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For allotment of Stands & other information regarding STONEX 2020 please contact: Jayesh Vikram Rastogi M.: +91-98290 87778 Indian Representative for STONEX 2020

22nd China International Light Fair Guangdong, China

ET ACETECH New Delhi, India

Ceramix Bangkok, Thailand

Decor India Show Jaipur, India

3RD EDITION 20 - 22 NOVEMBER 2019 Palais des Expositions, SAFEX, Algiers, Algeria


Welcome to CoverEx North Africa 2019 CoverEx North Africa is the region's premier trade expo for coverings and surfacing, an event that focuses on flooring, walling and ceiling technology on 20-22 November 2019 at the Palais des Expositions, SAEX, Algiers, Algeria. Previously known as SIPRAC, the 3rd edition of CoverEx will welcome thousands of local and international operators to meet, connect, exchange knowledge and conduct business in a course of 3 days. For allotment of Stands & other information regarding COVEREX 2019 please contact: Jayesh Vikram Rastogi M.: +91-98290 87778 Indian Representative for COVEREX 2019

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INCREDIBLE Manduadih Railway Station in Varanasi


SCULPTURE Adiyogi Shiva Statue


NEWS Prices of Ceramic Tiles up by 10 to 20%


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EXCLUSIVE REPORT 15 Precast Concrete Market to Witness an Outstanding Growth by 2026 Vikrant Vikram Rastogi

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EDITORIAL The global construction industry continued to grow in 2018 with investments rising by approximately 3% to a total value of about 8,200 billion Euros. The worldwide construction industry grew slightly less than the global economy, which rose by an estimated 3.7%. Investment in the western European construction industry in 2018 rose by an estimated 2.5% compared to 2017, when it exceeded 4%. The trend in investment was therefore slightly positive although the housing industry was less dynamic. The sector accounts for approximately 17% of the global construction market. Last year, investment in building varied on all the area’s fine main markets. The Spanish construction industry grew most (+5.6%). The construction industry grew twice as fast as the Spanish GDP. The German construction industry continued to grow in 2018 and investment in construction increased by 3% compared to 1.5% rise in GDP. The French economy and construction industry grew by the modest figure of 1.6% in 2018. There was relatively slow growth in 2018 in the Italian construction industry too estimated at 1.7%. Due to uncertainity connected with Brexit, the British construction industry was the worst in the whole of Europe in 2018.

K.Vikram Rastogi

The economy of Eastern Europe grew substantially last year at a rate of 3%, benefitting from the improvement in Russia’s economy and the excellent trend in the other main economies in the area, notably Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic. In this favourable context, the construction industry grew at over 4%. The area’s economic growth is expected to slow down in 2019, the GDP should increase by approximately 2% penalised by the recession in Turkish economy. The North American economy grew by 2.8% in 2018, improving notably on the previous years performance. According to the International Monetary Fund, USA’s GDP grew by 2.9%, Canada’s by 2.1% and Mexico’s by 2.1%. Investment in construction increased by an estimated 2.3%, which is slightly less than the rise in the area’s GDP. A notable slowing down in the housing sector reduced the overall growth rate on the North American market. It is estimated that the North American construction industry will grow by 2.2% in 2019, an almost identical rate to that estimated for the region’s GDP, 2.3%. The economy of Latin America stagrated in 2018. The relatively low rise in Brazil’s GDP was due to a clear recession in the Venezuelian and Argentinian economics due to trubulence on the latter’s financial and accuracy markets. The region’s other markets continued to grow at relatively slow rates. The region’s economic alteration should improve this year and the area’s GDP is expected to grow by 1.3%. There was modest economic growth in the Persian Gulf region in 2018 estimated at 1.4%. Following 2017 growing again at approximately 2%, bolstered by rising oil prices. The Emirate’s GDP grew around 3%, while iran, penalised by international sanctions, had to deal with a recession. In other Middle Eastern countries and Africa in the last year, there was a positive trend in the main economics. The highest growth rate was recorded in Egypt where, according to IMF, the GDP grew by over 5%. There was also good economic growth in Morocco, Isreal and Libya, which experienced a partial revival in exports of crude oil. The sub-Saharan region grew on average by 5% despite the modest economic state of the area’s two main economics, +1.9% in Nigeria and +0.8% in South Africa. In the far East and Oceania region GDP grew at the rate of 4.8% in 2018, showing a similar trend in 2017. The economy grew steadily on all emerging markets, indeed the GDP grew by 6.6% in China, 7.3% in India, 5.1% in Indonesia, and almost 5% in Thailand and Malaysia. The region’s main advanced economics also performed well. The growth rates in Australia, New Zealand and Korea were around 3%. Only Japan had to deal with a relatively modest economic situation with its GDP growing by just 1%.

K.Vikram Rastogi 10 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019



The Manduadih railway sta! on in Varanasi has been revamped into a world-class sta! on. Equipped with the latest ameni! es, the Manduadih railway sta! on is nothing short of an airport. Its stunning sta! on building along with the new passenger-friendly ameni! es have made this sta! on a class apart. The railway sta! on is now equipped with aircondi! oned wai! ng lounge, stainless steel lounges, LED lights. The Indian Railways has also added fountains to beau! fy the premises.

In a series of revamp, the Indian Railways is planning to make over railway sta! ons across the country. The Railway Ministry is also looking to revamp two prominent railway sta! ons, Habibganj and Gandhi Nagar. New Delhi railway sta! on, Jaipur, Mathura, and Haridwar junc! ons have been renovated recently too. The Indian Railway Sta! on Development Corpora! on (IRSDC) is set to invest Rs 7,500 crore in 2019 to develop as many as 50 railway sta! ons and revamp exis! ng ones.

