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Updated 4 August 2011

 Chair Board of Directors

Chair Academic Board

On behalf of our staff and academics, I welcome you to AIH Higher Education.

As Chair of the Academic Board of AIH Higher Education, it is my pleasure to welcome you into our fraternity. We work together with students to help them achieve their dreams. You will be entering an Institution where everyone will know your name and will take a personal interest in your success. You will be surprised at our small class sizes and the intimate relationships that will develop between staff and students. You will be delighted by the personalised nature of instruction that our teaching model allows. We will nurture a professional identity for you and you will graduate with the ability to succeed in a rewarding business career.

We take pride in creating the highest academic excellence, innovative programs and personalised education experience to empower you as a new generation of leaders who will be highly sought after by employers from Australia and overseas. The strong collaboration and partnership with professional associations and industry will bring you a network of opportunity to translate your outstanding educational experience and academic excellence into outstanding employable graduates.

The curriculum has been designed via a collaboration of leading academics and business representatives from some of Australia’s most innovative companies. I am confident that you will find the approach to teaching engaging and the learning experience stimulating. Good luck in your studies and in your career.

I invite you to take every advantage of the opportunities and resources provided to develop you as future leaders ready for a high-tech, globalised economy and borderless world, so that you can embrace your employment opportunities well balanced, tolerant, ethical and with an advantage in global business.

Dr Grant Jones Chair Academic Board AIH Higher Education

Massoud Matthew Nasrabadi Chair Board of Directors AIH Higher Education •1•

      · Meet the needs of industry and the broader community through consultation and collaborative partnerships

  AIH Higher Education is committed to delivering quality accredited undergraduate higher education courses. AIH will achieve this mission by striving to achieve the following goals:

¡ Contribute to the national economy by providing graduates with high level skills and knowledge required by industry and government and maintaining commercial viability for long term sustainability

  ¡ Deliver quality industry aligned Bachelor degrees by coursework that produce work-ready graduates

¡ Produce culturally intelligent graduates with social, cultural and international knowledge to improve the quality of society

¡ Provide the highest quality educational experience to enable individuals to realise their full potential

¡ Ensure that the principles of access and equity are practised in all aspects of the Institution’s operations

¡ Advance knowledge and understanding through a commitment to free intellectual enquiry and scholarship

¡ Ensure the Institution is a good corporate citizen


     "# $   %  &



¡ The courses and units have been designed in consultation with academics and industry experts in each discipline

¡ Courses and units incorporate corporate responsibility, discipline, ethics, governance, cultural differences and social responsibility ¡ Students will learn that businesses and industry need to be socially responsive to the cultural imperatives, environmental needs, and ethical nuances based on each stakeholder’s perspective ¡ Students will learn that there are different pressures facing each industry, each country and different regions ¡ Units such as &RPSDUDWLYH)LHOG   5HVHDUFKand &RUSRUDWH5HVSRQVLELOLW\  (WKLFVDQG*RYHUQDQFH are units new to business courses and reflect emerging issues faced by businesses today

¡ The Bachelor of Accounting has been designed to reflect the standards and requirements of professional accreditation bodies as well as current industry needs ¡ The Bachelor of Business has been designed to reflect current technology, industry standards, cultural imperatives, and the globalised economy ¡ Embedded in the course structures are units where students will be exposed to case studies and actual company site visits. For example, students will analyze actual company issues in the %XVLQHVV([SHULHQFH3URMHFW8QLW

"     ¡ Teaching and learning will take place in supportive, face-to-face settings ¡ Lectures and tutorials are conducted as three hour seminars per week for each unit. Both lectures and tutorials will be in smaller classes no larger than 50 in each class – there are no large lecture halls as utilised by universities ¡ Students are known by their name and their development and progress can be individually tracked to ensure their success. This is particularly important in developing the generic communication skills of each graduate, such as communication and professional development ¡ Students have access to academic advisors, student welfare and support staff •3•

More about AIH Higher Education AIH Higher Education is an established private Higher Education institution supported by an experienced team of academics. We offer industry designed and focused courses in conjunction with key members of industr y.

