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The countdown was finally over with the clock striking 10 in the morning at the Australian Institute of Higher Education in Sydney, Australia. This was to be AIH’s first graduation ceremony, needless to mention an extremely emotional moment for all of those involved right from the inception of the esteemed Institute.

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Visiting Profes- 1 sor from the University of Johannesburg comes to AIH Higher Education in Dean’s Column


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Australian Institute of Higher Education- Graduation Ceremony 2013

issue: AIH Graduation Ceremony 2013

S c h o o l

As starry eyed students started trickling in, they were escorted to the robing room. Donned in the much coveted black gown and hat with the tassels hanging to the right (yes the strict instructions came from the Executive Dean that the tassels go to the left only after the students have received their testamurs and are graduates!) students walked with bated breath to the graduation ceremony hall. And then there were the shutterbugs (family and friends of students) making sure they capture every moment of the memorable day even before the ceremony had officially kicked off. Soon it was time for everyone to settle down as the academics walked in with élan matching pace to Handel’s Music for Royal Fireworks Executive Dean of AIH Higher Education, Professor Joo-Gim Heaney with her characteristic charming smile and graceful demeanor greeted all present and shared her words of wisdom with the graduating students.

This was then followed by an inspiring speech by the Distinguished Speaker Professor Roberts-Lombard, from the University of Johannesburg. Professor Roberts-Lombard, who had flown in from South Africa to be a Visiting Professor at AIH for a period of two weeks, touched hearts with his moving words that focused on inclusive practices and a more tolerant society, thus encouraging international students to dream big and make a mark for themselves in this ‘global village’. But as Professor Heaney put it, this day would not have been possible without a dream, without a vision, without courage. It was back in 2009 that Mr. Jim Yang, CEO of AIH Higher Education, had the courage to dream, and had the vision to expand from VET courses at the Australian Institute of Commerce and Language to higher education. His immense contributions to the education sector in Australia have made him a name to reckon with. Teary eyed Mr. Yang shared his thoughts and his story. It was an emotional moment for all present. Finally the moment which everyone had been waiting for had arrived; it was time to confer the students their degrees…’the graduation moment’. Tassels were proudly shifted to the left after they received their testamurs!

But it was not over yet, as there was lunch to follow, which in turn was followed by a photo session in front of the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Posing and preening with those bulky graduation gowns on a hot sunny day is not easy, but who cared! It was the students’ day and they loved every bit of the attention from the crowd. (cont. p. 2)

Visiting Professor from the University of Johannesburg comes to AIH Higher Education in March 2013 AIH Higher Education was honoured to host Professor Mornay RobertsLombard from the Department of Marketing, University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Professor RobertsLombard was a fount of inspiration and knowledge to AIH Higher Education’s

Consumer & Channel Relations Lecture: Professor Lombard, University of Johannesburg, and AIH students

Tears of joy, pride in every heart and a sense of achievement, the AIH Graduation Ceremony had it all.

academic staff, students, and also to those external to AIH Higher Education who attended Professor RobertsLombard’s seminars. But first of all – why visit AIH Higher Education?


P a g e


The Dean’s Column

“If you think education

Dr. Joo-Gim Heaney Executive Dean

is expensive, try ignorance.” Derek Bok

Dear students and friends: During the inaugural AIH Higher Education Graduation Ceremony on 23rd March 2013, I reflected on how quickly the past few years have flown by. The Australian Institute of Higher Education started out with a handful of students in early 2010, based on a vision of Mr Jim Yang to build a higher education pathway for the Accounting and Business stu-

dents from AICL, a successful VET institution which has been running for nearly 10 years at that time. Getting accreditation and registration from the Department of Education and Training (DET) for a higher education institution was not easy; it required the usual hard slog of time, money, dedication and endless patience on how to best meet the criteria set by the then state government agency. Despite that, the persistence of a small team of academics, industry and business people, and consultants persevered and AIH Higher Education commenced its journey in early 2010 . The wonderful aspect of AIH Higher Education is that it continually builds on its successes. A sleek new campus was opened in March 2010 at Pitt Street. Sophisticated

new rooms were outfitted with equally streamlined furniture and computers. Mr Yang went on a cultural expedition and filled the campus with pleasing Korean art, displaying undulating colours. Staff were appointed to teach and support students, the Accounting course was professionally accredited by CPA, IPA, ICA, and CIMA, AIH was a finalist in the Sydney Business Awards, and in 2013, AIH Higher Education graduated its first cohort of Accounting and Business students, with enrolments in 2013 reaching hundreds of students. The Graduation Ceremony was not only a milestone of accomplishment for AIH Higher Education and its founders; it was a testimony cont. below