The sta! on also has cafeteria, food court, booking and reserva! on office, wai! ng rooms and more. The Manduadih railway sta! on will also offer employment to Varanasi ci! zens. Sharing a video of the sta! on, Railway Minister Piyush Goyal said: "Manduadih Sta! on of Varanasi is providing a new experience for travellers with its cleanliness and beau! fica! on, world-class facili! es. This sta! on, which revives the ancient glory of Kashi, is going to be one of the most beau! ful sta! ons in the country." 12 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019


Adiyogi Shiva Statue

The Adiyogi statue is a 34.3 metre-tall excluding plinth, 45metre-long and 7.62-metre-wide statue of the Hindu deity Shiva with white Thirunamam at Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu, which has been recognized by the Guinness World Records as the "Largest Bust Sculpture” in the world. Designed by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of the Isha Founda! on, it was built by the founda! on and weighs around 500 tonnes. Sadhguru said that the statue is for inspiring and promo! ng yoga, and is named Adiyogi, which means "the first yogi", because Shiva is known as the originator of yoga. Adiyogi was inaugurated on 24 February 2017 by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri – a Hindu fes! val celebrated annually in honour of Shiva. The Indian Ministry of Tourism has included the statue as a consecra! on des! na! on in its official Incredible India campaign. The Adiyogi Statue has been recognized as the "Largest Bust Sculpture" by Guinness World Records. Adiyogi is located at the Isha Yoga complex which houses the Dhyanalinga in Coimbatore at the foothills of Velliangiri Mountains, a range in the Western Ghats. The statue was designed over two years and manufactured within eight months. The bust is cast in steel. The height of the statue (34 m) symbolizes the 112 possibili! es to a' ain to moksha (libera! on) that are men! oned in yogic culture. Sadhguru also said that the height represents the 112 chakras in the human system. The Isha Founda! on plans to erect such statues in three more loca! ons in the eastern, western and northern parts of India in Varanasi, Mumbai and Delhi. The statue's face is world's tallest bust of Shiva. The tallest Shiva statue is the Kailashnath Mahadev Statue in Nepal 20 km east of the capital, Katmandu, which is 44 metres tall. A Linga called "Yogeshwar Linga" was consecrated through the ceremony called prana pra! shtha, and is placed in front of the Adiyogi tatue. This linga has five chakras – Muladhara (root chakra), Svadhishthana (sacral chakra), Manipura (solar plexus April - June 2019

chakra), Vishuddhi(throat chakra), and Ajna (third eye chakra), and each one of them has sixteen dimensions. The linga specifically has no Anahata (heart chakra) as it is to represent "a heartless yogi", not heartless as being insensi! ve but inclusive who doesn't need emo! ons. In 2014, on Guru Poornima, a 6.4 metre version of the same statue was unveiled at the Isha Yoga Center. This version weighed 30 tonnes and was constructed in three months by a team of fi( een people. This statue was also made of steel. On 30 January 2017, a replica model of the statue was taken out in a procession. The main statue was inaugurated by Narendra Modi on Maha Shivaratri, 24 February 2017. He also inaugurated the book Adiyogi: The Source of Yoga wri' en by Sadhguru and Arundhathi Subramaniam,andlittheyagnafirefortheMahaYogaYagna. To mark the unveiling of the statue, the song "Adiyogi - The Source of Yoga" was released by the Isha Founda! on on YouTube on 19 February 2017. The song was sung and composed by Kailash Kher with the lyrics being wri' en by Prasoon Joshi and also performed live at the inaugural func! on by Kher. Narendra Modi at the inaugura! on men! oned that by prac! sing Yoga, a spirit of oneness is created. Oneness of mind, body and the intellect, oneness with our families and with the society we live in, with fellow humans and with birds, animals and trees. Another 6.4 metre statue of Adiyogi was unveiled in Tennessee, USA, in October 2015 by the Isha Founda! on. The abode called "Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga" in Tennessee is spread over a 2,800 2 m area and the project cost was over US$ 8 million. Besides inspiring and promo! ng Yoga, the Shiva Statue has become a tourist a' rac! on in Coimbatore. Yoga is a part of India’s old cultural heritage which has been revived now. It helps in keeping mind and health in good shape. Yoga is now being prac! ced by more and more Indians and has become very popular in many countries of the world. 21st June is celebrated as an Interna! onal Yoga Day. 13 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama


PRICES OF CERAMIC TILES UP BY 10 TO 20% A( er a ban on coal gasifires, Morbi Ceramics Associa! on decided to increase prices of ! les by 10 to 20% from April 1, 2019. Morbi cluster in Gujarat is the largest ! les manufacturing zone in India and accounts for about 75-80% of India’s ! les and sanitary ware products in volume terms, with more than 800 ! le factories in the region. The Na! onal Green Tribunal (NGT) ordered on 6th March, 2019 all ceramic units in Morbi, using coal as a fuel, to immediately shut down. As many as 450 such units (out of around 1,000) in Morbi were affected by this decision. According to the order, units need to dismantle all type of coal gasifiers, even if they were complying with the earlier-set pollu! on control norms, and adopt PNG as a fuel to con! nue their opera! ons. The price of natural gas is ranging from Rs 30-Rs 35 per cubic meter, which is almost 40% -50% higher than coal gasifiers. For unorganized players, shi( ing from coal to gas will increase their cost of produc! on by Rs 2 per square feet which will put pressure on unorganized player to increase their price of all format ! les.