AIH Offers:

At AIH Higher Education we provide:

451 Pitt Street centrally located in the

∙ Excellence in teaching and learning

The campus has modern, light, spacious lecture

∙ Personalised and industry relevant teaching in small classes

equipped with the latest hardware and software


The Campus: AIH Higher Education is on level 4, heart of Sydney. rooms, a library and a computer laboratory resources.

∙ Industry links and networking ∙ New teaching technology and facilities

Library Facilities:

∙ Wireless Internet connection network

with multiple copies of prescribed and

∙ Academic and student support resources

recommended texts and readings for each unit

∙ Development of key academic, communication and professional skills

Students will have online access at home and on

AIH Higher Education Bachelor Courses

from databases and textbook publishers.

AIH Higher Education delivers excellence in Bachelor courses that are accredited by the NSW Department of Education and Training as equivalent to courses delivered at an Australian university.

Teaching Methods:

AIH Higher Education courses have been designed to provide students with a network of opportunity to further employment and postgraduate studies. Future employers will find that AIH Higher Education graduates have been provided with the underpinning knowledge, industry networks and applicable skills that will meet the needs of industry and the broader community.

to enhance each student’s learning experience.

AIH Higher Education has a modern library

of study for all courses. campus to teaching and reseach resources

AIH utilises a variety of teaching approaches to ensure that students are developed and challenged in accordance with their abilities within an environment of teaching excellence Students will be immersed in a higher education learning culture integrated within a framework of theory and practice to ensure relevance in their learning using current linkages with industry partners.

Our friendly and diverse support staff offer personalised services that will help students realise their business aspirations.


More about AIH Higher Education Generic skills for AIH graduates:


Multi-lingual Student Support Service:

Personal Attention and Service:

Academic Resources: campus

· ·

through 24/7 Learning Management Systems at AIH Online databases 24/7 access on internet Academic writing workshops - compulsory Personalised academic support Collegial and supportive study environment · · ·

Industry linked : guest speakers and business tours

 *  %   (   

)+/   #  

Successful completion of Year 12

¡ Mature Age Entry by Special Tertiary Admission Test (administered by UAC)

(or equivalent)

¡ Certificate IV in Tertiary Studies

ATAR of not lower than 65 with Mathematics and English (minimum Performance Band 4 or equivalent for both subjects)

¡ Credit transfer/advanced standing as evidenced by academic transcripts and/ or Statements of Attainment from other tertiary institutions, including Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas, and other prior completed tertiary level units

    )   Completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) (International students whose secondary education was conducted in a language other than English: IELTS overall band score: 6.0 (no band less than 5.5) or equivalent)

¡ Credit from learning from work or life experience (RPL) as evidenced by portfolio of achievements



" 0 Australian Year 12 or High School Equivalent

Recognised Foundation Studies Course Certificate IV in Related Discipline or Prior Learning

Diploma or Advanced Diploma or other Tertiary Studies


INDUSTRY AND/OR POST GRADUATE STUDIES (e.g. MASTERS) As students are completing Australian accredited Bachelor degrees at AIH, they will be eligible for entry into Australian universities for Masters courses. Please check with each individual university for entry requirements and length of course. Advanced Standing for AIH students! Students that complete the Bachelor of Business at AIH will be eligible for 4 subjects credit into the Master of Business, 052190C NSW and 058829J VIC (12 subject version) offered at the Charles Sturt University (CSU) Study Centres. Students only need to complete the remaining 8 subjects.


learning outcomes in the areas of information technology, marketing, organisational behaviour and operations, as well as allowing students the freedom to choose from a number of business-based electives. Finally, the Bachelor of Accounting degree provides scope for the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills whilst also emphasising the importance of corporate responsibility, ethics and governance.

