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SOFTWARE AND TECHNICAL PRODUCTS The outcome category “Software and Technical Products” collects information about any software or technologies that have been developed for the first time or to a significant new stage, including those that are fully protected and/or public. It also includes technological advances that have made new lines of inquiry possible or that have significantly accelerated research progress. Of note and given the intention of AIHS Annual Impact Reports to be made public, researchers were advised by AIHS and within Researchfish® to only disclose details about software and technical products that have been made public, are fully protected or require no such protection; all others were to be excluded from the report in the interest of utmost confidentiality. One (1%) researcher attributed two web tools/applications to the AIHS-funded award. Both of these were developed in the second calendar year following the start year of the AIHS award.




INFLUENCE ON POLICY, PRACTICE, PATIENTS AND THE PUBLIC Twenty-four (35%) researchers reported 76 influences on policy, practice, patients and the public (median=1.5, min=1, max=24). The influences can be broadly grouped as being citations in key policy documents (n=16, 21%) and influences on policy-setting processes (n=60, 79%). The most predominant influence in relation to key policy documents was citations in clinical reviews (Figure 18). In terms of influences on policy-setting processes, the training of practitioners or researchers was the most frequent outcome (n=21, 28%), followed closely by participation in an advisory committee (n=19, 25%) (Figure 18). The majority (n=66, 87%) of influences on policy, practice, patients and the public began within the start year of the funding or subsequent to that (Figure 19). Of the 10 (13%) influences that were first realized prior to the start year of the current AIHS funding, six (60%) were related to the researchers’ participation in an advisory committee and four (40%) from membership on a guideline committee.

79% 28% 21% Influences on Policy-setting Processes

Influenced Training

Cited in Policy Documents


AIHS Annual Impact Report 2014-15  

This report is a comprehensive summary of the outputs, outcomes and early impacts resulting from research funded by Alberta Innovates – Heal...

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