ceramic ! les. According to sources in the Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), if the GCC findings are against the Indian ! le manufacturers, it will severely impact the ceramic industry in Morbi. The government of India under its foreign policy of 2015-20 gives 3% incen! ves to ! le exporters under the Merchandise Exports from India Scheme and 2% duty draw back. The industry players expect a price hike across product segments, in line with the expected increase in fuel expenses, to arrest any further deteriora! on in profitability. Tile industry has already seen sharp price correc! on of about 30-40% over the past 18 months because of significant capacity addi! on in the Morbi region and slowdown in the real estate sector. This coupled with the increase in gas price has eroded the overall profit margins of the ! le players.

On March 9, following the green tribunal’s order, Gujarat Pollu! on Control Board (GPCB) issued closure no! ces to nearly half of the 1,000-odd units in Morbi and Wankaner for using coal gasifiers. Apart from the NGT crackdown, the Rs 40,000 crore strong ceramic industry is also facing a challenge with regard to procurement of key raw materials, which include potash feldspar and soda feldspar. According to industry players, the ceramic units used to procure these two key raw materials from Rajasthan in the form of chips, which were later processed at Morbi and u! lised for making vitrified ! les. However, the Rajasthan government has decided that these materials can be supplied outside the state only in powder form by banning supply of soda and potash feldspar chips outside state. Nilesh Jetpariya, President, Wall Tiles Division of Morbi Ceramic Associa! on had termed it as a double whammy for Morbi Ceramic industry. Around 550 units in the region will cease to operate in the next 15-20 days. With closure of many plants, the produc! on has already come down by 6070%. In addi! on the Gulf countries may also slap CVD on imports from Morbi – The GCC is currently probing pe! ! on from local companies seeking an! -dumping duty on Indian 14 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019


PRECAST CONCRETE MARKET TO WITNESS AN OUTSTANDING GROWTH BY 2026 overview of the market situa! ons in the forecasted period. The scope of the report extends from market scenarios to compara! ve pricing between major players, cost and profit of the specified market regions. The major key players in the market are – Ac! vidades de Construc! on y Servicios (Spain); Larsen & Toubro (India); Bouygues Construc! on (France); Taisei (Japan); CRH (UK); Balfour Bea' y (UK); Skanska (Sweden); Cemex S.A.B.DE C.V. (Mexico); Laing O’Rourke (UK); and Julius Berger Nigeria (Nigeria). The Market is largely fragmented and the vast majority of the players func! oning in the global Precast Concrete market are taking steps to raise their market footprint, by concentra! ng on product diversifica! on and development, therefore, making them seize a larger share of the market.

Precast Concrete is a form of concrete that is prepared, cast and dried off-site using reusable moulds. This whole process is usually done in a controlled factory environment where the precast concrete elements can be joined together to form a complete structure. Precast concrete can be more economical and some! mes more prac! cal as compared to the conven! onal building materials used. It is typically used for structural components such as columns, floors, staircases, wall panels, beams, pipes, tunnels, and so on. A Market Research Report delivers a close watch on leading compe! tors with strategic analysis, micro and macro market trend and scenarios, pricing analysis and a holis! c April - June 2019

15 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama



MAISON&OBJET, the interna! onal trade fair for design, decora! on and lifestyle, held every September and January in Paris, will shine a spotlight on the United States by honouring up-and-coming American designers with its Rising Talent Awards. An exhibi! on of products by this group will be a highlight of the next edi! on of the fair, which is scheduled for Sept. 6-10, 2019. Introduced in 1995, the Rising Talent Awards celebrate emerging designers from different parts of the world, who are selected by a local jury of renowned industry leaders. The most recent program, in January, honoured six Chinese designers represen! ng a new genera! on of crea! ve excellence. The work of the honourees was prominently 16 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

displayed at MAISON&OBJET in the exhibi! on centre at Paris Nord Villepinte, and the young designers were feted at a celebra! on a' ended by design luminaries, dignitaries and the interna! onal press. Previous edi! ons of the fair have focused on Rising Talents from the United Kingdom, Italy and Lebanon. Like their predecessors, the U.S. Rising Talents will have an unparalleled opportunity to meet and share their ideas with the many manufacturers, interior designers, stylists, buyers, hoteliers, restaurateurs, journalists and trend hunters who a' end MAISON&OBJET. “A( er concentra! ng on Europe, the Middle East and Asia these last few years, we wanted to turn to another great na! on of design,” says Philippe Brocart, Managing Director April - June 2019


of SAFI, the company that organizes MAISON&OBJET. “The size and cultural diversity of the United States give rise to impressive design achievements, and we are excited to discover the next genera! on of designers and their influences.” Jury for the U.S. Rising Talent Awards include:

Rafael de Cárdenas, the principal of Architecture at Large, a New York studio that designs cap! va! ng interiors and furnishings for clients including Baccarat, Car! er and Nike

Odile Hainaut and Claire Pijoulat, the visionary founders of Wanted Design, a trade show and cultural event produced annually in New York City

Jerry Helling, the president and crea! ve director of Bernhardt Design

Nasir Kassamali, the founder with his wife, Nargis, of the ground-breaking modern design emporium Luminaire

David Rockwell, the architect and designer of many award-winning restaurants, hotels and theatrical produc! ons