The Bachelor of Accounting provides its graduates with the skills, knowledge and attributes required by accountants to perform effectively in modern business environments. The degree is designed in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and the requirements of relevant professional associations. At the core of the Bachelor of Accounting degree are units that provide the financial accounting, management accounting and auditing skills necessary to obtain professional accreditation and employment in the discipline of accountancy. In modern business environments, accountants need to interact with professionals from a range of functional areas. Hence, the Bachelor of Accounting degree also provides education and

There are six generic outcomes for all graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting: · Perform financial accounting processes that record, measure and report the transactions and performance of an organisation in a manner that complies with applicable accounting standards · Perform management accounting processes that record, measure and report the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation, its performance and position in a manner useful for managerial decision making · Analyse accounting information to evaluate the extent of compliance with applicable accounting standards · Analyse accounting information to evaluate cost and efficiency, performance and value creation, and the achievement of strategic objectives · Communicate effectively with other management professionals and business stakeholders synthesising issues in accounting and finance, operations, marketing, people and organisations as well as broader issues in corporate responsibility, ethics and governance · Identify the broader social, legal, economic and business context within which accounting operates 8

%      ( +  >  2  


Vocational abilities that students must be able to demonstrate by the end of the course fall into the following areas: ¡ have in depth knowledge of accounting processes, encompassing financial accounting, management accounting and auditing ¡ integrate accounting information into a broader legal, commercial and business context ¡ leverage their technical expertise to think critically and solve business and commercial problems ¡ communicate with other business professionals in non-accounting disciplines of management ¡ provide advice to management based on sound accounting and financial analysis on how to enhance organisational efficiency and effectiveness ¡ act responsibly and ethically

The Bachelor of Accounting course has as its core an accounting body of knowledge that is complemented by business law, economics and finance, as well as broad-based management bodies of knowledge. This structure is designed to provide the education and skills required by current and future accountants who will need to interact with other professionals in business. In addition, the course has four electives. This provides flexibility for students to pursue advanced learning outcomes in general management disciplines of their choice (subject to availability). The table overleaf provides a listing of unit codes and titles that comprise the Bachelor of Accounting course. Approved electives are listed directly below the Table.

2++     Graduates of the Bachelor of Accounting will be able to apply for the following roles: ?   




"   )    The Bachelor of Accounting has been benchmarked with the educational requirements of the National Institute of Accountants.


%      )  

• 10 •

Bachelor of Accounting: Course Structure (continued) ELECTIVE UNITS:

Selecting Elective Units ·


At the 200 Level: ·

· · ·

At the 300 Level: · ·

· ·


% %    6 2)   789;<Y%

 23 #  The Bachelor of Business is designed to provide a broad general education relating to business management, which brings together the sub-disciplines of accounting and finance, operations, people and organisations and marketing and strategy. While the introductory units are each dedicated to one of these areas and collectively provide a balance of specialised treatments, the higher level units tend to provide a more integrated treatment of all areas in each unit. Some of the higher level units are generic to management, including those dealing with strategy and governance. Others develop a theme based approach considering issues around globalisation and the internationalisation of business.

These studies are designed to produce graduates who have effective and industry relevant knowledge and skills and who demonstrate capabilities for leadership in the business area. To achieve this aim the Bachelor of Business requires graduates to demonstrate both educational and professional outcomes.

  2   There are six general outcomes for all graduates of the Bachelor of Business: · Think strategically, using a range of tools and models that have been identified within the academic and professional literature · Develop plans which form a synthesis of accounting and finance, operations, marketing, people and organisational issues and capabilities · Communicate persuasively across cultures and across the boundaries of the sub disciplines within the management sphere · Optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of the organisation · Manage risk and exploit opportunities that arise from the core competencies and positioning of the organisation · Apply these capabilities across a range of organisations that might be encountered in a typical career and adapt knowledge of management and leadership to new problems and opportunities as yet unforseen

