Aiko Nakano

Seattle, United States

I'm an artist, designer, programmer, and mechanical engineer. Originally from Osaka, Japan, I am now based in Boston, MA, as a creative developer at Sosolimited.

My current focus is designing interfaces that connect people with technology both in the physical and digital worlds. Bloom, for example, uses geometric logic to create an intimate pavilion using an interlocking collapsible frame whereas digiPop's virtual bubbles connect our physical and digital spaces through sound. I'm passionate about kinetic sculptures, human-computer interactions, sustainability, and designs that seamlessly integrate technological efficiency with aesthetics while working across scales ranging from architectural installations to hand-held objects.

I received both my Master of Science degree in Architecture [2015] and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering [2009] along with minors in Management and Economics from MIT followed by a four year stint at a hedge fund.