April - June 2019

Rosanne Somerson, the president of Rhode Island School of Design and a noted furniture designer and educator

The names of the designers selected as U.S. Rising Talents will be released in May, along with biographical informa! on and comments from the jury. About MAISON&OBJET PARIS Since 1995, MAISON&OBJET has been the world’s foremost event for professionals in the lifestyle, interior design and design industries. Each edi! on brings together some 3,000 exhibitors and more than 90,000 unique visitors—half from outside France. Promo! ng new contacts and emerging talents, the twice-yearly fair presents the latest sources of inspira! on. By shedding light on current and future trends, MAISON&OBJET has become a catalyst for brand development and business growth. Launched in September 2016, the digital pla- orm MOM (MAISON&OBJET AND MORE) offers a comprehensive overview of up-to-date news and products from the manufacturers, ar! sans and designers who exhibit at the fair. A bo' omless source of inspira! on, it also provides a tool for visitors to communicate directly with thousands of brands throughout the year.

17 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama


Anna Philippou Marie Prosperi and Victoire Guerlay

Studio @


Studio AMV is an architecture ďŹ rm established in January 2017 by three partners: Anna Philippou, Marie Prosperi and Victoire Guerlay. A"er gradua#ng from dierent architecture schools, the three women began their professional journeys at Ateliers Jean Nouvel. It was there, in this temple of precision, that the three of them earned their stripes designing projects. 20 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019



KWANGJUYO Group / KIM nam-hee I.CERA I.CERA is the name of Icheon Ceramic of Korea. I.CERA shows "MODERN" with ceramic tableware & objects of 11 contemporary and outstanding ar! sts. KWANGJUYO Group KIM nam-hee works and lives in Icheon, South Korea.

ALICE CHANDELIER ATELIER DE TROUPE The Alice collec! on is inspired by brutalist modular architecture. The textured hand blown glass cubes are sandblasted to create a so( glow and stacked together to diffuse light in different intensi! es. The frame is made of solid brass or blackened brass.

April - June 2019

21 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama


Miroir Totem RED EDITION As a modern totem, this piece has a lot of character and looks like a sculpture.

Dolce Vita DOOQ - WORLD OF DETAILS Dolce Vita console transports you to a ! me of greatness and opulence which we can s! ll ďŹ nd vey much alive in Rome. Rich materials take the form and propor! on of ancient structures connec! ng them to a modern func! onality and purpose. 22 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019


DOMOTEX - 2019

The latest edi! on of Domotex – the world's leading showcase for carpets and floor coverings - held from 11th to 14th of January, 2019 in Hannover (Germany) underscored its reputa! on as the sector's biggest and most important hub for business, innova! ons and trends. Over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 na! ons came to Hannover to kick off a successful new year of business. With close to 90% of all a% endees having decision-making authority, the caliber of the show's visitors remained extremely high. Due to growing market concentra! on, Domotex recorded a slight dip in a% endance. According to the exhibi! on survey, the order situa! on of exhibitors remained constant, while the purchasing volume per visitor went up.

CREATE'N'CONNECT was the keynote theme of Domotex 2019, focusing on the social mega trend of connec! vity. Rapidly increasing connec! vity is influencing all aspects of life. It is disrup! ng exis! ng communica! on structures, crea! ng new connec! ons beyond cultural and social boundaries, and allowing an unprecedented insight into companies and organiza! ons. What impact does the mega trend connec! vity have on the shaping of our environment? It goes without saying that floors play a significant role. They support us, inspire us and guide us. And they connect us. Mapei was on show at the 2019 edi! on of Domotex with a host of new products for operators from the sector and a

24 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019


range of systems for comple! ng the installa! on of resilient and wooden flooring that have been developed, thanks to the Company’s many years of experience in the sector of adhesives and materials for installing resilient, tex! le, LVT and wooden floor and wall coverings. The products that Mapei presented in its wide stand have been created and developed to be safe for both those who apply them and for those who use the areas where they have been applied. These provide superior living comfort.

of water, solvent, amines and epoxy resin, and with very low emission of vola! le organic compounds. Domotex 2019 was also the occasion to present Mapei binders and pre-blended mortars for screeds, primers, smoothing compounds and complementary products for the prepara! on of substrates before the installa! on of wooden and resilient materials.

Most of Mapei products have very low emission of vola! le organic compounds (VOC) and are cer! fied EMICODE EC1 Plus and Blauer Engel. They also have their own industrywise EPD (Environmental Product Declara! on), a special document that declares the impact they have on the environment throughout their whole life-cycle, measured according to standardized LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methods. Mapei products also play an important part in earning green credit ra! ngs all around the world. At Domotex 2019 Mapei introduced ULTRABOND ECO V4 EVOLUTION, the new, universal all-in-one adhesive, the only one of its kind in the sector, for installing LVT on floors and walls in damp surroundings. This year at Domotex, Mapei presented its new, improved formula which is easier to apply and makes it suitable for installing SPC and rigid LVT. For the wooden flooring market, Mapei presented the new silylated adhesives ULTRABOND ECO S958 1K, ULTRABOND ECO S LITE and ULTRABOND ECO S PLUS, all completely free April - June 2019