â&#x20AC;˘ 12 â&#x20AC;˘

and generate effective, acceptable change in the problem situation in a wide variety of contexts; and Innovate through creative thinking in the commercial context

Professional abilities that students must be able to demonstrate by the end of the course fall into seven areas: 1. Have in-depth knowledge of one or more fields

路 Responsible Awareness: continuously reflect upon and critically assess their actions, appreciate the impact of those actions and recognise the legal, ethical, and social justice issues affected by their actions

2. Be equipped for life-long learning and motivated to continue to learn and develop professionally 3. The ability to effectively communicate, both orally and in writing, with a diverse range of audiences

Graduates of the Bachelor of Business will qualify to pursue a career in public, private or non-government sector management or as management consultants.

4. Are able to liaise, cooperate, and work effectively with others 5. Are able to conduct thorough, accurate, and targeted research, and in particular be able to access information through a variety of communication channels, comprehend, critically assess and integrate information from a wide variety of sources

The Bachelor of Business degree has two broad dimensions. The first dimension provides a broad general education in management by balancing units from the four areas that are generally considered to constitute the core of management: i.e. Accounting and Finance, Operations, Marketing and Strategy, and Organisational and Human Resource Studies. The second dimension operates at the higher levels and provides a more integrated treatment of the basic topic areas, either around generic management themes of strategy and governance or around themes of globalisation and the internationalisation of business activity. These themes have had a profound influence on the way in which business is done. The table overleaf provides a listing of unit codes and titles that comprise the Bachelor of Business. Approved electives are listed directly below the Table.

6. The ability to understand and identify ethical problems and demonstrate ethical behaviour 7. Have business leadership potential shown through: 路 Good Communication: the ability to effectively adapt communication techniques and strategies to a diverse variety of businesses and interpersonal contexts 路 The ability to work independently and in collaborative relationships: Operate effectively in supervised and self-directed modes as an individual, and similarly work effectively as a team member and/or team leader, in a wide variety of contexts; and Facilitate the empowerment of others to fulfil their potential in their environment. 路 Effective problem-solving and creative thinking: Identify problem situations, choose appropriate problem-solving approaches, 13

% %      )  

â&#x20AC;¢ 14 â&#x20AC;¢

% %      )  Z  [   >\]) Listed below are the approved Electives for the Bachelor of Business:

  <77 # ¡ BUS313 Managing Global Supply Chains ¡ ACC301 Auditing (pre-requisite is ACC202 Financial Accounting Standards and

)   #\  ¡ Students must choose one 200 level elective

Corporate Reporting) ¡ ACC302 Strategic Management Accounting

in each 200 level elective allocation.

(pre-requisite is ACC201 Management

¡ Students must choose one 300 level elective. ¡ In each case, students must structure their

Accounting) ¡ ACC304 Tax Law (pre-requisite is ACC203

course to include any pre-requisites.

  Y77 # ¡ BUS203 Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital ¡ BUS204 Advanced Human Resource

Business Law) In finalising their electives, students will undergo academic counselling with the relevant Associate Dean. This counselling will take into account issues such as the relevance and cohesiveness of the elective units chosen.

Management (pre-requisite is BUS104 Foundations of Human Resource Management) ¡ BUS205 Managing Operations Challenges (pre-requisite is BUS202 Managing Operations) Management) ¡ ACC201 Management Accounting (prerequisite is ACC102 Introductory Accounting 2) ¡ ACC202 Financial Accounting Standards and Corporate Reporting (pre-requisite is ACC102 Introductory Accounting 2) ¡ ACC204 Company Law (pre-requisite is ACC203 Business Law) ¡ ITM205 Management Information Systems (pre-requisite is ITM101 Foundations of Information Technology)

â&#x20AC;˘ 15 â&#x20AC;˘

  +  0 ++ )  Z(       [ ) +=)    Consult this Prospectus for the course title (and CRICOS Code for international students)

) +Y !  * Check that you meet the AIH Entry Requirements on page 6

) +<2#  )    # It is mandatory that international students have current Overseas Student Health Cover before coming to Australia except for certain Norwegian and Swedish students who have been exempted from OSHC in favour of a scheme sourced by their governments. Our Admissions staff can assist you organise OSHC with Medibank Private.