INVITATION Luke, Victoria and Catherine invite all AIH students to visit the AIH LIBRARY. Drop by, it’s free and only takes 2 minutes to join. SERVICES ON OFFER: Borrow course text books for 3 hours. Read the Sydney Morning Herald (Monday-Friday).

Get help finding articles for your assignments. Get help with Harvard referencing . Electronic databases available for assignment research. NEW OPENING HOURS Monday: 9am – 5pm (Victoria) Tuesday: 9am – 5pm (Luke)


Australian Institute of Higher Education- Graduation Ceremony 2013

To visit the AIH Library

(from p. 1)


After the photo session the AIH students were treated to some yummy cakes and afternoon tea at the Museum Of Contemporary Art Cafe (MCA Café).

AIH Higher Education’s Graduation Ceremony 2013 will go down the annals of the AIH History with a sense of pride. Let us take this moment to wish our first batch of AIH Higher Education graduates great success in life! By Priyanka Tater, Marketing Coordinator

AIH graduates, Dr Joo-Gim Heaney (Executive Dean), Distinguished Speaker Professor Roberts-Lombard

Wednesday: (Catherine) Thursday: (Luke) Friday: (Catherine) Saturday: (Catherine)

10am – 6pm 9am – 5pm 10am – 6 pm 11am - 2pm

By Catherine Pawlak

Dean’s Column to its continued success of an initial vision of an unerring belief in quality education. AIH Higher Education is built on academic rigour and cultural intelligence. Students get to know their dedicated lecturers in a personalised institution. Lectures enjoy getting to know their students and engender the support of the executive in their quest for supporting excellence in teaching and learning. Students know staff are fair and supportive,

(from top)

and staff know what the expectations are. At the end of the day, we all have to know that we have done our best and can look back to a success story. I congratulate all the students who graduated and wish them all a wonderful happy life of success and accomplishment. And for everyone who brought AIH Higher Education thus far, we also congratulate you and wish us all many more years of success and growth.

P a g e


Around the World and Back Home (from p.1)

Professor Roberts -Lombard’s answer was that he could “make a

difference”. And indeed he did. Coming from a continent and country which has endured many years of conflict and difficulty but is now in the throes of re-building and reconciliation, Professor Roberts-Lombard was delighted to meet students from so many Asian and European countries who come to AIH Higher Education and together, individually or in teams, work hard at their studies. He saw students who wanted to succeed and who had sacrificed much by leaving their homeland to come and study in Australia.

Lombard was a guest lecturer at three of AIH Higher Education’s lectures: BUS313 Managing Global Supply Chains (co-teaching with Dr Jie Meng); BUS201 Consumer & Channel Relations (hosted by Dr Jie Meng); and BUS312 International Marketing (hosted by Dr Harpreet Kaur). Students from AIH Higher Education and AICL were delighted to attend these lectures. Professor Roberts-Lombard also mentored a number of casual academic staff in their research programs and this was highly

Professor Roberts-Lombard was extremely busy when he was at

Consumer & Channel Relations Lecture: Dr Jie Meng, Lecturer; Professor Lombard, University of Johannesburg, and AIH students

AIH Higher Education due to student and academic demand! He had a large number of activities organised for him, including a Board of Director’s meeting to welcome him and learn from his expertise as a Head of Department; an academic visit to the Department of Marketing at Macquarie University; and meetings with executives to discuss a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between AIH Higher Education and the University of Johannesburg. The MOU was later signed by AIH Higher Education’s Chair of Academic Board, Professor Jones, citing cooperation in research, academic benchmarking, and teaching and learning, amongst others. Professor Roberts-

appreciated by the lecturers. And to ensure that not only current students benefitted from Professor Roberts-Lombard’s presence, Professor Roberts-Lombard was AIH Higher Education’s Distinguished Speaker during its inaugural Graduation Ceremony. Professor Roberts-Lombard spoke about working and living in a multicultural space, asking that graduates prepare themselves for an international work arena.