25 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama


A less favourable external environment in 2019 will have nega! ve implica! ons for La! n America, especially the decelera! on in China’s growth, which will not only have an impact on demand, but also on commodity prices. Most La! n American economies cannot afford fiscal s! mulus due to wide fiscal deficits, especially Brazil. Improvements in the labour market will help private consump! on, although not to the extent of driving a sharp recovery. Further increases in commodity prices or external demand are unlikely to accelerate the expansion. Gross Domes! c Product (GDP) growth in the region will be 1.5% in 2019, up from 0.7% in 2018, but s! ll a modest rate for an emerging region. Although there is forecast accelera! on in 2019, expected mild pension reform and businesses will not be convinced that the country will see fiscal consolida! on. It may take three to four years to bring the fiscal deficit to a region with challenges manageable levels (below 3% of GDP). Apart from 26 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

pension reform, the government will have to implement fiscal reform to simplify the tax system. Argen! na is in recession and the short-term outlook is bleak. The Marcy government must implement severe fiscal and monetary retrenchment policies to regain confidence and reduce the country’s vulnerabili! es and contagion risk. The administra! on has opted to implement ! ghtening measures on monetary policy, along with an austere fiscal budget, as there is not much room to maneuver. In addi! on to recession, Argen! na has wide fiscal and external deficits with high infla! on, an unstable currency suscep! ble to interna! onal contagion and growing debt. Freezing the monetary base will imply severe adjustment/decline in real terms in monetary aggregates as high infla! on persists. This is an emergency measure that will reduce liquidity and means of payments, constraining economic ac! vity. The monetary authority has also commi% ed to no longer finance fiscal deficits. April - June 2019


Colombia, Peru, and Chile will see modest growth. Colombia will grow just 2.2 –2.6% in the next three years; private consump! on and investment will drive economic growth. The implementa! on of Colombia’s Fourth Genera! on (4G) infrastructure program should boost the economy. Meanwhile, Venezuela is in a full-blown economic crisis, with plunging GDP, widespread scarcity of basic goods and hyperinfla! on. Furthermore, energy prices will be lower in 2019, damaging economic condi! ons in Venezuela even further.

La! n America con! nues to face significant challenges. While 2018 was a transi! on year, the return to growth will struggle. Key to the outlook is con! nuing global growth which will support higher oil and commodity prices. The risk is that the global economy fails to meet expecta! ons in 2020, commodity prices remain weak, and La! n American construc! on markets con! nue to languish.

La! n American construc! on spending will recover in 2019, but post gains at below or near global rates in the medium term. All large regional economies hold back the outlook this year, but progressive economic improvement and deferred investment will put La! n America back on a closeto-global track in 2020 and 2021. April - June 2019

27 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama


The Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) comprises of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Among these countries – formed when the former Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 – Russia dominates the region. Therefore, a weak Russian economy severely damages the strength of the region as a whole. GDP in 2018 in Russia is es! mated to grow 1.8%, with a slight decline to 1.6% predicated for 2019. Data provided by IHS Global Insight reveals that total construc! on spending in Russia declined by 0.5% in 2017 but is predicted to increase 2.3% in 2018, followed by a modest rise in 2019 of 1.1%. Real infrastructure construc! on spending increased 1.2% in 2017, with an expansion of spending of 1.9% predicated in 2018 and 1.3% in 2019. Regarding different infrastructure sectors, spending on transporta! on showed the largest gains, while the weakest performer was energy construc! on. It is also worth no! ng that hos! ng the 2018 FIFA World Cup provided 28 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

a boost for the Russian construc! on industry, regarding the construc! on of stadium and infrastructure, which is now over. At the start of the year the Lakhta Centre in St. Petersburg opened, becoming Europe’s tallest skyscraper at 462m in height. While there may not be plans to construct another building of this height, Russia does have lo( y and ambi! ous infrastructure goals. In May 2018 Russian President Vladimir Pu! n, following his re-inaugura! on for another six-year term in office, authorised the implementa! on of the 2018 Execu! ve Order on Na! onal Goals and Strategic Objec! ves. Following this, the government developed a 2018- 2024 na! onal programme consis! ng of 12 ‘Na! onal Projects’ with 150 development goals. This scheme is similar to a previous 2012-2018 Russian plan, although it is worth no! ng that the new Na! onal Projects require significantly larger government investment: US$32 billion was envisaged in 2012, while the 2018 plan proposes US$304 billion. April - June 2019


The scale of Russian construc! on growth rests, to a large extent, on how much of the plan is actually implemented. Construc! on ac! vity in the Ukraine was given a boost with the recent news that the European Commission will allocate €4.5 billion (US$5.1 billion) for Ukraine’s integra! on into the Trans-European Transport Network. The money will be spent on 39 Ukrainian infrastructure projects specified in the Drive Ukraine 2030 strategy – Ukraine’s strategy to build a modern and connected transport system. The Minister of Infrastructure for Ukraine, Volodymyr Omelyan, said about the strategy, “The document is rather advanced and aims not only at solving the problems of today, but also at crea! ng the new infrastructure reality.” In other construc! on news related to the Ukraine, there are fears that the housing market has become saturated. Sergii Zapototskyi, a representa! ve of EECFA (the Eastern European Construc! on Forecas! ng April - June 2019

Associa! on) reported that Ukraine used to have an acute housing problem but that, during the past few years, the growth in the volume of housing construc! on, mainly in large ci! es and in their suburbs, had made significant adjustments to the market.