) +< +  ++      ? ¡ Complete the Application for Admission Form included with this Prospectus. ¡ Attach certified copies of Academic qualifications and transcripts ¡ Submit the Application for Admission Form to AIH Admission via mail or email.

    )  ^"  !

   + +  ) +=++     International Students must also supply the following information: · Refer to Academic Country Admission Requirements Table on page 18 · Include copies of your English Language Test results (within the last two years)

) +Y  Z+  [ Please fill in the AIH Accommodation Application Form and submit to the AIH Admissions together with your Application for Admission Form.

â&#x20AC;˘ 16 â&#x20AC;˘

In addition to the information prescribed in the application form, applicants must also provide verified copies of academic qualifications and transcripts from the articulating institution and consult with the Marketing Department for the list of articulated institutions and the conditions of articulation. All applications using an institutional articulation entry must be signed off by the Executive Dean.

Successful completion of Year 12 (or equivalent) ATAR of not lower than 65 with Mathematics and English (minimum Performance Band 4 or equivalent for both subjects) International students must provide evidence of the following to demonstrate they have successfully met both the educational and English language entry requirements: Educational Requirements (one of the following requirements):

Applicants who wish to apply for advanced standing for part of their course of study where articulation agreements do not exist should refer to the AIH Higher Education

· Successful completion of Year 12 or equivalent as specified by NOOSR in the NOOSR countries equivalency list (Refer to Appendix 2); or

and lodge their application concurrently with their application for admission. The outcome of this application will be determined by the Executive Dean on a case-by-case basis.

· Recognised Foundation Studies course; or · Successful completion of one year of accredited tertiary study at an Australian Institution; or · Successful completion of Certificate IV in a related discipline

Appendix 1 English Language Test Equivalence

And English Language Entry Requirements: International students whose secondary education was conducted in a language other than English require an IELTS overall band score: 6.0 (no band less than 5.5) or equivalent (Refer to Appendix 1)


Mature age or post school students must provide evidence of one of the following to demonstrate they have successfully met the educational entry requirements: · Mature Age Entry by Special Tertiary Admission Test (administered by UAC); or · Post school entry by successful completion of a minimum of a Certificate IV in Foundation Studies





8 to 9



7 to 8



6 to 7






Appendix 2: AIH Higher Education Academic Country Admission Requirements - Undergraduate


Appendix 2 continued: < 

 > *  


 > *  


'           Â&#x2026;     X[  


[      '   ' <   


<  "   @  <      Â&#x201C;Â&#x201D;   "   '   ' <            


<   ?  '  '    <    KÂ  Z  Â 

  '$ Q @[ !V


<         '  '  <    KÂ @9%

  (   |Q;>@< =         } # 


<      Â&#x2022; secundaria comË&#x2122;n completa            %  [     &;;'>     


<   <     @  K  ' Q                  X[    <    '    K'   R '  ~ Â&#x2026;    $  #  #  $  Â?  Q  <    '   K<  Q K  '  [Q;  ; Â&#x2026; Q     



      Â&#x2030;  |}   


'           Â&#x2026;     X[    [   % 

'     (  Â&#x20AC; 


'        %  

 Â&#x2019;   <




'           Â&#x2026;     X[   '  <      KÂ&#x2030;  |} Q


'     Â? <    '    KÂ?<'Q      

  %   Â&#x201E;# # 


<   '     ' <          



<  ' # ) 

 [  $ K')[Â&#x20AC;Q  

  } #  ' #  [ # Â&#x20AC; K'[Â&#x20AC;Q |X}  + Â&#x2020;(    



<  <      '  Â&#x160;?  '   &;;'>



'     }       X     X[   

& Â? 