Professional Development Seminar: Kwan Yee Hew, lecturer at AIH Higher Education; Stefan Hofmann, Marketing Manager at AIH Higher Education; Victoria Keane, Librarian at AIH Higher Education; Professor Lombard, University of Johannesburg

Professor Roberts-Lombard also conducted two Professional Development Seminars at AIH Higher Education’s Boardroom. Attended by AIH Higher Education academic and administration staff, consultants, and AICL staff, the first seminar was a Teaching Seminar entitled “Facilitating Ac-

tive Learning”. The seminar accentuated how important it was that staff proactively and reflectively communicated with students in finding out how to best engage them. The second seminar was a Research Seminar entitled “The Ethics of Self-Plagiarism”. The gist of the seminar was that staff should be contributing to new knowledge and findings as opposed to constantly regurgitating past work and findings. Both seminars were very well received by the attendees. He also attended a number of social activities such as a harbour cruise with Dr Karmaker; a Darling Harbour visit with Mr Ortanez; singing Handel at a Cathedral during the Easter break; shopping and dining at Centrepoint and Sydney’s downtown shopping precinct and at Chinatown with the Heaney family; and being farewelled at a multicultural lunch with AIH Higher Education’s staff members who will all remember his visit very fondly. AIH Higher Education is very honoured to have such a prestigious Visiting Professor as AIH Higher Education is a very young institution. However, this visit demonstrates the rigour of scholarship and academic standards pursued by the Institute’s academic faculty, and the outcome is that students will benefit from international teaching and learning collaborations. Mauritius The Republic Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean, 2000 km south east of the African coast. While the nation covers an area of 1865km² the island itself is only 45km wide and 65km long. The Capital is St Louis and the population is 1,322,238. While English is the official language a large majority of the population speaks Creole. The population is a unique blend of races, cultures and religions reflecting the population movements since settlement. The island has been found on maps dating back to the early 1500’s. Portuguese

sailors used Mauritius as a stopover on the Spice Trail and the Dutch Navy visited in 1598 and named the island in honour of Prince Maurtis

Van Nassau. The Dutch first attempted settlement in 1683 but it only lasted 20 years, there were sporadic attempts to settle after that but they finally gave up in 1710.The Island gained its independence in 1968 and is now a stable democracy with one of Africa’s highest per capita incomes. Mauritius is perhaps most famous

for being the home of the Dodo. This flightless bird was found in large numbers on the island when Portuguese sailors first arrived in the early 1500’s however by 1681 it was extinct. They were considered a good source of fresh meat by visiting sailors and the later introduction of pigs, rats and monkeys, who ate the eggs from the ground nests meant that the dodo was extinct within a very short period of time. Today Mauritius is known as an exotic tourist destination, famous for its coral reefs and 5 star hotels


Reference: The CIA World Factbook Government of the Republic of Mauritius

P a g e


Menagerie Exciting Winter Events in Sydney!!! Ice Skating at Circular Quay

Bondi Winter Festival

Australia's largest and most popular winter entertainment event is coming to Sydney's most iconic location during the months of June and July 2013. Enjoy ice skating with the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House as backdrop.... For more details visit

The winter fun is back in Bondi with the Bondi Winter Festival. Join their exciting actvities and capture the feeling of alpine winter events, including ice skating in their huge open air ice rink!..... For more details visit

Winterlight at Parramatta Enjoy an evening of the cold season in Parramatta as Winterlight returns to Church Street Mall for 16 days of fun from 27 June to 14 July! Watch Church Street Mall transforms into a magical winter wonderland..... For more details visit

NAIDOC Family and Sports Day Get to know more about Australia’s rich culture, join NAIDOC day at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence. Experience the richness of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures complete with live music performances, sports and other colourful activities.... For more details visit

The Rocks Aroma FestivalSydney / Sydney City / The Rocks Calling all coffee lovers! Indulge and satisfy your cravings at The Rocks Aroma Festival, where you will surely find your way to the best flavour for your cup.... For more details visit Country and Regional Living ExpoSydney / Sydney West / Sydney Olympic Park Wanna have the chance to ‘Walk NSW in one Day!" Experience country and regional life through Living Expo, a free event for Sydneysiders. The 2013 Expo will be the 10th year of promoting regional NSW. For more details Source:

AIH Student Council Members for the 2013/2014 Period New AIH Student Council Members (semester 1 2013 elections)

AIH Student Council Members (elected in semester 2 2012 elections)

On 28—30 May 2013 current members of AIH Student Council together with the AIH Executive Management held elections for the 2013/2014 Student Council. We wished to elect more members to the AIH Student Council as some of the previous members have graduated. AIH Student Council plays a very important part in life of AIH students. The members are from different countries, different cultural backgrounds and for that reason are able to understand what problems you can have when living, studying and working in Australia. In addition all AIH Student Council Members get to sit on Teaching and Learning Committees to represent the STUDENT VOICE.

From left: Nur-A-Alam Chowdhury, Salman Awan, Risty Leo Capricho, Raymond Joseph Ventura

The new members are:

Activities the AIH Student Council engaged in in the past: AIH Multicultural Party 2011 Student trip to Blue Mountains in summer 2012 AIH Student Council elections semester 2 2012 AIH Multicultural Party 2012 AIH Student Council Elections semester 1 2013

From Left: Saqib Riaz from Pakistan, Roland Ray R. Desamito from Philippines, Mevna Balaghee from Mauritius, Muhammad Amir Sultan from Pakistan

You can contact all 8 members via Moodle, Student Council. If you do not have an access to Student Council at Moodle please contact Natalia at

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Menagerie Photo Competition

“Dedication and Patience”

The AIH Higher Education photo competition got off to a great start earlier this year with some fabulous submissions. The three "best photos' were judged by the staff of AIH and the photographers each received a great prize. You can still submit your entry into the photo competition by uploading your photo onto the AIH Facebook page. The theme is "my Australian experience". Don't forget to tell us a little bit about the location and your experience when you were there.

AIH Graduate—Mia Asefuddoulla Australian institution of Higher Education offers high quality undergraduate business and accounting degrees and a rich student experience, both highly regarded by today’s corporate society and most of all the job market. Hi my name is Mia. I chose and have completed Bachelor of Accounting at AIH Higher Education to gain greater and extensive knowledge of Australian accounting.

The next round of winners will be announced in early June

Winners from round 1

Mia on his graduation day with Mr Jim Yang

Ciara Tziniz Isturis Morera

Even before I completed my degree, the knowledge, skills and experience that I had gained through my Diploma of Accounting at AICL allowed me to stand out from others. Moreover, I was able to catch up quickly with the course program at bachelor level at AIH. Luckily I was one of the very first students.

I enrolled for my course in March 2010 and completed my degree in November 2012. I was one of the very lucky students to be able to get attention from Dr. Joo- Gim Heaney. She was a wonderful teacher, mentor and with her helping hand I was able to complete my degree. Without her support I wouldn’t be able to come this far. So thank you Dr. Heaney.

Nomyan Heart

After completion of my degree from AIH ,I started my MBA major in International Business at University of Ballarat. Now I am in the 3 rd

April Agorto

International student travel discount From early 2013, MyMulti2 and MyMulti3 discounted tickets will be available to international students through their tertiary institutions during enrolment. Discounted tickets Ticket*

2013 retail price

2013 discount price

Discount Mia with his ex classmates—Kaori and Atik

MyMulti3 (365 Day)




MyMulti2 (365 Day)




MyMulti3 (90 Day)




MyMulti2 (90 Day)




* There is no discount on MyMulti1. NSW TrainLink services are not included in the discount.

Source: Please contact Priyanka in AIH / AICL student support at or 02 8917 6809 for further details or to order tickets

semester . I have only one more semester left to complete my MBA program. In the mean time I got my assessment done through CPA Australia. Now I am an associate member of CPA Australia and currently working for HR Block as a Junior Tax Accountant. I believe my journey has just started and it started at AIH where I learn to believe in myself. Yes, I can do anything if I work hard. All it takes is DEDICATION AND PATIENCE. Good luck students and AIH graduates. Thank you AIH. Mia Asefuddoulla



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