29 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama



32 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019



April - June 2019

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April - June 2019



April - June 2019

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The January edi!on of the Trade Fair ended on a posi!ve note, leading to three new specialist events

HOMI, Fiera Milano’s Lifestyles Trade Fair, ended its eleventh edi# on with over 80,000 operators from more than 90 different countries; affluence was principally from: Russia, Spain, Switzerland, China, France and Japan. The best performance was achieved by Russia with 605 operators present (+60%) and the USA which doubled the number of buyers at the show, reaching a figure of 240 presences; these were followed by Germany and Japan which recorded +40% and +20% compared to 2018, respec# vely; operators from Bahrain, Norway, Taiwan and Uzbekistan visited HOMI for the first # me. 36 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019

FAIRS This edi# on was met with a great deal of dynamism, from all the industry players, a dynamic approach that is mirrored and embraced by the spirit of development of Milan: a city that has progressively grown in the last decade, to become an experimental workshop of ideas and interna# onal hub of opportuni# es and business. As regards social media, figures show a rising interest in the event on the part of followers, who generated an engagement of 58,000 interac# ons during the four-day event To confirm its innova# ve soul, capable of con# nuously heeding the needs of the market, HOMI is announcing a development that will start to take shape in September later this year. Indeed, this includes the launch of HOMI Fashion & Jewels, a six-monthly event dedicated to the world of costume jewellery and fashion accessories, and HOMI Outdoor, a yearly event with a specific focus on the outdoors combined with the home & decora# on offering. These two new formats will take place for the first # me from 13th un# l 16th September 2019 whereas HOMI, the Lifestyles Trade Fair, will be packed into a single major edi# on star# ng in January 2020.

Owing to the high profile of buyers from across the globe, HOMI confirms its posi# on as a genuine business pla' orm that focuses on the quality of contacts made. The edi# on that just ended benefited from a more interna# onal atmosphere thanks also to the partnership with ICE (the Italian Trade Agency) which, like every year, supports the incoming buyer scheme that increasingly aims at sa# sfying the needs of the companies in a( endance. April - June 2019

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HOW WORKSPACE HELPED H2O CONCEPTS BUILD MORE THAN $200,000 WORTH OF SALES PIPELINE IN FOUR DAYS An Interview with Ghanem Ghanem, Head of Sales (UAE & Oman), H2O Concepts Highlights:

H2O Concepts is a leading supplier and distributor of commercial interiors; they are Herman Miller’s authorised dealer in the region

The team were looking to the WORKSPACE exhibi# on to help them enhance their brand profile and promote their latest product line

Due to the success of H2O Concept’s par# cipa# on in the exhibi# on, they have decided to return for the 2019 edi# on of WORKSPACE

38 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

In 2018, one of H2O Concept’s main objec# ves was to enhance brand loyalty and maintain a strong presence in the market. As with many commercial furniture retailers in the region, one of the main challenges they were facing was the influx of inexpensive duplicate products flooding the market. Now that consumers are able to order anything from anywhere in the world at the click of a bu( on (basing their purchasing decisions on images and brief product descrip# ons), H2O Concepts had to work harder to explain how their products offer superior quality in both construc# on and finish. Another serious challenge they were dealing with was making their presence in the market place felt. As an established brand, the hardship is no longer crea# ng brand awareness but maintaining it in a market-place with ever growing compe# # on both on the ground, overseas and on the internet. Founded in 2003, H2O Concepts delivers dynamic, versa# le and high-end furniture solu# ons that shape spaces to meet the needs of the modern-day work force. Their product lines include an extensive range of cu* ngedge furniture systems and free-standing furniture. They provide furnishing op# ons for offices, conference spaces, auditoriums, hotels, hospitals and educa# onal ins# tu# ons. Ghanem Ghanem Heads Sales for H2O Concepts’ UAE and Oman offices and his design ethos is, ‘’we create and sustain great places to work, live and learn for every client.’’ In an a( empt to overcome the challenges facing H2O Concepts, the decision to exhibit at the WORKSPACE exhibi# on was made. The thinking behind this was to April - June 2019

FAIRS elevate the H2O Concepts brand by associa# ng it with WORKSPACE and use the exhibi# on as a pla' orm to launch their latest range of products. By invi# ng their exis# ng clients to a( end and interac# ng with new poten# al clients at the exhibi# on, H2O Concepts was able to offer visitors the opportunity to touch and feel the superior quality of their latest range of products. Given that quality is one of H2O Concept’s USPs, being able to demonstrate this was a key driver behind par# cipa# ng at WORKSPACE. ‘’You might see a good a( empt at copying the aesthe# cs of a product,’’said Ghanem Ghanem, Head of Sales (UAE & Oman), H2O Concepts, ‘’but from a func# onality and longevity standpoint, they hardly ever come close to our quality.’’ He went on to say, ''WORKSPACE gives us the opportunity to interact with new poten# al clients face-toface, show them our latest products in person and demonstrate the superior quality we can provide them with.'' Building personal rela# onships is priceless. Communica# ng face-to-face with both poten# al and exis# ng clients allowed H2O Concepts to build upon their brand’s personality. Visitors at the exhibi# on have the # me and are interested in understanding how products are different or unique – they are there to source new products and suppliers so the stage is set. The H2O Concepts team met more than 1,000 visitors across the 4 days of the exhibi# on and 686 of them were new buyers that they kept in touch with a- er the show. As a result of people H2O Concepts met at WORKSPACE, they es# mate they have generated roughly $200,000 in revenue (if not more!) A- er their par# cipa# on at WORKSPACE, H2O Concept’s annual sales increased (year-onyear) and they a( ribute at least 5% of this increase to their par# cipa# on at the WORKSPACE exhibi# on. Overall the team behind H2O Concepts feels that WORKSPACE has played a large part in increasing their overall brand awareness amongst end users in the region and due to the success of their par# cipa# on, H2O Concepts has announced they will be par# cipa# ng at WORKSPACE 2019.