<  + Â&#x152; ?     %   '      K%!%  Q  


â&#x20AC;˘|Â&#x17D; â&#x20AC;˘

++ $Y   Country

Entry Requirement

Saudi Arabia

Education Certificate awarded by the Ministry of Education in any stream after three years of full-time study can be regarded as comparable to the educational level of an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education (Year 12 award). Completion of the General Certificate of Education (A Levels) with a minimum of 2 â&#x20AC;&#x2122;Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Grades Completion of Senior Certificate with a minimum â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; average (60-70%) Successful completion of the Curso de Orientacion Universitaria or Bachillerato Completion of the GCE â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Levels with a passing grade in 3 subjects Successful completion of a Slutbetyg or Avangsbetyg from an Upper Secondary School Completion of Senior High School Diploma or Junior


South Africa


Sri Lanka



College Diploma with a minimum â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; grade Thailand

Completion of the Matayom 6 with a minimum GPA of 2.5 or Certificate of Secondary Education


Completion of High School Diploma with average grade (orta) - â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; grade - 55%-69%

United Kingdom

Completion of the GCA â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Aâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Levels with 2 minimum â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Câ&#x20AC;&#x2122; grades

United Arab Emirates Satisfactory completion of one year of study at a recognized university Post secondary study United States of America Vietnam

â&#x20AC;˘2 20 0â&#x20AC;˘

Completion of the High School Diploma with an average grade of â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Satisfactory completion of either a Bang Tu tai or Bang tot nghiep Pho thong Trung hoc (Diploma of General Secondary Education)

    )         6*       0#          6*  These students may enrol in an English Language Program in an AIH approved ELICOS provider. Students who are provided with an AIH Conditional Offer based on attainng English language proficiency must refer to the  )    " for conditions that must be met prior to a full offer being made by AIH. AICL is an AIH Approved ELICOS Provider of quality English language programs with a solid approach to academic language learning led by a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals.

AICL offers a wide range of accredited language courses including the IELTS Preparation Program and English for Academic Purposes. AICLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s aim is to offer the language learner quality teaching in a friendly student centred environment that promotes confidence and motivation that leads to success in a tertiary environment. Any AIH student who has not yet attained a 6.0 IELTS may enrol in AICLâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s English for Academic Purposes Program or IELTS Preparation Program as a pathway to satisfy the English language entry requirements for an AIH Bachelor course.

?           "+    )"+  + _ 

  0   000`` 0``

â&#x20AC;˘ 21 â&#x20AC;˘

 >]]()\(j]] )j(]j\)6  Australia is one of the most popular study destinations among overseas students. As well as enjoying a very high quality of education, the students have every opportunity to participate in the broader Australian community and its culture. During semester breaks students can travel to experience more of Australiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s spectacular natural environment and great physical beauty.

) _     +     0& · · · · · ·

Good living conditions Multicultural society Excellent climate Plenty to see and do around the city Relative ease of finding work International students are allowed to work 20 hours per week while studying ¡ International studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; tuition fees are assured by the relevant tuition assurance scheme

   #    It is less costly to live in Australia than in the USA or the United Kingdom. Below is a general guide of the living costs involved. Accommodation Public Transport Food

$200-$280 $40-$70 $10-$30

per week per week per meal

Overall Cost: Statistics estimate that it costs international students round $AUD18000 per year for living costs which include rent, food and transport.

â&#x20AC;˘ 22 â&#x20AC;˘


AIH Higher Education Delivery Location: Head Office: Level 9, 815 George Street, Level 4, 451Pitt St. Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Tel: 02- 8917 6850 Fax: 02- 9212 0069


CRICOS Provider Code 03147A Australian Institute of Higher Education P/L t/a AIH Higher Education

International Student Application for Admission 201 1-2013 Student Details

Education Background What is your highest completed secondary school level?

