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We live in a world that is only becoming faster in pace. Technology, globalization and extended economic uncertainty have turned conventional business on its head. Whether you are a financial services firm navigating new regulations, a pharmaceutical company dealing with an aging pipeline, or a technology firm trying to stay ahead of an innovation curve that accelerates by the moment, the demands placed on businesses and their leaders have created new challenges. Despite these changes, most executive coaching solutions today are still rooted in a traditional model that does not account for today’s real business challenges and opportunities. In 2014, leaders must be agile, capable of pivoting in real-time, focused on innovation, harnessing technology, being entrepreneurial, managing risk, operating lean and working under pressure collaboratively and respectfully in teams. At AIIR, our mission is to lead the new era of business psychology. For executive coaching, we are continuously challenging and refining our approach to meet the precise needs of our clients. Our technology platform has given our clients added value in-between their coaching sessions while our telepresence capabilities enable our clients to have a face-to-face session any time, anywhere in the world, at the click of a button. The ability to now utilize iPads for telepresence coaching takes our capabilities to a new level of convenience and accessibility. Our recognition of the increasing importance of teamwork and collaboration has led us to launch a new service that focuses on coaching a team rather than just an individual alone. We are proud to be at the forefront of our industry. By stretching ourselves to meet the demands of today's business environment, our work has led to powerful transformation at both the individual and organizational level. We look forward to the opportunity of creating value for you and your organization through our legacy services. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can partner with you to drive human development and business results.

Jonathan Kirschner, Psy.D. Chief Executive Officer AIIR Consulting, LLC

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WHAT IS EXECUTIVE COACHING? Executive Coaching is a one-to-one development process that draws upon learning, motivational and behavioral strategies to increase a leader’s effectiveness. The coaching process begins with a thorough assessment of an individual’s strengths, development opportunities, and areas of vulnerability for derailment. Once this data is collected and formulated into a leadership profile, a Strategic Action Plan is constructed with targeted objectives and strategies. This plan is then implemented through regular, high-impact coaching sessions between the coach and leader.

WHY EXECUTIVE COACHING? When objectives are met, executive coaching produces behavioral change that can have a profound impact on a person’s work, their organization, and their life outside the office. Individuals who have completed successful executive coaching programs have cited the following changes particularly beneficial: • • • • • • •

Expanded leadership capability Heightened self-awareness of leadership strengths and development opportunities Enhanced interpersonal effectiveness and relationship building skills Better people management and communication effectiveness Greater political savvy and improved negotiation skills Increased executive presence and level of confidence Enhanced capacity to regulate emotion, manage stress and navigate uncertainty

WHEN TO USE EXECUTIVE COACHING? LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT • When a company wants to enhance a leader’s tools and skills to fulfill roles • When an organization needs to identify and develop high potential employees • When a candidate is selected for a new role in the organization DRIVE PERFORMANCE • When accelerated individual effectiveness is needed to accomplish business objectives • Behavioral change is needed for a specific competency area (i.e. interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, critical thinking, communication skills) CHANGE MANAGEMENT • Acclimation to significant changes in corporate culture or structure (i.e. M & A, resizing) • Planning for succession and post-corporate life • On-boarding of a new executive

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WHY AIIR® COACHING? REASON #1: COACHES AIIR consultants are business psychologists who combine years of experience influencing human behavior, motivation, and change with a deep understanding of business and talent development. All of AIIR’s coaches have had current or previous business experience, most at the executive level within organizations. Each consultant has accumulated thousands of hours in the art and science of influencing behavioral change. The average number of years a Senior AIIR consultant has coached is 14 years.

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WHY AIIR® COACHING? REASON #2: METHODOLOGY THE AIIR® COACHING METHOD The AIIR® method is a systematic coaching process designed for achieving sustained behavioral change. The AIIR® method utilizes a comprehensive assessment approach to identify developmental opportunities and then translate those opportunities into action and results. The AIIR® method unfolds over four stages - Assessment, Insight, Implementation, and Reinforcement.


ASSESSMENT- A combination of psychometric assessments and interviews are administered to derive a comprehensive picture of the client’s current leadership strengths, styles, and areas that are in need of further development.


INSIGHT- is generated by identifying connections between the client’s work, life history, and any circumstances impacting current performance. The client and coach work together to develop a strategic development plan.


