachers with the skills and confidence to achieve educational outcomes using technology, it is effectively useless. Many teacher at primary schools are not confident enough to use this advanced method of teaching, which means that they have to take part in courses, which also means

that it will cost the government more money. There are too many schools that have been equipped with hardware, for example interactive whiteboards, but have not been able to access the training to get the most out of them. Many of the schools who achieve great things with the hardware have done so based on the individual teacher's initiative and drive.

Newsletter Date: 22/11/12

Life in the Information age

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Life in the Information Age


Life in the Information Age