Family Name

Year 10 or lower

Year 11

Year 12

Given Name Male

Female Certificate of attainment or competence



Diploma/ Advanced Diploma




Undergraduate degree



Country of Birth

Postgraduate degree








Date of Birth



Have you undertaken any post- secondary study? Gender Day

/ Month

/ Year

Passport No. Visa Type



Advanced Standing


Do you wish to apply for Advanced Standing?


(Please attach your original or verified academic transcripts and degrees for assessment)

Permanent Home Address

English Language Proficiency Tick which one of the following English Language Te sts you have taken: Year Result IELTS

Phone Mobile

TOEFL Address while studying

TOEIC Students who have not attained the required English Language Entry requirement may study an IELTS Preparation or English for Acade mic Purposes Program with an ELICOS provider. Admission will only be granted when students have demonstrated the required English language proficie ncy of IELTS 6.0 (Academic) or equivalent.

DIAC Office to apply

Special Needs

Enrolment Details

Do you have a disability, impairment or long term medical con dition which may affect your studies? Yes No

Bachelor Course Details

If yes, please indicate the area/s of impairment: hearing

Enrolment Fee: $200 (non-refundable)


Bachelor of Accounting


Semester Fee

3 years


3 years


(CRICOS Code 069531C)


Bachelor of Business


(CRICOS Code 069532B)



Intake Dates: Choose your preferred starting date:

If you have special needs, would you like to receive advice on support services, equipment and facilities which may assist you? Yes No

Accommodation Details Do you require accommodation?

Yes(4 weeks minimum)



Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) - Medibank Single




3 Years

$1,209.78 $2,419.56

Single 2 Years


28 Nov 11*

12 Mar 12

26 Nov 12*

11 Mar 13

29 Jul 13

25 Nov 13*

30 July 12

The information collected in this form is required to facilitate your enrolment a n d w i l l b e h a n d l e d a n d s t o r e d i n l i n e w i t h the A I H H i g h e r E d u c a t i o n Privacy and Personal Information Procedures. AIH Higher Education reserves the right to verify any of the details you have provided on this form in order to assess your application.


( Compulsory for student visa holders.*) 1 Year

01 Aug 11

* Students to commence in Summer Program Privacy Statement

If yes please enclose the AIH Accommodation Application For m.

Airport Pick Up?

Orientation is compulsory for all students

14 Mar 11


Family $1,613.04

I hereby apply for enrolment into AIH Higher Education and declare that the information I have provided in this form is correct . I understand that information about me and the study I undertake may be disclosed as described in the Privacy Statement or otherwise as required by law.

A complete list of 2011 OSHC premiums is available upon request. * some Norwegian and Swedish students are exempt.

Student Signature


(you will be required to hold OSHC for the length of your intended visa) Agent Name Office use only


Enrolment Fee Tuition Fee Student Health Cover ( __ Yrs)(__Mths) Other Total


AIH Higher Education Delivery Location: Head Office: Level 9, 815 - 8 2 5 George Street, Level 4, 451Pitt St. Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Sydney NSW 2000 AUSTRALIA Tel: 02- 8917 6850 Fax: 02- 9212 0069


CRICOS Provider Code 03147A Australian Institute of Higher Education P/L t/a AIH Higher Education

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment Personal and Contact Details Students have an obligation to notify AIH of a change of address while enrolled in a course with AIH as soon as practicable. Personal information about international students studying with AIH may be shared with the Australian Government and designated authorities, including the Tuition Assurance Scheme and the ESOS Assurance Fund Manager. This information includes personal and contact details, course enrolment details and changes, and the circumstance of any suspected breach of a student visa condition. Expulsion The Institute reserves the right to expel students for any serious breaches of discipline.

Condition to Defer Commencement of Course Students are allowed to defer commencement of a course on medical ground or other exceptional compassionate circumstances. Please refer to the AIH website for further details. Course Requirements and Payment Policies A Change of Course Application incurs a $100 administration fee. Additional Payment Policy Registration into any AIH course obligates the student to accept and abide by the payment conditions outlined below. These conditions do not alter or replace any other payment conditions as specified on enrolment forms or any other AIH documents. Tuition fees are payable for each Semester based on the number of units of study undertaken.