April - June 2019

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Taking place at the JIEXpo Conven# on Centre and Theatre, the Indonesia Interna# onal Furniture Expo (IFEX) officially opened on 11.3.2019 (11/3). The largest business-to-business (B2B) furniture exhibi# on in Indonesia and the region was inaugurated by the Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, accompanied by the Deputy Minister for Produc# on and Marke# ng of the Ministry for Coopera# ves and Small and Medium Enterprise; Victoria Simanungkalit, Chairman of the Indonesia Furniture Industry and Cra- Associa# on (HIMKI); S o e n o to, Re p re s e nta# ve o f D ya n d ra P ro m o s i n d o Management, Daswar Marpaung, and Representa# ve of Kompas-Gramedia Management, Rikard Bagun. In his remark, Minister Airlangga said Indonesia has a huge advantage to be the leading player of the global furniture industry, par# cularly through the use of ra( an. “The Ministry of Industry has opened Indonesia Ra( an Innova# on Center (PIRNas) in Palu. We hope the furniture industry can take advantage of the existence of this research center to increase our compe# # veness,” said Airlangga. He hoped HIMKI would also expand furniture centers outside Java. The ministry also encourages the strengthening of human resources by facilita# ng the opening of the Furniture I n d u st r y a n d Wo o d P ro c e s s i n g 40 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

Polytechnic in Kendal, Central Java, which is located within the Central Java industrial estate. For the last two years, the estate has a( racted 50 investors with an investment value of US$500 million. Meanwhile, HIMKI Chairman, Soenoto, said driving the growth of Indonesia’s furniture industry would require collabora# on and coopera# on with other countries, such as China who is currently a top exporter of furniture products with an export value of more than US$50 billion. Indonesia’s export value is currently at US$2.5 billion. He is op# mis# c that the local furniture industry will be able to grow once the poten# al is boosted. The opening of the furniture polytechnic in Kendal is

April - June 2019


one of the ways to support the growth of the industry through the crea# on of qualified human resources. The curriculum at the polytechnic combines classroom educa# on with working experience in the industry. The objec# ve of the dual-system is to produce competent and industry-ready graduates to support the growth of the country’s furniture industry. The Polytechnic will also serve as the R&D center for furniture and wood processing industry. Besides human resources, the availability of raw material is also crucial to support the industry’s growth. The Ministry of Industry is coordina# ng with the Ministry of Environment and Forestry to address the issue and to take necessary measures. Inter-ministerial coordina# on is a necessity to further support the growth of the country’s furniture industry to become the leading player in the global furniture industry. “We have huge advantages in the form of cultural diversity, environmental-friendly materials, qualified skills, unique designs, and others. Therefore, we at HIMKI is op# mis# c that we can become the leading player of the global furniture industry and become the benchmark of the development of the furniture industry in Asia and the world,” said Soenoto. About HIMKI HIMKI is the result of the merger of two previous organiza# ons in furniture and cra- industry namely AMKRI and ASMINDO. The merger was strongly supported by President Joko Widodo to create a single en# ty that is strong and huge that also serves as the government’s partner in suppor# ng the industry to encourage the compe# # veness of furniture and cra- products in the domes# c and interna# onal markets. HIMKI was officially declared on May 31 2016 in Jakarta and was later confirmed on July 28 2016 at the Ministry of Industry and on the same day was approved by President Joko Widodo at Istana Negara. HIMKI was established based on similarity in the vision, mission, and purposes among its members to collec# vely support the country’s furniture and cra- industry. The organiza# on is expected to become the ins# tu# on that is April - June 2019

aspira# onal and accommoda# ng with the spirit of equality among its members. About Dyandra Promosindo Dyandra Promosindo is a Professional Event Organizer (PEO) in Indonesia, and is a sub-holding company of PT Dyandra Media Interna# onal (DMI). Since its established in 1994, Dyandra Promosindo has managed to record impressive track record of exhibi# ons throughout Indonesia. Dyandra Promosindo has organized more than 850 exhibi# ons in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bali, Makassar, Medan and other major ci# es in Indonesia. With more than 1,000 exhibitors every year, including foreign exhibitors, Dyandra Promosindo has proven itself as the trusted business partner while improving itself to realize a be( er exhibi# on culture in Indonesia. Dyandra Promosindo has organized various exhibi# ons such as B2B exhibi# on, B2C exhibi# on, music concerts, world-scale conferences and summits. Dyandra Promosindo is the first PEO in Indonesia with ISO 9001:2008 cer# fica# on for management quality system. The exhibi# ons by Dyandra Promosindo, among others, are: Indonesia Interna# onal Motor Show, Indonesia Interna# onal Furniture Expo, Indonesian Petroleum Associa# on Convex, Indonesia E-Commerce Summit & Expo, Indonesia Cellular Show, Interna# onal Franchise, License and Business Concept Expo & Conference, Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair, and many more.