IMPLEMENTATION- Client and coach meet regularly to implement the strategic development plan. Communication in between coaching sessions facilitates a highly focused approach toward goal achievement.


REINFORCEMENT- strengthens and refines the client’s new knowledge and skills. When the client has met established objectives, the reinforcement phase transitions into maintenance of the client’s gains.

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WHY AIIR® COACHING? REASON #3: TECHNOLOGY AIIR Consulting utilizes its proprietary technology solutions to optimize the efficiency and impact of the consulting experience. With the AIIR® Platform, a coach and client can collaborate in between coaching sessions to maximize the continuity of their engagement. The AIIR® Platform also enables coaching sessions to be held using AIIR’s integrated HD telepresence technology. Telepresence-based coaching sessions enable a near face-to-face experience and can be invaluable when factors such as a busy travel schedule, geographic distance, or budget prevent in-person meetings.

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Coaching Notes: Coaching notes are used to communicate in between sessions around assignments and topics related to the coaching engagement.

Chat: An instant messaging feature that can be used for real-time communication when both the coach and client are logged in.

My Library: A personal database that holds all assessment reports, documents, and articles pertaining to the coaching engagement.

Calendar: A shared calendar enables quick and convenient scheduling of sessions between client and coach.

Telepresence: By clicking “ Launch Video Chat,” a client enters into an HD telepresence meeting with their coach.

Objectives: The client’s coaching objectives are clearly delineated for each session.


A I I R C o n s u l t i n g ’s u t i l i z a t i o n o f telepresence technology makes coaching sessions possible anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. All coaching clients receive either an iPad or an HD webcam to use with their laptop or desktop computer. Benefits of telepresence coaching include:


Client Sponsor


• Reduced expenses from travel and lodging • Meetings can be conducted at the office, home or on the road • Decreased carbon footprint • In contrast to telephonic coaching or lower quality video-conferencing solutions (i.e. Skype), HD telepresence increases engagement in the coaching session by creating a near face-to-face experience © 2014 AIIR Consulting, LLC



Description Ascent is a long-term executive coaching engagement customized to meet the needs of an individual in a senior leadership role. 12 months


Ignite is a high-impact coaching engagement designed to enhance an executive’s capacity for taking on greater levels of business leadership in the organization.

For Who • Senior leaders and C-Suite executives • Candidates for executive positions • Acclimation to new corporate culture • Coaching CEO and the Board of Directors

• When a senior executive wants to align a senior team • There is a need for a trusted advisor • Individual wants to take their leadership development to the next level • Integrating a newly appointed executive to the C-suite • Acclimating a leader to significant changes in company structure or culture • Planning for succession and post corporate life

• Upper management • High potentials and emerging leaders

• When a candidate is selected for a new role in the organization • Identify strengths and critical developmental needs to determine fit with current roles • Accelerated individual effectiveness is needed • Acclimation to significant changes in corporate culture or structure (i.e. M&A, resizing)

• Executive teams • Corporate boards • Functional and cross functional teams • Virtual teams

• When a team is seeking ways to increase performance • When a team experiences conflict that undermines business performance • When an already high-performing team wants to fine tune their group dynamics in order to reach peak performance

• Middle management • Independent professionals (i.e. Physicians, lawyers) • EMBA and MBA candidates

• An organization is seeking to build a scalable coaching program with an emphasis on selfawareness. • An executive education program looking to augment their curriculum with a brief coaching program. • When an individual is looking to achieve deep self-awareness into their leadership profile.

6 months


Team coaching leverages the Team Ei Survey to identify gaps in team functioning. Feedback is given to the team, followed by development planning and group-level coaching.

Typically used when

4 months


ROADMAP combines a c o m p re h e n s i v e leadership assessment, development plan, and 3 coaching sessions to initiate the development plan. 3 months

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Leading the new era in business psychology

AIIR Consulting, LLC is a business psychology consulting firm dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and performance of leaders and their organizations. AIIR Consulting’s services include executive coaching, talent assessment, change management and leadership development solutions. By combining in-person consulting with telepresence-based meetings, AIIR redefines the limits of traditional consulting by making development available anytime and anywhere.

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Executive Coaching is a one-to-one development process that draws upon learning, motivational and behavioral strategies to increase a leader...