Fees, Courses, and Timetables The Institute reserves the right to vary its fees at any time. All courses and timetables are subject to change without prior notice.

Grievance Procedure Students are entitled to have a personal representative at any stage during the grievance procedure. If student is dissatisfied with the outcome of the AIH grievance resolution procedure (internal appeal), then they can access external Course Requirements process through OVERSEAS STUDENT OMBUDSMAN or any external agency to 1. Prospective students must achieve a 6.0 IELTS or equivalent to commence their principal course. Applicants who have not reached express their concerns. Please visit the following website to access OVERSEAS STUDENT OMBUDSMANâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s external review process. this level may study an academic based English Program with an ELICOS provider until they submit evidence that deem them proficient to commence the principal course. Registration Details 2. For detailed enrolment information refer to the AIH Student Admission Students must register for classes every semester. If there are outstanding Policy on the AIH Website. fees or late registration, students will not be registered or included on a class list until the problem is resolved. Cancellation and Refund Policy Please see the following departments to discuss your problem: 1. All applications for refunds must be made using the AIH Refund Request Form, and submitted to the Administration and Finance Non-financial students - Accounts Department Manager for processing. Late registering students - Executive Dean 2. All approved refunds will be provided within 28 days of receipt of the Change of address - Student Services Officer refund request in accordance with ESOS requirements. Re-assessment/Missed Unit/Failed Unit - Executive Dean 3. Tuition Fees will be refunded in full if a visa application is rejected by DIAC provided that all documents from the Australian Embassy or When fees are paid or related issues have been resolved, the student the DIAC office are supplied. A $250 administration fee f o r a r e f u n d will be included on the class list if there is space available. application applies. In order to be added to the class list and allowed in the class, evidence 4. No refund on tuition fees will be made to students who cancel the must be obtained from Student Services. This is to be taken to the course after it has commenced. lecturer of the class to be added to the class roll and attendance taken. 5. If the student has not commenced the course the following refund When students register late, the lecturer will assist as much as possible, policy applies in the event of cancellation or withdrawal: 50% of but if students cannot catch-up they may fail the unit in which case, the tuition fees will be refunded. student will pay to repeat the unit. 6. Airport pickup and accommodation placement fees are not Indemnity Declaration refundable under any circumstances. 7. AIH will not authorise tuition fee transfers to any other institution or By signing this declaration, the student agrees that the Australian to other students. Institute of Higher Education Pty Ltd, its officers, teachers, employees, 8. If AIH is unable to run an advertised course for any reason, students representatives and agents shall not be held responsible and/or be can transfer to another AIH course or alternatively will receive a 100% under any liability as far as permitted by the laws of Australia and/or refund. Refunds made in these circumstances will be paid within 14 will not make any claim against them for the student's death, bodily days of the provider default in line with ESOS requirements. injury, disability, loss, damages and/or property damage which may be 9. A letter will be provided to each student who requests a refund sustained by the student and /or which may be caused by attendance showing how the refund amount has been calculated. at any premises owned/leased, operated or controlle d by the Australian 10. This agreement does not remove a student's righ ts to take further Institute of Higher Education, the student attending activities and/or action under Australia's Consumer Protection Laws. excursions and/or in any accommodation arranged for the student. 11. AIH's dispute resolution processes do not circumscribe the student's Furthermore, the student agrees to pay for any excursions or activities right to pursue other legal remedies. organised by or on behalf of the Australian Institute of Higher Education. Advanced Standing AIH has an accessible process for the granting of Advanced Standing with respect to specific units on the basis of prior formal studies, professional work or life experience.

I declare that all information given is current, correct and accurate. I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment and agree to be bound by them.

Student Signature


Please refer to the AIH Advanced Standing and Credit Transfer Policy and Procedure on the AIH Website for further details. Updated on S ep 10

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