41 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama



The 15th Export Furniture Exhibi# on (EFE) taking place from 912 March 2019 at Kuala Lumpur Conven# on Centre (KLCC), Malaysia’s leading conven# on centre was a hive of ac# vi# es with thousands of interna# onal visitors flocking to the exhibi# on venue in conjunc# on with its annual interna# onal

event cum celebra# on of EFE’s 15th Anniversary. Organized by EFE Expo Sdn Bhd; a wholly owned company of the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC), the four days exhibi# on a( racted more than 15,000 buyers from more than 140 countries sourcing for high quality Malaysian furniture. One of the main highlights of the annual event was the “Buyers Networking Night!” The much awaited event was held on 10th March 2019 at KLCC’s East Wing, Level 3 Foyer. The night of merriment and cheers commenced at 6.30pm with a flash mob followed by the arrival of Y.Bhg. Dato’ Low Kian Chuan, Chairman of Malaysian Timber Council. The event’s welcome speech was delivered by Chua Chun Chai, President of Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) followed by Dato’ Low Kian Chuan. The Buyers’ Night was aimed at providing the buyers with a night of relaxa# on, to enjoy the good food and drinks and an opportunity to meet new and old friends. It is also a # me to

42 | Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019

FAIRS socialize, network and enjoy a- er a hard day’s interac# on with the exhibitors. An evening of colourful stage performance, entertainment, food and drinks, it was a memorable night for the buyers and suppliers. It was a night everyone looked forward to – the glitz and glamour, good food and good company, entertainment and drinks all night long. The highlights of the night were the announcements and presenta# on of the “Best Booth Awards” and the “MFC Furniture Crea# vity Awards”. In the Best Booth Award, 3 winners each for booth size above 100sqm and below 100sqm category were awarded including 3 winners each for “Best Booth Shell Scheme” of above 100sqm and below 100sqm category. Another 3 winners for booths at the Branding Corridor were also rewarded. For the MFC Awards, the winners of the coveted Malaysian Furniture Crea# vity Award are categorized under the following product types (furniture) : Living Room. Dining Room Bedroom Set Ma( ress Living Room Furniture- TV Cabinet Hear# est congratula# ons to all the winners. They truly deserve the awards for their efforts and hard work. In conjunc# on with award ceremony, a video clip of 2018 MFC Award Presenta# on was showed together with the 15th EFE Anniversary video clip. The event night con# nued with lucky draws and photo sessions followed by the much awaited presenta# on to the winners of the Malaysian Furniture Crea# vity (MFC) Award by Y.Bhg. Dato’ Low Kian Chuan and a token of apprecia# on to Ex-EFE Directors by Chua Chun Chai, President of Malaysian Furniture Council. The Buyers Night culminated with a cake cu* ng and toast in conjunc# on with EFE’s 15th Anniversary. It was an exci# ng night and definitely a memorable one for everyone. April - June 2019

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Vikjay International

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India Stone Mart, Jaipur, India

Xiamen Stone Fair, Xiamen, China

Marble, Izmir, Turkey

Intermat, Paris, France

Middle East Stone ,Dubai, UAE

ISMOB, Istanbul, Turkey

Kitchen and Bath, New Delhi, India

Made Expo, Milan, Italy

Coverings Orlando, USA

GILE, Guangzhou, China

CERSAIE, Bologna, Italy

Marmomacc, Verona, Italy

ACORE, Kenya, Nairobi

Maison & Objet, Paris, France

Municipalika, Jaipur, India

Yapex, Antalya, Turkey

IMOB, Istanbul, Turkey

STONA, Bangalore, India

ISMOB, Istanbul, Turkey

Decor India Show, Jaipur, India

Maison and Objet Asia, Singapore

Lighttech, Istanbul, Turkey

EFE, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Marble, Izmir, Turkey

46| Architecture & Interiors International Panorama

April - June 2019


Architecture & Interiors International Panorama at International Events

City Expo, Antalya, Turkey

Isfahan Stone Fair, Isfahan, Iran

Project Qatar, Doha, Qatar

Turkey Stone, Antalya, Turkey

GILE, Juangzhou, China

Maison and Objet 2016, Paris, France

Iran Stone Expo, Mahallat, Iran

Cersaie 2016, Bologna, Italy

Marmomacc 2016, Verona, Italy

Bursa Block Fair, Bursa, Turkey

Vibrant Ceramics, Ahmedabad, India

Arc Asia, Jaipur

Coverings 2017, USA

Evteks, Istanbul, Turkey

Middle East Stone 2017, Dubai, UAE

Moroc Stone, Casablanca, Morocco

Project Qatar 2017, Doha, Qatar

Bursa Block Fair 2017, Bursa, Turkey

April - June 2019

Stonex Canada 2017, Toronto, Canada

Marmomacc 2017, Verona, Italy

Stone 2017, Batlaha, Portugal

Vibrant Ceramics, Gandhinagar, India

Xiamen Stone Fair 2017, Xiamen, China Iran stone expo 2017, Mahallat, Iran

SICAM, Italy, 2018

Masion & Objet 2018, Paris, France

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Mahar Interio

MI Mahar Interio

Mr. Jaidev Ramsingh (Proprietor) No. 887, B. M. K. Compound, Kranti Nagar, Behind Dutt Mandir, Bail Bazar, Kurla West, Mumbai - 400 070, Maharashtra, India Mobile No- +(91)-9323222241, 09768883361 E-mail: maharinterio@gmail.com5

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Hirji Baug, Off T J Road, Opposite Sunder Tower, Sewree West, Behind Balmer Laurie & Company, Sewri, Mumbai, - 400015 Telefax : 022 - 24184009 Email : Web :

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Mr. Pankaj Goyal (Director) No. 3420, 1st floor, Street-1, Reghst pura, Karol Bagh New Delhi-110005, India Tel.: 011-47463729, Mob.: +91-96540 58693 E-mail:

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