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Star Wars: The Old Republic is a game that needs to be played using a SWTOR leveling guide. This will optimize gameplay and enjoyment. The game is large and extensive. To properly progress through the game a SWTOR leveling guide may very well be necessary. This seems to be the case for any game of this magnitude. Guides allow players to advance through the game twice as fast as they would if they had to figure everything out on their own. Advancing faster normally means more game satisfaction. The SWTOR leveling guide will do just that for the game. One of the best perks is that players do not find themselves having to backtrack because they missed something important. In a game like Star Wars: The Old Republic players want to achieve high stats. Wandering around aimlessly on unknown terrain will not accomplish this. A SWTOR leveling guide may cost money, but without it players are not living up to their full gaming potential. A down fall of exploring a game solo is that players miss many hidden in-game items. They find some, get excited, and then get frustrated and hunger for more. Using a guide will instruct them how to find the hidden items, and get the most out of their game. A key factor in fully optimized game-play is gear and money. The SWTOR leveling guide gives clear instructions on how to have the high tech gear, and the fattest wallet. Finishing the game like a pro because they followed the guide's steps gives gamers a sense of accomplishment and pride. Gamers sometimes spend as much time surfing the web, looking for answers, as they do playing the game. This can be a headache. It can turn into a huge headache when someone posts incorrect information in a forum that ultimately sets the gamer back anywhere from minutes to hours of their time. Then they get back to the forum to find someone else's post, finger crossed and hope that this is accurate, and then back to the game to try it out. Getting a full SWTOR leveling guide is packed with the most accurate information available for the game is probably the best bet. There are usually three sorts of game guides, the official guide, unofficial guide and the free guides. The free guides tend to come in the form of online articles on blogs and game-related sites. These, similar to forum posts, risk being obsolete or inaccurate. Official guides gives a very good overview of all game aspects, especially the mechanics and is most suitable for anyone just starting out or guide collectors. Unofficial guides, are what competitive players should be on the look out for. These guides tend to be written by veterans and the content almost always include unique strategies, some rarely known to the public given it's the guide writer's personal take on the game.

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==== ==== Watch this video about SWTOR leveling: ==== ====

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